Legal Referrals

Would you like to be put in touch with a personal injury attorney who is best suited to handle your case? We have developed relationships over the years with many professionals in the legal industry, and know exactly where to refer you to for most types of injury lawsuits.

We only send referrals to lawyers who provide A: Free consultations and B: No Recovery = No Fee services.

Read Below Before You Contact Us to be Referred to an Attorney:

1. We do not condone frivolous lawsuits and the attorneys to whom we refer clients do not consider them either. If no serious injury was sustained, please do not request a referral. Our civil litigation legal system is here to protect and serve the rights of consumers who have been injured by the negligence of others.

2. See a medical professional before seeking legal reconciliation if you have been injured. Your health should be the number one priority. Besides, seeing a doctor early on may improve your chances in court.