GM Recalls Millions of Vehicles 1997-2003

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Vehicle Make / Model:     Model Year(s):
     BUICK / REGAL     1997-2003
     CHEVROLET / IMPALA     2000-2003
     CHEVROLET / LUMINA     1998-1999
     CHEVROLET / MONTE CARLO     1998-2003
     OLDSMOBILE / INTRIGUE     1998-1999
     PONTIAC / GRAND PRIX     1997-2003
Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS CORP. Mfr’s Report Date: APR 08, 2009
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09V116000 EA07008 NHTSA Action Number: EA07008
Potential Number of Units Affected: 1497516
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides news feeds for use by US Recall News and other media outlets in regard to vehicle safety recalls.

47 thoughts on “GM Recalls Millions of Vehicles 1997-2003

  1. I bought a 2002 chevy Impala LS 3.8 1 year ago. 6 Months after I bought it I was experiancing engine problems. Their was oil leaks, gas leaks, engine over heating. The car dealer I bought this off of was Chris Goodnow auto sales. He sold me a lemon and refused after 30 days to rectify the car problems. I put in over $1,000 worth of work and that was done at my own expense. I put in new injectors,spark plugs wires front end work and the list goes on as well as sensors….. but the engine light was still on as much as I paid for information from mechanics they still couldn’t tell me the exact problem and I still incurred the same problems I started with when the computer inthe car told me the same code over and over again. So finally the car caught on fire and now I have no car… since chevy wont take responsibility for their screw-ups whom looses out now….us the consumers who believe in AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS….AND OBAMA WHO WAS SUPPOSE TO LOOK INTO CHEVY AUTOS WHO CLAIM TO BE BANCRUPT….I WILL NEVER BUY AMERICAN AGAIN……….

  2. I have found GM useless-bottom line. I’ve have issues with every GM product. Some of these with suspension components rusting off allowing the wheel to come off. GM doesn’t care and won’t step in. The wheel issue occurred on our 2000 blazer and caused a chain of events-that being other accidents as it occurred during rush hour. Yes people got injured. Obama had to bail out gm-that is another sore too me.I’m a mechanic and fully understand all cars have and Chrysler and Nissan have always stood out to me with there overall construction. I hope GM makes changes as they have lost me as a expensive as it is, I have 3 not cheap vehicles I will replace.
    Sign off as disappointed

  3. I have found GM useless-bottom line. I’ve have issues with every GM product. Some of these with suspension components rusting off allowing the wheel to come off. GM doesn’t care and won’t step in. The wheel issue occurred on our 2000 blazer and caused a chain of events-that being other accidents as it occurred during rush hour. Yes people got injured. Obama had to bail out gm-that is another sore too me.I’m a mechanic and fully understand all cars have and Chrysler and Nissan have always stood out to me with there overall construction. I hope GM makes changes as they have lost me as a expensive as it is, I have 3 not cheap vehicles I will replace.
    Sign off as disappointed me

  4. Just today, February 5, 2012, I was out for lunch and received a call from my kids that our 2002 Grand Prix GT was on fire in the driveway of our home. The fire occurred about 10-15 minutes after my son had arrived home and parked. The fire was contained by firefighters and did not reach the interior of the car or the back. However, everything under the hood is a total loss, including partially melted tires. We did not receive notice of this recall, and are just discovering that this is a nasty problem with these cars. Class Action anyone? Our mileage was 125,000.

    • I am going thru the same thing my 2002 grand prix just went up in flames on new years eve night. And then the following Monday I got a recall letter in the mail. for the engine compartment fire. Have you had any luck with help from GM. If so please let me know.

  5. I own a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, after the car warms up there’s a terrible hot plastic smell. I fear that I’m about to witness these same engine fires i dread reading about.I just had their pathetic fix for recall / spark plug retainers done today. I’ve had the car to my mechanic, after trying to desighpher where the hot plastic smell is coming from. Neither of us could figure out where this smell is coming from. This smells nothing like burning oil, I’m wondering if any of you smelled what i describe before it happened to you? and also wheather GM has done anything for any of you?mileage is right at 80,000

  6. Two days ago I started my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and the engine caught on fire. I had the recall repair made a few months ago and thought this took care of the problem. Has anyone gotten any satisfaction/compensation AFTER the recall repairs are made and a fire occurs?

  7. I have a 97 Grand Prix, well mine went ablaze while me and my daughters were still in the vehicle, my baby is screaming in a full parking lot, on lookers screaming people running with extinguishers to help this wild fire and we were unable to control it luckily the fire department arrived quickly before an explosion. I have contacted GM after reading the recall and they denied my claim, stating that Nevada stautes expired 4 years from the date of manufacturer….AKA Lawrence Harrington absolute joke . when research shows my statutes expire 4 years from the discovery date………..GM buckle up i am coming after you…….

  8. Hello, Everyone I have a 2003 monte Carlo ss I went out to start the car to warm it up to pick up my grandson to make a long story short I did not have to pick up my grandson becaues my wife picked him up so I went to the driveway and turned off the car and 3 to 5 minutes later I noticed fire dripping from under the front of the car I opened the hood and the car was on fire I put the fire out and noticed that all the parts that were plastic had burned or melted down I am glad I caught it while engine was off becuase the plastic fuel connectors had also melted I plan to rebuild is there anyway I could get GM to help with any repairs or all repairs?

  9. I had a 2000 grand prix GTP and this happened to my car as well while at the gastation pumping gas. I have contacted GM and they gave me the run around at 1st then a case number and now waiting to hear back. I was wondering what has GM done for any of you? I wanna know if its even worth the time and hassle that you have all gone through. Only asking cuz Im a single mother and work two jobs. If im just wasting my time and mins on my cell phone would like to know. Thank you everyone!

  10. Just because the cars say Chevy, Dodge, Ford or other American auto name mean it was made in America. I kept my sticker when I bought my 2002 Monte Carlo
    and guess what lo and behold it was made in Canada with a Canadian engine and a Mexican tranny not the good old USA!! I too am having problems -oil in my coolant system. Was told it could be gaskets or crack in the motor it’s got only 54k on it. Seems that’s about the time people have trouble due to Dextro antifreeze they used
    destroying the gaskets when it gets hot(antifreeze). So don’t blame american auto workers!!!! Just the greedy corporate CEOS. Have you notice that they are using cheaper labor but the price of vehicles go up every year!

    • Don’t blame the CEO’s for Dextro antifreeze, blame the engineers for always having a better idea. If they would do a better job with R&D maby GM would not be refered to as Garbage Motors.

  11. i have a 2003 chevy venture having a problem with the front driver side blinker i see a lot of other peoples vans have the same problem just wonder if there was a recall on them

  12. I bought a 2003 Buick Century Custom ,in Dec.2002 after about 3yrs.I had to have the transmission rebuilt,not only that the dashboard light are out ,I have family members that owns same car,that is an 2002 it have same issue with the dashboard,is there a recall about faulty dashboard pod;also fuel sensor or float problem issues .

  13. I bought my 1997 Grand Prix GT brand new, loved the style and everything about it. I still have the car but later on the car started experiencing the manifold getting very hot, so hot that in the course of driving it would cut off, most times we would have to pull on side the highway to allow it to cool off. It got really bad after a while and we stop driving it because it was unsafe;. We couldn’t drive 5 miles before it would over heat and cut off. The car is sitting up right now and I am wondering if it would still be under the recall to be repaired? The overheating of the engine is the reason we stopped driving it. Need to know who to contact.

  14. As to Chevrolet being an honorable American company, I have my doubts. My 2002 Chevy Impala caught fire. Thank God my 2 year old grandson, who was in the back seat, was removed without issue. However, Chevy dragged their feet when my car was towed to the dealership. It sat there for over a month, because Chevy wouldnot approve the repair. Being without my car for a month was long enough. I had the car towed to a garage where it was repaired within 30 minutes. This repair was paid for out of my pocket. They Chevy filed bankruptcy. All the claims Chevy made to stand by their products went down the tubes. Whatever happened to the American standard? Products made in America were once the best. I paid to repair a mistake Chevy made. Is this fair? Why buy American products when the American company doesn’t produce quality, doesn’t fix their mistakes? For over 40 years I have owned Chevy Vehicles. Well, after this, I doubt I will do that again.

  15. Why did i have to finally reach my limit of spending money on my 3.8 before i found the recall? Iam not repairing a nice 1996 Boneville this time $1100 but have before$2500?120000 miles

  16. I have a 1998 Lumina that I bought from an individual around 2003. I’ve never heard of this recall. My car has been going through some oil, lately, but my mechanic says it isn’t burning any, it’s leaking. I didn’t see anything about a deadline on this recall, so I guess I’ll need to check into it. But, I’ve seen some comments on here about people spilling a little oil on their engines while adding/changing oil and then it catches fire. Some then complain that the “modification” didn’t work. I don’t mean to be mean, folks. I’m really not a “hater” type person, but it appears the recall was to fix a problem with oil catching fire after it had leaked out of the engine. And I agree with the commenter who said, “How about fixing the leak, first?” Seems to me that that would have been the best fix. However, even that cannot compensate for sloppy mechanic work. If you’re pouring oil in the engine and dribble/spill some onto the engine/exhaust and it starts to “steam a little,” GET BACK QUICKLY! THAT ISN’T STEAM! IT’S SMOKE! OIL DOESN’T STEAM! SMOKING OIL CAN BE VERY NEAR IGNITING! CLEAR THE AREA! Okay, I think I’ve made my thoughts clear enough on that. Another thing I hope will be helpful may seem obvious to some, but, still, I saw the comments. So I make this suggestion: Unless it is REALLY necessary, just don’t put oil into hot engines, plz. And if it IS REALLY necessary, PLEASE just be VERRRY careful! God bless! Well, I’m off to change my oil. …………….No! Seriously!

  17. Subsequent to above problem, a mechanic in Calgary found that the solenoid in the shift linkage was defective. A new one includes all the linkage and cables (some $800) from USA plus labour. He disconnected one wire and car is BETTER than new re ignition and starting.

  18. I have a 2002 grand prix that just caught fire last night. Once again I was low on oil so I was adding more, a little spilled over & it steamed up but next thing i know a flame is shooting up. Luckily I had a fire extinguisher in the house & was able to put it out quickly. I had taken my car into the dealership in 2008 when I received the original notice about the recall for underhood fires, at that time I was told my car didnt qualify becuase I dont have the supercharged motor. In Sept of 2009 when I took my car in for an oil change they told me they installed spark plug retainers. I told them I had been smelling oil burning in my car for along time but had previously been told I didnt fit in the recall. So by adding the retainers does NOT fix the problem of your car catching on fire!! I went to the dealership today and was basically told they fixed the problem per GM specifications and thats that. The service manger did tell me to cal GM customer service to start a case. I am urging anyone who had any kind of problems like this to call GM at 800-222-1020 to report these problems. The only way we’re going to get GM to do anything is if everyone calls them. If they find that several people have still had problems after getting the spark plug retainer they may look into the problem further. So please calll GM at 800-222-1020 to report any problems. Thank you

  19. I bought a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue in //june of 2009, one month after the recall. I had no idea that this was an issue until last night, when my car caught on fire! I drove ten miles, parked for two hours, then drove four miles. When I pulled in my driveway, I noticed smoke under the hood, when I opened it, FLAMES! I have called the Oldsmobile hotline, and I am waiting for a call back. After reading these posts, I am really dreading this process, I just hope that I can get it taken care of because this was my only transportation and it is out of commission. Luckily, I got my children out and got the fire extinguished before it got out of control. Please, take responsibility for a faulty product, GM! We bailed you out, now show us it was worth it.

  20. I bought a 2003 impala in oct of 09, it ran good for a while but just recently the security wont let me start the car until after 10 min. now its getting worse! 20 min or more to start. i am very upset that chevy never told anyone about these problems before any of us bought these crapy cars. My father used to speak highly of chevrolet, not now! we will never buy anoyher chevy again! we should all do something about this, before more people get swindled!

  21. I purchased a 2003 Buick Regal LS new on Oct. 5, 2003. There have numerous electrical problems (“unsolvable” per dealers. For several months I cannot retrieve the key from my ignition, and often restart and move up or down per incline. I have just turned 37,000 KM’s. It is not the ignition switch but something to do with the interlock between PARK, neutral safety switch and ignition lock up. It is close to 7 years since purchased and can take 15-20 tries to get key to turn and remove.
    Often I hear a “scraping ” noise akin to plastic on plastic between steering wheeel and column and suspect the link – electical or mechanical rod to ignition – is the problem. The wiring to the trunk/rear lights, etc. is a series of ultra thin wires that disintegrate-ie-no back-up/brake/signal lights/trunk light/etc. I have owned over 25 GM vehicles of every brand, and am upset at the loss of interest. At 66, I cannot afford to keep paying.

  22. we never received the recall notice until after my Impala caught fire parked in a parking lot while turned off. Chevy has not done anything and told me I was out of luck. I liked my car and it was in great shape until the fire. the fire was 11/2008 and we still havent got any help from Chevy.

  23. I had bought a 2003 Chevy, Impala in 2008. I got a recall in 2009. I got if fixed but in March 2010 it still went on fire after putting oil in and had a spillage. I want an investigation and I want accountability. Vehicles should not easily go on fire.

  24. i have a 2003 monte carlo and i have replaced the in take manfold gasket once already and just 3 day ago i went to have my oil changed at a chevy dealer ship and they told me my in take is leaking once again and the job is about 1000 dollars and i already had it fixed a year ago and the promble is that the dexcool is eating the plasitc gasket away you would think that GM would re place the gasket or the coolent or something to fix the promble so the coolent would nt leak in the oil and mess the engine up or blow it up so today i found a service bulletin on monte carlos and if you think about it the 2003 chevy impala s are on recall for the manfold gasket so the monte carlos and the impala s have the same engine in both car impala s just have a different frame because of the body style and its crazy so why would they recall the gaskets on the impala s and not the monte carlo s so GM get it together and back your CARS UP

  25. so, as the primary owner of GM, is Obama going to testify in front of a congressional inquiry??? I don’t think so. talk about a double standard

  26. I have a 2003 bonneville and my airbag light want go off my check light on and I just got a oil change and it still says change oil soon. I just brought this car on the 29 of Jan.2010 and its now Feb 24th it been down since the 15.

  27. I have a 2003 bonneville and my airbag light want go off my check light on and I just got a oil change and it still says change oil soon. I just brought yhr car on the 29 of Jan.2010 and its now Feb 24th it been down since the 15.

  28. We purchased a 2000 Grand Prix 4 years ago . Didnt even know there was a recall . I have been driving my husbands grand prix for 2 years now ive noticed that the car temp started to go up .The nex tmorning i asked my husband to check it and to drive it to work .When he left the carport some smoke started to come out and you could smell burnt oil . In the middle of the highway the car stopped he pulled to the side of the road. When he opened the car hood there was flames coming out he freaked out! I did a search for a recall and that’s how we found out that the car had a recall ! Filled a claim waiting for the investigation to begin hope they fix this!

  29. We had the recommended recall service done, i.e., having two new spark plug wire retainers installed to our 2003 Impala and had our car catch fire after adding engine oil and getting some on the manifold (after “add engine oil” warning light came on)! It appears that this recommended recall service is insufficient, and a car fire still can occur if engine oil gets on the heated manifold. Has anyone else experienced this misfortune as well?

  30. Both front doors on our 1998 Chevy Lumina are stuck in the lock position. Couldn’t get in or out from the front. We had to enter the rear door and climb over the front seat to drive it and then had to climb back into the back seat to exit! Just took it to the dealers and they said we need a new lock assembly for each door. $610 to repair it! We just put a new gas tank on it because we could only put 1/4 tank of gas in it before it would start leaking out.

    We’ve had it since it was brand new and that’s pretty much the two problems we’ve had but the door lock assembly should last for more than 12 years don’t you think?

  31. I too have a 2001 pontiac grandprix Gt….Love my car…210,000 miles on it, have yet to get a letter to take it in for the recall,but I am taking it ASAP. I stopped at the store a week ago came back out after 5-7 minutes to see smoke coming from under my hood. Sure enough that Sucker was on FIRE! I lifted the hood and the store owner ran out with a bucket of ice and water from the cooler and put it out. Burned up my oil cap, sparkplug wires and a nasty spot on my hood. Luckily We replaced the spark plug wires and it started back up fine but my issue is……shouldn’t GM pay for your damages to repair? I love my car but now I have several things under the hood that will now need replacing, also the valve cover is damaged so Prob. will develop another oil leak!

  32. I have errrr…. had a 2000 Grand Prix GT. I took it in to have the recall issue taken care of at the beginning of May. I was having the oil leak problem and like Patrick B. said I had the valve cover gaskets replaced. It was still leaking. Finally a couple days ago 9-1-09 I went over to my g/f’s and the car caught on fire in the driveway. Luckly no one was hurt and I was able to get the fire out before it caught the house on fire. The insurance company said that they couldn’t do anything because the car set itself on fire. They would only cover it if someone else had set it on fire or if hit had been an “act of god.”
    So they had someone from GM contact us and the lady said that they have still been getting reports of cars catching fire even after the recall issue has been taken care of. But like CD Hunter I am now concerned about what happens next. GM is sending out an arsen investigator and then we’re supposed to hear back after that. Though I’m wondering if we’ll actually hear back from them or not. I am very curious as to what GM will consider a proper reimbursement other than a “sorry ’bout your luck…”?

  33. I have a chevy monte carlo 2002, still looking very sharp. I treat this car like a baby but, when I first bought it I had drive shaft problems. I would take it to the dealer they would re- grease it. Then came the new re-tooled drive shaft that could not be re – greased because it was totally encapsulated. Then the “poltergiest” like symptoms started happening ; the lights, interior and exterior were going off and on seemingly by itself. Soon after that , the car would not start at all. Three weeks later and many trips to the dealorship with a (1200.00 dollar bill to fix the problem), and, replacing two blown computer chips it was finally fixed. Even though this was a re-curring problem for impallas and monte’s it was my fault somehow and not covered under the re-call.To top it all off, at the same time this problem was happening, they told me they found oil on my manifold and that I should replace the head gasket…. another 1200 hundred dollar job. I declined after visual inspection by me at the dealer ship. One month later I brought my car in for an oil change…. They told me I have a cracked axle, another 1200.00 dollar job. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? I now have a re-call on spark plug problems…..with oil leaking onto the the manifold and causung a fire. GM are you listening? Your product is faulty and deffective. Is the internal memo to try and get what ever you can from the service end and it’s customers while the rest of the company goes bankrupt? I’m ready for a new car. Hello, Wolgang limited edition Jetta! Screw you GM like you have been screwing us for sooooooooo long!

  34. I have a 99 chevy that has been leaking oil all around the cylinder head.Bought this car new,have problems w/the monroof,door locks,and now it’s started to whine -appears to be from the alternator.Got my recall notice from GM,so I will take it to a Dealer to fix,hopefully before it catches afire.Wait–Since it’s now “Goverment Motors” maybe I should call JoeBama…

  35. On 11-23-08 I was at Firestone for an oil change and the service man found pieces of metal in the pan. My 2001 chevy Impala only had 50,129 mileage when they found this metal in the oil pan. I called GM my extented warantee was over they told me to take it too a dealer so I did to see if the dealer or GM work with me since they are telling me I had to get a NEW TRANSMISSION. I wrote and talk to everyone I could to help me the only thing taht they could do is give me a $1,000.00 certificate on a new car. I ask why not apply the $1000.00 to the new tanny thay said that’s all they could do.

    On 05-29-09 Iwent to the Dealer to get spark plug wire retention channel done because of the Recall and also asked foe an oil change. The service had a list of things that needed my attention totally $3,500.00 worth ie; serpentine belt… the serpentine belt was not worn I had someone else to check it out they took the belt off and said it did not need replacing . You know! it worry me real bad when you get your service and they are not honest with what wrong with your car. I think they create problem under the hood. We as consumer don’t know unless we take it somewhere else for a second opinion. I have lost all confident in GM products and the People who work for GM.

  36. Buick Regal LSE 1999 – My engine caught on fire last year and Buick has done nothing but blame me so far – perhaps now I can get some justice… time will tell.

  37. We had our car burn up in our driveway about 15 minutes after my son got home one night as a result of an engine fire almost 18 months ago. It also burned the side of our house – which our homeowners paid for. Is there any recourse for those of us who have already had a total loss as a result of the admitted issue?

  38. How about fixing the oil leak first? If the oil doesn’t leak from the valve cover gaskets it won’t drip on the manifold.

  39. The news has reported GM states that no reports of engine fires are on file. I believe the reason why is due to our inability to file a report with that respected brand. My 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT has experienced such a fire. I was fortunate that I pay attention to my surroundings as other vehicles around me kept slowing down as I approached once I saw smoke flowing from my rear view mirror I understood why and managed to exit the highway safely, my vehicle still runs and now I understand as to why the fire occurred. I’m making every effort to contact GM about this matter.

  40. I have a 99 Grand Prix GTP and that has the 3.8L V6 with a supercharger and last summer I had to take it to the dealer to have new spark plugs put in. It had something to do with something similar to what I’m hearing now, an oil leak causing sparks, then fire. You might want to get your Bonne checked out!!

  41. I have a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi with this same 3.8L V6 engine but it is supercharged. I know the Bonneville is not on the list of vehicles but since it has the same engine do I need to worry about the recall? Probably not since it’s supercharged…

  42. Last december (’08), I was driving my husbands 2000 grand prix gtp and the engine caught on fire. The car was totalled and we are STILL waiting to hear from GM to resolve this issue. Our insurance company took car of the value of the car, but we are still fighting just to get our deductible! If you have a car that is involved in this recall, definately take it in right away! Fires are obviously scary (thank goodness there were no injuries in our case) and GM is very SLOW to take responsibility!

  43. how about that stephen…i havent had a fire but my oil pump got stuck wide open,i lost my oil all of a sudden and now i too have a knock imagine that so yes i think somebody got something wrong along the way

  44. GM says that the recall is caused by an oil leak. an oil leak can cause ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS. like a bad rod bearing wich i have on my 1997 grand prix gtp. it has also started on fire at the rear of the engine compartment, probably from this oil leak. are both problems connected to the oil leak? it seems highly possible to me!!!

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