2010-2011 Nissan Sentra Recall – 33,803 Cars Affected

Nissan North America, Inc. has recalled about 33,800 Nissan Sentras (years 2010 and 2011) because of a problem with the battery terminal bolts.

Recalled 2011 Nissan Sentra

The recalled Nissan Sentra vehicles are equipped with MR20 engines and were made between May 11, 2010 and May 22, 2010., as well as July 8, 2010 to October 25, 2010. They are being recalled because the zinc coating on the battery terminal stud bolt was thicker than specifications. This error could cause a voltage drop that may result in difficulty starting the car, and damage to the engine control module.This damage could cause the car to stall while in motion, in which case it could be impossible to restart. If this were to happen in the middle of an intersection, on railroad tracks, or in a similar situation it could be very dangerous.

Owners should contact their Nissan dealer to get the positive battery terminal and cover replaced for free. For more information you may contact Nissan at 1-800-647-7261.

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