OxyContin and the Opium Epidemic of the 21st Century

With the dramatic increase in opium being imported into our country to make oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), and all the legal opium derivatives, the statistics available from a number of government agencies can help surmise the number of addicts that have been created since the introduction of OxyContin in 1996.

What Business Does Melamine Have in US Baby Formula Products?

Regardless of what the FDA or any other organization deems as safe we’d like to know What Reason is There to Put Melamine in Baby Formula in the First Place? The ONLY reason to put it in food is to fool testers into thinking a food product has more protein than it really has. This begs the question: Why would we even a have 1 part per million ratio of melamine to other ingredients in ANY food product sold in the United States – let alone the formula we feed to our babies!

Modern Pain Killers: Biggest Medical Hoax in Last 100 Years

This is a guest post written by our newest contributor, Larry Golbom R.Ph MBA of the Prescription Addiction Radio show: Starting in 1986, with the misinterpretation of the World Health Organization’s paper concerning terminal pain, the morphinan molecule has come back with a vengeance in the form of oxycodone (Percocet and Oxycontin) and hydrocodone (Vicodin and Lorcet).

Actavis Totowa Finally Does The Right Thing

With such potentially dangerous drugs being produced, one would think the 2006 FDA report stating that ‘Prompt action to correct all of the deficiencies’ must be taken, and that ‘Failure to promptly correct these deviations may result in regulatory action without further notice’ would have yielded these results within a time frame much shorter than two full years. Instead, it took a second FDA inspection earlier this year and hundreds of potential lawsuits, for these products to finally be recalled.