100% Pure Eye Shadow by Purity Cosmetics Recalled for Contamination

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that Purity Cosmetics has voluntarily recalled one lot of its 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Plum eye shadow products due to bacterial contamination.

By Linda Dailey Paulson

Recalled Eye Shadow Makeup by 100 PureThe 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Plum Eye Shadow, Lot#11B1, was found to contain Pseudomonas Luteola. The bacterium is responsible for causing diseases including peritonitis and cellulitis, which are skin infections, as well as bacteremia, a blood-borne infection.

Purity Cosmetics stated that the particular product recalled was manufactured by a third-party contractor, Radical Cosmetics of New Brunswick, New Jersey. “Other random products tested that were produced at our own facility owned and operated by Purity Cosmetics were all found safe and free of any bacteria,” the company stated.

An estimated 300 units of the eye shadow were shipped to retailers — including those in California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, and Tennessee — on or after 7 March 2011. The company did not indicate what specific stores or chains might be affected by the recall.

The company touts its line of “100% Pure” products as being pure, made using “All Natural, Vegan & Organic ingredients.”

In a statement, the company said that “high quality, purity and safety is our top priority so this is extremely devastating for us — even though this item was not produced or filled at our own facilities. But since it bears our name, we take as much responsibility as if we made it ourselves. We are taking every measure to ensure the quality and purity of all our third party vendors who make products for our brand so that this never happens again. We are extremely sorry and hope that the actions of our third party, contract manufacturing vendor did not make you lose faith in our brand.”

Those consumers who have purchased this specific product should immediately discontinue using it.

The U.S. headquarters for Purity Cosmetics is in San Jose, California. The company also has a European presence, headquartered in Paris.

The U.S. FDA’s Cosmetics website contains a wealth of information for consumers about recall policies and labeling standards regarding cosmetic products. There is also a feedback section in which consumers can relay to the agency any reactions they have experienced with a specific product.

Linda Dailey Paulson is the head journalist for Sunray Cosmetic Laser Equipment, serving the refurbished medical industry with IPL and aesthetic lasers at significant discounts over retail costs.

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