FDA Should Warn About Zinc Poisoning From Denture Creams

zinc-denture-creamZinc is a necessary mineral in moderate amounts, but many denture cream products, such as Poligrip and Fixodent, contain zinc that, in excess, can lead to serious zinc poisoning side effects, including neurological disorders.

The Neurology journal has reported on several denture cream users who have suffered from neuropathy and similar neurological problems related to zinc poisoning and copper depletion, possibly as a result of their use of denture creams. These patients were exposed to dangerous levels of zinc, sometimes hundreds of times greater than the recommended daily allowance.

The FDA currently does not require denture cream manufacturers or marketers to label their products with information about the possible side effects related to zinc poisoning. Side effects of zinc poisoning include: pain in the fingers and toes, loss of balance, loss of strength in arms and legs, and numbness / tingling in arms and hands. Some patients suffering from zinc poisoning have been confined to wheelchairs.

Should the FDA require denture cream brands like Fixodent and Poligrip to disclose the possible risks of building up toxic levels of zinc? How are denture cream users to know that they should have their zinc levels checked by a doctor if they are not made aware of this issue?

Update: P&G Consultant May Have Delayed Research on Denture Cream Dangers

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: http://www.usrecallnews.com. He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

25 thoughts on “FDA Should Warn About Zinc Poisoning From Denture Creams

  1. What good does it do to ask questions on this site????? You’re NOT GOING TO GET ANY ANSWERS!!! I’m sure that’s what we’re ALL looking for!! ;’-(

  2. i have just started to us fixodent powder but when i started to us it i have gotten a rash i thought at first it was poison ivy because of the way it looked. somyhing told me to stop using fixodent powder for a few days and the rash started to go away so i started to use it again and by the time i got home from work i had hives again they are so itchy it is not funny i will never us it again. i was also useing the creame and i have gotten sours and my gums from the i didnt know it had zinc in them . i just want to stop itching. im turning black and blue from itching so much.

  3. Does anybody ever answer these questions? All that is stated is the creams and has stated nothing about the powder Fixodent Powder which becomes a jell that is soft of the gums. So I guess the powder is okay to use and I can understant the cream being thick and comes out around the dentures when you put them in. I have never used the cream at all.

  4. I use fixodent powder for my upper dentures is this ok or should i try something else
    this is very scary to me and i just started using this product and very pleased with
    the results

  5. I read this when it first came out, 3 years ago, and am a upper and lower plate wearer and have continued to use my cream wilh no ill effects

  6. The research they base this on had all of 4 people taking part. And the conclusion was EXCESSIVE amounts..Does anyone use a tube a day?… Normal usage, a bead or dabs per plate, wasn;t shown to effect anything in zinc levels

  7. I have used Fixodent for about 21 years. I have had little episodes of facial tingling throughout the years lasting about 20-30 minutes every 2-3 years. I woke up one morning with my whole face numb. Thought it would go away shortly but it lasted 2 days. Got concerned and called my Dr. I am now scheduled for an MRI and EEG to find out what is going on. Could this possibly be caused by the Fixodent?

  8. I have used the powder form of Fixident and had no side effects at all. I believe the powder forms are safer than the cream type. Ridigent and powder Fixident was reccommended by my dentist telling me it is a lot better and holds better plus it will not come out under the plate like the creams do.

  9. I’ve been hearing alot lately about fixident cream but no one seems to answer the question about the powder form. I have been using it for years now I would like to know does it also contain the zinc and should I be checked? Does any one know?

  10. I have done a lot of research on denture adhesive products – it appears that only certain brands have been know to contain high levels of zinc mostly in creams, but also includes powder form. However, there are products that do not contain any zinc in them. One particular product is RIDIGENT (powdered form). I’ve been using this product for years and there is no after taste like some brands and it works GREAT! After hearing on TV and reading about different products of zinc found in denture creams, I was concerned with the product I was using and started to do some research to find out that RIDIGENT is zinc-free!

    Walgreen’s used to sell it, but for some reason they no longer do. Again, I did more research to find out why they no longer sell it. I could not find any reason why. But you can purchase RIDIGENT online for a very reasonable price through Amazon.com. There are other websites that sell RIDIGENT, but I am very comfortable ordering through Amazon due to their reputable website! Kmart is another place that sells RIDIGENT, but I would call first to make sure they still do. You may want to research yourself as well.

    Hope this helps!

  11. I have used POWDER Fixodent for 20 yrs. or more, I have no balance, trip, fall, I just read this , is the powder the same as the cream?

  12. After reading about the recall, I have started buying the generic kinds for my 81 year old grandmother.

    Comparison of ingredients from the recall items to generic store brand was my basis.

    I hope this helps, everyone. all the best!

  13. i have had pain in/around my liver and galbadder. after two MRI’s 6 months apart,there is nothing wrong with them. could it have something to do with the products?

  14. I Have been using Fixodent denture adhesive to keep a partial in place. Now I have discovered a small lump, the size of a pea, in my lower check area right next to where the partial fits. I am very concerned about this and plan to get in touch with an oral surgeon this week for an evaluation as to what the cause is. I also experience intense itching on the skin at times near the same area and wonder if the Fixodent is responsible for these symptoms. I am not going to let this go, it is in my best interest to get it checked out. Please advise.

  15. My father is 84 years of age and has had Alzheimers for 5 years now. He also used Poly Grip for many years. I was suspicious and questionned what was in this product not long ago. Could it have something to do with my father’s illness? He did not smoke, did not drink, ate very well and walked 5 miles a day. He was strong and alert. He did everything specialist say to do to avoid maybe getting Alzheimers. He is now in a wheelchair and living in his own little world which is very devastating to the family. If Poly Grip causes neurological problems, could it also be causing brain damage because of a surplus of zinc?
    There are too many people getting Alzheimers. 1 in 5… This is overwhelming. Researchers have to look outside of the box and do more studies that involve products that we are ingesting. My father will never be the same man. I miss him very much.

  16. Does the fixodent powder have the same high levels of zinc that the cream does. I have most of the the side effects. I have unusual fatigue along with it. I will discontinue the use of this product,untill I hear if it is ok.

  17. My husband uses the fixodent powder for his top half of his dentures,what can he use for the bottom half of his dentures.because he did use the fixodent cream, as of now he won’t, since we found out there is a warnning on this product..So what should we use. Please let me know ASAP.

    Barbara C.

  18. does the powder fixodent cause the same problems, and what brand can i use that will not cause these problems,

  19. Could you please recommend a denture cream that does NOT contain zinc?
    Could you please respond as soon as possible, I am very concerned for my elderly family members that use these products.
    Thank you,
    Norina C

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