GM Recall: Chevrolet Cobalt & Pontiac G5, Pursuit, G4 – Power Steering Failure

General Motors has quietly announced a recall of over one million compact cars, as posted in a statement dated March 2nd, 2010 on the GM website. This recall affects the power steering units in the following automobiles:
• 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt
• 2007-2010 Pontiac G5
• 2005-206 Pontiac Pursuit (Canada)
• 2005-2006 Pontiac G4 (Mexico)
The automobiles referencing other countries are the locations where they were sold, not manufactured.

There were 16 complaints on record with the NHTSA for the 2009 Pontiac G5 which included two separate injuries and one reported death. All of the complaints for the 2009 G5 indicated power steering issues that caused the steering to lock up which stopped the driver’s ability to control the vehicle at intermittent and unpredictable times.

Additionally there were 51 complaints on record with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for the 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt that directly related to the “steering”. Additional complaints were found for other steering related components. One complaint (ODI# 10310842) stated that there were previous reports on the news dating back to June 13th, 2008 about the power steering failure. According to the government agency, just fewer than one million of the automobiles were under investigation since 2009.

If a power steeling pump or control fails and the power steering no longer works it can instantly become very difficult to turn an automobile, particularly at slower speeds. Accidents can become much more likely to occur with intermittent surprises for drivers such as power steering failure. Steering is largely a mechanical device that doesn’t rely as much on electronic controls like the brakes in the Toyota Prius recall.

It has not been announced if the recall will affect other GM brands such as Buick, GMC, Open, Holden and Vauxhall, but it is believed no other cars have the same power steering parts. Vice President of GM’s Quality Assurance, Jamie Hresko, stated “this is a condition that takes time to develop” and that “it tends to occur in older models out of warranty”. Many of the reports on the NHTSA website indicate various mileage occurrence rates from 2,000 to 15,000 miles.

Several GM dealership managers have stated that a check engine or equivalent warning light will come on if there is a problem with the power steering.

The two similar models of Pontiac and Chevrolet compacts appear to share the identical power steering construction using the same parts.

It is not currently known what causes the failure and General Motors has not yet developed a remedy but indicated customers would be notified when the plan is finalized. The recall is not being considered life threatening but you should contact and locate your local GM dealership or manufacturer representative to determine what additional precautions you can take.

“It is never safe to drive or operate a vehicle that poses risk of injury. A power steering failure could cause erratic driving behavior.”, according to Insurance Investigator Phillip Crimaldi at Peak Claims in Denver, CO. “Even if you feel comfortable behind the wheel, an unanticipated movement in traffic could cause another safe driver to over-react, contributing to an accident based on your reaction behind the wheel.”

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104 thoughts on “GM Recall: Chevrolet Cobalt & Pontiac G5, Pursuit, G4 – Power Steering Failure

  1. We bought brand new a 2008 Chevy Cobalt We had close to a year 43000 miles at the time my son was coming home from taking me to work and the steering wheel locked up and he wrecked totaling over 11,000 dollars in damages and the car was totaled out and by the grace of God I still have my son. Gm was contacted and They never did anything to compensate the damages. We had no car and out several thousands of dollars. There was a recall but we never received one.

  2. 2007 Pontiac G5, All at the same time, while driving door locks will unlock and lock unlock and lock and unlock the speedometer goes to 0 and the transmission goes in 2 gear no mater how fast your going the mileage will — — and power steering will flash on the Odometer/Driver Information Center

  3. hello,

    I couldn’t agree more. I just had my struts and rotors replaced for warped rotors and leaking struts. My car pulled to the left for the longest time until I got an allignment and knocking sounds too.

    Sigh. Mine is a 2008 Pontiac G5. Recall please…

  4. My spouse and I just purchased a 2009 Pontiac G5 Coupe. No steering troubles as of yet (knock on wood), however, the car does seem to be pulling to the left. Possible alignment needed? Or the start of the dangerous steering issues I keep hearing about? Any information anyone has on this issue would be incredibly helpful.

  5. I own a 2008 Cobalt ; and on February 27, 2012, i went to start my car and the ignition will not turn… the wheel is locked in place and i tried two other keys and cannot start my vehicle. I contacted my local GM dealer who has record of working on my vehicle since day one. The rep told me he never heard of anything like this. Meanwhile I have been driving my son’s 1991 Acura to get me to and from work on a daily basis… I have tried switching out fuses as the owner manual suggests. I have tried turning the wheel one way and other way… to no avail…. Locating some plunger switch? I opened the casing and could feel no plunger switch? I am now at the websites looking for options. I have an extended warranty, but I have not called them yet as there is a deductible to pay and i have to get this pre-authorized. I called GM direct today 3-07-12 to see if there were any recalls… they GM phone bank said there were not any recalls. I spoke to a lady regarding my problem… and she said i am not covered only on the power train… By the way i have 29000 miles on my car. Too old for warranty …. Low and behold i type in recalls and look what I find? Wow talk about getting the run around and Amerca wonders why we are in such a dilemma.. Paying too much for things that should of been right in the first place. I bought a new car to keep from having car troubles… and what do I have CAR TROUBLES… using an old car which seems to do just fine…. I need this fixed… GM should step up to the plate and get this taken care of IMMEDIATELY. I will try one more remedy that someone posted, but more than likely I have the feeling it isnt because the issue is all in this recall.

  6. Was driving on the highway with my cruise set at 65 and had to accelerate to allow traffic to pass and my cruise control stuck and it kept accelerating. I was doing 85 MPH and kept hitting the brakes but it would not disengage,really scary,finally after several attempts to disingage the cruise it finally shut off.

  7. yesterday I was driving to school and I was coming around a corner and my steering locked up completely. I couldnt steer what so ever an slammed into the guard rails. I no longer have a front end on my vehicle. I am so lucky I wasn’t injured or hit another car when this happened. to all comments that state that I purchase a cheap car and should deal with it. I think you are beyond nieve and I deeply disappointed in you. I don’t are who you are but when you spend 20 some thousand on a vehicle in today’s economy you expect it to be safe… bottom line safe ! I don’t want all the bells and whistles of a high end car obviously but I think safety isn’t something that should be considered as a bell and whistle ! all lives are important no matter how much money they can afford to spend on a vehicle.

  8. I own a 2007 Chevy Cobalt anf 2004 Chevy Z71 both over 100 thousand miles on them. Love them both Here is a clue folks you bought cheap cars expecting never to have issues? Try replacing any part for Toyota, Honda, or a VW then come on back and be grateful.

    3 days ago i noticed my left turn signal flashing faster then normal, then 2 days later i get in the car and my radio is dead , as is my door chimes and the turn signal make no noise at all, all signal are working except for the front right and it is not , also front right hazard light will not flash , has anyone else had this problem and what was the outcome?

  10. RE: My 2006 Chevy Cobalt…steering problem started way before the recall was issued..Thank God we weren’t hurt even though the steering wheel froze up many times AND caused the car to shut off. We have children to worry about, but GM doesn’t care. Now we just had the new problem fixed–key stuck in the ignition. The ignition wouldn’t turn all the way off & stayed stuck in ACC. Then we had to disconnect & reconnect the battery every time we had to go somewhere. Does someone have to really take chances with their lives before GM will acknowledge these problems? We as the public are sick of their excuses. Pay up & fix your problems. I know there is a recall And if someone knows anything about the recall on ignition problem, please let us know?

  11. warning to all.. gm powersteering failure is a very serious issue.. like many of the comments found on here my 2007 pontiac g5 also had the problem of steering very hard at low speeds.. if this happens to you i highly recommend that you stop driving your car immediately as i heard a pop and crunching sound coming from my steering column then my steering let go completely and service airbag light come on as well.. car has absolutely no steering at all the steering wheel is completely upside down when wheels are straight.. i am very thankful that i was in a parking lot when this happened as i was just about to go out on the highway.. gm had better remedy this very soon before someone ends up getting killed.

  12. I have a 2009 chevy cobalt. Today, I went to pick up my wife at work, stopped off at a store on the way… And my key was stuck in the ignition in the on position. Couldn’t turn off my car, so I couldn’t go into the store (not gonna leave my car running in the city, while away) anyway, called the dealership and they want to charge me over three hundred dollars to fix this problem… Wtf! That is ridiculous, especially after doing research on the Internet to find that so many people have had that happen. So I called GM directly, and… No recall on the vin number for my car, um, whatever, just because my car came off the assembly line a different day than those other pieces of crap cobalts, I don’t get to have my pos fixed. I had a problem with the steering in this car before but luckily it was under warranty, had it fixed but when that was fixed all of the speakers on the left side of my car didn’t work… I am very disappointed at the American car companies, they don’t put out quality products… But I guess that’s what I get for believing these greedy and shady dealerships and their loop hole filled contracts. Ridiculous!

  13. I have a 2005 Cobalt that I bought new. I had power steering problem light go off and on and the dealer replaced the column in 2008. On 13 August 2011 while driving on a freeway my power steering light went off, I lost steering control and slammed into the left guardrail, all this happened so quickly I could not even hit my brakes. I was hurt, the car was totaled. I am lucky to be alive. I did not have collision insurance and I still owe money on the Cobalt. I have already missed two days at work. My head almost went through my windshield. Neither one of my airbags deployed. Lost consciousness but felt car spinning. Next thing I know there’s an off-duty EMT in my car and I was taken to hospital immediately. Miraculously, I did not have any significant head injuries other than extensive lacerations on the left side of my face. Was diagnosed with cervical strain. Am currently out of work because I work in a nursing position and have to be able to transfer my patients from wheelchairs to toilets, beds, etc and I cannot do that safely right now I filed a report with the National Highway Safety Board and with GM. I am waiting to hear from GM what they are going to do to help me.


  15. I have a 2008 pontiac g5.I have had nothing only problems.I have had struts replaced.Frontend replaced.steering colum replaced.Now have front parking lights but no rear parking lights, no dash lights and no shifter lights.the problems just don’t stop. Now I have a car that i can only use daytime. I’m just sick of paying for a car that has spent it’s time in the garage.I’ll never buy anything else fro GM.They have to start realizing that there r a good many more people out ther like me.Has anyone ot ther had any problems with their parking lights if so let me know please

    • Hi I seen you posted that you had trouble with your parking lihts and dash lights well I have the same problem now and I was told it was a dimmer switch and I replaced that and still nothing what was the issues with yours when you had it fixed im thinking now its a break and loose connection in the wires somewhere in my car let me know how you fixed it if you did would greatly be appreciated thanks you can email me back at I also had to replace my steering which cose me 500.00 after to relize it as recalled

  16. We bought my daughter a used 2007 G5 recently. Today, she called in a panic, the Power Steering Light came on, the steering locked up and she nearly wrecked. After ready the manual, it said take it to a dealer. I came to the internet for more info and was astounded by all of the comments. We noticed the car shaking at normal interstate speeds just last week, now this steering issue occurred. I hope that my contact with a certified GM dealer tomorrow morning will result in getting this fixed. It is a “Life Threatening” issue. I would rather give the car back and get our money refunded if the repairs cannot be made fully by GM under a RECALL repair.

    If we need to, we could all join together with a petition to the Attorney General requesting that it be considered Life Threatening and all issues corrected immediately!

    • I have the same vehicle as the one you bought for your daughter. Its now 2015 and i purchased this car 5 months ago. I’ve had nothing but problems with it within the first two weeks of purchase, and now this power steering issue. I agree that a petition needs to be started and i would like to get that going. Someone is going to seriously get hurt, these vehicles shouldnt be allowed on the roads.

  17. I bought a used 2005 Chevy Cobalt for my daughter to drive and we have had the power steering motor replaced twice under this recall. The steering has gone out yet again and when we took it in this time they said there must be something else wrong with the car even though ALL of the symptoms are the same as before. They said that the computer had many failures logged and they had to clear them and when something happens again they will be able to tell if it is the power steering motor. Sounds like the run around! When the mechanic test drove with my daughter he told her that she needed a new car becasue it would cost too much to fix this time! What is wrong with this picture?
    Has anyone else had this experience or has some input?

  18. 2008 chevy cobalt, steering column replaced 3 times, complete piece of shit car, someone please steal it so i can claim for insurance. dont buy american.

  19. My gf has a 2007 chev cobalt and I was just using it about an hour ago and the power steering went out just as I was going around a sharp curve. LUCKILY I was able to maintain control of the vehicle and even more fortunate that this happened while I was driving it. Had my gf been driving who knows how she would have reacted. This is the first problem we have had other than the stabilizer bushings needing be replaced. Shame on you GM for not making this problem right! We all support our domestic auto manufacturers and I can understand there are huge costs involved but COME ON! Theres lives at stake here! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLEASE

  20. I have a 2008 Cobalt and my key will not turn back so i can turn my car off.. My key is literally stuck in my ignition.. apparently there has been recalls (2) on ym car about the steering but I have not sinced any trouble out of the steering.. Just the the in my ignition will not come out its like its stuck in gear or something and wont turn off.. I have to get in my trunk and take the cable off my battery to turn the lights and radio off then take the fuse off to turn the motor and all off… Umm I and like really tired of dealing witht this if anyone knows how to do this or know any info please let me know!!

  21. What does it take to have a specific problem recalled? I have read though the complaints, its control bushings and steering, its not your brakes. I am going to file a complaint with THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL. We know the problem isn’t fixed, now my car travels to the right, ohh ure tires, gee i thought they were good for 70,000 miles, u have 40,000 on them now, no warranty. I just had the power sreeing column replaced, as well as the control bushing ( on drivers side) number three. I did suggest front end alignment, i cant believe everyone has been having the same problems.

  22. I haven’t had any serious issues with my ’05 cobalt and I’ve ran it all the way up to 80,000 miles. So far my problems are: seat heaters completely offline, front right blinker out (I constantly have to change blinker bulbs : X), both of my remote alarms burnt out, and I too have an ignition problem. While I was able to pull out my key by pushing the plunger button within the steering column, its still an unnecessary pain to do so. I haven’t asked Papa GM for any aid, because honestly, I don’t need it and it may be too much trouble than its worth. I guess I’ll wait until I get another notice and take it to a local dealer.

  23. I have a 2009 pontiac G5 and I have a problem getting my key out of the ignition switch. I started it with no problem at all but when I parked and was ready to get out my keys, my key wouldn’t shift into the off position. My car kept running until I called a locksmith, who told me to take out the fuel pump fuse in order for my car to stop running. I had to disconnect my battery to turn off the lights and radio. ANYONE KNOW HOW I COULD GET MY KEY OUT OF THE IGNITION?? I haven’t had any problems with it until now. I’m afraid I would have to take it into the dealership and get it fixed but that could be really expensive. Is the recall to replace the ignition switch still going on?

  24. I have a 2007 cobalt and I have had the power steering fixed but……I have had other problems such as front end noises, key faub failure on a regular basis, and leakage. I have had my car into the dealership several times and they report nothing wrong. My roof leaked and they fixed it , had no choice the car was full of water they couldn’t get away with sayng there was no leak. The other leaks are small, my seat belts are moulding due to water and they are hard to get out to put them on.When it is cold out I have to scrape the inside of my windows, just a tad bit of moisture. In the summer we have to drive with the defrost on because the inside of the car fogs up.This has been ongoing since the day I bought it. June will be 3 years. I have had the car in 3 times in regards to the front end noise and they say there is nothing wrong. It sounds like a beater car when you pull in the driveway or go over a speed bump but hey…theres NOTHING wrong. Feedback would be appreciated if anyone has the same or similar problems I would love to hear about it.

  25. i have the 2007 pontiac G5 BASE 2.2L automatiac i never had this problem the streering, you know what you all can do , disconnect the battery and reset the system every once in a while the only thing i fix on it was the lower control arm driverside the bushing was bad so what, and i changed both the axles cause the car has over 50,000 miles on it but i love it o one more thing the ppl at any dearler ship are idiots stop takeing your cars there and fix it your self they dont give a shit if your car will get fix or not cause they still get a paycheck so remember that

    • I too have a 2007 G5 standard, Ecotech. One cylinder sleeve dislodged at around 100,000….engine done! Was luck to find a used (only 50, yes 50 Km), must have crashed coming off the lot….anyhow…I do also have a “noise” in the front end – and it seems to be coming from the steering, its more of a rattle, especially in un smooth roads. Also recently, I have had trouble putting car into reverse and 1st gears. Checked fluid level and was able to add a tablespoon only of fluid.

  26. to Katie on Jan 24th 11, I just received a recall notice in the mail about the key getting stuck in the ignition issue. I already had mine replaced under warranty. Look up recall info for the ignition issue.

  27. i was reading other comments on here about the shaking. my car shakes and rattles so bad between 80-110km/h sounds like the front wheels are going to fall of would like to know how many complaints it takes to get a recall on this crap. very very bad for business as far as im concerned

  28. i own a 2006 pontiac pursuit.. i was putting off getting the recall done because i had never experienced an issue with the car. Finally after putting it off for as long as i could i went in and got the part replaced. Now a week after getting that replaced my neautral safety switch has locked into place. I can now drive down the road and throw the car into reverse without having to push in the button. ! seems crazy to me and completely dangerous. I took it to a dealership close by and they told me they close in 30 minutes so there was nothing they could do for me. My keys are stuck in the ignition on acc mode. Has anyone else experienced this issue or anything like it ?

  29. I will never purchase a GM vehicle again. I have the 2007 pontiac G5 and I have had nothing but problems. My signals are not working properly, driving over railroad tracks are scary because my car feels like its falling apart, something wrong with steering, it shakes, brakes wear out quick, rotors warp quickly, horrible gas mileage although it says 32 MPG (I beg to differ) etc. etc. etc. I had a honda civic and I only had 2 problems with it in 5 years and I’ve only had the G5 since August 2009 with a whole list of problems….I can’t wait to get rid of this piece of garbage and return to what I know best, THE HONDA!

  30. Danielle,

    I have had the same issues with my steering column, leaky struts and the knocking! My warranty has run our as well. I think they should recall this issue, It’s crazy that a 3 year old car has had to have new steering column 5 times since i’ve boughten it!

  31. My 2007 Pontiac G5 is havinf major electrical issues. When I was driving all the lights came on, the traction control, the BAS, the security light, and all the gauges went crazy! The gas gauge, the speed, everything! The car would speed up and slow down on it’s own too. I am scared to drive it. This seems like a recall to me! Help! It’s at the dealership now I can’t drive it the car won’t even steer! I’m a single woman who goes to school at night and I have a disabled parent who I take everywhere this does nto seem fair.

    • Hi Cindy, i am wondering what the dealership said the problem was with your car. I am having all the same problems with my car also a 2007 Pontiac G5. I have come close to many accidents due to this problem when my steering locks up and there seems to be a clicking in the shifter and the car will jerk. If i knew what the problem is i can get it fixed properly. Thank you Cindy

  32. I have a 2007 Chevy Colbalt and my engine light stays on and a licensed mechanic found that my head gasket has been defective since the day I purchased the car. It completely shuts down in the middle of traffic at least 3 times a day…. A Day!!!!! This is very Dangerous. My engine sounds like it’s going to take off without the car. Its shakes really bad and sounds like a truck. My car had never been worked on before this issue started. I really hope and pray no one slams into the back of my car and hurt me or my family. I’m going to have to get this fixed but who’s going to get sued first?

  33. I have a 2007 Pontiac G5 and have had to replace the steering column about 4 times in the past year. The last time I had it replaced because of the knocking noise in the front-end, they (CHEV) told me I wouldn’t have to pay for it because they fixed it out of “good-will”. This is like a $600 part. All fine or so I thought. With my warranty now ran out, I was hoping I wouldn’t have any more problems. BOY WAS I WRONG! A mere 6 months later, here I am, hearing the same knocking noise in the front. I take it to a very well-known garage here in the area, and they tell me the most dreaded news: Yes, your steering column is gone and you have two leaky struts in the front also contributing to the knocking noise. YAY.

    It is not possible for a steering column to have to be replaced 5 times in 2 years. I don’t care who you are or how you drive. Makes no logical sense. I will NEVER have another CHEV.

  34. 2008 my Daughter wanted a new car, she found a Colbalt she liked. we made the deal and all seemed well. at lest till Dec 21st 2009, as she went to her mothers house and was on her way to her house, something went totaly wrong, i recieved the phone call from her boyfriend that there had been a bad crash. my daughter Steph has healed fine, or should i say is well on her way… the big question is that she told ne from the day of the wreck that the steerinr wheel just wouldn’t work. It caused her to leave the road, which took her airborn, then rolled at least 1 and a half times, the roof ended up almost to the floor in the center, in a V shape, and i’m not really sure how she fit in the area that was left inside the car. she had multiable fractors in the upper back, and neck area. I can’t blame this steering thing yet, just know GM i still have the car! and yes i’m putting it back together. its probably not worth the effort, But I for one will know WTF happened, oh yeah, I’ll tell everyone that will listen!!!!!!!

  35. I just bought a pontiac G5 2009. It has 47,000 miles on it and it seems to be doing good though i only had it for 4 days. So i was wondering,Does the power steering problem happen within a few months are will it take a few years? Is GM working on the problem now or are they just letting it go since the car is discontinued? i will be pretty mad if it goes out on me while i’m driving i don’t want to get hurt or hurt anyone else

  36. I had 2006 Persuit recieved recall notice for power steering in April took car in may to have tires installed asked about recall technician checked computer said your car is not scheduled until October he said the part was in and it would take about 10 fix .This ment i would have to drive another 5 months with this problem which i considered a safety hazzard and i do alot of driving so i decided that was enough i bought another car took this one back it was leased which by the way my lease would be up in October when recall work was scheduled .When i leased the car i purchased 24000extra kilometers and when i returned it i had 89000 onit the base limit was 95000 so i was under that .I was told when i bought these kilometers if i did not use them i would get refund .Well i have been calling every department at G.,M.A.C and after 3 weeks or more still fighting and waiting for phone calls to be returned .I planned on keeping this car i kept my part as to keeping all the appointments for service pertaining to lease but when i was told i would have to drive with faulty steering i figure they broke the leasing agreementand i expect my money back ,Also when i returned this cae i was told it could not be inspected at that time so i waited expecting to get notified when this would be done but was not ,I recieved 2 bills about 1 month laterv telling me my car had been sold and they wanted 120.00 for 1 tire because 1 back tire was worn out i called and asked why they would put 1 new tire on a car and that i had just had my summer tires installed 2 weeks before i had returned this car and if 1 tire was not able to pass safety i would have been told she replied well we did not buy new tire just replaced one with another that is when i explained this car was fine when it was dropped off and it sat on a back car lot for almost 3 weeks so i could not be held responsible for any damage to this car during this time .I have been told that the time limit allowed is 24 hrs. for inspection and i should have signed off on this car which i never did .I was also charged for excess wear of kilometers and i was not even over my base allowed .I am being brushed off by G.M.A.C as far as i am concerned but i will keep hounding them maybe i get to someone as i said i have contacted my Dealer ,G M.A.C and General MotorsCustomer Service.If these companies would stop and think that we as customers all have contacts and word gets around and also maybe i may decide to buy another G.M someday and treat us like they did when we were buying our cars do not shut the door on us after we buy there product .

  37. I have a pontiac pursuit 2006, the engine light came on recently and its starting to stall out on me when I’m at stop lights. This happen twice so far, I am going to be contacting the dealership to see if they can fix this problem. We should not have to pay for these faults in a car. I am too scared this might happen.

  38. I had more of a question. I got this recall letter as well, but my Cobalt is fine. The steering is smooth, but I fear that maybe it’s just because I just got it about a year ago. Can I still take the car to a GM dealer so they could check it out, or should I wait for symptoms? I’m just scared that this might happen when I am driving, I think I’d totally get freaked!

  39. i bought an 2005 cobalt in 2006 with only 20,000 miles on it.Apprx the 2 nd week i began to have steering difficulties i took it to a dealer and they said they had repaired it but in a couple days it went out again.took the car back in they say tehy have no idea what is wrong with it the machine shows nothing even though it was apparant to them that the steering was out.i did n tloose steering for a few minutes as some have described on here it was out for a week then once it was out for apprx 6 months.back in again to a repair shop where they changed the steering column it went out on the way home from the shop i had no choice but to drive this car 88 miles every day while paying a payment on a car i hated.well guess what i took it in on june 01 2010 for the recall today june 03 2010 it went out again. i can not explain what i have been thru with this car ,i ve always bought chevys well unless gm steps up and does something for me my friends,family and myself will never ever purchase a chevy again it has been a night mare for me.

  40. Ihave a chev colbalt 07 was driving the other day low speed, my brakes complete, locked up i could not stop hit the car in front of me, the air bags did not go, off,also i had just had inspection on it, only has 13,000 miles the brakes have always seemed, liked they were worn even the first year, also have problem with streering, iam not very please now my car got a big crack in front, ive taken really good care of it, iam just not very happy its the first brand new car i ever had, my daughter was going to get a colbalt i told her no, for the price its not worth the money?

  41. @Jason

    The car shutting off when you drop the column is due to the crappy spring tension in the ignition lock cylinder. My car shut off a few times randomly and the dealership replaced the spring with a different one so that it wasn’t so ‘touchy’. Don’t know if the replacement was a GM fix or just really good mechanics, but there is a TSB on the issue. For $20 (a ridiculous amount I think for what you get) at your GM parts department you can buy a spacer that snaps into your key to keep the ring centered. This takes all the weight of a heavy keyring and stops it from applying any kind of rotational force that could lead to turning the key backwards and shutting off the car. I haven’t had any more issues with this ‘defect’ for 118,000 miles now. Yeah, that’s not a typo….

  42. I have a pontiac G5 that has given me problems since day 1. The key sticks in the ignation, will not start, drain the battery. Am on my third time of car not starting or issue with it. How many times does a person have to go through before you can get rid of the car. I have always paid my loan on time, have been loyal and now have car I hate. I can not trade it or I will lose my 2.9% fiancing I have. I am losing my interest in GM vehicles. What can a person due. I would love to get rid of this car but can not..

    • i am at wits end with my Pontiac G5.. since i bought it 2 yrs ago i have had this problem. not starting, keys stuck in ignition… needing boosts.. and after replacing the battery 3 times!!! if someone can please point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

  43. For anyone who has paid out of pocket to have the recalled power steering problem fixed, do not count on GM reimbursing you. The power steering went out on our 2005 Cobalt in January 2009 with the exact problems described in the recall (power steering light came on and power steering went out completely, but would come back on briefly when the car was turned off and restarted). My husband researched on the internet at the time and saw that others were having the exact same problem, but that there was no recall for the problem. We took the car to a non-dealership auto shop to begin with, and the mechanic advised us to take the car to a GM dealership to have it repaired in case a recall was ever issued on it. We paid almost $900 to have the power steering fixed. Then in April 2010 we received the recall information and sent all of our documentation to GM for reimbursement of the repairs. I made sure to include all the needed paperwork, but when GM received the information they called to say we were missing half of the needed items. Then when my husband insisted that we had sent everything, they miraculously found the missing items. Then today we received a letter from GM stating that they were not going to reimburse for the repairs, because they were not covered under the recall. So to make a long story short, don’t hold your breath on getting any money back from them if you have already paid to have your vehicle repaired.

  44. My car is currently in the shop. Because of a similar problem. I have a 05 colbalt. Can someone give me a number or something so I can contact the someone. The dealership is going to charge me a little over 800 dollars go fix this.

  45. I wanna know about this recall and on the chevy colbalt my power steering went out as i was driving the car because its the only vehicle i own, I was disturbed on the matter with fixing it because it was not on my warranty so i was screwd but tax time came and had it fixed i found out word of mouth that this is a big matter and as i was checking web sites i nwas reading some comments that were so disappointing to me because these people have the same problem and nothing is done then finally gm comes out and says about the reacall but its like how long is this goin to take this recall should be first priority to then=m and get the problem resolved quickly and make their customers happy. I have no regret on my purchase with my colbalt but i really would like GM come thru for me and reimburse me for what i spent on this matter.
    Will they reimburse me for the part of the power steerig that i had to buy someone please get back to me. Let me know.


  47. Like EUGENE WESLEY said I own a 2007 Cobalt LT and I just got this notice in the mail. Like Eugene, I’ve had no problems with my car I actually really like it.

  48. reply to “jo” about service airbag, i have the same problem it’s covered under warrenty thou, I have a 2005 and has been in 5-6 times for it, then it’s fine untill I use my horn again. then they take your car for a couple of day’s to fix it lol, and I agree the steering sucks at low speeds, but the dealerships might belive us now with the recall out.

  49. to greg on march 4th where did you research to learn about the powere steering on the colbalt…I wonder if the replacement motors have benn fixed so the same problem doesnt happen again down the road.. is that thing hard to get at???

  50. 2008 g5 by pontiac .. anyone have this problem, my signals work ok but the clicking noise has disappeared. wondering if this is the beginning of a big electrical problem.

  51. Why is the 2005 Pontiac G6 not a part of this recall? I have had the same problem. The power steering light keeps coming up on the dash and the dealership says it will be $1,044 to fix it (the car’s blue book value is only $7,400). The dealer says the electronic power steering is at risk of going out so it is not safe to drive it without fixing it. I have come across hundreds of complaints on the internet for this exact same issue. Why would it not be part of the recall?

  52. My son has a 2005 Cobalt that he bought new, June 5, 09 he took in 6/5/09 because power steering kept going out. The car only had 28065 miles, but he has had the car for 4 years. So out of warranty!! He paid 774. for new steering column. We asked dealership today about it, and they no nothing about any recall. Said news takes over and things get all blown up. So we’re going to go to another dealership and see what they say. I’m sure they won’t want to reimburse him ,even though they should, there is definitely a problem with them.

  53. Just wanted to update everyone about the status of the excess play / slop in my steering I wrote about just a couple of days ago (see previous post)…

    As of 3/29 while I was backing into a parking space (and thank God not while I was traveling down the road – or highway!) the steering wheel COMPLETELY BROKE FREE – it didn’t actually come off the column & land in my lap, but it might as well have! When I turned left to straighten out, the wheel just spun at least 3 times (breaking the wire for the airbag – which thankfully didn’t deploy). So I was stuck with a POS car that would only go forward & backward, but wouldn’t turn anymore as the steering wheel just spun. I’m sure if this happened while I was on the highway, I would have died.

    FYI – this car has only been mine for just over 1 month, my father-in-law bought it new & meticulously maintained up until the time he sold it to me. Every service performed was logged – right down to calculating the MPG at every refueling. This car was in pristine condition. This is NOT something that anyone could dare even call a normal ‘wear and tear’ event. I’m extremely frustrated, but glad this happened when it did, as there could easily have been a horrific accident.

    UPDATE: The dealer said I have a broken steering rack. When I asked him to be more specific (such as how could a Rockwell hardened tooth break off the rack – or was he saying the pinion / worm gear was made of soft metal) he couldn’t – he could only tell me that the rack was moving freely & then told me it would be $825 for the repair (steering rack + alignment + airbag connection that broke when the steering wheel spun). Since I NEED the car, I reluctantly told him fine, but that my trunk was lined with cardboard & I didn’t care if they needed to fold the rear seats forward, but I want the old rack put in my car (my state requires the old parts to be made available to the customer) as I was going to take it apart & see where it failed. He came back with “Well you’re right this really isn’t a common thing at all, tell you what – let me ‘talk to GM’ and see if we can get you any assistance with this.” About 20 minutes later the service manager calls me back & says “Well GM won’t cover the entire cost of the repair but they will go 50-50 with you – but as per the restrictions of the program, you wouldn’t be able to keep the part.” Anyone else smelling a cover-up? Either the dealer misdiagnosed the car in the 1st place & then got scared when I wanted to see evidence – or there’s such a serious design flaw with the steering on this car that they’re trying to keep it under wraps… Oh – and the ‘new’ price he quoted me for the repair is $340 – quite a bit less than the 50% he said it would be – pretty much ‘buying me off’. I wish I could call David Horowitz…


  54. I have had my 2008 G5 for 2 years now with 39,000 miles. It has been in the shop well over 10 times for a rattling noise in the front end. They will replace a part and it is ok for a month then it makes the noise again. Going back in the shop this Thursday. I have noticed when they replace a part the steering is very controllable and then after a month or so the steering is very loose and hard to control. Never had any issues with loss of power steering.

  55. @ Wendy (3/13 2:16AM): When I first inherited a pristine 2005 Cobalt (from my father-in-law who never drove the car over 50MPH) the 1st couple of times I drove it, I noticed the car ‘stalled’ right after I started it up. The next time it repeated I noted my actions & found that it was happening when I dropped the steering column down for driving (I raise it to enter / exit). Just to verify, I raised & dropped the column again & as soon as it hit bottom – the car shut off. If I lower it slowly, it doesn’t repeat. I’ve now heard of others having the same issue when hitting potholes. Not sure if this is some kind of poorly engineered anti-theft (shock sensor) type of feature or simply an ‘unintended feature’ but GM also needs to address this.

    With regard to the steering – the front end of the car made a loud ‘clunking’ noise when I got it (kind of sounds like something you’d hear on an older vehicle with a loose hub) on just about any bump I hit. Eventually, the front end / steering started to creek when I’d turn it – especially when maneuvering through a tight S-turn (or turning 90 degrees – left or right doesn’t matter) at a decent rate of speed. The steering literally reminded me of an old wooden ship creaking in rough seas. Within the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve also noticed more & more excessive play in the steering wheel – but it’s odd because you don’t feel it the same because of the electric steering / motor assembly. Basically, the steering ‘wheel’ has always felt ‘tight’ (even more so at low speeds when the power steering feels like it’s completely gone – yet I’m not seeing any ‘power steering’ indication nor hearing the ‘chime’) but that’s because the steering shaft first enters the power steering motor assembly – so it’s tight at least to that point – but somewhere between the power steering assembly & where the pinion meets the rack – something has really gotten bad – I have to turn the wheel now 90 degrees or more to compensate for the slop. In other words, in normal driving with a slight breeze blowing from my right side, I have the wheel turned 35-45 degrees to the right (from the straight / center position) just to feel where I’m now slightly turning the front wheels into the breeze to compensate – when that breeze shifts to the left – I now have to turn the wheel 80-90 degrees to the left (35-45 degrees to the left of center / straight) before I can feel that I’m actually turning the front wheels back the other way. Also, the other way to verify this steering slop is by noting that when you are actually turning the front wheels they tend to want to turn back to center – but in the slop area the wheel stays pointed in whatever direction you put it (within that 90 degrees). Finally, I know it’s not alignment as I’ve been having no excessive tire wear & my fuel mileage has not increased (an alignment bad enough to produce this kind of steering issue would typically cause tire wear to increase dramatically as well as lower fuel mileage). Now just tonight as I was maneuvering in & out of parking spaces at relatively slow speeds the steering was making loud ‘cracking’ noises as I turned the steering wheel. The whole steering assy on this car seems like a real piece of crap – but I probably won’t even qualify for the recall as I’ve never had the light come on (to record the error code / DTC) even though I’ve had all (& worse) symptoms… >:(

  56. Well maybe we should just say screw it and all go out and buy those amazing Toyota’s that the gas pedals are sticking on and people are dying driving. Or maybe we should buy Honda’s so the air bags deploy driving down the highway. NEWS: Honda recalls 440,000 cars for airbag risk DETROIT (Reuters) – July 31, 2009

    I have a GMC Denali with over 200k miles on it, knock on wood runs good. I had a Ford Taurus with over 250k miles all we did was replace brakes and change oil. When the head gasket cracked we bought a cobalt in 2007. We have 50k on the car now and knock on wood drives good and we take good care of it.

    So, it is not GM, it is not American cars, it all damn cars that are built. Save yourselves grief, take the damn bus to work and park your car. Let someone else put the wear and tear on their vehicle while you sleep on the way home and to work.

  57. I bought a used 2005 Cobalt SS/SC and haven’t had any problems from it. I wonder if the recall will include vehicles not purchased directly from GM? Will they find me through BMV records? Or will it just be one less car to fix?

  58. I Have 2005 colbalt that the power steering went out on me on my way home from work i have a 25mile drive to my work and then back when your steering goes out on you it becomes almost impossible to steer i might ad this was on the hiway going about 60mph in january i had no choice but to get it fixed right of way it costs me $700.00. i have contacted gm i keep getting told that they are not sending out recalls on this yet .Really what is the hold up its pretty plain to see there powersteering systems are junk! HAS ANY ONE ACTUALLY RECIEVED A RECALL YET PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  59. Well in feb i just got my powersterring fixed heres the thing it shouldnt matter theres a major proble with the powersterring and gm needs to take responsibilty and fix the problem i love my chevy colbalt and i understand theres problems with cars everyday but thats why we the people take a chance a choose to buy a car and hope the dealership we choose and the car we pick will make us satisfied and when a problem occurs he will be handled in a manor the the right way no attitude is needed when we find out theres a recall on a vehicle that we own nd we all ready bought the part tho get it fixed i know thats what i did i bought the part hard to go through alot to get it put in this part is not no $50 my bill came to all most $400 but i trust in my heart GM will do the right thing reimburse the people that put their hard earn money to fix the car they chose to purchase such as me, Its the right thing to do. My vehicle is the 2005 chevy colbalt

  60. I have recently had this problem with my 2006 Saturn Ion (which is also A GM vehicle). It will steer fine for a little while then out of the blue, the power steering goes out. If Iturn off the car, it will come back on for a short while. I was quoted $1200-$1400 to repair! Insane! The car isn’t even paid for yet! Hopefully, there will be enough complaints, that Saturn will be included in the recall!

  61. I have a 2006 G5 and have had endless trouble..They have had to reprogramme my keyless entry twice now in the last year..back drivers side window wouldnt go up or down, the list goes on and on..Evenmy front bumper was falling off at one point. They told me the front struts were leaking and it would cost me $1100 yet I have had them checked by two other garages and they both say they arent even leaking..Recently had my front breaks and rotors replaced and the guy said that the left break was installed wrong..Now the steering wheel has excessive play in it and shakes when going down the highway for the first 15 min..As far as I am concerned the car is a piece of garbage and I wouldnt buy another GM product.

  62. I have a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT 2 and yesterday I was driving down the highway with the cruise control set at about 60 and the whole car just shut off. The radio was stil on since it stays on until you open the driver side door. I took it back to where we got it and they checked it…get this the radio was the only thing on when it happened and the only error code was the radio lost power! Nice! Anyway, they have no idea why it did it! Anyone else have this issue?

  63. I have owned both a Pontiac g6 (2007) and now currently have a g5 (2009). With both cars, when starting them, the starter would keep trying to start the car after it was already running. I took them both to the dealer, however it only did it occasionally and they couldn’t duplicate it. I could see with maybe one, but I couldn’t possibly have got the only two cars with the problem. Also, my G5 is hard to shift into reverse or first on cold mornings and when left in gear on a slight decline (very slight) it inches backward. I bet that that is normal. When I bought a brand new car, I didn’t expect the headaches. I would have just bought a used car. GM knows about it, I am sure of it. They just don’t want to fix it. The dealership is Capital City GMC/Pontiac/Kia in Montpelier VT. I wouldn’t suggest them.

  64. GM does not give the proper service for their faulty cheap product I am full time college student and work full time and I have never been so disappinted in anything I have ever purchased in my life and GM is guaranteed to never recieve a sale from me or anyone I know. I don’t know what’s worse a runaway Toyota or a car that continuously falls apart hmmmm can I opt for a bicycle??

  65. My 2005 cobalt has 51,500 miles on 3-6-10 I had my power steering go out.I found out about the recall from an auto parts store.I called Classic in Mentor Ohio on 3-7-10 told to call back 3-8-10 I did.It was a voice mail.I called again 3-8-10 they want me to miss work and they’ll check the car (would not acknowledge recall)They returned my call 3-9-10 still tell me there is no recall but they will check the car.Meanwhile I have power steering for about 10 minutes and then it goes out.

  66. I have a 06 cobalt and I have had nothing but problems since I bought this car the ignition was replaced twice, the shifter was replaced, the fuel pump at least 3 times, and when I complained to Gm they tell me that it is just normal wear on the vehicle. Now I have the power steering issue and the neutral safety switch has to be disconnected so my key will come out. I have never been so disgusted by any thing in my life.

  67. I had brought my car in three times for the same reason. Two times they told me nothing was wrong with my car. The third time my teenage son was just learning to drive when it went out again. I took it back in and they said the fixed the problem ten months later it happened again. I called the dealership were I they had fixed it and told me it was out of warranty and they could do nothing. I then informed them I had bought the extended warranty and they wanted to charge me $100.00 up front just to look at the care. I had told them I saw in the news about the recall they said they had heard nothing from Chevy or GM and without a letter from them I had to pay to have it fixed. The dealership was rude and unhelpful. I then called another Chevy dealership and they told me I would have to pay up front to have the entire thing fixed unless I had a letter from GM that my car was in the recall. Were do I go from here. I am getting help from no one..

  68. In reply to Erin D Scott, I used to own a 1991 Grand Prix 3100 and I kept it for 17 years until replacement parts became too rare to find. I would have said the same as you about GM when I had that car. You are so wrong about the Quality responsibility of GM. They design cars and have the parts manufactured by the best priced suppliers. They are totally responsible to see the money is used to get the best value for their dollar. It’s called good business. By the same token, they are totally responsible to make sure the supplier is using the correct standards for manufacture to be able to give the best results and reliability after sales. It is not utopia here, but it can be said that if a product is manufactured to the highest degree of quality there would be no need to give warranties or have recalls. It is a domino effect all the way back to the point of origin if a part fails in the field. Hope you do not build aircraft but that would show you just what quality responsibilty is.

  69. i have a 2008 cobalt sport 2.4 about three weeks ago i got into my car and it wouldnt start there was a security problem or something with my car and it wouldnt start . i got the car towed to my local dealership and when they looked at it they told me i needed a new steering column. well my car is only two years old and has extended warranty on it and it only has 72000 km on it . the dealership had told me that it wasnt going to be covered under warrenty because they insisted that “I tampered with it ” i was soo pissed off because they made me pay to fix it when my car is under warrenty and why the heck would i mess around with the steering column. anyways i payed for it bc i needed my car for work and two weeks after they come with a recall on that exact part i cant wait to give a piece of my mind

  70. I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt and my power steering went out just as explained in the article written above. I would turn the car on and off and it would go back to normal. But that only lasted temporarily, now its going out within 2-5 min after starting the engine. I did not realize there was a recall on the vehicle and already paid over $500 to get it fixed. Will Chevy reimburse me for having it fixed already?

  71. I have a 2007 pontiac g5 I recently turned of my car and it wouldnt turn off even though the key was in the off position and the key was able to come out while it was still running I havent seen something like that except in older cars but then the weird thing was I was on my way to autozone for some bikr parts and the car just shut off while I was driving down the road and kicked right back on I am worried to drive my car. can anyonetell me if this has anything to do with the new recall that just came out with steering colume.

  72. I have an 06 cobalt and my power steering went out a couple of years ago but I continued to drive it even though it was hard to turn. Nobody liked to drive my car and there was one day that I pulled into work and tried to park and I ended up scraping another car because it was so hard to turn. I had to shell out 400 dollars to the guy so he could fix his car even though it cost 600.He said since I told him about it and didn’t drive off that he gave me a break. I finally got it fixed in january and it cost me 948 dollars to get it fixed and now they recall it after I’ve waited 2 years to fix it!

  73. I leased a 2005 Pontiac Pursuit for 4 years from GM. During that time, I had 2 accidents while driving very slow on a residental road (approx. 10-20kms/hr) and both times it seemed as though when trying to turn, the car did not. I assumed it to be more me or the road conditions. I have been driving for over 10 years and never had anything like this happen, maybe it had more to do with the power steering. Is there anyway to find out and is there anyway to get this off my insurance that went through the roof?

  74. Wow, after reading all these comments I am amazed at how bitter people are with GM. Its unfortunate that brake pads wear and the occassional electronic malfunction happens. I have always owned or leased GM products. You can not expect that you will ever own any vehicle and not have to spend money. Lots of it. Im greatfull that I didn’t buy a Toyota! Its the same no matter where you go….Customer Service Sucks, Everywhere! You can’t blame GM for making a poor product, because they don’t! they have crappy customer service, but that doesn’t make the product bad. I am happy that when I buy a GM product, I am supporting a company that contributed to the creation of the infastructure, instead of supporting a company that limits the trade of North American vehicles to 100 per year being sold in Japan….. But go ahead give up on GM, buy a Toyota or a Honda. Then atleast you only hear about recalls when many have died as a result of poor quality and secrecy. GO TOYOTA GO!!

  75. I have a Pontiac G5 coupe and notice that while driving it flashes service air bag more than once…has this happened to anyone else? Should I be worried?

  76. I leased a 2005 Pontiac Pursuit for 4 years from GM. During that time, I had 2 accidents while driving very slow on a residental road (approx. 10-20kms/hr) and both times it seemed as though when trying to turn, the car did not. I assumed it to be more me or the road conditions. I have been driving for over 10 years and never had anything like this happen, maybe it had more to do with the power steering. Is there anyway to find out and is there anyway to get this off my insurance that went through the roof?

  77. I pray that the Pontiac G6 gets on this recall list ASAP. My steering has been faulty for going on a year. The dealers know its an issue and still want you to put out up to $1000 to fix it. Make it happen GMC!!!

  78. My son has a 2005 Chevy Cobalt, About 5 weeks ago He turned his car off and it has not run since then. It has been at the local Dealership for the last 4 1/2 weeks. The dealer has been fustrated because the modules that have been replaced work for about a day then when it sets over night, they are back to where they started. The dealership has called GM but they cannot pinpoint the problem.
    As of about a week ago the cost for repair was at 1000.00 If GM HQ could help with this issue it would be great!

  79. Last weekend, 27th bFebruary, my 2007 Pontiac G5 GT was at the garage due to erratic lights turning on and off, Bright Dim controlsswitching as I drive in bright daylight and three instances of the car failing to start or doors to lock and when the key was inserted the door locks closed, power was removed and the key froze in the Ignition. I watched the whole time the car was being worked on from the clear glass observation area. They did repair the car under warranty but with a slight twist. They informed me the problem was caused by the battery connection not being secure. How would they have guessed that or even fixed it since at no time did they open the trunk. Yes, the battery is in the trunk!
    GM or their Dealerships are nothing more than a bunch of decietful money grabbers who treat all clients as morons. I have been an Electrical Engineer for 30 years and an Automotive Electrician for 20 years before that. I still repair (out of warranty) electrical parts and problems on all makes of Automiles.

  80. REPLY from GM Customer Care:
    Mr Willis,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We are currently investigating your concern and will contact you again once we have more information.

    In the interim, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call myself, the under-signed, at our Customer Communication Centre, toll-free, 1-800-263-3777, extension 2639, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

    Nancy Desjardins
    Internet Correspondent

    What transpired in a subsequent telephone conversation will only be know by GM Canada since the recorder on my office phone did not work. They ahd basically indicated to me verbally that they were not really concerned as to the safety of the vehicle nor the client experience with the vehicle, only that the bills be paid on time. I was later contacted by her boss who tried to get me to file a Client Satisfaction Survey. Which I did not! They offered a $1000 discount on my next GM product which I refused since they would need to use the money to pay a proper Customer Care Manager.

    Further to my letter of the 23rd inst. (shown in red below) I have been to the Dealership “Pontiac Ile Perrot” and done some investigation of my own.

    I found out that the brake pads were not the cause of the brake failure but in fact there was little if any wear on the Rotors at all. The Left Rear Brake pad had been completely destroyed and half the metal bonded backing plate eaten away by braking. The surface of the Left Rotor was pitted equal to a very rough diamond grit grindstone (about 0.015″) and was the primary cause of the brake failure.The right pads were at a normal wear level with more than 2 mm thickness on the pads and no appreciable wear on the right rotor. Note: the left rotor was capable of destroying steel without any appreciable wear to itself.

    What I am seeing here is an extremely poor quality control of GM Parts allowing such inferior components to be installed in Passenger Vehicles designed to drive on crowded highways at extreme speeds of up to 100 KmPH (61 MPH) and at any time may become a death trap which cannot be stopped or may be thrown sideways due to uneven braking. I have retained the parts and will send photos to you and keep them on record as a reminder of the kind of Quality one can expect from GM in the future as profits become more important than lives.

    At the same time I feel that part of the cost should be carried by Ile Perrot GM since they had falsely stated that the rotors were damaged by the brake pads while it was actually the other way around, and they have extorted money for parts that should have been replaced or repaired free due to poor quality and falsely represented GM without concern for the client. The manner in which I have been treated goes very much against the grain of how a good customer base is built. You may remember the cliche, “It takes 10 years to build a client base and 10 seconds to loose it”. If you have heard this then GM knows they have just lost at least 5 clients in the greater Montreal area.

    I had offered GM a 24 hour grace period and that time is now past. The Reply from GM stated that I would have a response within 24 hours but I have not had one as yet and the 24 hours is past. I do not know what time scale you use so cannot comment only that my time scale has exceeded 24 hours. This again could be that GM are also buying sub quality clocks preventing them from being in any way timely.
    It does not stop>


    I have a 2007 G5-GT currently at Pontiac Ile Perrot for Brake repairs. I expect to pay full price for the front brakes and am even willing to pay for the pads for the rear but I stop dead when I am told the Quality of the Original Pads has caused the Rear Rotors to be damaged beyond repair after only 46000Km. At $110.71 each plus tax is far too steep for me to pay for poor quality in the first place. If GM will not replace poor damaged goods due to poor quality then it is obvious that GM intends to spend more money on poorer quality to increase profits and screw the unsuspecting public. I will refuse to ever own a GM product again and make it public information. The garage Phone is: 514-425-7381 the Car claim number is # 462. The 10% discount on parts does NOT make me feel any better and the car is now officially for sale unless I get the balance of the REAR ROTORS refunded. GM Has 24 hours to respond. See the reply in next Submission>

  83. I have a 2008 Chevrolet cobalt special edition. I have had many problems with my car and after reading this am starting to feel like mine will be affected. My car has already had the broken turn signal switch replaced the broken fan motor replaced my car brakes lock after I wash my car and am unable to move my car fir often hours as the wheels will not move I have been informed by gm that I should not wash the rims on my car because that is the problem(why can’t they fix it???) my control panel paint was wearing off and the control panel light going out my stereo is going out when I drive my car at high speeds it shakes and makes me feel like a have no control over where it is going sometimes at low speeds I have struggle to turn. While some of the problems have been fixed after 2 or 3 go arounds with the dealer actually telling me that I am crazy and that I need to stop bringing in my car in I know that not only will I never buy a gm product again but neither will anyone that I know. Basically gm just like anyone else sells a product backed by it’s customer service and if the product is faulty the customer service needs to back it up in gm’s case they deffinatly have proven that after the car leaves the lot you are on your own. Sorry but not impressed and I hope ford is ready to deal with me next.

  84. My daughter has a 2007 Cobalt with 13,000 miles. The power steering failed for the first time last week. She ws able to pull over in a safe spot and shut the motor off. When she started it back up the steering was working again. The very next day my wife was driving and the steering failed again. She said the in dash display warned her and then the steering quit. This happened before the recall news… So I did some research and found the electric motor that is attached to the steering column would get carbon dust build up on the inside and would cause the motor to shut down. I removed the motor and the motor housing ( 1 power plug and total of 4 bolts ) I cleaned the carbon brush rigging and commutator with plasic safe contact cleaner. There was a lot of carbon dust inside the motor… I then reinstalled the motor and have not had a failure but I am sure once the carbon builds up again the failure will come back. I have told here to be ready to arm strong steer it as it could fail again…

  85. Have a 2006 Cobalt and the past few months I’ve been experiencing problems with the power steering it locks up and while drving it has some kind of rattling shaking sound it just doesn’t feel safe at all and hope GM does something about this soon.

  86. Does anyone know if this recall is for Cobalt SS models? I have a 2007 Cobalt SS and I’m trying to sell it. If anyone knows please let me know.


  88. I just got off the phone with GM ERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I have a 2006 Cobalt and just spent $700 getting this problem fixed. I talked to GM before the repairs were made and they told me a recall was being investigated and if it went through I would be reimbursed for what I spent fixing the damages. GM has the worst customer service ever! I am fighting with them to get my money back and they are now trying to say my power steering problem is not the same thing as the recall after I already took my car to a CHEVY DEALERSHIP to get it properly diagnosed. I asked about the recall and they told me they had no idea when and if I will ever get my money and basically blew me off. Urgh I feel raped by corporate America…I’m getting a motorcycle

  89. Thank God.

    I have a 2009 g5 with 10,000 and reported steering to the dealer number of times and they said there are no issues with the car. They kept talking in circles and said it is normal for steering to be hard to turn when your stopped or at low speeds. Damm! they must think I am stupid or something… I tell yah now. I will never by another vehicle of that lot again. An then charged 100 bucks for now issues.

  90. I have had this “power steering” issue now for 3 weeks. I have a Chevy Cobalt 2005. I have called a couple GM dealers here in Fort Wayne, IN for help and been told I have to wait for a letter from GM ???? I need mine fixed like – yesterday.

  91. I have seen several failures of the torque steering sensors on some of these models. The steering columns have to be replaced. Usually this sets some sort of DTC within the computer. This costs approx. $500.00.

  92. @ Sherrell: If you haven’t told the dealer, this does not count. Please call the corporate office and let them know, because they don’t read this.

  93. I just recently had a problem with my 2009 pontiac g5. I have noticed that when driving at a low rate of speed between 10-40 mph it is hard to turn the steering wheel. Also at speeds 50-65 mph the steering wheel is easy to turn almost too easy. And less than two weeks ago late in the evening while coming home from work i parked my car in the garage. As I was walking away attempting to lock the doors with my remote it would not lock. So I walked back to my car and tried to start it because i noticed all the lights were out but it wouldn’t and the key got stuck in the ignition. It took maybe 20 minutes for the car to start and thankfully i was already home when it happened.

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