Darvocet Recall – Potentially Fatal Heart Abnormalities Final Straw

Darvocets Have Been Recalled - Click here for more information!Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is cooperating with the FDA in recalling Darvocet and Darvon, their versions of the pain killer propoxyphene. Darvon, which is also sold as Darvocet (with acetaminophen added), could cause serious and potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities, according to new clinical data reviewed by the FDA.

An outside advisory panel to the FDA recommended last year that Darvon and Darvocet be pulled from the market after concluding that the pain relief benefits of the drugs didn’t outweigh the significant risk of side effects related to overdose and addiction. However, the FDA is not required to follow the advice of the panel, and the two pain killers remained on the market until recent electrocardiography data from a clinical study revealed QT interval abnormalities occurred in healthy people taking normal doses of the drugs.

The main active drug in Darvocet and Darvon is propoxyphene, which the FDA has also removed from the market, affecting other generic versions of this widely prescribed pain medication.

Doctors have been asked to stop prescribing these drugs, and patients taking the medication are being advised to see their physician to discuss switching to another pain killer.

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: http://www.usrecallnews.com. He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

299 thoughts on “Darvocet Recall – Potentially Fatal Heart Abnormalities Final Straw

  1. I have taken Darvocet on and off, as needed, usually never more than two per day for many years. I can identify most with the comments that it absolutely worked for pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis, without side-effects that would interfere with full time work. After reading many of the comments, I now question my sudden onset of SVT, ventricular tachycardia, not one doctor questioned my meds. They put me on medication for about 2 years, which controlled the symptoms. I was taken off the meds and the SVT never returned. I am now 70 yrs. old, my family history is full of heart disease, but I guess I will never know if Darvocet caused my heart issues. I am in reasonably good health and take Aleve, get regular massages, go to a chiropractor and my biggest complaint is fatigue, which I attribute to age and the fibro. I just wanted to put my two cents in and agree, if it works for you and your heart health is monitored, then you should be able to take it. The lesson to learn, in my opinion, is one has to be one\’s own health advocate, do not totally depend on doctors, pharmacies, and for sure not the FDA. Read, study, ask questions, get multiple opinions and trust what your body is telling you. As a PS, never take Cymbalta unless you plan to take it forever, it is very difficult, if not impossible to discontinue, without serious withdrawal. I take it for fibromyalgia and but I tried to cut back and stop using it without success. So I cannot tell if it is that helpful. I know it has nothing to do with Darvocet, but since lots of people have mentioned fibromyalgia, I thought I would mention to be cautious.


  3. What a major load! The “new study” was and remains a fraud! Darvocet was the safest, mildest narcotic ever made! I just love that self righteous crap about advising patients to “just take something else” FOR MILLIONS OF MS, LUPUS, DISK DEGENERATIVE AND ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS THERE ISN’T ANYTHING ELSE!! We took Darvocet because we had 100% pain relief without one side effect! Millions of chronic pain sufferers lost their jobs and then their homes and had to go on disability or move in with family, and why? Because a bunch of self righteous, “holier than thous” decided that if one person had a reaction to Darvocet then they would take it away from the millions of us who had taken it safely for over twenty years. Here is a radical idea, if you react to a medication THEN DON’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! But how dare you be so self righteous as to think that you know what is best for me. Here is a fact..Obama appointed Margaret Hamburg and Kathleen Sebelius who are responsible for removing Darvocet and if you want your Darvocet back then we must vote Obama out. It is our only chance to get our Darvocet back. It doesn’t matter whether you are left or right if you want access to your medication then he must go! Darvocet enabled people with horrible afflictions to function normally and without it the suicide rates will continue to climb as well as the untold suffering of people.

  4. On 7-4-2010 I dropped dead while sitting & chatting with friends. My husband a retired firefighter/emt couldn’t located a pulse and not breathing. He did CPR and by the time the emergency response got there I was breathing on my own. I will never forget his voice and the fear I heard. I have been taking Darvocet instead of anything stronger over the years for any pain mgmt situation since 1976. Maybe I wouldn’t be facing another implant on may 9th 2012. A defibrillator now, if I had taken the stronger pain relievers out there ie,percocet,oxycontin, methadone. instead of darvocet. Documented v-tach with loop recorder. I take it my life is forever changed

  5. I was diagnoised with stage 4 cancer in 2009 it was breast cancer that spread to my spine. i took darvocet for about two yrs for my pain until the recall now my heart is what my dr said pumping the blood to hard he is running test to figure out what the problem is. i just wonder if the darvocet caused it. My heart beats really fast sometimes and i now have panic and anxiety attacks. my dr also wants me to stop working

  6. I have been watching the comments on darvocet for a while now and actually am
    empathetic to both sides. Here is the truth we are all stuck the pain sufferers and the cardiac side effect sufferes ( yes there are real cases the scientific community shows ) Darvocet if brought back will not have the same exact formula that would be stupid knowing it had problems with the FDA. So it may not even work then for the pain sufferes but won’t cause cardiac issues. The problem is we are stuck living in pain or with a new heart problem and pain or just a new heart problem from an injury. Problem is our lives are forever changed. So all the anger, whining and frustration isn’t going to change the fact. The next time you or I get a prescription we better know what the hell it is and the effects and how long will we need to take before we fill the prescription like blind sheep to the slaughter. So we all need to stop blaming each other and watch who is really going to take of us. Good luck everyone

  7. I am forced to take Tramadol since all you wonderful people took Darvocet off the market. I do not have any problems taking it if you count the fact that it doesn’t take away the pain!!! we should have been allowed to take Darvocet – with a concious knowledge of the side affects. As i stated earlierr there are soooo many drugs OTC with multiple sideeffects that can ravage the body & they are still sitting on the shelf. I have heart problems, not caused from Darvocet but from being overweight, lazy, eat too much, etc, am taking blood pressure meds have had open heart surgery–DID DARVOCET CAUSE THIS!!! of course not did Darvocet make it worse?? I don’t know & I don’t CARE. i JUST WOULD LIKE A DAY WITHOUT PAIN.

  8. Heart Disease is caused my sooooo many things I can’t understand why you would decide that Darvocet would cause it. I have been taking Darvocet since 1988 due to a back injury. I do not, or did not overuse, or abuse Darvocet. But it was the only pain medication that worked for me. I do not want to increase to a stronger pain medication since I am a nurse. So my dr tried Ultram. I have since lost my job due to severe itching. Of course I did not realize until afterward that it was from an allergy to ultram. But ultram didn’t help anyway.
    I see so many medications that are dangerous that should be taken off the market. (ambien, phendermine and I could go on ) But Darvocet in my opinion is not one of them. I am a nurse. I believe that by taking Darvocet off the market you will find many people have to increase their pain medication type. lortab, mepergan, morphine, fentenyl. and then you have a totally new problem. Abuse and addiction.
    In my opinion, you did not have significant evedence that the heart disease was actually caused by darvocet and not other factors.

  9. Im tired of looking at Yalls comments about how darvocet should be left on the market when it causes heart problems. My dad took darvocet for years and now has heart problems which he never had before…he just had to have his heart stopped and restarted. This drug is no joke!


  11. guess we might as well stop fussing about loosing a good medication, no one cares. I personally think all the people that are still gripe-ing about side effects, heart problems are looking to make a few bucks or they would like to! Get real people you know you just want money!
    The medication was good and the positive out weighed the negative. I would like to know the REAL numbers of people who have died taking this med, and would like to know if the doctors KNOW for sure it was the darvocet that killed the patient! not under lying problems…they cannot make that statement…they do not know!!!

  12. Hi!
    This is for Bob.
    Just to let u know, I don’t smoke, don’t drink and I’m not over weight, I’m very fit and healthy just pain from two shoulder surgeries after a fall 12 feet high, was prescribed darvocet twice for about a year now I have serious heart issues and blood presure goes up and down, must take medicine every day to function close to normal and I still don’t see any money of the one you are talking about, if you took darvocet for that long and you are ok then ok I’m happy for you but don’t start calling out people that like you had pain and now have more serious problems.

  13. Think about all the people who are going to be disabled for life that never smoked, drank, exercised, and ate right. The only poor lifestyle they had was having pain and taking a prescribed medication there MD prescribed was a good drug backed by the FDA. After developing symptoms I did some research, I found Darvocet has been on the market since 1957. In 1972, 1973 and 1977 concerns of the cardiac effects were voiced by the academic pharmacology community and in 2006 a study of the benefits of darvocet was again reviewed. Now who’s responsibility to protect society from knowingly perscribed for over 54 years that a drug is unsafe and even do a study on 41 cases of death in a 2yr period associated with darvocet. Who is to blame? Not us who to took the legally prescribed medication. I took the medication for only 3 yrs. I lost my career, and ability to even going shopping. I have children. How do I keep explaining to them Mommy doesn’t feel good and faint. I did what I was told

    • there are side effects for a lot of drugs the Dr has to be told when you have a rash swelling pulse change etc in this case the opiates are far riskier and other druchs such as the iv drugs for arthritis you need to hear the risks and outcomes and then make an informed opinion if you want the drug.I read a study from england the story was i think i feel and the dececeased had remnants of Darvon in ther blood so it is no good for you no mention of level or what the autopsy report said the cause of death i asked for the scientific findings no reply. and to top it off many states no treat the cronic pain suffers as criminals druggist DR. police and probably the feds have access to your legal rx.and the gov is he one that told you doctor to put you on a highly addictive drug. i used to be able to work with darvocet now with ultram i cannot walk through a sams club without extreme difficulty and pain


  15. For the people that darvocet has had no negative side effects, you have been very lucky. If you have the luxury of insurance or medicare, request a referral for a pain specialist for pain management if no other medication is working for you there are many drugs available. The FDA does research and even post market research on drugs and when the side effects begin to out weigh the benefits of the medication or research becomes overwhelming detrimental then the medication is pulled. I am one of the unlucky people who had the side effects. I do check the side effects and even check drug interactions to make sure they are compatible. I don’t drink, smoke, and even worked out an hour a day. I suffer from complex migraines and was prescribed Darvocet 3yrs ago. I didn’t take the med daily only when migraines for at most 3 day intervals. I suddenly developed a irregular heart rate, low blood pressure,fainting and extreme fatigue and haven’t worked in 6mo.What is upsetting the symptoms didn’t start suddenly but with fatigue. Who isn’t tired with children, a full-time job and the current lifestyles. The cardiac symptoms were diagnosed at a Dr visit for pink eye. I was the person who told the drs darvocet was pulled from the market all were surprised and reported what a good drug and how they used it for years. You see I am a nurse practitioner and well-informed about the field and still things happen. I am not stupid and watched for side effects and even knew to check for food and drug interactions but the FDA has the responsibility to continual evaluate the side effect profiles reported in and pull medications and if necessary pull the medications. Unfortunately, some medications we have taken for granted as safe will be pulled. Maybe we will become a less drug dependent society for everything. Pain is real and should be treated but permanent disability is not relief just another problem added.

  16. i was given darvocet for over 6 years due to ovarian cysts. the pain was so intense sometimes after taking the darvocet i would end up in the er bacause the pain was overwhelming. after several years of taking it i was taken to the er and placed in ccu. they had to give my nitro due to the heart problems i was experiencing. i saw a cardiologist and tests were run. he explained to me that there were signs of damage to my heart and that i had experienced a mild heart attack. i was in my mid 20’s!!

  17. i was on darvacet from 2004 to 2010 prior to this i was experienceing blips one or twice. a month and then it increased.After these episodes i experienced anxiety when i went to the drs i was told to monitor this just recently i went to the er and was diagnosed w/pvc my heart was skipping 10xs a minute and a short stay in the hospital i was put on beta blockers with no history of heart problems in my family after reading the other responses it was the same thing i experienced my self

  18. My husband has been taking darvocet for years too. He had his colon removed because ofulcerated colitis. Darvocet did knock out the pain that he sometimes gets but, it has helped for the past 15 years to take the edge off his pain and help him to feel handle it better. He also goes to the doctor twice a year. Everything such as his heart checks out wonderful. If a person is really taking a drug for pain they don’t get addicted. It’s all these idiots who don’t really need the drug but, take it for a little buzz who get addicted, o.d. or die. My mother took iy for years as needed for migranes. She finally had no need for them and quit. I wish we could find an equal replacement for Darvocet. The doc. perscribed tramadol but it just knocks him out and doesn’t really help his pain.

  19. Ginny,
    I find your (bunk the side effects crude and selfish) My pain is from herniated discs in neck and back. I live in constant pain. You may have to try several, even a combination of meds before you find one that works for you Vicodine is not the only pain med out on the market. I understand what everyone in this room is going thu, why don’t you people try to understand what the people who suffer side effects are going thu too. We after all were taking Darvocet for pain, just like all of you. Young, healthy people have died because of this drug. Not just a few, hundreds over a two year period alone ! Go back 50 years and do the math. I think it is a little more complicated than people who are overweight, lazy, etc. And if you suffer chronic pain, and haven’t gained a few pounds let me know. I want to know how you do it. I am about 10 lbs overweight. I need to work out I guess.

  20. I tell you what, I will trade your (allergies) to all of the many pain meds you can try, you people who whine about loosing your precious Darvocet can take my chest pains, memory loss and confusion that destroyed my family and myself. Do you people read what we are printing ? If you had no side effects then get on your knees and thank God. My chest pains started after 10 years of taking Darvocet. My heart is in good condition. except for electrical impulses. No plaque in arteries. Stop assuming people are overweight. People in ther teens thru 50 are dying or having heart attacks. lets try telling them how sorry we are for their loss, and I hope they bankrupt the pharmacutical companies!!! So many of you are missing the point. The FDA knew the risks outweighted the benefits of this drug. It was banned in Europe and other countries years before the US banned it. unless every one of you who want your drug back has been to a Dr and had an EKG and stress test done on your heart, you may find out that you are in the same boat . Who is to say that in two years or so you aren’t having chest pains, irregular heart beat, rapid or slow pulse that thousands of us are living with. Don’t forget, we still deal with chronic pain too.

  21. way to go, Ginney! A lot of us ot there feel as you do! I should be able to take what works for me! I’m sorry for the people who THINK their problems are related to darvocet.. what about “our” pain? no one seems to care about that!

  22. Bunk on side effects. I can’t take vicodin. Some people take it with no problem. Everyone is different. There are always going to be someone who has side effects with every drug. And I doubt anyone was there forcing the Darvocet down your throat. Take what works for you. Leave what works for me alone. So some lady named Linda Gallagher had two heart attacks, which people do everyday. It happened she was taking Darvocet at the time. It doesn’t tell us what her physical condition was at the time (overweight, previous diseases or other medication. So then Linda decides to sue. An attorney sees the perfect opportunity to make a quick buck. And here we all are. I’ve taken Darvocet for 20 years without a blip. It was the only thing that worked for my arthritis. They have affected my life and thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of lives with their senseless greed.

  23. I spoke to an attorney about my chest pains. I have them several times a week, I sometimes take 2 or 3 nitro pills before they stop. I was told that they are only taking the most severe (heart attack and death cases at this time. She said that the statute of limitations is one year. She said to contact them if my condition became critical within the 5 months. I said ” You mean if I have a heart attack or die?” She said “well I wouldn’t put it that way, but yes” I may have chest pains several times a week, never knowing if it is a real heart attack, Many of us have suffered, and will continue to suffer, having our lives changed, wondering if we go somewhere, where the nearest hospital is, etc. but if we don’t have a heart attack or die within a year from the date of the recall we are not worthy of compensation. But I realize the pharmacutical companies have made there money, now the lawyers must make theirs!

  24. I too was angry about loosing my drug of choice.(Darvocet) over the last 10 years I have tried many pain killers, but always convinced my Dr to give me Darvocet again. (No I did not abuse the drug.) I am a 51 yr old housewife trying to deal with chronic pain. I noted someone mention the energy boost that some might be craving. I realized that is exactly why I kept asking my Dr to go back to Darvocet. I could take the Darvocet and continue with my day. Unfortunately I only felt pain free for 2 or 3 hrs. Then the increased activity actuallly made my back pain worse, so of course I needed to take more Darvocet. But if you had asked me then I would have told you how wonderful Darvocet was. Once I got over being angry and gave Tramadol a try, I not only realized that it does completely get rid of the pain, but I am not reaching for Darvocet every 4 hrs. I will admit I think I was addicted to the (energy burst) from Darvocet. I was also taking Zanax to calm what I thought was my nerves. I had confusion, memory loss. Now I am reading that many other people had these side effects. I would trade everything I own if I could remember more of the last 10 years of my life. My family went through hell right along with me. I will never forgive myself for what I and the drug companies, and the FDA did to me and my family. And now I have chest pains and shortness of breath to go along with my chronic pain! give the Tramadol a try, it takes a few
    days maybe a week or two to take full effect, but it has helped me.

    • let us the patient see the risk and benefit i would like to be working but cannot worked for years never had highs or euphoria only pain free and when removed several times over the years no withdrawal just pain i would also like to know how many people denied darvon products went to street drugs due to the extreme difficulty of the px pain medication witch hunt in many states some drs wont prescribe a lot of drug stores wont stock oxi… when we had a safer but not perfict alturnative

  25. I hope everyone who has written in to tell all of Darvocet users that we don’t know how lucky we are that we had no side effects–I just hope you are all going to come to our bedsides after surgery, hold our hand & tell us to “buck up” & live with the pain. For a lot of us Darvocet was the ony drug we could take for pain & for the person who said get a grip there are other pain medications out there – I sure would like to know what they are that don’t have codeine in them.

  26. I am allergic to codeine, percoset, vicodyn and all other opiate related meds.
    I have migraines, fibromyalgia and DISH arthritits. OTC meds do not touch my pain. Steroids and Naproxen are out because I am also diabetic, I first started taking Darvocet for endometrial pain, after high doses of OTC failed. I am now taking tramadol, and it iin NO WAY works as well as Darvocet..I only took a whole Darvocet if I had to. I was able to sometimes get by on a quarter of the tab or hal, only taking a whole one if the pain scale hit went over 8.
    My mother is also allergic to the opiate family. She also has fibro, along with osteo-arthritis, loss of cartilage in her knees and recently dx’d with scoliosis. She is high risk, so surgery is out for knee replacement. Tramadol is not working for her, either.
    My brother is also allergic to codeine. So far, though, he is in good health.
    But what happens if .suddenly need pain meds? His options are few.
    Since Darvocet has been recalled, both my mother and I have become more reclusive because of the pain. I am only able to work because I work from home. I only go to the grocery when I have to. I have to ride the scooter basket. I am only 45. At least with the Darvocet I could walk the store.
    I am currently planning what will probably be my last vacation to Key West, simply beacause of the pain. I will miss seeing all my friends from around the country and from Other countries.
    I am in pain.
    I need Darvocet.

  27. I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for 10 years and Darvocet is the ONLY thing that helps me with the pain. I only take it on an as needed basis but it is nice to know it is there when I am in severe pain!

    I am sorry for the folks who have had negative reactions to the drug but I feel that those of us who “benefit” should not be punished for a few who have had problems. Good Luck everyone!!

  28. My 91 year old father fell and broke his left scapula. He managed with Tylenol for about two weeks, but then began to experience much worse pain. His right side is paralyzed from a stroke, but he is able to walk with a walker. However most of the weight is put on the left side and the left side works much harder than the right, so I think this might have caused the delayed onset of serious pain since it was his left scapula. Anyhow it was a Friday so I called the doctor who suggested Darvocet which I started Friday night, one in the morning and one in the evening instead of the Tylenol. By Saturday Dad became so weak he couldn’t stand up, by Sunday his bowel and bladder seemed to be blocked up. His urine was very dark and he only produced two cc’s in his urinal in 24 hours (almost stopped entirely). He could not transfer to a wheelchair I had on hand, his weakness continued. Yet he was extremely agitated (almost obsessive) and kept wanting to go to the bathroom, but he couldn’t even though I put his bedside commode into service. Before the Darvocet he could walk to the bathroom with his walker. I called my siblings, my nurse friends and quit the Darvocet after 4 pills. He gradually got back his strength and ability to eliminate properly. It was a very scary weekend. I did not take him to the E.R. because he refuses to go, but also my experience with the local E.R. had not been very good – especially on weekends. I decided to wait till Monday when more doctors would be on duty. The first thing Monday morning I called the rescue squad, hoping Dad would cooperate with the EMT’s but Dad refused to go to the E.R. Fortunately he recovered after I stopped the Darvocet. By Tuesday he was back to his normal activity and strength level.

    He had taken Darvocet before, but apparently had a reaction to it this time. I have taken care of both of my parents and my experience is that medications affect the elderly much more than they did in their past. Don’t let the doctors and nurses tell you “they just get that way” if your elderly charges start to hallucinate and fall. This has happened to mine on several occasions. Insist on knowing what meds they are being given when they are in the hospital – in writing – and watch for side effects. Be willing to tell the staff that this is not normal for this patient and that you suspect pharmaceutical side effects. Being a patient advocate is very important.
    Keep yourself informed and pay attention.

    I will never give Darvocet to anyone again. My husband used it after knee replacement for several months two years ago. Since then he is feeling extremely lethargic, no energy. He has actually made a doctor appointment which for him is a first. He feels something is wrong. He recently had carotid artery surgery and we hoped that would help, but it hasn’t. He has already talked to the surgeon and to his primary care doctor, but they have not offered much in the way of tests or
    interest. He was diagnosed with mild pulmonary hypertension before this recent surgery. We have been trying to figure out why he became so slow over the last few years because before the knee replacement he was very active, in spite of the knee pain, but the surgeries seem to have set him back rather than made him better. At least the knee is no longer painful. I am going to make him an appointment with a heart specialist tomorrow after reading these comments.

  29. It apears that all the commenting we do about taking Darvocet off the markiet will do not good. I too was on it for many years with no side effects. I am now taking Tramadol, which is sort of working, makes me a little jittery & relieves the pain for a few hours. Not nearly as effective as Darvocet,. And yes, there are OTC drugs which are just as harmful but they won’t take them off the market. Ever wonder why?? Must have good reps in congess with lots of $$$

  30. I am almost 50 yrs old. I’m a female. I have severe stenosis in my spine. I hurt.
    I have problems with hydrocodone…that is all that is left now! I am once again taking hydrocodone…I am having problems w/constipation again, that I didn’t have w/DN100!
    yes, I did have some “heart issues” that I’m not having now…I still would like to make my own choices in what medication I take.
    I have listened to people talk on this site for several months now..the ones who speak against Darvocet, are not in pain. or maybe they like the sedating effects of hydrocodone or maybe they like to be constipated!!
    BRING BACK DARVOCET!!! Do like they are doing on tv w/other new drugs.. scare people w/the side effects! Some of the same things that
    darvocet is accused of doing are side effects of a lot of other drugs, that haven’t been pulled off the market! How do they NO that it’s the DN100 anyway? Were theses pt’s taking other meds? Were they taking the med correctly or over using? Were they older pt’s that already had problems? Are there multiple young people (18-30) that are healthy that died taking Darvocets? not one either but several? How do they know to link this drug to these deaths?
    Let us make our own choices!!!

  31. I have taken Darvocet for a number of years for a painful drug reaction which caused an arthritic-like condition, with relief. I do not want to take narcotics and be drowsy, sleepy and constipated. When the notice about the recall came out, there was an article in the paper that there was many other pain medications available, like oxycodone. Yeah, right!! We need more people on narcotics driving around on their cell phones. In this state, Florida, there is the highest incidence of narcotic use, drug theft and pill mills. If they can leave other drugs on the market that when advertised on TV, report side effects such as heart attacks, sudden death, and then say if you have had any of these notify the company. How can you notify the company if you have suffered sudden death? Talk about stupid. Why can’t they just put it back on the market and issue a disclaimer. Someone will make money on a class action suit but who will that be? The attorneys?

  32. Tramadol causes me to mis-spell every word I type, makes me not remember things, slurs my speech, can’t think of the right word to say, and have nightmares. (I’ve tried it, terrilbe stuff)

    Gabapentin in large doses will cause new memory loss. It won’t affect past memory, just new memory. I’m presently taking it, and as time goes by, like a week, I have to take more just to take the edge off my severe pain. I’m very affriad to take too much. I started at 300 mg., and I’m at 500 mg. now to do the same thing. The pain is severe today, and must up the dosage, NOT GOOD.

    Codene causes some people to have halucinations (me). I’ll never touch it again.

    So what’s next for pain, but morphine. Hate the thought!!!

  33. I’ll tell you why the drug companies are recalling it. It’s cheap and it works. They’re not making any money off of it. They would rather you take an expensive, new patient drug.

    I’ve used it for years for my severe Sciatica back, leg and foot pain. It’s worked for me, as I only use half a tablet, or one tablet, only when tylenol or Ibuprofen doesn’t work to relieve my pain. Maybe if I took it four times a day every day, it would cause heart problems. I only use when needed, not all the time. It’s all I have for severe pain, as I’m allergic to codeine and Ultrum makes me have slurred speech and vivid night terrors.

    It’s the same with Xanax. My doctor told me they will take it off the market too. Why, he said “it’s cheap and it works”. Yell at the drug companies, as they tell the doctors what to push on us patients. You must read and research the drugs you’re taking. Some are lethal! Some will cause you to lose your ‘new’ memory, and some make you right down dingy.

  34. To all of the people who are upset about this recall, I am going to keep this short and sweet. All I can say is I am 21 years old and I now have heart issues because of this medication. These causes were unknown until the doctors found that I had been on Darvocet for a prior issue with my side. This drug is not safe. Sure it helps you at the time but look at it’s long term affects and please tell me that you would really want a family member on this…
    and not to be rude, But you can deal with Chronic pain. You can’t deal with death and when you have heart issues it’s your life on the line.

    To be addicted to pain meds is not healthy. So to all of you who are upset about this recall, open your eyes and realize this recall is obviously saving your life. Unfortunately it has messed mine up and I am only 21 years old. Enjoy the rest of your life. I am sure your doctors can find you another “pain med” their are many out their.

  35. Seriously guys. There are other medications out there besides Darvocet. Wouldn’t you want to know and want to STOP taking this if it causes these heart problems? No, it may not be affecting you now, but who’s to say it won’t? You want to take that chance? No I!! Also, to a comment about the government wanting to take away pain killers, good for them! And yes, this is coming from someone who has extreme back pain due to injury, so I know about pain, and how you can’t live or function without pain killers. BUT, there are other options besides a prescription for pills!! There are injections! That way the drugs don’t get sold and into the hands of the wrong people. If the government wants to do away with them, then they should make injections more available, as they do cost more! Thanks!

  36. I wish I knew that this drug effect the heart maybe my husband would be here now, he started having heart problem that could not be explained or they didn’t care. He took Darvocet for many years for Rheumatoid arthritis. My son Took them went {Darvocet} Doctor give him Rx but he got scare of them and take advil gel said it help a lot for pain. Maybe someone life is saved because of this Recall. And live longer to enjoy their Grandchilden, My husband was 58 years old we miss him soooooooooo much

  37. I wish I knew that this drug effect the heart maybe my husband would be here now, he started having heart problem that could not be explained or they didn’t care. He took Darvocet for many years for Rheumatoid arthritis. My son Took them went {Darvocet} Doctor give him Rx but he got scare of them and take advil gel said it help a lot for pain. Maybe someone life is saved because of this Recall. And live longer to enjoy their Grandchilden, My husband was 58 years old we miss him soooooooooo much.

  38. A couple days after I heard they had taken Darvocet off the market, I called and the pharmacy refilled my RX for 3 months worth. Scary that they would do that but I have taken it for about 20 years. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis and degenerative disk disease and fibro so I need to take something every day just to be able to get out of bed and be able to work. As soon as this supply is gone, I will go back to the Dr and hope they will prescribe something for me that works…………I have had no problems whatsoever. with Darvocet. I do not think it is all that strong anyway.

  39. In September 2007 my mom had a stroke which they said was due to Heart Aritimia(sluggish heart) she push a blood clot to her brain not once but twice. 1 week before we were at the doctors trying to get a stress test done. The doctor knew my mom was having heart problems. My mom was also a discold lupus patient who took Darvocett like candy for pain. She had no problems until the last 5 years of her life when she started complaining about confusion, dizzyness and became depressed. I don’t know if my mom would have volunteered to give up her pain pills. But if they could have been recalled 5 years before 2007 I might still have a grandmother for my daughter and I might still have a mother. My mom took this product from age 35 to age 70. Maybe it is okay for someone younger, but if you already have serious health issues is it really worth the risk.

  40. agreed!! Goverment sucks!! This is the only pain killer that works for my arthritis and fibromyalgia. Now I take over the counter Vanquish, big whoop!! Not even Tramadol touches my pain. What are we to do now. I agree with the peple that say these “committees” that decided on drug safety don’t know what it’s like to have chronic pain.

  41. looking at web sites concerning side effects I have come across a few that mention confusional state as a side effect (www.drugs.com) is only one. Has anyone else had this side effect ? I get very confused, I can’t remember a sequence of 4 numbers two minutes after someone gives it to me. to many other examples to mention. not your everyday forgetfullness either. Can’t remember peoples names, even if I have known them for years. that kind of stuff

  42. I no some people are having these heart “side effects” to DN100 but, who’s to say it’s really from the med? I bet if they put together 100 people who took hydrocodone or oxycontin they would find many of the same symptoms there also. so.. why take THIS med off the market? because it works for pain and it’s cheap, that’s why! their not making enough money off the sale of it! I MISS my medication, I’m hurting…I don’t care for hydrocodone so what choice do I have?someone suggested ultram, which apparently THEY don’t have REAL pain.,it’s no more than a tic-tac! why can’t “I” decide if I want to take the med or not? not some “person/people” who are not in pain!

  43. Sylvia,
    I did e-mail a couple of attorneys, just out of curiousity, I was so hysterical when I first found out my meds were recalled, and when I saw all of the posts. I was nuts for a few days. Sorry didn’t mean to contridict you.

  44. Sylvia on March3 20011
    I agree , but I have taken Darvocet for 10 years. Those side effects were not listed then, I never would have taken a drug if I knew it could cause heart defects. I experienced nervousness every time I took Darvocet, but was given anxiety medication. I have and still do read all the possible side effects when I fill my meds. I didn’t think to read them every time I filled it for 10 years. Who said I was looking for a law suit. I am trying to find people with symptoms like mine.. When I asked the Dr. at hospital if Darvocet could have caused this, he said not one or 2, but he said another dr on staff thought it was anxiety, Go back and see my family doctor. Another words, “I don’t want to get involved”

  45. People make sensible decisions with your life. If the FDA would mandate and legate the ‘possible’ side effects be available on the labels and let us decide for ourselves.
    I thought this was a free country but big pharma money once again prevails. Thank you sidney wolf for making the decision for us, you will reconsider this decision when faced with chronic pain.

  46. Julie these are the exact warnings that can happen on the warning label . I just don’t see how anyone can sue based on these facts, when they tell you to watch out for these things. The dr should have read or known about the side effects but as patients we are responsible for this also. I started Tramadol last week & it is helping me and yes I read the warning label. It’s far worse than Darvocet but it’s the only thing available for my terrible arthritis pain & so for it’s working for me

  47. after dr increased dosage, I started having chest pain, pressure, couldn’t breath.
    Dr found irregularities in my EKG. I stayed in hospitlal for 2 days and 3 nights. Tested my heart using catherter. found heart abnormalities. I asked 2 doctors about Darvocet, Diagnosis was originally unstable angina, I went to charity hosp. so I saw several different Drs. General Practitioner said he thought I was suffering from anxiety. What happened to the possitive test results? I was convinced last dr was maybe correct, until I got on her today, and see so many people withthe exact same symptoms! Racing heart, rapid pulse, dizziness, shortness of breath. This happens almost every day, sometimes for hours. The attorneys I have e-mailed are only concerned with cases where there has been a heart attack or death. It looks like nobody is concerned with these symptoms

  48. Stop bitching and smoke weed. The medicinal benefits are way greater than those of darvocet and they aren’t lethal! Several people have died taking this medication and it has caused sever issues with many others. If a drug is more harmful than helpful, it needs to be pulled. Period done.

  49. I would like you to listen. My mom passed away when the electrical impulses of the heart stopped. He has no heart problems. She has had back issues and was getting injections in her spine to help ease the pain. Well 2 weeks ago the shots stopped working because they could not get the shot where they needed. She was prescribed darvocet. she had taken this drug in the past she took this drug for pain relief. Well my mom passed Feb. 6 when the electrical part of her heart stopped. This drug is being recalled for this. I lost my mom. I can not have her back. So I am pissed. Nothing will bring her back. I have lost my mom possibly from this drug. Oh I am sorry you cant take your pain medicine. I cant see my mom again……

  50. my late husband took davorcet for years and nuthing was wrong with his heart till he was having chest pains and took him to hospital they sent him home in 4 days and told him he has heart condition still had him on davercet even then he died 2 weeks later of a massic heart attack. in sept 12 of 2002. does this still count .and myself has took davercet for 15 to 20 yrs my dr just recently change it to loritab. bk in nov. been have some chest pains but it more like acid reflex never had it b4 either do i still have a case on my hubby and/or myself

  51. Same opinion. did you read the warning label. I don’t think you can always depend on the Dr to hold our hands. I just had to start with a cholesteral drug. First think I did & always do is read the warning label. Its pretty bad. I’m going to take it tho. My point is I don’t always think the dr knows EVERYTHING pro or con about EVERY med. I also ask dr if it meshs with my other meds. I MAKE him look at my chart & sometimes I have caught an error. A sort of oops, wrong drug lets try another. Drs are not infallible & I think we have to take charge of ourselves & protect ourselves. With the way our health care is now Drs have so many patients they can’t keep up with everything. Darvost may not be the right drug for a lot of people & I’m sure they had all sorts of problems with taking it. But for some it was the only thing to take for pain. And now we don’t have it. I am sacred to death to go to the hospital for surgery, etc knowing I will not have ANY pain med. Hey I just heart on TV they are trying to ban the caramel coloring in the sodas & want it removed from the sodas.

  52. Student–what if the cause of pain is unkown…

    and another thing for my previous post, between darvocet, vicoden, and percocet, darvocet seems to be the only thing that works on my hip when it gets really bad…or I am stuck taking a huge dose of ibprofin…oh well back to the dr.’s for me than.

  53. I have been prescribed darvocet for sudden onset right hip pain after fluid was found in my hip…at the time I was only 26…I am almost 28 now and notice that when I do (did) take it that I would have some breathing problems…is that enough for any assitance?

  54. I suddenly developed heart problems with a heart that was previously healthy after about 1 yr on darvocet for arthritis pain. yes it was very effective…HOWEVER if i could turn back time i wish i had never been given this seemingly harmless “mild painkiller’ because it has wrecked my life. at the age of 49, i suddenly had a heart that would either race at 140 beats a minute and then plummet to 20-40 beats a minute, eventually my heart rate stayed so low i was diagnosed with heart failure and if i hadnt sought medical help and had to have a dual chamber pacemaker put in which saved my life, i wouldnt be writing this right now…good for those of you that havent experienced this,but thats like saying just because you have never been shot in the heart with a automatic weapon that those weapons are harmless. put your self in the shoes of those whose quality of life has been destroyed by a drug that we too depended on for pain control, so now i too had to suffer through withdrawals and adjusting to tramadol, which i actually like better, but now i have to accept that i have to live with a pacemaker which is needed 60percent of my day just to keep me alive as my heart continued to be damaged because once i had my pacemaker i had no idea what caused this “out of the blue” heart failure until i went to refill my darvocet and could not. i now have a lawsuit, and just because it hasnt happened to you YET or you may be lucky enough not to be “shot in the heart” with this dangerous drug, dont assume its safe, and have some respect from those fighting for our LIVES as a result of this drug, not just fighting for pain relief. there ARE other forms of pain control and those of you clinging to this drug have to examine if it is the pain relief that you cling to, or if it the dependency on the “energy burst” it gives that has you screaming foul play. until you have to stare at a scar on your chest and a big metal bulge and be afraid for your life, or cry over the casket of the one you love, you really arent in the position to say ANYTHING about this drug. accept it, it is gone, and adjusting to a new pain relief method is much better than the heart failure and subsequent kidney failure that i must cope with and just pray that it doesnt end my life before i turn 52 this yr. my health has suffered till i can no longer work. i wish i never say that damned pink pill. PEOPLE WAKE UP, ITS NOT WORTH IT.

  55. WHAT other med would you suggest my dr give me? hydrocodone? since that’s the ony one, and badly addictive? these people are adults and we should be able to CHOOSE wheatherbto take dn100 or not, no one asked me!

  56. My opinion is still the same. All meds come with a warning as to the side effects. If we want to continue taking them knowing what they are why are we blaming the pharmaceutical companies. Most of us are 21+ & should be able to ocntinue taking Darvocet.

  57. I had been taking Darvocet for at least 23 yrs when it off the market last year. I had gone through the pain management clinic to get it, and found through their studies that Darvocet was the only thing that managed my pain without all the side effects that other meds caused. I have severe osteo-arthritis, TMJ, fibromyalgia and other probs, but with the Darvocet was able to continue working and taking care of my disabled husband. About 5 yrs ago I was diagnosed with PVC’s – premature ventricular constrictions. My doctors didn’t think anything about it and chalked it off to stress, of which I had plenty. I’m really torn about having the med removed. Since I have always done all I could to maintain a healthy heart, I don’t want to take a med that can hurt my heart, but we still haven’t found anything close to Darvocet to replace it’s effectiveness for pain. It would be more helpful if the pharmaceutical company could find a way to conteract the heart-damaging effects of the medication to make it safer.

  58. I truly symphathize with you. However, I was on Darvoset long before I began to have any heart problems. I have been on blood pressure meds for many years, not due to a particularly bad heart, but gnetically disposed to having blood pressure problems, + being over weight, & a couch potato for probably the last 30 yrs. do they really know if Darvoset caused deaths, etc.All meds have a side effect, incl blood pressure meds. I have been “out” of Darvoset since they took it off the market & I still have dizziness, & all the above symptoms. I have heart trouble, am 75 yrs old & will always have a problem, but I would not blame any of the meds I take for anything that I could have prevenred years ago if I had just not been sooo lazy!!

  59. Don.
    I’ll trade you, I’ll jump off the lawsuit bus, you jump on mine ! Just found out that I have unstable angina. ( heart races, chest pains, can’t breath) Cardiologist says heart is is good shape, If meds don’t work they will have to put a stint, I have been throught enough in my life. Herniated disc neck and lower back. Let’s trade places Don . When they took Darvocet of the market I was mad too. Now that I find out the rapid heart beat wasn’t anxiety all of these years, I am furious at the pharmacutical companies for adding the risk of heart attack to my life. I have two sons in their 20’s, I now face the possibility that I may not see my grandchildren. I hope they enjoy the billions of dollars they made off of us !!!!!

  60. I too have taken Darvocet for many years, pescribed for arthritis. Prescribed by not my bone dr but my heart doctor!! I also had open heart surgery in 2009, aortic valve replacement & triple bypass & prescribed by the heart surgeon Darvocet!! We all have read the warning labels but need to take it anyway. Have you read the warning labels on any of the alternative “painkillers OTC-Advil, Aleve, Motren, As far as I am concerned they should take these off the market too. It looks like we have a choice of kidney problems with the above meds OTC or heart problems.

  61. I don’t know if I want to fuss about the “drug companies” the “attorneys” or ALL the idiots that took part in taking my medication off the market! I have taken DN100’s for years (probably 20+). Yeah, I have a small “leaky” heart valve and I have PMV (prolapsed mital-valve)…who cares? I also have pain. Headaches, back, neck…fibromyalgia. Just found out recently that my hip and low back pain is from disc problems and a nerve that is being compressed. Now, the only medication that is available for us to take is hydrocodone! There was something in the “propoxephene” that worked for me..I could take 2 and I was fine, pain free. I could take 2 hydrocodone’s…nothing, except maybe a headache. Like one of the women before me stated…where does that leave us? I DO NOT want to go into pain mgnt! I don’t want injections into my back! All I want is a quick fix to make my pain go away.
    If you suggest Ultram..that’s a laugh! Like taking a tic-tac!
    I am now trying another form of hydrocodone, called Trezix, not working either! I am a working woman (MA in a Doctors office!), I know a great deal about medications…I still don’t understand why WE CANNOT DECIDE OUR SELVES if we want to put our health at risk!!! I SMOKE TOO!!! Course, the government is wanting to take THAT ONE FROM ME TOO! I could rant and rave for hours…taking up space that someone else may need….I’m sorry if you were hurt from Darvocets, ALL meds have risks. SHOULDN’T “I” BE ABLE TO DECIDE MYSELF! Not that any of this matters..no one listens to the little people anyway!
    thanks, sd.

  62. Been taking Darovcet for 9 yrs. Nothing bothered me. I am surprised that they caused others having problems with hearts. I ll make sure if my heart is ok. Thanks for the warning. My husband dumped over 120 Darovcet in the toliet.

  63. This will be my last comment on this subject. Darvon is a safe, effective medication that has helped millions since 1957. All of the hysteria by some who think otherwise, all the posts of plants, and all the posts by the get on the bus after the accident types will not make it otherwise. Darvon should be put back on the market, and for those who say research proves darvon is dangerous, I can only say you can make a research study say anything you want it to.

  64. I TRUSTED MY DR’S…THE FDA…THE DRUG COMPANY ETC…. WHAT TOOK YOU ALL SO &%$#! LONG TO GO PUBLIC?? I have been taking Darvocet since 1994…I had a very bad head on collision that blessed me with TMJ, and back/neck injuries, along with a mass in my sternum because it was broken at the time and was left untreated. Sorry…that is PAIN with a capital P…lol I tried alot of med’s of course and darvocet was pretty much the only one I could tolerate.

    I am outraged because a year later at the onset of taking this wonder drug, I started to get this horrible heart arythmia/tachycardia, i am facing an inevitable pacemaker, and heart valve replacement in my future. None of the cardio’s could understand why I was displaying these symptoms, as I was otherwise healthy. My life has been taken away, I am only 42 and for the past 15 years my life has dramatically changed. The quality of life because of this is not thriving to the point I am on SDI for 13 years…I can’t do what I normally was able to, not because of my other injuries but because I am to darn sick now with this horrible rapid heart beat…you lay down or even sitting and you actually feel ur heart beating… ur exhausted all the time, feel like your about to pass out because at times 200mg of toprol xl does not work.(along with other med’s I tried) thats why I am facing a pacemaker etc.

    Listen, I am happy some of you are not facing these symptoms but put yourself in the shoes of people who have suffered because of this. PLEASE! Our lives are being cut short because of the sheer ignorance of these companies. You can’t put a $$$ on a human life…I am a single mom and raised my daughter feeling sick, fearing what would happen to her if I did pass…I will not be able to do things with my newborn grandson because of this, I am face my condition getting worse…its like a slow death…and its scary as hell…esp when I get my chest pains. So stop this ignorant complaining about this drug finally being recalled. I WANT THE PAST 15 YEARS OF MY LIFE BACK…HOW’S THAT FOR COMPLAINING?? gesh

  65. Just roll you up a blunt and that takes every bit of pain away with no side effects besides the munchies. When I was younger I used to abuse prescription pain killers 1 year ago I finally realized what this shit does to your body and trust me you would rather be a little stupid from smoking pot rather than having heart problems and having to take more drugs to stay alive

  66. Seems strange to me that the only pain killer breast feeding mothers can take is Darvocet because it is so “safe,” yet it is now being recalled because it can kill you. I think if it is death versus pain, I’ll choose to live a pain filled life and experience watching my children live their beautiful lives.

  67. To student–You are totally ignorant–go out and join the know nothing party. I’m tired of people who presume to give advice to we who are suffering every day.

  68. After telling me I could not take Darvocet -100 my doctor tried to give me Ultrram (which I would not take) and then told me there was nothing like Darvocet on the market – the closest thing would be Percocet. This stuff is awful awful – awful. However, my nerve pain is also awful – so I take as little as I can. OMG – my pain was completely gone with the Darvocet. Is there any way that the FDA would re-release it with warnings. Being in pain constantly is wearing on me – I feel awful most of the time and this is not the life I want to live!!!!!!! Sorry FDA – this recall was just NOT the right thing to do.
    Why don’t you recall Combipress (that gives people anxiety attacks), and all of the new drugs that have side effects a mile long???? Answer that one!!!

  69. To all of you out there upset about the recall, please please please consider another way of dealing with your pain. There are much safer alternatives out there. The reason why I come on here today is because I just found out my grandmother was on Darvocet for years. Guess what? She died of a sudden heart attack when she seemed quite healthy about 10 years ago. It wasn’t until now that I put two and two together that her sudden death and heart problem could be attributed to a drug that was just pulled off the market.

    We should feel grateful that at least the FDA has the balls now to admit that the drug should not be available to people.

    We think cancer and heart attacks are random, but if we actually sat down and thought about it, I think we would be surprised at the patterns that are developing.

    Another piece of information to note, they do not know what Darvocet does to fetuses, let’s just say that when my grandmother was on Darvocet her last child of 3 children was born developmentally disabled.

    At this point, I would caution anybody who trusts a drug company. They do not test adequately for this kind of stuff, and once they have enough data (your autopsy), it is too late for you, so my piece of advice is to be cautious with this stuff and if you can, don’t rely on a miracle drug if you don’t have to because they are not natural and you will have to pay for that pain you disguised later.

    Part of the healing process is pain. If we numb ourselves from it we are not helping ourselves heal, but rather we are ignoring the problem and making it worse by not taking care of what is causing the pain.

  70. Write your congressman and both U.S. Senators, and call the FDA Karen. That’s what I’ve done and it’s beginning to bear fruit. There’s absolutely no reason why people who want to stay with darvocet can’t get a waiver.

  71. Stunned is the word. This is one of the only preparations I’ve been able to take and still function. I have problems with “disorientation” on most narcotics along with dizziness and GI side effects. Darvocet is the only one I could take and still function. Never had problems from a cardiac point. Guess I’ll have to muddle through with Tylenol and ibuprofen if I need pain medication for even moderately severe pain. I simply cannot take other narcotics without problems I don’t want.

  72. There’s a new study out that says regular use of alcohol causes atrial fibrillation–are you listening Sid Wolfe? It’s time to ban booze!!

  73. From the comments that I’ve read so far, I see that most of those who read this article were kind of misled. Most of the previous comments indicate that Darvocet was banned because it causes a plethora of side effects when people get addicted to it. That is wrong.

    Darvocet may cause side effects regardless of the number of pills swallowed. Period.

  74. I can relate J.Beach and Corey–After 30 years taking a medication that works for me, I’m told it’s bad for me, by the Federal government–the folks I thought were supposed to look out for me. I simply don’t believe some of these horror stories I read on this site.

  75. I am utterly disappointed after being advised by Walgreens that my Darvocet could not be refilled. I am a flight attendant who has had Fibromyalgia for 22 years. Quitting my job and using disability is not an option. Plus, I happen to enjoy working and enjoying life like everyone else…that is not possible without the relief I get from Darvocet. I am very disciplined and have a high tolerance to pain so I only use the drug if I would be unable to function. You only to have to watch a commercial for drugs to see how many have possible side effects. The only people who dont understand taking those risks are those who are not in chronic pain . Thanks to the abusers and overusers of pain meds…the rest of us have to suffer….literally!

  76. I have taken this medication for 10 years for migraines. It is the only thing that works without knocking me out. This really stinks because I never had any issues. At the onset of a migraine I could take this and be pain free in 30 minutes. The medication I am on now takes hours to kick in. Leave it to the government to over react.

  77. I am 60 yrs old and have had chronic daily migraine for 50 yrs. I have removed every “trigger” that I identify & still get the migraines. I am lucky to live in WA state where medical marijauni is legal because a friend who has tremendous results using it for fibramyalgia suggested I try it for my migraines. I wake up with a migraine, smoke, and go migraine free, usually all day. I was taking Darvocet for break thru pain in the PM, but now have to find something else. For anyone that can get medical marijauni legally, I encourage you to try it. For me it’s like a miracle. It took me 50 years of misery before I found it, and then only because it was legalized in WA. — But you CAN NOT drive under the influence of this drug.

  78. I was on darvocet for about a year due to lower back pain. My usage of the drug ended when a blood clot formed in my heart and dislodged to my brain. Yes, a stroke at the age of 38. I had no prior history, no significant family history and the doctors could not figure out what caused it. Maybe I have my answer now?

  79. This drug may do wonders for some but.. as a result of taking this drug for over a year it has ended the life of my father…….. enough said.

  80. I sympathize Wayne–my story is much like your Mom’s–but were battling a powerful group that will never admit they were wrong. The FDA could reverse this terrible decision if they had the gonads–but apparently they don’t. Also, the lawyers are already right in the middle of things trying to get people to sue the drug company that makes darvon, and some folks who’ve had very little experience with darvon are jumping on the bus after the accident hoping to get some money. That’s what it’s been about all along–money!!

  81. I am learning about Darvocet because of my mother. She has been diagnosed with RA for years and this was the only drug that provided her a modicum of relief and quality of life. Since she has been taken off the drug, six weeks ago, we have been to the hospital twice, she has gone through vicodin, tylenol, oxycodone and now morphine and all have been total failures. Her pain is such that she cannot sleep. She is 72 and has been on it for YEARS, with no significant side effects. For those of you who have experienced issues, take care, hire a lawyer, do something else. But for the many folks who relied on Darvocet to maintain some quality of life.. NOW WHAT??? The doctors don’t have an answer and you ignorant dolts who respond, find something else.. You need to realize, for some.. there simply isn’t anything else… best of luck to you

  82. That’s ok for you Haley but what about the millions of us who have depended on darvocet for decades and have had no ill effects-just releif from chronic pain

  83. It seems that those of us who are allergic to vicodin products (hydrocodone) were the ones who used Darvocet and didn’t have any issues with it. It would be interesting to know if there is a precursor that causes a reaction to Darvocet or if this is just something that randomly occurs in the populace. I was on Darvocet for over a year after an accident as well as taking it intermittently to treat back pain due to a spine issue and it was the only pain medication that allowed me to fully function and could knock the pain. I now worry what will happen if I end up needing a pain killer as what I have relied on for years is now unavailable. There has to be a balance between taking care of those who have safely used the drug and protecting others who haven’t. I haven’t had any Darvocet for over a year, I prefer to not take any drugs at all personally and avoid daily pills. I don’t think that only drug abusers have the issue with Darvocet, but if this is more related to the miss-use of the drug rather than a new side effect of such an old medication there is something very wrong with this. In my opinion people have the right to accept health risks and if I am willing to knowingly accept a health risk to take a medication as prescribed then I should be allowed that because in all reality all prescription drugs have adverse reactions and side effects (often including a risk of death – look at birth control and blood clots) and an overdose of virtually anything can be lethal. Yes there are a lot of “accidental” overdoses with people taking pain killers in particular, but those are people with a problem and rather that problem is an addiction or a lack of common sense it should not adversely affect the general population. Tell your doctor about all drugs you are taking, ask him if there are issues with mixing them, when you get to the pharmacy double check what the doctor prescribed and said – you have to advocate for your own health and blindly trusting anyone with it is not a wise choice. To those who have a heart issue attributed to this medication, I feel badly for you, to those who will suffer pain due to the recall of this medication, I feel badly for you too.

    If you look at this sight you can see many drugs recalled, it seems that there is an issue in our approval system/testing system if this many medications are making it out on the market and causing serious damage. Maybe we shouldn’t allow drug companies to make campaign contributions – seems like that would stop a great deal of this right now.

    When Lotronex was recalled a group of patients suffering from IBS formed the Lotronex Action Group and lobbied to have the drug returned to the market, you can now get the medication in limited availability with consent of the possible side effects, those of you reliant on Darvocet for daily life should consider that you do have a voice and often we fail in this country to simply not use our voice.

  84. I was given Darvocet after having a tubal ligation done (the day after y 3rd baby was born). I was told it was safe while breast feeding. I have a long time family history of heart problems and about 2 years ago starting have some test done with hear issues of my own.

    I think the recall is good, it’s better to be safe then sorry. Just because one hasn’t had issues, they could be hidden under other problems that don’t allow someone to relize what is going on. I fear even though I was told by my doc it was safe that it might effect my child later in life. SO better to have it off the market to keep that from happening to anyone else.

  85. I took darvocet and I now have to live with palputaions on a daily basis doctors gave it to me for pain I had in my tooth. I’m glad I finally now no the reason.
    Please let me know if u know anything esle. Thank u

  86. Darvocet doesn’t hurt the heart, but the propaganda that it does is firmly in place–you know the old saying–tell a lie long enough and it becomes truth

  87. I have fibromyalgia & have taken Darvocet for three years, the only medication that helps. It is wonderful. Only one tablet may give me relief for days. No side-effects and my doctors never hesitated giving it to me. Before back surgery in May, my heart doc. had me take a Darvocet so I wouldn’t have discomfort during a pre-op heart test!!! Say what??
    Something is very wrong with this picture. Either Darvocet hurts the heart or it doesn’t. My stress test and angiogram was done in April of this year and my heart is perfect!! Yes, those of us who benefit by this drug should be allowed to have it.
    I have a feeling SunnyDawn did not get a diagnosis from a heart doctor that her problem was Davocet. For what it’s worth…I get heart palpitations (skipped heart beats) from herbal teas!

  88. You’re right Jo–those of us who’ve been using darvocet for decades should be allowed to have it. But the FDA and Sidney Wolfe will not allow it, especially since Sidney is on the inside now. The bottom line is they don’t care–their attitude is you lost–we won

  89. Sunny Dawn when I hear horror stories like yours I almost think I should at least have a little skipped pulse or two–and I don’t–I feel kinda left out.

  90. Was just informed by my pharmacy that my generic Darvocet refill cannot be filled because of a recall. I have been taking them since 1989, when I was diagnosed with RA. In the years since I have had two hip replacements, one shoulder replacement and in two surgeries 10 years apart, a complete cervical spine fusion. When I was still working, I took quite a few so I could maintain the level of commitment my employer expected of me. When I left my work, I needed a lot less. In the months preceeding a joint replacement, when the pain was unbearable, I took more again, never exceeding the prescribed dose however. Now that I am pretty much bionic, I get through my daytime with aspirin and if pain is bad that day, I take one Darvocet at night, only. I’m allergic to morphine and Percocet seems like it would be a bit much. That’s what I took after surgeries and my pain would be gone long enough for restful sleep. I don’t even know about any other pain meds since I stuck with what worked …for me. I say “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” and I like someone’s idea of a waiver or release for those who are comfortable with Darvocet and have had no problems with long term use. I liked that I could still function after taking a Darvocet or half of one. I’m not prepared to try out a new one just to find out I feel drugged, ugh!

  91. I had an ovarian surgery a year ago. Was given Darvocet for the pain. I hated it, because it gave me bad headaches, but it was better than the Percocet which made me nauseous, but I took only 1/2 of the amount prescribed, because of the headaches. About 5 days after my surgery, I started feeling palpitations, and shortness of breath with dizziness. I felt my pulse, and realized it was randomly skipping beats, and randomly speeding up and slowing down. The episode lasted for about 12 hours. I never realized it could be connected to the Darvocet. I stopped the Darvocet completely within a week of the surgery. In no way, shape or form was I abusing this drug. It is now 14 months later, and I still get random episodes. This summer was particularly bad, with daily episodes, some lasting multiple days at a time…it was quite frightening. I am very healthy otherwise, with no other health issues, and I did not want to go on drugs to regulate the rhythm. Instead I decided to try acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional changes first, since that has helped me in the past. I haven’t had an episode in 6 weeks, and hope that whatever damage there is healed now.

  92. I have been prescribed darvocet for my cronic muscle pain because my quack pratcioner refuses to tell me i have fibromilga she feels that this pain is being exzagerated even though i am layed up in bed for days some times weeks the pain is so sever that i some times I feel like I have been pinned to my bed and have to wait for some one to come help me so living alone is impossable and some quack wants to tell me i am making all this crap up and wont give me any thing to kill the sever pain and muscle spasims.

  93. I have been taking Darvon then Darvocet since it’s inception. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had it for over 4o years. I have tried numerous medications including infusion that have side effects that would curl your hair. I have had several joint replacements and without darvocet I don’t think I could have stood all the pain. Why not leave it for us who have used it and continue to have it ease our pain. Maybe those whose abuse any drug should stop and look at their own problems and let us who use it as perscrible take it to ease our pain. Please take a second look before denying all of us who it is our only relief. Some of those other pain relievers are of no use to many of us.

  94. I almost had a surgery cancelled because my EKG showed I had had a heart attack and I didn’t even know it. I was using Darvocet. I frequently get severe chest pain since I have been using Darvocet. I stopped taking it and I hope the pain will never come back and there will be no more damage to my heart.

  95. The FDA vote was 12-10–so why did ten people feel the medication was safe? People need to be very careful about calling people addicts–it’s just not fair to chronic pain sufferers. Don’t tell me Darvocet doesn’t really make the pain go away Angela. Like so many other critics of we who are hurting you’re obviously not a chronic pain sufferer.

  96. I think it is funny that most of the complaints on here about how everyone can only take this drug because it is the only thing that works. Obviously if you have been on the medication for twenty+ years you are addicted and the only reason you are crying about the FDA taking it off the market is because you are addicted. If something could possibly kill you, you should really weigh the options. Don’t get me wrong I feel for all of you who have had to suffer with any sort of chronic pain, but when the FDA says that the risks outweigh the benefits you need to really look at that yourself. There are other medications, such as Percocet which is of the same family as Darvocet that does not have the ingredient that is causing all the problems. And unfortunately you have to realize that any pain killer only blocks your neural- receptors it never really makes the pain go away. And if you have to switch to another pain medication, you may not handle it well in the beginning your body will adjust to them as they did the Darvocet. So quit blaming the FDA for trying to keep people from dying because of bad medication and maybe place the blame on the Pharmaceutical companies that make them.

  97. I’ve taken darvocet off & on for 2 years due to back pain, & I have not noticed any problems. However my Dr. did switch me to ultram & it seems to due almost just as good, so all is well…

  98. Darvocet has been on the market since 1955 and we’ve hardly had a mass amount of deaths of people taking it. Like I say, Darvocet has become a national scapegoat

  99. Please,
    My BF has been taking this medication for 2yrs and it is all that works. However, I would rather her seek an alternative form of therapy than to DROP DEAD and leave behind her 2 little girls.
    If the FDA didnt recall this drug and we had a mass amount of deaths, then we would have a much different outcry from the public.

    And as for those that have been on this medication for 20yrs, how was your general health 20yrs ago? How about your diet/exercise regime….yeah, thats what I thought!!!!

    We have to take everything into consideration. Including enviromental changes!!!

  100. My name is Kera, I”m 20 years old. I was born with a heart diease called Long QT Syndrome. I found out that I had this diease when I was 18. I’ve only passed out one time my entire life, the doctors even said that my EKG was fine. 1 year later they finally found the diease on a EKG. After having a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted, the doctors percribed me Darvocet for pain, I’ve had over 30 episodes since then.

  101. Being allergic to so many medications Darvocet N-100 for is the only medication I can take for Arthritic pain. This has worked for me for the last 5 year, and now it is helped me recover from Knee- Replacement surgery. This is the only medication I can take. If this medication is so dangerous, why is cigarettes and alcohol still on the market?

  102. What a lot of you folks are experiencing is just your plain old garden variety anxiety!! And as for switching to Cannibas! You’re kidding–right!! You’re certainly not suggesting people should take somethibng that would land them in jail!!

  103. to the people that it did not harm thats good but what about the ones it did harm and if this is what happen to me i need to know it it not just the heart rate it could be sudden death.

  104. dear sina – try medical marijuana its a natural way to control pain especially effective for FM . You will no longer have to worry about stronger / harsher pain medications, or the severe side effects associated with ALL pain medications, and your liver will thank you in the long run. i hope everyone in America will finally wake up and realize that when they use pain killers they are doing more internal harm than they think. So if you’re not in a medical marijuana state contact your congressman and tell him/her you have the right to be entitled to a safer more effective way of pain relief.

  105. I only hope Xanodyne asks me to testify in their defense–I’ll be glad to do it. I knew when this mess started the lawyers would see dollar signs and a lot of get on the bus after the accident types would start screaming for money. The FDA has already said that very few Darvocet users would have any cardiac complications as a result of taking the medication—-but a lot more than a few will be joining class action suits in hope of hitting a big payday!! Absolutely predictable!

  106. yes i took Darvocet for a very long time and one night i was sitting in my chair and my heart started i called it skipping beats .had all the test and now i have to take another med to keep it on track yes i want to know if this med done this to me i have had this for about 5 years.

  107. After reading some more posts I wanted to add it was Tramadol that caused her to stop breathing. Please if you start taking this medication make sure you are not at home alone. I am sure that this was just a one off, as I said she has many allergies to meds. Oddly she is 60 years old, has been taking darvocet since her accident in the early 70’s, has a family history of heart disease and never had a problem with the darvocet. Most of her family members died of heart disease in their 40’s and 50’s, including 6 cousins, her brother, all of her uncles, two aunts and her grandmother. All of her neices and nephews, my husband and his brother have all been diagnosed with the same problem. My M-I-L is the only member of her family not to be diagnosed with any heart conditions. I am not saying this lessens the issues with darvocet, but honestly, a total recall as opposed to screening is too much. Lipitor causes such severe liver damage that when my husband was taking it he had to be screened every 6 months but it is still on the market.

  108. My M-I-L has several medical allergies and darvocet is the only pain killer she has ever taken that did not give her a bad reaction. She has chronic pain due to damaged nerves in her back and now she cannot take any pain medication because the doctors have not found anything that does not cause her a reaction. She’s taking Aleve several times a day just so she can walk, but the doctors tell her this will eventually damage her liver and stomach. She has tried several different alternatives and had no luck, the minimum reaction was hives, the worst was that she stopped breathing, but hey, those meds are fine to leave on the market, for now.

  109. Dear Sina–We have to keep fighting–call your congressman and U.S. Senators and the FDA–this monstrosity of a decision must be reversed.

  110. I have taken Darvocet occasionally for pain over the years and have never had a problem with it even after heart bypass surgery. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago and have tried several different pain medications including Tramadol. The only pain medication that helped with this pain has been Darvocet. Also I have severe arthritis in a shoulder joint that needs a replacement. Occasionally I do take a stronger medication but most of the time, unless the pain was very severe. Darvocet really helped. My elderly mother also took Darvocet for different kinds of pains and never had a problem with it. She lived to be 85 and died not from heart problems but from complications of a medical procedure. I don’t know what I will do now for this pain. I don’t want to take the stronger medication more often.

  111. Hello everyone! Both my mother and mother in-law have taken Darvocet for quite a while and after the recall both of there Doctors switched them to another pain med called Tramadol, I think the generic for is called Ultram, and it has seemed to help both of them just as well as there Darvocet did. I just figured I would let everyone know in case they needed help finding another pain med to take in its place. Hope I helped some of you.


  113. Sorry folks–but you guys who blame little ole darvon for your monstrous cardiac problems are way off base. Better to blame the excess food you’ve taken in during your lifetime-that’s the real culprit.

  114. I agree with everyone, I have been taking it for 17 Years to help me sleep at night due to a prior work injury. Now they give me Tylenol 3 with Codine. They don’t work. I can’t believe they took it off the market after 50 or more years. There’s other drugs that are worse than these.

  115. To all you folks who’ve lost loved ones, you have my sympathy–but they didn’t die from darvon. If so, why didn’t my dear Mom who took darvon starting in the fifties and took it until she died at age 94 die of a heart attack which she didn’t. I’ve been taking darvocet for thirty years and have suffered none of the heart problems that some people are screaming about. A little pill has become a national scapegoat.

  116. Im sorry 4 every1 pain but im glad this medicine cannot harm any1 else. In my case its 2 late thou. I just saw the commercal of the recall of darvocet exactly 24 hours after the death of my mother in law. My mother in law died of cardiac arrest, she had a sudden heart attack at the age of 56 and she has been prescribed this medicine 4 well over 15 years for her authuritis and now she is gone! I beieve in my heart that this medicine took her life! It took my husbands mom, witch he was her only child and me and my husband share 2 sons, our oldest son is 7 n he was very close 2 his mawmaw bc he was her 1st grandchild n our youngest son is 5. She was the best mother,grandmother,and friend u could ever have and now shes gone! I do believe the med. had something 2 do with her death and me n my husband will find out if it was the cause of her sudden death! I wish we would have found out along time ago! So this med. takes lives it took the life of the most special woman in the world! **R.I.P**CHRISTINE VIOLA STREET *10-20-55—12-26-10*

  117. God Bless you Dee–you’re like the rest of us–trying desperately to hang on to the medication that works for you. Let’s hope the FDA sees the light.

  118. Well its so weird how i turn the tv on 2day n see a recall on darvocet and tha weird thing about it is that it said that darvocet causes cardaic arrest heart problems and death. Well my mother in law was precribed darvocet and she has been taking it for over 10 years and lastnite, December 26 2010 my mother in law died suddenly of cardaic arrest, she had a massive heart attack n i feel in my heart that the medicine darvocet was the cause of it and my husband and I will fight to find out if that was the cause bc my mother in law was only 56 years old and her life was cut short by taking medicine that the doctor prescribed her for her authuritis and it killed her! Im so angry bc that medicine took my mother in law away from me and most of all took my husbands mother away from him! He was her only child so they had a strong close relationship and now shes gone, we share 2 beautiful sons together, our oldest son just turned 7 yrs old and our youngest son is 5 yrs old. My oldest son was very close to his mawmaw bc he was her 1st grandchild and he is in so much pain his little heart is broke just as mine and my husbands is. She was the best mother and grandmother and friend anyone could have asked for and she was loved by us so much and she will be greatly missed and remembered for the strong woman she was. So my point is if you are prescribed and taking this deadly medication or if you know someone that is taking it my advice to you is to stop the medication immedeatly bc this medication will take your life the way it did the most important person in our lives to us. Now were trying to cope with the lost of our mother and grandmother so this medicine will take takes lives, it already has took 1 very special womens!!! *R.I.P* Christine Viola Street *10-20-55—12-26-10

  119. Sorry , I can not type tonight he is 32 years of age. I hope that this does not upset anyone. I am only speaking my feelings as you all are. I know that alot of people are in need of this medication. I also feel that I would not want you or anyone else to have new problems due to a drug that causes them. I will continue to pray for you all and hope that all is well for you. My husband has alot of medical problems for his age. Like you all say this is the only medication that helps you it also is the only one that helps him too. Now we are in the same boat as you all are. Hopefully and maybe the company will find the problem out, fix it, and it can be recommanded again by the FDA. They are only trying to keep everyone safe from harm. Take care and I will continue praying for all of you.

  120. I am glad that this is being taken off. I know this is crazy, but I would rather have my spose or anyone be in pain, than have the affect of liver damage and or heart damage due to needing pain meds for a problem that can and could be resolved by another medication. My husband is only 312 and has been on this for over 8 years. He is now having before we knew of the recall, pain where his liver is and his diaphram. That is a scary situation for me since I am young with 4 kids who could be apart of that wonderful thing called statistics. I don’t want this to happen. I know how it feels knowing that this is the only thing that helps him or her. At lest now there want be an additonal problem that will need more drugs to handle the new problems caused by Darvocet and any other pain medication. Sorry and I truly hope that who ever takes this this finds you well and able to find another solution to your pain needs. I will pray for all of you. Take care.

  121. I’ve been taking Darvocet for migraines for almost 20 years with NO side affects and with effective results. Prior to taking Darvocet, I was visiting the ER about once a month or once per couple of months due to uncontrollable pain related to migraines. Frankly, without Darvocet I’m a little fearful that I’ll end up back in the ER again – and now I don’t have health insurance – because I don’t know what else can control my migraines, and I feel like I’ve tried so many other drugs before finding the solution. I have been very careful not to use in an addictive fashion, but with degenerative bone disease and pain of rheumatoid arthritis I needed to use it fairly consistently.

  122. I agree that this is too much regulation!!!!! I have fibromyalgia,& multiple compound fractures of the spine. I have taken Darvocet for 12 years just to function semi-normal. I am allergic to codeine, and any sythetic codeines. Now what am I supposed to do? Without Darvocet and Celebrex I have no quality of life. I am a RN that had to go on disability due to the pain. I know how to monitor the drug and know that there are plenty of other drugs on the market that do far more damage. To the “Powers That Be”, leave a drug that works for so many ( and for some the only option) ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  123. I am like most people onthis site. I am allergic to everything else and this is the only pill that helped me get through the pain. I have had 5 surgeries in the past 2 years and now suffer from chronic pain and arthritis. My doctor has just prescribed Percoset for me and I had to sign waivers before I could get it. My question is what do I do on the days where Advil, Tylenol or Aleve don’t work but the pain is not bad enough to take the Percoset? What happens when the pain is bad and the Percoset no longer works because I was taking it for milder days?

  124. I had been taking this for back pain for 5 years, and kept getting heart rhythm issues and was thought to be having a heart attack on several occasions. I am only 37. I guess now I know why. I quit taking this about 6 months ago and have had no issues since. I wish the doctors would have known this was a potential problem. Maybe we could have avoided the multiple ambulance trips to the ER and all the testing. 2 Percocet are much more effective for me anyway.

  125. Darvocet is very low on the totum pole of pain medications but is often what is needed to take the edge off the pain to make it bearable. For anyone thinking that using morphin, lorcet, vicoden, or oxycodone is the solution, you are nuts. These are much stronger and HIGHLY adiciive. I have been on darvocet for the better part of 22 years with no problems. When my pain isn’t terrible, I’d rather have that than use my Vicodin ES. Also, valium is not a pain medication. It is diazapam, which is an anti-anieiety medication. Tylenol is a major problem – it needs to be taken out of everything we have to use for chronic pain control. But the government doesen’t give a dame if we all die of liver faliure. This is all about money, darvocet is cheap because it has been around for so long. I do not trust the FDA or any of the new medications that Big Pharma comes out with. Live a day in the shoes of someone who hasn’t had a break from pain in over 20 years, except being under anesthesia for surgery.

  126. We’re not crybabies. It’s just that we didn’t have the negative experiences you had, and we feel we should be allowed to take the medication that helps us. No one should be able to deny it to us.

  127. Why are they only finding this out after about 35 years of Darvocet being on the market. Any medicine can cause heart arrhythmia and I think you are right they want us to have to change over to the newer drugs so they will make more money. Also, Vicoden, etc are very addicting….Darvoet is the only thing I have been able to take to help arthritis in my back, so now what is a person to do?
    I have been taking it for many, many years as needed and I was shocked today when I went to pick up my RX…..I had been given Ultram, which I cannot take.
    Not sure this is the drug company……FDA sometimes I don’t understand.


  128. I took trust in the drugs I took for the awful pain I feel everyday and might . Praying that there will be something out there to inprove the quality of life. Now you scream it dont bother you. You take drugs and gosh it no way bothers you. Well I have a heart that is giving me hell for taking Dorvocet for three years. I had chest pains went to the Dr. Oh my!!!! I have a screwed up heart and a big change in the way I live. I had no health isssues. Very active, trained horses,loved diving,working in my vegie garden,dancing-did not drink.I loved to live life even now. Now I have most of it taken from me. SO sssssshut up and change your meds. All people are different medication will not do the samething on everyone, each of us is different. Our chemistry is different so study up on the medical side of it. Each drug has some kind of effect but that wont mean it it will happen to all of who take it. So grow up ya bunch of cry babies.

  129. why are they now just takjing darvocet off the market if they have known 4 yrs there was a problem? i too like many others have taken darvocet off and on for 15 – 20 yrs. its the only pain med i could take and one that helped the pain and the migraines. am on tramadol now and i think tylenol would probably take more pain away than it, but then there were the recalls for tylenol. so what is a person to do? can’t take anything with codiene in it, drops my b.p. so low i’ve passed out. percocet, oxcycodone, tylenol 3,morphene, i think that it would more of a problem to continue any of them. there seem to be less amount of people noted with reactions to darvocet the a lot of other medicines. they are not rushing out there to remove other drugs that have caused more problems. and if its a possible “reactio” like all drugs have whether from 1 pill or after yrs use, should that not be the patients option. look at meds like tysabri for m.s. started out great then in as little as 6 months the numbers for problems began to rise rapidly, and its still out there, and its side affect: severly disabled brain or death (more is death). let us chose our meds.

  130. In 1997 or so I herniated L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1, basically where the tailbone connects to the spine. I was prescribed Propoxyphen-N/APAP100/650. This medication has worked great for me over the past 13-14 years. I did not abuse the medication and only took it when I had the most severe pain. As I had to enroll in a pain management clinic as part of insurance requirement. Up until the past week have I taken the medication. Called the pharmacy to get a script refill only to learn of this recall.

    Along the years I had numerous chest pains that was unexplained. Even spent several nights in the hospital with EKG and stress test preformed. With no negative result. Was even told one time that my heart was ” Just skipping a beat! ” and that was normal in some people.

    Now having read many peoples comments and symptoms that are simular my question is, how much damage has been done and was all the chest pains I had prior related to this prescription? Who do I contact in reguards to some facts and how am I assured that there is NOT any lifetime damaging results from this medication?

    Alot of questions to be answered and I believe someone is entitled to answer them.

    Nick Gannon

  131. I have taken darvocet for over 10 years. For severe arthritic pain and knee pain. I am allergic to codeine demerol morphine lortab oxycodone and oxycontin. What am I supposed to take????!!!! I have had 2 knee surgeries and need a third. What am I supposed to take for pain!!!!????? I too have a pacemaker. Put in 3 years ago, but, I was diagnosed 20 years ago with 2nd degree av block. i don’t feel darvocet contributed to this. I work in the medical field and now have to go without pain meds because i am allergic to everything else. I too think you shoul be able to sign a waiver or at least be able to make your own choice.

  132. And my husband’s doctor won’t subscribe any “real pain pills” so now he’s trying to go without. I don’t think he’ll make it. But we don’t have alternatives.

  133. Darvocet finally became generic enough to cost us only $20 a month for my husband to take (and he needs it). It’s not making the drug companies much money anymore, they’d rather us spend tons of money on something else now. That’s our take on the whole deal.

  134. Seguin–Write and call the FDA–also write your Congressman, and both Senators. Also contact Roger.McClung at HHS (Roger.McClung@HHS.Gov

  135. This is just awful! I have lupus and Darvocet was hugely helpful to me. Now I have to switch to Vicodin, which makes me space out and itch. I can’t afford to be grogy; I’m in culinary school and I have to use knives every day, so focus is a must! This makes me so angry. Who are the FDA to say the risks outweigh the benefits? One has no idea of knowing what a person is willing to go through to live without pain unless they experience chronic pain themselves!

  136. I’ve read most of these comments and I noticed something. In a large amount of the people with heart issues, it seems the heart issues just started within the past five years, even for the ones who had been on it for decades. Hmmm. I wonder if the formulation has been altered.
    Also, why not just closely monitor anybody on it who has no other effective alternative for pain? They do that with Coumadin, re blood clotting, and cholesterol-lowering drugs, re liver enzymes. If it causes a problem, stop it. Many, many people are helped and their hearts are not affected. Why deprive them of an effective pain drug? Oh that’s right. It’s not a designer drug, and it is relatively inexpensive. Sounds like its not part of the “in” crowd anymore. Time for a new, expensive, and barely tested drug to be pushed on the market.

  137. I have taken Darvocet for about 25 years with no ill effects whatsoever. It has been effective and has allowed me to sleep at night without waking up in the early hours with extreme pain in my back and hips. Strange, considering how long it has been on the market, that it is suddenly found to be ‘dangerous’ to heart health. Also, considering the side effects of drugs that are currently available and being marketed by the the pharmaceutical industry, that Darvocet has been recalled. Here is a perfect example:

    Seroquel-XR ~ Change of mood, behavior, thoughts of suicide; in the elderly an increased risk of death. Fever, stiff muscles and confusion can be life threatening reactions. Permanent uncontrolled muscle movement. High blood sugar. Coma, death. Decrease in white blood cells which can be fatal. Seizures, increased cholesterol. Weight gain, dizziness, impaired judgement. This drug is relatively new and yet, with the warning of all these potential side effects, it is legal and being actively marketed. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE/!

  138. I just found out about this recall last friday while at the doctors office for the seventh time in the past 2 months plus a hospital stay over veterans day. I too had serious chest pain, was hospitalized for irregular heartbeat and chest pain and now I have headaches like you cant believe and my bloodpressure is off the charts. I have been on bed rest for the past week. I have been on the darvocet for only 4 months but now I am thinking…could this be the cause of all my problems? I have had every test you can think of and still the drs. can not figure out what is wrong and all the testing is costing me a fortune.

    However, the medication sure did help my endometriosis pain.

  139. Again people!
    I was fine and was taking darvocet for over a year it was the only pill I could take and work with pain and much side effects till one rainy day where my symptoms are worst I took one before bed and a few hours later I felt my heart up in my throat all night I could not sleep two days past I was thinking it was something I ate but after the two days I told my wife and she told me to go to the ER so I did, it was a irregular heart beat that was going too slow then too fast and skipping beats, I didn’t know what hit me till my sister called about the recall, again I’m 5’10 165 lbs. None smoker, none drinker, very athletic not couch potato here ok.
    I think patients complaining about the recall should contact their dr to found something more effective and less riskier, when something gets recall another drug comes out that works almost the same, just beware of the side effects, all drugs have side effects like an old saying in Spanish “no hay mal que por bien no venga”
    Even aspirin is terrible for some people , I take aspirin for chest pain as well for the mild side effects but the other day cut my leg and would not stop bleeding, it took twice as long to heal, so there you go.
    The issue here is not that darvocet is bad or good for sone people, is that the benefits not longer outweigh the risks.
    End of the story

  140. Shawn–I’ve been taking darvocet for thirty years and it’s effective and safe. If it was going to kill me how come I’m not dead?

    P.S. I’m not a lazy ass. VBG

  141. I just heard about this. I’m devastated.

    Think about what’s REALLY happening here, folks. If this were about safety, then drugs like Embrel would be pulled from the market. They are known to lower immune response to the point where you could die from infections your body can no longer fight off (like Tuberculosis). But instead of pulling these drugs, they now carry a black-box warning of the dangers and risks. Why not just ban them? In this case, my guess is that these newer, patented meds make billions of bucks for the pharma companies.

    The FDA hasn’t been working for the PEOPLE for a long time; they work for Big Pharma. There are literally hundreds of medications that could be banned or pulled from the market because of serious risks.

    Like others here, I vomit on every other narcotic pain medication except Darvocette, and especially anything remotely related to codeine. The only one I have not tried is morphine, but docs and pharmacists tell me that morphine is likely not going to work out, either . Ultram (Tramadol) never touched the pain. I have Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, severe osteoporosis, and 7 bulging discs in my spine – all of which can cause debilitating pain. Darvocette has been my ‘safety net’ when things get past the point where I can manage them without serious pain medication.

    A huge piece of my personal ‘security blanket’ has just been ripped away. I don’t know of any workable substitute. I guess the next time I break a bone or herniate a disc or get cancer, well, that’s just too bad for me. At least I’ll still be alive so I can throw more money into the Big Medicine pot.

    IN A TRULY FREE SOCIETY, patients have the right to choose whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits. The role of the government is to inform patients and their doctors when there is a risk. Doctors and patients then work together to make decisions based on available data. The choice – and responsibility for that choice – is ultimately up to the patient. It’s called ‘informed consent’.

    Welcome to the Nanny State, folks. All important decisions in your life must be made for you by some ‘central authority’ because you are too stupid to do your own homework and too childish to draw the proper conclusions.

  142. @Don, Miracle drug or not I can’t say. but Darvocet is not the only damn drug out there, so find another one jeez, or just keep risking your life. Until the next one gets recalled. My wife can’t take percs, but she sure as hell can take some that help. Don’t be a lazy a s s, talk to your doc and find what works.

  143. Oh, one more thing, the whole suing this is a crock of you know what, after the class action suite and the payoff for the lawyers there wont be a dime in it for anyone. It is not about that, it’s about public safety. If you don’t think so then you have no idea what your talking about, Might as well get some Ambien and crash you luxury sedan into the side rail and collect the money from that, makes more sense. Jesus.

  144. @Kristina – To just think that something has been around for a “long time” does not mean it’s a good drug. If so then if cocaine(in many forms) or even MDMA (Ecstasy) has been around long enough and has been approved by the FDA must be “ok” If enough people think it helps. No one is stating that it will kill everyone, but read the full case study and if your loved one develops a bad heart problem and dies, see how you feel about it. There are many other pain revilers that can give close (I’m sure not the same, because everyone get’s used to a certain drug for their usage) pain relief. I cold be wrong but if I needed pain relief and saw this study I would sure try some more options.

    P.S. If the FDA did let’s say 53 years ago say that inhaling acetone would make delivery of your child easier, then 53 years later they were like “oh, well it kills brain cells,and can do damage to your newborn baby” would you still take it to relieve the pain of the birth? Knowing your own child could(not for sure, but could) be at risk. If so I’m sorry for the child that has to deal with your poor judgment.

  145. Not all drugs react the same for ever patient, but my mother had taken it for a few years with no preexisting conditions, and after a short wile has had very bad heart problems, there are many other pain medications that you can take (depending on if your allergic or not, you may need to seek other types) for pain. And for the acetaminophen comments there has been countless studies on this drug without any other additives, without any side effects like this. I wold take another pain reliever or the pain its self before I went though the hearth attacks that my mother had endured. So take that into consideration.

  146. My daughter is allergic to pain medications, including morphine and any drug containing even a small amount of morphine. The study done in Europe reported in this messages, relates to suicides. Any class IV medication has the potentional for suicide. Some people who are in chronic pain have a difficult time handling this and take their lives. This is not the drugs issues. Doctors should be able to prescribe this medication. It has been on the market for over 50 years. How can one current study take it off the market. Every recent drug pulled from the market causes heart or stroke issues. This has to stop. The drugs are doing good for many people. Because a few have heart problems out of thousand who take the drugs, does not make them harmful. If you have an issue with heart problems and the drug, tell your doctor. He can switch meds or as one gentleman stated, he knows his issue and self monitors it. Let the old and new drugs that are helping people remain on the market. Knowledge is power and letting the consumer know of issues allows them to be aware of the situation for them to self monitor or most doctors monitor situations for potential problems. Our family has been on drugs that are on the market that have know bad side effects. Every doctor who has prescribed them has performed tests repeatedly to monitor for those problems. Let this drug be another one. It takes an extremely long time for a medicine to get FDA approval. Taking medicines off the market now is idiotic. Demerol has gone the way of Darvon but yet both are drugs that have been around for decades. How can current studies change their effectiveness. Stop hurting the drug companies. This isn’t an attorneys issue but one from the drug companies themselves. They want people to take newer drugs that are more expensive. Old drugs have generics that don’t provide drug companies with much money. Stop the drug companies from doing this.

  147. They can’t just say “oh well you didn’t have any side effects so you can take it” but then deny it to others. And how do you know you haven’t had ANY side effects from it? The 1st person to ask for a recall asked for it waaaay back in 1978!!! When there was already evidence that propoxyphene-based drugs had limited effectiveness, were addictive, and could cause toxins to build up in the heart. However, according to the FDA recall announcement last week, the agency only recently received enough data to justify that the risks of Darvon and Darvocet side effects outweighed its health benefits. And as for you guys saying “Darvocet is the only thing that relieves my pain” Well that might be… or maybe you’re just addicted & are pissed off that they won’t give it to you! I find it hard to believe that they can’t find ANY other pain medication for some of you to take! Some woman said that her husbands doctor said the only alternative was morphin!!!!!!!!! wth??? Darvocet is very low on the totum pole of pain medications & morphin is near the top… he can’t take lorcet? vicoden? percocet? percodan? oxycodone? valium? ativan? and that’s not all that’s out there!!! But there is “NOTHING” else? Considering that Darvocet isn’t much better then straight up tylenol??? Yea… OK… My grandma developed parkinson’s disease after taking reglan for so long! a medicine to help remove gas off her stomach was one of the factors that led to her parkinsons! but darvocet could be doing things to your body that you aren’t even aware of!!!! GET REAL PEOPLE!!!! The FDA isn’t going to take a medication off the market unless they have enough evidence to support it! They aren’t going to loose a medicine they make millions off of just because they feel like screwing with people!!!!

  148. To Pam: Considering all the ambulance chasing lawyers who are advertising for Darvocet patients, you can hardly blame some folks on the net for thinking it’s all about money, because in some cases it is. However, I’d never accuse anyone individually because I don’t know their story. Like others, you’ve made my point about this medication. At age 76, and with a 30 year history with darvocet, I don’t see why I should have to give up taking it. It enables me to have a good quality of life and I’ve never had any of the problems people talk about. Like I’ve said before, banning it completely is overkill.

  149. Oh yeah!!!!!!!! Don Haines.. good luck to you. You are right their is never a decision that can’t be reversed so people should step up. Push to get the drug reinstated for “Grandfathered” in patients that have found their “miracle drug”

  150. I agree with all of you who take this drug and never had a problem they should let people who have taken it for so long with no side effects keep taking it. I just don’t think it should be prescribed to any new patients because you can’t predict what your individual reaction is going to be. But I do wish alot of you would quit saying that the people that had problems either abused it or was out of shape. Elizabeth said that we are too LAZY to work for a living and out of shape. Well got news for you Elizabeth I’m not and many others on here are not out for a law suit. In fact I’m in no way involved in one. I have worked since I was 16 and I’m 37 now and still do. I was in shape then and I’m in shape now. I get shorth of breath quiet often and have a hard time playing with my son sometimes and I do my best to stay active. I can care less about money right now. I just wish I had good health. I wish I would have known that this medicine could do what it did to me and many others. I wish I didn’t have to make the decision to terminate my second pregnancy because the doctors said I wouldn’t live through it. The ones of you that hasn’t had any problems I agree you should have a choice to continue taking it. But I don’t think it should be given to anyone else who could have the problems like myself, Jamie, Kolby and so many others on here have had. Would you guys want to risk something happening to one of your friends or family members because they might too have a problem with it. Maybe those of us that have had problems are more prone to heart disease. Though it doesn’t run in my family…. But don’t assume we are all money hungry, couch potatoes waiting on our check in the mail………

  151. Don I feel for you. But I want you to understand what hell I went through because of the darvocet. I started taking in 99 and I went in to full afib in 2002. Like I said before I was a runner non smoker and didn’t drink and never had a heart problem before I took darvocet. As a nurse I think you can understand my point as well. I hope they find something that works for you. I have a non union compound fracture in my leg the my Dr doesn’t want to operate on because I’m “high risk” because of my afib. So I’m up a creek as well. I wish you the best luck.


  153. But Kolby–the drug was taken off the market for no good reason–don’t be so trusting of government agencies–they’re very good at screwing up which is the case with darvocet.

  154. To Jamie: That’s one of the points I’ve been trying to make–if you think darvocet is bad for you–don’t take it. But if you swear by it’s safety and effectiveness you should be allowed to take it. That’s not what happened though! it was banned for everyone and we who have problems with things like codeine are in a bind. I think you can understand that.

  155. Let’s see now- I was on Vioxx- it was pulled; Rezulin (diabetes)- it was pulled; Darvocet- it’s now pulled. Years ago I had bigeminal PVCs- because of CAFFEINE- it is still on the market. The FDA only does things put forward by the BIG MONEY COMPANIES! Proper warnings and proper patient monitoring is what is needed. I also am either allergic to other pain meds, or they are like water. I say SHAME also on the FDA.

  156. I was on darvocet for almost a year and have been in and out of the ER for heart abnormalities since then, not relating the two. I know this medication may be the only pain killer you or your loved ones can stomach but, please remember that they dont take medications off the shelf for no reason. the pharmaceutical companies are almost as selfish as tobacco companies….they WILL NOT recall a drug unless it REALLy does cause health problems. with that said, please stop taking this potentially fatal drug. i promise you the pain suffered without it is 100 times better than suffering through the pain it has caused.

  157. Dear Kimberly–Stick to your guns–write your Congressman-your U.S. Senators, and call and write the FDA. This battle is not lost. God Bless.

  158. Do you realize how long this class II drug has been on the market? DECADES….my husband has been taking Darvocet N 100… 1-2 pills every 4-6 hrs as needed since the ’70’s….severe osteoarthritis of the spine,MEN IIa,,and numerous other medical problems.It helps him just as it helps many,many others. Some people are prone to adverse reactions from any drug….there are drugs in natural occurring, everyday things…such as our food.Aspirin comes from the bark of the willow tree!….Suing someone is what this country has turned to to make money,people are getting too lazy to actually WORK for a living.They are way out of shape and that makes them more prone to ill effects from anything.

  159. I use Darvaset or,did. I have headaches all day every day due to injuries.Now they take away my only relief. I am back to taking 6-10 tylenol a day. What do you think thats doing to my liver? Not helping it..Plus it doesn’t take away the pain. Darvaset has been around a long time. I’m sure it isn’t good for everyone but,it worked for me and,a lot of other people. I can’t go through life with the headaches and, no relief. Darvaset is a medication that I was able to take and,function on a daily routine.

  160. Don what would you be saying if you did have a bad reaction??? I know I don’t want to take Darvocet and when Dr ask me if I have allergic reactions to medication I can now tell them Darvocet..If people can take it and not have the reaction I did I say go for it. I NEVER had a problem with my heart EVER until I took Darvocet. I feel bad for all the people that have not had a bad reaction to this medication and can no longer take it do to the recall. I do wish you all the best. I too live in chronic pain and have for over 20 years.

  161. As someone who has taken darvocet for 30 years, with no ill effects, side effects etc. ,I find some of the horror stories hard to believe. It’s true that some will have side effects while others will not, the solution is not to ban a most helpful medication, but rather, those who have had a bad reaction should stay away from darvocet, while we folks who swear to its value should be allowed to take it. Banning the drug completely is a horrible case of overkill. Also, folks who talk about switching to something else may find it’s not that easy. Now that Sidney Wolfe is on the inside of the FDA–do you think he will stop with Darvon? Not hardly–he’s after all pain relievers!

  162. To all of you that say this is bull I’d love for you to have walked in my shoes. I spent 3 days in I.C.U with a heart rate racing from 99 to 210 for 2 days. The Dr had to stop and restart my heart. I was on some major heart meds for quite sometime. I was a runner non smoker and non drinker and 30 when this happened to me. Be thankful that this did not happen to you or any one in your family.

  163. DARVOCET N-100, is the mildest pain reliever above dangerously overdosing on OTC Tylenol that works on my pain issues. I have had a double laminectomy, and probably have 3 or 4 work & sport related herniated disks in my spine. I do not like taking drugs. It has been three days since these meds have been made unavailable, and I am taking my first alcoholic drinks in over a year to compensate.

    I have tried MANY pain relievers, and the next effective for me, VICODEN, causes me to sweat and be uncomfortably nauseas. That does it for me. I have been taking this drug LEGALLY for twelve years. It is time for me to get LEGALLY involved so that I could possibly recoup lost investments, funding, and finances for now defunct medical practices. Hopefully, my lawyers have enough sense to sue their lawyers for my current pain & suffering. The future relapse into an alcoholic state due to REAL PAIN ISSUES will most likely be attributable to “MEDICATIONS THAT WORK THAT HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY!!!”

    In due recognition of Hope & Change, and age old song has been updated today:

    America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)

    Text: Samuel F. Smith, 1808-1895
    Tune: AMERICA, Meter: 664.6664

    1. My country,’ is killing me,
    sweet land of poverty, of thee I Ding!
    land where my fathers died,
    land of age old pilgrims’ pride,
    from every mountainside, let lawsuits ring!

    2. My religious rights were once free;
    land of the broken pharmacy, bodies break & die;
    I love thy acts of futility,
    paying taxes for others prosperity,
    thy broken levy spills, disputed from storms above.

    3. Let this music swell the breeze,
    and print new monies from all legal fees;
    sweet stolen liberties of freedom’s pain-free song;
    let mortal tongues awake;
    let all that whose breathe partake;
    let rocks their silence break, the sound PROTEST!!!

    4. Our fathers’ God, to thee,
    author of liberty, to thee we sing;
    long may our land be bright
    with freedom’s holy light;
    protect us ALL by thy might, great God, our King.

  164. I am a person that actually took the drug to abuse it, I only took 1 of those stupid things called Darvocet. Mind u I have an addiction to Vicodin. I took 1 of those and I swear my heart felt like it was going to explode. I told a few people about how i was feeling just incase i fell over. I totally agree with the FDA on this one, this drug will kill.

  165. i was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and immediatly pulled off of tramadol that i was taking for my scholiosis and other problems i have that cause pain. the dr prescribed me generic darvocet and and i have had a number of problems since my seizers, liver problems ext. and was pulled off of darvocet too and i am just now getting back to being able to take it and now this but truthfully it doesnt help that well in my opinion so now i have to talk to my number of drs once again to see wat pain killer i will b able to take and i hate that they have so much tylenol considering ive already had liver problems and im only 24 and have 2 young children!!!!

  166. Sidney Wolfe is a man who doesn’t like any medication very much. he even opposed lollipops containing pain killer for kids dying of cancer. For a long time he was the main opponent of the FDA–now he has a cushy job with the FDA. What happened here? Now that he’s on the inside he can have a great time denying life saving medication to people who might die without it.

  167. Chariese,

    I hope you and your baby are ok. I don’t know if you read my comment above but I hope you do not go through what I did. I too had been prescribed the darvocet for migraines and had CHF after the birth of my son. The good news is he is 9 years old now and very healthy. I still have issues with shortness of breath and palpitations pretty frequent but I try to not overdue things and still go to the gym. It seems when I workout I do much better. I know many people on here are frustrated with this being pulled but please realize that it could do damage to people even after the first dose. I just can’t believe their is nothing else out there to help them. I know many are allergic to codeine but for those of you who can take it my doctor put me on oxycodone for my headaches and most of the time I can take one a day to relieve my headaches where i was taking up to 3 darvocet. I found only taking half of one helps and doesn’t make me sleepy or dopey feeling. It might be an option for you Chariese after you have your baby. I will pray for you and your baby. Wishing you good health.

  168. one more comment, My Mother is dying, I am her primary caregiver. After years of taking only 3 or 4 a day, and no suicidal thoughts, I had Dr increase my dosage. he prescribed 2pills 3x day. One night out of the blue, I looked at the full bottle, and thought obout taking them all. Scared the heck out of me. Still didn’t put 2 and 2 together ! Am not on antidepressants at this time. Now that I think of it, increasing the dosage made me feel good, had plenty of energy. Just wondering out loud.

  169. I am so glad that so many of you are not having side effects. But what about a few years down the road? When I first started taking it 15 yrs ago, It relieved my pain, I had energy, could go about my busy life, the side effects come on gradually, It’s not like you take a pill and bam have all of these side effects. You are in pain, you expect to be depressed, I had myself commited to a mental hospital (a state run hospital) It was terrifying !) before I did kill myself, I couldn’t figure out why I wanted to leave my family. I had so much to live for. While hospitalized they cut my dosage to about three a day. After 2 days I felt so much better, that I wanted to go home. I stayed 5 days total. While there I felt like a different person. I blamed every symptom or side effect on something else. I have been through hell, always sick with something, stomach, nerves, confusion, depression, heart racing, chest pain, mood swings, urinary problems, etc. Maybe these were not caused by Darvocet, but maybe some were. I guess I will never know.

  170. I see people still complaining this drug was removed, but my shoulders before and after my surgeries and now I have irregular heart beat that came from notwhere, heart issues don’t run in my family, I don’t suffer from anxiety nor depression, I’m fit, non smoker, not over weigh, not drinker or drug user.
    Dr. Still don’t know where this is from, then my sister told me about the recall.
    If u are taking the drug or took it 30 years and u are ok then amen, buy it in the black market and jeep taking it, if u don’t want to find out if it will affect you or not then stop is that simple but don’t say this is all bull because I see more people with heart problem here than people with out it.
    Move on people, find something else to take.

  171. I’ve been on darvocet yrs. I have spinal stinosis, vf,vtech,htn,cht, over the last 2 yrs i’ve been very ill with heart problems. I am now on the heart transplant list. The primary pain med I use in darvocet. My heart issues have increased over the past 2 yrs.

  172. i am sorry that this affects the people that this works for but i am 8 months pregnant and was prescribed darvocet for severe migraines. shortly after starting it, my heart started racing and i had constant palpitaions. i had to wear a heart monitor and then i saw the recall. i stopped taking it and everything is ok thus far. (thank god) but it could have harm me and my baby.

  173. I’m a retired registered nurse who has taken darvocet for thirty years for chronic back pain. My heart rhythm is fine, my liver is fine, my kidneys are fine–but my back hurts like the dickens without my three darvocet per day. I worked for 46 years and my career would have been much shorter without darvocet. Twenty one hundred dead people since 1955 is probably the lowest total from any medication on the market. Aspirin has killed more! Should I have switched to vioxx when it came out? Apparently not! I took two darvocet per day for 28 years but when I developed arthritis in my spine I asked my family Doc for one more. I had to go through pain management, have a cat scan of my spine and generally beg for one more pill!! What the FDA,has done because of the threat of a lawsuit from Sidney Wolfe,(a control freak if there ever was one) is criminal. What I see on the internet now is mass hysteria from those who think darvocet has caused their problems–mainly because of what they read on the internet. I’ve written my congressman, my two senators, and called and written the FDA, telling them my story. I suggest others do the same. There never was a decision that couldn’t be reversed. To sum up-if you think darvocet made your heart beat funny–don’t take it–but leave we folks alone who know that it’s our miracle drug!

  174. I have chronic migraines on almost a daily basis and I have taken darvocet for the last 10 years or more. I am also a recovering alcoholic that has been sober for 23 years. I am not addicted to darvocet. I can go a week or more without this drug but when a migraine does hit I need something. With all my other health problems darvocet is the only drug I could take. I am allergic to codine and asprine….that leaves out a lot of other drugs…..I wish the insurance companies and the government would listen to my doctors and ask them what I need not dictate to them what I can and cannot take.

  175. I have been on Darvocet for 8 years. I have had 2 back surgeries and looks like I am headed for a third. I have always taken the Darvocet as needed, but not never over the prescribed amount. 3 weeks ago I found myself at the hospital with chest pains that had lasted off and on for 3 days. They said it was anxiety, but I kept thinking I’m not anxious, my chest hurts. My heart would feel like it was doing flip flops at times. I was placed on medication for anxiety but even know there is still pressure and pain. When I called today to get my prescription refilled I was told by the pharmacy what is going on. I don’t know what I am going to do, just like many I am allergic to so much of the pain medicines and the others have undesireable side effects.

  176. Dear Susan Babcocki,

    Crohn’s disease is a disease in your gastrointestinal region. It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with chronic lower back arthritis. Either your husband has been seriously misinformed, or he is hiding a pain pill abuse from you and attempting to label it as something else. If I were you, I would further investigate the situation. Either he needs change physicians, or you need to comit him to rehab.

    LB, RN
    P.S. Nausea is a common side effect of MOST analgesics. A knowledgeable physician would prescribe an anti-emetic to go along with this.

  177. To all of the idiots who insist that these problems of the heart are because of abuse I say to you that I carefully follow dosing directions and do not abuse this drug. There are several people on here telling you that they don’t abuse the drug, they take according to directions……are you reading this stuff we take the time to type up for you??
    I’m short of breath, chest pains, racing, etc. Can’t sing in the car or finish a sentence sometimes because of the shortness of breath and racing of my heart. I had a full cardiac work-up in January of 2010 and my heart was good, no problems, no issues. Started Darvocet in April and for the last month I’m having all these new symptoms.
    It sucks because the docs will give this drug before they’ll give the vicodan/percocet, etc because of the street value of those pills, possible addiction, liver/kidney damage and so on. It will be interesting to see what they’ll put me on for my pain since they’re so leary of prescribing the heavier drugs which make me sick to my stomach, cause agitation/irratability, insomnia, diminished libido etc.
    One thing about Darvocet, it worked and no side affects.

  178. This is crap. Why should the few over rule the many. I have been on this prescription for 14 years now, never had a problem, probably never will but can no longer take this medicine because of govt goons. I am sick and tired of a few anamolies screwing it up for the rest of us.

  179. It’s amazing how after 50 years people are just now having all these heart symptoms! Even the FDA has stated that as soon as you stop taking the drug, you are no longer in danger!! As if there truly is any danger! This is ALL money related…flat and simple! I have been on the drug for 30 years (6 back surgeries) and have never increased the dosage written. Any drug can cause death if the idiot taking it wants to over-dose in an attempt to commit suicide. You can do that with plain old Tylenol. For years, the only issue with Darvocet was a potential Liver issue due to the Tylenol. And guess what……two days ago, my father-in-law had an angioplasty and guess what they gave him for pain? Darvocet drip!! My wife’s MS doctor who is considered one of the top MS doctors in the country even says this is all B.S.!! I just can’t believe all the people that are jumping on the “lawsuit” bandwagon!! But for those of us that are truly in pain, every day, every hour, we are just screwed or we are now forced to take a much stronger medication…whether we want too or not!! Just have us sign a letter at the doctors office stating we know the dangers of this “killer” drug and agree that it’s value, to us, is more important than these potential, so-called, dangers!! Sorry, just a little frustrated!! God bless

  180. I was curious as to how long the effects from Darvocet are supposed to be. Is it the rest of my life? Do I now have another worry? I hurt my back (cervical and lumbar) in March 2010 and had (disc replacement) surgery in Sept. 2010, I have been on Darvocet off and on since then. My surgeon does not want to do more surgery on my lumbar due to poor results. I have constant lumbar pain and need something to get rid of it. My doctor does not want to give me an new meds. because of this Darvocet issue. Any answers?

  181. I have M.S. (along with several other severe medical problems). I have been affected by the recall too. Darvocet has been the only medicine that my system has been able to tolerate. All the others cause “me” too many side effects. The “me” is the important part. Each person has a different system and we all react differently to each medicine. Darvocet has a much shorter list of potential side effects than most of the medicines that I have to take for my M.S. The shots that M.S. patients take are so full of “stuff” that it burns your skin if it touches you. This “stuff” gets me out of bed each day and lets me enjoy my family. Each person should be allowed to determine whether the benefits out weigh the risks.

  182. I have taken Darvocet off and on for years with knee surgery six times I also have MS but a couple of years ago I started having some shortness of breath and chest pains they told me that I have a weak heart muscle as well as major heart papitations they claim that the palipations are what caused the weak muscle(38%) now with medications to help what do you do now is there a med to help reverse the problems

  183. This is something that comes as a shock to me. I have been taking Darvocet for years for pain. I have 2 bulging disks in my lower back due to a bus accident years ago and falling down concrete steps. The physicians told me years ago that by the time I was 45 I would be wheel chair bound if I did not do something. I will be 43 in January 2011.

    In May 2010, Mothers Day, I landed in the hospital with heart papitations that I tried to shrug off for 2 days as an anxiety attack. It took the hospital 3 days to slow my heart rate down to close to normal. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and I have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.

    I did not have any problems with my heart until May 2010. And to hear this about the recall upsets me because I just took a Darvocet a few days ago for my back. Not to mention that I have been suffering and taking the Darvocet as needed since then.

    I cannot take other pain medications because they either make me sleep excessively or make me sick to my stomach…not to mention that narcotics are extremely addictive. Who wants to be a zombie and unable to function because they are in pain? I know I am not one of those people but this is scary.

  184. I agree this stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was prescribed this medication for my pain for cramps. Im allergic to everything else!!!
    But i did have an unexpected heart rythum and couldnt breath. I thought it was from having a REALLY BAD anxiety attack! Thought wrong!!!!!!! I got SEVERE Pain medications (Valume, Morfine, and ativan) for an anxiety attack? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. I feel bad for the people out there that can’t take anything else but please stop and think about what this drug can do… I took darvocet years ago due to migraines. Never abused them and never took for long periods of time. Only took when needed as many people has stated on here. Well I became pregnant at the age of 28 and was healthy and active. Late in my pregnancy and begin to be shorth of breath and had high blood pressure. The doctors didn’t think much of it thinking it was all due to my pregnancy. Well after I had my baby that night I went into congestive heart failure. I almost died. My newborn son was in NICU for a week and I was in ICU for a week. Afterwards I had to have two ablations to try to correct my irregular hearrate. That at times was life threatening. A year afterwards I become pregnant again. My doctors informed me my heart was in such bad shape that they recommended an abortion . Hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. After seeing four different specialist I decided I didn’t want to take a chance of leaving my son without his mom and my husband without his wife. After many tests the doctors could not figure out what caused my heart problems til they found out I had taken darvocet in the past. I hope my story is part of the reason this drug has been pulled. Please people read the info you get with every script you receive. Irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath is on the one for darvocet. Though it says in rare cases doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you. You might be that rare case. And please i’m sure if you work with your doctor together you will find a drug to help. I’m just hoping my heart can hold out to see my son grow up. Even after the two surgeries the doctors said most of the damage is irreverisble.

  186. I have taken darvocet since 2005 – 06 for fibromylagia. I was diagnosed with a fast heart beat last year (did not know the cause at the time) and now have to be on meds to slow it down. After reading about the side effect and the recall, it makes sense why my heart beat has been racing. I agree with Jean about Shame on Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals Inc.

  187. Darvocet is the only drug given for pain because of my allergies. I’ve been having very serious PVC’s, chest pain, and palpitations for over two years. My doctor’s said don’t worry and put me on blood pressure medicine and lorazapam to deal with the anxiety. I was also on the Darvocet to deal with the pain in my chest and for the surgery I had on my foot. I would like to know the long term affects, outcome, and what can be done to help me with the irregular heart beats. They have really affected my quality of life. I am on long term intermittent FML. Shame on you Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  188. I have taken darvocet for over thirty years for crohn’s disease. Like many others, I am allergic to aspirin and codeine and darvocet would take care of the pain and not make me drowsy during the day, I started having irregular heart rythms after a few years and later had to undergo a heart valve replacement and twelve yrs, later was fitted with a defibulater/pacemaker. I have no proof that the darvocet is responsible, but I dont smoke or drink and I weigh 104 lbs. I still need an effective painkiller, but I cant trust the FDA.

  189. Please read the side effects associated with this drug. I would never have connected my syptoms with the use of Darvocet. I like so many others, was angry at first that I would no longer be able to use it . Now I thank God that my rapid heart rate, and shortness of breath, didn’t result in a heart attack.

  190. I have taken generic Dorvocet for back pain since I was 20 years old. I healed from this injury, but have been in 2 car accidents in last 15 years. I have 2 ruptured discs, 1 bulging. I couldn’t pay for surgery. I have taken several pain medications, but always returned to Dorvocet, due to price, and I felt safer taking a drug that had been on the market so long. I have suffered severe depression, suicidal thoughts! I seriously thought of suicide many times, once being hospitalized. I have also required Zanax because the Dorvocet makes me nervous, Now I find out that my rapid heart rate and trouble breathing may not be anxiety attacks, but a side effect of this pain medicine. I also have severe constipation, Weight loss, due to no appetite. I would go sometimes three or four days without eating anything. I remember my son begging me to eat something. vomiting, dizziness, confusion. severe diarrea. I have thought for years that I was crazy!!!! I have put my family through hell, with mood swings, and threating of suiside. I have just read that all of these symptoms are signs of withdrawal. depending on the extent of my pain, I would sometimes take as many as 8 a day, When the pain would improve I would go down to three a day. I now suspect that the decrease was causing the withdrawal symptoms. I have always been careful not to take more than I had to, I was afraid of becoming addicted to this drug. My point is you may think you are not having any side effects taking the drug, you may attribute symptoms to something else like anxiety, which can cause many of the symtoms I just described.I

  191. I have been on Darvocet for about 5 years. About a year and a half ago I started noticing heart palpitations, which at the time I associated with anxiety, they seemed to go away for a little while, but for the last year I have been on Metropolol to help with those palpitations. I am very worried, there’s no history of heart disease in my family. I’ll be making an appointment soon with my doctor and possibly my attorney.

  192. Im 25 been on Darvocet on and off for a couple years for broken ankles, a sprained wrist and for the last 2 and a half years ive been on it for knee pain that ended up needing surgery. After the surgery i needed a pain killer that wouldn’t knock me out but help ease the pain. Darvocet allowed me to still work as a Machine Operator making Rocker Panels for the chevy Traverse. Big parts vs. bad knee not good, but Darvocet was strong enough to allow me to work but not to strong to make me drowsy or unalert. My girlfriend takes Darvocet for endometriosis caused pain. she cannot take Vicodin b/c she’s allergic to it and morphine or any other pain killer is too strong. How did Darvocet last so long on market if it has been under the microscope for awhile and why has no other drug maker found a way to make a pill work strong enough to help pain without drugging you up the way Darvocet has for years. I know alot of ppl who take this pill and most cant take other pills. I hope all of you who still have to use pain meds daily find a way to manage ur pain. Lets hope its not long b/f a new drug with the same strength without the drugged feeling comes soon.

  193. !!! Darvocet recall is CRAP !!!!!!!!!

    Earilier this year I read an article in a health magazine that “Big Pharma” was going to try to get this passed by the FDA: (This and prescriptions for vitimans) so here it is.

    I have taken Darvocet on and off sence I crushed a vertibre iny lower back when I was 17years old. I am now taking Darvocet because I have very bad Fibromyalgia and other connective tissue problems due to sever auto accidents. Darvocet is the only thing I can take, I am alergic to ALL OPIATES. A morphine drip almost killed me after surgey because of a miss reading my chart.

    I take Darvocet one to two a day depending on pain and have been taking this amount each day sence 1987. With a very bad attack of Fibromyalgia I have taken up to 4 a day, evenly spaced with food between. My heart is perfect just had a ekg with a physical. Never have I had heart problems.

    Earilier this year I read an article, it was an ALERT TO THE PUBLIC that durg companies were trying to do this recall through the FDA remember the FDA works predomoniately for the drug companies.

    This is ver, SCARY STUFF you are at the MERCYof BIG PHARMA they make money repackaging and tweeking old stand bys, how many times have you heard, new and improved!! Wait and see. They will redo this with another big improvements —.

    Vioxx and Celebrex HAVE KILLED PEOPLE and Celebrex is still prescribed a friend of mine takes it now.How many drugs have killed people and caused terrible organ failer because of not testing properly. Darvocet has been around for 50 yrs. and no problems till now, THINK ABOUT IT…!

    The drug companies are have lobbied for years because to take Darvocet off the market because DARVOCET MAKES NO MONEY for them. Darvocet has been generic for so many years and does so well for so many people who do not need or can’t take morphine, vicodine or codine. Ibuprophine and the other similar drugs that raise other problems with the digestive system and other difficulties.

    It has been found that Antidepressants help Fibromyalgia pain, Cymbalta is one. Read the literature they give you. LISTEN to the TV ads for that one! It can cause DEATH. ??? IS THIS WHAT WILL BE PRESCRIBED INSTEAD.

    How much does Darvocet cost and how much does Cymbalta cost. Aside from cost it is by necessity habit forming and causses horrable headaches. If not taken on time. THESE DRUGS ARE WHAT THEY WANT TO SELL instead of Darvocet. I personally can’t afford any thing more expensive. I guess crippeling PAIN big time is now going to be my life.

  194. I am disturbed by the vast number of people who are implying that this med is being abused, and thats what is causing the heart complications. Darvocet is NOT a get high drug. It has NO STREET value. You can’t even give it away to opiate addicts…they’ll laugh at you. Most of the posts I’ve read indicate these problems arose when taking a very low daily dose. And thats alarming. Oh, and the reason I know about the street value of this drug? I’m a Psych major with a focus on drug addiction and addictive behavior. So believe me, guys…this is not a drug of abuse. I would be very concerned if I were taking this medication.

  195. I feel for you all that had been using this Rx. However, if death could occur I believe pulling this Rx off the market was a wise decision. My mother takes this Rx and I don’t want her take the chance of heart complications if it can be avoided.

  196. This is very bad news. The FDA should not have this much power. There are so many people that are on Darvocet as a last resort after having lost Vioxx and Celebrex. Many patients have been on this for years with no problems. I think that people need to take this up with the government and contact their local congressmen.

  197. The recall of this med is very upsetting, indeed; and, like many others, I have been using Darvocet for over 10 years due to complications of an auto accident and several debilitating chronic illnesses which will eventually kill me. BUT, I am glad to know that there is some proof of some heart-related reactions–especially since I’ve been a heart patient for 35 years–since I was 20.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I need the medication, too! I am usually aware of every recall and did not hear about it when it first came out. In fact, although I have been using less of the medication as of recently, I used a higher dosage the other day and experienced palpitations and angina that woke me from my sleep. My heart fluttered oddly all day. For those of you who wondered why I did not seek medical help, I have learned to know when a doctor’s/ER visit is worth my time. My son is a nurse and took me last July 4th and told them I was having a heart attack and they wanted to send me home because of a panic attack. After much urging from my son for certain bloodwork, a rare form of heart attack was diagnosed. The lesson here is that while the medical community is smart, sometimes they are certainly dumb!

    What are the alternatives? I am allergic to codeine, plus Vicodin does not work (and it also keeps me awake–imagine that!). I cannot take many other meds because of the many necessary meds I need to take to stay alive. In fact, I am now beating myself up for NOT reading the caution/contraindications regarding Darvocet. I have been proud of myself for keeping abreast of all the issues regarding all of my necessary medications. Shame on me for taking the doctor’s word for it. All I can say is consumer beware!

  198. I’ve been taking Darvocet for about 15 years for back pain and degenerative disks. As a nurse, I know the risks and benefits of many drugs. I know the ones I can’t take due to allergic reactions, etc. Any drug you take has or can have serious side effects. If you actually read the inserts or look them up, you would be afraid to take anything. So far I haven’t had any reactions as have been described and will continue to take my Darvocet until it runs out. As many of you have already stated, then what?

  199. i personally think this is garbage… it will be just one more excuse for a bunch of ambulance chasers to try to go after b.s. lawsuits. just like ANY drug darvocet has risks, and the info on any drug you can possibly think of is on the internet (drugs.com). people just need to be smart enough to get all the facts before they take any prescription medication. i hope the fda lifts the recall on darvocet/darvon.

  200. I am not for or against the medication. My job is working with abnormal heart rhythms.

    If you went to the doctor’s office he/she would have listened to your heart. you can hear the difference between a heart beat is in rhythm vs not. People check their own pulse and will tell me if they are in rhythm or not. If you are at home and you feel your heart doing funny things, check your own pulse. You can feel it.
    Having a cardiac workup- exercise tolerance test, wearing a monitor etc will show the abnormal rhythm. They can also do testing that will make the heart beat abnormally if it has a tendency.
    Many people are able to take the medication and will never have any problems. Some people can take it once and have problems.
    It is said so many people will have to try different and new things as trial and error to see if it helps with the pain. I think the FDA should have given people a couple of weeks before it was pull, so they could find an alternative.

  201. I have taken Darvocet for years for painful osteo arthritis. I can still function mentally & not feel drugged. This is very bad news for me. I have not had any symptoms ,or I don’t think I have.

  202. I understand everyone being upset about the recall…I too have been taking darvocet for a very long time..and even though I only take it once a day (not twice like it says) I remember a few times I went into the dr office feeling like I was having a heart attach I never though of it having anything to do with this medication. and like many of you I can not take some medications due to allergies and I have no clue what the dr will suggest. I myself would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to my life…and if they banned this medication in other countries then there is a good reason they are banning it here. And for those of you that say you have never had symptoms that they are describing, then you are very lucky and it could be a matter of time before you do.

  203. I finally found a drug that relieves my back pain without making me feel like I am crazy (which Vicodin/Oxycotin does) and they pull it off the market!

    I am sure every pain killer will have some affects on your body and that is the chance you take when you make the choice to take them.

    I will go back to sleepless nights and my family will not like me very much.

    Thanks FDA!

  204. I agree with everyone, this is terrible! I am 30 years old and have been perscribed Darvocet for endometreosis. I have been taking Darvocet since I was 18 years old. For the past several years I have had some strange health problems that the doctors can’t seem to “figure” out. I do have anxiety (So they say) so when I started having more and more problems with my heart rhythms every doctor blamed the anxiety however; I knew something was not right, and it wasn’t anxiety but according to the hospital and doctors my ekg’s were all normal? I have progressively gotten worse to the point I have chest pains almost daily. I guess if your heart starts messing up that really will give you an anxiety attack. I know the difference between an anxiety attack and feeling my heart slow right down to almost not beating then speeding up, that was and is not consistant of my anxiety attacks. Who knows now even if that is what I have been having after all of these years, I started having chest pain and the irregular bpm, but when doctors ran tests and nothing came back that is when they told me I was having anxiety attacks??? I know that I am not a doctor however I try to put some faith into them so when they run tests and say nothing is wrong with me or perscribe a medication I feel they should know what they are doing even though I have the choice to take a medication or not. I just feel like I am loosing my mind because my health has been getting worse and I am and try to consistantly maintain my lifestyle of working 40 to 50 hours a week and having a family but it has and is so hard to do especially in pain and what seems to be a growing list of more health problems to add!

  205. This goes way beyond stinks. I have taken darvocet (generic) for my migraine prevention for about 9 years now. When completely out, coming back from vacation, I was informed that it was taken off the market–no chance to even try t ween off it or anything. From 6 a day to none available. What the f@#K kind of planning is that? I contacted my healhcare office, and the reaction was “oh well, what do you want me to do?” After 4 days I feel like crap and my headache is already coming back. this is the ONLY painkiller i can take as I am allergic to asperin and especially Ibuprophen (which unfortunately worked very well). Once again the federal government controlling the lives of thousands without any apparent forethought to a plan for GRADUALLY removing the drug or coming up with a suitable replacement. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

  206. @susan babcocki, tell your husband to look into a more natural approach to help with his Crohn’s Disease…..Cannabis. Everyone here should look to Cannabis. Why take a medication that some people cooked up in a lab when you can take an all natural PLANT from the earth? WAKE-UP YOU SHEEPLE!

  207. Wow!!!!! This is a really is not good. I have been taking Darvocet, & the generic caplets it seems forever. I have only used them very infrequently, but had the script there when I needed them. I feel like everyone else, What a loss to many. My stomache upset has always been the reason I have used Darvocet, I am not able to take any thing else without many problems. Toooo bad.


  209. I. have been taking darvacet for 10 years for fibromyalgia arthritis degennerating disc disease and several herited discs. I have taken 5 pills a day. My dr. took me off of them on tuesday. With on warning. And he is giving me nothing because he left for his vacation and told the nurse the withdraw won’t be to bad. I am not completely out and scared to death of what could happen during this withdraw.

  210. Maybe of the people who tell us to vote against “government control” would stop trying to control who people marry, what people smoke, and pretty much everything else in their PERSONAL lives, then you’d have more people inclined to “vote Lib”. But when you say one thing and do another, it isn’t very much different that the other two parties. Legalize marijuana and gay marriage. Put an end to dry counties and stupid state and local laws like not buying alcohol on Sundays. If you really want less government control then be Fing consistent about it you bloody hypocrites!

  211. I work in electrophysiology (how the heart works electrically). There are many genetic problems associated with heart rhythm. I see many “very healthy” young people with rhythm problems. It doesn’t show up all the time and at times only in certain situations. You’ve heard of the athlete who drops dead at a game. They try CPR and ACLS and they are still dead. It is a conduction problem. For those who state they feel their heart race and have fast heart beats, don’t take it but know Darvon might not be the real cause of the issue. It tells me you need a complete work up because odds are, it will happen again. Some hearts go into abnormal rhythms. Long QT syndrome is genetic and can send peoples heart rate to 180- and up, A Fib will do the same thing but for different reasons. Don’t just look at the medication, look at the heart.

  212. I have been taking Darvocet for several years intermittently for back pain and its the only thing i seem to be able to tolerate for pain relief. I take 1/2 to 1 whole pill on days when i need the relief. All other meds are too sedating and as someone who suffers with asthma, i worry about pain meds surpressing my breathing. I find it very hard to believe that Darvocet has been on the market for so many years and all of the sudden, its deemed unsafe for everybody. I can only assume that there is some pharmaceutical company out there on the cusp of releasing a patented new pain killer which will make tons of money for them, and they are just trying to get darvocet out of the way. I dont trust the FDA. The bottom line is always about the dollar and not about the safety or whats best for the american public . Obviously, there are risks involved whenever you take any drug and there is always going to be a certain percentage of the population who wont tolerate a specific drug. I’m sorry for those who believe they have been harmed by darvocet, but there are people who really need this drug to help get them through some chronic pain. I am one of them.

  213. I am a 27year old woman who has taken darvocet on and off for well over 12 years. I started having kidney problems well over 8 years ago,and have since seen a rapid decline in my overall health also. I have had over 4 surgery’s just in the past 2 years alone,and am going for my 5th on Dec. 7,2010….I’ve also had problems with my heart,slow/fast heart rates,horrible chest pains,etc….I’ve had so many doctors and no-one can understand why?how?….No-one in my family has any of these health problems,and before anyone assumes…I am a very healthy woman. I run,play sports,eat right,no drinking,street drugs,no smoking..I’ve only taken darvocet,for bad teeth problems/pain connected with that….I’m scared,my health just keeps getting worse. Is this possible for all these things wrong with me? Will it never stop? For those of you who are like me,I’m sorry…I understand your pain,your NEVER ENDING pain…..

  214. I was perscribed this when i was younger roughly the age of 14 or 15 for a while to help my back pain due to a number of back issues. I hadn’t taken it for a long time and with in the past 2 to 3 year developed an irregular heart rate, basically my heart likes to go in panic mode just over little things. Recently i was perscribed it again. But find out today i cannot get a refill.

  215. If the government is going to (and has) do this they need to take Tylanol off the market. I know of more people that have overdosed on that than Darvocet!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vote AGAINST so much government control! Vote Lib!!!!

    PS: Been on this med for over 20 years!!! Heart is fine, back is busted (and it hurts like hedk)!! Called for a refill today and was told about the recall. MD is off and it will not be until late Monday…Well there is always a fist full of Tylanol in the med cab.

  216. I have been extremely short of breath and extreme fatigue since August 2010. I have used 3 Darvocet a day for quite a few years. I also use a pain patch and some vicodin. I have been to several Dr’s and no one can figure out what is wrong. My Blood pressure also is very iregular if I do anything. Could this all be related to the Darvocet?

  217. I work as a CPhT and had to pull all the Darvon and Darvocet off the shelves when we go word from the FDA at the pharmacy that I work at. I also pulled all the scripts that we had already filled and phoned those patients to tell them they could not get their Darvocet. While I was doing this I keep thinking of those 2,000 people since 2005 that died due to this drug. People keep in mind that no matter what pill you pop in your mouth whether it be prescription or over the counter there are risk. I can’t believe that people pop pills and never give a care as to what they take. The FDA does not pull these drugs because they don’t have better things to do with their time. They do it for one reason, YOUR HEALTH.

  218. I suffer with severe headaches as a complication of M.S. I have been on Darvocet for years. I have tried many other pain killers. Darvocet is the only pain killer that works and lets me function normally!!! What the heck was the government thinking. Are they trying to make medical marijuana a necessity for pain suffers…….where the H#%% is the logic in that?….Oh I forgot….we are dealing with the government…no logic there!!!

  219. Some people on this site seems to think that this drug is safe. As I have mentioned before we have studied this substanse since 1993 and we found out that in Sweden – with nine millions inhabitants – 200 persons was poisoned to death every year during the investigared years 1992-1999.

    Imagine US with its 300 millions inhabitants and a consumtion that was 30-40 times higher than Sweden, thousand of fatal poisonings every year. We have an excellent statsistics within the medico legal system to prove that, this but US had earlier a very bad statistics. Now they found out that In Florida they could present excellent data (As a matter of fact I told Public citizen and FDA this).

    If you want information from our resercah during the last 16-17 years go to my YouTube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q92lL4kM-JE

    Do not blame us for the decision to stop Propoxyphene, blame FDA what they did not stop it earlier

  220. Two months ago, I orderd Darvocet and it’s been sitting in my dresser because it made me too dizzy and sleepy. I have been using Tylenol and although it’s not as storng, it does help some.

    To Susan Babcocki – I, too, have arthritis in my lower back caused by Crohn’s. I also have it in the hips and knees. Can your husband take Vicodin? That seems to help me. Also, ask his doctor for Flector patches. Those really help! So does Voltaren gel. Hope this helps.

  221. Response to Bill on November 22nd – The effects of this medicine are short-term and are in effect only while you are on the drug. Your permanently altered heart is due to heart disease, which is caused by many factors, but certainly indulging in sweet fatty foods such as twinkies, and living a sedentary lifestyle sitting on the couch are two MAJOR risk factors for developing heart disease.

    It is of note that there are over 22 million patients who have been treated with this medicine, and after over 50 years of this medicine being on the market, they are finding 2 to 3000 total cases of problems specifically related to the medicine. And many of those cases are intentional overdose, suicide attempts. That is an extremely safe track record, and the benefits certainly outweigh the risks.

    As a patient, it is certainly your own choice whether or not to take medications. All medications have side effects, known or unknown. It is your own gamble. The recommendations from your doctors are to help relieve current symptoms, and if that risk is worth it to you then do it, if not, don’t. Every approved medicine has been studied extensively, bad ones were thrown out.

  222. I have been taking Darvoct from the time I was 17years old. When I was 32 I started having problems breathing, like a real bad chest cold. Found out that my heart was really messed up. My EF was at 11%, I have had every kind of heart test there is, and no one can tell me how my heart got so bad. I am disable,
    I am 35 years old and I dont have high BP.. or any heart related issues.
    I’ve been to the Mayo Hospital. They cant fine out how I got so sick. After reading this today….I do believe that I have a bad heart because I have taken Darvocet for over 20 years. I have a pacemaker / defibrilator and my heart is always paceing.
    I still take this pill (till I run out). I know that the withdrawal with be hard.

  223. I have fibromyalgia and am alergic to anything made with sylfa so i am so limited darvocet was the only thing before going to opiat drugs which i have taken and choose to go off because of terrible side affects and have had almost all of the symptoms that the drug has been pulled for. I DO NOT ABUSE IT. I am very aware of the liver problems it can cause but didn’t know about othes i’ve been to the emergency room with chest pains, heart palputations. low heart beat the whole bit and was givin florineff to raise my blood pressure cause it was so low they couldn’t get a reading on it. i don’t know why some of you thing that only people who abuse it are having trouble i don abuse it and have nothing but trouble and i want to know who is responsable for notifing patients when drugs are recalled the pharmacy didn’t notify me nor did my Doctor his office acted like they didn’t even know about it so who is responsable for notifivcation to patients?

  224. Beware dr are covering them self, if you have any type of heart problems seek an specialist on the recall and look for legal help

  225. i have taken darvocetfor 17 years after i went threw a windshield of a car and now suffer headaches and severe migraines. this has been the only thing that i can take that i can still function on. now i wonder if it could be why i have been diagnoised with high blood preasure and have had to have 7 kidney stone surgeries not to mention all the times that i have gotten short of breath and almost passed out. nothing seems to be safe anymore it seems like anything that helps you with pain eventually harms you what are we supossed to do to deal with the pain.

  226. I too, have taken Darvocet for almost all my life. I am allergic to codeine. That doesn’t leave me much choice for pain killers. Also had a bad reaction to Morphine. So where am I to turn? 3 neck surgeries, 2 hand surgeries, and back surgeries to be next. I have degenerative disk disease also. I only take the Darvocet when I absolutely have to. I too, think that if OTHER people would not ABUSE these drugs, there would not be a recall. I’m tired of all of us who DO follow directions having to suffer because of the addictive, who would abuse ANYTHING, causing us to be deprived. Just ANOTHER Government control! If these people who are having the side effects would STOP taking the drug and change to something else, we wouldn’t have these problems. Use some common sense people!!

  227. I have been taking generic Darvocet for over 5 years, since I was diagnosed with arthritisand osteosporosis in my hips – I has been working for me with no side effect at all – I follow instructions, of 2 per day – Perhaps it is those people that take more than directed by their doctor, that of course that goes for anyone that doesn’t follow proper directions and do not have a frequent follow up with their doctors. I am 78 years old, and my condition will not get better, howev er, with proper pain medication, proper diet and moderate exercise I have been able to have a good life.

    Shame on you FDA!!!

  228. For those that don’t know what to take please visit the consumers reports site for recommended pain killers, they have a list of killers that work and been tested.
    Good luck with your pain but I rather have pain than feeling I’m dying

  229. I can’t believe they have removed the only painkiller that I am not allergic to. I have multiple allergies and this is the only one I can take. I also have degenerative spine disease and arthritis in my back. As a result of several back surgeries some parts of my spine are bone on bone (no disc). NOW WHAT WILL I DO to function.

  230. This is the only pain killer can take everything else take for pain i’m allergies to then going to ER for shot not allow to take anything else even for surgery they don’t know what to gave me i’m going under again see dr Dec

  231. I was prescribed Darvocet to treat pain for a broken shoulder blade I suffered in 2009. I rarely take narcotic pain medicines, however the pain warranted something stronger than Ibuprofen. Shortly after taking the medicine, I developed strong heart palpitations causing my chest to get very tight and for me to nearly lose conciousness. It’s been over a year, and I still get random attacks of these episodes, and I have long since discontinued the medicine. I broke my clavicle on a cycling workout, and still am very active, so my heart condition, which mysteriously appeared after I started taking the medication, isn’t from sitting on the couch eating twinkies.

    For those of you finding relief from the drug, I am sorry for your inconvenience, but there should be an alternative for your pain. For others, we now have a lingering abnormalty that goes beyond inconvenient and is debilitating when you’re at the grocery store and have to quickly find a place to sit before you black out. I don’t have insurance either, and hate the cost of drugs, but as many of you have mentioned, we have to put our trust to the advice of our doctors, and it’s troubling, in my case, the advice was bad.

    A communist government doesn’t give you options, nor does it do much to help protect people. Again, I’m sorry for those of you who have found relief with this drug, but my heart is now permanently altered by this crap.

  232. i have taken darvocet for a long time and durning part of that time my dr was givingit to me every 4 to 6 hours i have ra, oa,fribromyalgia,lupus,ibs,gerd,etc…… it is very hard to just live and breath and now i have to take hydrocodone what if they take that away too what are they trying to do kill us from pain and lack of care.

  233. In response to angry american, my husband was not an idiot who abused the drug, it was taken as prescribed. He was aware of other potential problems but heart problems was never listed or was he ever checked for heart problems. He went in every 3 months like clockwork to have blood work done to check for kidney or liver damage.

  234. My husband has been on darvocet for many years and just this week he went to ER with a very low heartbeat. It was around 28 beats per minute. He had passed out and was close to dying. He had to have a pace maker put in and he is now 100% dependent on the pace maker as his heart is no longer beating on its own. I noticed that most people have said that they had a rapid heart beat. Has any one had a problem with too low a beat while on this drug?

  235. As a registered Nurse with 22 years experience, I find all these comments against Darvocet/Darvon strange. I have been taking Darvocet as needed for about 3 years now, without it I wouldn’t be able to work at all. I have Fibromyalgia which means I am in almost constant pain. Fibro is a diease that most people are advised to seek disabilty for my self included. With Darvocet I am able to work the 12 hour shifts my job requires. Further I trust my doctors knowledge as well as my own to make an educated decision for my health care.

  236. This is soooo stupid, I can’t even begin to fathom the rationale behind the pull. So, we leave drugs like Prozac and other designer drugs on the market because idiots are not responsible enough to take this medication appropriately. Addicts and other idiots will abuse any drug and suicide can be accomplished with any overdose of drugs. Our government just can’t believe that American’s can “think” .. the must follow each and every word our communist government gives out. This ruling is just more crap and get ready for even worse regulations as they try to “rule” the masses!

  237. Here we go again. One of the longest running and heaviest prescribed medications ever and now there are a few problems. If we give laboratory mice enough of anything for a long enough period, they too have problems. They told us Celebrex needed to be removed and then changed it to should not be used by most. With all of this it is alway’s a choice between allowing pain/problems to go on or having a better quality of life with some risk.
    If you look at all the new medications entering the market, and then look at all the disclaimers/warnings that are given about them why would anyone want to take these new drugs.
    Oh for those day’s when I was an alcoholic…I drank…I got drunk..I had no pain/problems…and most of all…I didn’t care.

  238. Darvocet was prescribed for me two years ago for back pain. This past October, the 29th, I went to the ER for breathing problems. Admitted for congestive heart failure it turns out i have AFIB, Have been on multipule RX’s, some of which caused other health problems. My hospitel bill is over 46,000 dollars. Then there are the costs of all the tests, and doctors since, It has been a nightmare. All of this because of Darvocet?

  239. This is terrible. I was in a horrible car accident 14 years ago. My leg was completely crushed. I don’t take many pain meds that are precsription but a few times a year. I am now pregnant and I cannot take anything but Tylenol or darvocettes. I have only taken darvocettes twice so far but they are the only thing that I can take for my leg if my pain gets unbearable. Other things are too strong for a pregnant woman. What will I do?

  240. I have been taking Darvocet for decades for arthritis pain. Since it is a rather mild pain killer, possible to take it and maintain my daily activities, it seemed like an appropriate drug for my constant pain. However, I have noticed extreme fatigue on days when I take a higher dosage, as well as heart palpitations, flutters, and other irregular heartbeats. Recently these symptoms became so severe that I consulted a cardiologist. After a series of cardiac tests, I was informed that I did have several heart irregularities, which had NEVER been a problem before. It’s distressing to learn that, after taking very good care of my heart with diet and exercise for many years, all that work could be undone because of a prescription medication. In the beginning, I took only half a pill a day, then a whole one, eventually 2 a day, and during the past year or so my prescription has been increased to ‘every 4 to 6 hours as needed.’ I still have never taken more than 3 in a 24-hour period. However, it was during this latter time of increased prescribed dosage that I began to experience the heart symptoms. It is especially upsetting to learn only now that this issue has been under study for a decade or more, without proper communication to the public, at least here in the US.

  241. Hi! again!
    Charlotte i must disagree with your opinion, I was a very healthy 32 year old none smoker, none drinker, none drug user, very athletic, i mean i don’t even drink coffee or energy drinks and few months ago boon going to the ER in the middle of the night with chest pain, shortness of breath, hearth palpitations, and like i said i took darvocet for over a year and my last one was about 2 days before my visit to the ER.
    Like Richard mentioned, I must take 2 pills every day for the rest of my life to keep my heart beats low and i mean very low not more than 70 and that makes you feel like crap because you have not energy, and when you get the palpitations you think you are going to die, and if i get more than 9 palpitations per minute i must go to the ER, i been there 3 times already, i cant drink soda anymore or eat chocolate, nor can i run or sing when im having palpitations because i cant breath, this is mess up if i knew this was gonna happen to me i would have never taken this crap.
    This is very serious and if you are taking this you should stop and consult your doctor asap.

  242. I have taken Darvocet for years for sudden onset Migraines. This works better for me than the newer Migraine medications that cause a sudden rise in blood pressure. And Yes this is very effective! Darvocet is inexpensive with minimum risks when taken as directed. I think this is something the drug companies have done to eliminate an inexpensive medication to force people to take their new much more expensive designer drugs that no one really knows the real long term effects!!!!

  243. Bull!!! EVERYTHING can cause some sort of problem or death, even aspirin. I think the government is trying to take every kind of pain killer off the market because many people abuse them. Why should millions of people suffer because of a few.

  244. Hi
    After my two shoulder surgeries I took darvocet for about over a year or so.
    Recently I was diagnose with PVC a type of heart illness.
    This thing is really bad and make me feel like s$&@
    My question is, is there a help line you can call?
    Thanks in advance

  245. Wow…I’ve been dealing with Workers Comp for my back since 2003,and have only worked 15 months to the present time,and I had been taking Propoxyphene (Darvocet) for probably 3 years straight for my back! And I have noticed once in awhile where it was feeling like my heart would race now and then,I stopped taking them about a year ago when I reinjured my back,I now take vicodin..when will THAT be a problem too? Kinda scary hearing this news about Darvocet after taking it for so long,I was given it because the doctor said it was less addicting than Percocet and Vicodin

  246. Dear Sirs,

    We want to add to this text that we have studied the painkilling substance propoxyphene (DXP) since 1993. Now FDA says that ONE NEW STUDY made them to stop Darvon.

    We have informed FDA about our research since 1999-2000, they know about our 9-10 scientific articles about the substance, we also wrote two doctorial dissertations (2000 and 2001) in Sweden. Our research was behind the decision in UK, Sweden and The European Union (EU) to stop the drug.

    Go to this link, http://qjmed.oxfordjournals.org/content/98/3/159.2.full

    Our references are nrs 21-26.

    Ulf Jonasson, Doctor of Public Health
    Birgitta Jonasson, PhD

    Search Jonasson Propoxyphene

    Go to YouTube, Darvon, Distalgeic and Co-Proxamol. The worst drugs ever


  247. I had surgery yesterday and was given a dose before I left the hospital. When I arrived at the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, they informed me of the recall and had contacted the surgeon on call. Another medication was prescribed. The process seems efficient in contacting the retail pharmacists but it is odd that there is a lag in getting this information to the physicians and hospital pharmacies.
    For those that filled their prescriptions before yesterday—who is responsible for informing these patients?

  248. I have been on darvocet for ceveral years 2 years ago i stared haveing chest pains went to hosipital later on doctor said my heart was getting out of rythem
    he said if my heart beat got over 120bpm to go to the hospital because it can get out of rythem easily and i could die if it got to beating fast my heart beat was once over 180 bpm and my upper chamber was over 280bpm. he said i had never had a heart attackbut it could go any time and he would monitor it closley. ok that’s my
    burden to check my heart bpm.

  249. When they do these case studies are they taking into account any other medications being taken by the patients? Are there any pre-existing conditions or genetics involved? I have taken Darvocet for almost fifteen years. I’m not saying it has not possibly caused me other medical complications. I don’t know. My concern is the Tylenol that is in it. It is bad for the liver and it has also been labeled as such after too many years of being the main pain killer (Tylenol) used in hospitals around the United States. And yet I also have to ask is this possibly just another ruse by the attorneys to file tort claims for which the patients get very little for their pain and suffering while the attorneys make millions by filings and billable hours. The people (patients) taking this drug need full disclosure. Is it the Darvocet the Tylenol or the attorneys?

  250. THIS is the ONLY medication that actually relieves my migraines!!!!!!! My heart is fine!!! I’ve taken this for over 20 years without ANY addiction or side effects!!! I ONLY use it when I have no other choice and everything else makes me sick or drowsy or does not work. NOW WHAT??? Again too much reaction over so little!!! and no forewarning or thought for those of us who have NO OTHER alternative!!!!!!!

  251. i also am a long time user of darvocet – my options are nil – dr says next step is morphine patch as i’m allergic to vicadin. no way! could possibly a waiver be signed ? i could continue leading a somewhat normal life, instead of using morphine? pain is result of six surgeries since 1986 on spine and degenerative disc disease HELP!!!!!!!!

  252. I agree….This stinks!!!! This is the only pain reliever that my mother has been able to take for years to control her arthritic back pain with multiple collapsed vertebrae and still be able to function. Why take something away that is working – she’s had no side effects for some 40 years…. She has much difficulty taking non-steroidals because of a necrotic bowel syndrome. – SHE’s 80 –

    Stop the madness!

  253. The FD
    A stinks! More govt regulation. Darvocet is the ONLY pain medicine my husband can take, the others make him sick. Now what does he do for his terrible back pain caused by Crohn’s disease, arthritis in the back. He has taken this medicine for a long, long time with no side effects. This STINKS!!!!

  254. I just made a trip to the ER for pain in my wrist which they diagnoised as tendonitis and doctor prescribed Darvocet only took 2 doses then my neice informed me of this recall wondering why it is still being prescribed and if I should take it at all ?

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