Serious Side Effects Associated with Levaquin

levaquin-side-effectsThe fluroquinolone antibiotic Levaquin, used to treat lung, sinus, skin, and urinary tract infections caused by certain bacteria. FDA recently ordered the makers of Levaquin to include a black box warning on the drug after reports of severe Levaquin side effects related to painful tendon and ligament injuries.

The Levaquin side effects resulting in this black box warning include tendonitis and tendon ruptures, both of which can be very painful and debilitating. Patients may not realize they are experiencing such side effects until it is too late.

If you are taking Levaquin you should discuss these possible side effects with your doctor. If you have been taking Levaquin and have experienced pain in your tendons, ligaments or joints, you should consult with your doctor immediately about a possible link between the drug and your symptoms.

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106 thoughts on “Serious Side Effects Associated with Levaquin

  1. I took Levaquin November 2012 for an upper respiratory infection. They (PA and nurse) warned me about the Achilles tendon. The 3rd day I was on it, I raise my arm up quickly after a golf shot. Tore 3 of the rotator cuff tendons and upper bicep tendon from the bone. Had to get 4 screws put in and 6 months of rehab. Started playing golf again and exercise (I was in great shape before ….exercised 5 days a week for 2 hrs a day), Mod October of 2013, I hit a tee shot and felt the same pain as the shoulder, This time it was in my left wrist running up to the elbow. Tore the ECRL tendon at the wrist and the ERCL / ECRB fascia at the elbow, Had the wrist operated on and the elbow will be operated on ij the fall. The Wrist specialist said in his 20 years that he had never seen both ends of a muscle to tear like that; Told him I had taken Levaquin a year earlier and he shook his head and that is what did both injuries. Talk with a couple of Pharmacist and they encouraged me to take GOLDEN SEAL, That is an herb that athletes take to get rid of cocaine and marijuana out of their system to pass drug test, I’ve been on it for a couple of months now and the joints are feeling much better. Can’t wait to get out of the splint, start rehab, and get back to a normal life. Levaquin has taken away 15 of the last 18 months of my life.

  2. I was prescribed a 10 day regimen of levaquin for walking pneumonia approx. 5 months ago. Within 3 days my hip joints were aching something fierce. I\’ve never had hip pain before either. Also, my knees ached. On the 5th day, I informed my physician and he told me to immediately stop taking levaquin and confirmed that hip join pain can be a side effect. He said that I should never take that class of antibiotic again. He said I should be fine in a bout a month though. Well, here I am now, 5 months later, still in daily chronic pain with my hips. They get so stiff and pop when I stand up from sitting a while. My legs feel so weak now. I used to walk 30 minutes a day, briskly up and down my long and steep driveway. If the weather was not cooperative, I\’d do 30 mins. on my elliptical trainer. But ever since developing my hip and knee pain, I\’ve been unable to do more than 5 minutes worth. My core strength is all but gone now. I have also developed mid and lower back pain that flares up from just standing more than 5 or 10 minutes. Also, my neck aches quite a bit now. I already had a bulging disk in my neck that caused pain, but it\’s 10x worse now. This drug is nothing but pure evil. If there ever is a class action lawsuit started against the makers of this horrible drug, you can bet I\’ll put my name on it.

  3. I tookit for the flu…I just assumed that the jointpain was from that. I took it for 10 daysand that was about 3 weeks ago. Since then, everytime I exert myself around the house or sit for too long, my joints get really stiff and ache. My hands, knees, back and ankles…..Im getting worried that this will be permanent! lt litterally hurts to go up the stairs where before I could climb them 20 times a day without pain. I’m only 49 and I dont feel like doing much now becasue I know its going to hurt. Has anyone seen the problem go away??? I’m pretty healthy and rarely get sick or have to take drugs…and although it DID knock out my broncitis after the flu…..Im so saddened by this because I dont want to have to take something else to combat this problem :(

  4. If you’re taking Levaquin, stop. If your doctor suggests Levaquin, or any other fluoroquinolone drug, get another doctor. This stuff is poison. Levaquin ruined my life for years, and continues to ruin more lives every day. The drug companies should be hung out to dry forever after pulling a stunt like this.

  5. My gsatro doctor prescribed a three antibiotic and a antacid cocktail to treat H. Pylori, a stomach bacteria. I was to take these twice aday. I filled my script late on 8/21/12; took first dose that evening. 8/22/12 I took the AM dose around 6 am before work, and the PM dose around 7 pm. I went to bed around 10:30 pm and I was starting to feel a little achy. Then all hell broke loose!! I was awake ALL night long!! I could hear people talking on the stairs in my house (in my mind). I thought someone was walking around my bedroom and I wondered why my husband would not wake up. I was so scared!! Then came the sensation that I falling too deep asleep (felt like I was dying) and that would open my eyes back open! I was tingling as if I had takened niacin, but with lots of pain. My feet started burning. I really wanted to go to the ER and I sould have because I was in distress. This morning, 8/23/12 I called the on call doctor who did not call me back, so I had to wait until 8 am until the office opened only to have to leave a message for my doctor’s nurse. Meanwhile I looked at the papers that came in the bag from the pharmacy. There were four papers one for each med, and down in the bottom of the bag was a FOUR page report warning about this darn medication. It can destroy your muscles forever!! All my doctor said was to stop the Levaquin! I feel my doctor should made me aware before he prescribed this dangerous drug for me. It is now 6:36 pm on 8/23/12 and I already know I am not going to work again tomorrow because of the pain in my hips down to my feet. I CAN HARDLY WALK!!! I have absolutely ZERO strength. I am going to have to go get a body detox tonight to help myself. I feel as if I am disabled. I feel helpless. Why on EARTH is this crap still on the market?? Why??

  6. Have had a sinus infection for six weeks. The headaches got so bad I went to the ER. MD said I needed an antibiotic to help my immune system and wrote a script for levaquin and sent me on my way. They also made me take a pill in the ER. Next day I have having terrible pains in my calf and foot. Unreal. I went to my primary who switched the script to amox.cav which will prob do nothing. I am thinking about going the natural way. One dose turned me off for life. Please detox if you are still having issues, I plan on detoxing immediately after I finish the other script. It should get rid of all the toxins levaquin leaves behind,

  7. Levaquin is some crazy stuff! I had a bottle in my medicine cabinet from 4 years ago, but it still had pills in it. I couldn’t remember why I stopped taking the stuff. I originally took it because I had issues with painful urination. I didn’t have an STD and the doc couldn’t figure out what was wrong so they prescribed Levaquin to cover all bases. Last week, I started having testicular pain so I went into the doc to find out what the problem might be. They didn’t find anything serious. They did an ultrasound and found a few cyst, but they were normal. I had worn boxers for a few days so I didn’t have as much support as usual. That coupled with the cysts makes sense that I could have some pain. The doc told me I should wear briefs from now on, which helped dramatically, but that I should take an NSAID (Aleve) and an anitbiotic (Levaquin) and give a urine sample to test for STDs and other infections. I haven’t received the test results yet, but I have been on Levaquin for 4 days and I am experiencing a lot of the side effects listed above. I have had trouble sleeping since day one. Day 3 brought on nausea approximately 15 minutes after taking it, and this morning at work I became very anxious, my right a left wrists are hurting around where the tendons are, I have a metallic taste in my mouth, and I am also getting lower back pain. I have increased my water consumption as well as continuing my regiment of taking Vitamin C and Fish Oil which I have read helps rid the body of Levaquin. I also read that soy cause strange interactions with this drug which is something I have already planned to take out of my diet anyway. If you can avoid it, do NOT take this drug. If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late. There are other antibiotics out there that I ASSUME can do the same job of dealing with infection without all the side effects! Good luck and I hope that everyone feels better soon!

  8. I took levaquin for 4 days after sinus surgery. That was 1 month ago & it still hurts to type this. Joint and muscle pain everywhere. I wish I’d never set foot in my dr’s office. I’d take the 4 months of sinus infection over this in a heart beat. Does it get better? Anyone?

  9. I also wish I had known about the horrible side affects of this medication from the P.A.. I believe it is still available as a lower, overall number of people are apparently harmed. Doctors should definitely consider that this should be a last resort type of medication!. I have had many painful side affects re knees, lower back, ankles, arms, neck, …, and brain fog. For myself, I have successfully found help in taking OTC supplements. Since I found that the Levaquin remains active in your system for one year, I would rather take the supplements for that time rather than become progressively worse. Levaquin is a progressive medication. After the one year’s term, I understand you are then only working on damage control that has already occurred. I will provide you with the supplement information that may help you, but with the understanding that I am not in the medical or holistic field. In divided does, I take 10 (1000 mg each) vitamin C, and 4 gms Tylenol (reduce if you take Tylenol in other medication). The other supplements I take are Glucosamine/Chondroitin that helps with inflammation; Omega-3 fish oil, and 400 mg. magnesium. To help with the depression over this, I take 2, Choline & Inositol. For the “brain fog,” I take 2 Tbsp. of pure coconut oil per day. This can be cooked with as an oil or eaten directly. It apparently crosses the blood/brain barrier as does the Levaquin! I have read that the coconut oil is showing good signs of even helping to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. I know it helps me. I pray this medication will be taken off the market! There are many ongoing class action suits for those greatly harmed (tendon ruptures, etc.). Best wishes to all of you that are suffering from this FDA “Black Boxed” medication.

  10. Stay away form Levaquin! Was prescribed this by doc for pneumonia (last year) and a month later ruptured my Achilles tendon. Found out a year later this is an adverse reaction to Levaquin by my PA. What the …?

  11. I took Levaquin for a sinus infection last summer and several months later had pain in my ankle. It kept getting worse and worse. It turned out I have a ruptured tendon in my ankle and did not fall or injure myself in any way. I know too much time probably elapsed for it to be caused by the drug but it sometimes makes me wonder. i have been in an air cast for two months and it is no pleasant matter. I can’t walk or work.

  12. I have taken Levaquin before for UTI’s (since 1980 along with CIPRO). My problems is that I am allergic to Penicillin and Sulfa so I have had to rely on Levaquin and Cipro for the frequent UTI’s during this time.

    On March 20, 2012, I went to the ER with severe shortness of breath and congestion. I was diagnosed with pneumonia, placed on IV treatment of Levaquin and breathing treatments for a day, then sent home with a prescription for 750 mg. of Levaquin for 10 days.

    By day 6, I called my family doctor and said that I still felt very bad and not recouperating like I thought I should. He called in meds. to get me over the hump after finishing the Levaquin, and said for me to go in if I was not better within a few days. I never took the second prescription of medicine.

    By day 7, I had severe stiffness in my knees and felt horribly drained and exhausted. I was told that the pneumonia was in the top part of the lung and not a severe case. I said to myself, “Thank God, I did not have it in the whole left lung because I certainly would have died”. The symptoms got worse after I took the last pill. I never thought for a moment that it was the medication that was causing the exhaustion and stiffness in the knees.

    I spoke to a co-worker who alerted me to the side effects of taking Levaquin and I
    researched the internet. I found my exact symptoms and I wlll never take this again. I have had a sever allergic reaction before when I was in ICU for taking Hydrodyuril. It had a sulfa base which I was allergic to.

    I called my druggist in inquire if anyone had every complained about the drug. He said no, and suggested that I call the hospital where I was treated.

    I called the hospital ER where I was treated, and reported the side effects that I was experiencing and asked that my medical records show that I should not be given Levaquin any more. The doctor advised me to contact my family doctor and report my findngs and maybe have more blood work done to make sure nothing else was developing. He also said that he was not aware of anyone having problems with adverse reactions to Levaquin.

    I have a call in to my family doctor to report my circumstances and see if he wants to do blood work. I am able to come to work but still feel very tired and get sort of breath after a little bit of walking.

    I am really in a predicament because of my allergies to medicine. I will notify all of my doctors to enter my adverse Levaquin reactions documentation in my medical files.

    I never once thought I would be in danger taking this drug because I have had it before. When I would take it, it would only be for 7days; not 10. I will never take it again and hope that I do not have health issues because of it. I just hope that warnings are given out more about this drug.

  13. Started taking levofloxacin a few days ago for a bad cold (bronchitis). Yesterday I started having aches and pains which I put down to the cold. This morning I woke up with a huge rash on my neck and back. After reading all the above I’m discontinuing the drug and going back to my doctor for something else. I hope I’ve acted early enough to avoid the problems everybody above has experienced.

  14. Oh how I wish I had read this trail of postings BEFORE I was prescribed this horrible drug for pneumonia. I have no idea why the urgent care doc prescribed it when it clearly says that this drug should not be prescribed unless all other options have failed. I have a friend who has severe asthma who takes this because nothing else works. But I have always had success with other antibiotics for Bronchitis. So I took six pills before it occurred to me that my severely swollen knees might be CAUSED by the drug. Also, right after I took it each day, I had incessant, unproductive, coughing for hours. I stopped immediately, but perhaps too late. I am not encouraged by the comments on this site. I was hoping my knees would recover once I stopped taking it. This is depressing!

  15. I had a sore throat and my doctor prescribed this medication for me for 7 days. after taking this medicine i had difficulty swallowing I got really scared i thought I had a throat infection. But after reading comments of this drug i am starting to think that it was a side effect. I am really scared that it wont go away it is a terrible feeling. I went to the doctor and told him about my symptoms and said it was nothing. He didnt even mention it could have been a possible side effect of the drug. He told me to go get an exam for MBSS to see if something was wrong with the muscles of my throat and they told me everything was fine, but i still have that feeling of difficulty swallowing and throat tightness. I dont know what to do anymore. :(

  16. Aawaaaaaaamen! My bones ache soooo bad ever since I was innocently put on Levoquin! It darn near cripples you sometimes. I’m. gonna see my dr about this Tuesday. It makes you walk like you’re 90 years old sometimes. I continue to ache daily! :-(

  17. One week of Levaquin for tx of sinus infx. Represcribed in ER one week later. On fourth day tx has begun to cause severe pain in left heel and wrist, right ankle, and worse even the pain in the tendons of my neck. Now when I turn my head to the right I hear a seeming cartiligenous crinkling of my neck. Can no longer rotate my head in a circle and have burning pain where the tendons meet the skull. Excruciating to the touch. Co-commitently, I have trigeminal neuralgia exacerbated from inflammation of tendons. Right shoulder and left lateral shoulder

  18. I was on Levaquin a year ago for chronic sinus problems, I stopped taking at 5 weeks, was supposed to take for 6 weeks. Was in so much pain and my hands looked, felt like a 90 year old hands.

    It is a year later and I am still in pain in my hands and forearms. Does anyone have any oeranic/natural suggestions on how to heal from this?

    This is a terrible and scary drug. I will never take again.

  19. my levaquin nightmare started in nov 2004. prior to taking it for pnuemonia, i was a very active woman who could walk miles like up and down stairs like a feather flying!… dance the night away in high heels no trouble.
    never was one with pain or needing pain meds..
    never ever! UNTIL I TOOK LEVAQUIN.
    i started to take it unaware of the side cleared my pnuemonia but within a week of taking it my knee started to feel sore…i didnt think much of it..but it kept getting worse and worse pain..then in both legs..from the knees and down.
    i was limping and started to wear sneakers and low shoes because of the pain was unbearable no matter what i did. i figured i must have just over done it or something ..but as time passed the pain got worse and i could barely walk.
    all i wanted to do was sit or lie down…i figured if i rested it that it would go away or ease up and that didnt work either..the pain was excruciatingly unrelenting.
    it felt like my tendons and ligaments were being shredded and ripped.
    i couldnt squat …cause of the pain and to get back up my tendons have no strength.
    at night in bed my legs would just throb and throb.
    here i was then going to ortho docs , one after another…all to no avail..’
    all they said was put ice on it after any excercise.
    i had mris, showed minor arthritis which is typical for my age.
    i did physical therapy and that made me feel worse.
    from an active woman to a woman almost at a standstill was my life!
    to walk one block seemed like torture..and as it was ahead of me i felt like i was facing mt everest.
    dancing days were done.
    standing still on lines was excruciating as well.
    now up and down stairs at a snails pace.
    its been eight years of is only slightly less painful.
    accupuncture helps some..but the pain is never gone.
    its not excruciating as it was the first year…but its always always always there.
    i do use ice on my legs at night to calm the pain and inflammation. and you can be sure after sitting here it will be agonizing to get up and get my legs going…and as always..the pain!! the stiffness…getting out of a car after a long ride..standing too long…im sure all of you can relate.
    and how did i discover what was wrong with me after all these years and trying desperately to unravel this mystery ..a friend of mine , who knows my story , saw something about levaquin and ruptured tendons online and immediately knew that was what had happened with me…it was the drug.
    she emailed it to me and soon as i saw the was like Bingo..
    suddenly all the pieces fit and it made sense.
    i am sad for how it has devestated my life and changed it in many ways.
    a woman who used to love to walk and dance , now has become quite sedentary..not by choice but because of pain.
    i am thankful for this site ….and knowing others who understand so well.
    that drug should be off the market thats for sure.
    whenever i go out i see so many people hobbling around, with walkers, canes , etc..and i just know in my gut..that many of them are victims of levaquin..the big cover up secret… its like an epidemic…they have criippled so many of us!!

    • I was prescribed this medication for a sinus infection, a five day course. This was 2008. I started with ruptured tendons, ruptured tendons in my hands, ruptured rotator cuff, liver damage, neuropathy (permanent) fatique, and a blood clot which almost killed me. Depression, I can’t even go on. It is now 2014 and I have been in physical therapy all this time, I have been put in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, I can’t walk a mile without foot fatigue, I fall all the time and break bones. I was a very healthy, active woman who worked out, worked, and now I am lucky if I can walk a block. There is nothing more they can do for me. How this drug is still on the market, I will never know.

  20. I was on 2 roundS of Levaquin5 years ago. After the second round I could not raise my right arm above my shoulder, and large knots were showing up on my ankle and bottom of my feet. My wife was also on Levaquin for pnuemonia at the same time. Her reaction was so bad she had blood blisters on her legs and partial paralasis. It took 3 doctors and barage of test to find it was syrum poisoning- the real name for the “reaction” of Levaquin. It took 3 years for me to start feeling better. My wife was back in the hospital today for her feet. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG!

  21. I am a 31 year old Mommy of three in great health. I went to a walk in clinic 3 days ago because of a bad cold. The doc said that I had a sinus infection and broncitis and prescribed Levaquin. He also gave me a steroid shot. The first night after taking the drug I could not sleep AT ALL. I was awake pretty much all night and the night after that. I also feel WEIRD and like my mind is in a fog. I thought at first it might be from the steriod shot but after research I am convinced its the Levaquin. I also have barely eaten in three days because I have no appetite. I am stopping this drug immediately. I have had sinus infections in the past and amoxicillin has always worked for me. I am going to call and try to get the script changed. I have no idea why this doctor gave me such a strong drug. I hope these side effects go away quickly. Its awful!

  22. I took Levaquin and cipro about 3 years ago for my prostatitis on and off for about 1 year. I am not sure the exact time but I took the stuff for 45 to 60 days total over about 1 year. Only warning I was told about was ruptured Achilles tendon which I didn’t have so I didn’t link my other problems to the drug and kept taking it because it did help my severe prostate pain.
    I noticed aches and pains in all my tendons since and after a few years has passed the pain has continued.

    I fell like I an old man and it takes much time to even get out of bed or up out of a chair and moving. The bottoms of my feet are so sore I can hardly walk. Calves down to my heals are sore. Right shoulder and left elbow tendons sore and Back of Neck and back too.

    Biceps near elbow and up as well as back of elbow. Feet from heal to toes hurt including tops of feet. Wrist fingers and back of hand bother me. Maybe I should just say I hurt all over except my face and eye lids. I also noticed ringing in my ears when this all started too and it never goes away.

    Just walking up or down steps and I get and hear threads in my knees tearing followed by pain which seems to get better in time only to happen again. Example, all I need to do it put pressure on my elbow to turn over in bed and I hear and feel threads tearing again in my elbows and shoulders.

    My tendons still brittle and have reoccurring tendonitis form the initial doses I took a few years back? I ache so bad I can’t sleep nights and took so much aleve and other over the counter pain meds my stomach is upset to the point I am sitting on the toilet about 10 times a day. Now depression has set in too. I do not think the symtoms will ever get better.

  23. I was in the hospital a little over a month ago for an infection in my leg. Once the IV antibiotics were finished and the infection was almost cleared up the Hospitalist who was treating me decided that I still needed more antibiotics and prescribed a 10 day course of Levaquin. I read up on the drug online before taking it and told him that I didn’t want to take it, that I was afraid of the side effects. He assured me that it was perfectly fine and safe, that he had even taken it before and had no problems at all.

    It has been approximately a month since I finished the medication. The only symptoms I had while taking it was a little mild diarrhea which went away with no problem. However, within the last week I’ve been having some joint pain and a little difficulty walking on the same leg on which I had the infection. Then today, about 4 hours ago as I was getting on the bus I heard a loud “pop” in my left knee and my knee buckled and I can not put any weight on it at all. It hurts like crazy whenever I try to put weight on it or move it or put any kind of “torque” on it. Could this be the ruptured tendon problem that I read about and that scared me to death when I studied Levaquin before taking it? I’m scared. I’m 50 years old and overweight and can barely walk because I can’t support it.

    I do not know if this was caused by the Levaquin or not, but it seems suspicious to me, particularly since despite my weight I have never had an previous knee or other joint issues. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I pray that I will be able to walk and that this will not be one of the debilitating conditions that I’ve heard horror stories about.

  24. I was prescribed this drug for asthmatic bronchitis. I have taken it for 3 days. I kept wondering why my breathing continued to get better but the body aches became unbearable. My bones feel like someone is beating them with a baseball bat in my arms, pelvis and legs…even my hands & fingers, feet & toes ache. It’s severe pain. I knew about the side effects with regard to ruptured tendons, but there was no warning of severe bone pain or severe body aches. I’m stopping the drug as of NOW.

  25. I was prescribed Levaquin after a long (10 week) sinus infection that would not go away after trying 3 other rounds of antibiotics.. I was also taking Flonase. After 7 days my knees were a little sore & stiff. By day 8 I could barely walk. Both of my knees are swollen and the pain is excruciating. I really hope this goes away. I am a 50 year old active woman who can no longer even go up & down stairs. WHY IS THERE NO INFO ON IF THIS CLEARS UP AND HOW? I am scared!

  26. I was given Levaquin for a staph infection following breast cancer surgery a month ago. Not only do I need to start treatments for the cancer but this medicine has all but crippled me. I can’t stand up from a chair because my knees are so painful and swollen I simply can’t do it without help. It took care of the infection but I am in do much pain I can’t sleep. And now I won’t go out to dinner-I’m 49 years old and if losing all of my hair isn’t enough I need to have help sitting, standing and on stairs. I don’t think I’ve ever felt something as bad as this and it seems to have jumped to my elbow. Does anyone have any good news about this? A short time before this gets better would be awsome right now. Thanks much!

  27. I was in the hosp in 2010 july I had found od out that I have a severe case of respiratory infection double of what the normal person was to have I ended up put into hosp and IV’ed 100 mg a day for 7 days it hurt so bad and on top of that I had cancer all joints are kkillng me a yr later i was watching tv and saw the commercial about liviquin in hosp now shoulder is messed up and so is my ankles i get real bruised up after that real easy and not to mention…. my hip is real sore THANKS LEVERAIQUIN I CANT OPEN A COKE BOTTLE MY HANDS HURT SO FKN BAD

  28. is there any class action law suits going on about leveraquin??iwas on this in april of this year since have had herniated discs in neck and my shoulder and hands are in extreme pain???arpil???it does not end!!!

  29. I have been on Levaquin many times and at least 2 different times for over 6 months. I have problems with the joint in my hands and elbows and now my hips. They won’t quit hurting and the pain is getting unbearable. I was on the strongest dose several times and then the 500mg also. I haven’t found anything to help with the pain and it just seems to be getting worse. I am trying to get over having back surgeries and this pain is holding me back. I just want to be pain free. Can anyone help me???

  30. i have been on levofloxacin for 5 days for an sinus infection and was given 750mg i finish the 5 pills but soon as i took the first one i started hearing this wheezing in my chest and shortness of breath and dry cough and muscle pains out of this world my knees are swollen feet i can hardly stand on them my neck is stiff my shoulders are stiff i cant really move my right arm and i take baby steps i am in agonizing pain and i already have a terminally ill disease do i have a law suit i can barely drive i just cant take it and headaches chest pain it really feels if im going to die i need an anixety pill do i confront my doctor and can i sue the medical company i dont even want to go to work because i stand and walk all day .my hips hurt everything is just out of wack im going to my doctor 07/06/2011 i cant even get a good nites sleep im in so much pain what should i do plz help i walk like a baby and just turn 48 on july 4th.


  32. iam a 66yr male took leverqwuinn 500mg 9days of 10 iam in terrible pain from shoulders neck hands legs back knees if i had known of these side affects i never would have taken these!!does the pain subside??the phamacchist says its has to get out ur system??iam worried that this could be a lasting nightmare any answears???

  33. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and dr put me on Leviquin, 500 mg for 10 days. I read the list of warnings and side effects when I picked up the pills. I called my pharmacist and asked about the warnings/side effects. She assured me they were only warnings and nothing to worry about, they were very rare and I should be ok and have no problems. I took the pills for 6 days with no problems. On 6th day, my left arm and shoulder were hurting real bad like I pulled a muscle. I had been cleaning my house and washing windows so thought I overdid it. Took the remaining 4 pills as instructed. The pain in arm and shoulder persisted. I can still work and go for walks. It’s just irritating as it hurts all the time. Don’t seem to have any of the other symptoms yet. I’ve been off Leviquin for 2 days now. Pain still persists and so far pain pills are working. I want to know if pain will go away on it’s own or get worse. I have metal hip so hopefully that won’t be affected on the long term. I agree with everyone else, do not take Leviquin. Is there class action suit we can file against the maker? I’m going to try the Floressence Tea.

  34. My 89-yr old mom was prescribed levaquin. After 2 pills, she had EXTREME dry mouth,, couldn’t sleep, flushed face and since she lives alone she called 911 to check her vitals. One of the ENTs said he had the same reaction from this drug. Luckily she stopped taking the pills. Why don’t the doctors and in this case, a physican’s assistant read these websites to see people’s reactions instead of being influenced by the drug reps?

    • Hi–did your mom’s dry mouth ever improve? I am having the same experience after taking Cipro (another FQ antibiotic) and very worried about it. I finished taking it almost 2 weeks ago!

  35. had two lithotripsies in the last year, both time levaquin iv at the hospital and post lithotripsy….2nd time, a few days later my knees were killing me (last nov) i wondered if they did something the way they moved me while i was under knees still are killing me much of the time….and now i realize it was the levaquin….how long will this last?

  36. I had a sinus infection and took levaquin for about 10-14 days and i actually didnt have any issues during the medication. Now months after first taking it i have horrible headaches and dizziness everyday. I dont sleep through the night anymore and have no energy and just feel weak all over. I am 26 years old and have a clean bill of health going into this. I have since been to the ER and had 2 CT Scans and nothing is getting better. This is devasting my life right now and i pray it gets better but dont have much hope. I can barely perform my job now and fear of getting fired. Has anyone tried taking any legal action this is not right?

  37. I took 750 mg of levaquin daily for a sinus infection in Jan 2011. After 4 doses I started to feel intense pain in my lower extremities and my shoulders and arms. I stopped taking it but I got worse. Where I used to have an extremely strong grip, I find it hard to open a pop bottle. I cannot lift my arms to put on a coat without pain. At night, my calves and feet hurt and when I get up in the morning it is anguish getting out of bed. I shuffle until I can at least get me ankles to flex. I used to be extremely active and do the bulk of the work in my home so this has changed my life for the worse. At work when I get up from my chair I feel the same pain. I cannot simply get up and get moving which is embarrasing at meetings. My biggest worry is that this will not get better. I have not seen anywhere on line about when the pain will resolve. I will discuss with my doctor in an upcoming appt but was wondering if anyone had any info?

  38. At last, others that have the same problem after taking levequin! I have suspected this drug for some time but had no proof. My orthopedic surgeon, my internest and my urologist are all puzzled by my rioaming and repeating condition.

    Long story short – treated for divitriculitis initially…prescribed levaquin and it went away. Treated for the same condition over the next 3 years with similar results however suddenly, I began experiencing the popping sounds everyone describes. I have been severely impacted starting with my right shoulder going to the left, going to my left knee and now my right knee.

  39. I took 10 pills of Levaquin recently to cure a post-surgical infection. I did not have any side effects except for occasional dizziness.

  40. husband had intervenus Levaquin helped him but few weeks later took again,his face hands ect swelled. gave benedryll took to hospital they gave him something,he still started into flat line. made it but didnt know that may be his muscle pain. this was in 2010

  41. I had taken Levaquin sometime last year for an infection and over the last 8 months or so have been having more and more trouble with my feet and ankles. I work at Lowes and have to walk a concrete floor for 8 hours a day. I am 46 and have never had any major problems performing my job. The pain is so bad at times I have seriously considered just going home and letting them fire me…that’s how miserable I am. Now, it is all I can do to make it through each day…it feels like my feet are about to break and my achilles tendon feels like it is about to rip loose from my ankle with every step. I don’t know what to do. I pay for insurance at work and feel that I should be able to at least draw short-term disability because I am going to HAVE to get off my feet for a significant amount of time to allow them to heal…if that is even possible. If anyone out there has any information that may be helpful please send to

  42. Folks, there is a strong warning in the medication guide you received with this medication. It is also available on the Internet. It enumerates symptoms and instructs you to call your doc if you have them. I read it and am considering calling mine for the same reason. You really need to do some homework on your own when you are receiving medical care of any kind. If you were able to find this site, you could have gotten this information a while ago.

  43. In 2009 (California-SBCtny) I was given the drug levaquin iv in an ER. I came to during a induced 2week coma with a drainage coming from my chest. The dr’s Informed it was a pulmnary … then approx 7blood transfusions later…
    It has taken me an entire year to present to cope with the drugs lingering effects. It will likely take a lifetime to recover from the oversights by those involved in administration…
    Subsequently the hospital found that I did have an underlying condition, 2nd visit to the ER and approx the 5th to my PCP. A mountain of medical bills, lost wages, and ptstress.
    I feel that I have been victim to malpractice.
    Where can I go for help?

  44. I have suffered from 9 kidney stones for 10 yes
    I was misdiagnosed with mitral valve prolaspe
    so every kidney stone removal I was given bags of leviquin before surgery and after Now I suffer with pain in every joint tendon from head to toe
    I take mega doses of pain meds to get through the day and night. Please help


  46. I had a sinus infection and was prescibed Levaquin. They said to not exercise when taking this, and I did not. Soon after taking the drug, I experienced hip pain. I have had back problems for many years, but I always was pleased that I never had hip or knee pain. It started with a small ache in my hip for a few weeks. Then when I was walking, it sort of popped. The muscle area in my hip was tender to the touch, and I had severe pain for weeks. Finally, it seemed to be getting a little better. Then all of a sudden I felt a tightness in my left thigh like I had worked out heavily, but I had not exercised or walked in over a week. I took a step down, and I had a sharp, popping pain again similar to what had happened to my hip. Now I have that extreme muscle pain as I had in my hip. I have never had anything like this before. It is extremely painful and strange. I wonder if it will continue.

  47. Over a month ago my mother had bronchitis and was given an antibotic that did not work. They then prescribed levaquin and she started noticing her knee was swelling up and she has so much pain in all of her joints that she is miserable. Ever since taking this awful drug, she is in constant pain. The doctors gave her two rounds of predisone and it helped some but came back when it gave out. I am going to contact a naturapathy for advice now.

  48. My doctor put me on 10 days of Levaquin for a nose infection. I went back to the doctor 2 weeks later and he put me on another 8 days of the medicine. I was talking to my sister in law who is a nurse and describing to her how I felt and she told me to STOP taking the medicine IMMEDIATELY. I didn’t know anything about the side effects. While I was taking it my right knee started to hurt so bad I could hardly walk on it. If I bent down I couldn’t get up on my own. Had to have someone help me up. A day later I got the pain in my left knee and now can hardly walk. It is even hard to go up the stairs. I have since developed very bad pain in the shoulders and arms and even in the ankles. I can’t sleep and have terrible night sweats. I have had loss of appetite and when I do eat I throw up. I have headaches every day since taking this. I am only 50 and I feel like a 90 year old woman. My doctor or pharmacist never told me about any of these side effects or I would have never taken this medication. It has been almost a month now and the symptoms have worsened. I am only hoping that they go away soon. NO ONE EVER EVER TAKE THIS MEDICATION. IT IS DEADLY!!!!!!

  49. I started taking Levaquin on April 6th for a severe sinus infection. I was really worried to take it after reading the numerous side effects that it can cause, but my doctor reassured me by telling me that those effects are rare and that she was sure I would do fine on the medication. I have been off the Levaquin for 2 days and can hardly walk. The pain started around day 5. My feet hurt horribly. At first I thought maybe I had just done too much and my feet were tired. Now, after reading all of this, I know it is the medicine. My feet hurt all day, and when I go to bed at night they throb. When I get up in the morning, I almost fall over when I stand up. When I sit down they swell, when I stand up they the swelling seem to go away but the pain is worse. Do not ever take this medicine. It did ( I think) get rid of the sinus infection, but now I can barely walk. I am in school full time and have clinical rotations at a hospital full time. I just want to know if this is going to go away.

  50. In November 2009 my doctor prescribed Levaquin for an ear infection. After 5 pills I had a knot the size of a baseball come up behind my left knee. Then another smaller one came up on the side of my knee. I was unable to walk at all and called my doctor who ordered an x-ray, which according to the doctor did not indicate anything abnormal. The knots persisted and the pain got worse to the point I was using a wheelchair and crutches to get around.

    I called my doctor back and asked to have an MRI done as I was unsure what was going on. Nothing happened. I called several times telling the nurse of the severe pain and the knots. After the second week of calling, being frustrated, and being in severe pain, I called my chiropractor about the problem. She scheduled an appointment for me to see her and she was amazed at the size of the knot and she realized the pain I was having. She ordered an MRI and immediately started treatment/therapy. The knots have gone down quite a bit; however, I am still in therapy (5 months) and unable to walk up or down stairs or inclines without severe pain.

    I am 64 and in good health otherwise due to a personal care management program of which I am a member through my insurance provider. Last year I was exercising everyday, playing golf, gardening, and white water rafting. This year I can hardly bend my knee to do anything. I was so glad to find this site and know I am not losing my mind.

    This is a dangerous drug and I don’t know whether my leg and knee will ever be completely well again. It needs to be taken off the market.

  51. I was prescribed Levaquin for minor chest congestion on January 29th, 2010.
    The Dr. gave me two “freebie” pills and a script for 5 more. I dropped off the script
    on that Friday. Took ONE pill on Friday night and woke up the next day with pain
    in my right thumb but just thought I hit it on something and just didn’t remember.
    By evening on Saturday after taking my 2nd pill I had extreme pain in my left knee
    to the point I could barely walk. On sunday I got the script filled and to my horror
    discovered the side effects of joint pain, tendon tears. I stopped taking it . On
    Monday I called my Dr. and they said it couldn’t be the Levaquin if I hadn’t taken it in over 24 hours…… wrong they are !! It got somewhat better that I could at least walk and drive but after a day at work I was in pain most days. Can’t walk my dogs around the block or ride an excersice bike anymore. FINALLY, I go to my Dr. on March 11th after realizing this in not going away. His responst to my suspicions of the Levaquin is I’m basically crazy and there is absolutely no relation to my symptoms to levaquin……..wrong again !! He actually argued the point with me and refused to treat me and sent me for xrays and referred me to an orthepedic surgeon for further treatment. I had the xrays done yesterday and awaiting my appt. with the surgeon. I am scared this is not going away. I am worried that I will need to have surgery. I’m extremely upset that my Dr. of 20 years has brushed me off. I think he’s worried about a lawsuit and doesn’t want to treat me any longer. This drug is NOT safe and please warn everyone you know NOT to take Levaquin. I am sorry for everyones pain but so glad that I am not alone.

  52. Has anyone had this side effect before? I was prescribed Levaquin to make sure a sinus infection was totally gone so I could be approved for surgery. I had taken 2 doses, on the 3rd day my eyes were burning really bad. Atter the 3rd dose my eyes got worse. Redness,burning, swelling, and a TON of yellow junk coming from my eyes. I looked like I had a very bad case of pink eye in both eyes. This side effect developed over 5-7 hours so I didn’t think it was pink eye. I called my doctor, he had never heard of this but told me to quit taking it. By about 9 or so that night my eyes had almost swollen shut and my vision was horrible. I couldn’t open one of my eyes at all the next morning. I had to use a hot wash cloth to get all the junk off my eyes. They still bothered me somewhat that day but was better by the following morning. I was prescribed cefdinir and just finished it about 3 days ago. I stopped taking the Levaquin about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been having chest pain for the past several days. Went to the ER and they couldn’t find anything. I told them about taking Levaquin and what it did, they didn’t say anything. Please let me know if you have had this side effect.

  53. I recently took Levaquin for 9 days to treat pneumonia before realizing that I was having a very serious side effect. On the 9th day of treatment, I suddenly could hardly walk because I had arthritis-like pain in my knees. The pain and stiffness has progressed over the past week to the point that I can barely bend my right knee. My calf muscles are so tight, they feel like they might snap at any moment. My knee feels like I have a 5-lb.weight tied around it and I have very little movement in it. Overall tightness in both legs with some shooting pains into my ankles. Other, less distressing, side effects have included nightmares, depression, weepiness, and loss of taste. I am over these side effects, but my question is: When will this leg and knee pain and stiffness end?

  54. OMG, can’t believe so many people have the same symptoms. I started having knee pain and hand pain on day 4, but since no one told me about the side effects, I did not relate it to the drug. I have now not taken any for 4 days, but I am not getting better. CAn’t belive there has not been an investigation into this drug. Even the ER doc should have warned me. I am active and work full time, but I will not be able to go back to work this week with pain in both hands, knees, hips and arms. My arm muscle pain has started to subside, but the rest is still awful.
    And the brain fog too. I have to work, sure hope this gets better. Only 51 but feel twice that old.
    Has anyone out there had their symptoms go away???

  55. I took this poison for 14 days and now am suffering sever leg pain and cramping. Arms also are in a great deal of “sore” pain. I am so frustrated that this drug was given to me. It did kill the pneumonia but is it killing me? I have scoured the internet looking for signs of hope but none are found. I read magnezium may help…taking that three times a day. I do feel a slight improvement and pray that I continue to improve. My future is in God’s hand right now!

    If you have had these horrible pains and they have gone away, please post so others have hope. I will post here often so others can know how I am progessing, it is very scary and no one seems to be following up. I hope it is because they are better and have forgotten the horrible pain caused by this poison,

    Johnson and Johnson, you should be ashamed, as well as charging a fortune, you are Ruining peoples lives knowingly. I personally will no longer support this company!

  56. My daughter was prescribed Levaquin for a UTI that was diagnosed at the ER back in late September 2009. She was first given it IV, then a 10-day prescription. On day 2 she noticed odd pain in her right calf. By day three the pain moved to both calves, hands and feet. Day four she felt like she’d been hit by a mac truck. We didn’t have any clue about the side effects of this drug or would have stopped it then. Eventually did stop it but now my daughter moves like she is 90 years old! She was a vibrant, healthy, ambitious college student who worked full-time. We discussed with doctors the possibility of the issue being caused by Levaquin but because the rheumetologist said ‘there are no studies that talk about his kind of pain, only tendon rupture’ that thought has been dismissed and instead we received a very long explanation of why my daughter now has Fibromyalgia. Yes, every other test has been ordered with everything coming out negative. Her experience is so exact to many of what you have described I just know that this is the cause of her pain. The tingling in the hands and feet though her hands are better now, but the feet are not, pain in the feet, calves, ankles, sometimes hips. My daughter kept calling it joint pain but every time the doc does the test, both by physical exam and blood, there is no RA and no joint pain. They said she got Fibromyalgia because of a lapoproskpy (SP?) she had in August, then the GMAT test in September. Said it was too much stress on her body.

    My daughter is on a ton of meds but nothing really seems to get her pain free. As a mom, I want her fixed. Many of you who have submitted comments have asked if there is any help, will it go away, etc. Could you please share any of the responses you received or any information you may have, or point me in the direction that someone-a doctor-will listen to me?

  57. I too have taken Levaquin recently and all of a sudden have knee paim and joint pain. No one has answered the question – will this go away??? Is there anything I can take to reverse this.

  58. I was given Levaquin for bronchitis 10 days ago. I have to say it helped the bronchitis that I had had for over 4 weeks, but the day I started taking it my right side around the rib cage and around to my back on the right down to my waste starting hurting like I pulled a muscle. I just took the last pill and the pain has gotten worse over those 10 day. There are times it is so painful it hurts to move or cough. Not sure what to do and nothing seems to be making it better. I am too looking for someone to contact about this problem. I will continue to watch this forum for any information or post anything I find out.

  59. My husband took levaquin for a sinus infection, now he has tendon ruptures in all of his joints. He has to take steroids just to be able to move around, and in a great deal of pain. I would like to know who do we contact about this medicine. We live in GA and would like to find help for him.

  60. This drug should be outlawed! My Dr. prescribed it for me for a ongoing sinus infection. I told him I had heard about the side effects of it and was hesitant to take it. He advised me that he had written hundreds of scripts of Levaquin to patients and no one had had side effects. I agreed to take it based on what he said and the fact my sinus infection had gone on for 6-8 weeks even tho I had taken 2 series of a Z-pack with no results. He prescribed 7 Levaquin pills.

    On the 5th day after taking 4 doss of Levaquin I woke up to get out of bed and fell down due to tremendous extreme pain and swelling in my feet, ankles and achilles tendon area. That was a Sunday so I had to wait until Monday to see my Dr. who was not available but his partner, in the clinic, who is a PA could see me. He admitted it was from the Levaquin and recommended 10 mg of Prednizone daily for the next 7 days; icing my ankles; keep my feet elevated and no walking for 2 weeks. This is my 4th day of not taking the drug but I’m not seeing any significant change in the pain which is now in my legs also. I have difficulty walking and moving about.

    I will be doing a follow up with the Dr.s after the 7 days of Prednisone which I’ve used for 3 days since my app’t.

    I would NEVER advise anyone to use this drug! I don’t want to live the rest of my like this.

  61. I have a sinus infection and took my 4th dose of Levaquin (500mg) today. Tonight I am breaking out in hives on my face, neck and back, I have a horrible metallic taste in my mouth and my left calf muscle is throbbing down through my ankle like uncontrollable muscle spasms and am in terrible pain. I have also had daily stomach pain since the start. I told my doctor I was nervous about taking this medication and she assured me it would not be a problem. Needless to say I will be calling her in the morning. I will never take this again and will tell everyone I know to find an alternative medication.

  62. I took Levaquin for only 5 days and now experience severe pain the ligaments in the back of the right knee. It subsides if I do nothing, but teach water aerobics so that’s hard. I thought, at first, I just pulled a tendon, but I think now it was the Levaquin. Does it go away?

  63. I have had a urinary tract infection for going on about 3 months now and it just won’t go away so I was prescribed Levaquin as a last resort and now I have 7 of the 13 possible side effects on top of the fact that I have a very bad burning and itching on my private parts, also the joints in my ankles won’t stop hurting, I can’t eat anything but if and when I do get to I just throw it up. I have lost weight now because of it, which normally I would be happy about losing a couple sizes but not this way. Please if anyone has any suggestions for me let me know.

  64. After having the flu in January of 2008, I developed a respiratory infection and was put on levaquin to help with that. After being on levaquin for 4 days I broke out in hives all over my body and face and all my joints swelled up and I have not felt the same since all this happened. I feel like I have the flu 24/7!! My Doctor has now diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia!! Is there anyone out there with this same problem that I have?

  65. For a few years now I have had many tendon injuries, breaking of bones, and many sprains. Minor accidents cause these injuries, which in turn has caused nerve damage causing painful tingling and burning in my ankles and feet. I’ve been working with a specialist to help with the pain and strengthening my body to stop these many injuries. I’m only 27 years old and have more problems then a 60 year old… I was put on Levaquin a week ago for a sinus infection and noticed that my ankle and foot pain was so intensified that it was hard to get out of bed and I hated the thought of touching my foot to the ground. I decided to google “tingling and sever pain in ankles and feet” and this cite about Levaquin came up. After reading all the entries I’m noticing a resemblance in my symptoms. It’s been a week of sever pain and tingling and it started the same time I started taking the Levaquin. I’m just wondering how soon you start to feel better after stopping the meds. Or is this problem going to be permanent? If anybody has any answers I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  66. I am a 53 year old healthy female on no medication. On April 17, 2009, I took Levaquin for a respirtory infection. My joints beqan to ache so much that I simply thought I also had the flu. On May 1, I went to the Dr. with a severe injury to a tendon in my hand and was given a steroid shot. I remember telling the Dr. later that I had just developed tendonitis in my heel and the steroids seemed to help that too. Three weeks later, I was in the hospital E.R. with a torn tendon in my left shoulder.

    All summer, my right hip joint, my right foot, and both elbows ached me immensely. I would almost cry in pain and fear that I had some type of crippling disease attacking my body. I have been to the Chiropractor many times and the intense pain was still there. I went to the podiatrist in Septemberand did everything he told me to do. I even bought the shoes, the splints and the night time boot thing for a few hundred bucks. NOTHING WORKED.

    Two weeks ago, I went back to the Dr. for the right shoulder. ANOTHER TORN TENDON! He gave me a shot of cortizone, which did not help very much. Last week, I found out about the Levaquin. This has to be what is wrong with me!!! I have always been healthy and athletic and this condition has ruined my life. For the last six months, I have not been able to dance, swim, ride the motorcycle, go shopping, or even walk on the beach. I want to know- IS THIS PERMANENT? I started taking zinc, vitamin C, and eating natural tissue builders for about three months. What else can I do to reverse this obvious damage?

  67. Prescribed levaquin for a bronchial infection. Suffering severe joint & muscle pains along with tendons hurting. I am active, travel for work and I can barely go up/down stairs. If I sit at work, I have difficulty trying to stand up. I am so glad to have found this website. I thought I was going crazy. I have stopped the medication and will never take it again.

  68. Has anyone had a good experience with Levaquin? I have been taking it for 4 days for bronchitis. I do not notice either side effects or intended effects. Still coughing and lots of raspy fluid noises when I breathe. The only difference I notice is that I haven’t really been hungry at all and my skin seems kind of irritated. Also I believe that since reading this page I may need to change my pants in fear of my achilles tendon snapping or for possibly killing myself. I think I might be better off choking on my own phlegm.

  69. I was prescribed levaquin for 5 days for an upper respiratory infection. I only took it for 4 days because it made me feel awful. It has been a month. I really don’t have in joint pains, but every time I eat I get nauseated and have headaches every day.

    I have taken more aspirin in 1 month than I have in a year. I am miserable and just want to feel better. I cannot believe that they still give this drug to people with this many complaints.

  70. I was in the ER having my gallbladder removed and also had a sinus and ear infection, they put me on levaquin after being on amoxicillin for 5 days, then when I go out of the hospital, they put me on 15 days worth at 500 mg each, my legs and feet are killing me, I can hardly walk and feel like if I sit too long and get up I might fall over… I thought maybe it was arthritis but I am only 35. I am glad to have found this site and will be going off Levaquin forever. Hope to be back to normal soon, hard to even put shoes on- my bones ache….

  71. I am 37 years old and healthy. I got a lung infectionand the Dr. priscribed Levaquin 750mg. I took the pills for 3 days.on the 4th day my knees and hips hurt so bad that I have needed cruches. Now I am having trouble sleeping, walking, or even just sitting.. I will never take this Med, again.

  72. I took 10 Levaquin tablets (500mg) back in July 15 for a colon infection . Since then I have been experiencing extreme pain in my lower back, shoulders (especially left) and hips. I also have trouble sleeping, and a very dry peeling skin, it seems like even little exposure to the sun is affecting my skin. My medical record show that I took this drug (Levaquin) 3 years ago for a lung infection and I don’t remember having any of these side effects..weird.

  73. I am a 32 year old healthy female. I started taking Levaquin 750mg once a day for a UTI. Come to find out this was not a drug that could cure the problem in the first place. After two pills, I have severe back pain. It hurts to walk. Hope it gets better soon. Threw drugs out, I will not ever take this drug again. If you have a UTI ask what drugs can actually cure the culture, before you start taking any antibotic. Hope this helps.

  74. I was prescribed Levaquin late in 2008 for strep throat. it was the worst experience i have had with medication in my life. i couldnt sleep, i kept hearing music and people talking in my head. it was HORRIBLE. i didnt panic only bc i have a doctor in the family and i work for a biopharmaceutical company and am well aware of such weird side affects. so the following morning after not sleeping and having hallucinations, i googled this drug and read all of the side affects. needless to say, i threw it in the trash and called my doctor immediately. she gave me amoxcillin instead. and now, 11 months after taking this drug i am having tenderness in my tendons. will have to go back to the doctor for this. if you are reading this and all of the previously written comments, throw this drug out!!!!!!!

  75. I was prescriped Levaquin for bronchitis five days ago. On the second day I started to have pain in the knuckles of my right hand. By this morning, it had become unbearable. My doctor switched me to a different antibiotic, but I want to know when the joint pain will stop.

  76. I came across this site and board thru a google search. The search being Levaquin.

    I have major health issues and have been told I cannot be in pain, my test results come back normal for RA, Thyroid, etc. Back in 2001 I had a hysterectomy which was botched. I ended up with major abcesses (sp) internally and was given MASSIVE amounts of this drug intraveinously. While it did nothing for the abcess in the long run, I remember how crappy I felt while this was being run thru my system.

    Since then, I have had one problem after another, I had an ACL tear in my right knee and thought it was related to my job. I constanly feel like I”m in pain and was told maybe it’s Fibromyalgia, At the time I was given the Levaquin I was 38, I am now 46 and feel 90. I have constantly complained about aching all the time, legs swelling, being tired constantly. I wonder if some of my issues now can’t be traced back???? I always attributed my ailments to my Hyst…….now I wonder? Anyone have any suggestions on how to find out? I’m so bad I can’t even work anymore and am currently appling for SSI.

  77. I took Levaquin for a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago. By day three I felt great, but then I took the fourth pill. That night I had a sudden panic attack that included peeing all night long. The peeing wouldn’t stop for days and developed into a UTI that I got an antibiotic for today. I feel much better already and the peeing has subsided. I have problems with anxiety as it is and this drug pushed me to go get back on a psychotropic med. Horrible, just horrible.

  78. On July 23 started taking UTI but couldn’t see my doctor for a month! Went to his
    office and saw a nurse who called in a prescription for Cipro, which didn’t do a thing! On August 5, the doctor’s office called in a pres for Levaquin, three pills.
    Thank God, it was no more! Long story short, it took four prescriptions and doing
    a urine culture to get rid of it. By that time I had BIG PROBLEMS and thought I was groing crazy from the terrible nightmares. My left foot swelled around the ankle and my right foot started with pain in my arch and now is swollen on the top. My right hand, little finger has been puffy and discolored, very tender and sore. The worst pain ever. Within two days of taking the Levaquin, I saw a TV ad
    a group of doctors had and my daughter researched the internet and found this
    website along with others. When I finally got to see my doctor again, he wants me to go to a Rheumatologist—seems to be the norm. This doctor may have some ways to relieve the pain, but I don’t want to go through any more tests as
    all that I’ve had (blood tests, etc) have been negative. It has been eight weeks, I can’t walk without pain pills and a cane. Up until now I’ve been healthy, only an
    occasional UTI, now I’m a cripple. Is there any hope? And, does this drug do good for anyone? It should be banned. I don’t want my daughers to ever be given
    this drug—or anyone else!

  79. I started taking Levaquin for fever and infection. I woke up the next day with my knee swollen. My wife looked up the side effects–I’m stopping the medication now. I have been on it for 4 days. Will the pain in my knees go away. My wife is freaking out that I will be disabled for life because of all the stories out there. Are there people who recovered after taking the medication? why are they still giving this stuff to people???

  80. I’ve just finished taken 20 days of levaquinn for sinus infection, and I’m in so much pain with my knees it hurts to walk. I don’t dare try to get on my knees or squat, I wouldn’t be able to get up. I was on levaquin once before, several years ago and woke up one morning with one knee swollen twice its size. I was told then it was a reaction to levaquin. Will this pain go away, or does it cause permanent damage.

  81. So what’s the deal with this drug? I’m 39 years old and in relatively good condition. I took this powerful drug for 3 days (I stopped because of these symptoms) and now have mild pain and tightness in my feet with some pins and needles sensations. I’ve been off the drug for 2 days now. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anybody regarding how Levaquin ravages the body (does it raise Uric acid) or if the damage done is permanent. Also, how can I get the toxicity levels in my body down and get better? It seems all i’m hearing are similar issues but noone seems to have a “magic bullet” answer which is frustrating to say the least. Probably most frustrating is that the Doctor’s seem to defend this drug almost denying that it has side effects at all. Yeah right. Doctors seem inclined to insult the intelligence of their patients. So anybody have any answers or solutions rather than complaints? Anyone?

  82. I am a very healthy and active 29 yr old…The doctor I work for prescribed me levaquin for a uti that wouldn’t go away. I had been experiencing several symptoms but attributed them to being active over the weekend. I finished my last dose yesterday and feel horrible. I called my gp and told her I feel like a 90 yr old with arthritis. I can’t turn a door knob, squeeze a shampoo bottle or walk the stairs at the hosptial. All of my joints ache so badly (my hands, elbows and knees). I am really scared that this isn’t going to go away and that I will feel like a cripple the rest of my life-all of this to have it not hurt when I urinate!!

  83. I took the drug a year ago, and ended up in the hospital because I woke up like I was crippled- Till this day my joints ache daily – I do exercise but sometimes the pain is always there- I never knew about this recall-

    my doctor did several tests on my legs and still tells me this was not caused by the drug levaquin – at least now I know that I am not crazy, and that several other people are going through this -

  84. My husband just had fusion of the C-4/5 and also had a plate put in his neck. Two days later he developed pneumonia. Our family doctor prescribed Levaquin for him. Do you think it will do more harm than good? Please advise.

  85. I am a 25 healthy female who has a cyst and it became infected due to an aspiration. So the doc put me on Levaquin and wooo is it expensive! $400.99 ouch in the pocket book!
    i took it for the first night last night and was very excited all day and even today. I kept waking up thinking someone had broken in my house or someone said something…scary crap huh? lol doc said toss um and dont take another dose..400.00 down the drain…
    But at least I wont have trouble sleeping, aches, pains or hear things. scary crazy drug.

  86. Just completed 10 days of treatment using Levaquin and have severe pain in both knees. I have never had pain in either knee before. I’m really scared!

  87. I am 65 years old with a sinus and bronchille infection. I have taken Lev Aquin for 5 days and have had severe stomach problems, bad dreams, bad taste in mouth, sore tendons legs hurt and nausea, joints hurt.

    This is the 5th day and a decided to look up side effects.
    I have 5 left, but I quit – it isn’t worth what I am dealing with.

  88. I had a horrid cough and chest congestion starting the first week of June. I went ot my doctor and he gave me cough med and azithromycin. It didn’t clear up, so I went back two wks.later and he put me on Levaquin becasue of wheezing in my chest. He believed I had pneumonia. I had x-rays and 4 days later, his office called and said I did not! But they didn’t say to stop the Levaquin.. I was scared to take it because of thes die effects I read about. My sister, who works for an urologist, told me she has taken it and felt better after the second day and that the urologist presribes t all the time for patients. I took it for 9 days and then stopped because I started hurting in my hands and feet. I am now off of it for 5 days and returned to the doctor to let him now what is happening to me. He didn’t seem to think it is a big deal hurting like this!!! Naturally, the drug companies and drs. stick together becasue of lawsuits etc, I believe. He offered me pain pills, but I refused becasue they also wil have side effects. I am still hurting and pray this leaves me with no further effects. KD I will never, ever take this drug again…

  89. I am posting on behalf of my brother. He had taken two regimins of Levaquin about four months ago for a sinus infection and hasn’t been the same since. He has had joint pain, muscle pain, tingling in the neck and back, brain fog, and just felt plain miserable. He has even had to take FMLA from work because he cannot work because he is soo miserable. He has been to numerous doctors, and had numerous tests ran, done several months of physical therapy and yet no one can figure out what is wrong and instead of getting better he is getting worse. No one will say it has anything to do with the Levaquin. I do not beleive that it is just coincidence that his symptoms started right after taking Levaquin. This is criminal and it needs to be stopped!

  90. I am 66 years of age and have always been a healthy woman. I prided myself on going to the doctor just once every year for a normal check-up. Last year, I found out that my heart has a very small mitral valve which caused angina pains. I was put on all kinds of medication.
    This year, in May I got the flu and went to my doctor. He prescribed a treatment of 7 LEVAQUIN tablets. He never mentioned the side effects to me and I bought and took the tablets in good faith. The day after I took the first one, I could not walk. I was in so much pain from my knees down. I never thought that it could be the LEVAQUIN. I normally go for a two-mile walk every day, but the pain prevented this. I had to take time off my work and lie down to ease the pain. I also had very bad angina pains. I called my cardiologist and reported this.
    I am very sad about this as I wonder if this will be with me for the rest of my life. I, who have always enjoyed good health, am now in pain due to lack of openness on the part of my doctor. I would NEVER had taken this awful thing had I known then what I know now.

  91. Continued from previous mssg. I also have severe pain in my ankles and feet; hard to get out of bed in the morning, or even after sitting for a brief period. Once I put any amount of weight on my feet it feels like they are breaking! My orthapedic doctor showed me how my left foot comes completely out of the socket..and I’ve never even injured it. I can’t run any more because I will fall to the ground with no warning since there is little strength in my ankles. I feel like an 80 year-old! My oncologist even says the pain I experience in my neck and shoulders is not from the lymphoma.

  92. I’m a 45y/o female who took one Levaquin tablet back in early 2006 and have been suffering joint pain since. That one pill put me in the ER approx. 45 minutes of taking it! The shoulder pain is the worst, and it radiates down both arms; it’s even painful to write now because of the bone pain in my hands. My orthapedist was giving me cortisone shots in both shoulders every three months; they don’t help at all now. Went to a rheumatologist for a huge battery of tests that showed nothing. In July 2008 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma (b-cell)…and after reading so many comments about Levaquin side effects and the lymphoma associated with it, I am seeking the advice of an attorney. Did Levaquin cause my cancer? I have always been a very healthy person who exercised daily and maintained a healthy weight…no illnesses…nonsmoker…very rarely drink alcoholic beverages…no cancer in my entire family.

  93. I just started taking this as I went to an emergency medical clinic this weekend feeling pretty lousy. Severe chest/cold symptoms, that I have had for 3 weeks and my first round of antibiotics my family physician gave me did not work. My doctor was not available this Sunday, so I went to a walk-in clinic. Anyway, the doctor gave me Levaquin. I am on day 2, and the only side effect was that I couldn’t sleep last night. But I am taking it with cheratussin, cough medication. thought my cough meds were keeping me awake. Anyway, I want this sickness out of my system, and per the doctor, this is one of the best ways to get rid of infection. As I read side effects I am actually starting to feel pain in my feet. Psychological, perhaps? I felt nothing before! I am freaking out. It seems that people who experience side effects are taking other meds. I am taking nothing else right now. Hopefully, it doesn’t affect me?

  94. I took Levaquin for 7 days due to a urinary tract infection. After the 4th day I noticed a hot, almost burning sensation in my privates. It wasn’t unpleasant, but the odd thing was I began to develop an excessive, way overactive libido. My husband was thrilled, but… dang. He wants to know if I can get more of these pills for our vacation.

  95. I took two regimens of Levaquin recently for bronchitis. The first time was a two week regimen and after taking about 10 pills, I got horrible bicept muscle pain. After suffering with this for about 5 weeks (I thought it would go away), I went to see my GP. He did not know what was causing the muscle soreness, but thought I was coming down with bronchitis again, so he ordered a three-week regimen of Levaquin. I still have muscle pain, but I believe it is getting better. My doctor referred me to a rheumatologist. After reading about the side effects of Levaquin, I am sure that is what happened to me. The pain is subsiding, but the range of motion in my arms is still lacking.

  96. I was also prescribed Levaquin for a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago. I had taken my 4th dose and the next morning I woke up to the WORST knee and lower back pain I have ever had. Of course I threw the drug in the trash. But it has been over 2 weeks now and I still have difficulty going up and down stairs and just walking in general! Several of my doctors (and not the doctor who prescribed it) have told me that I should be lucky I am only experiencing pain because it usually causes tendon RUPTURES! I am sure the drug did some damage to my knees (I am just praying that it is not permanent). I’m going to give it another couple of weeks and if the pain hasn’t gotten better, I guess I’ll see an orthopedic doctor to see if any permanent damage was done. My back pain has gotten somewhat better, but is still there. The knee pain is just awful though. I am only 51 years old and I have many steps I have to go up and down every day. I can’t get anything done here around the house in this condition. This drug should be BANNED. I warn anybody to think twice before they take this drug. I would much rather suffer through my sinus infection than suffer this knee pain that is affecting the quality of my life!

  97. I took Levequin for a sinus infection about 1 month ago and the day i took it I could not walk without severe knee pain. Five days ago I had emergency Knee Surgery for a cartlidge tear that just came on 6 days after taking the dangerous drug. Tell everyone you know not to take this drug. I am in serious pain now and home recovering and on crutches for 4 weeks. This is a serious problem and needs to be taken off the market.

  98. I have been taking levaquin for 5 days I feel terrible. My hands and feet are swollen, I can barely walk. I have difficulty swallowing as well. I will not take it any more.

  99. Two days ago, I took Levaquin for a potential urinary tract infection while having troubles with anxiety. I woke up at 2 AM unable to go back to sleep.
    I lay thinking about ships crashing and their cargo pouring out, then all of a sudden I had a severe panic attack which caused me to start thrashing about, I had chills all through my chest, my neck grew hot, and, strangely enough, my netheregions felt like they’d EXPLODED. I’m still having problems with that particular issue. I still have no idea why.

    I took it again last night and found later that night that I was developing a rash on both of my legs just south of my hips.
    My mom read the list of “CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EXPERIENCE THESE SYMPTOMS” list, and all of my problems were THERE

    To top it all off, I’ve not been able to eat anything for the last day because of vomiting it helped produce. THe other cause of my problems? LEXIPRO.


  100. I was on Levaquin for 7 days recently because of Diverticulitis. The day after the first pill, I had a difficult time walking. I had pain in all my joints, and it was hard to get off the couch .I’ll never take this drug again.

  101. I took levaquine for a bad bout with bronchitis, I took the whole prescription, by that time, I could barely walk up the stairs. I developed bursitus in my hip. I suffered with the pain for years. It is finally getting better. I was in pain for a few years. I went back to my doctor, he claims it wasn’t from the Levaquin, but I know it was. Hw sent me to a rheumatoligist and she concurred that the levaquin could cause the pain I endured. I have levaquin on my liist of drugs never to take again. it was a nightmare. Anyone I know who is prescribed it, I warn them to go back to the dr and get sometihing eles. I did help my bronchitis but it killled my joints, and caused other issues.

  102. How long does it take for these side effects to show up.I was on Levaquin in Dec.2008, 500mg. 10 pills.In late Feb.I started having pain,stiffness and pulling feeling in my neck.Could this be from the Levaquin.

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