Toyota Recalls 3.8 Million Vehicles: Gas Pedals Sticking

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Toyota floor matToyota / Lexus and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are warning drivers about the potential for drivers-side floor mats to cause the accelerator (gas pedal) to stick. This recall affects 3.8 million vehicles.

If you own any of the Toyota or Lexus vehicles below, the NHTSA advises you to remove the driver’s side floor mat immediately.

NHTSA cites reports of accelerator pedal clearance issues which provide the potential for an accelerator (gas) pedal to get stuck in the full open position. A stuck gas pedal may result in very high vehicle speeds and serious crashes.

Toyota and Lexus vehicles affected:

  • 2005-2010 Avalon
  • 2007-2010 Camry
  • 2007-2010 ES 350
  • 2006-2010 IS 250 and IS350
  • 2005-2010 Tacoma
  • 2007-2010 Tundra
  • 2004-2009 Prius

Toyota has announced that it will soon launch a safety recall of various model year vehicles to redress the problem. In the meantime, however, the NHTSA is warning owners to remove all driver-side floor mats.

Toyota recalled an accessory all-weather floor mat sold for use in some 2007 and 2008 model year Lexus ES 350 and Toyota Camry vehicles because of similar problems in September 2007.

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

65 thoughts on “Toyota Recalls 3.8 Million Vehicles: Gas Pedals Sticking

  1. So I’ve been searching all day to find out what happened with my 1994 Toyota Corolla with nothing to find. No recalls or anything for my make and year or any stated issues with the pedal sticking like mine… It does have to do with the gas pedal becoming stuck. BUT when it would stick, it wasn’t accelerating me forward where I couldn’t stop. This person – I found on here is the first person that has said exactly! what my car has been doing. They posted – on “subrena martin on April 30th, 2010 3:28 pm” Now my gas pedal sticking happens while driving or trying to proceed from a stop at a traffic light or stop sign esp. .. It happens so randomly and not that often and I thought I was just crazy about it “sticking” . My husband proceeded to chew me out one time about hitting the gas so hard and accelerating fast through a stop and how it was not good for the car. When I was like babe I swear it’s not me, the pedal was stuck! I had to force it because it won’t move. He said I was still to new a driver and was just crazy basically! UNTIL today when I had approached a stop sign. stopped. and when it was my turn to proceed through the stop sign I went to accelerate with my gas pedal except it stuck on me again and the car would not go, no acceleration! just the same slow roll that comes when you take your foot off the brake in drive.. So I’m now rolling towards the middle of a busy intersection with morning traffic flying around and my gas pedal is stuck. so I have to literally punch it to move! Now this creates an extreme take off and the car is starting to shake and act swervy. I regain control. and proceed on my way to my college morning class. Now I’d say in the last 2 years of having this car this has only happened 5 or 6 times? Very minor annoyances and I always though I was just crazy as there was nothing ever to get, or was actually ever stuck that could explain it. And it always happens far apart never more than once in like a few months span. And 80% of the times the gas pedal would stick, immediately after or within a few minutes after it sticks the brake would stick too! Forcing you to punch it to unstick! Now today… today! After the gas sticking on me through the stop sign, it did it again not even 25 seconds later while going up the hill. afraid of rolling backwards i tried to pump it and then force it and it took a few tries to get it unstuck except when it did unstuck it created me going faster than i felt was comfortable going on this small hilly road with curves, so i go to touch the brakes to slow the speed back down as the curve was coming and sure enough the brake was stuck! The next thing I know we were spinning. Yes I panicked which I know is the worst thing you can do – Yes I didn’t think about putting the car in neutral or anything else I could have maybe done different, all I remember was the car was shaking, swerving, I’m at this curve and there’s a cliff that the guardrail is blocking off, my brakes were not going to stop me from flipping over that rail, and I’m gonna die… so yeah I panicked. The car behind me saw all of this and kept driving. Didn’t even pause to see if I was at least somewhat okay! I broke my tun light completely on the passenger side swinging off a spin into the guardrail and at the end of it all I was facing the complete opposite direction half in the road and half in the guardrail.. but at least I didn’t go over the rail! But I’m completely terrified of my car. And I highly doubt my “not high-tech” car has a computer to have a malfunction, and I didn’t even have a mat on the driver side to even get stuck. I don’t care WHO made this car. I wanna know what the heck went wrong, and why this happened?And how to STOP people skirting by on building mistakes to make an extra buck at the expense of people getting hurt… Sorry still a bit upset…. I have two children who are usually always with me, and to think …. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, and I don’t know what to even look for to get it fix, or if I could ever trust it not to happen again. even if a mechanic tells me they are fixed. Scariest moment for me there…. So I am putting it out there to figure this out. I don’t even know who to call, or if this is even complaint file-able? or dealer responsible to fix? Like I feel pretty much just screwed with a car that I can’t drive because I’m pretty sure it’s going to kill me… savsashworth at yahoo is my email if anyone thinks they can offer some advice I would most definitely be grateful to receive it. And I apologize for the length if this is long. I just didn’t know how to summarize this up in short as I have not found anythingggg that came close to being both pedal sticking, and acceleration not being to issue but rolling? related.

  2. I have a friend who was injured very badly (3rd degree burns over 1/4 of her body) when her 2003 RAV 4 gas pedal stuck. The vehicle took off across a field, up and down through a ditch, through and fence, and ultimately hit a cement wall. The vehicle caught fire and exploded. This vehicle was not on the Toyota recall list. Does anyone have any information about this problem, pertaining to this model and year?

  3. today my 2003 camry gas pedal stuck and i could not slow it down. it made a horrible noise and i was scared stiff. i tried to break but that did’nt work so i put the car in netural and cut it off. i was told at the dealership that my car is not a recall and i need to have the cable to the pedal cleaned. i parked the car by the road and left it. i almost hit another car and i was on a curvy mountain road. i am an older lady that almost had a heart attack. i have never heard a car that reved up. the car had a mind of it’s own and there was no way of changing it. i will never trust it again. i think it’s the cousin to christine.

  4. I was driving my 1999 Toyota Camry LE. I had stopped at a stop sign in traffic. When I got ready to leave from the stop sign, my gas pedal was stuck. I could not take off from the stop sign. I had to punch the accelerator with my foot as hard as I could to take off. I was thankful that I was not in ongoing traffic at a red light intersection. I called Hattiesburg Toyota of MS and spoke with service guy about what had happened to me. He told me that my car has carbon build up and I needed an EFI cleaning. He informed me that the cost would be $139.00. If these cars have been confirmed recalls; why should I have to pay out of pocket for their malfuctional defects?

  5. You know its interesting about gas pedals sticking with Toyota vehicles. From 1977 to 1999 I only owned Toyota’s. I had a 1968-69 Corolla, a 1970-71 Corolla, an older Toyota Celica GT, a hilux pickup truck, and an 1982 Land Cruiser. I had each of the last 3 for along time. None of the gas pedals stuck except for the 1970-1971 Corolla. Now this is probably news to alot of you that this happened in the old, old models as well. This vehicle I distinctly recall took off on me and gearing down and braking did not work. Thank God it didn’t have power steering and I didn’t think of putting it in neutral but I turned it off and slowed down to the side of the road (I was on a highway but not alot of traffic) That was truly scary!!! Now this happened again several other times but at different intervals while I owned it. I never thought to complain to Toyota, I had bought it used. When it did happen again. I would stick my foot under the gas pedal and pull up with my foot. It seemed to work. I’m not suggesting that something like what I did would work on the newer vehicles. Just relaying what I had happen and what I did.

  6. Just in today…

    “The U.S. government accused Toyota of hiding a “dangerous defect” and proposed a record $16.4 million fine on Monday for failing to quickly alert regulators to safety problems in gas pedals on popular models such as the Camry and Corolla.

    The proposed fine, announced Monday by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, is the most the government could levy for the sticking gas pedals that have led Toyota to recall millions of vehicles. There could be further penalties under continuing federal investigations. The Japanese automaker faces private lawsuits seeking many millions more.

    Toyota Motor Corp. has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the U.S., and more than 8 million worldwide, because of acceleration problems in multiple models and braking issues in the Prius hybrid.

    Documents obtained from the automaker show that Toyota knew of the problem with the sticking gas pedals in late September but did not issue a recall until late January, LaHood said. The sticking pedals involved 2.3 million vehicles.

    “We now have proof that Toyota failed to live up to its legal obligations,” LaHood said in a statement. “Worse yet, they knowingly hid a dangerous defect for months from U.S. officials and did not take action to protect millions of drivers and their families.”

    For those reasons, LaHood said, the government is seeking a fine of $16.375 million, the maximum penalty possible. That dwarfs the previous record: In 2004, General Motors paid a $1 million fine for responding too slowly on a recall of nearly 600,000 vehicles over windshield wiper failure.

    How Toyota decides to respond to the fines could pose a dilemma for the automaker. The company faces 138 potential class-action lawsuits over falling vehicle values and nearly 100 personal injury and wrongful death cases in federal courts nationwide. If Toyota pays the fines, the admission could hurt it in courtrooms. But battling the government over the penalties could undermine the automaker’s attempts to move on from the recalls. “

  7. I just took my 09 Camry in for the recall. They cut off the bottom portion of the gas pedal and doctored it up with some paint. I wasn’t very happy. They are supposed to be ordering a new pedal (factory made) for me. Also they programed the car’s computer so if the gas and brake pedals are pushed at the same time the gas will release. I was told that this will happen only if the car is doing 30 mph or better.


  9. I have a 2004 Rav 4 model 2004 that I purchased used with about 24000 miles. It now has about 64000 miles on it.

    I had a single incident more than a year ago where my Rav4 wanted to accelerate, and I needed to push very hard with both feet to get it to stop. I had started the car a few seconds earlier and everything was normal. The morning, if I remember correctly, was cold. The car had been parked since the night before. I went about 100 yards to a stop sign. I punched the pedal to turn left and merge with traffic. Then I reduced pressure on the gas, but the car would not respond. A light up ahead about 100 yards was red. I was really scared I would not be able to stop and would be involved in a huge wreck because it is a busy intersection.

    I did manage to stop my car. The revs were inching up toward the red. I may have put the car in neutral at this point – I have an automatic transmission. After a few seconds I turned the car off. It responded. Then I turned the car back on (first moved shifter to park) and the revs were still high. I went through the now green light and slowly the revs began to come back down to normal.

    I reported this to Toyota about a month ago.

  10. Chris, I had the same thing happen two times when I was getting off the expressway. It lunged forward. I forced the break very hard and barely got it stopped after much force. I went out on another highway but luckily there was no one there. I have a RX 2001 Lexus. I took it to the dealer and they said they checked it out but we all know it is hard to diagnose when it is not happening. I ask them to send me a letter in writing about what they did. That was yesterday. Has anyone else had this happen with their Lexus RX2001? I have had it since it was new and never had a problem until last summer. It has not happened since.

  11. My 1999 Camry gas pedal stuck as I was in stop and go traffic on highway exit ramp. When traffic began to move I stepped on accelerator and my car lunged forward with gas pedal stuck – couldn’t stop it as it happened so quickly – slammed into car in front of me. Now driver is suing me for almost million dolllars – this model also had recall on steering wheel. Also own Tacoma truck 2004 – subject to frame rusting and also another recall. Have not driven Camry for over a year. Not sure about Tacoma now as well. Any more 1999 stuck gas pedal owners out there?? Let me know


  12. I have yet to see any precise description of exactly what is “sticking”, and how the addition of the plate on the bottom of the pedal will solve that problem.

    The “talking heads” who interview Toyota execs have never really probed this.

    Toyota site does not describe in any specifics on exactly what is sticking, and how this fixes it.

    From an engineer – show me the facts!

  13. My daughter-in-law is driving a 2008 highlander and when she gave the vin number the dealer said that her car was built in japan instead of in the US and they have had no problems with those imported from Japan.
    Any comments on this?

  14. I have a 2004 Cambre LE and this has happend to me two times, the last time just yesterday. I was fortunate to be parked facing a curb and some bushes which it jumped. I normally park in the middle of the library lot facing another car but there wasn’t room there yesterday. About a month ago I was coming out of the post office parking lot onto a side street and it surged and the car jumped from the side into the middle of the street before I could get it stopped – fortunately a side street & no car waiting at the stop sign. . I love my Toyota but I am scared to drive it because this happens so unexpectedly and without any reason. The only thing I notice about the car is it sometimes seems to “pull” for lack or a better word. I don’t know what this means but wil contact the dealer and see what he thinks.

  15. It appears that many of the pedal stickiing reports have been involved with cars made from 2007 to 2010. The recall involves pedal assemblies that were first used on cars that were made in 2005, could it be that the pedal manufacture has been using plastic molds that have become worn and/or distorted allowing for some of the plastic pedal parts to become ill fitting which then could cause the sticking problem. How many reports involve cars made in 2005?

  16. I too, am quite worried about the years and models that have been named in the recall.

    I have a 2004 that I got in 2005, and I have had this happen and I can easily go 40 without my foot on the gas. I also have same the problem like that others have mentioned- the high RPM’s.

    After I got the car home I took it in to the dealership and was treated like a woman that didn’t know what she was talking about.

    Same as another response, more in the form of ” we can’t seem to duplicate the problem so it must not be real”, sentiment.

    My husband bought our daughter a Camry for her 16th birthday. I told him to return it and get the money back, because I am worried that “the fix” may not fix it and she would know less that most of what to do in that situation.

    I’m very concerned to drive my Camry, I’m scared to death for her to drive hers.


    LM- Livermore, Ca.

  17. It’s not just cruise control. Also Traction control and Stability control systems selectively accelerate and/or brake different corners of the car when sensors detect that the vehicle is likely deviating from it’s intended path. These electronic management systems rely not just on programming which could be faulty but also on sensors throughout the vehicle. So faulty sensors could also conceivably trick the engine management system into thinking the car is doing one thing when it really is doing something else. the result? Loss of control.
    Since, regardless of what each of us drives, we share the highways with many Toyotas, we really need to hope that they can actually resolve the problem.

  18. Coming from the auto repair industry myself, the change to an electronic gas pedal is alittle scary, but it has been working in other brands quite well over the past 5-7 years without failures. Nissian does not have this problem, as well as many other makes of cars. This is the first major safety failure of it’s type in this industry having to do with any onboard electronics. And this is not the gas pedal itself, or the carpet, or the mat. It’s in the engine management system and it’s tied to the cruise control and the brake position switch that feeds the EMS through to the cruise control. That’s why the gas pedal moves by itself, and the braking action does not release the gas pedal to the surprise of the operator. Disconnecting the cruise control would be a good start, since it is this unit that can operate the gas pedal on it’s own. Fixing this problem will not be cheap, like just replacing the gas pedal. Not this time.

  19. After reading some comments here I get the feeling that there are a bunch of union hacks creating as much havoc as they can. Where is the truth in here? Who knows. Looks like a Government/Union set up to drive sales up at Government Motors (GM). That is how it looks to me and shame on any witnesses if they are making up stories.

  20. I have a 2005 Toyota Avalon with only 20,000 miles. I have had no problems with my floor mats or gas pedal. The floor mat is attached to the two catches located under for front edge of the drivers seat and it clears the gas pedal by at least one inch. I have manually depressed the gas pedal and I cannot feel anything that is abnormal. I have not experienced any sudden accelaration incidents.
    I am however, concerened about the electronic portions of the system. In particular the Cruise Control. I also feel that Toyota is not being totally honest.

    I am sure that most of the reported gas pedal sticking/electronic failure occurances are indeed true, I suspect that a number of these accidents are really related to cell phone use or other distractions. What a perfect way to avoid responsibility and just blame it on the gas pedal. We all have heard the one where the driver reports an accident saying that “all of a sudden a tree hit my car”.
    RG FLA

  21. (Also an engineer of software and hardware). Judging from the many comments, it is likely that disabling the cruise control immediately on these cars would be a good idea until the problem is resolved. The scary lines are those that say “something was pulling the throttle down on it’s own” The last report I saw claimed a spacer was going to help on the sticking throttles. It is likely that even more than 2 problems (the floormats & the sticking pedal) are occuring at once. My money for the third is on the engine managment system, and/or the wiring that controls it, which agrees with other engineers above.

    Scary stuff folks.

  22. Maybe now that Steve Wozniak came forward about his cruise running out of control, toyota MIGHT be forced to admit a deeper problem.

  23. Sam. Judge not lest ye be judge yourself buddy. Take a look around your house and tell me 90% of the stuff in it wasn’t made in China. I went to three different stores last year (Target, Wal Mart and Sears) looking for a new blender that was made in America and couldn’t find one. They were ALL made in China. The same situation was true with the toaster we bought.

    Secondly, the word “Chink” is a racial slur usually reserved for the Chinese. Are you talking about the Chinese or the Japanese? Or just anyone who isn’t a white Christian American like yourself?

    Third, do you have any idea how many Americans are employed making Toyotas for other Americans right here in America? Do you have any idea how many of the parts that go in a Ford or Chevy are made in China, Japan and Mexico?

    You are quick to call other people stupid. Maybe you should look in the mirror. I’d be willing to put my IQ scores against yours any day. At least I can write complete sentences and get my point across without relying on superfluous punctuation. Soo-perf-lu-us. Look it up moron.

  24. hah thats what you get for buying that jap crap and not buying american you COMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup. stupid chinks.

  25. I worked on cars as an inspector for several years. Toyotas are known for going “forever” I never dreamed that this would happen literally and lead to so many deaths and accidents. Anyone who doubts that this is a computer controlled throttle problem and not a floor mat or pedal problem needs to do nothing more than read the comments on this page. I have written the white house on this. They need to mandate a recall on the cars that have the ECM (computer controlled throttle) and until Toyota can fix and admit that this is a computer problem, and actually remedy the problem with the computer the government should let the consumer turn in their Toyota that has the throttle computer and apply the clunker bomb to the car so it will not kill the owner or someone else. The dealer could reimburse the former Toyota owner for any equity they still had in the car. The former Toyota owner could then get a tax break if they chose to purchase a new car from one of the American companies that the tax payers bailed out. I believe this is a win win for the consumer, and punishes Toyota appropriately for failing to admit the real problem to this day, and not paying enough attention to the consumers that have been trying to make Toyota aware of this problem for years according to the above comments.

  26. May I extend what I started on the 29/1/10 at 11:10 . Variable Valve Timing engines almost certainly fitted to the hi spec sophisticated Toyotas have an inherant problem. If you accelerate with a gear shift car hard when you release the throttle for a gear change 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, the load goes off the engine. The Engine Mgt systen detects this and changes the valve timing, this means that all the residual unburnt fuel in the combustion chambers has to go somewhere. If they, Toyota , allow it to be exhausted it will break the emission standards. If they burn it they are home and dry ! Now the only way to do that is to burn it in the engine, thats why the engine speeds up. In an Auto car its probably even worse , the EMS has a lot more to do and it makes many similar decisions, particularly when cruise control has just come out of use with heavy breaking, and waiting at trafficlights . I am an engineer with many years experience with control systems and agree with all that John John wrote on the 29 Jan at 6:33 pm.
    My Uk Vauxhall Astra has this problem, I was was told by three accredited agents that it is a ‘feature’ , in the trade they call it the ‘power surge’ , ‘all V V Ts on my forecourt would do this’. Their diagnostic tester is not programmed to look for it ,so ‘your car is fault free Sir’…….I promise you it is not the carpet .

    Be safe and careful, note all the strange behaviour of your engine , speeding up when you have shut it down. Remove the mats


  27. The pedel is not sticking on any of the Toyotas, throttle pedels are not connected to directly to the carburretor and controlled by a spring, not for a long time. There is a computer in between your foot and the gas, the problem lies with the unvalidated software. NOT the floor mats thats why Toyota are scared. The (English) Vauxhall Astra and Vectra (GM) with a V V T engine does the same. You Throttle down on a gear change 2nd to 3rd, and the engine speeds up. by 800 to 100 rpm , worse with a cold engine. Vauxhall UK deny this problem, It does not show on their tester because the test program does not look for it .

    This is a design problem in Toyotas and Vauxhalls not a floor mat problem. There is no physical connection between yoor pedel and your engine, just a poorly programmed computer.

    Keep safe if you can, Graham

  28. I own a 2009 Tacoma and none of this has happened to me…..yet. I have noticed that at a long light the truck will change rpms and will feel like it is pulling harder to move forward. I keep firm pressure on the brake pedal and it doesn’t move forward. I’ve started putting the automatic transmission in neutral at traffic lights just in case.
    I don’t wish to debate American made vs. foriegn, in this world economy American cars are made with foriegn parts and I’m sure the reverse is also true.
    I’m an electrical engineer, I design circuit boards for control systems and have also written and know about the software that goes into them as well.
    I think Toyota is skirting the real problem here because the alternate is too scary to think about. It’s not about gas pedals getting stuck under floor mats or even sticking gas pedals that don’t return quickly….its the engine control computer!
    Craig T. mentioned the cruise controls ability to push the gas pedal down itself and Bill Taylor mentioned that he was stopped at a light with his foot on the brake and the car accelerated by itself.
    These control systems are very complex, mixing and blending many systems and sensors together, probably written by many different people at different times. A “minor” programming change that takes five minutes to perform should be tested for hours under different circumstances to understand its full effect. Can a combination of unexpected inputs occur to the control system that generated an unexpected result? I wouldn’t rule it out. Could a momentary or intermittent circuit problem be the cause? Who knows. You could test a system for weeks and not duplicate an error.
    It is much less scary to think this problem is a mechanical one that can be easily fixed by changing the floor mat or replacing a sticky part in an accelerator pedal assembly then to think the control system itself commanded the accelerator pedal to depress. And certianly a much less expensive one then redesigning and changing the control computer……
    That’s my opinion, I could be wrong.

  29. I have a 2003 Toyota corolla that the Gas petal exellerated once back when i first bought the car. I had my cruse control on and blamed that for the problem. This has never happened again. but I rarely ever use my cruse control due to this.

  30. I own a 2006 avalon.
    How come NO ONE has said anything about the CRUISE CONTROL.
    This will pull the gas pedal down to the floor all by itself if there is a computer malfunction.
    It can easily unknowingly be turned on by the buttons on the steering wheel.
    Or by a short in the steering column itself.
    By the way, I used to be a Mr. Goodwrench in the 80-90s.
    EVERY car I worked on had parts from Canada or Mexico or both.
    I agree that this problem is not as easy as a floor mat.
    I also live 5 miles from the saturn plant in Spring hill TN. which is now the GM truck plant where the Traverse was made until 2 months ago. they moved the production to a plant in Michigan. Spring Hill was the most efficient plant GM had.
    Now it sits idle…. It’s all political.
    Just like General Motors Place is an arena in Vancouver BC
    Well I guess I’ll start driving my 54 Belair. I’ll have to put a seat belt in it for when some “out of control” toyota slams in to me.

  31. Diana, yes this includes your 2008 Toyota Rav4 that you bought in Mexico. And Lou, it is a type of “Fly By Wire” pedal system.

    I own two Toyota Tacomas, one 2006 and one 2007. The 2007 is stick shift and when you shift from 3rd gear to 4th gear the gas pedal does not return to drop the RPM’s of the engine. And, when you shift from 4th gear to 5th gear same thing happens. Wild!!

    The 2006 will lunge forward when you are dead stopped. If you do not have your foot firmly on the brake it will jump into the intersection. When I told Toyota about this all I heard was, they could not get the trucks to do it. Or, they have not heard about this. None of this can happen because of mats. Why? I took them out and the problems still there. My guess is Tyoyta has some BIG,BIG problems and it will go back a few years.

    They need to check with our Air Force as we have fly by wire fighter jets. Oh, that’s right one of them crashed.

    Frankly, I had Chevrolet’s before these Toyota’s. Right now, I wish I had bought Chevrolet’s again. I don’t see where Toyota is a better made truck at all. Parts cost a heck of a lot more.

  32. we own a 2008 Toyota Rav4 . Does this vehicle need the gas peddle replaced. We bought the suv in Mexico. Thank you. Diana Mayland

    We have had no problems but just want to make sure.

  33. Are these cars and trucks so called “Fly by wire”?
    Meaning is the throttle directly connected to the pedal or is it done electronically?

    I’d be curious to know. If there is no floor mat in the vehicle and you take your foot off the gas then why is it still accelerating? Sounds like an electronic problem to me! Not a floor mat!!!!


  34. First things first! No vehicle “runs away” with the driver unless the driver permits it to do so. If the gas pedal sticks while you are driving, simply shift to neutral, maintain control of the vehicle, use your turn signals (NOT 4-way flashers!) and safely move to the side of the road or street and stop. Yes, the motor probably will race and might even hurt itself but many vehicles have “rev limiters” to prevent such damage. Besides, people’s lives are worth more than a motor! Do NOT turn off the ignition–at a minimum, you would lose power steering and probably power brakes–worse, in some (very few) vehicles it might even lock the steering wheel. Don’t panic! Shifting to neutral disconnects the motor from the drive wheels and the car will come to a stop.

  35. What everyone seems to be unaware of is the fact that regardless of where the product was so called “”” manufactured “””, the parts usually originate from several sources in several countries. These failures occur on planes, trains etc.. and the question that remains to be answered is WHERE are all these individual parts manufactured? are they from one country of origin or several? I do Quality Control inspections in a manufacturing environment and from my experience most parts that fail on a repeated basis are from one source, and I think you can figure out what country that is.
    Look into windshields cracking during installation and wires melting for instance and the country of origin. Globalization is putting everyone at risk and you have not even began to seen the impact, due to lack of quality control procedures. Manufacturers such as Step 2 are excellent because of their transparency, They list products as Made is USA, Made in USA of Foreign Parts, Made and Assembled of Foreign Origin so the buyer is assured of the EXACT origin of what he is buying. It is unfortunate not all companies have this kind of
    transparency but honesty is rare in these troubled times.

  36. Hey people, here’s a news flash for you. Just two days ago (01-05-10) I was sitting at a red light when suddenly the 2001 Toyota RAV-4 I was driving began to pull/lurch forward. At first I wasn’t sure of what was happening,until I realized that I was practically leaning on the brake pedal. I then shifted the auto trans into neutral and then I could hear the engine racing at full throttle. I then reached down and pulled up on the gas peddle and it immediately stopped. There is no floor mat on the drivers side of this car!!! Something else caused this to happen. It was as if something just began pulling my gas peddle down on it’s own. There was/is obviously a mechanical failure in the throttle linkage somewhere and I intend to find it in spite of what Toyota or any conspiracy idiot has to say.
    This scared this living daylights out of me and I now feel very uncomfortable driving this vehicle. Unless this issue is looked at and addressed in a very serious light, more people are going to get hurt or die as a result of this problem. It’s time to stop blaming it on someone and just fix the damn thing.

  37. My 2009 Matrix `s gas pedal failed on me this past Monday De. 14, 2009 on the interstate. I frantically pressed the brakes, put gears in neutral, park and it kept on accelerating. lt only stopped when I pulled the key out of the ignition while in park.

  38. First off id like to thank cw, and rob for there service, i too am military i have not yet been overseas. I am scheduled for 2012 but i would just like to kindly tell dg to respectively F**K off because i own two vehicles which unlike other 21 year old’s I have paid for in cash I have worked for the paper mill for 3 years and penndot and currently finished 1 year active duty now stationed as a reserve for the last year, and my passion is vehicles ever since i have been 5 and too me the consumer guide is my bible so i may be young but i know every vehicle along with the background of such vehicles and i have done countless research on vehicles for the past 3 years while incorperating them into my accounting and finance papers for my degree, thank you very much.

  39. As I was entering a hwy. I excellerated to about 70 mpr to keep up with the traffic . When I let up on the gas pedal it stayed down. I remembered what my dad once told me and that was to throw the car into neutral. It worked. I then pulled over to a safe area and removed the floor mat.


  41. I had a 2002 Corolla and was in a serious accident on May 2, 2008 and hit several trees. A month in the hospital and I’m still recuperating to date. My airbags did not deploy. The attorney said there was no case because the sensor was not hit so that’s why it did not deploy. Every place except the back of the car was seriously damaged and a small spot directly in the front. We do not know what happened to cause the accident. I do remember having trouble at times with the gas pedal sticking, but is not listed in the year or model of vehicles affected.

    If there is an attorney that would like to check this out for me, please respond to this. I am in South Jersey outside of Philadelphia.



  42. According to a friend of mine who owns a toyota they said just move the floor mat calls the people stupid for not doing it. I would love to see her panic when the throttle gets stuck down and not know what to do.
    This one is for rob the die hard marine. You aren’t so die hard if you forgot about the marines who died at pearl harbor when the japanese attack (it wasn’t just the sailors.)
    By the way sevice advisors are like car salesman they go from dealership to dealership and thier job is to lie and make you feel better about your car. Just for a fact check toyota imports more than 65% of thier toyota cammerys. So not even half of them are assembled here in the USA plus the ones assembled here in the USA they only have 45% american made parts. I did my fact checking there are models of toyota where there isn’t even enough room between the pedal and the matt period even while hooked in don’t over look that fact. When dealerships take the vehicles in for the recall some models they have to cut the carpet out and chisel the foam out to make room. That is another fact for you. Like dg said foreign maker profits go over seas.


  44. dg, get your head out of the US auto companies’ @$$ long enough to do an honest analysis. The imports are more reliable. Have been for like 20 years. Sure, some profits go overseas, but how many Americans have JOBS because of Japanese and Korean car companies putting plants in the US? And not going bankrupt and laying off people?
    I love my 2001 Magnetic Red Corvette, but you’re crazy if you think the ordinary cars made by US companies are THAT much better just because the company that makes them is incorporated in the USA. Besides, how many of those US companies’ profits actually get to Americans?
    Lest you deem me unpatriotic as well, until YOU have done 5 deployments over the course of 14 years, take a hike.
    @Rob – Semper Fi, brother.

  45. First of all 87% of all Toyotas are manufactured here in the U.S. every other car manufactors are made in Mexico, Canada, or Korea. Second of all as a Service advisor for a Toyota dealer ship the vehs that we have noticed the gas pedals sticking on were people that did not have there mats down correctly (as being pushed forward and not having the clips in place) 99% of those are cars were people are just plan slobs and you can tell by looking around the inside of there car by all the trash throw on the floor boards. So before people start bashing do alittle research first. For all you that think I am a traitor well I have been to combat twice and am a Die hard MARINE GOD BLESS THE USA

  46. My wife’s 2008 Avalon has a gas pedal that will pull itself down to the floor causing the car to take off out of control. This will happen with no floor mat. Floor mat not the problem as the picture above reveals. It is hard for me to wrap my imagination around the above picture to think that all of the complaints are a result of what that picture shows. So many of the people that have complained of this problem have stated that there is no way that the floor mat caused the car to accelerate out of control. In fact , like ours, the floor mat was hooked on the floor, and is approx. 2″ away from the pedal. The problem still exists with no floor mat in place.

    Thank You, Gary

  47. first off, you tend to miss the point of buying a forgien manufacturer’s products sends all the profits offshore. i wonder how the wages compare for US workers working for an American auto manufacturer versus a forgien auto manufacturer? cd can do the research and report back.
    secondly, there was no reference to only manufacturing in the USA, it was “designed and made” in the USA . apparently the design aspect is not important because engineers are employed by these same auto manufacturers. what sort of figures are available for the number of US engineers that design automobiles for the forgien automobile? the number would be quite low. these jobs are not important to forgien automobile owner. please research and report back.
    thirdly and finally, the US auto makers do not get any preferencial treatment from the media. the forgien auto makers to date have not been held to the same level of accountability by our wonderful media. a “stuck gas pedal” for 3.8 million vehiles has not been reported in the same mannor as a firestone tire peeling off. agree that death in either case is tragic but also agree that the media would rather report that an American company had these problems than a forgien company. please research… the report will be interesting
    it is amazing that you would rather have a Chevy or Dodge over an import but i doubt that you don’t even own a car. thanks for commenting.

  48. I am on my second Toyota T-100. I had the petal stick on two occassions and believed it to be the floor mat. After learning about this worldwide problem I now question the validity of the floor mat issue. The only thing I could do was pull the accelerator up with my foot (maybe it was the floor mat).

  49. first off not that i don’t agree that american vehicles are better, i much rather have a chevy or a dodge than an import. But if you want to be a smarty pants do your research, and realize toyotas and other imports are made here in the USA more than any other car manufactor. So take your psychology elsewhere, and research consumer guides to actually see whos vehicles’ are safer. Let me remind you Ford had a much worse problem, at least the Toyotas hit head on or crash without rolling over. Hmmm would i rather my gas pedal stick and have some time to aviod an accident by just turning off the car and hoping for the best. Rather than my firestone tire peeling off unexpectingly and causing my SUV to go into some high speed roll over crash resulting most likely in death.

  50. floor mats and brakes not working and the cars going out of control? wake up and realise that toyota is covering up a major problem. oh, they’re a forgien company? keep buying these death traps and perhaps darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest will weed out those who think that these poor quality transportation devices are better than those designed and made here in the USA. it’s about time the media starts reporting these “incidents” as a cover up rather than blaming a poor floor mat design. wayne even conceeds that his dodges have floor mats designed to stay where they belong…. trees don’t save lives every time either. correct the mistake – stop denouncing American products over a trendy brand because “everyone” thinks they are better.

  51. On 10/11/09 my accelerator pedal stuck on my 2008 Camry and my brakes were not working. I was pulling in to a parking place, the car jumped the curb and ran in to a tree about five feet away. The damage is about $5000 for the physical damgage, I don’t know what the doctors bill will be. It was the most scary experience I have ever had. I could have killed a group of kids and families at a soccer game if the tree wouldn’t have been there. Thank god for the tree……..

  52. Hello, after you remove the floor mat;;;cut out that portion of the mat that is causing the gas petal to stick;;;when you return the mat;;;at the center nearest the driver’s seat;;attach a mech. to the mat to hold a tie back ;;;that you attach to the under portion of the drivers seat;;this will prevent the mat from sliding forward towards the gas petal ;;;my dodge carvan and dodge caliber have this feature to attach the floor mat to the floor and prevent the mat from sliding forward;;;good luck and be safe!

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