Jobbers Wholesale Recalls Rhino 5 Plus, Maxtremezen and Extenzone for Undeclared Drug Ingredients

Jobbers Wholesale has recalled Lot No. KWAKPMC030505175957019 of Rhino 5 Plus, Lot No. JBP-L-1270-70 of Maxtremezen and Lot No. KWAKPMC03050517 of Extenzone after FDA analysis found these products to contain undeclared desmethylcarbondenafil and dapoxetine. Desmethylcarbondenafil … Read more…

Gadolinium Side Effects

If you have received an MRI and are experiencing any of the following side-effects, have your medical records checked to see if gadolinium dyes were used in your MRI: Burning, Itchy or Swollen skin, hardening or tightening of the skin, swelling of the joints, yellowish eyes or yellow spots on the whites of the eyes, red or darkish spots on the skin, stiff joints, loss of movement in the joints, deep pain in the hips or ribs and muscle weakness.