Yasmin Birth Control Warning: Risk of Heart, Stroke

Yasmin birth control pillFirst put on the market in the United States in 2001, Yasmin birth control has since been under heavy scrutiny for possible links to serious side effects like heart attack, stroke, and thrombosis. That, however, hasn’t stopped it from growing in popularity with revenue generated by Yasmin reaching nearly $500-million last year.

As of 12/10/2008 there has been no Yasmin recall by either the FDA or the drug’s manufacturer. Like all prescription oral contraceptives (ie birth control pills) Yasmin is associated with increased risks of several serious conditions, such as: myocardial infarction, thromboembolism, stroke, hepatic neoplasia, gallbladder disease, hypertension, tender breasts, mood swings, depression, weight gain, edema, and others. Yasmin contains the estrogen ethinyl estradiol and the progestin drospirenone, which can can work against the body’s normal mechanism for regulating salt and water balance, a situation that can lead to potentially serious heart and health problems in some high risk patients.

The health risks and side effects associated with Yasmin should be discussed with your doctor prior to being prescribed the drug. If you have already been prescribed Yasmin and are worried about reading online content like this, this, or this you may want to bring the subject up with your doctor. If you have already experienced these adverse health effects while taking Yasmin, Yaz, Ocella or Beyaz Click Here to speak to an attorney.

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: http://www.usrecallnews.com. He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

146 thoughts on “Yasmin Birth Control Warning: Risk of Heart, Stroke

  1. OMG this pill is crazy! I started taking it in February of 2012 and now I have horrible chest pains in August of 2012 After reading every other woman’s story it really makes me think that Yasmin is why I have them!! I switched to a linessa today, hopefully the pain goes away!!

  2. Found tart cherry juice concentrate from my nurse for my gout pain. I started drinking a few day back and I feel great. I even got free shipping. Here are some great books regarding tart cherry juice

  3. my daughters doctor gave your a script for yasmin today for her poly csytic syndrome but i am not even getting her script filled. After reading how the pills caused 50 deaths and all these other problems not worth the risk.

  4. My son’s 17 year old girlfriend has been on yasmin for about a year, she recently developed this non stop cough along with dizziness and shortness of breath, they are now saying that she has a blood clot in her lung most likely caused from this birth control. I don’t understand how the Health Departments can continue to distribute to the drug when it has such serious side effects. This young healthy girl now wakes up in the middle of the night because she stops breathing! They should pull it off the market!

  5. I am pretty freaked out after reading all of this information. I have been on Yasmin for about 6 years, exercise regularly, don’t smoke or drink and I am not over weight. Besides a few extra pounds it has been great controlling my PCOS symptoms. However, I just ended up in the ER with dual leg swelling and severe pain in both legs. I am now on my 3rd visit to the cardiologist. I have a blood clot in one leg and some blockage in the other – venous insufficiency. After my final 2 visits with my cardiologist, I will probably get off of Yasmin, however I am worried about thinking of my PCOS symptoms coming back, but it is certainly not worth dying over. I am so sorry to read all of your sad stories. God, help us all!

  6. I just recently seen a tv commercial about yaz, yasmin and ocella. This is crazy. I was prescribed yasmin when i was about 15 for my heavy periods and severe cramps. Shortly after taking it I started to get chest pain. I had even passed out at one point. I went to the doctor and they told me it was acid reflux after taking a chets exray. And the light headedness was just me adjusting to the pill. So they prescribed me ranitidine for the reflux. I took about two prescriptions of ranitidine until i ruled out it just wasnt helping the sharp pains in my chest. And i independently stopped taking yasmin because it just felt like it was making me sick . About a 2 yrs after I went to the emergency room because this time my pains were so severe. And every time I took a breath it almost crippled me. They did a chest exray once again and said that now I had Pleurisy. They then prescribed me naproxen sodium (aleve) for inflammation.It just didnt seem to work. Not that long after i had gotten sick with the flu and it felt as if my right lung had glass in it.The same side i had chest pains on. I have never had breathing problems either now i have been prescribed an inhailer. Not to mention the throbbing pains i get in my leg some times my groin area and my inner arm.Leads me to believe I have been misdiagnosed because they may have nto believed someone so young would have any of those conditions. I contacted some lawyers about this and they told me I now have to get a second opinion. I was oblivious to this issue because i was so young. While watching the commercial my mother urged me to call. I had always seen the commercial for just yaz and thought they were two different things with two different names. Well im here to tell you if you have any doubts you need to do your research and look into this important matter.I found Pulmonary embolisms have the same exact signs as pleurisy! Many people have died from this. Iam going to the hospital for my medical records today.

  7. ive been on Yasmin for about 4 years. what im readind is scary. Im switching this week!!! I have had chest pains!!! i thought it was from growing older!!

  8. Any drugs that you take, whether prescription or not, will affect people in different ways. If you are concerned about your health, use a condom.

    I have taken Yasmin on and off for 5 years, with no problems. I did, however, take other birth control pills and I experienced depression, weight gain, acne etc.

    Make of that, what you will.

    • That is so true. But the funniest, is people smoking, filling theire bodies with alchool and junk food and meat….but really really worried about medication….go figure

  9. I have been taking yaz and yasmin since grade 10 and am currently in my first year of university. It is a wonderful birth control pill- doesn’t make me gain weight, no acne- except the very severe chest pains that have been occuring a year after i started taking it. The chest pain is on my right side, and feels like i am being stabed. This pain lasts for 30 seconds, but it is enough to make me drop to the ground in pain, and it usually comes in 3 to 4 intervals. I have been in the hospital 3 times because of it. First time was when i was driving, and i went into emerge and the doctor said i must have an inflamed muscle between my ribs. I was still experiencing this stabbing feeling at random times so i went to my doctor. my doctor has sent me to get 3 ECG’s done, all coming back negative, so she sent me to the hospital to get an ultasound done on my heart and the valves around it, that came back negative as well. I went back to my doctor and she sent me to the hospital for an x-ray, and that came back negative as well. Nothing could explain what was happening- until i saw a special on tv, where a girl was describing the EXACT SAME experiences as what i was having. Turns out she was taking yaz, and her doctor got down to the bottom of it, and yes, it was yaz that was causing these pains. Unfortunately, my doctor has done nothing about it, and she does not feel the need for me to switch birth contol pills, “because all of the other ones are mostly the same”. Needless to say, i am still taking yasmin currently and experiencing the stabbing pains.

  10. I’ve been on Yasmin for 3 yrs since I turned 38 and loved it. Never had any side effects from it ever. Easy to take, my weight stayed where it should and I was able to cycle myself to every 6 wks. I decided to try Mirena so I wouldnt have to remember to take a pill every day and miss Yasmin. Mirena is an evil device that hurts like crazy going in and continues to torure you while you keep it in. I just had it removed and have had the worst period of my life for a week now. Cannot wait to start up on Yasmin again.

  11. My wife was on another birth control pill for 20 years and was convinced to switch to Yazmin because it was “lower dose” (safer!).

    After 6 months on Yazmin she started getting sever heart palpitations for approximately 2 hours per night. Then she had two “fainting” spells. Finally, after one year on the pill she had a sudden cardiac arrest. Because there was a 6 month gap between starting the pill and her symptoms we never made a possible connection between the pill and the symptoms.

    The doctors were concerned that she would have another arrest, so they convinced her to have an operation to insert a Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator. Coincidentally she stopped taking Yazmin when she was recovering from the surgery. Within weeks her palpitations went away and she has returned to completely normal health, despite the fact that she was not on any anti-arrhythmia drugs. In fact, aside from birth control my wife has not been on any drugs.

    No doctor can definitely say that Yazmin caused the problem without putting her back on the drug. But every doctor has told us she should NOT take the drug again. We’re living a nightmare!

    I am as confident as any reasonable person can be that Yazmin caused her Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Stopping the drug stopped her symptoms and she’s been symptom free for almost a year and a half.

    While it is correct to assume that all birth control pills can have side effects, it is clear that Yazmin is particularly dangerous. Recent studies have shown it is 2 to 3 times more prone to complications than pills that do not contain Drospirenone.

    Candidly I think it was very dishonest of Bayer to promote this pill as “low dose”, when in fact it has a significant dose of a hormone not contained in any other pill.

    If you take this pill and you start to get palpitations I strongly suggest you stop. Better still, I suggest you take any one of a number of pills that have been on the market longer than Yazmin and have much better track records.

  12. I am 50 and was on Yaz. My Dr, thought it would disguise menapause symptoms and be a safe choice for me. Well I have always been healthy, eat right and exercise regularly. I developed a blood clot in my leg that ran from my knee to my groin, it then traveled to three lobes of my lungs. That was three months ago and I still can’t breath right and still on blood thinners. I can’ believe I almost died from birth control.

  13. Took Yaz for aprox. 8 mo., was in good health, never had any health issues, non smoker. Loved this RX until 2/2009 Had crazy chest paid and arm pain, went to ER where they said I was lucky to be alive. Multiple PE in both lungs due to birth control; Yaz. Thankfully I am alive as I have read many stories that ladies have lost their lives due to Yaz!!! Not worth it!!!! I read that aprox. 190 have died so far from Yaz! HORRIBLE!!!!

  14. My daughter was on it for a few months, never missed a pill; she’s now 19 weeks pregnant. She didn’t have any of the dreadful side effects mentioned above, but I will say this – it’s not a reliable birth control.

  15. I’ve been on Yas for about three years now, age 17-20. I’ve had no adverse side effects. It’s kept me more regular than other pills have and has been better for my acne (though new skin care products may be responsible for that). Then again, I’m also a non-smoker, a runner, and I make an effort to eat right.

  16. I was on Yasmine for 3 years before my doctor changed my precription because of all of the new scares without my knowing. I loved Yasmine. I had no negative side efffects. My skin looked the best it ever has. I didn’t have mood swings or problems with PMS and my period was like clock work. I have tried two others forms of BC in the last 6 months and they break my skin out severely. Since being on the newest type I’ve gained 7 lbs in the last 3 months and have not changed my diet or exercise program. I will be letting my doctor know I want Yasmin back! I think everyone is different, as evryone keeps saying. I’m 28 years old, non-smoker I’ve been on many different types of BC and Yasmin is by far the best for me. Even after reading others stories, it works for me so I’m confident getting back on Yasmin.

  17. I started taking Yasmin only a month ago to help with my ache, I told my doc to not put me on a birth control that would not make me gain weight… so she proceeded to tell me to take Yasimn she said it has a chemical in it that helps you to not retain water weight. That may have been true , but literally by the 3rd day of taking this pill I started feeling constant nausea, headaches/migraines, extreme loss of sex drive, lack of energy, extreme anxiety and depression to the point where I was having a difficult time taking care of my children properly, I basically was so depressed and stressed I didn’t have the energy to get off the couch. And my poor children noticed a change in me and became worried. They were not used to seeing me cry all the time for no reason, and not have any energy to even read them a book or play with them. I hated who this pill was making me… I kept taking Yasmin for a few weeks thinking my body just needed to get adjusted to the pill…. and after 4 weeks of taking it the side effects kept getting worse and now I AM DONE!!! Now I was fully aware that most of these symptoms are side-effects of almost every single type of birth control, the difference is I have been on other types of birth control and never had any of these issues. Everyone who knew me knew something was wrong with me. I am usually always energetic, and up-beat, motivated, I never get sick, I have never suffered from any form of anxiety issues or depression EVER! My husband is a paramedic he clearly noticed a disturbing change in me and started re-searching Yasmin, he found that almost 75% of women taking Yasmin have had extensive awful side-effects. Bayer the maker of Yaz & Yasmin have a-ton of lawsuits in order, from women suffering from possible life threatening internal injuries and some young women have actually died from taking them. I can’t believe that this product is still on the market. I know not every person taking these pills will experience any of these side-effects if any at all. But when 75% women taking it are having disturbing side-effects… that’s a pretty damn good sign that something is very wrong with these pills, and something need to be done.

  18. I was taking Yasmin for about a year and a half (2006-2008), and in that year and a half I was in the hospital once a month for kidney infections. It did not even cross my mind that it could be because of the birth control until I went off of it and the kidney infections almost completely stopped. I was also insanely depressed but again did not relate it to my birth control until I went off of it. I lost two jobs in that year and a half due to all of my hospital emergency visits because of the pain in my kidneys…I wish I had never taken this birth control!!!!

  19. Stacey,
    don’t worry that there is something wrong with your heart, i’m sure there is not. I believe it is because of the diuretic in Yasmin. If you are dehydrated your blood pressure goes low, then that makes your heart beat faster. That is what has happened to me. I think we have to drink a lot more water than usual, or change to another pill. Dehydration makes it more likely for you to get utis too, since fluids flush out the system.thus sweeping away any bacteria.

  20. I have been on Yasmin for 6 1/2 months. I almost always have a 6-8 level (out of 10) headache daily. Everytime I go to the doctor I am told that I am very dehydrated, yes I dont drink as much water as I should but I shouldn’t be as dehydrated as I am. Come to find out that Yasmin basically takes away the water in your body. I have had multiple uti’s which could be related to the water problem. I have daily heart burn.. no matter what I eat– Cheerios, a salad without cucumbers, anything! I am not wondering if this isn’t heart burn and something in yasmin working against my heart.. I have never had heartburn growing up in my life.. and for it to randomly start now would be strange. It sometimes feels like my heart rate speeds up and I find myself basically clutching my left boob trying to figure out why I have pains in my heart.
    Is anyone else having problems like these?

  21. I went on Yasmin last year, since with mercilon i was having breakthrough bleeding.
    It did cure that, which i was very pleased about.
    Trouble is, i’ve had lots of other problems that i didn’t realise might be caused by this pill. I have been incredibly depressed, not enjoying life like i used to. I have been very paranoid too, which has spoilt my friendships ( with people i have known for years, and had no previous problems with).
    I get very tender breasts for 2 weeks of the month, and they have increased in size. The strange thing is that i am steadily losing weight, i haven’t weighed what i do now since i was a teenager. My body looks great, but my face seems to have sagged. ( also, my bum seems to have disappeared).
    My blood pressure has gone really low, ( 97/58) i only just found out Yasmin has a diuretic ingredient in, which i obviously didn’t need. I also have tachycardia most of the time. The weirdest thing is that i have read that yasmin is potassium-sparing. How come my potassium is borderline low?????? I also have virtually no period these days.
    I think i need to change pills, but have no idea what to choose.

  22. I have been on Yasmin for about a year and a half and no problems yet (knock on wood). I was prescribed it to lessen the constant abdominal pain I was experiencing and it worked. I have one day a month of cramps but nothing else and a normal cycle. Obviously medication effects everyone in a different way and I used to have chest pain as well before I went on Yasmin but now I don’t seem to have any.

  23. I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been on Yasmin (not Yaz, or Yazmin) for a year. I started this pill because I have horrible menstrual cycles, I puke, my cramps have me bed ridden for days at a time, I can’t eat, I can’t walk, it goes on and on. The doctors said I could possibly have endometriosis, so I got on the pill to make my periods more tolerable.

    I really like them. I gained about 5-8lbs, but I weighed like 100lbs anyway. My breasts went up two cup sizes, and my acne got better. I like this pill a lot, but it works differently for different people.

  24. Or the generic Ocella. It seems like a lot of women seemed to worsen when they switched over to the generic.
    *chest pains
    *rapid heartrate/chest pain
    *discoloration of the skin
    *extreme mood swings
    *joint/muscle pain
    *depression/ anxitey
    Ive had all of these symptims over the past ten years on Yasmin/Ocella.
    Like I said before, I specifically asked SEVERAL doctors, from my OB/GYN, my cardiologist, my family practitioner, and now my breast specalist (because of all the cysts), told me NOT to stop taking the bc pills, they are ok. But what the hell. A 23 year old with no other health problems cant just have all these sympotms appear! Like another woman wrote…IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!! Id rather have a few days of horrible cramping and pain then loose my life, nothing is worth that.

  25. wow…i cant believe reading all these comments. I feel so stupid!
    I have been on yasmin (now ocella the generic) for almost ten years, since I was 13 and my periods were so bad I couldn’t even get out of bed!.
    Im 23, Im healthy, I DO NOT SMOKE, and my health for some reason is totally deterriorating!!!! Ive had to go to the cardiologist because my resting heartrate its 100, and after working out it goes up to 230 B.P.M. within 60 seconds!!!! My heart however (they say) is fine. After the heart catheter they said to go to a pulmonologist because they cannot figure out whats wrong with my heart.
    I now, incredibly, have cysts surrounding my breasts and in my ovaries. Since I am so young and do not smoke, they did not consider it to be from the Yasmin, and advised me SEVERAL times not to stop taking it, but Im am not taking it anymore!!!!!
    I have discoloration under my armpits as well…the doctors do not know what is wrong with me, and I am a medical assistant, going to college for my RN. If ANYONE has had these symptoms too, without smoking…please tell me! Ive felt like a hypochondriac for years now…its the YASMIN!!!!!

  26. My Daughter has been on yazmin For almost 2 years and is a healthy 23 year old. She does not smoke . This last year she was having heart pains and the doctor said her E.K.G. looked fine she was maybe just stressed. Now she is still having pains in her heart and now her lungs are heavy and a cough. Went to doctor and now her E.K.G. looks alittle off and is going in for a C.T.scan to look for blood clots and going to a heart doctor. So maybe there is something to all of this talk about Yaz/Yazmin. We will find out when all the test come back. This shouldn’t happen to a healthy 23 year old fine one moment and now this.

  27. I took Yasmin for years. Just this last March(2010) I ended up in the hospital for 6 days, (ICU for 3 days) due to blood clots in my lungs. My ER dr. and the ICU dr both told me it was caused by taking this drug.(I don’t smoke) IF YOU ARE TAKING THIS DRUG PLEASE STOP!!!! I don’t care if you have never had any problems, my symtoms came on very quickly( late afternoon and by 1:30AM i was being taken in) and i was told if I hadn’t gone to the ER when I did, I WOULDN’T BE HERE ANYMORE. Please don’t go through what I did. Now i can not be on ANY other birth control pill the rest of my life and have to take Coumidan.

  28. I took Yaz for a year after my son was born. I have been on other pills before with no real issues. With Yaz I had two periods a month and now have this discoloration on my upper lip that hasn’t gone away and I have been off of it for a year and a half now. I was hoping that getting off the pill would make it fade, but I fear that it is now permanent.

  29. I am 21 years old, and a non-smoker with no pre-existing medical conditions. I took Yasmin for just over a year, the first few months that I took it, I didn’t have any issues. However, I gradually felt more and more depressed all the time, and I had chest discomfort (like a sharp stabbing feeling went you breath in) and my left arm once went completely numb, so I decided that maybe I should try a different Birth Control. I switched three times to different products over the course of almost a year, and all of them were unsuccessful, I would constantly bleed throughout the months (I don’t remember the names of all of them but one was Alesse). The doctor decided they weren’t strong enough, and eventually told me Yasmin was my only way to go. So now I am back on Yasmin, and increasingly I am having a hard time breathing in deeply, two weeks ago it was painful to breath in but I just dismissed it as nothing. Sometimes my stomach is in pain, similar to menstrual pains even though I am not even near or on my period, and I have discomfort in my left arm. I’m beginning to think that it might be Yasmin, primarily because women taking it seem to be sharing similar symptoms as me. I feel like I’m stuck in the middle because I don’t want to stop taking it in fear of getting pregnant, and I don’t want to keep taking it because I feel like worse things will happen to my health.
    My boyfriend (of 2 years) and I still use condoms, however only towards the end of sex. So the reason I take it isn’t necessarily so we can have unprotected sex but mostly for back-up. I think it is unrealistic for some people in this forum to assume that people in this generation are going to give up sex so they don’t have to take birth control. It’s a reality, and completely reasonable that people are going to have sex for fun, and not for the purpose of pro-creating.

  30. Yasmin prevented me from having surgery.

    There are associated risks with all Oral Contraceptives. I can completely relate to Ashley on September 30th, I had been experiencing extremely heavy periods with unusual clotting and tissue loss, cycles which spanned 35 days, severe abdominal cramps, painful ovulation and iron deficiency anaemia. From that, I also was experiencing extreme fatigue (which kept me bed-ridden for 3 months) and swollen lymph glands. My doctor suspected endometriosis and after 8 months of tests and going down the cancer track, her conclusion was endometriosis and a possible irregular hormonal cycle.

    My doctor was reluctantant to put me on an OC – only as a last resort. You have to meet specific criteria for her to prescribe OC and not just that you want to have sex and not use a condom! I was also reluctant to use OC because of the side-effects. The Doctor sent me to a GYN, sent me for ultrasounds and for blood tests every 2 months.

    Considering the my symptoms were getting worse and to the point that it was stopping me from living a normal life, the doctor gave me a choice of undergoing surgery or giving the pill a trial.

    I opted to trial Yasmin as that is what was recommended by my doctor, GYN and the sonographer. It was the best thing I could have done. After 3 hours of taking the first pill I started to feel relief.

    I have now been on Yasmin for over a year. I get no migraines, no period pain, no anaemia, no ovarian cysts, no breast tenderness, less facial hair and minimal acne. I believe that it has helped me to get back into working again. I haven’t been this energetic since I was 14. I get a check up from my Doctor every 3 months and she still occassionally follows up on blood tests and ultrasounds. I am lucky that Yasmin seems to suit me, as I was expecting adverse effects from taking an OC.

    My advice is to not be so quick at pointing your finger at a certain medication… Point your finger at your Doctor for prescribing Yasmin without fulling assessing your suitability to the drug. I am fully aware at the risk I am exposing my health to, but the benefits for me do outweigh the risks.

    For those people who have a normal cycle, do not mess with your body for a bit of fun and convenience….
    Wait until when everytime you ovulate, you can tell exactly where your fallopian tube is because it feels like a pin is being ripped through it or that you have to roll around on the floor for hours when your period starts because your entire abdominal region feels like it is being burnt by acid. Thankfully for a medication such as Yasmin, I do not experience this anymore and I am thankful to my Doctor for being so thorough.

  31. I´d been taking Yazmin for almos three years, i haven´t any strong troubles, but im going crazy after my period, sometimes my period is short, at least 3 or 4 days, painless, but other times is very long, like 8 or 9 days very painful and very bloody, it never hapened to me before taking the pills, and for the last year after my period it been driven me crazy, i can´t control my mood, i´m very upset for everything, normaly i am a very calm person, i don´t know if this is caused for the pills. thank you.

  32. Don’t take this pill. It is evil and I don’t understand why the government would allow Bayer to continue selling this pill and make huge profits when so many people are dying or having problems that never had occurred before.

    I am 33, was in perfect health, not a smoker, exercise regularly, and have clean family health history. I don’t easily get allergic reactions from medicine, and was in fact on Orthotricyclen for 7 years about 6 years ago without any problems. So I am not a candidate for developing side effects. I was put on Yasmin recently for my painful cramps because my doctor was convinced I had Endometriosis. Though very reluctant to take pills again, I weighted the pros and cons, and thought maybe it won’t be so bad to take Yasmin, since it’s low dose, and I won’t have cramps, will have nice skin, and my ovaries won’t work so hard and that could prevent scaring on the ovaries by Endometriosis.

    Well, I took Yasmin for 5 months, and why did I stop? I developed super itchy rashes and acne, and they have not gone away since I had stopped taking Yasmin 1 year ago. Now I’m desperately trying to solve this new problem that I never had before. If you asked me what I prefer– the cramps or the f-ing itchy acne/rash, I’d tell you I pick the cramps without a second thought.

    Ladies, doctors really are not that smart. They are not intimate with the drugs they prescribe and seriously could care less what the drugs can do to you. The female hormone is not something to mess with because as I learned it the hard way, any kind of chemical imbalance in a woman’s body can cause a myriad of problems. My doctor tried to scare me by saying if I really had Endometriosis (which by the way cannot be proven unless you cut the ovaries open), I may not be able to have kids. Now she’s telling me she can’t do anything to help with both the cramps and the skin problem. All she can do is prescribe me pain killers for the cramps. I want to slap her in the face. These doctors scare you and make you take drugs that they know nothing about. It’s irresponsible practice.

    For those out there who thinks just because you’ve been taking Yasmin for years nothing will happen to you. Think again. Just because you’re doing alright now, doesn’t mean you won’t be crying in the hospital, or laying dead in the ground, tomorrow. I feel so sorry for people who died or lost loved ones from this awful drug that really should be banned.

  33. I was actually on Yasmin for 6 years with no side effects, no weight gain, etc. But I asked my GYN to switch me to another pill because my husband was complaining that my libido had decreased since stating the pill and our sex life was becoming effected; I never wanted to have sex except for when I was on the placebos. However, I now believe this was actually a side effect of my pharmacy switching me to Oscella (the generic brand on Yasmin). Anyways, I got a new presciption for Loestrin 24 Fe and have been on it for 3 months now. My libido’s better, but I’ve experienced increased weight gain, increased appetite, intermittent pain in my right leg while lying down at night, and extreme fatigue at times. I am going to ask my doctor to switch me back to Yasmin (not Oscella).

    I loved Yasmin ever since it was recommended my by my best friend. She also never had any side effects AND she has a congenital heart murmer! Neither of us smoke, are 25 years old, and are as “healthy” as a normal person who eats and occasionally exercises can be. I am a believer that every birth control has different side effects and effects each women differently. DON’T SMOKE AT ALL regardless of you age if you are on any contraceptives. As for the “healthy” individuals who are having heart problems and high blood pressure… there are other causes besides the pill that could be causing you hypertension. Do you REALLY exercise and eat well every day? You’re telling me you’ve never had a fatty burger in your life? Some women are also more genetically prone to have hypertension such as African American and Native American women. This does not mean that all African and Native Americans have HTN, nor that women of any other race can develop it.

    I think people need to take more responsibility for their health and stop using doctors and the drug companies as scapegoats. Sure they should notify you about the risks, but in this day and age with access to information there is no excuse for people to not know themselves the risks. TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE ON A REGULAR BASES! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! People do not just suddenly develop high blood pressure and stroke out without any preemptive signs. Their are developing signs and symptoms that lead to these results. If you find that your blood pressure if increasing or you’re developing pain and swelling in your legs (signs of a DVT which can lead to a pulmonary embolism), or you are having trouble breathing then GO SEE A DOCTOR or STOP TAKING THE PILL! Take action for your own health and stop relying on the doctor for everything! They work for you, but you also need to take care of yourself first. No one can take better care of you than YOU!

  34. I’ll be 20 in august! I took yasmin for about a year and got off of it in august 2007, it had caused me to gain a lot of weight, and I didn’t really have any problems except weight gain until after I stopped taking it, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the pill or not, but I’d just like an opinion! After I got off it my periods were a little different and I skipped one every few months and my periods were a lot lighter than normal but with horrible cramps, I was able to get pregnant in march 2008 but miscarried in april, and then in october 2008 my period has stopped all together! Does anyone know what could cause my not to have a period at all for 5 months now? And will that affect my chances of having a child if I can get my periods back? Please email me and let me know what you think! Alliecat732@aol.com

  35. I am the mother of a 16 yr old girl who stopped taking Yasmin 2 days ago. My daughter started the pill at the age of 14 to get some relief from painful and heavy periods, along with acne,etc. She began experiencing stomach issues, digestive problems, vomiting, pain and such. A few months after her 15th birthday she ended up in emerg with her first gall bladder attack. At the time we did not know it was her gall bladder and only discovered it at a follow up ultrasound where it was found she had 5 gallstones and needed to be scheduled for surgery. She suffered terribly with pain and discomfort and none of this was connected with taking Yasmin at the time. It is highly unusual for someone as young as my daughter to have developed gallstones and require surgery. She still suffers pain and now reflux and digestive issues due to not having a gall bladder. I wish we’d been presented with other options – I wish this information had come to our attention before she became so ill. We will be following up with our GP – and the law firm in Canada that has launched the recent class action against the makers of this pill.

    Hope everyone stays informed AND healthy!

  36. This pill is horrible! I am a very healthy. I first started taking this pill in January 2009. I didn’t realize its effects until May 2009 when i started running. My blood pressure was going up, I was constantly thirsty and I could not tolerate running during the day because i was experiencing muscle weakness and strong headaches. This went on for the summer season. I didn’t realize it was the pill (as I have taken the pill before but different brand) I think the exercise put extra demand on my heart which was compromised because of this pill.
    I decided to stop the pill end of October 2009. Once I was off this pill, I felt sooo much better, my blood pressure returned to normal and i was no longer having extreme thirst or headaches. Funny how I was looking for information about the Yasmin pill in October of 2009 but did not find any info re: potential recall. Now its all over the internet!
    Advice to those using this pill : Stay away from it!

  37. I was on Yasmin, when i was 16-17years old for a few months. I remember that i gained weight, heavy irregular periods, depression, mood swings, tired, and i was rushed to the hospital for unexplained internal bleeding. I knew that the medicine wasn’t working right for me so I told my doctor to take me off it. I kept having irregular periods and no one know why. I am healthy and still young but still having issue with irregular periods.

  38. My daughter was 25 and three months from her wedding when I got the phone call that no parent wants to get. It was her HR director at work telling me that Jenny had had a problem that Friday and they had taken her to “their” doctor for diagnosis. He treated her for a severe migraine. When this HR person put my daughter on the phone to talk to me I could not understand a word she was saying. I felt like I was talking to an alien. She had a blood clot in her brain that was in the speech center. Her gynocologist knew she had high blood pressure due to stenosis in one of her kidneys and still put her on YAZ. Jenny trusted that her doctor knew what she was doing. So my point is even though the doctor knows there are risks they are still pushing this drug. the doctors are not paying attention to the warnings.
    By the way she had only been taking Yaz for 5 months when she had her stroke. She was a college cheerleader in excellent shape and a non-smoker. You are risking your life if you take this drug!

  39. 6-7 years on Yasmin and no side effects…. no chest pain, no irregular bleeding, no fatal diseases to my heath whatsoever. I do not smoke and I drink regularly. I eat relatively well and I exercise as much as a reasonable person (lightly haha). I experienced normal cramping, mood swings, and bleeding. What more can a woman ask for?? I can’t believe that some person would actually believe that a miracle drug can stop all normal menstural cycle effects… I mean really???

    I am currently off the drug due to insurance problems… I still feel the same as I did while on the drug for so long, and I am certain that I am able to become pregnant due to regular ovulation cycles. Some people cannot take the drug, and maybe you should change birth controls or doctors. Either way, if you are one of those people sue your physician for their poor decision. It’s no one’s fault except for theirs. Yasmin has warned the public it can lead to hightened risk of heart disease, etc. Know your family history and get a regualr check-up from a doctor who can make better decisions.

    Will I get back on Yasmin? That is something I can discuss with my doctor. I am keeping in mind that I was a frequent user of Yasmin, and that my body is ever-changing as I grow older. I think of it as switching from whole milk to 2% haha. Milk still does the body good, however the fat doesn’t burn as fast when your older….

  40. hi my name is amanda i was on yasmin from 04 to may of 05, i had stop taking it in may when i got married i got pregnate with my 2nd child. after i had her about year later i had to have my gallbladder taking out cause i was having very bad pains in my tummy and in my side. once they took my gallbladder came out i had went from having a peroid every month to 2 a year and now only one a year i gain alot of weight before and after the surgery i was wondering if anyone has had this proublem if so please help me in what to do

  41. I took Yasmin for years!! I took it from about 2001 until 2004 when I became pregnant with my 2nd child. I thought everything was fine…sure I had put on weight, and developed strange headaches, and suffered depression, but I explained that all away. After the birth of my son, I learned I had gallbladder disease. I had to be removed right away. I went back on Yasmin after I finished nursing and the depression came back, but hey, that was the baby blues right??
    I had my third child in 2006, and this time I was put on Yaz….the headaches were intolerable, I cried and vomited, I was angry and sad. The only change I knew of was the Yaz, so I threw it away…
    they put me back on Yasmin, but I could still tell something was wrong…

    I never got back on either drug. My depression cleared up, I lost 30 lbs and got back to my 115lbs, I was happy….until I had to have a hysterectomy last year at 29 years old!
    Yasmin/Yaz seemed great at the time, I didn’t see the problems, I guess I explained it all away…
    In the end, I lost a few years I’ll never get back to be sad, depressed and sick, I lost my gallbladder, and I lost my uterus and cervix. all before I was 30!!!!

    IS IT WORTH IT??????

  42. First off i would like to offer my sympathies to the women who have tried this pill and it not work for them, as well as provoke crazy unwanted side effects. I googled this search board because my friends at my university mentionned it being recalled and i didnt hear of it. Now i feel compeled to write my story.

    I have been on Yasmin since i have been 16, I am now 20 so i have been on it for four years. I have had no side effects what-so-ever while taking this contraceptive and i have done the missed a day take two pills, missed a week of pills taking because i was on vacation and forgot my pack so missed the month completly instead of messing with my hormones. My period has always been regular no matter how i have taken the pill. Like many of these women on this board i have had the quickening of the heart and etc. HOWEVER, i was also drinking over a pot of coffee a day while this was happening and has stopped since i have stopped drinking that much coffee. Seeing that women a little older than me have started having sirious problems, I will double check my prescription with my Doctor to make sure that this pill is right for me.

    To the women reading this wall of comments for the same reasons as me, which is to inform ones’self, i would like to say the following things:
    1 – TRUST YOUR DOCTOR before going on any contraceptive make sure your doctor knows your medical history and that the pill you are taking coresponds with it – to ensure that the side effects will not affect you.
    2 – READ THE BOOKLET! every prescription, whether it be medicine or contraception, has a book or panflet that comes with it explaining the do’s and dont’s and the side effects. Remember no one forces you to take this birthcontrol. Read this before you take it figure out if you can live with the side effects if ever they occur. If not do not take it and move on to the next option.
    3 – CHECK-UPS! go to your yearly medical check-ups to enshure that nothing is wrong. Generally speaking everytime you start a new medication you should go see your doctor a minimum of 3 months after you start taking it. This is to make sure that there are no side-effects and if there is then to take action to change the prescription
    4 – FOOD AND SUCH! check your eating habits! you dont want heart-attacks, blood clots and etc because your drinking too much coffee, eating too much salt and/or sugar, smoking or taking other prescriptions while taking this contraception withought the approuval of your doctor. All of these things will effect you while on the pill hence why it is in the booklet that comes with it.
    5- SWITCHING Ladies, why switch to the generic brand? Just because it is cheaper doesnt make it better, in fact from what i have noticed alot of the new problems with Yasmin is more with its new pills created in 2008. Meaning they have only been on the market for a year, there are bound to be some glitches in it. Until theses glitches have been resolved stick with the original pill.

    Again my condolescences to the women who have had problems with this contraceptive. I know i myself would hate it if later on i find out this contraceptive has affected me in some way so can sympathise with you. However, like i said check with your doctor to see what is right for you, check the pamphlets, check your habits and dont switch withought making sure it is good.

  43. It really breaks my heart to see women going through this.

    While all birth controls have similar side effects, the FDA has warned the manufacturers of Yaz time and time again of various things.. The manufacters have done some false advertising throughout the years and women have been having strokes, having to have their gall bladders removed and then some. Weight out your options ladies!

  44. I am sorry to those of you who have/are experiencing problems, and those of you who have lost loved ones. However, I do not think that you can blame this pill for every little health problem you have had, including death.

    Firstly, ALL BIRTH CONTROL PILLS HAVE SIMILAR SIDE AFFECTS, and yes blood clots, stroke and heart attack are risks on any brand of oral contraceptive.

    Secondly, you should have had a thorough physical before starting the pill, and you should have had a thorough conversation with your doctor before you agreed to start taking the pill.

    Thirdly, smoking is a health risk no matter what age or physical state you are in, and smoking affects your blood and heart, so combined with taking any pill will cause more serious health issues.

    Fourth, chances are if you are having serious health issues it isn’t because of the pill, but it was probably made worse because of the pill, but was an issue you already had and didn’t know about.

    Fifth, if you noticed negative affects and changes and continued to take the pill for several months or several years and never consulted a doctor, then you are ignorant and are just as responsible for your health issues/death if not most responsible because you are the only person in charge of your health.

    Sixth, if you experienced no period and noticed hair growth after getting off of the pill, chances are you have PCOS and Yasmin was controlling it, and now that you are off of it you are experiencing the symptoms.

    Lastly, anyone who is making decisions about their health and their choice of birth control based on what strangers said on the internet instead of talking to your doctor about the risks and benefits is probably the most ignorant of the bunch.

  45. Just wanted to say to all the people out there that wrote in warning of this pill- THANK YOU! I have been on Yasmin for about 6 months and didn’t put two and two together until recently that my health problems (chest pains, irregular heart beat, night sweats, and migraines) are probably due to this pill. Thank you again for sharing all your info, I’m off this pill!

  46. You know I haven’t been feeling like myself for the past couple of years. I wake up in the morning and sometimes I feel like had went on a drinking benge the night before. I really feel like I have a horrible hang over. I often have shortness of breathe and occasionally chest pains. I started taking Yazmin about 2 years ago and switched to the generic form when it became available. I knew nothing about this until last night my husband said that he saw something on the news about people having these symptoms. He brought it up and had thought of me when he saw this because he said that I get quite moody at times. I am glad that so many of you have shared your stories whether it has any thing to do with the meds or not because if others have these symptoms maybe we won’t ignore them and go to the doctor. And Audrey I agree with what you say about people being hateful towards others but maybe that’s not there fault it could be the birth control that there on. lol. Good luck to you all.

  47. I started taking Yasmin about 10 weeks after giving birth last June 2008. Pretty much about two months after starting the pill, I was starting to get depressed, always moody, brown spots on my left cheek and really bad headaches. I never felt so horrible in my life and with having a new baby and relatively new marriage, no one need that crap in their lives. One day about 4 months ago I was out having a nice dinner with my husband, all of a sudden my heart started to beat really fast and I felf very strange inside, just not myself and all I could think was oh my gosh am I having a heart attack? I told my husband to feel my heart and he was scared and he told me to calm down, but I had nothing to calm down from, I was fine, not stressed out or anything. Eventually after about 10 minutes my heart beat went back to normal and I felt bettter. That following Monday I went to the doctor’s took an EKG and blood work and everything was fine, thank god! I stopped taking Yasmin the end of August 2009 and feel 1000% better. Prior to this time of taken Yasmin, I took it back in 2004 and was miserable and moody all the time too. I should have never tried it again in 2008 and definitely do not recommend this birth control pill to anyone. I will not go on any birth control pill again. I know everyone reacts different to pills, but this was not for me! P.S. my doctor said it was a good idea for me to stop taking it.

  48. I have been taking the generic for yasmin almost 4 years now. I haven’t experienced any problems. Frankly, everytime I try something new I always end up with issues, this one has worked the best for me!

  49. First of all I would like to express sympathy to those of you that lost a loved one. I have been on Yasmin (actually the genereic version) for about 2 1/2 years. IN the past few months I have been experiencing chest Pains almost everyday and also shortness of breath. I recently seen the ads on tv regarding lawsuits and i dont know whether to stop taking the pill or if its just the stress i have been under lately. I also had my gall bladder out about two years ago and i also had knee surgery done because of torn cartliage. This could all be nothing but i dont know if i should take the chance by continuing to take the pill.

  50. Has anyone experienced dry, stinging, hypersensitive skin while on Yasmin? Also, has anyone experienced nausea and vomitting, similar to morning sickness? If so, how long did it take for the symptoms to alleviate after stopping Yasmin?

  51. Ugh, this sucks. I’ve been on Yasmin two years, I take it continuously to avoid the out of control insanity and debilitating cramps of my pms and period. I tried Yaz but I went even crazier, and Ortho had the same detrimental effect. I do also use the yasmin as birth control. It is the only one that has manageable side effects for me, and the process of experimenting with others is horrifying to someone who suffers from such severe symptoms. The lack of a period and accompanying symptoms is actually slightly more important to me than the birth control properties. But. Possible death and/or gallstone surgery is simply not a manageable side effect.

    I am calling my Gynecologist tomorrow to discuss. I’m so horrified at the prospect of trying new pills. I hope everyone who is concerned will call their doctor or at least go to a clinic if they don’t have insurance. These boards are good, to a point, to see how serous this has been for some users. And to the women on here who are angry at those women who have had problems with it – that is simply hateful. You are obviously afraid of having something you use and like taken away from you. It’s sad to see the lack of caring for others. I hope everyone will speak to their doctor and take seriously the pain and loss of others.

  52. Im soooo worried….i took Yasmin in June of 2004. I only took the pills for a month or so but i had to go off it because i was having terrible side effects i expierenced terrible migranes, moody, vision problems, i actually blacked out at a red light and then all of a sudden it snapped back but my eyes hurt soooo bad afterwards, My feelings changed insanely, i got a terrible case of anxiety that i have never experienced before it got to the point were i was nervous to leave the house i didnt drive for a year. I lost a year of my life worrying and with my health and i believe now that it was the Yasmin that started it all. Im still on anxiety/depression medicine and i cant help but wonder if i have underlying problems that i dont know about…. What should i do im scared…

  53. I am also 23 and have been on Yasmin for 8 years. Obviously, I have been very happy with the pill. Before going on it I had horrible periods, bleeding for three weeks out of the month, almost the opposite as a regular cycle. After going on Yasmin my cycle was literally like clockwork. I’ve never been off the pill for even a month during those 8 years so I dont know if the pill has effected my body at all but i do worry about how it has effected my fertility for the future. I do feel as if I should have more energy in general for my age as well and wonder if the pill has something to do with this. Now that these warnings have come out I am getting nervous about how Yasmin is effecting my body but I am also very reluctant to get off this pill as I dont want to experience cycles like I did when i was younger. Not sure what I’m going to do.

  54. I am 23 and have been on Yasmin for almost 7 years… I have never had any problems, but all of these warnings are really freaking me out. I am definitely calling my doctor tomorrow.

  55. I have been on Yasmin for 7 years. Prior to that, I had tried many different types of b.c. pill and didn’t like the side effects such as weight gain, breast tenderness, etc. The reason why I chose Yasmin was because many of my friends have suggested that it was a great pill w/ no side effects so I went ahead and got on it.

    I will say that being on Yasmin, my weight has stayed the same, my acne cleared up and it kept me regular. I had no complaints up until a few years ago. I am the type of person who ignores pain, etc. The last few years, I have experienced irregular heart beat, such as the panic or feeling of having a heart attack. I had my dr. give me an EKG cause I kept having panic attacks, etc. or feared that something was wrong with my heart. I still do. One year ago, I stopped taking Yasmin and I did not get a period for 6 months!! That has never happened to me before. When I did get my period, there was a blood clot that came out of me. I do have a picture of it cause I was so worried. It was like a bloody jelly fish. I remember breathing real hard like I was giving birth to drive to push it out of me ( sorry to sound so graphic) I thought it was a miscarriage but my dr. said that it was normal to be irregular and that could happen. I honestly thought I was pregnant from not getting a period for so long, The tests came out negative or course. Anyhow, I was very upset and confused and worried when that happened. I had to get back on the pill to get regulated again.. I didn’t like not getting a period. Has this happen to anyone else taking Yasmin? That along with the chest heart prob. I’m worried now after the lawsuit and commercials. I contacted 3 lawyers tonight. And I’m getting off asap!!!!! Please let me know.

  56. I have been taking Yasmin for over 10 years off and on between kids. I can tell you that I too was astonished to see the ads on tv about the risks. I began having chest pains about a year or so ago and went to my dr. with my concern. He thought i was nuts because i am only 37 years old and in good health and couldn’t possibly have any heart problems. he gave me a referral to see a cardiologist anyway as he put to put my mind at ease. i never went. I thought I was being silly and it was probably just stress. However, it has been a year since then and these last few months the pain has been more regular and I keep saying “i am going to make an appt” to see the dr. and never do. It wasn’t until I saw this ad on TV that I put it together…it must be the pill. There would be no other medical reason why I would be having heart pains. I am stopping this pill immediately and making an appointment to go the cardiologist ASAP!

    Ladies, like I said I have been on this pill for a long time and loved it for years, never had any side effects until this last year. I can only hope the damage is minimal and I will be ok. I would not recommend taking yasmin after what I know now!!!

  57. I am currently 16 and have been on Yasmin since i was 14, so a little over 2 years. So far so good! I have no complanets about the pill and was put on it for suvier cramps and now only have a period every 3 months and cramps are gone! but all this i hear about it scares me a lil so i will talk to my doctor. Bottom line is tho every pill has its side effects and it effects everyone differently!

  58. I was on Yasmin for around a year. I had ulcerative colitis that cleared up a few years before going onto it. My Doc didn’t worry about that when putting me on Yasmin. About 5 months on Yasmin later my colitis was back. Tried all the medications for it but nothing worked. I asked both my specialist and gyne if it could be the Yasmin as I’d seen Crohn’s mentioned in the insert and they said no. That if every women on it got ulcerative colitis it wouldn’t be around anymore. I finally decided to get off Yasmin and my digestive system was better within a few months. I now take nothing for it at all. I had to put off getting my diploma because I was so sick and as a result am now struggling to find work.

  59. My condolsences go out to anyone who had loved ones who passed away. I am 22 years old and I was on yasmin for roughly 4 years. Then I switched over to the generic brand called Ocella about a year ago. I have had no issues or side effects as of now. I never suffered any of the symptoms it actually helped regulate my period…. My periods are mostly painless and short. I’m a non smoker, rarely drink, and exercise on a regular basis .However hearing about the numerous television commericals lately has made me become skeptical. I called my primary care yesterday to consult with her to see what reccomends. As of yesterday I stop taking the pill. All and all prescription drugs have there consquences and We need to start worshiping our bodies and find a safer way for contraceptive.

  60. I switched to Yasmin 5 mo. ago, at the recommendation of my doctor, I am a smoker, I am 28 yrs. old ;
    I have had pneumonia twice, three mo ago and just got it again, I have aweful cramping, constant clotting with my period, chest pains that feel like my chest will cave in, a really heavy pain in my lower body ( hard to explain) and depression all of the sudden- I had no idea why and the clinics are swamped with people getting the H1N1 vaccine ( 4.5 hr. waits) I just saw something about Yasmin causing some of my symptoms on tv last night! and am really freaked out! guess I better wait the 4.5 hrs. and get in! makes sense though I never had these issues until I switched.

  61. I’ve been on and off Yazmin for six years now. I love it. Every bcp has risks and side effects. I have never had a negative experience. The decision to add hormones to your body to interrupt a normal and healthy function of that body is dangerous. It will always carry dangers with it. Don’t smoke, don’t add to the risk. If you do, don’t go blaming the pill because you can’t follow directions. Become informed, take responsibility for your body and don’t blame others for your problems and you will be happier and healthier in all aspects of your life.

  62. I”ve been taking Yasmin for 2 years now and nothing has happened to me. Thanks to this pill i haven’t missed school or any other activity because of menstrual cramps. It just affects people in different ways.

  63. I’ve only been on the generic form of yasmin for about a week. i’ve been really tired, but happy. today i wanted to throw up and around my heart was hurting, my breathing was way weird too. it only lasted for about an hour though. do i need to get off of it?

  64. I been on yasmin for about 2 years now. I’m getting off of it because I’m not wtih anyone… The recalls scare me, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell if I have any clots or anything.
    I’m 22 and I’ve had so many injuries from my ex fiance and from workign with horses it’s hard to tell.
    I have 3 totay broken ribs, that cause chest pain if I move wrong (Ya’ll could say heart attack or failure but I doubt it)
    I ripped my core on my left side (Which causes me to have pain in my stomach and back at times which ya’ll could say is something else)
    I had a dislocated hip that I never went to the doctor for (Which causes my leg to get weak and give out) I have a blown out knee which makes the other leg weak.
    I have a fuzed disk in my back which causes back issues.
    N a cracked sternum… (Some was caused by my ex fiance)
    I’m not concerend to much, I started smokeing a year ago, I used to go through two packs a day, now it’s down to one pack if that.
    It hits everyone, weather you smoke or not. It’s like H1N1. Even the healthiest of people get sick.
    I read through all of this and realized, most the people who have died are healthy, or so people thought they were. They couldve had an underlying issue.
    Now my family, my great uncle has had 4 strokes 3 heart attacks, My father had a minor one, and high blood pressure runs in our family.
    One other reason I’m getting off of it,
    I do like Yasmin (I’m on the generic brand) it’s a good pill… I’m just done takeing it for right now.
    I wish you all the best of luck. I’m very sorry for your losses.
    I so far haven’t had any complications, and it’s treated me well, even though I smoke heavily!

  65. I was on yasmin for two years but a mistake by the doctor and me for not looking the pill up myself I was told to take it all the time with no breaks, as i need to be on a mini pill due to monthly being very very bad, and other health reasons.
    I came off it about 4 months ago and went on to a proper mini pill, when I was on yasmin i did get chest pains, but the doctors didnt find anything so weather it was yasmin or not i can’t say, but since coming off it they pains in my chest has stopped.
    by the way im 22 from the UK.
    i dont smoke or drink, so the pains wherent caused by that, and after reading some of the comments on here i am glad i have come off it now.
    I am on the pill for medical reasons only not for contraception.

  66. i’m 25 and i’ve been taking Yasmin for almost 3 years in which time i’ve smoked a lot and still i’ve had no problem. it actually helped me lose some weight. so i reckon it depends…

  67. Ummm….you people need to get a clue. For those of you who smoke, why would you give a second thought to a pill causing a heart attack or stroke? I mean that is what you buy when you buy a pack of smokes…..duh…and you are dumb enough to actually pay for the damage. Also let’s get this straight, a blockage in a coronary artery doesn’t happen over night, it’s a slow inisiduous build up of donuts, cigarettes, and doritos. Take a look at your tummy and tell me it’s yasmin’s fault. Whatever

  68. All you people are wondering why you’re having heart problems when you take the pill AND smoke heavily? OH PLEASE!!! Why do you think your doctor tells you not to smoke while on the pill?

    Having problems on the pill? Then don’t take it! Use a condom if you’re worried about getting pregnant!

  69. I LOVE YASMIN……I have had long, heavy, painful periods for years and and had an IYD which I never stopped bleeding with. Now I am totally regular and only have 2 days of cramps since I started taken Yasim a year ago. I am a health, non-smoking, exercising 48 year old. Hopefully I won’t have to take this for much longer…..hello menopause!!

  70. Actually, it’s not that I get so depressed at the begining and end of each cycle..it’s that I get these horrible feelings whenever I start a new pack of pills.

  71. I hav been taking yasmin for about 3 years and the entire time I have had uncontrollable crying spells at the beginning and end of each cycle, suicidal feelings, feeling like it’s the end of the world, mood swings, irritable behavior, crazy pms, etc. I was supposed to start a new pack on Sunday, but I’ve been off of it for 6 days. The first few days I felt so much better. The last 2 days I’ve been a little irritable because this is a MAJOR hormonal change. Hopefully this will sort itself out. I’d rather get pregnant than feel suicidal.

  72. I am 37 years old, have been on Yasmin for 5+ years now and have had no problems. I exercise daily, am a non smoker and drink rarely. I too, like a few of the other women who have posted, suffer from PCOS and other infertility issues. This pill WAS NOT prescribed to me to help with those side effects. My reproductive endocrineologist prescribed Metformin to help with the weight gain, hair growth, acne, etc. He continued/continues the Yasmin because I do not ovulate on my own, so this way I have a “clean bleed” each month. My periods are light and short, which is a plus for me. Unfortunately I was never able to conceive but I do not blame that on the birth control pill. It’s just the way I am made.
    I will though, like others, talk this over with my doctor when I go in for my annual exam. We, as women, need to continue to be vigilant and not be uncomfortable in talking with our physicians about problems or concerns. For now I will remain on Yasmin, but if my doctor feels a change would be beneficial, then I will follow that reccomendation.

  73. I’ve been taking Yasmin for about 5 years and have not had any problems at all. Periods are short and painless. I will speak to my doctor about it as I don’t want to be careless. It seems these days just about every drug advertised on t.v. has a list of side effects that would make any person think twice about taking anything.

  74. I’ve actually been taking Yasmin for 5 years now. I have had no problems. This does make me worried though. Especially since I have no insurance. Hopefully they will make up their mind soon about whether to recall it or not.

  75. My 16 year old daughter was skinny (size zero!) and didn’t smoke. She was on Yaz for six weeks and started having leg pain almost immediately. When she walked up stairs, her leg would get very tired and crampy at the back of the upper thigh. After a few weeks with this pain, it was diagnosed as sciatica which is odd for her age.

    After another week, she woke up with chest pain so severe that she couldn’t reach over to get her phone off her night stand. She cried silently for hours till I saw her car in the driveway and wondered why she was not at school. I found her sitting up in bed in a puddle of tears and she could only whisper because it hurt to breathe. The doctor diagnosed it as pleurisy (inflammation of the lining around the lungs often after a virus).

    Two days later she stood up at a concert for six hours and couldn’t afford the high price of bottled water so she got dehydrated. She came home from the concert asking if one leg looked swollen. She is so skinny that everybody laughed. The she took off her jeans and her leg was blue.

    We rushed to the local hospital (we should have called an ambulance!) where they found a small blood clot her her lungs and a large one in her leg. They flew her in a helicopter to a bigger hospital. For the next four days, we watched the clot get bigger and bigger even though she was put on anti-coagulants. They managed to get it stopped before it blocked the blood flow to her kidneys. By the end, it blocked the whole vein from just above her ankle to just below her belly button. You hear ads about clots the size of a pencil eraser on tv – hers was bigger around than a gummy worm and over two feet long!

    We learned that 5% of caucasians have a super clotting gene called Factor V (Five) that does NOT mix with birth control. And if you are scandanavian, your chance is closer to 10%. The whole family had to get tested and several how have to be careful to avoid hormones, standing or sitting still for hours at a time, cigarette smoke and dehydration.

    Smoother period are not worth dying for!

    My daughter is OK now but she spent several horrendous months on home schooling, getting shots in her belly, constant blood tests and doctor visits. Not being able to lay down for a month trashed her spine and she needed lots of physical therapy. She has to wear a compression stocking and her leg gets very tired so she can’t stand up for long periods. Luckily, she has not had the bad swelling that can cause severe leg damage and make the skin fragile and purple.

    I would like every woman who goes on birth control to receive a copy of the warning signs of blood clots.

  76. I am sooo sorry for everyone who has lost someone due to contraceptives…

    I took Yasmine for 4 years and in January was almost hospitalized for blood pressure of 180/140. Stroke level. NO ONE at the ER thought it was due to birth control…

    To everyone else who is citing what you should/should not do…I am avid runner – All American Runner…I am NOT a SMOKER and do not drink.

    I have permanent heart damage due to yasmin. I have high blood pressure. This drug almost killed me and no one knew what was wrong with me. It was so scary.

    Please stop posting condeming msgs of Don’t Smoke…etc…this can happen to anyone who is healthy etc…

    You need to rail on the Drs who don’t pay attention to the patients medical history or watch the medication prescribed and prescribe it only to receive kickbacks!

    Everyone else…get off the drug – if the side effects don’t happen now…they will!!

  77. I started taking Yaz in August of 2009, to help with my period, I was perfectly healthy before taking this pill, I am a non-smoker, I just got release from the Hospital last week for an ruptured ovarian cyst, My doctor thinks the cause of that was from the Yaz pills, He told me to throw them out ASAP. It was one of the most painful experiences in my life; I hope no one has to go through that,

    I still have quite a bit of pain, they have put me on Oxycodiene and Naproxen and just want to get back to my happy self, and it’s been a struggle.

    It’s nice to see that other people have the same issues although I wish none of us had to go through this, when all is said and done we were all trying to do the right thing by being safe,

  78. I took yasmin for 3 months and felt horrible the whole time. I made me feel lethargic, gave me bad headaches, low mental energy, and less enjoyment during sex. I found out that it lowers the progesterone and heightens estrogen in your body. I found out that progesterone regulates a bunch of other hormones in your body, your thyroid, your mood, sleeping hormones, and adrenaline hormones. If you have too low of progesterone in your body everything is inclined to go out of wack. LADIES: please, our bodies and souls are too beautiful and precious to be doing this too them. Lets take some value in who we are and take the better route for the long run. I’ve been off birth control now for a month and every week I feel so much better and more energetic; and I feel more like how my body should. Our bodies are to be taken care of!

  79. I recently just saw the commercial on TV regarding the dangers of taking Yazmin birth control and I was astonished. I have been using Yazmin as contraceptive for over 6 years. I would like to send my condolences to those people who have lost loved ones as a result of taking this pill. I am currently now 25 years old and frequently have abdominal pains, chest pains, and headaches. I do smoke, and on occasions, I smoke alot which is soooo contraindicated with birth control. I have had MRA’s done on my brain for the headaches and I am currently seeing a cardiologist regarding my frequent chest pains. Also I find myself sometimes to be weirdly emotional. I too have severe joint pains and have been tested for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to lupus, there is no answer as to why I am experiencing these pains, but I know that Yazmin can cause electrolyte imbalances, especially Potassium. Potassium levels are closely related to heart function, as a registered nurse I know this. I am beginning to see that Yazmin could be the reason for my problems. I am a registered nurse and it is scary to know that a pill like this could be on the market and have so many loyal customers but possibly be causing these health concerns. I am going to stop taking the pill today. I am looking in to other forms of contraceptive. To be quite frank, yazmin never really made me feel great, didn’t make my skin clear or help with menstrual cycle pains. I thank all of you for sharing your personal details, one comment at a time, we could be saving eachothers lives. Thanx!!!

  80. I have been taking yasmin since june of 2009 and all that it has done for me is make my periods lighter and shorter. Also, my moods have been changed. Im not as mean as i was on my other birth control pills. I enjoy taking yasmin, but these warnings for it are starting to scared me. Im 18 years old and ive been through four or five different birth control pills, and been through the shot and the ring. I must say that yasmin is the best pill ive had.

  81. I’ve been on Yasmin for 6yrs. I have loved the product and highly reccomeded it to others, however I’ve recently been diagnosed with gallstones. Which is strange cause there is no family history and I’m a healthy person. The pain has become intolerable and excrutiating. I spend hours every night suffering in pain. I was never made aware of this possible side effect. I do believe it is from the Yasmin b.c. I am stopping my use and am ashamed that I caused myself such harm.

  82. Here ya go, plain and simple:

    You must not use YASMIN if:

    * you have, or have ever had a disorder affecting the blood circulation. In particular, those conditions relating to thrombosis. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot. This may occur in the blood vessels of the legs (deep vein thrombosis), the lungs (pulmonary embolism), the heart (heart attack), the brain (stroke), or other parts of the body
    * you have or have had a stroke (caused by a blood clot or a rupture of a blood vessel in the brain)
    * you have or have ever had a condition that may be a first sign of a heart attack (such as angina pectoris or chest pain) or stroke (such as transient ischaemic attack or small reversible stroke)
    * you have or have had a pancreatitis (an inflammation of the pancreas) associated with high levels of fatty substances in your blood
    * you have diabetes mellitus with blood vessel damage
    * you or someone in your immediate family have or have had high blood levels of cholesterol or triglycerides (fatty substances)
    * you have jaundice (yellowing of the skin) or severe liver disease
    * you have or have had cancer of the breast or the genital organs
    * you have a severe kidney insufficiency or an acute failure of your kidney
    * you have or have had a benign or malignant liver tumour
    * you have a history of migraine accompanied by e.g. visual symptoms, speech disability, or weakness or numbness in any part of your body
    * you have any unexplained vaginal bleeding
    * you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
    * you are allergic to any of the ingredients of YASMIN

    Tell your doctor if:

    If YASMIN is used in the presence of any of the conditions listed below or they appear for the first time or recur or worsen during treatment, you may need to be kept under close observation. You doctor can explain this to you. You should tell your doctor if:

    * you smoke
    * you have diabetes
    * you are overweight
    * you have high blood pressure
    * you have a heart valve disorder or a certain heart rhythm disorder
    * you have an inflammation of your veins (superficial phlebitis)
    * you have varicose veins
    * anyone in your immediate family has had thrombosis, a heart attack or a stroke
    * you suffer from migraine
    * you suffer from epilepsy
    * anyone in your immediate family has had breast cancer
    * you have liver, kidney or gallbladder disease
    * you have an increased potassium blood level (e.g. due to problems with your kidneys) and additionally use a diuretic or other medicine that may increase the potassium in your blood (ask your doctor)
    * you or someone in your immediate family has or has had high blood levels of cholesterol or triglycerides (fatty substances)
    * you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammatory bowel disease)
    * you have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE; a disease affecting the skin all over the body)
    * you have haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS; a disorder of blood coagulation causing failure of the kidneys)
    * you have sickle cell disease
    * you have a condition that occurred for the first time or worsened during pregnancy or previous use of sex hormones (e.g. hearing loss, a metabolic disease called porphyria, a skin disease called herpes gestationis, a neurological disease called Sydenham’s chorea)
    * you have or have had chloasma (yellowish-brown pigmentation patches on the skin, particularly of the face); if so, avoid too much exposure to the sun or ultraviolet radiation

  83. I am 23 years old and put on Yasmin about a month ago. I also take levoxyl for thyroid. When they handed me the box of Yasmin I was worried because of the recall, but every side effect is different for everyone. I go to the gym, I don’t eat too bad, don’t drink, don’t smoke…and i have had NO symptoms so far! Things have been great actually. I haven’t gained weight (which is surprising because with thyroid, the results are weight gain). It seems like the people that have had major problems have either been SMOKING, had other diseases, or been on Yasmin for at least a year! This still worries me…but since I have had no symptoms and I’m pretty healthy altogether, I think that Yasmin is fine!

  84. I’ve been on Yasmin for 8 years. I have not had any bad side effects but in the pass few months every time I go to the doctors my blood pressure has been high. The doctor told me to watch it and if it doesn’t go down I will have to go on blood pressure medication. After reading about the side effect I will no longer take Yasmin… I’m going to monitor my blood pressure to see if it will go back to normal..

  85. I am the mother of one incredible, wonderful woman. She is my only child. I will continue to say “IS” even though she “is” no longer with me. She passed away in her sleep last July 5. I went in to say good morning, and instead found that I would not be saying good morning to her on this earth ever again.

    Christine was 23 year 10 months and 21 days old. She did not drink, smoke, use drugs of any kind, except for Yazmin, which I had been convinced by her OB to put her on when she was 16, and experiancing difficulty with her cycle.

    My normally loving and happy daughter had the next seven years filled with mood swings, differences in her skin color, chest pains, and weight gain, that I was told were related to depression…. she had nothing to be depressed about, and doctors attempted to convince her to take many other drugs to combat the above mentioned symptoms, never addressing the overall problem… typical.

    She was very athletic… she was at the gym almost every day.. and after one of the best nights of out lives together, she never woke up…. what a terrible sight to find your only child the way I found her. That picture never leaves my mind.

    The coroner took 14 weeks to complete her autopsy… no drugs, not even alcohol… no aparent cause of death. In order to close the case I was told the lable they were putting on it was “cardiac arithmia.” Two words that are now supposed to make sense of this terrible twist of our lives… Now come to find out that my intuition was right… she never should have been put on a drug every day of the month to take care of a problem that occured one or two days out of some months. It is also clear that some doctors in our area were probably receiving incentives for prescribing this drug… was her doctor one of those…. if so, does her doctor think of that now when she goes home and kisses her children’s faces?

    The drug company rushed to meet the need of a clamoring public who want to make the natural cycles of our body dissapear in order to make their sex lives more active with less responsibility…. Families like ours who would never have used birth control for any reason other than medical issues, have been destroyed in the name of the almighty dollar.

    Yesterday, a lawyer, trying to convince me to sign with their firm, casually stated that I could look forward to receiving $100,000 to over $1. million if I join in the class action against Bayer… As if a check with more or less zeros buys the time I can never have with her… the time that is irreplaceable… the time she suffered… the time she died alone in her bed…

    Damn all of them… damn the rush to profit from our loss. She is the face of your greed. She is the price of your lust… we are the price that can never be repaid.

  86. Hey everyone,
    Im Romo, Im 21 years old and i have been on Yasmin since i was 18. I never had any bad side effects from taking the pill, until lately I started having chest pains. I went to my doctor, got an ultrasound of my breasts and found i have a blood clot somewhere in my right breast. I have to get it “drained” next week. I didn’t think much of it, until I started hearing these recall comments from co-workers. The doctors couldn’t give me a straight answer of why this happens. But I am sure gonna do my reasearch on it and see what caused this blood clot. Ill keep everyone up to date…….

  87. I was on yasmin for about 2 years. I developed moderate depression, a yeast infection that was persistent and was resistent to over the counter creams (I kept a yeast infection, never went away!) And severely decreased libido. For some strange reason I also developed horrible insomnia that went away promptly after I stopped taking yasmin.

    I also had these tiny growths on my inner labia that came and went in about 2 days. They stung when I urinated but never ulcerated or did anything other than disappear as soon as they appeared. The doctor said they were nothing, but guess what? They promptly stopped showing up after I went off yasmin, and I’ve been off of it for over a year now. Good riddence to that God-awful pill!

  88. im so sorry to all how has lost some one due to this pill and all the people with serious illness.. but i was about take a pill for the first time but now that i look at al these comments im thinking twice about it iv had my gall bladder removed just had a baby and have low blood pressure so im already in serious risks… but im probably sure i would die if i took this so my advice for every one on the pill or about to take it is think twice and change to a diffrent birthcontrol!!!

  89. I have been on yasmin since I was 13 years old due to ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and severe pain. I am now 26 years old. I owe everything to yasmin! I would lie in bed feeling like someone was digging an ice pick into by stomach very slowly and not to mention all the times I spent in the emergency room from the pain. Yasmin stopped the ovarian cysts from rupturing, stopped me from having unbearable pain during my periods, and gave me a life! All medications have side afftects and can cause deaths. My blood pressure is running high, which I immediately that it was due to yasmin, but then I made a list of everything that I put into my body. The economy and nergy drinks, coffee, nicotine, goodies headache powders, candy, salt, etc. That will cause high blood pressure, heart failure, etc. So, my suggestion is before you assume this medication is bad for you talk to your doctor about it. There may be other alternatives for you depending on what your using birth control for. But for me, Yasmin has been awesome. I recommend it to my friends and anyone I know. I had no side effects from this medication, no weight gain ( I am 5’7 and 128 lbs), my complexion is amazing, and I don’t even complain when it’s “that time of the week”. I also want to add that I am sorry for those who have had health issues and I hope that you all feel better in due time. Thank you for reading my opinion.


  91. Hi everyone

    My deepest sincere sympathies to those of you how have lost loved one’s due to this contraceptive. And, for those of you who have had problems as well.
    But like the package and your doctor says, it affects everyone differently.
    I only really came on here to ease my fiance’s mind. I have been taking alesse for the past 5 years approx. and recently i’ve been getting severe migraines, so my doctor suggested yasmin. I hope I don’t get any migraine’s or anything else for that matter while on yasmin

  92. I have been on Yasmin for 2.5 yrs… I have had no side effects. I havent lost weight and I havent gained weight. I am 26 and DO NOT smoke. I do get the occasionally chest pain, but my doctor isnt worried as they are like “twinges” more like muscle spasms. It has helped me with pimples and cramping and I am less “physco” around PMS time.

    Every thing affects everyone differently. The side effects listed above are the same of ALL oral contraceptives. Seems Yasmin has grown very popular and may be putting other companies out of business?

  93. I took Yasmin for about 9 months. I’m so sorry to all of you who are or know someone who has had major side effects, illness or who has died because of this drug. I knew, the whole time I was on the drug, that something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t experience any of the major side effects, but I did notice changes in mood and I lost my sex drive all together. I’m not saying that’s as big a deal as many of the other side effects, but it does sort of negate the purpose of one going on the birth control pill.

    Anyway, keep on writing! It’s good to know what is going on for people with these drugs. As women, we want to feel liberated and in control of our own fertility, but it can come at such a high price. The drug companies need to stop lying to us and sugar coating the risks.

  94. I have been on YASMIN for over 6 years now. I have never had any serious problems linked to being on this pill. I came across this website only because my mom saw a TV Ad suggesting that there may be ongoing lawsuits directly related to this pill. I haven’t done all my research, but as far as I know YAZ and YASMIN are different BC pills. I believe I have heard negative comments about YAZ. For me, YASMIN has given me shorter periods and barely NO cramps, compared to before when my period would linger and the cramps were debilitating. I do know that there is a generic version of YASMIN, but I am picky about my medicine and don’t want to take any risks seeing how I haven’t had any problems thus far. I am willing to pay the extra that my insurance won’t cover. I do know that you SHOULD NOT BE SMOKING if you are on any pill. The risks are apparent and I know I personally would never do anything that was going to increase my risks of experiencing life-threatening health issues.

  95. I was on yasmin (to treat acne) for just a few months and developed very large cysts in my breast. Was told by the breast cancer specialist to never touch this stuff again. I also now have some weird heart condition called LGL syndrome.

  96. I have been on Yasmin for over 5 years and I’ve been fine. In fact, it’s the only birth control that works for me. I take Yasmin for hormone balance and as a birth control. I’ve tried other birth control but my periods were terrible and my hormones were so imbalanced that I was having migraine headaches multiple times per week.

  97. My 29 yr old niece passed away on March 4, 2008. She had been taking Yaz for about 5 months after having her baby. She knew her hormones were out of wack and actually had a drs appointment for the afternoon that she passed away to talk about what she was experiencing . Other then the above issue she was in great health, didn’t drink or smoke. I understand many of the above comments are from women who are upset because it seems to be the answer to some very frustrating female problems. But when I read that my niece should have known all of the risks involved because it is in the fine print, it seems very insensitive to those of us that have suffered loss or those that are experiencing horrible health issues because of it. You’re correct, you have a right to take it, if you want. But do you really think that all of the lawsuits that are being filed are bogus complaints. Obviously there are some huge problems w/Yaz. So stop critisizing those that are trying to figure out if their problems are being caused by Yaz. They’re scared and they should be.

    The problem lies with the doctors and drug companies putting stuff in our hands that have too many risks involved. We should never have access to something that is causing so many serious problems. Instead,they promoted it as the best bc pill ever. That is where I feel we have gone wrong, we trust the doctor’s to really know what they are prescribing and all of it’s issues, when really a lot of times I don’t think they do. The FDA is overextended with being over Food and Drugs and a lot of crap is slipping through the cracks. I say if you are experiencing any issues while on Yaz , GET OFF OF IT! It’s not worth losing your life over. I would give anything to have my niece back and I’m sure her husband and two kids would, too!

  98. I’ve been on Yasmin for 4 years now and for a brief blip my insurance switched me to a different and more affordable brand and I was miserable on that one. The other brand made me ill, gave me sever migraines, weight gain, PMDD, severe mood swings, painful cramps, and nearly every other side effect. However once I was back on the Yasmin everything was wonderful, I think Yasmin affects people differently and you should really talk with your Doctor about the pros and cons.

  99. i started taking yasmin when i was 19 and got off of it when i was 22. I had no problems..I had a little weight gain but i worked it off at the gym. i’m starting back on it again after 2 years.

  100. I have taken Yasmine for 3 1/2 years. After I stopped taking it in December of 2008, I haven’t received a period. Additionally, I have seen a huge difference in hair growth. It has been growing faster and darker and in places where there was minimal hair before! i.e. my face. I have just started taking a hormone used to stimulate a period. I haven’t finished the 10-day pill cycle yet, but am hoping for a period.

  101. I am 25 and have been on Yasmin since Januaury of this year, I have no complaints or concerns about it what-so-ever. Its doing fine for me… so far so good I guess!

  102. Any birth control pill containing estrogen, including Yasmin, has an increased risk for heart attack and stroke….clearly cited in the package insert. ANY patient of any age who smokes is also at an additional increased risk for heart attack, stroke, thromboembolism. To suggest that an 18 y/o who smokes is not at increased risk for these events is completely wrong.
    Every women will respond differently to different birth control pills. Most birth control pills contain estrogen (ethinyl estradiol), therefore, an increased risk for those conditions. Now, if a women gets pregnant, her risk for heart attack, stroke, and blood clots is far greater than her risk on the birth control pill. Hence, risk vs. benefits. Other methods of birth control are available, including abstinence, condoms, progestin only methods, and intrauterine devices.
    The risks of all methods are clearly noted on package inserts.

  103. I also have PCOS am 27 and have been on Yasmin for about 1-1 1/2 years. I have had wonderful results as far as with the acne going away and the weight gain stopping. However I have had two miscarriages this year after beening off the pill for almost a year and a half trying to conceive. Wondering if anyone else has this problem? Is is just me or is it the pill? Not for sure. Hoping it is just me because this is the only BC in a long list that I have tried that has worked this well with the PCOS. Anyone else in the same boat as me?

  104. Sara- I completely agree with you I have been on Yasmin since early 2005, I stopped in 2007 when I had my frist daughter and then I was on it agiain in 2008 briefly and then after my second daughter this year i have been back on Yasmin since March 2009. I have not had any issues at all, I actually love the pill no weight gain I actually have lost a little weight((mind you I am already overweight))

  105. Jennifer and Crystal- I wanted to mention too, that I’m 22 and have PCOS as well and was put on Yasmin less than a year ago. So far so good though. I needed it to increase estrogen and progesterone and it’s been amazing in that. I smoke occasionally but hopefully not enough to cause the problems that others have stated. But I maintain a strict diet and exercise regimen that have helped my PCOS symptoms immensely and live a healthy lifestyle. I’m just hoping that all of these risks are worth it, because I’ve heard it is no fun to switch pills. But from the comments it’s making me worry :(

  106. Hello Crystal, I wasnt going to post on this website until I read your post. I myself have had polycystic ovarian syndrome for roughly 5yrs and I have all the symptoms your daughter has, I actually just took my first pill of Yasmin about 1hr ago and wanted to see what everyone thinks about it. If anything I just wanted to post this to let you know it is the syndrome she has and not the medicine most likely. Ive heard the only way to lose PCOS is by exercising and eating healthy which I do not do but the doctor thinks this medicine is going to help me… I can only pray. I can tell you my symptoms are.. I only get a period maybe 2 times a year, I have horrible acne (for someone who never had it as a child that is), weight gain, facial hair, hair grows alot faster and darker, etc.

  107. My 16 year old daughter has been on Yasmin since she was 12 years old. It was prescribed to help with her poly cystic ovarian syndrome. She has gained a great deal of weight since starting this pill. She has had to have her gall bladder removed about 2 years ago. They said it was totally non functional and was green in color upon removal. She has very heavy bleeding with her periods. She was holpitalized 2 months ago with severe stomach pain. Her ct scan showed that she had multiple cysts on both of her ovaries. She also has a area of fluid between her ovaries that they are watching to see if it goes away on its own. She also has puss filled knots that come up under her armpits and in her groin area. They are very painful and eventually bust. She has many bad scars from these puss knots. There is also dark skin discoloration under her armpits. I am wondering how much of her symptoms are coming from the Yasmin. I am very concerned about her health and do not know where to turn for answers to these problems.

  108. I have been on Yasmine for a year and a half and have had no side effects. I find it awful interesting that many note I did not say all…but many of the blood clot and other problems come from people that smoke. It states CLEARLY in the directions that it is advisable that you DO NOT smoke while on the pill…..at that goes for ALL brands. Those of us that disregard those warnings have no ground to stand on when it comes to complains.

  109. I was taking yasmin for almost 2 years. This June 2009 i suffered a blood blot in my lung (pulmonary embolism) I’m in excellent health but I do smoke 10 cigarettes a day. I’m only 26, and now I will be more prone to blood clots. I have weekly doctor appointments and take blood thinners for 6-9 months. I have no children but when i want to have them i will have to take medication to prevent blood clots. Ive been advised my numerous doctors that I should never again take any form of birthcontrol. This has effected my relationship and my state of mind.This should be taken off the market ASAP!!!

  110. I have been on Yasmin for 2 years and I haven’t had any problems.. I went from a very low dose of estrogen to this higher dose and it has made a world of difference. With low estrogen it effected me like I was going through menopause, mood swings, hot flashes, ect. (I was 21). Like other people have said, there are risks with all birth control methods and people react differently from different medications, so you can’t rule it out for everyone. The risks are clearly stated in your prescription and most of the time it effects people who have an underlying condition.

  111. I have been on Yasmin for about over two years now and havn’t had any problems on top of the fact that I have been smoking for 3 years. My periods are all regular when I get off the pill for 7days I have about a 3 day period go back on and its fine every month. I was experiencing really heavy cramps and yasmin has greatly lessened them.

  112. I am 19 years old..i have been taking yasmin since i was 12 years old so about 7years..inorder to help my period..well on christmas 2008 i found out i was 4 months pregnant and in january 2009 for my first dr appointment i found out i had a miscarrige..which i cant blame on yasmin i dont know thought but two weeks after the miscarrige i get back on yasmin and for the last 7 months i have been living in pain..no period i only bleed when i strain to pick something up..hard time breathing..hurts to walk or function at all..and so much more..going to dr.’s to find out whats going on and no news yet..not shure wether its yasmin or what but its scary not knowing what to do…all i want is my life back..already lost my job because i cant live with the pain

  113. I have been on Yasmin for over 5 years now. I had very little side effects. In March of 2009 I had a serious episode. I passed out, quit breathing, turned blue, had seizure like shaking, wet my pants and was very confused when I woke up. I had to go to the ER and they ordered that I get testing done to be safe, they thought it was more like a seizure but they werent 100% sure. I got the testing and everything came back normal. I was cleared by both a Cardiologist and a Neurologist. I wasnt able to work or drive for 4 months (thats how long it took for all my testing to be done and results to get back). Im not saying this happened because of taking this birth control, but I am definatly going to get it checked out!

  114. I have been on Yasmin for 5 years. My sister-in-law recommended it to me since she had been on it for 2 years before me.. Neither one of us has had a problem. If you are afraid of side effects…don’t take prescriptions. Simple.

  115. Well I been on yasmin since 2005 and its 09 now I got off aug of 08 and I’m pregnant due aug.15th 09 and I never had a problem.

    I do not have highblood pressure or cholestrol?????
    I did take Yasmin.
    Doctors could not figure out why I was having chest pain thought it was panic attacks. I passed out or always felt like i was going to.
    Then last year I had horrible chest pain. I would not take any of these.
    It has been a year since I had a Stent put in to clear the blockage to my heart. I was not able to try for the baby we just started trying for beacuse I was on PLAVIX for a year. I had no clue what could have caused this. Doctors said just a freak thing??
    Then I heard about the class action suits and I am sarting to wonder – YA THINK!!!
    iI also took ORTO LOW!!!!!

  117. I had no problems with Yasmin. I have been on multiple Birth Controls, including Depo Prevera.. Which made me suicidal. Yasmin has the same effects as any B.C. But it is by far the best one I have tried. I do suggest no one tries Yaz though!

  118. I took Yasmin for in 2007-2008 and suffered from pulmonary embolism which almost caused me my life had i not went to the doctor when i did. Not only did the pills give me blood clots, but i also got pregnant after 16years of using bc.


  120. i was on Yas for about a year before my wedding in March 2008. i was told that when we wanted to start a family we should stop taking BC atleast a month in advance so as to build up a thicker lining. i stoped taking BC in dec 2007 and i have not had a natural period since then. in june 2008 i was given projesterone to start one, and again in august 2008. its now June 2009 and i miss my periods. people at work say i am SOOO lucky… they aren’t trying to start a family… this is nearly 2 years without a natural menstral cycle… some one let me know if they have had the same problems… and what solution i might be able to use… i’m desperate.

  121. My daughter was on yasmin for two months and she is 18.She had a pulmonary in both lungs.Alot of Iv’s, breathing treatments sick at her stomach sharp stabbing pains in her back.She in very good health before she took these pills.Never smoked ever and did not drink ,She has to to a lung doc.every week ,blood tests and has to to take blood thinners for a long time. PLEASE USE SOMETHING ELSE. IT’S NOT WORTH THE CHANCE!

  122. I’m 41 years old, non- smoker. About 2 years ago, I started having heavy bleeding, painful cramps, and serious mood swings. all were out of the norm for me. It started when I stopped taking birth control at age 38. My doctor recommened birth control to control the symptoms. Shortly after taking yaz I noticed that the left side of my face looked droopy. Not realizing that it maybe a side affect from the pill. a year later, I went to the doctor because I was worried that something was wrong and afraid that I may have had a lite stroke and didn’t know it. Doctor said she didn’t see anything wrong, she sent me for a kat scan, they said nothing was wrong. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to go to the doctor. I know that something happened to me. After hearing about the recall I am convinced that maybe whatever happened to the left side of my face (similar to a stroke) was possibly caused by this pill. I going to get a second opinion and I will stop taking the pill today.

  123. Yasmin actually ranks the lowest by women among all other forms of birth control as having the most number of undesirable side effects. The added risks should come as no surprise.

  124. I was on Yasmin for about a year and when I got on it I was already irregular. I had a period every other month or longer. Now I’ve been off of it for a year, NO PERIOD! I would recommended not taking birth control.

  125. I was on Yasmin for 2 years. My doctor actually thought it would be good for me since I have trouble with my potassium being a little low. I felt horrible the entire time that I was on this drug. I was incredibly depressed also which is entirely out of character for me. I had serious jaw pain and chest pain. I have been off of it for 6 months now and I am no longer depressed and no more chest and jaw pain. I think drugs have different effects on people, but I had no idea that this could cause jaw pain. I looked on a site that people talk about how they feel about different drugs and someone mentioned that it gave her terrible jaw pain. I guess like any drug if something weird happens after you start taking it – you should contact your doctor.

  126. I have been on Yasmin for 5 years and recently suffered a minor heart attack. Before I blame it on Yasmin I had thorough tests by a cardiologist and I am in PERFECT health. No cholesteral problems, no high blood pressure, I workout every day at the gym, no diabetes, no weight problems and on top of all of that I eat very healthy. He performed several tests to check the health of my heart and if there were any defects. To date “I should have never had a heart attack” according to my doctor. That being said, I believe Yasmin is what caused it and I urge any of you to double check side effects on the Yasmin site and determine for yourselves if this product is safe or not. I stopped taking it the day of my heart attack and was urged by the cardiologist to STAY OFF birth control all together.

    I hope my story helps someone who has gone through what I have. It’s a terrible feeling to try so hard to keep healthy and still have a serious event like a heart attack. It should have never happened.

  127. New to Yaz, sudden yellowing of skin, especially under armpits brown spots on fingers like self tanner not washed off. Wonder if snyone else had these symptoms or side effects.

  128. I have Been on yazmin for 2 yrs never had any problems til on Friday I stared bleeding and
    Clotting really bad and pass out then was took to the hosiptal by ambulance they said I misscarried.

  129. Bridget… If your going to include information in an attempt to disuade people from using this drug, please do yourself and everyone else a favor and use relevant information. Including a tidbit about having a bicuspid valve and then saying that it had nothing to do with Yasmin is a weak argument containing no factual information relevant to the discussion. You simply cannot say that something was unrelated and then conclude that it was caused by the drug simply because its your analysis.

    I have on Yasmin for over two years no and have experienced no serious side effects. As of late, my chest has been a little heavier, but I have also picked up smoking in the last six months and can very likely diagnose that such behavior is the source. However, after seeing this warning and the testimonials, I am undoubtedly going to have the problem examined further. Beside that though, very effective birth control and experienced no weight gain, moodiness, depression, or serious medical conditions as of this time.

  130. i have been takeing Yaz for a little over a year now… i was fine and now the 1st day of my flo i get horriable abdominal pain… im really worried and were not positive yet but yaz could b the problem…

  131. My 18 year old daughter was just released from the hospital with a blood clot on her lung. She had been taking Yazmin for about a year. Yes, she smoked cigerettes ( approx. 6-7 a day) , but that is not the warning that they give women of her age that if they smoke this will happen. She will now have to have her blood withdrawn quite often and take blood thinners for at least 6 mos. Caused by Yazmin? I think so!

  132. I was on it in 2006. It gave me severe, deep cystic acne that caused PERMANENT skin discoloration. I now have big, ugly white spots on my face. I feel UGLY and I have this for the rest of my lift. I also started having bad chest pains while on Yasmin. I was checked out by a cardiologist and found out I had a prolapse and a bicuspid valve … those weren’t caused by Yasmin but it never bothered me until I was on this birth control.


  134. completely messed me up! everything was regular until i started taking yasmin in 2005, i didnt have a menstrual cycle the whole time i was on it(6months). after i stopped taking it it was really wacky and still isnt normal and i am now having fertility problems. do not take!!!!!!

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