Yet Another Simplicity Crib Recall: This Time 400,000 Cribs

Update: Looking for this more recent crib recall for Stork Craft Dop-Side Cribs?

Simplicity Crib RecallFollowing more than 1-million recalled Simplicity cribs and bassinets from last year, the CPSC today announced the recall of another 400,000 Simplicity Drop Side Cribs because plastic hardware on the crib can break or deform, which could cause the side rails to detach.

At least one infant has already died as a result of the drop side rails detaching, which allowed the infant to become trapped between the rails and the mattress.

The following Simplicity Cribs Have Been Recalled:

Models Numbers 8050, 8325, 8620, 8745, 8748, 8755, 8756, 8765, 8778, 8810, and 8994, 8995, 8996.
The recall may not be limited to these model numbers, however. The CPSC advises consumers to identify the cribs by a flexible plastic tab at the top of the lower tracks. If your Simplicity crib has one of these, it is likely part of this recall.

The CPSC advises parents to stop using these Simplicity cribs immediately. However, Simplicity Inc. went out of business so your only recourse is to return the recalled cribs to the store at which you purchased it.

recalled simplicity crib plastic tabs

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

44 thoughts on “Yet Another Simplicity Crib Recall: This Time 400,000 Cribs

  1. Stores will not give you a full refund on these cribs unless you have a receipt. Just found out about this recall and brought in a crib ‘n changer combo worth $300 and Walmart was only offering $60 for it. Well that is not enough to get another crib and we needed another one. Went across the street to target and they offered us $150 for it which we used to obtain another crib which costed us about $30 more.

  2. i have the simplictiy christina changer n crib model 8996 that i bought years ago when i had my 1st child im now in 2012 expecting my 2nd child and got my crib down from the attic and see online that it is now been recalled, can i still return this to wal mart with out my reciet and get a refund or exchange or is it to late?

    • i was going to take my back too. they said they had to refund for whatever the upc code brought up in computer however they coulnd’t find it. they told me i had to fnd the upc code in order for them to refund anything. so if you find one let me know

  3. I have a simplicity crib model number 8996crp that I bought off someone online not knowing it had been recalled and then wen I went to sale it online a lady informed me they were recalled I need to the $$ to get a toddler bed since I don’t have room for this bed in my new apartment any advice

  4. I have the simplicity 3 and 1with changing table. We were going to finally take it down and sell it since we dont need it anymore, its been 4 1/2 years since we bought it, and a friend of mine told me it had been recalled last year. I’m not sure what to do now. Any suggestions would be helpful. It has the drop down sides and the metel tube mattress bottom. Thanks.

  5. TARGET method of recall – Target item # 030091623 for Simplicity Aspen 4 in 1, bring in the target item # to the returns desk and you should be set!

  6. Krista, just take it to Walmart, tell them it is a crib that was part of a complete recall because of the drop side, also that all of the simplicity cribs were recalled. They should be able to help you, or just give you a refund on a similar crib. But go durring normal hours, the worst thing to do is take it after hours or on the weekend, there won’t be anyone who can help and you will be there for hours…

  7. I just heard about the recall I have a 4 yr old and I’m pregnant I have a simplicity crib n changer combo model # 8996CRP, and I know a few years ago it was recalled but mine was fine cause of the tracks being the right way… Now I don’t know what to do I bought it at burlington cost factory and I don’t have the box or receipt but I do have all the instuctions along with the manufactures code…does any one have any suggestions, do u think they will still take it back after being so long?
    Please HELP!!!

  8. i am trying to locate upc # for a delta luvcrib i know it is a recall would like to have upc sowalmart doesnot give me a hard timeit was about a 100.-150. model #4920 if anyone have info please email thanks

  9. Does anyone have a UPC and item number for the Simplicity Crib ‘N Changer organizer model 8994? I called Walmart and they told me to contact CPSC for those. Of course CPSC has nothing to do with the upc. The local store doesn’t even have the recall info so we have to take the print out with us when we return the item. But after reading all the comments here, I think maybe taking the item number and upc would be helpful in getting something done. I don’t expect to make any money off the deal. All I want is a safe crib for my 4 month old. I used this crib with my now 5 year old. Wish I would have known about the recall before now. There has been 2 separate recalls on this particular crib. I feel like a terrible mom not to have known about them til now.

  10. I actually thought last time that I had heard that the storkcraft cribs beinf recalled were only made before 2007. I actually didn’t use the drop railing when my son was in it only because once he decided he’d sleep in it he was already old enough to put his leg over the top! so I took the rail off and used it as a toddler bed. I have since sold this crib to another mom (not thinking it was a recalled crib) and now we’re trying to figure out what brand it is (it doesn’t say storkcraft anywhere) and I don’t know where to look to find the brand or model number, it has a spring type bottom, (not solid like my daughter’s storkcraft) I’m thinking it might be a simplicity, can anybody help me with any of this info? oh btw I bought it at a used childrens clothing store called once upon a child, I’m in canada.

  11. I am trying to find a UPC# for the the ultra 5-in-1 sleep system.model 4605.The lovely individuals at walmart cant locate it and the customer service lady said it wasnt her job.So I left.Please help.Ohh and yes I already called 1 888-walmart and he said he couldnt find it either.

  12. I purchased a Simplicity crib at Target. My grandson has been getting msytery bruises, so I went on line and found out this crib is recalled. We are thinkng of changing to toddler bed, wonder if safe?

  13. I bought the Simplicity 8995 at Target, 2 years ago and now need the crib for my 6 month old. TO learn that it was recalled since last year was frustrating enough. I called Target immediately and after speaking to various staff members, I decided to contact Target Guest Relations, on the Target recall items page, (FAQs) and they gave me a case number which I then had my husband take to the store. There, they did not even check anything, they scanned the id and then provided our refund in case. This is why I love Target, they know how to treat customers, KMart, Sears and other places would have made this so much more complicated. I wish you all luck, but please do not feel like you’ve lost your money, put up a fight if you must, your baby deserves a new crib that is safe. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word about these recalled cribs. Good luck all!!!!!!

  14. Also, you only need to take the CRIB back. You don’t need the box or the changing table/dresser if it came with one. You don’t need a receipt, but you may not get the full price back without one, because most of these models have probably been out of the computer system for a long time. Stores are told what they are allowed to refund for each crib, but with a receipt, you should receive a full refund.

  15. YES. Take the crib back. I did not know this until recently. It is against the LAW to sell a recalled item, whether at a yard sale or pawn shop or thrift shop. The only other way is to throw it in the trash. But if it’s on recall, and it says to return it to the store, return it for a refund. It may not always be for the price you gave for it, without a receipt, but you will get something back. After so many months, I know at Walmart, some items get deleted and replaced with new items that have a different model number, but are virtually the same item. So without a receipt, you will get whatever the last known price is, which we usually receive from the merchandiser.

  16. All recalls should be the same at any store. The CPSC states on their websites what to do with a recalled item. Sometimes you can take it to the store of purchase and receive either a full refund, or if that’s not available, without a receipt the last known price of the item. Other times, the cpsc states to call the merchandiser for a repair kit or voucher, etc.

  17. Very Mad–I don’t know what store you went to, but if I were you, I would have asked to talk to the highest management that was on duty. True, we may not have the UPC number or price of a recall from last year readily available, but they ARE able to look it up. They can go on what the employees know as THE WIRE, and can look up recalls. They should have been able to look it up. I have dealt with recalls that took 30 min or more, but in the end, we are usually able to locate the number or price. I’m sorry you went through so much only to leave empty handed. I know we have had customers that were frustrated also, because sometimes it does take a while to locate prices for recalled items. We are required to post a recall for 30 days. Unfortunately, those posts only state model numbers and not upc numbers. So older recalls will take a while to locate, but they should have been able to find something.

  18. I work for Walmart and I do understand any of your frustrations. It frustrates us too when we know that an item is on recall, but are unable to locate a UPC number. I know that the store I work at now has either the UPC number or the price that we are allowed to refund(without the receipt). Usually if we do not have access to the UPC number, management is contacted. It may take a bit, but they can usually come up with the UPC number or, at the very least, the last price it was sold at. I, too, have one of these beds that I must return. I would be upset like the rest of you, if I were to try and return this bed, knowing it’s on recall and that it’s been posted on Walmart’s recall list at the Customer Service Desk, only to be told they couldn’t find the proper number or price. Also, I know that we all think, I don’t need this receipt, and throw it away after a certain amount of time, but since there have been so many recalls, especially with child products from beds to toys and clothes, it’s best to keep your receipt. That way, you can take it with you and if it is a recalled item, there will be no issue, whatsoever. Or shouldn’t be anyway. Receipts for Walmart are only good thru 90 days, and then thru the company after that. But, if it IS a recalled item, Walmart will refund it, no matter how old. If your store isn’t willing to comply, have them contact a front end supervisor or management.

  19. Ok, I am very angry. I seen on the news yesterday the recall on the two cribs. I have a simplicity model # 8050C. Checked to make sure mine wasn’t one and found out it was recalled last year. I had bought mine in march of 2009 and never got a letter stating a recall. So I contacted my local walmart and spoke to the baby dept manager and she said to bring the combo in to customer service. I decided after reading this website to call the walmart number and get the upc# just to make sure it was recalled. So last night I took all 3 pieces apart and back to walmart to have to stand in line forever and then to find out they don’t have it in there system after I had already called earlier to make sure. She said they only had the recalls that came out yesterday and not anything from last year. So after pretty much breaking down into tears, not knowing what to do as I even printed out the consumer page of the recall she didn’t care cause if it isn’t in there system, they can’t help me. Left the store and hubby seen I was raging and he decided to take over the ordeal when we got home and called 5 different walmart stores and got 5 different answers. One manager said it was recalled but the upc# was coming up a book. (74102289003) She said for us to call back tonight as she had to try and find the correct upc#. If she can’t help us, I guess we just threw money out the window. Regardless, I will go somewhere else to buy my crib. If anyone else has any luck, please let me know. I am on my last nerve.

  20. I read the comments, and gave Wal-Mart a call 1-888-walmart press 2, 1, 1, and spoke with a customer service rep and told him I had a recalled child crib and he asked for the crib name and model number. He gave me a UPC code: 74102289001, and an Item Number: 2653387. He told me to take the crib to my local Wal-Mart and they will take care of me.

    I took to the local Wal-Mart store:
    1 – Crib (broken down)
    2 – UPC & Item number given to me by calling Wal-Mart call center
    3 – Copy of Recall from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

    When I got to the store I checked in the crib at the front door return person and took crib to the in-store Customer Service counter. The UPC code wasn’t working, but the Item Number came up in their computer, as well as they had a notebook with listed recall information and used their notebook paperwork to enter the store credit amount. I received $199.99 +local tax in a Wal-Mart store credit. I did not have a receipt for the crib.

  21. hello! i have one the same model as the photo above but white color and i bought it SEARS CANADA STORE on March 2009 i still have the receipt but i dont have the box anymore, will they still do a refund? or maybe exchange to a safer one?…thanks

  22. I have the nursery in a box set as well. My daughter has been using it for about 3 years and will soon be in a toddler bed. She doesn’t use the drop side anymore. Should I still take the crib back?

  23. omg i just found out about the recall cause of the stork craft recall and i find out i have a simplicty one withe model number of 8748 and manf code 3207 dh what am i supposed to do i know i dont have the money to buy a new one.

  24. I actually just returned my 3 piece Simplicity set to Walmart last week. I called and they told me to just bring in the crib and not the change table or dresser. I got the whole refund back of $250 for the whole set and just bringing in the crib. I went to Babies R Us and got just a crib for $160 so I made almost $100 from the return!

  25. I bought mine from Burlington Coat Factoy in California and returned it as soon as I found out about the recall my questions is do we get the full amount of what we paid for the crib or the amount they have it listed under at the time. Because I paid 209.00 for it a year ago now they have it listed at 129.00 and that’s what they gave me. I was told because it was a recall they should have given me my money back. That and the Staff at the Burlington Coat factory were rude. The Baby Depot staff was not helpful at all. I’m a veteran that just got back from the war a little over a year ago and to come back and have there employees treat me like this, I was very disappointed with them, but that still leaves me with the Question ” should I try and get my money back”?

  26. I had the same run around as some poeple are getting. I called walmart and told them that I had a simplicity that was recalled and they told me that I had to all the pieces, but I told them I only have the crib and they told me I still needed to have everything to get the refund on it. So I plan to call the walmart number and then asking for a manager, if that doesn’t work then I will ask for the market managers number. I am not even sure how much it was worth because my sister in law bought it with me and she paid for it.

  27. I used the previous poster’s information,called walmart at 1800-925-6278 and entered 211 as soon as the recording came on.I was able to talk with a customer service rep who was very nice.She reffered me to a local store.

    First the local store people said my model 8050C was not recalled,8050 was. As I was walking away,I remembered the UPC number 74102289003. They checked that and found out it sure was recalled.Then an assistant manager insisted I bring all the 3 pieces to get a refund. I told her that some people have received the refund without turning in the 3 pieces.She could not purge. I took down the store manager’s number and will come him tomorrow and see. Mine cost 209.93 + tax. I could buy a much fancier one from if i got that money.

  28. Hi there! I was just given the run-around from my local Wal-Mart as well that I have to return the whole Nursery-In-A-Box set to receive my refund. I asked to speak with a manager, and then was put on hold and the same kid from the service desk came back on and said that he had just spoken with the manager himself and was told the same – I had to return teh whole set. I’m not saying I’m entitled to the FULL refund if I only bring the crib back – I would have thought they could pro-rate it though so I would get a refund for just the crib…So, I’m going to do what is suggested above at my next closest wal-mart (not the same one). Thanks for the tip!

    Also, another avenue I tried was to call Service America for crib hardware to replace the defective parts with something different that will not break or deform. I’m still contemplating doing this, since it is just the hardware that is defective and we really like the set otherwise. However…I will have to call tomorrow and pretend to be someone else because they refused to do business with me since I mentioned that it was a Simplicity crib. If you choose to go this route, DO NOT mention you have a Simplicity crib or they will not help you! It’s probably due to liability, but if they believe in their products and sell them to people who have built their own cribs (that could be dangerous, you never know), then I would think they’d do business and help parents replace defective parts to the cribs that they own.

  29. I got my money back! I have the nursery in a box, 8050W. This is what I did:

    I first called the !-888-Walmart number and got the item number and the upc number. Then I called my local Walmart and spoke to a manager. I told her what I had and she said that it was not recalled. I told her yes it was, that it was recalled a month ago. She told me to call the manufacturer which I then had to tell her they were no longer in business. She then said I had to bring back all three pieces (the crib, changing table, and the dresser). I told her only the crib was recalled and why did I have to take apart those two pieces of furniture that weren’t recalled. I also told her that they just threw them away anyway. She continued to argue with me, telling me I had to bring back the whole set. I finally got tired of it and told her I wanted the number of her market manager. She put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back. She told me that she talked to her manager and they wanted me to bring in the crib and they would figure out what it cost so that I could then go and get a replacement toddler bed from the store (since I was changing it over to a toddler bed). She told me to ask for her when I got there. So, later that day, I went there and she was in a meeting. So another supervisor waited on me, found the item in the system, and then refunded me the full amount for the whole set! Now, I’m not saying this is going to happen for anyone else, but here are my suggestions to get your money back for the crib:

    Call the 1-888-walmart number and get your item number and upc number. Then call your walmart where you bought it (although I bought mine online, my local walmart did have it at the time since that is where I first saw it) and ask to speak to a manager. Make sure you write down the manager’s name when you get to talk to one. Explain the situation and if they give you a hard time, ask to talk to their market manager. They seemed pretty quick to want to remedy the situation when I asked to speak to their market manager. I would also suggest printing out the page that shows your recalled crib and the code that is associated with the one on your crib.

    I hope this helps anyone who has this crib. My crib had actually seperated where the defective part was shown, and I know I am very lucky that I caught it. I hope no one else has to go through what those other families had to with losing a child. Good luck everyone!

  30. what about the older model cribs? I needed to get replacement parts from the first recall, and now I’m finding that its impossible. My model number is 8740kw. I find it listed on the recall, on some sites and not others. What am I suppose to do with this bed? Does any one know?

  31. Trish,

    I’m a manager for Walmart and unfortunately a store is only as good as the management staff in it. The fact is that Walmart actually throws these cribs away. They don’t get any credit for it and only loses the amount of money you receive. This is something Walmart does for the customer. Sometimes management makes the wrong decision and tries to make you do something that is unnecessary. I would call the store and ask for the store manager. Talk to her/him and if they refuse to take care of you, do 2 things.

    Ask for the market managers phone number (their supervisor) and leave them a message. You won’t talk to someone initially so expect a voice recording. They will call you back promptly though. Also, call 1-800-Walmart. This should either make the store manager make the right decision for the customer or the market team will typically take care of you and make the store do the return. I hope this helps.

  32. Michelle, can you help me? I just tried taking my crib back, which is a 8050C (purchased as part of the nursery in a box) and was told that I have to take back THE WHOLE NURSERY! this sounds crazy to me! can anyone help me with this?!

  33. i also have the 4 in 1 crib and i am returning it to walmart. mine is the christina and the model number is 8996crp however walmart doesn’t have that one, they had the same one but different color. that model number is 8996crh. the upc for that is 0074102289963 or the last two digits maybe 46 (i’ve seen both). ask them to try that. if your specific store didn’t carry it they won’t have that upc in there system. however, the manager at my walmart told me that they have something that can look up all the upcs. i forget what it’s called but i think it began with a “t”. i called walmart corporate and gave them my model number to get that upc code. it’s 1-888-walmart. give them the 8996cph model code and ask for the upc. then ask your walmart to look it up from all the walmart products, not just from there store. tho, that upc i listed above should be the right one. hope this helps. i have been major researching this since i found out about the recall. my email is if you have any questions.

  34. I am as well tired of these recalls. I am not sure if this helps but I have my shipping reciept and the item #/Upc is 74102289003(bought at Walmart) It is a model # 8050C, it was purchaced as a nursery in a box. I am not sure if they are going to be able to help you or not but it might be a start. Good luck
    Not sure what is a good crib if any has any feedback on this let me know not sure what to do about this problem??

  35. I am tired of all these recalls how is a parent to keep up?? You can’t buy your kids anything nothing is safe. I have one of these cribs and have been trying to return it to the store since yesterday afternoon. No surprise that the store (Wal-Mart) is not taking the bed back because they can’t find a UPC code????? WTH. The bed was a gift and is a 4 in 1 so I had not plans on getting rid of the bed since it will grow with my daugter. Now what am I to do?? I have a baby bed that can’t be used I can’t get a new one or money back???? Now she has to sleep in my bed with me until I can figure something out. I am scared to buy another bed that may go under recall who knows!! What is a parent to do????

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