DePuy ASR™ Hip Implant Recall Prompts Concerns About Pinnacle® System

Hip Implant Xray by Jaimie Ramsay: Orthopaedics, a Johnson & Johnson company, issued a recall on on their ASR™ XL Acetabular Hip Systems and DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing Systems earlier this year, prompting several patients to comment about issues they seem to be having with the Pinnacle® Acetabular Cup System. See the hundreds of comments below for more about this issue from DePuy hip replacement patients.

To answer the most common question these patients have right now about the Pinnacle hip replacement products: These were not included in the recall of September, 2010. Only the ASR hip system was affected by the recall. However, the increasing quantity and similarity of the comments on the ASR recall alert page concerning alleged problems with the Pinnacle products by DePuy are worth looking into. At this time, there are more comments from US Recall News visitors about pain and revision surgery allegedly related to their DePuy Pinnacle Hip Solutions than there are comments about the recalled ASR hip replacement system.

DePuy Johnson & Johnson ASR Hip RecallIf you are experiencing problems with your DePuy hip replacement system, first consult with your doctor. Follow qualified medical advice, and obtain your medical records to determine which type of hip replacement product/s were used in your surgery. Contact an attorney right away if you are having major issues with the DePuy ASR hip replacement system, in addition to reporting the issue to FDA’s MedWatch program. Patients who are experiencing pain and other issues related to their DePuy Pinnacle Hip Solution implant/s should discuss the problem with their doctor, and also report it to FDA’s MedWatch website. At this point, attorneys are unlikely to represent patients complaining of problems with the Pinnacle system, as it has not been recalled. But the FDA collects data on all complaints concerning foods, drugs and medical devices, and the more complaints they receive about a particular product, the more likely they are to investigate the issue and consider a recall. The Stryker hip implant recall and Zimmer Durom Cup recall of 2008 – as well as this recent Depuy hip replacement recall – all started with consumer complaints.

A certain amount of discomfort, loss of mobility and other problems are to be expected after hip replacement surgery, but other major problems could be cause for concern. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ NIAMS website, dislocation is the most common problem soon after hip replacement surgery. Other, less common, problems include infection, blood clots and abnormal bone growth.

Below are a few resources that explain what to expect after hip replacement surgery, which may help answer some questions about whether the problems you are experiencing are “normal”.
Fast Facts About Hip Replacement (
Hip Replacement: What You Can Expect (Mayo Clinic)
Hip Replacement Surgery Info (WebMD)
What to Expect After Total Hip Replacement Surgery (

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

285 thoughts on “DePuy ASR™ Hip Implant Recall Prompts Concerns About Pinnacle® System

  1. Have had 2 DePuy Trilock stem/pinnacle cup implants since 2007 & am now experiencing problems with the right implant. On 10/20/14 I proceeded to exit my vehicle with some mail. I dropped some of said mail & was trying to bend over to pick the mail up when I all of a sudden I felt a shift in my right hip that sat me down in my drivers side floorboard because my prosthesis had dislocated. Surgery was required to put said prosthesis back but the 1st surgeon wasn\\\’t able to manipulate it back & called the doctor that 1st had done the surgery who then set it up with another doctor from the same office to do a second surgery. Long story short…2nd doctor couldn\\\’t manipulate said prosthesis back without cutting & manipulating it from the inside. The docs & my husband say I crossed the line & that\\\’s why it dislocated but they weren\\\’t there & I can\\\’t see where there was room between the car door & the car itself! The docs also said that the prosthesis was not damaged but I just read about a problem with this particular prosthesis dislocating & am wondering ifn there has been a recall on it & what I should do ifn there has been a recall. Can anybody pls tell me what I should do?

  2. In Oct/Dec of 2007 I had both of my hips replaced with the DePuy trilock stem/pinnacle cup. Well 7 years down the line am having problems with my R. hip replacement. I was standing with the car door open as wide as it would go n trying to bend down to pick up some mail that I had dropped when I felt the hip slide into my right buttocks which automatically sat me down in my vehicles drivers side floorboard. Long story short I had two surgeries to try & manipulate said prosthesis back into position. First surgery was unsuccessful, second surgery was just as unsuccessful until 2nd surgeon had to open it up & manipulate it back manually. I was told that the parts of the prosthesis were undamaged & that I had crossed the line with my knee but I\’m not sure ifn that sort of thing is possible in that small an area. I\’m wondering ifn there\’s been a recall on this specific prosthesis & anybody knows something that I don\’t pls n ty

  3. Now my right arm left leg, is having problems. My right hip is the problem so using right arm as crutch it is hurting now having numbness. Tripping over my feet due to one leg longer than other, also. Leg drag get heavy. Things are getting worst.

  4. I have hadThis hip replacement with marathon liner, last night I cant take shower due to I cant lift my leg uup anymore. So I sit in tub well I have to get on knees to wash certain areas ok well I tried to straighten my leg out and couldn’t move leg the pain was outstanding. My leg hasn’t stopped hurting even with pain management. The mobility is deteriorating. Pain is increasing. The pain management dr. States to go back to surgeon. When I tried to go to him, he states that he has done all he can. Now pain management dr. Wants to shots into joint. This has been done and it does not help. I just have a cry for help. I want this thing out of me. Dont know what to do or where to go.

  5. June 28 2011, I received depuy pinnacle hip replacement with marathon liner. I have been having so many problems. Pain in joint down thigh, to inside ankle. I have the loosening in the unit popping, suction sound and feelings. If I walk more than 15min the leg gets really heavy hot, and I trip alot. Mobility is limited bathing and bending to use the rest room is a task. Doctors are talking more surgery with screws. I want leagal representation and cant find it. All my plans has come to a halt and cant work due to other problem with leg I have lost just about every thing. HELP!

  6. I had a THR on 01-11-11. I did not have the metal on metal. I had the Pinnacle ALTRX poly liner, Pinnacle sector w/Gription acetabular cup and a Biolox Delta ceramic femoral head. On 05-27-2013 my hip snapped and shifted upon standing while gardening.The poly liner locking nubs broke and the liner disassociated from the cup. I needed revision surgery and 3 more surgeries due to extensive complications. Has anyone had the locking nubs break or shear off with the Altrx poly liner. Does anyone know of lawyers taking these types of cases.

  7. I had a right hip THR on 01-11-11. On 5-27-2013 my hip popped and shifted. X-ray showed abnormal placement of the liner. Revision surgery found 3 of 6 locking nubs had sheared on the Pinnacle ALTREX Poly liner. The revision surgery resulted in serious complications such as debridement surgery, MRSA, antibiotic spacer. The failure of the ALTREX liner created the need for 4 complete hip surgeries from 05-29-13 to 10-30-13. Has anyone had the failure or disassociation of the ALTREX liner? Does anyone know a lawyer who is taking these cases? I’ve only found lawyers who are taking the MOM cases.

    • I am going through the same issues. Pain , popping, swelling, doctors were saying add screws. Where do we go for help?

  8. my now 79 year old mother had her right hip replaced in 2012. 6 months after the repair, she began to experience ever increasing thigh and groin pain on that side. she retuned to the ortho and x-revealed bilateral pelvic stress fractures. she was referred to a pelvic reconstruction specialist who recommended to allow the fractures to heal, if possible, in lieu of reconstruction given her age. She was advised to continue on her walker to minimize weight on the hip. the pain increased to a level that pain management was required. she was referred to a pain management doctor and he does what he can to control the pain. a 6 month visit with the pelvic doctor showed some healing, but not complete. he advised to continue on walker and revisit in 6 months to a year. subsequently, a x-ray showed a significant gap between the femoral head and the shell. The ortho (one that did the replacement) ordered a full body bone scan, still to be investigated. He was very concerned by the “significant” migration in the joint. It’s evident from even the x-ray there is a problem in the head/shell contact. the replacement was done with the Depuy Articul/eze metal on metal femoral head, Pinnacle AltrX Polyethylene acetabular liner, Summit Femoral Stem tapered with Porocoat, Pinnacle Gription Acetabular shell multi-hole, and two Pinnacle Cancellous Bone Screws. Johnson and Johnson shows no recall on any of these parts, put want’s to open an investigation. She is still using a walker and suffers chronic pain that is not controlled. The ortho. hasn’t suggested a hip repair at this point, but seems to be preparing her for that likelihood. Given her age and limited mobility at this point, she is very hesitant to consider another repair.

  9. I have the Depuy sector 11 56 mm acetabular cup and pinnacle 40mm 56od metal insert cancellous bone screw dia mm6.5 pinnacle had a recent back surgery and have had groin pain on and off mostly on since hip replacement surgery 7/19/10, anyone elses thought on this type of hip and the possibility of lawsuits ? whats the cchances of metal poisoning in my body and what tests do I get for that ? thank you all ! Bruce in Mich.

  10. I have the sector 11 Depuy Pinnicale and am having groin pain and need blood work they tell me, anyone else having problems with this unit ? I signed up with the med watch ect..

  11. I would like to leave a question/story for Jim Moreland. (and other posters)
    According to my surgical records this is the type of component that was placed in my hip in May 2012: “DePuy Summit Press-Fit #4 high off set stem 52 mm Pinnacle cuff w/ +5 x 32 mm ceramic ball and 32 mm AltrX cross-linked neutral polyethylene liner”.
    I did not have much pain in my hip prior to surgery, but my hip kept collapsing. It did this for a few years and got worse and more frequent. I was a runner and had a very bad fall in a race. I thought I tripped, but later figured out after having fallen more often that it was from the collapsing. I had an MRI in March 2012 and it showed a fracture in the top acetabulum and also bone damage to my pelvis. The OS recommended a hip replacement and bone grafting to my pelvis. I woke up in pain and have had worsening pain ever since my surgery. I went back in 6 mo. even though he told me to return in a year, and he re-x-rayed and said “everything looks perfect”. I explained that I was getting worse, not better. I asked for P.T. which he said they “don’t do that any more” but I pursued and did it anyway. My therapist worked with me and said to “give it time” but it only got worse. I still have swelling, tenderness, cannot sit or lay on that hip, constant burning, throbbing, aching, and it does NOT get better! I have tried chiropractic, massage pain release therapy, T.E.N.S. unit, personal training to learn how to walk again, RX’s, water therapy, rest, exercises, heating, ice, and herbal treaments/supplements. I also saw a consulting ortho/sports medicine Dr. who sent me to a pain specialist who proceeded to do 2 seperate cortizone injections with ultrasound 4 months apart with absolutely no relief. I returned to my OS one additional visit and he still said “nothing is wrong”. I asked him if there was anything wrong with the device and he said “NO”. I do not know where to turn next? We have huge deductible and it has witped out our savings now for 2 years. I am sick just thinking about having to live like this the rest of my life. I never returned to work after surgery as it seemed I was always “waiting for it to get better” and I can barely get thru just regular days much less managing job responsibilites. I do not know if this unit I have has been re-called? or if it will be? I feel it is was already so heart-breaking for me to have to give up exercise, races and running – which I loved- but now I just want to feel healthy and get rid of at least some? of the constant pain! and maybe I could feel a bit normal? Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations for me? Does anyone else have this similar component combination and are you experiencing these complications? THANK YOU!!

  12. I had the Depuy Corail Stem and Pinnacle Cup THR in Dec 2008. 7 weeks following implant I experienced severe pain and swelling in the affected hip. Original Surgeon did a simple debridement and put me on antibiotics. The pain improved but never really went away. Fast forward to June of 2013, severe pain returned and I became generally ill. Hip aspiration revealed a Staph Infection, in particular MSSA. Revision surgery part 1 was done on October 28th, 2013 and an antibiotic spacer was implanted. I received 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. Part 2 revision surgery is scheduled for Feb 10th, 2013. I hope and pray that the infection is gone and I can get back to my old self.

  13. I had an anterior THR in December 2012. My surgeon used the DuPuy Pinnacle. I developed a huge seroma a week after surgery and still have fluid and swelling in my thigh from it. Besides the seroma, I thought that I was progressing normally and was no longer using crutches. But two months after surgery my pain increased to a point where I could not walk without crutches. I eventually had an MRI and bone scan. Although I could not walk, my surgeon thought everything looked fine. I started PT and made no progress. I saw other consults and everyone thought that it appeared loose but they wanted me to wait for it to show definite loosening. No one, including me, wanted an unnecessary revision. Soon thereafter, my hip began to “clunk” or feel that it was coming out of socket when walking or pivoting. My new surgeon too new x-rays 10 months later and they finally showed definitive loosening. My new surgeon advised me that there were many problems with my THR. There was not enough of an offset, the femur was undersized on lateral view AND it was too short. The lessor trochanter almost contacts the ischial tuberosity. My leg is also 2″ too short. He told me that there was significant tissue damage and I still have pain and swelling from the seroma. The scar is unsightly and looks like a 7″ long roller coaster, which can be seen through my clothes. I am scheduled to have a revision in 2 months. I have become totally disabled during this past year and cannot even grocery shop. I recently talked with a lawyer who wants to see what my new surgeon finds during revision surgery before suggesting what I should do. Have you heard of similar stories especially with immediate failure? I need all the help I can find.

  14. i had a TOTAL THR on the 26/8/2010 the day depuy recalled the hips.I have had extreme pain ever since my surgey,My hip consists of corail size 8 stem,pinnacle 50mm cup,32mm liner and 32+metal head.I can not lay on the side of hip and can’t stand for more than half hour.I am on very strong pain meds which i have been on since surgery.The incision site burns all the time and in pain 24/ surgeon said there is nothing wrong with my hip.Has anyone had any problems with this type of hip or know of any problems.I also feel nausea all the time.I am from newcastle NSW Australia. thanks margaret

    • You’re surgeon is a jackass. My surgeon tried that crap with me, telling me there is nothing wrong with my hip, after 10 dislocations. When I went to a real surgeon, he said I needed 2 surgeries because my hip implant was so messed up. Lawyer up.

  15. I hope that I can help you a little. I have had two DePuy Pinnacle hip replacements, both defective. I had to have them replaced. I got Cobalt and chromium poisoning. I have had five surgeries on my right hip and two on the left. I would really look to see another ortho. Doctor. I had a Doc. From Mayo Clinic he was very good. Only a doctor can answer your questions. And you really need to get an attorney , because there are so many cases the statue of limitations are really going to be affected . Beware a lot of Doctors do not know about the cobalt and chromium poisoning. There are several deferent ways to measure the amount of ions in your blood. Some readings will make it look like there is nothing wrong and others can be too high. So you really need to get a doctor that knows a little bit about the condition. I hope this helps Dan

    • I have 2 DePuy Pinnacle hips, 2008 and 2009. I have such a hot pain when I walk just a short distance, worse in the right than the left. I have to stop walking and wait for the pain to subside before continuing. Then stop again, etc. I don’t get too far, as you may have guessed. The pain is less if I use a walker, but I feel that I should not need a walker at this point. I am debating if I should be referred to the Mayo for revision, as my bone surgeon has only done a few of these MOM revision surgeries. I am grateful for your post, as I too feel like the surgeon needs to be current on the issues about MOM hips and what tests need to be preformed before the revision to make sure that something is wrong before going in. My surgeon is not current on issues and is too just wait and see to effectively treat these issues. He wants to operate without discovering the problem. I went to get a 2nd opinion from an independent surgeon. He is repeating the hip aspiration I already had because he is looking for metal ions in the hip fluid…something my surgeon never thought to do. He is also doing the procedure himself, while my first aspiration was done by a Radiologist. During my first procedure, hardly any fluid was able to be obtained on the right and none on the left. The 2nd opinion surgeon collected fluid from both hips because he knew just where to look. I would advise all, do not go through a big surgery like this without knowing what is wrong. Ask you surgeon if they go to seminars on MOM hips and how the surgeons are doing followup on their patients. If they don’t know, then consider another opinion.

  16. 3 months ago I had revision surgery to replace my Stryker ABGII hip prosthesis that caused cobalt poisoning.

    I know this is a DePuy site, but there is no one on the corresponding Stryker site and I need the expertise that youall might have. Indeed this very site helped me to self-diagnose my symptoms as being caused by my exposure to cobalt fretting and helped me keep my sanity! THANKS!

    First a bit of background. My Stryker ABGII prosthesis was implanted 3/8/11. Problems began in mid-June 2011 and over the course of the next 12 months I had an array of weird symptoms that neither my Surgeon nor Md could explain. Finally, mid-June 2012, I was diagnosed with cobalt poisoning (6.2 ng/mL) and had my hip revision mid-July. By mid-August my cobalt levels were down to 1.6 ng/mL.

    Now for my questions, that I hope someone out there can answer:
    1) Once my cobalt levels get to the normal range, will all of the grey “puss-like” debris and the tiny metal that surrounded my hip and that my surgeon could not remove – have been removed by my body or is it still there?

    2) Has anyone tried Resonance Therapy and/or Lifeway patches to get ride of all the cobalt-related debris/fretting and what was the effect?

    3) Does anyone know how the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is calculated – namely what do they use as the beginning date of the typical 2 year time limit? Is it the date the offending prosthesis was implanted, the date I was diagnosed with high cobalt levels, or something else. Does this begin date vary date by state? (I am trying to work directly with Stryker but if that doesn’t work, want to keep open the option to consult an attorney.)

  17. Hello. I’m 51 yrs old, I had my right hip replaced in April of 2010, with a Depruy Summit Pennacle. Within four months I was back in the OS office due to a bizarre popping/clunking thing that was going on. When I bend down toward the right, or am tending to my right foot there’s a particular angle at which my hip clunks/pops, feels like it’s slipping out and back in or something. My OS was shocked, and FINALLY ordered PT –I had been asking for PT even prior to the surgery, he kept telling me that they no longer do PT for hip replacements, I kept telling him I’d need it. How did he think that 30 years of soft tissue damage/degeneration that caused the bone problem could be magically fixed by just replacing the bone?
    Anyway, he appears to believe that my clunking/popping thing is extremely unusual, and isnt’ worried about it, he indicates the xrays look fine. Well of course they look fine, they take them with me laying down…not at the angle that causes the clunking. I don’t have pain, but it is weak, I am not able to be active like I was, I’m high risk for diabetes, so I need to stay active! Prior to the surgery, I had done Triathlons for 6 years, and had been a competitive volleyball player for 38 years. Original injury was a HS and college sports injury in the late 70’s-early 80’s.
    Anyone know what would cause the clunking thing? Much bigger than a joint “popping”–“Clunking” is a better description. It doesn’t hurt, but is weird. Do I need to worry about it? It is better now than it was two years ago, the “clunk” isn’t as “loud”.

    • Well my friend you need to see another doctor. This OS should know about the defective DePuy hips. You should get a blood test for metal poisoning right away. There are over 2500 lawsuits over the metal on metal hips. Ions are coming off the ball and socket, and causing all kinds of symptoms. These ions can cause headaches , Tingeing arms hand and other parts of the body, hearing problems, vision problems, memory lost, emotional problems . You really need to see another OS. Good Luck very serious

  18. Hello Jim
    hope you noticed that the stockholders of Johnson & Johnson have an action against the management for what has been happening. I would hope that management does not put DePuy into bankrupcy in order to solve their problems. They also bought another orthopedics company.
    I was scheduled to get an ASR but instead at in June 2009 my surgeon used a Pinnacle. I sued when I discovered the pinnacle hip could not be removed and that lawsuit in now pending in the Court of Appeals because the judge did not beleive me and I could not find an attorney wiling to take the case. Then in January I had a Stroke and claim it was the defective devise that caused the elemments (cobalt and other rubbish from in my system. I obtained a law degree years ago but sure would like to have an attorney represent me. A few cases where based on strict liability as in Product Warranty might make the manufacturers fix the problem. I also beleive metal and metal was good. they lasted friends a lifetime without needing to be replaced. It is the Titanium and elements like cobalt that are causing the problem.

    • I don’t know why someone told you that the Pinnacle cannot be removed. You need to see another doctor. I had two of the DePuy Pinnacle defective hips removed and new ball and socket put in place. I had metal poisoning ( cobalt & chromium) both equally dangerous. Good luck Dan

  19. Jim Moreland:
    My wife had biopsies on the tissue around the top of the acetabular cup. She had a small tumor, but of no consequence -just like a fatty tumor. The chief problem was no attachment at all with the cup. There has got to be something wrong with it. All the new(Zimmer) cups have a coating on them that promotes bone growth. Good question asking Suzette what type of cancer she has-as her doctor sounds a lttle off the wall.

    Thanks as always,


  20. To: Jim Moreland Thank you very much for your kind words. The type of cancer is endometrial. Would you mind sharing with me which attorneys may offer a complementary review of my case? Thank you again for all the helpful and informative information you have written on this site.

  21. Suzette

    As many of us know on this site. that there is an apparent design flaw witht he Pinnacle hip and no matter the insert used it seems that a lot of people share the same complaints. May I ask what type of cancer you are dealing with?. My prayers are with you. I know there are a few attorney’s who are taking clients other than metal on metal. I believe in the future you will find that this prosthesis has poor design and doom to fail no matter the insert. As the trials begin watch for facts that come out, there you will see if that there is an inherent design flaw and if so you have a strong case. Don’t give up on your right here, that is what J and J wants you to do. My blessings to you, Jim

    • Jim M.,
      I have contacted at least 20 law firms and none will take cases like mine, which is the same as Jim Sarvis’ wife. I just don’t know what to do. My pain is so bad these days that I am nauseated all the time and not eating and have been losing weight that I probably can’t afford to lose. I’m 5’9″ and 134 lbs., probaby 128 lbs. tomorrow. I think this pain is literally killing me.

  22. In July 2010, I had a total hip replacenent due to arthritis. sSnce then, I have not been able to be very mobile and spend a lot of time lying down because I cannot stand or sit for very long. I have gained a lot of weight due to the fact that I cannot be more mobile. Now I have a type of cancer which is 100% caused by obesity my doctor said. So the Pinnacle cup and Summit stem (ceramic and polyethylene) have caused my lessened mobility which led to weight gain which led to cancer. Has this happened to anyone else? Can you recommend an attorney, or are there no willing attorneys who will take my kind of case? Any comments would be greatly welcomed.

    • The medical experts are finding the stem at the top of the shaft can leach out ions into the tissue and blood stream. You need a blood test done for toxic metal poisoning now. Good luck

  23. Jim

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy your wife is improving and can tell a big difference already, You both are in my prayers. You are a good example of a good man and husband who advocates for his wife and wants the best. I have a loving wife who has done everything in the world for me and us and I am truly blessed as you are.

    My Summit prosthesis (femoral stem) also had excellent bone growth, but the acetabular cups were only seated around the rims which caused by front loading on the rim. I would be interested to see if they did biopsies on the tissue and muscle, if they did I sure would like to know what they found, that is where the truth lies Jim is in the pathology. If you feel like it I would love to review it for you.

    Again it is good to be in communications with such a fine man and all the best and blessings to your wife…..Jim..

  24. Jim Moreland:

    I want to commend you on your excellent help on this web site and also let you know how sorry I am that you are going thru so much pain and multiple surgeries. You have the strength of the best and the prayers of all of us. My wife’s problem was the total lack of bone growth with the Pinnacle Sector ll Acetabular Cup. After two years NO bone had grown to the cup and yet, good bone growth to the Summit tapered hip stem with the Porocoat 2Z with high offset.

    All of you that are suffering after surgery-have an X-Ray done of the cup area. It took the surgeon two years to notice a bent cancellous bone screw(Pinnacle) and the Pinnacle Cup SZ MM 58 had dropped away from the hip and no bone attachment at all was indicated. I still believe that the Pinnacle Cup is a design disaster and am doing all I can to get DePuy into court on this matter.

    Hip Implants for many are a nightmare that has created every type of social aberation from stress to loss of job.

    Take Care, JIm and all of you.

    Jim Sarvis

    • I also had the pinnacle with a s rom implant BIG TIME FAILURE.PINNACLE plastic polyethelene is irritating the tissue. I was a cripple at the age of 40! Plastic metal does not mater will irritate surrounding tissue.Its a foreign body!

  25. Jim Moreland

    Thanks for the best wishes. I have fought for two years and my wife is now recovering from her surgery and states that she can feel a huge difference in the hip’s functionality…and hopes it stays that way. They kept he DePuy Porocoat Summit Stem, as it had locked in place with good bone growth. They replaced the ball and used the Zimmer Tri Cup with their new mesh liner. I haven’t gotten the surgical report yet-when I do I’ll be more specific on the I.D. of the new parts. Might be a guide for others on this great web address.

    Jim Sarvis

    • Jim,
      I am so glad your wife is doing better, but I’ve read so many horror stories about revision surgeries being even worse than the first (or in my case second) ones.

      I don’t have a husband, a friend, or anyone who can help me and there are just no agencies out here to help. If I ever do need a revision, do you have any suggestions for help? I don’t have money to hire someone, so I don’t know if that means I’m just out of luck or what.

      You are so devoted and compassionate to have spent so much time finding the truth. Your wife is so lucky. And since we get the benefit of your work on her behalf, so are we. I’d love to write your biography if ever I get well.

      You are truly a hero.

      Thank you.

      Kathy V.

  26. Will

    I had both of m hips done in Knoxville, Tn….by Matthew Naduad at KOC. I am curious how did Depuy get a hold of your xray and why are they sending you the information unless you requested it, but the xray is concerning because you should have signed a release of any part of your medical information. Yes, DEPUY needs to pay out there ass…Good luck and I hope you get your revisions. Let me know if I can help. As far RSC, usually it is an indication of a location of the faclitiy???????but Depuy is probably cataloguing its own evidence also???? take care Jim.

  27. Crystal

    With the combination of elevated cobalt/chromium levels and severe debilitating pain you are a primary candidate for revisiion. Pain and loss ambulation should give your ortho a clue that something is very wrong and given the news of the metal on metal and various other faulty designed hips he would be more aware and be able to9 offer you some relief. I would suggest that you get a hip aspiration to rule out infection, CT Scan, Induim Scintigraphy which will see if there is infection and loosening that can not beseen on xray. You must insist something be down. 11 months is long enough and given your pain level this hip qualifies for a failed hip. If there is anything I can do I will do my best for you. No amount of money will ever be enough to remunerate the loss of loving and caring for your child…this is priceless..Jim

  28. Jim

    I am so happy that the problem has been identified and that your wife may have a chance of getting some of her quality of living back. Kuddos to you for all your hard work and dedication and love, it probably has been the difference. When people are inp ain they can not advocate for themselves and most ortho’s don’t really want to go looking for trouble.

    Depuy has had previous poly problems in the past and what you report is all so true, that nothing is for certain anymore in the medical devices. Once upon a time you could have some reliability in the medical devices but GREED has set in and testing these products cost too much.

    I can identify with your wife aftr 7 surgeries, my hips are held by spaghetti of muscles and I am still in pain and walk with a limp. Can not sleep at night due to pain and my quality of living has been greatly impacted. Like you have said before Jim, these people must pay and they will. I read yesterday that they have known about the problems with the pinnacle since 2005, both Japanese and British patients and doctors filed complaints. WE need to make this company pay and in my opinion this talk of 1 or 2 billion dollars is not near enough but 20-30 billion is more like it as you here the horrible stories of people who have had their quality of lliving greatly impacted.

    Keep in touch Jim, and blessing to you both, Jim.

  29. My husband is 56 years old and over the past 20 years he has had both hips replaced and has had to have the left one revised 5 times and the right one 3 times for a total of 10 hips replacements. The original surgeries were due to avascular necrosis of both hips and then the revisions were because of numerous problems that had arisen, such as loosening, cup collapse, fracture, major groin pain, dislocations (even while in brace) etc. He has now extended cup size in both hips to prevent dislocations but in turn takes away a LOT of mobility. We have all suffered as a family due to all of these surgeries. All of the surgeries have been done in Boston. Does anyone know if any of the recalled hips were used in the Boston hospitals? I have just requested all of his medical records to see which hips were used.

  30. Attn: Crystal
    I had the exact same Pinnacle components in my left hip. I suffered over 7 dislocations, severe pain & high levels of Cobalt & Chromium. My surgeon did my 4th hip revision in Jan by placing a sleeve over the ball joint. Last year he replaced the metal to metal components. I don’t know where you live, but Dr. James Caillouette in Newport Beach, Ca (949) 722-7038 is a specialist for only hips & knees correcting other surgeons mistakes.
    Good luck….

    • Dr. Caillouette was paid over one million dollars in 2010. You can find this by searching “Did my Dr. receive compensation from Du Puy”

  31. I posted here before as my husband is a victim of a DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal, surgery was December 2008. Pain and toxic levels got worst and worst since I posted last. Today, I’d like to share outcome of a SSA Disability hearing in front of an Administrative Lawful Judge (ALJ), the third instance of the the approval process SSA Disability: The Judge knew more about the dangers and pain my husband is going through than anybody else in the court room. Even the vocational expert agreed to full disability. We lost health insurance and all benefits, can’t get reverse surgery done because of lack of health insurance. Well, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. To all fellow DePuy victims and family members out there: When you need more information on my husband’s final approval for SSA Disability, please, feel free to contact us on here, or through the author of this very blog. Going through denials besides all the pain and suffering is not fun at all, so maybe that Judge’s decision will help all of us while we are waiting what the U.S. Federal Courts and Jurors will decide down the road.

  32. To Kathy V. in Arizona, Jim Moreland, and anybody else with the DePuy Pinnacle system with the Summit Porocoat hip stem tapered and Altrx liner with 10 degree lip. The acetabular cup is a Pinnacle sector Two with an Articuleze femoral head.
    This system was supposed to be “fool proof” as it has a poly liner insulating the metal on metal complaint that has plagued the DePuy system. For two years my wife has had every test known to medical science done by my surgeon for my wife…all results over a two year period showed “no problems” despite her inability to walk, move without pain-at times quite severe. Our final visit to the surgeon was made yesterday. My wife could hardly walk. The surgeon took another set of X-rays and found the acetabular cup had dropped and shifted-with the one bone screw having moved 1/4 of an inch. He immediately said he would do a revision using the new Zimmer ball and cup, which has proven to be the best bet. He was shocked that after two years of MRI,bone scans, etc. his final X ray showed part of the reason:
    ( I think there may be more when he actually operates) she has suffered so much.

    So, to all of you that have heard for years that “everything looks fine”; forget all the fancy testing and have your surgeon just do follow- up X rays. My wife was so discouraged and angry, she did not want to make this last visit. She was tired of hearing “no problems-maybe the pain is psychological”. The surgeon in all fairness
    could not see any problems until the X-ray taken two years after the surgery.

    The important part of my epistle is simply this. The Pinnacle with poly liner was used and failed. Don’t let anyone tell you the poly liner prevents problems.The surgeon stated before he took the last X-ray that there was no way that the sytem could fail. Under the broad eyes of the X-ray you could see the poly liner had chunks out of it. Once the parts are removed the surgeon is giving them to us to proceed in whatever direction we can.

    I have fought with this surgeon tooth and nail watching my wife deteriorate before my eyes and each time being told there was nothing wrong.

    God Bless America and to all of you that are enduring this horrible experience of hip implants. My surgeon finally came through when he could see the problem. It was not really evident for quite a while -even though the pain factor was terrible for my wife.

    Jim Sarvis

    • To Jim Sarvis,

      Thank you so much for this information. I had been told that it was here online but I couldn’t remember where, and I am having such severe nerve pain, immobility, on the side where I had the surgery that it is almost impossible for me to sit at the computer without screaming in agony for any length of time.

      I cry a lot because my pain is so bad, only on the side where this hip is, in my hip and my thigh and my entire left leg, my foot, my toes, even up my torso to my chest and my left shoulder, arm, hands and fingers.

      And I am dealing with problems with my house with government agencies like HUD, etc., say they will help with but I need to go online to fill out information. I can’t even think straight. Here I am disabled but no one will accommodate me under the ADA, and I am practically paralyzed on my left side.

      I cannot go back to my surgeon. He has taken post-op X-rays and continued to say everything was fine with the device. He also mentioned the pain only on my left side emanating from the hip area must be from my back. If it was from my back, I would think it would affect the rest of me.

      I am so discouraged, desolate, despondent, almost suicidal with this pain, without help, without our country’s agencies helping me so that I don’t have to make myself worse. Even the postal service argued with me about bringing me my mail. And the city I live in, Peoria, doesn’t provide any help with putting out trash cans or filling out paperwork. Arizona is the worst state to be disabled or near disabled because there are no services, no help.

      Thanks for the information, though. I don’t know how I can get anyone to do and “see”, really “see”, what might be in X-rays I get soon. They just don’t care. I hope your wife is doing well.

    • Jim Sarvis and everyone,
      I am new to this site. Jim, I believe I have the same Pinnacle system as your wife. I had a failure with the poly liner. 3 of the 6 locking nubs, which attach the liner to the acetabular cup, broke and sheared off. This led to revision surgery and serious complications and my life changed forever. Do you know if there are any statistics on the failure rate of the poly liner? I have found a study by Stephanie Mayer in which she did a article on late liner failure. I have not found any other studies, but such as on this site, there is informal discussion. I am not an engineer but I believe there must be a universal design flaw in the cup and liner components of the Pinnacle system. Has there been any talk of defects in the entire pinnacle product line and not only the MoM? After speaking with an attorney I believe part of the defense for the upcoming MDL trial regarding the MoM submits the poly is a safer alternative to the metal cups/ liners. That defense does not support our situation. Do you know if there has ever been any discussion of the Medical Insurance companies seeking compensation from DePuy for the costs of revision surgeries and other medical costs due to the Pinnacle system? I think a Lemon Law for hip replacements and other implant medical procedures would have DePuy take a more serious look at their defective products. Can we get something started?! Thank you and everyone at this site for the helpful information.

  33. I had bilateral total hip replacements at the same time in 2008. I was 28 years old. I am now coming up on my 32nd birthday and I have not had a day without severe pain. I have Pinnacle Multihole acetabular cups, pinnacle cancellous bone screws, pinnacle metal insert, s-ROM total hip system ZTT Proximal sleeve, S-ROM femoral stem standard and one leg has a control cable and sleeve.
    I have swelling, groin pain, popping and grinding, unable to lift my legs, dislocationing and then popping back into place. When walking it is so bad that it feels like my femor is going to break in half. I can’t sit, stand or lay down for moe than 20 minutes at a time without having to reposition myself due to pain, which makes sleeping absolutely impossible. I have seen several doctors and they say everything looks ok, but something has to be wrong because of the level of pain I go through daily.
    I have a four year old daughter and have had to watch someone else get to play and care for her because I am unable to do it.
    Physical therapy, aqua therapy, exercise, and losing weight (not a large person), none of this seems to help. I have had blood tests done and I have elevated levels of Chromium and Cobalt in my blood.
    I tried going back to work 11 months after the surgery but the pain got so bad, I could not do it any more.
    Is anyone out there that has the same type of hip replacements and an idea about what to do next. Is there anybody who can help me.

  34. I was 40 when i had both hips replaced. with in 2 week . I have all the prolems, all the fun stuff. lol.. my new hip are both Depuy-Metal on metal tolal hips. i’ve been to 2 bone doc. they say all is ok. ya right. I see mt 3rd doc. this june 2012. I hope this fool will do as i ask, and redo both. i think the FDA&Depuy will step up and recall them NOWWW. im in TN. and have a law frim out of NY. doing the legal action aimed at Depuy & J&J.. 6 mon.s after the 2 repacments Depuy sent me a card saying- my doc. name and info, my name. surgery date : sept. 17 2004. implant: Depuy metal on metal total hips. with the xray on the the top left , it says R RSC anyone know what the RSC is ?? i truely hope that all of use make DEPUY & J & J. PAY OUT THE ASS.. Will from TN.

  35. I had my right hip replaced in 7/03, left hip in 2/04, both poly and metal. Dislocated my left hip in 6/04 and 7/04, revision with MOM PInnacle in 9/04. My memory is not great. Seems initially after my revision I was doing good for awhile. In 12/05 by life was turned upside down with a divorce and caring for my mentally challenged niece who was 12, so I dealt with the limp, the pops, and so on as the rest of you have. I started having incredible back pain on the left side, and my knees were now giving me problems I suppose from the limp. I did not go back to my doctor I guess because there was so much else going on in my life, but did start on pain medicine from the pain medicine doctor. This helped somewhat but then that even did not work. I feel like my life has been ripped away from me, have grandkids I can’t even play ball with b/c I can’t stand for very long. I have a job where everyone’s always asking me if I’m okay because of my limp. Son saw advertisement about hip issue and suggested I go back to my OS. Yes he did x-rays, and yes he said they looked fine. Then he asked me to walk and noticed the limp. He immediately said he wanted blood work for cobalt and chromium. Came back cobalt is 39 ug/L and chromium is 14.1 mcg/L. I haven’t a clue how high these are as I don’t understand the ug/L or mcg/L, I just know my doctor said his reference range is 7. I’m scheduled to have the MOM taken out on 6/27, and must say I’m a bit fearful of this one. The ball and cup are larger in my left hip, and he said that he would have to put a smaller one in. Not sure how that’s going to fit into a bigger space, and if he uses the size from my first one, I dislocated that one twice.

    It sure is nice to have folks on here who understand the trauma, mental and physical as well as the frustration. Others who have not had this problem I really do not believe understand the devastation. I’m hopeful my 2nd revision will go okay – as someone else said, maybe 3rd time is a charm!


  36. After reading the prior woman’s case, I feel hesitant to write. I am 69 and had a DePuy MOM total R hip done when I was 62, Nov. 2005. The first surgeon I saw at the largest CA HMO refused to replace my hip as I was young and very active. I was a ski instructor (taught 15 years), hiked, swam daily, and rode my horses. Had minor hip dysplasia in both hips which caused secondary arthritis. The presenting hip was worse as I had a bad bike crash in 2001, falling on that hip, but not breaking it. The surgeon showed me failed hip replacements of other active patients. By the time I went to the second surgeon in the HMO he said he would replace it as I then needed a cane and was in severe pain. I asked for a MOM hip as other active friends said they lasted longer. I has the DePuy Pinnacle sector II acetabular cup, size 56 with ultamet metal on metal insert, 36mm, with summit tapered hip stem w/porocoat. Initially all went well as I swam every day (including holidays) as soon as my six week non wt bearing was up until I moved (no pool where I now live). About 4 mos ago started having severe pain at side of hip after sitting for awhile. It is excruciating when I first stand. Works itself out after about 15 min. Metal levels are high, cobalt 15.2 mcg/L and chromium 13 mcg/L. Surgeon in this area would replace the painful DePuy hip with one part with ceramic. Do not want to go through another surgery though as have had other hip replaced with MOM Biomet in 2009, with knee replacement three wks later (old ski injury). Those are not yet causing me any problems but fear my metal levels would still be elevated with the other MOM hip. Wonder, though, if the pain would be reduced as I still have the DePuy system in the hip causing me pain. Is the MOM the problem, or the design of the DePuy system? Hip with Biomet MOM is fine, at least for now.

  37. To Jim Sarvis:
    In a Nov. 21, 2011, comment, you asked if there was anybody else out here who has had problems with the AltrX liner Pinnacle system.

    I think I have the same system, and the result, among other issues, has been the most agonizing pain starting three-six months after surgery. My surgeon said I have something called “end-stem” or “end-of-stem” pain, but I have other issues as well.

    First, the pain has only gotten worse, not better, even though I am now on pain medication.

    Second, the pain is debilitating and prevents me from doing normal daily activities, including showering. I can’t stand for more than two minutes at a time without the pain practically crippling me, which is obviously a problem when in line, especially at the post office. I can’t sit on the floor, because I can’t get up without worse pain. Bending, squatting and kneeling (to put file folders in lower file cabinet drawers, to feed my dog, etc.) make the pain even worse. If I “overdo”, I get a very noticeable limp which just gets worse if I try to keep walking. There are times when I bend the knee of the operated leg in such a way — a movement that supposedly is OK now — as to cause a “freezing” sensation in the leg, as if there’s an invisible brake inside my leg/hip.

    The pain ranges from, right now while I’m just sitting still, a throbbing pain as if a sharp, flaming object that was jammed into my inner thigh is now stuck in there, to, if I’m standing still, a stabbing pain as if the same sharp, flaming object has been suddenly forced into my outer thigh. While walking, even a few feet, the sudden pain is so excruciating that it takes my breath away. The pain is really unbearable and I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.

    Third, I have dizziness that has become worse since the surgery, and even though my leg length is supposed to be the same, my balance is so poor I’m afraid to be upright.

    Fourth, more so than the hip area, I feel movement inside my thigh when I just slightly change position while sitting bent-kneed on the floor, with my buttocks against my heels. I know I’m not hallucinating or imagining this sensation because, at 49, I never experienced such an odd feeling before in my life.

    Finally, the hip and leg, including my knee area, which never bothered me before, are making the most bizarre sounds, cracking, popping, crackling, snapping and so on, as if a few bones are completely out of place. A friend of mine who just happens to be a physician, was over here one day visiting me and heard the cracking sound. He is at a loss as to what I can do because he knows I will not have another surgery.

    My THR procedure was a second surgery resulting from the failure of a hip pinning after I fell, breaking my femoral neck bone. I was taken to the E.R. and had no choice in who my surgeon was, although I remember clearly that he didn’t want to do the surgery for a day or two, which I thought was odd since the injury was considered an emergency.

    According to the “Implant Sheet” from the hospital, I have a DePuy Pinnacle AltrX, a Summit Femoral Stem, Tapered with Duofix, a Biolox Delta Articul/eze Ceramic Femoral Head and a Pinnacle Duofix Acetabular Shell Sector. I asked my surgeon, who offers contradictory answers to the same question during each appointment, whether I had a metal-on-metal hip, and he said absolutely not, that mine is a metal on ceramic hip. From pictures of it, though, it looks like the ceramic is attached to metal or covers metal. I know it’s not just “floating” above the metal stem.

    Maybe I don’t have the same thing, though, because later in your message you write that “the ‘fix’ for the metal on metal is the Altrx crosslinked poly liner to insulate metal from metal.”

    Is misalignment related to the “end-of-stem” pain? My surgeon told me not long after the first procedure that I’d better be careful because if I wasn’t he’d be doing a THR on me, and I’m sure he’d be thrilled to do as many revision surgeries on me as possible … especially since, being a member of the English royal family, I’m independently wealthy … oh, wait a minute, no I’m not!

    I cannot financially or emotionally afford to have another surgery. I won’t do it. I guess what I’m saying is that whatever system I have, it’s not right, and the pain is nearly as bad as the pain I had with the failure of the first surgical procedure. The only difference now is that my leg length appears to be the same now and during the failure of my first surgery, I lost about 3 inches in height from my left leg.

    Like you, I told my surgeon not to use DePuy, but he said something to the effect that he was most familiar with them. In fact, from your description of what your doctor and his nurse said, it sounds like you and I were unfortunate enough to have the same surgeon. Had I known that my pain would be as bad as when the first surgery failed, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with it. I am out even more money and I am still in utter misery.

  38. I was 41 when I had my total left hip replaced I too have a poping noise in my hip I have pain in hip I ask the Dr about it he takes the xrays and everything looks ok it intact. I have not be able to do anything execpt walk. Not to far and most of not fast no running jumping nothing vigours to the hip, were my instruction. If I try to trot it is PAINFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. This cup is bad I was told that from my last xray that it was wearing and it going to pop out. Does that sound like it’s intact. For something that is surpose to last 15/20 years without vigirous activites something is wrong.

  39. Hi,

    I posted a couple months back and wanted to give an update on my husband’s revision.

    My husband had his hip revision 3 weeks ago. Prior to the revision, he had the MOM Depuy pinnacle system and his cobalt was 140ppb 3 months before the surgery. What the OS found when he went is was a mess! He said there was boat loads of metal debris everywhere. It was determined that the metal shavings were coming from the cup and the interlocking metal liner. The metal liner was rubbing up against the inside back of the cup. The metal debris from the cup worked its way up around the outside back of the cup and the metal ion reaction created a palm size hole up in the pelvis behind the cup. His cup was hanging on with just a small amount of bone that had not been eaten away. The OS had a to do a major bone graft and put in a larger cup since there was not much bone left to press fit and secure it to. He had to put 2 metal screws to hold it. My husband was put on non weight bearing for 6 weeks in hopes that graft will heal and give him some stability in the socket. His surgeon did not see any wear or scratches on the ball that would warrant impingement with the cup placed incorrectly or the metal shavings were coming from the metal ball rubbing against the cup’s metal liner. Nor was there any wear or corrosion on the stem.

    As such, in my husband’s case, it was total product failure of the interlocking metal liner and cup system. No ones body should be subjected to deal with that much metal shards leaching off of device components into their muscles, bones, organs,and blood stream. He only had it implanted for 6 years. His surgeon called it metalosis and said he moped up as much as he could see but says my husband will always have metal debris in his body. What the residual affects this will cause has yet to be seen. The surgeon put in another Depuy metal ball to fit on the existing summit stem that was well fixed, but went with a Biomet cup and poly liner. So glad he did not replace with another pinnacle cup. Obviously, it was defective!!

  40. I would like to thank all of you for very helpful information. Like it’s been said the doctors aren’t going to help us so we have to help each other! Thank you!

  41. Donna

    Like I said before I think the Pinnacle system has inherent design faults. Make sure you report you fingings with the FDA.

    If I can ever be of any service to you just let me know and thanks for your kind words.


  42. Frank

    Try this lnk:

    There are over a thousand Pinnacle Hip cases in the MDL now, any metal on metal hip will be able to eventually get into the suit, but Pinnacle hips are already being handle with a frderal judge, they may then kick them back to the states or render a decision. My suit got filed 6 months ago. Make sure something is filed for you as their time limits on when you can file a lawsuit.. I am sure your attorney is up on all of this.

    Best of Luck

    Also once a hip is removed it takes about 6 months for the levels to come down. If you have a metal hip in now you must have the levels. If you have a good relationship with your family doctor ask hom to run them, but take the time to educate him on why you are asking for these test. JIm

  43. Hi Frank, I know what you are going through as my husband has been refused by one surgeon to further help him with his bad hip but insists on surgery on the other one! How dare! And he is continuing to be in so much pain with the white cloud showing on his x-ray that two surgeons won’t say exactly what the problem is….Anyway, what I did was request the hospital operation records for my husband ..he actually requested it…once I received the implants documentation I went online to and click on “Report a Serious Medical Product Problem Online”…fill out the information to the best of your knowledge. Once you have completed the information, You will receive an Access Number via e-mail and in the mail from the Department of Health and Human Services. The more folks that are in pain through a DePuy Pinnacle Hip with Cobalt/Chrominium and the Poly…..liner maybe the FDA can assist us in the process of finding a solution …this is really sad to hear all these stories and no one in government cares. It will have to affect someone powerful in government for us to get the support we deserve on defective products and pain and making accountability for both the manufacturers and surgeons care…I have found the surgeons just don’t want to be involved and help us which is not right. Oh well, we will keep fighting. Good Luck and I hope this helps you and many others to file with the FDA.

  44. Could someone please tell me how to contact the FDA? I doubt that my attorney has contacted them. I think he’s waiting for a recall on my DePuy Pinnacle hip . The workmanship putting in my hip is good , but the surgeon completely ignores the Chromium and Cobalt levels in my blood, other than to tell me that they aren’t high enough to kill me yet. I would appreciate any help that I could get!

  45. WOW Jim, thank you so much for great information. Wish we could create a Facebook page and document this all for a registry of our own. I actually talked with a lawyer yesterday who also gave me some valuable information. He thinks the Pinnacle acetabular polyethylene liner will eventually be recalled. His company is only currently working on the Metal-on-Metal cases. He suggested if my husband needs to get a new hip to have the parts stored for when the recall happens in a couple years…this is all speculative of course. The company they use is SciSafe which stores the parts for a fee of course until a possible recall. He also said what you said and to get another opinion which we are going to be doing after we get a referral from his regular doctor…paperwork! Again, I sure do appreciate your wealth of knowledge on the hip and the process to undergo to fix the pain and what might possibly be going on….it is really refreshing for you to take the time to help us folks. As a love one who sees the pain each day with my husband, at least I can do something in information gathering. Thank you so so much.

      • June 28, 2011 I had depuy pinnacle hip replacement with marathon liner. I have most of the same symptoms as metal on metal. I cant find attorney help. The doctors are saying I might have to get screws. Where do we go for help.

  46. Donna

    You are right, everyone needs to report there hip problems wit the FDA. YES, EVEN ALL NON-METAL HIP REPLACEMENTS SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE FDA. I have advocated this along because I believe the Pinnacle has a major flaw design and improper reaming and difficulty with acetabular placement due to its size and unforgiving which requires exact placement for the prosthesis to work properly as well as tightest clearances of any prosthesis. So, everyone who out there who is having any problem with a hip replacement needs to report this to FDA.

    What you are reading Donna, I believe is the operative note. When you do a replacement you use trial parts to make sure that it will fit properly and to put the the patient through range of motion testing to make sure the hip performs without any signs rubbing(impingement) and that it tracks well without dislocation. The only thing about this is that this is without weight bearing, naturally because you are sleeping.LOL but weight bearing puts the hip under certain strains and the anatomy takes on different relationships, thus if an allowance is not made during the surgery for all of this, then hip replacement parts start having contact with each other, and other anatomy of the hip causing problems with tracking. The result is that you have metal, plastic, and ceramic parts having contact with each other thus causing improper tracking causing grinding of the parts and little particles are then released into the joint and this is where the tissue of the hip begin to react to the foreign bodies causing swelling and inflammation. And it is funny you mentioned a cloud. because in medicine in particular Radiology, when you see white mist around the hip on xray, it is all the fluid and particles showing on plain xrays and this is known as the “Cloud Sign”. This is not good. You need to push for the following. Hip aspiration to rule out infection and metallosis. MRI in particular MARS this will eliminate sheen of the metal parts so that the tissues and bones can be evaluated. If he will not buy this then a CT will show pathology but will not be able to specific as an MRI. It needs to investigated, the “Cloud” is either infection or inflammation due to foreign body reactions. If he will not do this then you will need to find another who will. If you are near a big University with a medical program then I would suggest you go there for proper work up. This should have peaked his curiousity enough to investigate it. This goes on with Ortho doctors, even mine, I won’t make any leaps of conjecture here, but they may have other motivations to turn their heads or represent the failure as normal. If all the the failed hips were monitored then these defective hips could not stay on the market as they do today. The one way you can tell though is buy investigating the number of prosthesis that were purchased for revision work. We will never get this information though. That is why we need the people who are affected by hip failures to report ALL failures and to make sure that a national registry to follow all people with hips and the problems they suffer from.

    If I can be of any further help, I am here.

    take care

  47. Thanks Jim for your guidance. I did want to tell you and everybody that is having problems with any Johnson & Johnson DePuy products to go to the and fill out a form with the product #, etc. I did that. If enough people report problems with the non-metal-on-metal, hopefully they will recall others. Right now the doctor (ortho) will not touch my husband and we live in Arizona and he had the operation in Maryland. Frustrating! Do you know why the x-ray has a cloud around his hip replacement. The Ortho doc said it could be calcium buildup…could be! That’s all he said but he also said he didn’t see anything wrong…what? He has serious pain just on that side and specifically where the inplant is located. I did receive all data from the operation. Is there a certain piece of the hip replacement we can identify and find out if it is defective? The surgery report states …”right cementless total hip arthroplasty….”. Other notes of interest, “a 62-mm secto pinnacel acetabular component was impacted into the acetabulum in 45 degrees of abduction ….I could not break the cup loose with the impactor and I did not put in supplemental fixation screws. A trial liner was placed and attention was then turned to the femur.:” Help everybody! We need to have a process to follow for all the hip problems and I don’t know how to start it….any further suggestions are welcomed.

    • Hi Donna,
      I know it’s been more than a year since you posted this but I was wondering your husband is, how you are and whether you still live in Arizona. If so, have you been able to find an orthopaedic surgeon who is any good? I find it very strange that the surgeon won’t consider doing anything because your husband had the surgery in Maryland. In the many retirement communities out here, everyone is from somewhere else and had surgeries where they lived. I’m from Maryland too, and I have caps on my teeth and fillings from Maryland. Still, dentists will work on my mouth. That is really bizarre.

      Did that surgeon think that you lived part of the time here in Arizona and part of the time in Maryland? That could be the issue. There are so many bad doctors out here in Arizona. Maybe it’s a good place for their “trial by fire”? Since coming out here 35 years ago, it seems like my entire life has been a trial by fire.

      Kathy V.

  48. Donna:

    Find out specifics about your husband’s implant. By that I mean…type of acetabular liner(poly,cross- poly etc), Find out if acetabular cup was glued, not glued, or screwed in. Get testing done to determine cup placement in hip, see if cup (acetabular) has moved and if the stem is a Summit with Porocoat. I am not a doctor, but my wife has similar problems after her hip replacement(DePuy Pinnacle). She has a poly liner which is supposed to replace the metal on metal
    problem of most of the implants. You need to visit the hospital that did the surgery. They must give you the surgical report. The surgeon could have not reamed to hip out properly, or fitted the femoral neck with the right size ball.

    Just research further-get all specifics. Most of all find out the type of cup liner that was used(not just PART NUMER) AND GO FROM THERE.

    You will not get a clear, concise answer-as the more the surgeon double-speaks, the better you get confused about any incorrectness on his/her part. The surgeon could have done a great job, but the DePuy product itself could be suspect.

    The DePuy acetabular cups have found to be too shallow in England under close study. They were copied from an English Company and modified by DePuy. Yours is one of many problems with the DePuy unit.

    Again, I am not a doctor, just giving you information gleaned from research. Write to a Jim Moreland at this site. He is the definitive expert on hip implants, and really knows his material. Hope I have helped. My wife is really hurting after her DePuy implant, and the surgeon, after every test in the book has discovered that the bone scan shows an “asymmetrical bone growth” with the implant. The surgeon doesn’t know if that is “good or bad”. To get an answer other then ” everything looks good” from him is impossible. He can’t “understand why she is in so much pain”?

    Take Care!


  49. I have started the new year off on the right foot. My attorney told me that since I am not insured that I probably will not get my hip fixed! If I was insured I would have had my hip replaced months ago. There is no one out there to help us, even if you think you have an attorney. I do not want millions of dollars. I want my stinking life back. I am a prisoner in home. I could use some kind of positive feedback or suggestions.

  50. My husband had a hip replacement in November of 2007. Two months ago he started complaining about pain in the hip. We went to see an OS twice and had x-rays. He has a DePuy hip replacement but not the metal-on-metal. I have all the information from the hospital on the Lot #s, etc. We called his surgeon where we had it done and his assistant gave me information on the phone and mentioned Pinnacle in my request for what kind of DePuy did the Surgeon put into my husband before I asked the hospital. When I got the information from the hospital it did not state Pinnacle. I’m curious what Pinnacle means and why the difference. His initial surgeon said it looks like a calcium deposit. His pain is getting worse. He can’t tie his shoes, getting out of a car or into one is for a lack of better words a PAIN. What else can we do? He is on pain medicine …not good…does he just exist in pain until this kind of Depuy hip is recalled. Implanted in my husband are: Depuy Acetabular Cup, Model 62 MM;, Large Stature High Offset Lot # ZN6G61000, Acetabular Liner, Model 62MM OD/32 MM ID; Femoral Head, Model +9. Help1

  51. To those of you out there with the problematic DePuy Pinnacle who , like I ,lack insurance to replace you hip joint. Yesterday I went to an Orthopaedic surgeon. What a relief! He told me that I faking my inability to walk. He said the ringing in my ear, the headaches , the coughing and the weight gain has nothing to do with my hip joint. My chromium and cobalt levels are high but not high enough to kill me. He also accused me of chasing the money because there are millions out there to be had. I explained to him that if I am chasing the money that I not chasing it very fast. It seems to me that these doctors have circled the wagons to protect DePuy and Johnson and Johnson. I only want my hip fixed before it kills me! Thank the lord for all the wonderful doctors that are protecting us.

  52. Jim

    Asymmetrical bone growth could be a couple of things. It could be that that the cup is not placed right and she is getting front edge loading which is a problem of the Pinnacle and others. If the actabular is not reamed right then the cup will not set symmetrical and you will get uneven bone in growth. My acetabular cup was held by the rim only, the body of the cup didn’t seat therefore that causes a binding force to occur. You get abnormal bone growth when there is loosening of an unseated prosthesis, friction of bone against bone or prosthsis against bone itself.

    This could be a tumor. (benign) osteochondroma, which sould also show hot on a bone scan. It could also be some other process like Pagetts Disease. I would ask him about a MARS MRI, CT Scan and an Indium Scan to rule out infective joiunt or normal hypertrophic bone growth or abnormall hypertrophic bone growth. It just sound like to me that there is a severe pathologic reason why your wife is having tremendous hip pain. I don’t have the benefit of an exam, but I believe you when you say she is worsening and your doctor is playing her pain down,,,which would make me iriate. If there is anything I can do let me know, but my medical instincts say that this abnormal bone growth is pathologic and not normal healing.

    Best Wishes to your family Jim and if there is anything I can do let me know..

    Jim Moreland

  53. Michelle,

    I am so sorry to hear this about your surgeon. My question to the surgeon is that if he has a conflict with the revision, then he sure should have not done the primary. My thoughts are that he doesn’t have a disclaimer or discussed this with his patients. As long as he is competent then he should have no liability. Personally he will not be sued, professionally he will not be sued, so I am wondering if he receives a large amount of money he just may not want that to become public and the government knowledge or he hold substantial amount of stock. I don’t know, but his action not to do your revision is concerning to me. I t just doesn’t sound right to me as a professional. The good news is there are more OS that will take of your problem. You should ask who he would recommend and if he doesn’t then a gain that raises a red flag. The bottom line is that you will need a revision and the longer you weight the more damage this prosthesis is causing. Where do you live? If I can be of any help let me know. I have OS that I have access too. I will be praying for you deliemna and the Best of Holidays to you and your family.

    Jim Moreland

  54. To Michele,
    Hi sorry it took so long to get back to you! I had the drain in my wound site and
    the blood was running through a filter and then back to an IV in my arm. I don’t know what it’s called but I feel that it really worked with cleaning the blood. I also
    had my attorney come from Colorado to California to pick up my hip for evidence
    in court. I thought that was kind of funny. Haven’t heard anything about court though. It may be years….Merry Christmas….Sharron

  55. Thanks Jill for your info about clearing out the metal levels. Glad to hear yours are going down and hopefully continue to do so.. :) Wishing you a Merry Christmas and healthy 2012


    We are very confident in this OS for his expertise and skill, we believe he is the best in the state. However, he became concerned if we were to sue Depuy, which we were not planning on doing, we just want it out and fixed and my husband health back!!. However, when we mentioned it he indicated it was a big conflict of interest, since he helped design the pinnacle cup. As such, he just informed us he will not do the surgery even though we had a surgery date set. It must of been waying on him the possibility of a lawsuit. With all the surgeries he does, I doubt we will be the last to bring this up. We are really bummed to lose a good revision OS but do appreciate him being upfront and transparent about his vested interest in Depuy.

    But now we are paranoid of mentioning anything like this to another OS since we cannot afford more time vetting through numerous OS to find one that will do the revision. We are just praying about it for now.. we know God has a plan. Merry Christmas to you too!

  56. God Bless all of you for the problems your are dealing with due to DePuy, the surgeons-or combination of both. Lynne just received the results of her bone scan. This comment is for Jim Moreland. Jim, the surgeon stated that the bone scan showed bone growth above the acetabular cup. He did not know if this growth was “good or bad” as time will tell.According to the surgeon, there is a good side to bone growth, and a bad side. The bad being the bone growth continues out of control and can cause problems with the acetabular cup in the future. That is why he told us to “comeback in one to two years when Lynne started complaining(she can’t walk now) of severe pain. Surgeon said she need bone growth to lock everything in place. The Bone Scan report stated that ,”there is an asymetrical bone growth indication with the right hip(her implant) showing much more growth.
    Lynne has bone problems-she has a egg size bone growth on her left foot that must be surgically removed. I am wondering if her bone problem with her foot has anything to do with her bone growth at the acetabular cup. I am also concerned about the bone growth creating boney lumps or spurs against the metal acetabular cup. The surgeon is good and smart. He did use the acetabular cup held in with one screw and the poly- liner(cross-linked) with a 10 degree lip on it.

    Problem is simply this ! Pain is getting much worse, the surgeon “doesn’t know why?” and I am concerned that he doesn’t. He continues testing thank God but always indicates the blood metal test, infection etc are all in normal range. Then I ask…why all the pain? He acts very cavalier about it and saids he hopes time will take away the pain as the bone continues to grow, but he doesn’t know if the bone growth process is aiding or hurting her cause. That cause is to be FREE FROM PAIN THAT KEEPS GETTING WORSE. It is very frustrating to see my wife deteriorate before my eyes and the surgeon giving me no answers at all. Just like talking to a robot that has been pre-programed.

    Sorry for yakking everyone-but I am sure I have touched a nerve for all reading this note. Bless you all, and may those in the implant profession that keep covering up what they know is really happening and refuse to disclose it …may they go straight to the New Jersey Turnpike and wait six hours in a traffic jam with their thoughts.

    Jim Sarvis

  57. To Michele: Try doing oral heavy metal cleanse – buy this at a health foods store or online. also try Ionic Foot detox baths.
    I do these at my chiropractor. My metal levels went down by one point each BEFORE my hip revision surgery..Still doing both and go tomoro to see my Ortho for more blood work to see if the levels have come down more!! So far I am much better!! Got a new metal ball and poly liner…

  58. Michele,

    I hope the family and you have great Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I chose the poly because it has been a great perfotmer overf the last 30 years. Poly is a good option, but I don’t know if the device. I recommend whatever you and your husband feel fine with but do ask the questions Like how many patients has he placed witht his device he uses. Bob H, Has done some good reasearch on this?

    DO NOT let your devises go to anyone but you or your attornwey. You request them prior to surgery that morning. that makes me suspicious, Is he looking out for J and J and Depuy interest. You are entitled to them, so don;t let them have. Are you feeling confident int hs surgeon? Bring home your prostheis.

    Ask Brian and Everett ,about your rights they are the attorney’s on this site and respond quikly. Protect your right Michele.

    Good luck to you both and have a very Merry Christmas,,,


    tled th have you replace

  59. Hi Sharron,

    Wow, you had very high metal levels as well. It’s encouraging to hear things are getting better for you! It gives me hope that my husband’s revision will be successful.

    When you say they cleaned your blood, do you know what the procedure is called? I can see how they would drain it out of the wound, but how/where did it get put back in to you? I definitely need to bring this up to his OS.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. All the best for you to continue to heal and have a Merry Christmas!


  60. Hi Michelle,
    My revision was done with the metal and polyliner in August. My chromium
    went from 64 down to 14, my cobalt went from 154 to 40. I had all the symptoms
    as your husband but I had double vision and both eyes were affected. Everything
    is better but still having some memory, hearing and vision problems. The fog
    went away and I have more energy than I have felt in years. My surgeon
    drained blood out of my wound for 3 days, filtered it and put it back in. I think
    that helped me alot…Good luck to you and God bless, Sharron

  61. Thank you Jim for your reply. I’m so sorry to learn of your residual problems. :(

    How is the metal on poly working out for you?

    His OS says the stem is not loose and sees no sense in slicing the bone open to remove it. I’m sure the recovery, if this was done, would be even more painful and longer and my husband is not up for that since we are self employed and the downtime already will impact us greatly! Therefore, we are basically looking at no other choice but to do his revision with metal on poly.

    Also, did your metal levels decrease on their own after surgery? Is there anything that can be done/taken to remove it from his blood? He has to wait 2 more months before he can get in to have the surgery, and I keep wondering if the levels will continue to rise during that time and lead to more problems for him?

    Is it necessary to retain the parts if we file suit? We were told due to contamination and sanitary reasons we cannot have them, and if we have a lawyer take them, he would not be willing to do the surgery. He will not go to court as he believes these issues we are having are only a small percent from what he has seen in his own practice.

    Thanks again for your help.


  62. MIchele

    I was having thea same issues with my first hips. i woke up in pain and things just worsened after that. I had a high cobalt and chromim, I have tinnitius, hypothyroid, fatigue, poor cognitive abilities, Kidney’s and difficult in my left eye. The symptoms have subsided bu still with tinnitus, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction and hearing loss. Thing will improve but some may be residual.

    If he has a ceramic in the othr hip and he is doing fine then I would go with the ceramic. I would request the system he has if it is still on the market. But, ceramic, in the Pinnacle hip he does have o place a band on the neck and then seat the ball. I went with polyethylene and metal as it is the mainstay and has been proven to stand the test of time. But you should get what you are comfortable. My doctors have their hands out to Depuy and I had to find out about it theough research. I trust no one as the doctors are being paid with big dollars. If we go to trial we will use this against them. If you need anything at all feel free to ask the victims on this web site will do anything we can.

    Take Care

  63. Hi.

    Wow so surprised and glad to find this site with others having problems with the pinnacle system.

    My husband had a L THR due to AVN in Nov 2005 using the MOM pinnacle system. It has never felt right from day one. He always said it just feels like it is at the wrong angle, it would pop and click. OS thought it was the IT band and had him do more PT to no avail. After several trips back to the OS with the same complaint and same response, x-rays look fine, he decided to just live with it. Now it has progressed over the past several months to constant pain in groin, inner thigh, and at times has pain radiating down the whole leg.

    He had his metal levels checked and chromium is 25 ppb and cobalt 140! ppb. Normal is 1-2 ppb. From doing research on cobalt poisoning he has all the symptoms, loud constant ringing in both ears, loss of vision in right eye, trembling hands that shake, his fingers and toes get ice cold, he just feels like he is in a fog mentally etc. It is so upsetting and horrible to see this happening to him and who knows what damage it is doing to his heart, liver, kidneys etc. It just makes me sick to my stomach! :(

    I am wondering for those of you that had high metal levels and symptoms did they resolve after the revision, or is this permanent damage going on?

    Also his new OS wants to simply put a poly liner in the existing cup and put a new metal ball on. But with his metal levels so high, I can’t see how we can allow that if he is already sensitive and reacting to the metal. We don’t want another revision only months later. Plus this new OS may be married to Depuy since we know (found this out online) he has received kickbacks and may not be willing to go against the grain, even if it is the right thing to do for the patient. We meet with him tomorrow to ask some more questions about the problems we have learned about MOMs and to find out his true character. Is he looking out for the patients best interest or his own?

    There is a study out from the UK on the MOM pinnacle that wear on the stem where the ball is placed can also be the cause of the metal debris. So if this turns out to be the case for my husband issues, changing to another metal ball won’t solve the problem. Here are the links:

    What else can be used on the existing summit stem? The OS didn’t recommend a ceramic ball something to due with he would have to put metal sleeve over the stem? We are thinking if no other viable alternative it may be best to pull the stem and everything out and go ceramic. Reason being he had his right THR due to AVN using ceramic ball and poly liner in 1997 and it has never caused any pain or problems and is still going strong with just minimal wear of the poly liner. I believe it was a Biomet product

    I recall asking the surgeon at the time about doing ceramic but he was not for it and recommended the metal on metal for all the reasons, last forever, etc.. Oh how he and many others were wrong!!!! now at OUR expense, health, and lifestyle.

    Thanks for letting me share our story and if anyone has any input from their experiences we would welcome it. :)


  64. Thank-you for your kind words Jim. The VA has been my second home for a long
    time. Are you able to walk now and have your hips healed? My right hip was
    necrotic also and the Doctor had to debride it. Did you have metal toxicity also?

  65. Hey Sharon, it is good that we have forum to share our feelings and ask questions as you may have noticed that the docotor are being evasive with the answers. I have the poly also and in my opinion it still is the best choice as it has been proven to stand the test time barring any unforeseen circumstances that would cause early failures. The main reason they kept the depuy is that most doctors are exchanging surfaces only. There is no reason to to take a well seated prosthesis out as the rel problem is with the bearing surface. But I will tell you that I believe there is an inhrent design problems with the Pinnacle that causes undo stress being placed o the bearing surfaces. The Pinnacle was designed with the lowest clearances on the market today. This causes a multitude of problems like impingement and front edge loading. Also the prosthesis has to be placed precisely or all the problems mentioned above will occur. I will tell you it is humanly impossible to precisely place this acetabular component all of the time. The best surgeons will fail at this. The human body is unique and that in itself can’t be accounted for in the instrumentation that is required to place this correctly, Depuy will defend their Pinnacle as tey will say it has the lowest failure rate of all the devices on the market. The proble here is that we in the US don’t have a total joint registry that follows failures and document the reason why it failed. Most doctors will revise without any reason why to the patient and only depuy knows the true count of failures as they keep track of the sales primary and revision. I hope that during the discovery that we will get a true count through the Depuy sales of how bad certain designs like the Pinnacle fail.

    You deserve a rest and thank you for your service to our vets. I am a Navy Corpsmen served in the Marines. I am also part of the Camp Lejeune Water contamination which I have 5 autoimmune illness’s. It has been a long 10 years for me as I have been out of medicine due to the avascular necrosis of both hips and the pain and disability I have suffered ever since I had the Pinnacles put in. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday and I hope you progress well and please stay involved on this site as there are many who share the same issues.

    Take care

  66. Hi Jim,
    My primary hip was done in 2006. This was the revision. I have worked at
    the Veteran’s Hospital as a Psychiatric Nurse for 22 years so feel like It’s ok
    to get some rest now. I sent my surgical notes directly to my Lawyer and didn’t
    keep a copy….My Doctor knew that I was sueing J&J so I don’t understand why
    he would use a Dupuy part again. Is that the only thing available? I’m hoping
    it’s 0k with the poly liner. Trying to stay positive…..Have a blessed Holiday,
    I really enjoy talking to all of you…Sharron

  67. Hey Sharron, are you still on your primary hip or did you have it revised. I am so sorry you can no longer practice as a Nurse. as a PA, I know how you must miss your practice and patients. I try to trust my doctors also, but I already have caught them underdocumenting my chart and the Depuy rep was in all of my procedures. So honestly I trust no one. I have the pathology reports and all to prove my case, but Depuy and its money does have a strong hold on the surgeons….money talks and iI know from researching that my physicians are one of 4 who do the Depuy hip in Lexington ky……I am very suspicious… I hope you continue to heal and I hope your family and you have a very Merry Christmas. Watch those levels and any new symptomotology…….find out exactly what prostheisis was used…..take care Jim

  68. To both Jims,
    Thanks for your input. I do have the pinnacle MOM and have been through
    alot with the metal toxicity. I am expecting to recover well but have been forced
    to retire from my job as an RN because I still have pain, 2 months post op.
    I believe the Doc put another Dupuy femoral head in but with the poly liner.
    I’m trying to trust my Doctor, I feel that he did a great job. My Cobalt came down
    from 154 to 40. Best of luck to you and your families at Christmas…Sharron

  69. Dear Sharon:

    No lawsuit entered yet as I don’t have a recalled hip. I (my wife) has the Pinnacle with Altrx(crosslinked poly liner). Yet, I have heard that’ll be just as you stated. J&J wants us to use our medicare/private insurance to fix our problems. I will no longer buy anything they make. Not even a bandaid. They will delay any payment and at this time are refusing any pain and suffering (from what I hear from others.) It seems they have forgotten the Sermon on the Mount.

    Good Luck!

    Jim Sarvis

  70. There isnt a recall on the pinnacle yet! That means no law suits have gone to court yet and who knows when.
    5 yrs sounds good but im sure it will b longer

  71. Sharron I have not heard of any settlement as they are in the discovery phase but I did read that the Pinnacle hip cases are scheduled to be heard this coming spring.I bet the ASR’s will go faster as the were recalled. People with the Pinnacle will be met with resistance. So I believe it will take a couple of years, hopefully not 5 though….I hope you are doing well Jim.

  72. Has anyone heard of any of us getting money from lawsuits yet? My lawyer
    has 200 clients and they tell me it will probably be 5 years before we go to
    Court. Just curious as I haven’t heard anything…

  73. Dear Monica:

    I certainly will pray for you. Thanks for your comments. It appears that the earlier hip implants were not as much a problem. I am sure your husband will come out o.k. on this one. I had a knee replaced in 2006 and never had a problem.(don’t know what brand). My wife Lynne is seeing our surgeon next week. He said her metal blood test looked fine but he “was concerned about the bone scan she just had done”.

    Surgeons are something else. He told me that the DePuy Summit stem was supposed to float in her bone-that is why it is tapered. I just can’t wait until I hear his comments on the bone scan.

    Monica,I think 45 yrs is far too young to have hip problems. I know how this situation has changed your lives. The shame of it is the lack of knowledge by the entire profession about all aspects of the hip implants and the money paid to doctors by the implant companies to “shut them up”.

    Yes, I know this letter will be examined for hostility. I have read all of the letters on this great site and there is one person I believe must be an employee of one of the implant companies that warns us against creating information that will scare our readers. This web site is one of the few places one can get any HONEST, if not always technically accurate portrayal, of our being manipulated by the caregivers who want to cover their bases…The surgeon that did my wife’s hip was a genius. Her hip was nothing but chicken bones. For the first 6 months after surgery we thought he was the greatest thing since slice bread. Upon our 6 month visit and telling him about the pain starting to come from my wife’s inside thigh and hip-he had the courage to tell me that we had to come back in two years as she needed “bone growth”. I asked why did she have no pain for the first six months-with no bone, and now she was having a great deal of pain.

    My letters to this site are to aid and help others. Why? Because truth seems to be a very elusive commodity in the hip implant profession.

    What has happened to this Country? Are we the 99% Cattle to be handled by the 1% intelligencia?

    You don’t have to print this letter. I will not be offended, and understand if your don’t.

  74. Hi Jim,
    I went back through all of my husbands medical records and I found all of the information on his first hip implant. Just as I thought, he had all Zimmer parts. Components, liner, bone screws, femoral stem, femoral head…all Zimmer, and we especially him were very very pleased with the surgery and the outcome. His first surgery was 3/96. Second surgery (the one from Hell) 10/2003. Third and hopefully last surgery 12/5/2011. Pray for us.

  75. @Jim – To date my husband is 45 years old and has had two total hip surgeries, and on Dec 5, 2011 he will undergo his third. Right now he has the Pinnacle and it is poiosning his system. His first surgery was a Zimmer and he had no problems with that one until he’d fallen and cracked the cup. His new Hip I think will be Zimmer again w/titanium.


  76. I find it amazing the number of people that go in good faith to their surgeons after their initial hip implant and discover that their hip implant “needs revision”. My surgeon used all the right stuff as far he was concerned . a DePuy Pinnacle System with Altrx poly liner, Pinnacle Summit Stem with Porocoat stem, screwed in acetabular cup. Is there anybody else out here that has had problems with the Altrx liner Pinnacle system. Surgeon used 58mm cup and 36mm ball. Remember, cup has poly liner. Jim Moreland stated that the ball can ride on the poly liner lip(liner used has lip)and impinge movement and cause pain. Lawyers are like mad dogs taking on recalled cases, but will not touch a poly liner Pinnacle System, as it is supposed to be foolproof…and not recalled YET! Poppycock! Alignment, correct femoral head size, infection, all can cause problems with the Pinnacle poly system. There is far more to Pinnacle failure than metal on metal. I think the design of the unit is too unforgiving requiring very close tolerances.

    I am going to be in a Catch 22 with DePuy blaming the surgeon, and the surgeon blaming Depuy. What is alarming is the “fix” for the metal on metal is the Altrx crosslinked poly liner to insulate metal from metal. Ah, there’s the rub. Misalignment can cause the poly to shed and be just as caustic to the body. Note that most revision surgeries using the poly insert do NOT solve the pain problem etc. The MDL lawyers must consider all Pinnacle types. I explicitly told my surgeon,”do NOT use any DePuy product”. He did and when I discovered it via the surgical reports-he said there is nothing else out there that he could have used. Funny thing, his nurse told me rather huffily that DePuy is ALL they use and the surgeon never would have told me he would use anything else. The surgeon did admit to me that he had told me he would use a Zimmer, but then figured he would have problems with it. I asked him why he did not call me and tell me about his decision to use DePuy. He had no answer.

    So, in conclusion, the revision surgery practices are pretty much a poly insert into the acetabular cup. Isn’t it interesting that my wife can’t walk with that system? And the MDL lawyers aren’t interested? Some surgeons also change the femoral head to ceramic or titanium.

    Think about it! We have had an MRI,aspiration,ten x rays, three blood tests-and waiting on a bone scan and metal blood test(as the screws and acetabular cup and femoral head are metal on metal.)

    If you are due a hip implant -don’t unless it is absolutely imperative. All these implants have a problem of some sort. Either related to surgical skill, or product.

    Take Care-my comments are those of a layman. I am not in the medical field, but relating my experiences to aid others. “The truth will set you free”. Good luck finding it.


  77. Thank-you Jill. Will check into those things. I am having my Physical therapy in
    a pool and it’s wonderful. I think I will continue for about 6 months. I’m like you,
    will do anything to get better, have to keep working at it! Thanks again,

  78. Jim Moreland:

    Just reread my wife’s MRI. Stated that she had,” small focus of soft tissue signal along medial wall of the acetabulum ” and was nonspecific. I have not yet received results of bone scan, but the Dr. did admit to me that he used to work for a DePuy consultant firm and was the firm was paid to push DePuy products. He claimed his new practice was not a DePuy paid consultant position. By the way, he operates now by himself. When he did my wife’s surgery he worked out of a thriving four doctor surgical office that has blown apart with each former member miles away from each other in their new pracrtices. The firm disbanded almost overnite. This whole situation has caused all of us with hip problems that put faith in our doctors really to be a little suspicious of the profession.

    Jim Sarvis

    Monica-am confused about your recommendation when I am not sure if your husband has had one of his hips done with the Zimmer and the replacing of the DePuy will be done with the Zimmer. If he did have one hip with the Zimmer implant, how long has he had it?


  79. Monica, good news about your husband, it seems like his surgeon has decided to use a different brand altogether. I don’t blame the physicians as Depuy has left them out to dry by stating that the hips that failed were malaligned in th first place, declaring it is the surgeons fault…I hope he does well with it all…Jim

  80. To Sharron:
    I was using the Renew brand of Heavy Metal Cleanse – its a am/pm oral supplement and I also had and will start again soon the foot ionic detox soaks – this I was doing at my chiropractor’s office 2-3 x a wk just prior to surgery.
    I started out once a week and upped to more – after doing this for a short period of time plus going thru once oral metal cleanse(30days) my blood levels of chromium and colbalt came down only a point each, but thats better than going up!! This was BEFORE my surgery…I can’t wait to start again – hopefully next week when I begin driving the short trip into town for therapy and of course start my foot detox soaks.
    Insurance doesn’t pay for the soaks but it’s worth it to get that metal out!!
    If you have a flex account thru work you can use that..I did until I used that up..but a new year is just around the corner for me and my new flex starts again.

    I go back to my Dr this Friday for my first post op visit…we will see how things look then…I have plenty of excercises to do here at home and im sure when I start going to the physical therapy office more will be added and hopefully I will get even better!!
    Good luck to all and I will be in touch..

  81. Dear Monica and Jim:

    Again thanks ever so much for the help. My wife had metal check in blood and bone scan-surgeon has yet to call us in for results. I must admit that my last visit was much better, annd I told him as such. Can you believe that when my wife went in on her third pain visist complaint 6 months after surgery he told her that everything looked fine-come back in two years as she need Pinnacle Stem bone growth at the base of the stem. After , I insisted and brought in all my researched material is only when he started looking “closer” at her x rays and stated that there appeared to be spacing above the cup (one screw was attached to hip) and on the femoral stem right side. That is why he did the bone scan. I informed him that I was still upset that he used DePuy, and his response was he told me that he was going to use the Zimmer Cup, but there was too much trouble with it.

    Funny thing, when I was by told his nurse, who prepared us for his entrance into the examining room, that their practice has NEVER used anything but a DePuy. I told her that I instructed him to not use a DePuy of any sort, and she stated that the DePuy he used was not the one subject to recall. I asked her why he had not notified me of his overrriding my request, and she that he would have never said he wouldn’t use a DePuy. I don’t like this practice-they are a Catch 22.

    Bless you all-either DePuy or the surgeon or both has changed my wife’s life. Her pain Doctor(separate DR.) stated that he had a DePuy all metal heavy duty implant and it is causing the same problems my wife is having with pain(they cut his nerves in his hip) and he gets constant popping. This pain specialists is an Orthopedic Sports Injury Specialist. ; very up set with DePuy. Both had their surgery March 2010.

  82. To Jill<
    Hi, I also had my revision surgery in August and have a new femoral head
    and poly liner. I had it done at Stanford University and they cleaned my blood
    for 3 days, they drained it out of the wound site, filtered it and put it back in.
    My cobalt went from 154 down to 40 and my chromium went from 64 to 14. I am
    thrilled with the results, feel so much better with that metal coming out of my
    system. My attorney also picked up my hip up to use as evidence in Court.
    Jill, what are you using as a metal cleanse, I was sure what to buy there are
    many products out there? Your note was up-lifting. I feel like a new person
    since my surgery 2 1/2 months ago… Sharron

  83. Good news guys, my husband Raymond is having his Depuy Pinnacle hip revised. The physician will be taking it completly out and replacing it with a new hip (NOT A MOM, NOT A DEPUY!) Our surgery will be Dec 5, 2011. We are very excited. Our attny has instructed us to collect all of the bad parts and store them for our case. I pray that this will fix my husband.

  84. Monica, did he have both hips replaced???? If yes, they should have used the same prosthesis, if it was a revision then I might understand it. All metal on metal hips are proving high failjure rates and the fact that cobalt and chromium levels are toxic it is causing all surgeons whose patients have metal on metal hips to be followed closely. Jim

  85. @ Jim, I do have to say that when my husband had his very first total hip replacement surgery, it was done with a Zimmer multi-lock femoral implant. He had no problems with that one. It was awesome.

  86. There is no reason why your surgeon didn’t inform you, especially after you requested that he not use any Depuy products. The medical rationale for using the Pinnacle with ALTRX is that poly and with a metal head has been studied and been proven to be tne main stay in total hip arfthroplasty surgery. It has been proven to be the most dependable with least failure rate. All hip prsthesis shed material within the joint, puoyethylene is no accception. This metal on metal hip was tried before in the 60 and early 70’s and failed then for a number of reasons. But to answer your question is that your surgeon should have INFORMED you of the type prosthesis he was using, especially when specifically told him not to use Depuy products. You have may have legal recourse against your surgeon and as wrote before, I believe that there is an inherent problem with the Pinnacle design period. Good luck Jim.


  87. Does anyone have a hip implant mfg. that has NO problems. My surgeon was told NOT to use any DePuy product but DID because he told me that Stryker, Zimmer…all of them had problems and the only recourse at this time was the DePuy Pinnacle with Altrx liner. That had the least of any recalls.

    Simply-anybody out there that can educate me -IF there is an intelligent response to my surgeon for him not following my instructions.

    Million thanks.


  88. Jill:

    Thanks for you comments. My main topic is the metal on metal femoral head used with ther ALTRX poly liner. Waiting for blood work on metal and Bone Scan.


  89. I had both of my hips replaced one in 08 and the other in 09 with the belief that all my problems would be solved. The new hips are both the Zimmer Triology. I really thought I could go on with my life as I am now only 48 years old. I now live in daily pain that has ended the lifestyle that I once led. Most of my day is spent in the bed or on the sofa as stitting has gotten to be impossible. I can walk for only short distances and then must lay down as sitting is not a option. This all started in 2008 when I had a pain in my left hip and was dignosed with AVN. In good faith I had the hip replaced as the surgen sugested. 6 months later I made the decission to have the right hip done as it also showed signs of the AVN and hip decay. I belived that given time and the excercises sugested that all would be fine. During both of these replacements I continued to work my job and deal with the initial pain all the time expecting it to pass. Now my employer has closed down the company and I have no insurance to seek medical attention. I had to lay in a dirty county emergency room floor for 9 hours a few weeks ago to only get a injection for the severe pain and then sent into the street. I know that this is not a good hip implant as I have 2 and they are getting worse by the day. I will need to wait untill next year to get back in for MRI as the county takes months if you have lost your insurance. Please send your comments on the triology as it has destoyed my life and I can’t take the daily pain much longer. Even sitting ong enough to type this is a challenge due to the pain. I know that The DuPuy has been all over the net however the zimmer triology has destoryed my life.

  90. Jim

    The good thing is that you have confidence in your surgeon and he is now taking steps to rule out loosening. My concern is about the psychological statement, it is if he is setting things up if the test come back negative then the problem is with your wife. That is wrong because there are other things that cause hip pain other than loosening. Infection need to be ruled out, she could have a sub-clinical infection that is causing her pain. Without a MARS MRI or ultrasound you might mis sweeling in the joint or psuedo-tumor formation. Ct Scan is more specific for bone and could be another diagnostic test at his disposal. Finally the orientation of the cup is off. This produces malalignment and would cause pain, load popping. increase in stiffness, pain getting up from a seated position and pain bending forward. When you have malalignment the parts will wear faster even the plastic, so making sure that you have proper cup alignment is very improtant as I said before this Pinnacle modular hip actebular cup has to be precisely placed, it is less forgiving, many ortho surgeons have made this complaint also. I like your passion and your dedication to finding the answers, don’t let the doctors label her as someone with psychological issues either, if that is the case then you need a second opinion. Where do you live? Ususally at the state University medical schools you will find ortho surgeons who are up on these issue. The surgeons are way behind on these issues with Depuy and the problems it causes, I have had 7 revisions in the last year and a half. I had my done 10/03 and 2/04 and they hurt from the get go, and the surgeon at that time didn’t see anything on xray and I argued and argued, but I have Lupus and Sjogren’s and other diseases that allows them to contribute to “joint pain” but I told him it is mechanical in nature and impingement was the words I used then and it is a fact that with the Depuy Pinnacle as with ASR due to their clearances causes impingement. Impingement produces a sharp pain in the groin area raditing to the buttock area and can cause synovitis(swelling of the soft tissue) which causes the hip to be tight, painful and limits the range of motion. If you need anything I am here for you Jim. This whole metal on metal hips have gotten the Ortho profession all turned upside down and some are scrambling to correct the problems in favor of Depuy because they enjoy monetary incentives……Let me know how things progress, Jim Moreland

  91. One last comment while I’m able to make it time- wise…all the lawyers in the world will take Metal On Metal ASR. Non will take Pinnacle with ALTRX poly liner. No money in it. I am on the start of a journey of discovery. My wife’s life has been changed with all her pain and inability to walk correctly. Just warning all of you, that Jim Moreland’s comments ring true also for the Zimmer failure. After these latest tests come back-if the surgeon says he has no idea what is causing the pain…I will then proceed against all parties with a vengence. Why? I cannot stand by while my sugeon uses a unit brand I told him specifically NOT to use, that brand is causing, either by design or product part failure, my wife’s pain.

    I, at this time, have a great respect for my surgeon and his ablities. He went into great depth about the Zimmer problem, and indicated that DePuy might be in the same ballpark-but will never admit it. Although, I still am perturbed that he used a unit I told him not to use under any circumstance.


    Be safe.

  92. Att: Jim Moreland-another note from Jim Sarvis. Sugeon really spent time with my wife and I after I got a hold of the surgeon’s report and found out it was a DePuy hip. His nurse( prior to the surgeon even coming in to the room) was all set up for me with the Pinnacle with Altrx liner not being a recall item…and implied I was untruthful when I had told the surgeon emphatically not to use any DePuy hip. I have been in Mfg. for 40 years and I am well aware of the similarities that occur in a company’s other products when some show to be failures. Ususally, the rest follow. The surgeon was very honest about being lied to by Zimmer by their sales rep. and told me the same situation could be with the DePuy. I almost jumped in and slammed him with -then why did you use it? I didn’t until the time is right. I have had all the aspirations, MRI, blood tests( not metal -this week) and did see a close-up of the implant with the Pinnacle cup and Altrx liner. The surgeon explained that the Bone Scan would show any growth problems with implant and bone. I must add that with his experience with Zimmer, surgeon is aware of fit problems. After current tests come back, and if I get a ” I don’t know what is causing the pain?” from the surgeon-hell hath no fury like my wife scorned!

  93. Jim Moreland-Penny Miller. Thanks for your very informative comments. The surgeon explained to me that he used the DePuy becasue the Zimmer was on recall and the DePuy system wasn’t( the Pinnacle). The Stryker he never uses. I asked him why he did not inform us-explained he used the only option available to him. He is doing the metal blood testing and Bone Scan next week. He keeps claiming that the pain is psychologically enhanced, and this bone scan will help determine how the implant is perfoming with bone attachment. He did say there might be something wrong with the implant itself and that DePuy loves to blame the surgeons for the problems. He also indicated that he had a lot of trouble with the Zimmer cup sales rep. telling him their Zimmer Cup was perfect when He discovered the cup specs were not the same as indicated on their label and reaming the correct size for the cup did not work for proper fit, as the cup size was off. Take Care, Jim

  94. Tf you are having a Depuy Pinacle Implant and are using the ALTRX liner make sure the femoral head is M-spec. This is a new femoral head that is better than metal. My surgeon doing his job with current visit-happy with his concern . Bone Scan and metal blood testing ordered this visit. He stated that the Bone Scan will determine if my wife’s both growth has not been proper with Pinnacle 11 cup and Summitt 11 stem. Her x rays showed the left facing summit stem both growth to not be adhering as good as the right. She still has popping, severe pain which started 7 months after surgery. Dr. indicated that DePuy may be holding back on problems with their prdouct. He went into detail the recall on the Zimmer Cup and how that company was less than honest about cup fit and sizing. Hope I have helped somebody. The cup fit is really important. If it is just a hair width off, you will have pain.


  95. I just had my revision surgery on Oct 25. I had the pinnacle MOM. I now have a new ball and ploy liner.
    lots of metal was removed having my Dr say I had reason for the pain.
    of course I had high cobalt and chromium levels and have been doing metal cleanse’s and have lowered the numbers myself. I will continue these and do everything I can to aide in lowering this.
    I have high hopes that I will recover and feel much better eventually.
    I will do what I can myself which I encourage each and everyone out there to do so the theirself. I have a lawyer and did not have a problem finding one as I have read over and over that people say they have. You must not be looking very hard. I had lawyers contacting me after I inquired online.
    I eventually found one near my home. they have retained my parts that were removed during surgery for future use. I just want to get well and get my life back. I will do as I said before what ever I can afford to do to help myself.
    thank you
    Jill in Kentucky


    Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Risks Outweigh Benefits, Group Finds
    Appeals Court Found Use of Taser Constituted Excessive Force
    Birth Injury Lawsuit Over Brain Trauma Results in $144M Award
    Rite Aid Rich Fields Cookie Recall Over Bacterial Contamination
    Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Risks Outweigh Benefits, Group Finds
    Posted: 01 Nov 2011 06:07 AM PDT
    A group of researchers have concluded that the potential risks associated with metal-on-metal hip implants appear to outweigh any health benefits provided by the devices, due to high revision rates linked to the newer hip replacement design and concerns about health problems from metal blood poisoning.

    The California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF) released an assessment of the benefits and effectiveness of using metal on metal hip replacements as an alternative to total hip arthroplasty, concluding that the relatively new metal hip implants may not be worth the risk.

    The assessment (PDF) is the third time the group has reviewed metal-on-metal hip implants, and the group says that some questions about the technology that were present years ago are still present today.

    The CTAF listed five criteria for determining the viability of metal hip implants, including: that the technology be properly approved by a governing body; that there be scientific evidence that can be used to make conclusions on health outcomes; that the implants be shown to improve net health outcomes; that the implants be as beneficial as established alternatives; and that the improvements can be attained outside of an investigational setting. Of those requirements, metal hip implants only meet the first two, the CTAF determined.

    Because of high revision rates and the risk of metallosis, a form of blood poisoning caused by cobalt and chromium particles shed by metal-on-metal implants, the group concluded that “there is clearly no evidence that the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks.”

    After they were introduced, metal-on-metal hip implants quickly grew to account for about one-third of the 250,000 hip replacements performed each year in the United States. However, over the past two years, concerns have increased about a risk metal hip replacement complications, resulting in use of the implants dropping to just 5% of the artificial hip market.

    Recent research suggests that as the metal hip replacement parts rub against each other, microscopic particles of cobalt and chromium may be shed into the body, which can result in metal poisoning. This may result in soft tissue damage, inflammatory reactions, bone loss, genetic damage, asceptic fibrosis, local necrosis or other problems that may lead to the need for a risky hip revision surgery.

    In May 2011, the FDA requested artificial hip manufacturers to provide more data on problems with metal poisoning and metal implants.

    Media attention to the metal-on-metal hip implant risks increased after a DePuy ASR hip recall was issued in August 2010. The metal-on-metal artificial hip system was removed from the market due to a high rate of failures after more than 90,000 components were sold throughout the world.

    More than 1,000 people have already filed a DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuit as a result of complications caused by the recalled system. DePuy Orthopaedics also faces a growing number of DePuy Pinnacle hip lawsuits filed as a result of problems associated with their other metal-on-metal artificial hip implant. Although a DePuy Pinnacle hip recall has not been issued, lawsuits allege that the older system features similar design defects that increase the risk of early loosening or failure.

    Regarding Jim Sarvis’s comments:
    My 2nd hip revision was a metal to metal DePuy Summit–same as your wife. My 1st hip was the Pinnacle. In my previous comments, I discussed comments regarding my 3rd hip replacement this past April. The metal poisoning was so high that it destroyed so much tissue that the hip is so weak and has already dislocated. I too need a left knee replacement as my knee has been swollen & extremely painful since April. I continue to go to PT twice a week, but nothing helps.
    My attorney is Seeger Weiss in NJ and that firm has more than 600 cases of Metal to Metal Hip lawsuits pending. (973) 639-9100.
    Remember that almost all the surgeons are now consultants for J & J, so that is a problem.
    Good luck…maybe letters to Congressmen might help.
    Cheers, Penny

  97. Jim

    So sorry to hear this about your wife. Pretty crappy answer and lie your ortho told. I have 25 years in orthopedic surgery and I know there are some who should not be practicing. My problem is the fact that your wie is hurting and he has no clue. Depuy has had problems with polyethylene spaces in the past, but I think there is an inherent design flaw with the Pinnacle system because if has been design with the lowest clearance on the market, this meand a couple of things. First the surgeon must precisly place this cup as it is not forgiving as other systems. Second because of the clearance issue you get edge loading at the acetabular cup this cause pain and loosening and it can also shed metal and plastic part inside the hip. Right now the metal on metal hips are getting all the attention but I think you are going to find out that through all the dicpvery process that the Pinnacle has design flaw that causes impingement in all its hips. I have been very busy on the other site and I have heard just as many poly and ceramic failures as the metal on metal design. Now Depuy will tell you that this Pinnacle is their cadillac and has very low failure rate. In the US we don’t track hip failures, secondly orthopedist rarely admit to any wrong doing and chalk it up to the patients failure and really never explain why, because some are on the payroll and others don’t want any liability so they remain neutral or even talk up the Pinnacle system in this case. Once some of the best engineers look at this design you may just find that you will have a case, that due to faulty design and clearances issues that their failure rates will be higher,,,,this has been playingout for years and Depuy is well aware of all revisions that are bring done, don’t let them kid you, but don’t give up stay current as these lawsuits go through you will be hearing the truth and it just may be something that your wife and you will have a claim. So stay tuned in.

    Now your wife, has she had an aspiration of the hip to rule out infection. She should aleast have a bone scan and maybe CT scan or MARS MRI to check the loosening or abnormailities in the soft tissues. If she is get a sharp pain in the groin when she weight bears, internally flex or pivot, then those are signs of impingement/ I would get blood work to rule out any cobalt and chromium as you are right because the ball is place on a metal stem and if you are getting edge loading then it is possible for the the metal necl to inpinge on the rim of the cup, without knowing the specifics it is hard for me to advise but I surely would file suit against your ortho surgeon especially if you stressed to him no Depuy products, that is behavior that a jury would punish a surgeon especially when you specifically asked not to have it. This acetabular cup may not be put in properly by the surgeon and he could be sued for this……..Right now I am more concerned about your wife’s pain and disabilties…Let me know if there is anyway I can assist you.

    Good luck and blessings

  98. My wife had 1 1/2 yrs ago May of 2010 a DePuy Pinnacle Summit stem with Aeticul/exe femoral head ( metal on metal) is the surgical nomenclature. Also used the Altrx liner. Wife in constant pain. Surgeon did MRI, tested all fluids said everything just fine. When I asked him why all the pain? He looked to the ceiling and said he had NO idea. I had told him NEVER to use a DePuy hip of any sort, as in March of 2010 DePuy started getting bad press, and rightfully so. He said he put in another brand( won’t mention it.)He lied when I obtained the surgical report -it was a DePuy. The ALTRX liner means NO attorney will touch me, even if the Pinnacle IS RECALLED. BUT, I AM CHECKING OUT THE METAL ON METAL HEAD TO SEE IF IT IS COMPLIANT WITH THE M SPEC DICTATED BY DePuy.

  99. Jill, I am in Richmond Ky what part are from. I stayed local in Lexington with my hip. I hope you will continue to improve. Blessings, Jim

  100. I just had my revision survery oct 25. Im home now and feel somewhat better . i had high levels of cobalt & chromium. dr told me that i had “good reason to be in pain”
    Lots of metal fragments that he cleaned out. Put in a new prestine ball and a poly liner. i am excercising mildly and start PT on Monday
    i dont have near the pain i did with the original surgery in Nov of 2005.
    I have a lawyer and they had a forensic lab from out of state to retain my parts that were removed.
    there are lawyers everywhere taking these Pinnacle cases. I had more than one contact me but went with a local firm.
    im keeping my hopes up and will continue with metal cleanses and ionic foot detoxes when i am able to get out. my levels had went down slightly while doing these cleanses.
    so i definately will begin again.
    I will keep everyone updated and fingers crossed they will recall the pinnacle.
    Jill C. in Kentucky

  101. Monica

    There are plenty of attorneys who will take this case easily. Look at the Law firms in St. Louis, Dallas, San Francisco ,,,you don’t have to have an attorney in your own state to do this so If you need help I will find the names for you but you should be able to find them as matter of fact they are advertising big time for cases. With those high numbers and symptoms it sounds like your husband needs a revision. He had his done the same year I did and my hips were always with pain from day one. If I can be of further assistance I am here for you.

    Jim Moreland PA-C, MHS

  102. My husband had his DePuy Pinnacle (MOM) replacement back in Sept of 2003, and I would have to say that that is when is quality of life started to deminish. He falls, he is in constant pain 24 hours of the day, the clicking of the prothesis is totally annoying, the swelling of his joints, and the knee pain and ankle pain are just the beginning of his problems. Just recently he had his chromium cobalt levels tested and we were told that they are at dangerous levels. I am very angry that all of this is going on an know one will help. We have been turned down by numerous attys and fell that we have NO where to go. I’m almost sure that we will loose everything that we own, but we have to get this hip system out before it kills him.

  103. How great to hear how many other folks have had the same problems. Had a Pinnacle II for my total left hip in 2006 and my hip has never felt right or been without pain. The pain never goes away, some days are worse. My left knee is now going as a result. It’s terrible. So frustrating the FDA hasn’t recalled the Pinnacle II; it obviously didn’t work. My guess is it’ll cost Johnson & Johnson so much more because it was implanted about 8 times more. That’s billions, it’ll kill company profit & shareholder value. Plus the bad press. It’s cheaper to cow the FDA, more cost effective. Some enterprising squad of lawyers should be able to break this logjam I’d think, so maybe there’s some hope. I was 31 when I got my hip, I’m 37 now. Used to be a martial arts/self-defense instructor and jr vp of sf’s teacher’s union. Active. All gone. God bless you all, stay strong.

  104. Does anyone have any good news concerning the DePuy Pinnacle. I reckon that the FDA and Johnson and Johnson are waiting until we all die and hope that everything goes away. My attorney hasn’t really done much except fill me with a lot of false hope. I guess that all we do is keep on keepin’ on. It sure would be nice to read some positive news here. Good luck to all. Oh, by the way if you’re looking for help from your surgeon, GOOD LUCK!

  105. I had a total hip replacement done on both hips in 2003, they used the SROM system, the cups have come loose on both sides and i am in constant pain, i am currently on a pain management program.

  106. I had my right hip replaced in 05, and ever since they did the replacement it has never been right. I went through PT and then told my doctor about the pain after sitting for awhile and the pain I have if i lay on my right side. They took x-rays and said everything looks ok . I believe my doctor couldn’t believe that he had done something wrong. This is the same doctor who did the surgery to replace my right knee and I had to have that surgery over again as long as to revisions on the same knee. I talked to one doctor and he told me to basically to live with it because the hip would need to be done over as well as the knee and with that i could lose my leg and they could have to fuse the bones together or I could lose my life. I have AVN in my hips which is why i had the first hip replacement and I still have to have my left hip done and with the arthritis I need my left knee done as well. With all the problems on my right side I don’t know if I can go through all that again for my left side. just on the right side I’ve had close to 20 surgeries and it’s still no better. Thank you for letting me vent . oh I’m only 45

  107. I’m only 22! I had the Pinnacle THR done when I was 18. RUINED MY LIFE

    For the past 4 years I have been constantly distracted by my hip. Doctor said I would be able to play ice hockey again after this. YEAH RIGHT! I can barely jog…

    I sit around all day depressed, wondering why me, why so young, my life is ruined because of this. I would have rather kept the pain I endured with my original hip when I was 18. I feel like the doctor just ripped me off for 100k to put in his pocket.

    Had a check up 2 years after because it still wasn’t feeling normal. Doc said everything looked good and to give it more time..I feel like I have sciatic nerve damage. My ass is constantly sore and needs massaging. Every step I take I think about it. Matter of fact all I think about all day everyday is my hip. I can barely concentrate on my work, which is all online. I’m lucky I’m smart and have built a passive income stream with my new company-

    Email me if you have any suggestions: glgotting at

  108. I have not been on this site lately. I am amazed of the the overall problems Pinnacle Patients are facing. The Pinnacle came to market in the mid 2003 year. It will be interesting to gather the facts over the last 8 years of those Pinnacle hips that needed to be revised. Of course you will not be able to get that information but more and more you here about the Pinnacle system the metal on metal, Ultamet, is like the ASR. The ceramic which I have heard multiple problems with requiring revision in many cases. I think you will find the more the word gets out that people will respond. I hear they are ready to defend their Pinnacle record. Well they will fail because anybody who knows the facts will tell you that all metal on metal hips should be pulled from the market, most surgeons are staying away from them and this is statistically proven since the ASR was recalled. Now the ceramic and also there multiple poly failures. Depuy has had issues with their poly liners in the past. I think, Penny, you are mostly right on about the issues. I hope there are attorneys ready to fight for this injustice that has been placed on many of us, as we deserve justice nothing more but justice. Jim.

  109. In July 2010, I had a total hip replacement of my right hip using the Pinnacle hip and Summit stem; mine is not metal on metal; it is a ceramic ball in a polyurethyane liner. Since the surgery, I need to use a walker and cane when at home, and a wheelchair if I have to walk more than about 50 or so steps. My lawyer informed me in July of this year that he is closing my case because my particular hip replacement system has not yet been recalled. Has anyone else had this problem, and what are the remedies in pursuing this further? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

  110. I was just reading the new issue of AARP Magazine, when I saw the ad on DePuy Orthopaedics Hip replacements.
    The following is an email that I sent to Mr. W.Lee Hammond, AARP President:

    Dear Mr. Hammond:
    I was reading the current issue of AARP and turned to page 11. I was absolutely shocked that AARP would advertise a full page ad on DePuy Orthopaedics Hip replacements concerning the Pinnacle metal to metal hip. I can’t believe that the ad stated the following:
    “…a recent multi-center clinical study conducted by leading orthopaedic surgeons showed that eight years after surgery, 96.1% of patients still depend on their PINNACLE Hip replacements in their daily lives. John has tested his PINNACLE Hips for 8 years and is gearing up for a 7-day charity bike ride. He’ll tell you, he feels like a new man.”
    I wonder how many seniors read this ad and decide to have J & J DePuy PINNACLE hip. I can personally testify that any metal to metal hip by J & J Depuy can cause horrific pain, suffering & new surgeries to replace this hip. I have had my left hip replaced 3 times because it was a PINNACLE replacement, 2nd time was another Metal to Metal hip by DePuy. I am living proof that the chromimum & cobalt causes metal toxicity in the body. The tissue & muscle around my hip no longer support the new ceramic revision and it constantly dislocates.
    When the FDA finally realizes how defective these hip replacements are and recalls all metal to metal hips, most of us will have died from the toxicity.
    Please familarize yourself with the attached blog written by dozens & dozens of patients suffering from this defective PINNACLE hip.
    It infuriates me to see an ad in AARP suggesting this type of hip replacement along with untrue facts. Do you have any idea of potential patients that may decide to have this replacement because of this ad?!!! Doesn’t AARP Magazine try to help Adults 50+ or does the Magazine cater to anyone that wants to purchase advertising?

    There is a new comment on the post “DePuy ASR™ Hip Implant Recall Prompts Concerns About Pinnacle® System”.
    I have written several blogs in the above post, so you can read my facts.
    I would be most anxious to see if you print my story about the true facts. Unfortunately, we, the sufferers cannot compete with these mega billion dollar companies.
    FYI…this is the first time I have ever responded to an article or ad.
    If anyone is as upset as I am, I suggest writing to the FDA, AARP, political gov’t officials, etc.
    Penny Miller

  111. I had a total left hip replacement backm in august 2010 becauce I have the disease avascular necrosis. My doctor pretty much promised me i would be pain free after this operation. He talked me into the metal on metal hip implant because he said that it should last me the rest of my life and thwt it wouldnt wear out and need to be replaced again. I am 49 years old and had the corail pinnacle hip implant and have continuous problems. Im still hurting in my groin area the hip itself is still tender and sore to the touch. Ive had two dislocations in less than a year which are veryh painful as alot of you in my situation already know. Dr. exrays it asnd says its doing okay but i beg to differ, cause Im the one having all the pain and problems. I think the fda needs to get off their high horse and do something about this so people like my self can get relief and be compensatedfor all they have had to endure with these faulty implants that are causing people like me so much pain and discomfort

  112. Hi Penny,
    I can imagine how frustrated you must feel. You’ve been through soo much.
    It seems like the metallosis thing maybe ongoing forever. I know I’ve already
    mentioned this but my cobalt is 139 and my chromium is 64. My surgery is in
    3 weeks and I didn’t pass my pre-op physical because now there is a problem
    with my heart and lungs. I’m not getting enough oxygen or blood to my heart.
    I have to see a cardiologist to see if they will do the surgery or not. I can just
    imagine, the metal is probably clogging my arteries. Prior to this I was very
    healthy. I’m just praying that they do the surgery and that those levels come down. Glad your right hip is ok…We have to happy with whatever successes
    we have huh? Lucky, I have insurance. I have that fear that they may drop me
    with all these problems….talk to you soon, Sharron

  113. I had my 3rd hip revision on April 13, ’11. As my earlier message stated that my hip dislocated 5 times. I had the J & J DePuy Pinnacle in ’04 and replaced in ’07 with another J & J metal to metal. I suffered from constant pain and side effects from metalouses. On Dec 30, my chromium was 15.9 and cobalt was 21.6. 3 months after my surgery, I had my blood work rechecked. Chromium is now 4.3 and Cobalt is 1.6. That is enough proof that the metal to metal hips are extremely defective. During the surgery, the surgeon told me that he saw flakes of metal and infection in the joint. The tissue & muscles surrounding the hip joint were so bad that he had to put a larger ball & socket in causing a leg length difference of over 1″ Now I am suffering chronic lower back pain.(Have had 3 back surgeries including 3 fusions on my spine.) The new hip has already dislocated because there is no stability. I’ve been in Physical Therapy for over 3 1/2 months. with very little relief. It is so obvious that the metal to metal hip prosthesis is defective. It is so unfair that Johnson & Johnson has such power that they can just delay the class action lawsuits until we die off. Something needs to be done. I feel so sorry for all the patients that need to have another hip revision and have no medical to cover the surgery. I also have a rt hip replacement as of Feb ’10 and it is perfect because it is NOT metal to metal.

  114. Dear Kathy,
    When I hear from people like you, I wish we could all meet one day. I live in
    Coarsegold up near Yosemite and it’s pretty hot here, in the 100’s. I hope your
    sister gets off the steroids, they have bad side effects. I’m an RN. I’ve seen
    what they can do, long term anyway. These Doctors just don’t know what to do
    about the metal, most choose to ignore it. I think that’s because of the media attention. I do have a lawyer. My Son, just told me something discouraging
    though. He says that the corporations have lawyers to delay our cases. They do
    this in hopes that the clients will die before they collect any money. Isn’t that
    just wonderful? I haven’t heard of anyone reaching a settlement yet. Maybe it
    needs to be recalled first. My Lawyer is collecting the removed parts from
    Stanford. Whatever it takes huh? Hope your sister feels better soon..Sharron

  115. Jeffery, is it true that chelation therapy is experimental and dangerous? Which
    Doctor’s do it? Is it considered alternative medicine? Why haven’t any Doctors
    suggested it to me. I’ve been to Three Surgeons and my Primary care Physician
    who haven’t mentioned this. They all act as though there is nothing that can
    be done for the metal toxicity. Just curious, has your thyroid been affected?

  116. Sharron,

    Thanks so much for giving me the name of your doctor at Stanford for my sister. Her current doctor (#3) had her taking steroids the past nine days to reduce “inflammation” — though there isn’t any — and to lessen pain. The steroids have had no effect on her level of pain. She’ll call him Monday to report the disappointing results, and we’ll move on to the next item to be crossed off his list to determine what’s causing the pain. Personally, I think it’s from the metal toxicity, but Dr. #3 hasn’t said anything about that aspect of the implant yet. I guess my sister and I will tackle that monkey on Monday.

    Anyway, I wanted to make sure you are considering legal representation before you undergo your revision. The attorney we’re talking to said the doctor will need to save the MOM device as evidence, so there will be someone from the attorney’s office at the hospital to retrieve the implant post-surgery. There’s a whole written set of protocols for the surgical team to follow apparently. You’re such a helpful person that I would hate for you to be taken advantage of.

    I hope you have a peaceful weekend. It’s going to be nice in the Bay Area! Despite the high cost of living, you gotta love living here when you read about the heat wave back east!

    Best, Kathy

  117. Phil,

    My pinnacle MOM was done in 2007 and my cobalt level is 139 my chromium
    is 64. Can’t wait to get the thing out.. Good luck with your revision. I’m hoping
    the metal levels will come down after surgery…Sharron

  118. To All
    Chealation therapy can reduce levels of toxic heavy metals in the blood.It is expensive and treatments must be done on a regular basis. It is still a temporary remedy for the elevation of heavy metals in your body, but it can save your ability to have a sucessful revision surgery. NEVER consider the PINNACLE or CERAMIC replacement. They are both time bombs. The pinnacle is gooing to be recalled, and ceramic is fragile. Especially for younger patients. I have a metal on plastic that was done 15 years ago, that after beating the hell out of it since, is 95% with no side effects. The other is the pinnacle and my cobalt level is poisoning me. I am a 60 yr old contractor and have put the MOP to the ultimate test for 15 yrs. NO PROBLEMS. The MOM hips are disabling thousands and maiming many more, J&J is on the run. DO NOT let ythem get away. I have atty’s on the case, but they are so slow to get results, I am constantly interviewing new firms to represent me. The PINNACLE hip will be recalled. as previously mentioned very soon. REPORT YOUR PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH THESE HIPS TO THE FDA. There is a form online at FDA.GOV. My heart goesa out to all of you whose problems are so much worse than mine. (so far). We will all eventually suffer the same fate. Get MAD as hell and lets make these sons of bitches pay to correct the massive damage they have caused, and prevent this from ever happening again. I have problems associated with this implant that should never have made it to market, but so many of you are suffering so much , it empowers me to do much more. These pages allow us to share our pain and suffering but will not get results. Every time you post a response here, cc it to your State Rep, your Senator, the White house ,the FDA and any and every other political and medical association you can think of. I do and it DOES make a difference. God speed to you all, and good luck.

  119. I’m in mid 50’s in great shape and very active. Nov 08 had left hip replaced with Pinnacle MOM sys. I did all the PT and was up and around fairly well. Nov 09 had the right side done with the same system. Aside form some annoying pain on the right side and having difficult time getting comfortable sleeping on one side, life was better. I recently went in for a blood test and was shocked to find out my cobalt level was in the 40’s. My OS is scheduling me for a revision. Needless to say I’m very concerned about the metals in my system and having a revision after reading these posts. FDA WAKE UP!!! This Pinnacle is flawed and should be recalled.

  120. Hi Kathy,
    My Doctor is Sr.Stuart Goodman At Standford University Medical Center.
    It was strange that he didn’t seem very concerned about the metal toxicity.
    He said he’s doing the surgery because it’s getting ready to dislocate and
    it’s already fractured. I was more worried about the metal toxicity.. Sharron

  121. Atten: Penny,
    Wow, it is unbelievable that you have been through all of that. That’s what I am
    afraid of, that this will be on-going for the rest of my life. Is your mobility
    completely limited? Are you able to work? Did the metal toxicity affect your
    eyesight? Is there anything to be done about the metal poisoning other than
    just having it removed? I’ll go back and read your older emails again..Nice
    hearing from you…..Sharron

  122. Attn: Sharron Wilcox

    Congrats on your upcoming revision surgery at Stanford! BTW, who is the doctor performing the surgery? My sister has been to two different orthopedic surgeons in the Bay Area regarding her Pinnacle hip implant and none of them have given the go-ahead for revision surgery despite the chronic pain she is suffering (they both gave her cortisone shots and said “everything looks fine” in the metal-on-metal implant). We saw a new OS last week, and are hoping he will be able to provide solutions to help, but any recommendations on Bay Areas specialists would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help! =) Kathy

  123. Attn: Sharron
    I had a J & J Pinnacle Sector II Acetabular cup S-Rom with Femoral head surgery on Feb ’05. It was replaced in Feb ’07 with a J & J Zimmer Metal to Metal Articul/eze with Femoral head and stem. In April ’11, I had to have my 3rd left hip revision because it dislocated 5 times not to mention the high levels of metal-cobalt & chromium (see previous blog) This new hip has left me with a leg length difference of over an inch. Unfortunately, I had a rt hip replacement in Feb ’10 and my leg length difference was finally corrected.
    New Lt hip revision has already dislocated because the tissue & muscle had been destroyed due to the high levels of metal flakes that were present at the time of surgery. No one to my knowledge has been compensated because this is a pending class action suit that, unfortunately, will take years.
    Good luck with your surgery. Just make sure that it is not replaced with any metal to metal components.

  124. Just wondering? Has anybody with the pinnacle sued Johnson & Johnson
    and actually been compensated or is this something that we will have to
    wait years for? I finally got a Doctor that would operate and am having my
    first hip revision in August at Standford University Hospital…Yeah!!!!!! Sharron

  125. I am a 23 year old female from Virginia. I am not the average type of person to be concerned with “hip issues,” but I have had to deal with doctors and pain since the age of 11. Fast forward 11 years(May 2010) and I’m back to the hospital again. My first surgery didn’t go as planned and my body didn’t “accept” it (i guess that’s how you can put it). Hearing the words “pain free” from the doctor was all I needed to hear to know that having a hip replacement would be the right thing to do, but it wasn’t apparently. I also have the Summit Stem Pinnacle cup DePuy hip, but mine is the ceramic cup and plastic liner with the part that goes into the tibia being metal(from what i understand).

    Well like so many others i’m STILL in pain 24/7 (Go Figure). My leg swells, i can’t lay on my left side, i can’t touch anywhere around the hip area, I have the occasional “Popping or clicking” sound, my thigh throbs and aches everyday, I can’t sit, lay down, or stand for long periods of time, It’s very hard to sleep…etc..the list goes on. My doctor does x-rays and says nothing is wrong, but he believes i may have bursitis in the hip area that should go away. It’s been a year..HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Not to mention it has messed my back up, so now I am seeing a back doctor, my pelvic bone is “tilted” since i have limped for so long due to uneven legs..and again the list goes on. I knew he thought I was crazy and i was begining to think i was too until i started doing some research and found i was not alone. The Dr. keeps saying “Just give it time” but in my opinion, over a year after the surgery I should feel SOME KIND OF RELIEF, but I don’t. It’s worse than it has EVER been. In my opinion if a Dr. has a patient complaining of being in so much pain, why not do a MRI or anything to try and see what’s going on instead of saying “give it time” and then walk out the room. I understand that it’s hard for anyone let alone a Dr. to admit when something he has done has gone wrong, but he needs to realize other peoples lives are at stake.

    I have a 2 year old and at my age or ANY AGE or ANYONE should have to sit on the sidelines as a parent and not be able to live their life to the fullest with their child. I felt better before I had this STUPID hip replacement even though i barely had a bone left after my first surgery. As many have said, I do NOT blame my doctor for this, i blame DePuy for faulty equpiment. Although my doctor doesn’t seem to believe me when i tell him all of this, I hope someone is out there who can help. I know there are people who make up lies just to get the pain medication and i would like to tell them and DEPUY what they can kiss for making it so hard for us and others who really do need it to even get out of the bed in the mornings. Because of this and probably my age, it is EXTREMELY hard for me to get anything that will come close to easing my pain. I know I am not alone and i pray that we all can find relief somewhere.

    If anyone knows of someone who can help with my situation here is my email

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for any help.

  126. To Bob Johnson:
    Hi Bob, I went to have my eyes checked and he said that my eyes aren’t
    focusing right, therefore causing the headaches. He told me to go to a neurologist. My appointment is not until August. Meantime, I have double vision.


  127. Hi Arthur,
    Don’t get the pinnacle. I have had it in for 4 years. My Cobalt level is now 139
    and my chromium is 64. I am having blurred vision , problems with
    hearing, cloudy mental status, difficulty focusing. I can’t even find a
    surgeon that will remove mine..Good luck to you, Sorry for your pain and
    difficulties. Wish we could all get together and have a support group since
    we are all so far apart, I guess this is the best we can do…Sincerely, Sharron
    ps, I am 63.

  128. To Kathy Skaggs : I’m not sure what the medical terminology is for the body scan. All I can tell you is that it is similar to an MRI. Also, they should be able to pick up any type of infection through blood testing. In my case with the Pinnacle hip I have had some activity noted. But, without insurance I reckon that I’ll have to wait. Frank

  129. To Arthur Caul :Take your attorney’s advice. The pinnacle is as bad ,if not worse than the ASR. Your cobalt and chromium are extreme! The high for chromium is 2.1 and the high for cobalt is .9 Good luck! Frank

  130. Arthur, stay away from any Pinnacle. My husband had surgery 12/22/2008, and he is crippled ever since. Regards, Toni

  131. Hi…I am a 72 yr, old guy who had a double hip replacemenr in 2008. The
    surgeon who I believe was good used the DePuy ASR system on both hips.
    I was back to golf 4x a week very soon. The problems started 6 months ago
    when the recall was announced. My blood shows 31 cobalt and 15 chromium.
    I have a big pseudotumor on the right which was just drained by a new orthopedist who I also like. I have annoying pain and stiffness on both sides especially when getting up or going up stairs. NOW the problem. I will do a revision on both sides….but the new guy wants to use Pinnacle..I am finding
    out today which insert….and my attorney who is on vacation..his assistant
    says NO WAY JOSE for any J and J. Confused and lost in NY.

  132. I’ve been to two surgeons who refuse to remove my hip and I’ve just made an
    appointment with a third one in San Francisco. I’ll let you know if he agrees to
    do it Kathy…..Sincerely, Sharron

  133. To Frank South: Thanks for the validation, Frank. What the OS told my sister scared the living daylights out of her and made her really doubt his competency, so knowing there’s a noninvasive body scan is info she can use in order to request another doctor. Do you know what the body scan was called that you had?

  134. To Kathy Skaggs : If the surgeon you have contacted needs to “open you up “to check for infection, you need to contact a competent Orthopaedic surgeon. Infections can be detected with noninvasive body scans. I have actually had them done on me. Not at this time for my hip , but for previous surgeries. Good luck. Frank

  135. Good news! My sister, who has a Pinnacle metal-on-metal, had her insurance begin again effective June 1, and the first we did was take her in for her cobalt/chromium/titanium blood tests. We are awaiting the results.

    The next step for her is to find an orthopedic surgeon with experience with MOM revisions (and who also accepts her insurance). We live in the Silicon Valley in California, about 50 miles south of San Francisco. Does anyone know of any OS in our area who has extensive successful experience with MOM revision surgery?

    We will speak with the OS who is currently handling her case, of course, but my sister isn’t entirely comfortable with this doctor, who isn’t the one who did her initial HR surgery six years ago. She has had only one discussion with him about the revision surgery and during that discussion, he said he would have to “open her hip up to first see if there’s any infection” and then decide how to proceed.

    Why can’t he tell if there’s an infection prior to cutting her hip open? Also, he said if there is an infection, he’ll have to put in a temporary hip replacement until the infection clears up. But he said this decision will be made in the OR while she is unconscious, another aspect of this overall scenario that makes her nervous. She’s really distraught at the prospect of going under the knife without knowing whether she’ll wake up and have a temporary hip or a new working replacement. If anyone has experience with an infection and a temporary HR, I would really appreciate finding out what to expect.

    Any leads toward finding an OS skilled at the revision surgery would be *greatly* appreciated! Thanks much for everyone’s help.

    Kathy S.

  136. Attn: Penny Miller, regarding legal representation. Thank you for your concern but I do have a very good attorney. He is a board certified trial attorney specializing in consumer justice. He explained to me that the litigation for both the DePuy ASR and Pinnacle hip systems have been consolidated in Federal district courts, one in Toledo, Ohio and one in Dallas, Texas. He told me that consolidation in a single court streamlines the process, yet – unlike class actions – plaintiff’s cases are individually addressed. The FDA is still gathering information from DePuy/Johnson&Johnson. It is a long waiting game, especially for those of us who have no insurance. I suppose that could be a good thing because we haven’t given them the chance to totally destroy our hips. Wecan only wait now and see where this goes. Good luck to all. Frank

  137. Attn: Frank South regarding legal representation. Do NOT contact J & J. It is a class action lawsuit against J & J, so why would someone go to the company that has caused all this. That is why we have attorneys. Please email me if you need any legal attorney suggestions.
    2nd: My new hip has just dislocated because there is hardly anything to hold it together. This problem was caused by the metal to metal hip replacement that destroyed my tissues & muscles. I also have a leg length difference of 1″ because they had to use a double reinforcement to try to hold the socket. All I know is that I now have chronic back pain because I am uneven. I had a leg length difference before my new rt hip replacement & it was corrected. Now, back to lifts in all my shoes. My understanding about hip revisions is if it dislocates 3 times or more, they will operate. I have had 5 dislocations now.
    Good luck

  138. Thank you Toni,
    I called Ed Blizzard and like him, but I’ve seen two surgeons now who don’t
    want to remove my metal on metal hip even though the metal is poisoning me.
    They just keep saying they don’t know what to do and want to monitor it longer.
    They say they don’t know what the chromium toxicity will do. How can these
    Doctors be so un-informed? Then they say, that I’m the first patient they’ve
    had with this problem…That seems odd since there are so many of us…
    Sincerely, Sharron

  139. T0 All: Today I received a letter from my attorney. He informed me that the FDA has issued orders for post-market studies regarding metal-on-metal hip systems. The order was issued on May 6, 2011.Johnson & Johnson has received orders to conduct research on these hip systems. I was told the FDA has safety concerns with these devices and they are to be addressed by Johnson & Johnson to the FDA within 30 days. If you do not have legal representation, you should consult someone as soon as possible. Good luck!

  140. Penny and Sharron: Thanks for your kind words!
    To Frank: Thank you too! Regarding recall: We learned that the FDA will never issue a recall, the company, manufacturer has to do that. And yes, we and our spouses, loved ones, need very good attorneys here. My husband and I signed up with Ed Blizzard because he doesn’t seem to be afraid of ‘big wigs’ like DePuy/J&J, especially after he got almost 5 billion out of Merck Pharma for their people killing Vioxx pill.

  141. One more comment – The only way that the FDA is going to issue a recall is by pressure from attorney. Anyone who has problems with the DePuy Pinnacle needs to consult a reputable attorney. The more that do the better the chances are that we can get our hips fixed.

  142. To Sharon Wilcox : If you are expecting your surgeon to help you out, don’t hold your breath. That is if your breathing hasn’t been affected yet. Surgeons will not do anything until the FDA issues a recall. Don’t forget where they receive the most benefits from! I had to go to an Internal Medicine specialist to get my blood work done. I am waiting for the results. My Internal Medicine doctor is very concerned, especially with the bad cough that I have developed. As for retaining an attorney, I was directed to a Consumer Justice Attorney by my Workers Compensation Attorney’. I’m not sure what the $25,000 charge is for other than just gouging you. They all pretty much start at 40% and the higher your settlement goes their % goes down. At least that is the way it is with my attorney. I don’t put much trust in on-line lawyers. Good luck!

  143. Attn: Toni,
    First, definitely go to another Surgeon. Problem is a new Surgeon does not like to clean up from another Surgeon’s surgery. My metal toxicity was 15.3 for chromium and 21.6 for cobalt. I had my 3rd hip revision on April 13 ’11. There was so much scar tissue & muscle damage that he had to put on a double cap around the ball joint when he removed my J & J DePue metal to metal hip. Now, I have a leg length difference of 1″. I have chronic lumbar pain and because I am out of alignment, I am always in pain now.
    On May 27th, my new hip dislocated. I twisted & bent down for something. I have to remember that I will always have precautions with this hip. I had a right hip replacement on Feb 9 ’10 and it has been perfect.
    If you signed up with an attorney that is charging 40% and $25,000, you should fire the firm immediately. It is 33 1/3% that is the correct retainer. It is only 40% if it goes to trial. These cases should not go to trial.

    Attn: Sharon
    Sorry for the delay in answering you. Your chromium level of 31 is much too high.
    Your cobalt level from your blood test should show that amount too. I had that popping sound every time I bent my knee to my chest. It is actually the joint coming out of the socket ever so slightly and then going back into place. I could not straighten my leg until I heard the pop sound again.
    To everyone…The longer you have a metal to metal hip, the more damage it is doing. After having my 4th hip replacement/revision, I can speak from experience.

  144. To Toni,
    I just went to the Surgeon that put in my Dupuy pinnacle Hip. He supposedly called Johnson and Johnson. They basically told him not to do anything for me
    because they don’t know what the high chromium will do to me. So I guess I’m
    to be an experiment for them to wait and see what happens! Anyway, I’m going
    to another Surgeon next week to tell them I want it out!
    About the Lawyer. I signed up with one that is only handling law suits with
    Johnson & Johnson. I didn’t pay a retainer but they take 40% of what you make
    and $25,000. on top of that.. I really didn’t understand that. How do you know if
    you have a good Lawyer or not? I just picked one from the Internet.
    Sorry to hear about your husband’s extreme pain. Sharron

  145. My husband received a metal-on-metal DePuy Pinnacle 12/22/2008. His Physical Therapist was the first person that was suspicious that something was wrong 2 months post-op. I have to witness his painful screams day and night since almost 2 and a half years. Slightest stretching and change of positions is initiating so much pain that we never sleep more than 2 hours in a row. But not only that. Coughing, sneezing, yawning, and many times just breathing causes extra pain besides always present severe and violent pain. Not to talk about walking very short distances, standing, even sitting or laying down, all is hurting.
    His DePuy associated Ortho Doctor is downplaying metal-on-metal issues. Supposedly, all m-o-m patients have elevated metal levels in their system. Well, my husband took non-invasive tests, and they indicate that his metal levels are 200 times higher than normal. Ortho Doctor also stated that all these lawyers are only after the money of the big company, meaning Johnson&Johnson/DePuy.
    We finally signed a retainer with one of the best and most successful lawyers in the land. He won the high profile case against Merck’s Vioxx, and settled near the 5 billion dollar marker.
    Last week, he called it hogwash when we all learned that a DePuy hired toxicologist called toxic metals like Cobalt and Chromium ‘essential nutrients’.
    Listening to a lot of the downplaying statements by members of the medical community, my husband and I sometimes ask why they don’t just treat DePuy implant patients like lame horses on the track? Shoot them. Fortunately, there are more and more doctors that address the seriousness of all these failing DePuy implants, we all have hope that justice will prevail one day!

  146. To Penny Miller. I am having the same symptoms as you, blurred vision, short
    term memory loss, problems with kidneys, abdominal cramps. I now have
    more popping sounds from my hip. A Cat scan showed a fracture at the site
    and rotation stating that dis-location will happen soon. My chromium level is 31.
    Haven’t had my cobalt tested yet. Is 31 really bad? Sharron Wilcox

  147. Hi , I think I am experiencing problems with my vision but wasn’t sure, blurred
    vision and also headaches. I have the toxic level of chromium and am kind of
    freaking out, knowing that. It is supposed to cause brain damage as well as
    nerve damage and who knows what else…

  148. My wife had her Depuy hip replaced in March, since her surgery she has had a problems with the vision in her right eye, vision went from 20/20 to 20/80. Has anyone else out there encountered vision issues and if so, what have they been??

  149. I had a Pinnacle THR in Dec 2004, with Pinnacle Acetabular Cups, the Pinnacle Marathon Liner and the Biolox Delta Ceramic Femoral Head, with the DePuy AML shaft. Fortunately, I have not had any problems with this configuration up to this point. While it took me a full six months to get painfree, I found swimming to be the best exercise for realigning all the muscles and tendons post-surgery. That being said, after reading all your posts, I do intend to get blood work done immediately to check for metals. I need a replacement done on my other hip now, and am wondering what brand of has been successful? I would certainly not go with J & J Depuy, but from reading here, Zimmer seems to have problems, as do Stryker models. Any information on successful implants would be appreciated.

  150. I am writing on behalf of my sister (a recent widow), who has a Summit stem with a Pinnacle cup, and has been experiencing groin pain since July 2010 (her THR was in Jan 2005).

    Her doctor wants to do revision surgery to replace the metal-on-metal cup with either a plastic or a ceramic cup. He also intends to look for signs of infection as she has an abnormal blood count. She has had a hip aspiration, but I don’t know the results of that test.

    My question is regarding bringing a lawyer into the picture before her revision surgery. We have already contacted a couple of lawyers who are handling the ASR recall lawsuits, but they declined to take on her case. Who can we contact to handle her case since the Pinnacle cup isn’t included in the DePuy/J&J recall?

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. She filed a complaint on the FDA MedWatch site, but the site is so buggy that she was forced to check the boxes that asked whether she had contacted the manufacturer (she hasn’t yet) and whether to keep her name anonymous (she wants the FDA to contact her as it will speed up the processing of her complaint apparently). BTW, she was also forced to check the box that indicated the patient had died as a result of the medical device malfunction!

    Thanks for reading this post and for any help that is offered.


  151. @ Jill. Do you have a lawyer? If you do he will want to collect the removed part(s) for examination. My Surgeon is concerned about my High Metal Levels. He is not concerned about getting sued as I am with a big HMO and they require arbitration. No one will touch them, too costly. I checked. There is no guarantee that a revision will eliminate the high metal levels, hopefully it will. You might want to look up information on “aspirating” the hip, I think that what it’s called. I will probably have a revision end of this year and my doctor also mentioned plastic.

  152. I had a visit with my Orthopedic surgeon last week and he wants to do a revision on my L hip – Pinnacle Cup….I have fluid and inflammation and upon exam by him there is movement and popping in the joint..and of course pain in groin, thigh and hip.
    He isn’t concerned with the hig metal levels either, but I am and wonder is doing a Heavy Metal Cleanse would help..He also doesn’t feel there will be a recall on the Pinnacle…I am not scheduling surgery just yet, wondering about getting another opinion from another orthopedic.
    any ideas who to see regarading the metal levels in our bodies and will having a revision stop those levels.. He said he would put in a new ball , clean out the socket and put a plastic liner in and actually do “whatever” needs to be done once he gets in there…

  153. I had the Dupuy pinnacle put in on 3/2007. I now have a toxic level of chromium.
    My 2 Doctors don’t seem very concerned. I don’t think they know what to do about it? Is anyone else having metal toxicity?

  154. Has anyone had to have the liner removed because it was torn, and then it is now just metal on metal with know new numbers I have read my medical records and they only write down what they want to. I am not sure what I have because it sounds like they just took misc. parts like mechanic s do on cars

  155. I’m very interested in your thoughts; could you elaborate please. I don’t mind being corrected and would like to learn more about what may be wrong. Any information is helpful. Thank you for your comment.

  156. TO: Anonymous

    Please stand corrected. The Pinnacle MOM’s are not the only Pinnacles failing. There are victims out there with the ceramic on polyethylene, metal on plastic, etc. My personal thoughts; it’s the Acetabular component that is causing these Pinnacle & ASR failures.

  157. The blood work results are very confusing. You would think there would be a standardized method of reporting for labs. Maybe we are not intended to understand the results. My bloodwork is done by Mayo’s lab and the metal results I got a couple of weeks ago are Chromium level 9.8 ng/mL (“normal level” is 0.3 ng/mL) and my Cobalt is 15 ng/mL (normal range 0.0-0.9 ng/mL) My first revision surgery was over 3 months ago. I am wondering how long it takes for the level to return to “normal”. My right hip has not been revised yet so I am guessing that if the levels don’t go much closer to normal then they are now that indicates a problem with that one also. Has anyone heard anything about the Pinnacle system getting any closer to being recalled? Can those of us having to have the Pinnacle system revised do anything legally besides sitting here waiting for it to be recalled? Just wondering if anyone has new information. Thanks.

  158. I’m a UK lawyer dealing with ASR and PInnacle.
    There seems to be some confusion about normal levels for blood tests.
    In the UK, the safety threshold level is set, by the MHRA (like the FDA) at 7 parts per billion (ppb) or 7 micrograms per litre (ug/l or mc/g).
    The level is sometimes stated in nanomols per litre (nmol/l) for which the thresholds are 135nmol/ for chromium and 119nmol/l for cobalt.
    So you can’t simply look at the number and decide whether your levels are normal or not, you need to know the units of measurement. Unfortunately, we’re seeing many surgeons here using the units interchangeably and giving bad advice, for example reassuring someone with 50ppb, saying the threshold is 134, when it’s actually 7.
    I hope this is useful.

  159. Just got my 2nd blood test results-Cobalt level is 9.3 mcg/L Chromium level is 8.1 mcg/L Two months ago I was Cobalt level 5.1 mcg/L Chromium level 3.2 mcg/L Huge change in two months as I had my replacements done in May and September 2008. I also have pockets of fluid on both hips.

    Sounds like the Pinnacle System either dislocates causing pain or stays in place and leachs metal.

  160. what is taking the FDA so long in making the right decision to protect people and take this off the market so that others dont have to suffer

  161. Xrays didn’t show that I had a problem it was only after an ultra sound scan showed up a lot of fluid around the hip that action was taken. Blood testing, nuclear & MRI scans led to a revision surgery for me as I had extensive destruction of soft tissue. No wonder I had been in agony.

  162. I had bi-lateral hip replacements in February and April of ’04, using the Pinnacle System. After the second surgery of the right hip, I experienced 3 dislocations. These caused trips to the hospital by ambulance in exteme pain, so the hip could be put back into socket. Approximately one month after the surgery on the right hip, revision surgery was done. Since the revision surgery I have suffered through 6 more dislocations, no one should have to live life in this way. The Pinnacle System has caused both myself and my family tremendous grief and no one should have to go through what we have experienced. Please find a way to make this sysem a recall. I would like to know if others have experienced the same as I have…….

  163. Had a DePuy pinnacle metal on metal hip replacement Dec. of ’05. I was told since I was 36 at the time that this would be best one for me. Had constint pain. Had 4 hip asperations and hundreds of other tests for 18 months while my hip kept getting worse and worse. It finally locked up (for lack of a better term) and caused me so much pain one night that my wife had to call 911 and had them get me to the hospitol. Without ever finding out what was wrong I had it replaced. It was replaced after a 14hr surgery that I ended up in ICU because of complications. The new hip I got was a Stryker model that is also a possible recall. After 14 months more of sever pain and no answers I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. My first visit after reviewing my records the Doctor told me It had to be redone again. this one is still in buy not perfect. I imagin there has been a lot of soft tissue damage.

  164. I too am suffering from the results of having a thr using the pinnacle hip replacement system. I am in constant pain.. Lost job, health ins. etc. I had the implant on dec 22 2008. Both of my hips are in pain to to the fact that I excert additonal stress due to the left hip being replaced. I was lead to belief by my doctor that I was the only one having challenges.. My incission site has broadend as well as the skin area around the site changing shape and has a rash .

  165. @Jill C and everyone asking about Metal Levels Checked in with my doctor today and asked him to email me my test is his reply: Your blood values from Jan 20, 2011 for Cobalt was 5.1 mcg/L (with reference range 1.8 or less) and Chromium 3.2 mcg/L ( with reference range of 1.4 or less).

  166. @Jill C and everyone asking about Metal Levels. Before I had my blood test I went searching for the information. I went to and found the following: Q :what is a normal chromium level?

    Serum chromium levels normally range from less than 0.05 up to 0.5 micrograms/milliliter (mg/mL). (mine is 3.2)

    The range of normal values depends on the type of specimen tested and may vary between different laboratories.

    I found this on some Hip Recall Website: Normal levels are between 0.19-0.4 micrograms per liter, but it is very common for people who have prosthetics made of metal (like the DePuy ASR Acetabular system) to have slightly elevated levels as a side effect. Cobalt levels are not considered toxic until they reach 1 micrograms per liter. It is likely your doctor would recommend hip revision surgery between 7 to 19 micrograms per liter. (mine is 5.1)

    No guarantee this info is correct but it was ALL I could find…and I searched and searched online.

  167. Attn: Jill C
    Regarding the firm in Texas, carefully read the fine print on your contract. Make sure it does not say that they are entitled to 40% if class action suit does NOT go to court and is settled without court jury, etc. It should be 33 1/3% max. I believe I contacted a Texas firm that advertised on the internet. I went with a New Jersey firm.
    Good luck

  168. Attn: Jill C
    My chromium was 15.9 and cobalt was 21.5. Anxious to hear from others regarding their ratings.
    Attn: Barbara Curran
    According to research, if levels of Cobalt & Chromium is under 7, then one does not have Metallous;however, I am not a doctor or an expert.
    Attn: Wil
    Re blood test for metal ions–10ug/L = 50nmol/L
    Having 3rd hip revision on April 13th to try to place a lining over the metal to metal head. Unfortunately, previous surgeon put in screws to secure; Now, it is very difficult to try to remove them according to my surgeon. The stem cannot be removed because of bone growth around it. My Greater Trochanter fractured 2 days after surgery. I might have had that Fosamax problem. Has anyone had their Greater Trochanter fracture after surgery? The hip revision that I have is an S Rom De Puy metal to metal. One in 05 was a Pinnacle Sector II metal to metal. That barely lasted 2 years.
    Attn: Dan Jones
    Please let me know what the exact count was for your blood test since the doctor said it was very high. All my doctor says is that he has seen higher than mine.
    Anxious to hear more about side effects so I can compare what the metal toxicity is doing to my body.

  169. I had my left hip replaced with DePuy pinnacle sector II in june 2004, In May 2007 I had my right hip replcaed with a DePuy Pinnacle sector II. I have been having probles with both. My primary care doctor told me that my results of a blood test for metal ions in my blood is very high ( cobali t & chromuim) I will be seeing my surgeon next week 3-14 2011. I don’t know what to think.

  170. @ Micki-WOW who’d a thunk? I am not one for the needle. Over the past three years the “buttocks” issue has lessened so I will hold off on the sonogram.

    For All-I am waiting for March 18th to roll around and then I will have a second blood test to see if my Cobalt and Chromium levels are the same or increasing. I’m just waiting it out right now. I don’t really want another surgery since there are no guarantees that I will be able to walk any better. My biggest concern now is metal poisoning. My levels in January were 3.2 chromium and 5.1 cobalt.

  171. I got my blood test results back and my cobalt and chromium were 9.9 and 15
    does anyone know what is considered High on both of these? I haven’t been able to find out that information and it didn’t show on the lab results.
    Now of all things I have been told by my Dr that I may have Lupus – going to see a Rhumatoid Doc the 16th for another opinion. Blood work for the RH factor done twice already and now waiting for more results from more blood work…
    Where do I go to find out symptoms of Cobalt and Chronium poisoning??
    havent had much luck there…
    Already did paperwork with one the law firms in Texas looking into the Pinnacle Hip replacement problems. Hope they come to a decision about this soon…seems like there should be plenty of evidence to support a claim.

  172. I posted earlier inquiring about chromium cobalt levels. Can any one refer me to a chart or table that explains what is acceptable and what is considered elevated? 1.1/ugl and 1.1H Are my current readings received from LabCorp.. Sporting a pinnacle cup here.

  173. To Sue McCoy- I think I have my facts correct, and stated that it is the metal on metal implant that is the problem. You are lucky that you do not have the metal on metal replacement. It sounds like your problem is with two ladies on another site. I think that the people here are discussing metal on metal implants and if they are not then the information here would not be relevant to them. In any case even if someone does have a metal on metal implant they need not worry unless they have symptoms of metal poisoning which, as I said before, affects a minority of patients.

  174. To Frank South – Yes, that is correct. Only the two ladies that were telling me that my pinnacle hip ( which is not a metal on metal) was going to be recalled. This was brought up on another site. They wouldn’t talk about the facts on the site, but asked you email them for more info. I listed the exact parts of my hip. They then stated it was just the same as theirs and was going to be recalled. They sent me to this site for more info.
    And this you would call sharing important info and not trying to scare others. I think not. The info that there are issues with hip implants is very important. However, those giving out info need to be sure they give out the true facts.

    To Anonymous – That is correct about the info for the FDA. However there are many implant parts called Pinnacle and unless those two ladies that are being secret about the exact implant and telling others that their hip is being recalled, get the facts correct. It is scaring others on another support site. None of these others on the support site have the metal on metal. My complaint is not directed to those that are having issues with implants that need to be recalled.
    My issue is with the two ladies that sent me here to this site telling me that my implant is going to be recalled. I do not have a metal on metal and I told them the exact implant parts I had. They choose to give me false and scary info none the less. This is not helpful to anyone.

  175. To Barbara Curran,
    I saw my orthopedic doctor again which he referred me to a neurologist for a nerve study. the nerve study supposidly showed back problems which i was referred to a back doctor. He did xrays of my back and thank god no back problems showed up. He then ordered a sonogram of my buttocks and found a ‘major’ tendon problem!! He injected cortisone into the tendon and it hurt like hell!! Tendon issues in the gleuteus are very very common with total hip replacements and you would think that my surgeon would know of this problem. I received the injection 2 days ago and still no releif but trying to stay positive. I was told to continue to exercise and do my normal day to day activities and no releif yet. I will keep you posted but wanted to share this information with you and maybe talk to your doctor about a sonogram of the buttocks.

  176. To Tim

    I would be interested in knowing what made you decide to have the hip replacement, and how it is trying to get through each day now. How much time after surgery did you begin to notice that something was not quite right? Are you looking into finding legal representation?


  177. I just had my blood test completed. can someone enlighten me? My cobalt reading is 1.1H and my chromium is 1.1 ug/l. I have yet to hear from my Dr. about these results. Are they elevated? Help! Confused with all the numbers on the blogs.
    Thanks in advance.

  178. To Sue MCCoy: When reporting to the FDA you must list each part that was used when your hip was replaced, which I did, down to the screws. Here us the list of parts used and the exact same ones were used in my right and left hips one in 2006 and one in 2007:Depuy Acetabular Cup Pinnacle Sector ll, Depuy Hole eliminator Apex (TM), Depuy Pinnacle Cancellous Bone Screw (2 of them), Depuy Summit tapered hip stem, DePuy Articulieze M-Spec femoral Head. I hope this helps clarify the Pinnacle issue. It is the metal on metal type of implant that causes problems for a MINORITY of patients, by no means should all patients with this type of implant be concerned. The clinic where I received my hip replacements is no longer using metal on metal implants but some surgeons elsewhere are still using them. Because I know now that I have metal sensitivity,of course, I would not have the metal on metal system.

    I think most of the people posting on this site are patients that have problems and don’t think there is any intent to cause panic in patients who are doing well. It is helpful to know that you are not the only person having problems and those who are having symptoms can discuss options for dealing with them. I doubt that anyone on here claims to be a medical expert. I am sorry that you are receiving negative e-mails, and agree that everyone has a right to their opinion. My opinion is that as long there is an unusual number of patients with metal on metal implants having severe problems they should be recalled. Why take a chance, when there are other systems that work without the problems.

  179. to Sue McCoy – There are different Depuy Pinnacle Hip replacements but the problems are with the metal on metal versions. I do not think that relating our problems with our hip replacements is fear mongering. Unless we get the word out about all the problems with the Pinnacle metal on metal then nothing is going to be done. My attorney assures me that a recall is coming .When is dependent on how many complaints the FDA receives. The doctors are not going to call you up and say come on in and we’ll fix you right up. If that’s what people are waiting for, don;t hold your breath!

  180. In April 2008 I had the Depuy Summit total hip with a Pinnacle cup & lipped liner. The day after I got home it dislocated and I had a total revision one week later. The revision consisted of a metal liner and a larger Articul/EZE metal-on-metal femoral head (on the Summit stem) & 2 acetabular screws. It was two years before the pain subsided – but now my other hip is bone on bone and is horribly painful. I have scheduled surgery for this March with a different surgeon who uses the minimally invasive anterior approach resulting in no premanent precautions and he only experiences a 1% failure rate. He uses Biomet hardware and never metal on metal. Does anyone have any experience with this less invasive surgery? I waited too long to schedule this surgery because I am terrifed of another dislocation. The last reduction resulted in an anterior lip fracture & was incredibly painful.

  181. To Anonymous: The way the FDA site works is that you need to look up each and every part of the implant by name. Just saying the DePuy Pinnacle is bad doesn’t give details. There are many pinnacle parts with different sub names. Some of these can be combined with most other parts, some can not. So for someone to use a broad spectrum of the Pinnacle is possible a bad implant is very untrue and it can do very bad things to other mentally. Think about all you have stated you went through to get yours corrected. Now imagine getting info that the new parts due to general naming could be bad parts. This is the info that was given to me. I spent 3 days and nights not sleeping and researching each part by name on the FDA website. The person who told me my Pinnacle hip is going to be recalled soon did not have or didn’t care to give me all the correct facts.
    I stand by my statement that while those having issues with their hip implants need to receive help and not be required to fund further surgeries or Dr. bills to find out what is going on should be telling others to help prevent this. However, the ladies that I got info from did not have correct nor complete info on the implants that are causing this to occur. Scaring others needlessly is not OK. Hunting for others to join “their little group of possible bad hip” and attempting to spread panic on support groups is not the way to go.
    We certainly don’t need to all agree. It is perfectly OK to agree to disagree.
    Now how ever after I posted a statement on this support group site, I have been receiving unkind emails, attacking me for wanting info. How does this add up? I sure can’t figure that one out.
    These folks that were giving me info, which is how I found this site, sure know well enough just what they were doing and why. Other wise my statements on the support group would not have offended them.
    Just to clarify, I am not in any way saying that there is not an issue going on here with implants. I am only saying that some of those informing others and sending them to this site need to be careful of their wording and not create panic due to their own lack of knowledge.

  182. Just telling your doctor about your problems does not mean that anything will be done about it. I have been questioning my doctor about my problems for a year and a half and he did not take me seriously. He’s one of the best in the country and I ‘m trying not to blame him for any of my problems but each day and week and month that my symptoms get worse I’m finding it harder for to not be at fault, especially since he now wants me to be tested for Cobalt and Chromium poison in my blood. Go figure! I know that these doctor get an awful lot of money from Johnson and Johnson. Now I][m depending on my attorney to make it right.

  183. I have appreciated reading each post, and learning we are experiencing similar symptoms from having had a hip replacement. I received a Pinnacle ceramic hip with a Summit stem in July of 2010. Does anyone have the same, and have you had any problems with this combination? Also, has physical therapy really helped? My doctor seems to think aggressive physical therapy will be able to solve everything; I am not at all convinced.

    Thank you!

  184. I too received the Pinnacle hip implant August 2008. I too have suffered with sleepless nights, constant pain.Walk with a pronounced limp. Unable to enjoy most activities. Where to go for answers????

  185. Ouch! I just came across this site and it looks like there are a range of problems.

    I wouldn’t call it panic mongering when people are concerned about the safety of hip replacements. After all, the number of recalled implants really makes me wonder which one to get if I needed one. My mother had one and had a horrible time with it, which makes me pray I won’t need to go through this surgery myself.

    I shudder at the thought of needing a THIRD replacement. Hopefully the third one
    will be the charm.

    Anyway, from what I can tell, it’s a good idea to get checked if you have pain, no matter which implant you have. And also to keep up-to-date.

    The pinnacle system may turn out the solution, but you never know. It took quite a while for the other ones to be recalled from when people showed up with symptoms.

  186. To Sue McCoy: I don’t understand this statement,” it is the Pinnacle metal on metal only and all those are from lawyers.” What did you mean by that statement? I filed my report with the FDA and my hip replacement was no longer attached due to the tissue eroding from the metal poisoning. According to the surgeon that did the revision, the hip replacement was just floating around in there. So I question the assertion that there were only two reports and neither of them required revision. I know I had to have a revision, and that I did file a report with the FDA about that. Believe me, I did not go through, a couple of years of pain, revision surgery, a week in the hospital, six weeks on a walker, and who knows how long until I am fully recovered, for the fun of it.

  187. For Barbara Curran – I can understand the shoe lifts helping with the limping , but that really does not do much for my other symptoms like coughing, rashes, shortness of breath, Cobalt and Chromium in my blood. The fact that all of these wonderful conditions cost me my job and insurance I guess things are quite so bad. The thing that bothers me most is that there has got to be a lot more people out there with problems similar to ours and they don’t realize what is happening to them. I think that in a lot of cases the doctors hope we will just go away. Fat chance of that happening!

  188. Funny thing is there was a lady that was telling me about this. Really scared me bad.
    I did my own research, it is the Pinnacle metal on metal only and all those are from lawyers. HMM?? The FDA has only two reports of loosening on this and neither ever went anywhere are the parts are still in place.
    Careful of what and who you are telling to others. Is it really that important to badly scare those just recovery from a THR with incorrect facts.
    I understand there are those with poor recovery. I had a hip scope in 2009 that but me mostly in bed and led to the THR. That is no reason to behave so poorly. I think we have shillers for lawyers getting the mob frenzy going. You trusted your OS to do the hip, if you don’t trust them now, get a second opinion and file a complaint with the FDA. Scaring the _________ out of those recovering is not going to get you anywhere but in court for liable.

  189. CHERYL














  190. For Frank South-Your Doctor might just be a bit off Frank. Or he has a very very dry sense of humor. So, I’ve had the limp since my surgeries. Just ignored it until I started using the treadmill, then my right leg was really dragging. I stopped by to see my friend/Chiropractor and she gave me a lift for my left shoe. Well-la, makes a big difference. It might help you too Frank. I think I’m limping because my right leg is longer after the THR. I think it’s longer because the ball isn’t in the socket properly. I guess the MRI results should tell all. I’ll let you know next week.

  191. @micki, Good Luck to you too. Just an FYI. Prior to my THR’s all of my hip pain presented as low back pain. The doctors finally checked my hips when they realized that the amount of pain I was having (and that I could no longer walk) couldn’t possibly be coming from the small amount or arthritis in my spine. It took so long to find out my hips were bad because they never considered that at 45 yrs young it would be hips. I’m going your doctors are grasping at straws and it’s your HIPS, not your back.

    I should have MRI results on Tuesday 2/22. My doc is on vacation so there is a bit of a delay. I also want to mention…although my cobalt and chromium levels are elevated, they are no where near as high as some I’ve seen on this forum. My doctor is being very pro active. I think he feels guilty for originally telling me..”I removed all of the arthritis, I can’t do anything about the bursitis”. He’s a good guy. Thanks for all of your support.

  192. Hi, Cheryl, my surgeon at Mayo clinic used a coated metal implant for the revision. I wanted ceramic but because the stem in the leg was metal that wasn’t an option. I am very glad I had the revision; I got rid of the pain and the metal levels in my blood are heading down. Good luck!

  193. For Barbara Curran – I have gone through the back pain that was originally diagnosed as part of my hip injury. I received injections, had a myalogram, and nerve testing. and everything was generated from my hip. Regardless of what type of injections I have received nothing changes in my hip. However, my surgeon did tell me that if I stopped limping I would not limp anymore. BRILLIANT! If only I had thought of that.

  194. @Barbara Curran, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one… I have not had my blood tested yet but I am going to call to have them check it. My nerve study showed that the pain they ‘think’ is coming from my back in which they want to do a spinal block to see if that pain goes away. I am not convinced but willing to try after they do xrays to see what my back shows. Good luck with your MRI results and please keep us posted.

  195. Do any of you know of hip replacement prosthesis that are safe? Have a good track record? Where is the best place to have the surgery done, or is most of it bound to go bad? I am in severe pain and am told I need a THR but I am thinking I should not do it.

    to Jim Moreland — Are there any positive replacements you can steer me to?

  196. FDA finally reported on Feb 11th, that there are Metal-on-Metal replacement risks & problems with Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip implants.
    After 4 years, my DePuy S-Rom Zimmer Metal-0n-Metal dislocated again.(#4). All I did was put my legs against the wall in my Yoga class. It had dislocated 2 other times in Yoga doing the same relaxation exercise in ’07. It was ironic that I arrived by ambulance at the same hospital that my pre op was scheduled for the same day-3 wks ago. My surgery was scheduled on Feb 9th for my 4th hip implant/revision/replacement. Would you believe that the surgeon cancelled my operation within 24 hours of the date. WHY??!! He said that he needed to do more research in order to remove the 2 screws. He has only had the xrays of both hips for over a year. He did my rt hip with a Johnson & Johnson DePuy, but, not a metal-on-metal ball.
    No rescheduled operation date. My evaluation is that he did not want to clean up someone else’s mess. I had even seen him that day for final clearance. According to the MRI, there was fluid on the joint. He did not do any tests to check if it was infected. In the last few days, I have noticed unbelievable side effects from the metal toxic poisoning. Please see my previous blog for exact figures. I now have developed a hacking cough just during the nite, intestinal cramps after dinner for the past 3 days along with shortness of breath, even hot flashes at my age(69), vision problems, short term memory loss, mood changes, etc. I do not have the flu or any fever or cold. I’m convinced that it is because of the high levels of metal poisoning. My attorney said that I have one of the highest levels of Metallous.
    Please respond with other people as to their exact blood levels of Cobalt & Chromium. (Mine – 21.9 and 15.8) Having uninary & bowel problems too. Not to be too graphic, but, I have suffered from IBS for years–not almost the opposite.
    I have scheduled another appt with an ortho hip specialist next week and , hopefully, will do the surgery ASAP.

  197. DePuy Pinnacle MOM, implanted 2008, my cobalt level in Dec. was 160 mcg. high chromimun, & Titamium…having revision to get this poison out of my body. I am constantly sick to my stomach, ringing in my ears, pain in my groin, thigh, rash, sensitive to foods i was never sensitive to before…No one can tell me that I am not being poisoned by this metal on metal hip…

  198. @Micki on February 6th, 2011
    Micki, I have the same “butt” thing. It feels like there is something pressing on my right buttock almost all of the time. I have had this “feeling” since the pain meds wore off. It feels like my right leg is too long. I have a pronouned limp. It my first replacement done in 5/2008. The left hip feels ok, it was done in 9/2008. I have the ‘Summit’ femoral stem and ‘Pinnacle’ cup. My attorney told me that the FDA never approved these two parts to be used together. And, like everyone else my X-Rays looked prefect. My blood tests do not. I have elevated Cobalt and Chromium levels. I had an MRI yesterday to see if there is any tissue damage.

  199. RE: Frank South
    I have had a terrible hacking cough most every nite when I’m sleeping. Wakes me up constantly. For the past week, I am now experiencing horrific gastro intestinal cramps that extend all the way up to Breastbone. I am also have cramps now during day as well. Tonite, I am experiencing my 1st Migrane Headache. Also having near fainting spells. I get very clammy & nauseous and have to lie down with legs bent for approx 1/2 hour till it passes over. It is happening several times a day.
    Appreciate anyone’s impute on their side effects from Toxic poisoning. My cobalt was 21.8 and Chromium was 15.9. Urine 24 hour test much higher.
    Waiting for my Feb 11 report that hasn’t been published yet. Concerns Surgeon who cancelled my lf hip revision(This will be the 3rd time) Of course, they were all J & J DePuy Metal to Metal. His excuse was that the revision was too complicated. Surgeon’s do not like to clean up someone else’s mess. I had seen him earlier that day for clearance. Never mentioned anything. Going to a new Ortho Hip Specialist next week. This toxicity in my body is killing me!! Also need to have hip asperated to see if fluid around joint(showed up on MRI) is infectious.

  200. I submitted a blog on Feb 11 at 4pm and it was never published. Why?? This is the 2nd time that my important hip problems were not published in this blog.
    Please review and let me know if you want me to resubmit it.
    Penny Miller

    • Penny,

      I’m not sure why, if a comment wasn’t published. I do see several published comments from you, but perhaps one or two didn’t make it through? I’m not sure. The only reason we don’t publish comments is if someone is trying to link to their website, give out their email address, or is being abusive. Judging from your previous comments, I don’t think that would have been the case for you. I apologize for any inconvenience.



  201. I have retained an attorney. I hope that I can be helped before it’s too late. I don’t mean to sound like a fatalist, but each day I am getting sicker. My vision is going bad. I have a never ending ringing in my ears. I experience coughing spells that seem to almost make me pass out. At this point I can only hope for relief. My attorney is going to consult with the surgeon to see if he is willing to fix me based on a contingency that he would be paid if and when I receive compensation from Johnson and Johnson, since I no longer have insurance.At this point it seems that the only one who can help me is God, and I keep praying.

  202. FRANK,

  203. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to the legal team that has my case asking if there had been any progress getting the Pinnacle cases recognized with the ASR. The answer that I got back stated that the lead attorney had just returned from a large conference in Florida and had discussed the Pinnacle cases with “colleagues from across the country”. There were a few conflicting opinions on whether there is enough legal basis for the cases, but their (my law firm) current thought is to continue to act in a manner consistent with eventually moving forward with the Pinnacle cases. They do believe they will move, just not yet. The closing remark was that these cases move very slowly.

    My guess is the more people that file complaints, the more legal action pushing for recognition, the sooner we may get some results. File your complaint with the FDA and look for legal representation, there are several large firms that are handling the ASR cases that are also taking the Pinnacle patients with problems. It is important to do this as early as possible because protecting the chain of evidence is important. If you know you are going to have to have a revision the time to contact them is BEFORE you have it so you can get the right information and procedures to follow. I left my e-mail address in an earlier post if you need more info.

    So far, my revision seems to be going well. I am finally off the walker and working on getting stronger. It is a relief to be rid of the constant pain, not to mention being able to at least look forward to walking normally some time again. Good luck to all of you having problems.

  204. I had a total right hip replacement in March 2009. I have not been pain free since my surgery. When I complained to my surgeon he kept repeating how great the x-rays looked. My Depuy pinnacle worked so well that I lost my job, where I had worked for the past twenty years. I was forced into retirement. I have retained counsel in order to correct my problems. I visited my surgeon this past week and he was very concerned about cobalt and chromium levels in my blood. He gave me a script for blood work, but with no job I also have no insurance. Hopefully my attorney can help me get it fixed before it kills me. I suppose that if everyone dies before receiving any satisfaction that would make J&J happy.

  205. Blood test results on the pinnacle. Chromium (slightly above average), Cobalt (high). 4 1/2 yrs since replacement. Femoral head made of Cobalt and Chrome.
    Having vertigo, ringing in the ears, short term memory problems, eyesite changes,abnormal heart rythum etc,etc. 59 yrs old. Scream bloody murder to the FDA to get these toxic J&J timebombs out of us and pay up for what they have done and are continuing to do to us. The FDA wants to ban soft drinks and cheeseburgers for crying out loud. J&J products are destroying many thousands of lives. All metal on metal joints should be banned until they are proven without a doubt, to be safe and reasonably long lasting. These products were approved because similar devices were deemed safe.How stupid is that. DAAHH.

  206. my last post on Jan 11th

    Now- on Feb8th I got my Bone scan results. Any help me understand this, my doctor wont call me back.

    It says… ‘there is a slight blood pool within the hip, contralateral to decide with prosthesis. There is a new focus of increased uptake within the bone adjacent to the distal tip of the prosthesis and within cortex along the medial aspect of the prosthesis. No significant change within the proximal lateral cortex along the prosthesis. These findings are suspicious for loosening of the hip arthroplasty.

    The scintigraphic findings suspicious for loosening of the right hip prosthesis, especially the distal limb.

  207. Should I be concerned with 7.1 of cobalt and 8.9 of serum chromium? Whole blood test only. No urine. Also. The hips are 3 years and 20 months respectively.

  208. I am a 44 year old female and had a total hip replacement 9/2010. I have the DePuy Pinnacle. I have read through all of these postings and it sure makes me feel better and that I am not losing my mind. I know for all of us that have had a hip replacement we expierenced alot of pain prior to the surgery and decided to have the surgery to be pain free. Yes I said pain free…… What a joke…. For myself my hip feels great compaired to the pain prior to the surgery but since the surgery and 2 long sessions of physical therapy, I have extreme pain in my buttocks that I never had before. I explain to my surgeon that I feel like the new hip is coming through my butt!! At this point in time I had to see a neurologist for a nerve study which there is no nerve or muscle damage. I have had to have cortisone injections in both knees for knee pain because I cant walk straight any longer. And now my surgeon is convinced that my buttock pain is from my back. I have never had back problems before and I understand that walking different can throw things off but seriously….. I sure hope DePuy does some pretty quick investigating in the Pinnacle implant. After reading all of the other blogs I beleive we are ALL in the same boat and getting the medical field run around.
    Totally Frustrated and glad to know I am not alone!!!

  209. On July 6, 2010, I had a total hip replacement using the DePuy Pinnacle device. Before surgery, I could walk unassisted and was able to be relatively active. After surgery, I am not the same. I have to use a walker at all times, as I am not able to take more than a step or two on my own. It seems as though the replacement parts cannot tolerate my weight. Even though X-rays show nothing wrong, I cannot be mobile and I am in pain. I spend a great deal of time in bed because laying down is the only way I can be pain-free. I wish I had never had this surgery. I notified the FDA on its Web site, and I have contacted a law firm to see if I can be compensated monetarily for all the pain and suffering I have been through. Please let me know if you have had similar problems, and what solutions you have found. Thank you so much!

  210. I was 37 and worked out 4-5 days a week and enjoyed camping and hunting. Since my hip replacement 2 years ago all of this has stopped. I have stepped down from a lead position at work to take an easier job because i could not deal with the pain. Now a i have a physically less demanding job but am on my feet 10-12hrs a day and am earing less. My company did go out of there way to help/ accomodate me and my bosses have been great about it. During a normal work day my replacement hip and leg are in constant pain. I visited my doc. 2-3 times to complain about the pain i was going thruogh and how it affected my life. He basically took an x-ray and told me i would have to get used to it. I thought i was just being a wuss and needed to be more stoic and bear it. But now after reading what all of you have been through I know I’m not the only one.

  211. Oh boy another site, Ok I’ll make this short I had my Depuy Pinnacle put in sept 8th 2009 6 months later groin pain. Have had groin pain dislocations. Have had all tests possible, mri blood tests for metals exrays. No letter from Depuy yet cause this is a Pinnacle. My Doctor who put this in did not want nothing to do with me when he got a letter from my attorney wanting the part and tissue samples. So I am seeing a Doctor in Grants pass, Oregon who is a hip specialist. They told me they are going to treat this like a ASR. Why no letter good question, other than they have so many ASR patients that I have to wait in line with this Pinnacle. I am in good shape work out and try to keep lean muscle mass. If you take all these meds for depression, pain . anxiety, sleep. You will end up in a state of confusion. I threw mine down the toilet over a week ago. I sure hope they get to the bottom of this. I would be willing to go in a court room and tell them whats on my mind.

  212. Ask to be tested for chromium and cobalt. They often mix parts when they do a hip replacement. I think the ones you have are all made by DePuy though. Good luck. Contact a lawyer before you do testing or revisions because they will be more successful defending you if they can protect the evidence. They use particular labs that do not report to DePuy for example.

  213. I keep reading about these metal Levels in our bodies – I haven’t been tested yet, but it seems like a good idea. I haven’t had a revision on my hip (yet) but I have had problems with my Pinnacle Cup since surgery in Nov of 2005.

    I finally got the implant log from the hospital and it shows the Pinnacle Sector II acetabular cup Metal Insert and also the Summit Tapered Hip Stem w/porocoat , then it says ARTICUL/EZE M Metal on Metal Femoral Head.

    So does that mean I have two different brands in my implalnt ?? Looks like it to me…— but I have popping and groin pain constantly….hope everyone keeps letting them know of their problems so they will finally do a recall on this one too!!
    Keep writing everybody…

    so what metals do I need to ask the dr to test for exactly?? Can anyone tell me for sure please?
    thank you very much…

  214. After having my left hip revision my doctor had the chromium level retested. It was done two weeks after the revision and had fallen to 24 from 72.4 already. Pretty hard for J&J to deny that the Pinnacle metal on metal system is causing problems.

  215. Attn: John Lowry
    I have no idea what measurement equivalents are in the U.S. verses Australia. Unfortunately, I don’t have the copy to give you the exact measurement terms. I will have to get it from the doctor.
    I am scheduled for a left hip replacement on Feb 9th, ’11. The same doctor did a rt hip replacement on Feb 9th, 2010. He used a Johnson & Johnson DePuy Pinnacle without the metal to metal.
    I had a MRI on my left hip last week and showed fluid in the area.
    I had dislocated my left hip revision, a J & J DePuy Aze 3 times, twice in my yoga class when I simply put my legs up on the wall. After almost 4 years, I was in my yoga class yesterday and put my legs up on the wall, as I have done for the past 4 years in the same yoga class with the same teacher. I could not believe that it dislocated again. It would not pop back into place, so the ambulance had to transport me to the hospital in order to reset it.
    My belief is that all J & J DePuy metal to metal hip prosthesis are faulty and/or the surgeon did not set it correctly when he did it on Jan 2 ’07. I am beyond upset, not counting the excruciating pain. I have broken almost 20 bones in my body and this left hip is the worst!!
    Someone has to listen to us and do something fast! I think that Johnson & Johnson will stall so we’ll die off from the high levels of metal as well as infection from the faulty hips. How can so many patients have dislocations??!! How many have ever had a dislocation after 4 years??!!
    Regards from Penny

  216. my 1st right hip replacement was in March 09 & had to be revised in June 09 as registrar had over lengthened my leg by 3cms trying to work with a minimal incision ! This hip was metal on metal so probably would have failed anyway given time as I have reacted badly to the DePuy Corail pinnicle (metallosis, extensive destruction of soft tissues, pain + +) & had revision again Sept 10 this time with plastic coatings. My hip dislocated at the beginning of Dec so i’m now having to wear a brace day & night. Life is very difficult & I don’t want anyone else to suffer like this so hope that these prothsesis get recalled soon. A London UK company of solicitors Leigh Day & Co are looking at the problem & through them I have discovered a lady setting up a support group which is good. Publicity to make more people aware of the problem is what is needed as i’m sure lots of people are suffering & not knowing the reason why. It was good to find this site. Kind regards to all from Shirley. ( UK patient)

  217. Regarding serum tests for Cobalt and Chromium.
    Is it possible to ask exactl;y what the measurements for Cobalt and Chromium were. It is very difficult to try and compare these measurements unless they are all using the same measurements.I noticed that Penny Miller has stated that her Plasma level for Cobalt was 21.6..Is that measurement in nanomols per litre or micrograms per millilitre? To compare one with the other both measurements should be the same type.otherwise it is like trying to compare oranges with apples. It is possible to convert one measure to another if we know what measure was used.
    Hope you can help.

  218. Hi, Penny, it sounds like you have been through hell with your leg. My surgeon has emphasized over and over that the biggest cause of hip replacement failure is infection which is different then metalosis. Before my revision they did a fluid aspiration to check for infection and metal contamination. There was no infection but there was metal toxicity. After the surgery he told me that the implant was just floating around loose and there was cobalt, chromium, and titanium in the tissue. Other then the stem the only things that remained solidly implanted were the 2 titanium screws and the implant floating around was rubbing on the screws so they were shedding titanium. The implant fails because the metal particles react with the tissue in some people and cause the tissue to degrade, no longer holding the implant. Most people are not sensitive to the metal and strangely enough my right implant which is older then the left still seems OK. Go figure.

    Anyway, you probably already knew all that. [EDITED] Good luck!

  219. I’m 41 and have had 4 operations on the same leg, not including the pain injections. I had a revision in which the pinnacle ball was replaced. I then had psoas tendon released, a surgery that is irreversible, they cut a tendon and you loose leg strength but for me it was worth it to be free of pain and then I hear about the hip recall but not the pinnacle? I am now being tested for failure and loosening of the pinnacle system with a different doctor, my doctor has lost interest. I was a active person and still am- I pay for it however with sleepless nights and painful days.

    So all I did was nothing more of a fishing expedition and now a possible total Hip replacement again…, I’m not one to go looking for an attorney but I am getting closer to that point. I own a small business and it is starting to have an effect on my way of life.

    I waited to have my hip replaced and now I have pain I never had, I regret it.

  220. Attn: Carol – Jan 11th blog
    I was so sorry to hear about your horrific experience. You actually hit on something that I had never attributed to my lf hip Pinnacle replacement. Mine was on 2/1/05. At that time I was living in a townhome with bedroom and only bathroom upstairs. It was so difficult to get up & down stairs living all alone.
    I moved in 6/05 to a 1 story home not even thinking if my townhome would sell.
    (Was on the market for 2 years) On 8/1/05, I was getting out of bed and my left ankle was swollen the size of a tennis ball. I was almost completely paralized in both legs and had to crawl to the phone. Went to emergency and no one could figure out the problem. They wanted to cast my leg, but, luckily, I wanted a 2nd opinion. The next day, the orthopedic doctor used a needle to extract all the infection fluid. If it had been casted, the swelling would have cut off my circulation and may have lost the leg. I never even mentioned my left hip replacement or thought that it contributed to this. I was in pain until the revision on 1/2/07. At that time, there was infection and fluid on the hip joint with blood clotting, as I might have mentioned in an earlier blog above. The Zimmer Articul/eze Metal to Metal hip revision has completely failed. Had my rt hip replaced on 2/9/10 with a Johnson & Johnson DePuy Pinnacle. I couldn’t believe my bad luck. So far, there is no pain or popping.
    Anxious to find out anyone who has high levels of metal toxicity – Mellalous.
    Pls see my blog on Jan 8th for comparison. What is anyone doing about the Metal poisoning??
    Attn: Gail – What is the name of the law firm?

  221. John Lowry asked for the results of blood tests for metals from patients with Pinnacle implants. I did have the chromium level tested and it was 72.4. Normal according to the Mayo test should be .03. Has anyone had experience with what happens to the metal level after the Pinnacle is removed? Just wondering, as my doctor says it will just be filtered out of the blood stream by the kidneys.

  222. i had pinnacle metal to metal put in march 2006 .searing pan and burning started within 2 months.doctors said all was ok,but that was only beginning i went on life support eight months later diagnosed with double neumona and sepsis.i pulled through only to have leg swell three times its size two half dollar size blisters appeared lasting four months to heal.pain getting even worse,leg was pointd outward i was on walker at all times if not wheelchair.couldnt standlong periods and couldnt sit long periods i was in and out of hospitals i became a prisner of own home.couldnt lift my leg without help.i begged doctors to plze help but they were afraid to do anything,so then blisters from my knee to mytoes came casing even worse knee by this time was froze with large amounts of pus pouringout of a large blister on the outside of knee,i called mayo cliinc to see them but before i could i ended up in emergency room next morning knee was slit open on the outside to find severe infection had taken over was transford to luthrenfor amputation of leg up to hip i begged orthepedic to try and save leg he said would trybut chance was slim .he had to take all metal plus hip cup out i no longer have anykindof hip can never put any replacement inwill never walk again my leg is only for looks doesnt work just hangs scars are all over both legs ,yes im bitter because i did have a life now i dont it was taken from methe day my ace pinnacle was implanted. i do reget that day in march of 2006 when i let it be done.ty for reading this because just letting people no of this makes me feel that justice might prevail good luck all of u carol manganaro.

  223. The Pinnacle is not the only other metal on metal device that Depuy is covering up the failure rates on. I had the articul/eze hip in for only 6 months with all of the same sx. I suspect tht more of the ASR hips were implanted than the others leading to a higher complaint rate. This of course does not negate the damage caused by these devices. I have sent a complaint to the FDA and am filing a complaint with Depuy. I have had 5 replacements on the right side.

  224. I am just home from the hospital after having revision surgery on my left hip. Both hips have been replaced with the DePuy Pinnacle product and both are now problematic. I did have a completely unattached replacement on the left with much metal debris around the joint. The right also has fluid surrounding it. The reason I am writing was that last night when I was reading the posts here someone asked if there was a firm handling the Pinnacle cases. I am working with one of the major law firms involved with the DePuy ASR cases and they are collecting evidence from me (and others). When the old hip joint was removed it was placed in a container, following procedure in a retreival kit sent by the lab the law firm is working with and returned directly to that lab.

    Anyway, I am sure there are other firms working with Pinnacle people also.

  225. First, on my above comments on Dec 29th, correction: Not 4 hours, but 4 YEARS!
    Received my lab work for Metallous-high levels of metal toxicity:
    Chromium, Plasma is 15.9
    Cobalt, Plasmas is 21.6
    Normal is approx .5
    Urineanalysis-24 hr test:
    Chromium 107.5(normal is 1.0 – 2.0
    Cobalt 39.8(normal is 1.0 – 2.0
    Nickel even showed up at 11.2(norm is 0.00 -9.0
    Appreciate comments on other people’s metal levels regarding the Pinnacle
    and Zimmer Metal to Metal THR
    Rt hip THR on 2/9/10 is a J & J DePuy Pinnacle too–no problems

  226. Greetings Jill,
    I owned a horse for 18 yrs and only rode bareback. When I got the 1st hip replacement-a Pinnacle, in 2-05, I couldn’t even extend my leg over the horse.
    I had my hip replaced with another J & J DePuy Zimmer metal on metal and this one is much worse than the Pinnacle. It pops & grinds so much that I feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Check out my comments on Dec 29th. I wrote another one on Dec 29th, but it hasn’t been posted yet.
    As far as the Pinnacle being recalled, according to several attorneys, they think it will happen. I think if everyone gets blood tests for high levels of metal, it will really get the ball rolling. There is a research study now in London by Bristol something studying the effects of high levels of metal in the blood stream and what to expect for long term probable effects such as cancer tumors, etc.

  227. Attn: John Lowry
    I had posted my complaint yesterday, but it is still not listed.
    I had the DePuy Pinnacle -Sector II-Acetabular cup and Pinnacle Cancellous Bone Screws(2) on 2/1/05. When it was replaced on 1/2/07, another DePuy Zimmer was installed. Within 24 hours, my Greater Trochanter fractured followed by 3 or 4 dislocations. Now, after almost 4 hours, I am still going to PT. The left leg can not be bent to the chest-when it is, it takes about 20 seconds before I hear the pop back into the joint before I can straighten it. When the 2nd surgery was performed, medical records showed infection, blood clotting, etc at the site of the implantation. I just had the Blood Test for Cobalt & Chronimum. I am also doing the 24 hr urine test. I have most of the side effects from Mettalous–even gastro problems, loss of short term memory and eye vision changes, which were mentioned. As soon as I get the results of my metal levels, I will email.

  228. Hi Lisa C.
    I listed all the parts used in my message of 19th.Dec.2010.
    I have noticed that from other comments there must be a multitued of parts that various surgeons use and it would be almost impossible to reconcile the parts used by them with other hip replacements. done by other surgeons.
    I can only suggest that if all how have had DePuy hip replacements were to have a serum blood test done for heavy metals we may reach a consensus regarding DePuy replacements.
    How about publishing the results of these blood tests??

  229. HI,I had hip relacements done in july and october of 2008 for both my legs.I was 39 and developed necrosis so i had no choice.My doctor put the pinnacle cup from depuy for both my hips saying that it was the best and i would be out of pain.But its been 2 years and im still on painkillers,cant walk or stand for more than 45 min.I have pain anytime and they are concentrated in the hip area.Now my doctor says to get another hip replacement to remove the metal and replace with ceramic.Since the hip is a depuy product im really worried and do not know what to do.There are days when i have tried to not take painkillers but then i start limping.Who is to blame and i donot not understand why the pinnacle hip is not being recalled since it is giving so much pain to people.

  230. John Lowry-what parts did they use? I have the Pinnacle Sector II, Pinnacle Marathon, & bone screw, Stryker Accolade Stem, Stryker Alumina Femoral Head.

  231. I submitted a query on December 19/10.including parts and trace numbers of all pieces that were used in my THR in 2005.
    Now what I would like to know is has anyone else had their serum blood tests done for Cobalt and Chromium? If so what were the measurements?
    I have spoken and emailed the Medical Director for Johnson and Johnson here in Australia and was advised that the Pinnacle hip replacement I received in 2005 DID NOT CONTAIN any Cobalt or Chromium, so if anyone else has had their blood levels for either of these two metals please let me know the results as I cannot understand how my Cobalt level (17nanm/l )is so high if I do not have any cobalt in this Pinnacle Hip replacement.

  232. I also have the Pinnacle Cup total hip replacement….nov of 2005
    I also have been having pain and popping for over a year now and getting worse.
    Never could do what I should had been able to after the surgery. I have rode horses all my life up until the past 5-8 yrs and then had the surgery and still can’t ride for very long at a time.
    I would like to know if there is a time limit on doing something about the pinnacle?? I have wrote here before and read all the additional posts regularly.

  233. Someone brought up a good suggestion. They said we NEED TO CONTACT OUR SENATORS and let them know about the DEPUY PINNACLE PROBLEMS so they are aware of what’s going on with the Pinnacle. Our Government and DePuy need to know there is a problem, because the FDA is definitely not doing anything about it!

  234. Has the fda even addressed the issue yet? The pinnacle cup is faulty. I have been having serious pain, popping and shifting with mine since 2006. Even though my Dr. say that my mri/cat shows a snug fit, I will have the chromium blood test. I am now interviewing attorneys for possible legal action aimed at Depuy .

  235. I had THR in Feb 2010 using the DePuy Pinnacle and have been in constant pain, unable to place weight on the leg at times or unable to walk with comfort. After a second opinion and further testing, I was told I have a fracture in my trochanter, possibly caused during surgery. I have been told to live with it and be reexamined in 9 months. Meanwhile I am unable to work. I contacted DePuy several times regarding this, but have yet to hear back from them.

    I have read on other websites that other people have also had problems with the DePuy Pinnacle Acetabular cup. Will this be the next recall?

  236. I had a THR on 14th,February 2005. The replacement was a
    DePuy Pinnacle sector HA Acetabula trace number T23C71.
    Pinn mar lip lnr 62od x 28id trace number V49DMI.
    Acetabular H/E pos stop screw trace numberY28F61.
    Delta articul/eze ceramic He.trace number 1140922.
    Corail stem non collared std.Trace number 1842877.
    For the past several months I have been experiencing pain over the hip replacement site.Becauise this prothesis was not the recalled type I have been unable obtain much satisfaction from my Ortho surgeon.I have noticed that other comments about the recalled hip replacement of DePuy mentioned elevated cobalt serum levels.I have had my blood serum level done and it is 17nmol/l.
    Try as I might I cannot find if this reading is high or in fact what is the’ normal’ level of cobalt in ones blood should be.I may mention that for the past few months had a very strong metalic taste in my mouth and throat (I do not have any filled teeth) Can anyone give me advise as to what my future options are ?

  237. Thank u E. Sizemore for your explanation. I understand. You’re right about me…just trying to get the word out on the DePuy Pinnacle so maybe the FDA & DePuy will wake up & realize the Pinnacle is having the same issues as the ASR!

  238. Calendar of events on my DePuy Pinnacle MOM (metal on metal) ACE tabular Cup full hip replacement:

    Upfront, here are serial numbers of the cup and bone screws of my
    DePuy Pinnacle (metal on metal) ACE Tabular Cup full hip replacement:

    1. DePuy Pinnacle ACE Tabular Cup
    REF 1217-22-056 LOT C31EF1000
    SZ MM 56

    2. DePuy Pinnacle Cancellous Bone Screw (2 screws same serial numbers)
    REF 1217-30-500 LOT AF 2E6400
    DIA MM 6.5
    MM LGT 30

    1. My right hip was replaced using one of the DePuy devices 2 days before Christmas 2008.

    2. For the first 3 months after surgery I was unable to lie down straight in bed, only changing certain positions hourly sitting in a recliner allowed me to bear severe and violent pain. Actually, to the day (almost 2 years after surgery), I am not able to sit, stand, or lie down for more than a couple of hours, rather less. Even when I don’t move at all, severe and violent pain kicks in. During that time I also was ordered physical therapy. At the time, my Physical Therapist also wondered why I still was in so much pain.

    3. Once I was ordered to walk on full weight, I was never able to walk more than half a mile without severe pain kicking in. Actually, to the day my hip replaced leg starts hurting badly when I walk only very short distances, much shorter than half a mile and often when I don’t walk also. My surgeon always suggested to be patient as recovery from a severe operation like that could take up to a year, or more.

    4. The last time I saw my surgeon was in January of 2010. Again, I told him how severe my pains still were. Dr. Cuff discussed a bone marrow transplant with me. A procedure that could help to fasten the stem part of my implanted hip. But Dr. Cuff recommended to stay away from that procedure as he knew of only a couple of cases and they weren’t successful. On top of it I could be on crutches for another 10 to 12 months.

    5. During this past spring/summer I tried to see my surgeon again. Mainly because I was suffering more and more. Unfortunately, due to my long tern ‘Leave of Absence’ I had lost my job and all my benefits including health insurance. My surgeon’s front office told me over the phone that I would have to pay a fee of $160 just to see the doctor as an uninsured person. I simply could not afford that at the time.

    6. After I learned that I have a ACE tabucular cup hip replacement made by Depuy Orthopedics, I went to the Venice Regional hospital in order to request my Medical Records and Implant Report. It was a kind of odd that the clerks at the hospital said that they can provide my Medical Records, but that it seemed strange that they were unable to find the serial number of my DePuy hip replacement. They told me that they would send me a copy when they would find it. After appr. 2 weeks I received a copy of the implanted system, and it states ‘DePuy Pinnacle ACE tabular’. While this device is not under the official recall, it is also a metal on metal, and many articles/blog posts by doctors, lawyers and patients talk about the same symptoms I suffer from. Supposedely, the FDA has more than 300 patient complaints on that device.

    7. My medical condition, personal situation and circumstances get worst and worst.
    Furthermore, and after my employer Comcast Cable had terminated me because of extended ‘Leave of Absence due to illness’, I applied for unemployment benefits. Unemployment was denied because the agency was not able to help me because of my illnesses. Since surgery and after I started to sit for extended time, not only severe pain bothered me, also a condition called Edema (excessive swelling of my right food). Both my doctors back then (until January of 2009), Dr. Cuff and Dr. Schulte knew about that additional condition.

    Meanwhile I have developed more severe pain in the hip area of my operated hip, also of my left hip, back, and all the way up the neck. My severe and violent pain is causing me a lot of discomfort, my overall medical condition seems to get worst and worst, ie.

    -I cannot get in and outside of a vehicle without terrible pain in my right leg and right hip.

    -I cannot get up from sitting or laying down positions without terrible pain in my left and right leg and left and right hip.

    -I can only walk very short distances without severe pain starting inside my right leg and right hip.

    -I move and walk very slowly, because I am afraid to fall with every single step I do.

    -I have to sit down in order to get dressed.

    -When I turn my neck to the left or to the right a little faster than very slow, I see ‘stars’. Also, when I move my neck, another violent pain stretches out all the way down to my lower back.

    -Both my hands and arms developed a tingling sensation that stretches all the way from the tip of my pinky fingers to the ellbows.

    -Each time I have to cough or sneeze, I experience a violent pain sensation inside right thigh and hip areas.

    -I have Diarrhea almost all the time, no matter what I drink or eat. Many times there is also blood in my stool.

    8. At the end of August 2010 I applied for Social Security Disability benefits. My initial claim was denied 11/23/2010. I am in the procedure to appeal that decision and report to the SSA that I am suffering from the DePuy hip replacement.

    9. I am also in the procedure to seek legal help on the matter of my failing DePuy hip replacement.

    10. At the present time, I believe that I am in urgent need of medical care. Having lost medical insurance due to the loss of my job, and being denied help from the local Senior Citizen Help Center, I am trying to gain eligibility for the County’s Health Department.

    11. While I have no complaints about Dr. Cuff’s care and the care I received at the Venice Regional Hospital, I have a problem to see Dr. Cuff again. Reason why:

    a) I cannot afford their fees as an uninsured person.

    b) When you look up DePuy Orthopedics official website, and search for associated doctors in Venice/Florida, Dr. Noah pops up first. Dr. Noah and Dr. Cuff both work for Suncoast Orthopedics Medical Center, 836 Sunset Lake Blvd., Venice, Florida 34292.

    As stated above, I seek legal advise on the matter. Please, let me know if you are interested to represent me in that matter, and please, also let me know what your fees and expenses are?

    12. Today, 12/14/2010, I filed a complaint with the FDA online.

    Please, let me know when you have know of law firms that represent DePuy Pinnacle victims like me.


    Juergen Schaberick
    Venice, Florida

  239. Hello Lisa,

    The comment wasn’t approved because it linked to that website. I am happy to post any comments you have here, or even let you put up an editorial on the subject. But as a matter of general practice, we do not allow people to link out to other websites in the comments area. I have to look over all comments made every day and there are usually a dozen or so who try to sneak in links to their law firm’s website, etc. That’s what we have advertising for.

    By your previous comments, doubt that is the case. It seems as though you are just concerned about this product, and are looking to get other people on-board so the company has to respond to these complains. However, it is against our guidelines to publish links to other sites like that. We sometimes publish links going to .edu and .gov resources but usually not other private sites.

    I hope you understand. Once you begin accepting comments on your own site and see the overwhelming amount of spam people try to work into the comments, I’m sure you will see from our perspective.


  240. Hi Wally and Linda’

    My Name is Chuck L., I also had the Pinnacle and have had three surgery’s and two dislocations since,10/22/2008. I was 48 years of age with the first surgery in 2008 felt ok for about two to three months then I started to feel popping and pain, with the pain continually getting worse and pressure building in my hip and groin area. Nothing would get resolved with my surgeon on my follow up appointments, he would take X-rays that showed everything lined up and tell me to give it time to heal. Eventually going back to him with my hip looking as if a baseball was protruding from it. I would eventually be aspirated after much testing that would lead in to my second surgery to be performed by a different surgeon as I was disgusted with the lack of concern from my original surgeon. With my second surgery,3/23/2010 and a new surgeon the ball and the liner would be removed leaving the socket and the stem. My surgeon would replace the original DePuy Pinnacle metal ball with a smaller DePuy Marathon ball this being ceramic and the the metal liner to a plastic liner. Following the second surgery things still did not feel right, but I was hopeful with time and rehab things would get better. After my three or four follow up visits and still complaining of the pain and popping, on 8/8/2010 I dislocated with a second dislocation, 8/14/2010. Onto the third surgery, 8/18/2010 just the original Pinnacle stem was left in and all the other DePuy parts were removed. Sorry to say I still have pain though not as horrific as before, still have popping and the pain in the groin comes and goes hoping with time and exercise and strengthening the muscles around the area hopefully things will improve. Just met with my surgeon and told him of the symptoms, his response is that there will always be pain due to the damage from the original operation. I know I do not have to tell anyone going through this how it has devastated my life,my wife’s and children. I also lost my job because of this. It is an absolute crime that Johnson and Johnson had not acknowledged the similarities of the ASR to the Pinnacle as of yet and how the FDA is dragging their feet.

  241. I just requested my hospital records – maybe that will tell me more – I wrote earlier about the continuous pain and popping in my L hip (Pinnacle Cup)
    I have spoke to a Lawyer and he suggested the therapy etc…etc…routes
    been there done that…but its impossible to do the leg lifts without severe pain
    now my leg and foot seems to be turning in more and more and now i am having foot pain in that leg. anyone else ?

  242. I recently received my med records from my 2005 THR . I have a summit stem and a pinnacle cup. Sometimes it seems the Dr’s use a mix of different models. Be aware of this when consulting with your DR. It is best to request the record from the hospital where the surgery was performed.

  243. I am extremely familiar with the ASR and have seen several surgeries. Many attorneys are accepting these kinds of cases but only a handful actually understand the science and are going to litigate the cases. I can answer any questions that anyone may have.

  244. I had a pinnacle hip replaced in 2008 and have had problems ever since. Worse than I had before. At least I was able to do more things than I am now. Can’t sit, stand or walk for very long at all. It feels like it’s going to pop out at times and catches. I thought all the discomfort and pain would all be behind after surgery, boy was I wrong. Have had so much PT and don’t know what to do now. Dr. says everything looks fine in the x-rays, so basically live with it. I also have a pinnacle knee replacement on the same side and have problems with that, especially after the hip surgery. Anyone have any suggestions of what to do next? Want my life back, and be free of all this pain.

  245. Dear Friends, I stumbled across this websight and I’m amazed that there are so many people that are out there and are in the same boat I am with their Hip Replacements.
    I had my hip replacement in March of 2003, I received my hospital records and I have a AML/Pinnacle hip. Four years went by and I started having alot of trouble with my hip. First my hip locked up on me at work and swelling started in my hip, and severe pain started, I also have trouble walking, I walk with a cain now, life as I used to know it is no longer. It’s hard for me to get through the days. My hip was popping and my Dr. did surgery and cut the tendions, no more popping but I still have the pain 24/7. I see a Pain Mgmt. Dr. now and have to take alot of medications and get shots in my back every 3 to 4 months. I thought I was alone in all of this but now, I see I’m not. What do we do!!!! I feel we need to join together and change what’s happening.
    We had our hips redone to try to have a better life but instead: We are all worse then before.(This is not right!)

  246. Stacey I am with you and it has been 8 yrs. that I have been in accute and chornic pain and I was 59 when I started. Y ou are much to young to settle! The longer you wait the worse it gets. Is your appliance screwed to your pelvic. Linda

  247. I was in a car accident June 2008 and broke my hip and pelvis. I had an acetabular repair done only to have it fail by August. I went in Sept 2008 and had a total hip replacement and have the Pinnacle Cup w/ a Ceramic ball. Which was due to my surgeon did not want the metal on metal due to metal shavings causing problems later. I have not been without pain since my hip replacement. I have had numerous xrays, ct scans and an aspiration to ensure that there was no infection. I am so tired of being 39 yrs old and being in constant pain. I cannot get off the floor without the help of someone. I have to pull it up into the car. The drs say to exercise more. Some days I have such severe pain that the only comfort I have is laying on my back flat. I agree I hope that they do something about the Pinnacle. I hate to think I could have to live like this for 8-13 more yrs until I am due for another new hip…

  248. I had a total hip replacement in Nov 2007. I’ve had ongoing problems. I have the Depuy Pinnacle hip system. It’s been three years and no answers why I’m having all these issues with my hip. I think it’s time the FDA look into the Depuy Pinnacle hip system… it’s also a metal on metal system, pretty much just like the one that’s been re-called. I have lived with ongoing pain, the hip pops, can’t sit long, leg swells, have never been able to sleep on the side of the replacement due to pain. I have to kick my leg out before sitting, walk with a limp, I can feel the pain in the groin and in my buttocks, the site is still tender and can’t put pressure on it. The list of problems go on and on and yet no answers from the Doctor. I see that their are many other’s out there having the same issues………. and we are told to report it to the FDA….. When will the FDA get going on this so we can get some answers and help!!! and get on with our lives………. life has been a struggle since the surgery. My left hip needs to be replaced and would have been replaced but ran into all the issues with this hip surgery. I was looking foward getting on with my life and getting relief from pain with the surgery and that didn’t happen. So if anyone else has problems with their Depuy Pinnacle system or know someone that does… have them report it to the FDA and post thier problems here on this site!!ASAP!

  249. does anyone have the type of replacement that is screwed into your pelvic with 2 screws and then the rest goes into that socket, because my own hip was completely gone at 58 yrs. old

  250. i had my total hip implant done in 2005 i was 41 years of age at the time im 46 now i have compaind about my hip for 5 years now they also took x-rays and told me know fractures. now my a.c.l. gragh in my knee is all gone now i have to go without an a.c.l. now i have a bad hip and bad knee. now im going to have break out crutches to get around to work. when this is said and done they will pay stick to your guns every body.i also have a 6 and a 9 year olds i cant really enjoy haveing fun with like should! i use to jog, enjoy matial arts’ and body train with wieghts now its all taken away from me i feel like my manly hood was taken away thanks for this sight i know now im not the only one out there.

  251. I just had the Pinnacle System stem only replaced on 10/28/2010. The Pinnacle was installed SEPT. 2002. Over a 8 year period the stem sunk into the femur 52 mm. The bone did not grow to the stem very well.
    Anybody else seen this problem?


  252. Jill, I also got the Pinnacle Cup in 2005. Since then three dislocations. No pain to speak of…only when it dislocates. Just this year I started to hear a sporadic popping in my groin and a couple of times I had this strange pain going down the front of my leg from my groin to my knee. It made it very difficult to take a step, but then goes away and everything is fine. I don’t understand why the FDA and DePuy aren’t recalling the Pinnacle?!?

  253. I had a Pinnacle Cup hip implanted in Nov 2005

    I have had chronic pain pretty much since. The leg and groin pain and popping never stops…My surgeon does Xrays on a regular basis and says everything always looks good…But I can hardly stand up if I happen to get down on the floor – need help getting up and have to lift leg up to get in my vehicle almost regular.

    Never could do the leg lifts in post surgery therapy with out constant pain…still can not lift leg more than a few inches to this day…

    anyone have similar complaints??
    got any solutions yet??

  254. Reply to Linda, yes I had third surgery to left leg this March. I am back to work. I seem to be doing much better now that the Pinnacle 100 is out. My second surgery was August 2007 and my first partial hip was 1998.

  255. has anyone had a third replacement on the same leg, and was it benifical to them as far as pain and walking if you want to correspond with me my e-mail is wallyandlinda@att,net thank you Linda

  256. Thank you E. Sizemore for addressing the DePuy Pinnacle problems and concerns! Since the DePuy ASR recall I have been researching the Medical Device industry, surgeon kickback payments, & the FDA…& it’s been a real eye opener! BUYER BEWARE!!!

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