Calls for Recall of Bard Avaulta and Other Surgical Mesh Products Continue

Bard Mesh ProductMany women thought their health issues were unique until the FDA issued a warning about transvaginal surgical mesh products in late October, citing over one-thousand reports of complications relating to nine different surgical mesh manufacturers, including Bard Avaulta. Note: The FDA has issued another surgical mesh warning in July 2011.

Side Effects and Complications Related to Transvaginal Surgical Mesh Products

The most common complications, which are prompting calls for a recall on these surgical mesh products, include: pain, infection, urinary trouble, recurrence of prolapse and/or incontinence and erosion through the vaginal epithelium. Other complications related to transvaginal placement of surgical mesh in repair of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence includes: bowel and bladder blood vessel perforation during insertion, as well as dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) due to vaginal scarring.

On October 20 the FDA warned healthcare professionals of these dangers, and advised them to obtain specialized training for mesh placement procedures. Healthcare professionals were also advised to “be vigilant for potential adverse events from the mesh, especially erosion and infection” and to “inform patients that implantation of surgical mesh is permanent, and that some complications associated with the implanted mesh may require additional surgery that may or may not correct the complication.”

The FDA also recommended physicians to inform patients considering mesh placement of the potential for the serious, life-altering complications described above.

You can read the rest of the FDA warning here.
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A pelvic organ prolapse (POP) occurs when a pelvic organ, such as your bladder, drops (“prolapses”) from its normal position and pushes against the walls of your vagina. This can happen if the muscles that hold your pelvic organs in place become weak or stretched from childbirth or surgery. Pelvic organ prolapse can cause pain or problems with bowel and bladder functions or interfere with sexual activity. Bard Avaulta Mesh Products and their counterparts have improved the lives of many women by treating pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI), two health problems that have been troubling women for many years. Transvaginal surgical mesh products are designed to help manage these conditions and to alleviate the pain and discomfort suffered by women who live with these health problems every day.

However, in treating one health problem many suffering patients claim that they have been exposed to other, often more serious, side effects of transvaginal mesh placement. Patients deserve the right to know of the potential health problems related to products like Bard Avaulta Mesh Product and mesh placement procedures. While transvaginal surgical mesh products have not been recalled as of today (December, 22 2008), the call to have them taken off the market until proven safe are growing. Law firms, such as the one below, are already collecting data from injured patients in regard to Bard Avaulta and other surgical mesh product manufacturers.

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

215 thoughts on “Calls for Recall of Bard Avaulta and Other Surgical Mesh Products Continue

  1. Wife had one and then 6 months later it all had to be redone. This time the surgeon stated that if removed she would receive a bag. Pain was so bad that the next year she received Social Security Disability.

  2. Judge Goodwin, state congress , senators and reps, someone needs to intervene and put some lying attorneys , doctors, fda, mesh companies, that have done this to women and have lied about cases filed . NOTHING BEING DONE FOR THESE WOMEN AT ALL BUT BEING LIED TO BY THOSE THAT WILL GET RICHER BY THIS MESH, NOT CARING ABOUT THE WOMEN THEY HAVE USED AS ANIMALS. THESE WOMEN SOME HAVE TO PAY MONEY THEY DO NOT HAVE TO GET WORK DONE THEY CAN NO LONGER DO , CONSTANT PAIN , LIED TO. AND MORE.



  3. Had Monarc sling surgery July 2005. SInce then I have suffered from recurrent UTI’s and severe constipation. I currently have horrible stomach pains. Every time I eat my food just sits in the upper part of my stomach and it causes so much pain. Sometimes I need to lay down just to feel better. Can anyone please tell me if these symptoms are due to the sling. I am planning on calling my Urologist in the morning to get her opinion.

    • Alicia , My heart goes out to you. I want you to know you are not alone in your suffering. Your complications are real. I communicate with women on meshgonewrong with similar complications. We all are there to help support on another.

    • I have the Monarc also…2009…same symptoms plus more and I have not been with my husband sexually in over a year….This has taken over my life and im soooo tired of all of this. I am going to the dr, this month..hope they can tell me something… I am praying for us all


  4. First off I want to tell all you women that I am very sorry to hear all the pain you are going through. I wish the best to all of you and I hope you can find someone that can take that mesh out of you. My prayers go out to each and everyone of you. I personally have not had any mesh surgeries, but my sister Christine has. I have seen first hand what this mesh does to women. My sister has the Bard Avaulta Plus, this company never even tested it on human beings (live human beings that is) they tested it on cadavers (which is dead bodies) rats, rabbits and even sheep then women. Companies like this are just out to make that all mighty buck, not even caring what the damages will be for all these women. Companies like this have to be stopped on being able to do things like this. The FDA needs to come down stronger on these types of things and get more testing done on products. Animals and cadavers isn’t cutting it for me. My sister sued this manufacture, yes she won the case but her life will never be the same again. No amount of money is worth what any of you women are going through and I truly do feel bad for all of you. Maybe more women should sue these manufactures and hurt the manufactures where it hurts them the most, and that would be all the money they make on selling garbage like this. To all of you women, stay strong and I wish all of you the best. My sister is out there with a voice for all you women and she is doing a great job on bringing more awareness to more people that don’t quite understand the problems mesh can cause. If you ever need someone to talk to she is ready and willing to try and help all she can. Sometimes if you can just talk to someone else who is going through what you are going you don’t feel like you are all alone. Good luck to all of you my prayers are with you.

  5. I have several different issues with my mesh implant, first off, i find it very hard to have , i cannot seem to get it out unless i rock back and forth, i also have a hard time peeing. I have a little tinkel, i rock back and forth, and it literally hurts to try and get it out. I ha e alot of pain during intercourse, and i have uti’s all the time. That hurts so bad, and im not able to shake them. I. Also I cannot seem to have a discharge, and severe stomach problems, and pain that sometimes feels like a knot. When I try to poop, sometimes it takes me an hour or I give up on trying. Utis and bladder infections are the worst, they are recurring all of the time. I have a lawsuit pending

  6. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy in oct 09. During the surgery I had my uterus removed and a fibroid. My ovaries and my cervix are still intact. I had my hysterectomy due to complications from the fibroid and because my periods were so bad that I could barely move on the first two days of my cycle. I put up with this type period from the first time I started at age ten…until I was 35. I had two babies both around eight pounds and both were delivered by c-section. Of course, after my hysterectomy I was out of the loop when the dr met with my husband. The ONLY THING HE SAID WAS…”THERE WAS NO CANCER AND SHE WILL RECOVER JUST FINE.” I was sent home after a few hours and that is when the hell began. I had so much pain that I was praying to god to just take me and end it all. Of course, my four kids were home with me and had to listen to the crying and screaming I was experiencing all night long. The following morning my husband took me back to the dr’s office and demanded that he find out what was wrong. I was convinced he had done something horrible to me….he basically blew me off right in the office and I just sat crying. I was in so much pain..he didn’t offer to do anything to help me. He told me time would heal me. We left. By midnight I was urinating red. My mother took me to the local ER and the dr there told me that I had an infection in my urethra and my bowel and kidneys had locked on me..that was the source of the pain. He gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I couldn’t even hold my head up at this point. I slowly started to gain strength. On day three I was still slow and sore and I was getting up from bed when I lost complete control of my blader and ped all over myself. It would not stop coming out. I was terrified. I called the dr office and again they blew me off. They told me I wasn’t giving myself enough time to heel. After going through this for a month I decided to go to my old Gyno and have him look. He told me he couldn’t see anything and sent me to a urologist…upon his inspection…he rolled his chair back and said u have mesh inside you. I was stupid and asked how did it get there I had no idea what he meant. He sent me back to my Gyno. He supposedly ordered a copy of my operative report and after me calling him several times his nurse said there is no mesh. And politely hung up. I still urinate unexpectedly. I don’t even have to cough or laugh. It just happens. Wearing jeans or light colored pants is a constant fear…I have odor which I have never experienced in my life. The sex hurts sometimes but not always. I feel like there is a boulder about to fall out of my rectum if I even do so much as eat a full meal. I have developed a pain in my right hip that sends pain down my right leg, I am very short winded, I don’t have the strength to exercise anymore so I have gained about thirty pounds. It has caused marital issues due to my depression and attitude. I wear a stupid pad daily. I have had a pad on everyday of my life since oct 09. It feels like being on your period constantly. I have had dreams that I am peeing on myself. It’s embarrassing…and the worse thing is that I have a fourteen year old daughter who I have handed bad periods down to. I want something done so that she will never live this way. I have ordered a copy of my own operative report to see if I do have mesh inside me. The first time I had sex afterwards, my husband had barb wire marks on his penis. How the hell can you have a normal life living this way…and I don’t even know what I’m up against because my ignorant dr didn’t even explain anything to my hubby except I was gonna be ok. What does he consider ok????? I’m glad for anyone who has had surgery and came out to the good. That is great and at the same time I feel sorry for those who wanted something better and got something worse. It’s unfair but unfair doesn’t fix the problem. If I do find out I have it in me I will sue them as well. My next concern is what can be done to the dr that failed to inform me if he did put mesh in….any ideas?

  7. On July 20th 2012 in Kern County Superior Court, C.R. Bard was held accountable! A jury of my peers rendered the verdict that C.R. Bard was negligent in regards to the Avaulta Plus mesh sling products it manufactured and distributed to women world wide. I feel vindicated in a small way. With this said, I still have no true fix to my complications. I know attorneys from across the country attended at various times and I assume even more monitored the cases progress from a distance. I pray this helps others who are willing to hold the manufactures of these devices accountable by laying the blue print on how to stand up to these corporate machines. I know my complications will never be fixed. Even their experts (and there was an army of them) could not offer a way to undue the damage. My push now is for there to be a federally mandated written informed consent from the manufacture to the doctor and patient fully advising their products issues. Had I had this provided, I would have never used their product, but that would have obviously hurt their sales of this product. Several times during this legal Odyssey, this notion of an informed consent rose and several times I heard Bard’s attorney’s burst out, “we have no obligation to the patient”. I do believe the patient has a right to know all the details of the product being implanted in their body and the manufacture does have an obligation to ensure the patient is properly informed. If I had known this product had never been tested (even in animals) in its complete mechanical state, it would have never been allowed to touch me.
    I wish every one of you who is/has traveled this road the best. Know there is justice out there for you. It may be a battle, but it is there. My husband and I both left a lot of tears in that courtroom, but it was well worth it.
    Now I begin the next chapter, my pain is still there, my fecal incontinence will never get better and we always wait for the next complication to arise. We survive though and go on with our lives… this has become our new normal.

  8. Hi- i have had rectocele and enterocele surgery but no mesh. It has wrecked my life and we need to collect data for this too. Any advice on how to proceed?

  9. Erica, How did you know what attorney to use? I see many attorney’s that are advertising on television, but don’t know if they are trustworthy or just trying to get in on a classs action case. And, speaking of that, what is the difference between a lawsuit and a class action lawsuit? Should I just call one of these T.V. lawyers and hope for the best?

  10. In Oct 2009 I had the monarc sling inserted for stress incontenience. Initially I was very pleased that I no longer peed everytime I coughed or sneezed. I went for my 6 week check up and was cleared for sexual relations. My husband planned a very enjoyable romantic evening which was wonderful until we got to the bedroom. I have never experienced such excruceating pain since childbirth.

    I went back to my gyn urologist told her about the pain and she said she hadn’t heard that from anyone else. Fast forward to Aug 2010 and another operation to “adjust” the sling. Waited again to be cleared for sex and the same result. We have attempted sex 3 times in 3 years and no improvement. My product liability case is now in the hands of my attorneys.

    • Me to…I cant believe what this has done to my entire life….I have no life and no sex with my husband…The pain is unexplainable…praying for you

  11. I also want to know why i can feel somewhat when my bladder is full, but I cannot feel anything as I use to when urine flow is coming out , I cannot feel any pressure at all as I use to , before the surgery. I have to sit , it stops flowing , and then starts back up, and stops and starts , BEFORE THE SURGERY I COULD FEEL THE PRESSURE OF URINE FLOW, i DON’T FELL THAT ANY MORE AT ALL.

    why, I deserve and want to know . and i especially want to know how long they tested the mesh and how many women before they put it out , and what did they know before they started putting the mesh in women, DID THEY KNOW IT DID PERMANENT DAMAGE ? SURELY SOME OF THOSE WOMEN THAT THEY TESTED IT ON HAD DAMAGE , OR WAS I 1 OF THEIR DAMN GUINEA PIGS TESTING THE MESH? I NEVER WOULD HAVED VOLUNTEERED TO BE THEIR GUINEA PIG.

  12. Stephanie, I know , how you feel with being angry. I thought no one was as angry as i am, I don’t know about you other women, but before the surgery, I had energy and strength, and it has shocked me the infections started up , not long after the surgery, and not one doctor examining me, would even say that the mesh was protruding out , for a long time. An emergency room , did not want to touch me like I had a disease or something. in the past year , i cannot do what i was doing a year ago,

    also kathy, I got the same response from a doctor , that admitted the mesh was protruding out in 3 places , and also asked how i wiped , like i was a dumb ass that didn’t know how a woman should wipe herself and keep good hygiene , have you ever wanted to cuss a doctor out. It seems they are angry for women being butchered by doctors that have caused permanent damage to them for life.

    I haven’t found one doctor, except one that said the mesh was protruding out more that what i thought, but it didn’t take her long to say she would not see me again, doctors do not want to answer questions from the women damaged .

    i want to know am i going tokeep getting weaker than I am. It scares me to drive now, i go to get my food and back, because my bladder lets go, completely sometimes, i have better days and those days when i am down completely. infections i fight all the time, trying to keep the mesh clean , inside that is protruding out.

    THE WAY I SEE IT, a woman’s body cleans itself and it comes through the vagina, so bacteria builds on the mesh protruding out, which is impossible to douche all day long , keeping it clean, but helps to keep infection down, but what in hell is causing the swelling in the buttocks and down the legs, unless the mesh is protruding close to the colon and where it cannot be felt through vagina.

    If it helps any of you women, I use vinegar in bath water , and take vinegar douches to keep mesh clean protruding, it helps . Doctors have said antibiotics will not help the infections and swelling, so i try home remedies. it helps , but know the infections and swelling are not as bad as they were , They know that women cannot keep fighting the infections , what is most confusing is doctors say I don’t have an infection, at all, it is the mesh causing the bleeding and when they run test it shows i have an infection because of the blood that the mesh is scraping me inside and bleeding that shows i have infection, in urine test. mind boggling!

    I don’t trust any of them, at all! I do not feel they have been truthful and honest with me, since some for a long time would not say anything about the mesh protruding out, even the damn doctor that did the surgery, that never said anything about women being damaged severely by the bladder mesh surgery at all.

    I had one doctor suggest physical therapy, that has nothing to do with doing anything about the mesh protruding out at all, I NEED SOMETHING TO BUILD MY STRENGTH BACK TO HAVE PHYSICAL THERAPY. I can’t even get a doctor to say they can go in and trim the damn mesh up. but i do not want further damage like some women have said they went through, i could not take surgery after surgery as some women have said and more damages done.

    THEY KNOW IT TOO! What are the women to expect in the near future ? I want to know, I don’t want more bull shit as stephanie said , I want some straight answers , truthfully from manufactures and companies and doctors , why hasn’t state board of doctors done anything? TO GIVE SOME ANSWERS TO WOMEN SUFFERING, FROM THIS SURGERY AND BEING LIED TO. i am sick of sarcastic remarks of doctors and nurses.

  13. Barbara, the state reps and those we elect cong. sen. gov. etc , should be the ones to sue these doctors that are still doing this surgery on women, knowing the damages it is doing. I have called some but you cannot get a response from them, the ones that answer the phones , will not even say anything to what our elected leaders will or can do. THIS IS A STATE PROBLEM IN EVERY STATE, NOT JUST THE MANUFACTURES AND COMPANIES THAT PUT THIS MESH OUT . NO ANSWERS TO HOW THEY TESTED IT AT ALL, BEFORE ALLOWING DOCTORS TO USE THIS MESH IN HOSPITALS. NO WARNING AT ALL FROM WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING, THE DOCTOR THAT DID MINE , MADE IT SOUND LIKE A MIRACLE SURGERY FOR BLADDER PROBLEMS ,

    i got a sarcastic remark from a doctor and his nurse on the phone , 1 doctor left town after he and the other doctor did the surgery. i could not locate him. They got their money for surgery and careless what it has done to destroy women’s lives , is the way i see it. They will not answer questions direct, AT ALL. OR THEY GIVE YOU A BUNCH OF BULL CRAP .

    After hearing other women talk about what they go through trying to have the mesh removed , and even a doctor told me that I called in another state , that it would be months before they could release me after they try to remove the mesh, but no guarantees more damage would not be done. I do not have the money to spend on hotels and eats in another state, for months , That doctor said if I didn’t follow up with weekly and monthly appointments after surgery , she would not do the surgery. travel across the u.s.a. would be over my head, so what do women do? get weaker and die? I read some where that some women had died, Has anyone heard?

    Prayers are for all the women , that are suffering , from the mesh surgery. All we can do is wait , until someone can come up with answers , we are intitled to know.

    It is not right that we get no answers for hope, of getting out from the pain and infection and suffering. God be with all of you.

  14. Has anyone been dianosed with I.C.? I wonder if my implant has anything to do with it. I have seen 3 docs. They say everything is fine, except for the I.C. I just feel like my mesh implant has something to do with it. So if anyone has experienced this please let me know. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  15. Women are suffering from this mesh, I don’t know about the other women, but after so many doctors and no straight answers., you feel like you were used for medical research on a product that was not even tested on animals first , as they use to say that is the way they tested drugs and new medical drugs and materials used on humans.

    It takes money to go to another state, and i called one that said that after another surgery , i would have to come back weekly for months to be checked . That would cost motel bills, staying in another state and more , she said if i did not do as she said on visits after surgery she would not do it. NO GUARANTEES OF THE SURGERY WITHOUT MORE DAMAGES DONE!

    The doctors also that do not tell women of the damages that has been done to women and they knew , Every medical board in every state should hold them accountable and really criminal charges be made on them and those that assisted them also knowing.

    To destroy women’s lives as this mesh has done, and get sarcastic remarks from those in medical field that also give nothing for pain and infections caused by this mesh is nothing less than what hitler did to people in world war 2. USING PEOPLE AS GUINEA PIGS,

    More than just the companies that put the mesh out , should be held accountable, for the damages and suffering of women, for years, with no answers . doctors as well that knew. Every state congressman , senator, and rep. that does nothing, as none will respond knowing they ARE DRAGGING THEIR FEET IN COURTS THAT AND ARE DOIBNG NOTHING TO STOP THE DOCTORS FROM STILL USING THE MESH IN SURGERY.,

    I don’t know about the other women , i did not volunteer to be a guinea pig for state and county medical research , neither would i have had the surgery if the doctors had told me there was women and problems with the mesh. Doctors and nurses are those people are suppose to trust for truth, not lies. to save lives not cause suffering and take life from humans.

    One doctor said I was too inquisitive, and would not see me again, I asked to many questions about what he was doing and why, and he would not answer.

    My anger is justified .

  16. I am so glad I found this site! I have felt so alone regarding all of my health problems due to the mesh implant. The subsequent surgeries to remove it after it eroded into my vagina, then procedures to “fix” the damage have taken a toll on me and my family in every way: physically, emotionally and financially! I have not felt healthy since and battle depression so severe that my family constantly worries that I’ll do something to hurt myself. After reading all of your posts, I want my doctor and the manufacturer to know how they have affected my life! Does anyone know the name of a moral AND ethical attorney in South Carolina that I can call? One who has experience with this device? Praying for all of you.

  17. Greg If you read this… you are a awesomehusband! it is embaressing for sure. Let her know you are there she is in some private pain and depression we all are. This surgery of mine was frb 8th 2011. This bladder surgery has put my life in constant termoil and pain. I want to thank you all for shaing your story so we know we are not alone. I have the shooting pains,cramping,pain when I pee. trouble sitting,trouble standing for periods. just daily life. My 15 yr old son(he’s my middle kiddo) just wants it to go away! I don’t have an answer for him. I have been diagnosed with pelvic floor disorder. Pt helps some. We havn’t even got to that part as she found I had adhesions as well. Pt is painful and embarressing. After a yr i still can’t be checked. It is soo painful. I want my happy life back wtih my family.
    I wish you all the best.

  18. Have any of u sued the companies. If so to what avail? Have any of you had other infections in their body? I have had the ecoli infection in my urine nearly every since the surgery..OH” I must be wiping the wrong way the doc says—hello, I have wiped this way for 55 years! My husband and I tried sex 3 times and I could not stand the we gave up 9 years ago and I just lost him this year. My colonoscopy’s have resulted in as high as 17 and 13 polps since this surgery. I have had h pylori infection in the bowel…and I never had a clue until they started running the ads about the recall and lawyers—that this mesh may be a large part of the problem—I knew that after the mesh implant and rectocele, cystocele surgery my bowels NEVER moved unless I took a laxative or colon cleanse..I think the companies should pay!! But I don’t think the attorneys should charge u half of the settlement, they aren’t suffering. But I am debating sueing.
    The same yr I had this surgery I was also diagnosed with a gamma gobulin disease that my body does not produce gammagobulin to fight infections..anyone have anything like that?

  19. I am so tired of all the crap that us women have to go though just because the manafacters are making billions and only paying out millions in law suites over the mesh and what about are pain and suffering?

  20. I have been to my pcp and they sent me to an obgyn. The OBGYN said that I had an infetion but never told my husband and I what is was. She also gave me medicine that almost killed me. I told her what I was alric to and she still gave me something that is in the pinaciline family. My throat started closing off and I started getting sick. My husband and I are having to beg the doctors to help me. We still havent found one yet that will help. I am so pist off and so is my husband. I want them to pay for what they have done to all of us women. I understand what all of yall are going though even though I might not be having the same problems as some of you are. The pain started in my stomach. Now it is in my back,legs and stomach. We should all stand up and go on the NEWS about this crap. Scare TISSURE HAS GROWN OVER MY BLADDER. I have a TENSION FREE TRANSOBTURATOR MIDURETHRAL SLING THAT WAS DONE BY CYSTOSCOPY. WISH IS A TAPE LIKE MESH. MY HOLE FAMILY IS GOING THOUGH HELL. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN THAT I CRY. I HAD ALL MY KIDS VAGINALLY AND DIDNT HAVE ANYTHING FOR THE PAIN. THIS IS WORSE THAN GIVING BRITH. MY PHONE NUMBER IS (870)955-8307. YOU CAN CALL ME. I AM UP ALL NIGHT AND SOMETIMES ALL DAY BECAUSE OF THIS FREACKEN MESH. This IS BULL SHIT WHAT US WOMEN ARE GOING THOUGH.

  21. I had my surgery back in 1999 and have had all these symptoms that these ladies are talking about. and didn’t have a clue that a of of them were from that surgery. I just never put it together. Wow now I have to go back to the gynecologist and see what they are gonna have to do for me. I have all the same horror stories that ya’ll have and am getting depressed just thinking about it..And just found out I also have the recalled hip that has to be in constant pain from all this. I hope we can get some justice for these problems and will pray for every single person on here to get quick resolution to our problems.

  22. I should have heeded a sign , from a nurse right before i was put to sleep for my surgery. I looked at her and said, i am so glad that this surgery will stop bladder leakage, she looked and said i had the surgery , i smiled and said how are you doing after yours ? Did it work?

    She did not say anything , just turned her head. after looking down. I thought she didn’t hear me, but i think she knew , but wouldn’t tell. what she knew that some women suffered, and was lied to about the mesh.

    Thanks AMY, i AM NOT IN CALIF. BUT WILL CALL TO FIND OUT IF I CAN GET MORE INFO. that’s more than i am getting in the state i am in. I would go to Calif, if there is hope to get something done, without further damage.

  23. I had the mesh implants 11/27/07 I was told all went well. HA! I had pain and bleeding from the start. I went back to the Doctor had an exam and told “all was well”. “Give it time to settle in” “the bleeding will go away” “there is no odor”. I tried another Doctor and another and another…I have been poked, probed, bladder holding tests, bladder filled placed over a towel and to to cough, jump, and sneeze. Oh look nothing is wrong….says the Doctor. Well then Doc why do I keep bleeding? why is there pain why in my butt? why does it feel like my insides are falling out and WHY do I smell like I am having my period 24/7. All the time being told “the mesh is fine” I have been given creams, pills, inserts, and told to take medicines that have side effects that could kill you. Then I started looking into this mesh OMG!!! look something that could be cutting you from the inside because it gets brittle and sharp with age…hummm imagin that. Gee there has been bleeding, odor, and pain associated with this mesh.
    Doctors STOP being razzel dazzeled by the medical supply industry!! Think about what you are doing. Just because something is new and shinny does not mean you have to be the first to use it. And ladies INVESTIGATE read, challenge, get 2nd opinions this is your body…the only one you get. Remember the Doctor’s license is to “PRACTICE MEDICINE” they are not all knowing and all powerful.This is one Doctor protecting another because no one wants to snich on the other. Please remember your oath to heal. I have found a Doctor I meet with tomorrow to take this mesh out and it sounds like a long recovery time once again but at least I won’t have this feeling of wanting to get away from my body because something is wrong and killing me inside.

  24. I have been now told that in the state of Georgia the statute of limitations is over for going after the company who makes the mesh.
    What do I do now? I need to find a malpractice lawyer. 3 surgeries starting in 2008.
    Of course I am now having more problems with bladder issues, pain, infections and leaking without warning you name it. I need help. Does anyone know a great lawyer in the Atlanta area?

  25. I had and A&P repair, hysterectomy and bladder sling with mesh in March of 2011 and I have had some pain during intercourse but nothing like what has been described.
    When I went to my GYN to discuss this surgery she was very clear that it was a big surgery that needed to be done by a uro-gynocologist who specializes in this surgery. For anyone who has not yet had this surger but is considering it please make sure you go to a specialist. My father is an OB/GYN and always sends his patients to a Uro-gynocologist. This is not a simple surgery and should not be done by just any old surgeon.
    For anyone in the LA area I hightly recommend my surgeon. Her name is Dr. Sherry Thomas 12626 Riverside Dr. #411
    North Hollywood, CA 91607
    She is well known and does a lot of corrective work. Maybe she can help some of you who are having such horrendous issues. She did send me to a physical therapist after my surgery because of spasm and that worked. I don’t have any pain at this point and all of my prior issues with prolapse, leakage and recotocele have all been corrected. Although it was a long recovery I am glad I did it, I feel so much better now.
    Good luck, I hope that everyone is able to find relief.

  26. karla, I don’t think any of the women that have ever posted have got any straight answers from doctors yet, except for sarcastic remarks, after they do the surgery , I stopped going to doctors , after going to many. but i can’t get any help with mine from doctors.

    It is most cruel for the companies and doctors that keep doing this surgery, with no words of warning to women what damages the mesh could do, and how they could suffer for life , i do not think they tested this mesh at all before putting it out. I was guaranteed that the mesh would solve my bladder leakage, it is much worse. and now the infections that never go away, sometimes worse at times than other times . but not even getting anything from doctors for those times . not even a cream to fight the infection. I don’t know.

    I have heard that some women have had to go through many surgeries and more damage, i have not heard of trimming that helps , not yet any way. i don’t think any of us know where to turn, i don’t . but neither do i trust doctors any more either.

    This is a shame that they keep doing these surgeries with the mesh. why they do knowing what women are suffering, is cruel putting it mildly.

    God be with you! and the women suffering from the mesh, so many unanswered questions, what i can’t understand is the glands i guess that swell a short way down the legs and buttocks. after this. Is this going to stop , and why does it swell from the inside down a short ways, I feel like a guinea pig for medical research, and i am angry for what they did to me. and lied about.

    maybe someone will answer , most women are willing to go to another state if they find a doctor with no more damages done to them, and i am 1.

    Have you got weaker since the surgery like i have?

  27. I had the Prolift mesh in Nov 2008. I told the Dr that I had pain and discomfort in the lower pelvic areas at my post op check up and he kept telling me it would go away or that it was not the area that should hurt from this surgery. Then in Sept 2010 the mesh eroded thru the vaginal wall and I had to have surgery for the repair (different surgeon as the 1st on moved). That healed and then in abt June of 2011 I began to have frequent UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections). After months of antibiotics, I was again referred to another Urologist, #3 (the 2nd one also moved). After a systoscopy he said there was a stone the size of a match head on the wall of my bladder and one small stitch under it. A simple procedure to clip the stitch, remove the stone and all is good. Well in surgery, the stone actually disintigrated and what he thought to be a stitch was the mesh (which he already knew was there) Anyway, he took it upon himself to scrape the area….. who knows why??? Then told me “if I am lucky it will heal up, otherwise will need reconstructive surgery. Come to find out he doesn’t even deal with the mesh…. Then Dr #3 referred me to a urologist in Indianapolis whom he said was the best. I saw her last Thursday and her systoscopy showed the stone was back the size of a Qtip head and that area she now described to resemble cauliflower (Thanks Dr #3 for scraping). I asked her how many of these surgerys she has done, her answer was “none”. Help…… does anyone have a recommendation of a surgeon who is honest and knows how to fix this mess/mesh. The only department of these organizations that seems to operate efficiently is the billing department:(
    Thanks to anyone with answers, encouragement or comments.

  28. I am in Kansas.I would like to know what is the standard treatment for vaginal erosion due to TVT. I just discovered the mesh coming through my vagina 2 days ago. I went to see the dr. that did both of my surgeries and found out that he has never done a repair. He said I was the first patient of his to ever have anything go wrong. I asked him to explain the surgery to me. His reply was “well its not rocket science”. I am in search of another Doctor. I need advice. I don’t know what needs to happen to take care of my problem. Do they just snip and clip what is coming out of me, or do they remove all of it? Help, I just dont know where to turn.

  29. Barbara, Who are you posting too?

    No one has been more angry than i have been with this mesh, and I know the suffering of women. I am not a young woman, and my heart goes out to those younger than I am , This mesh destroys women’s lives fighting infections, and still problems with bladder, my is much worse , and i have pain, some times more severe than other times. I have 3 places inside where it is protruding out . and the constant fight with infections you cannot have any kind of sex life, 4 years now. and being weak. It has been hell for a lot of women, coping with the mesh.

    I know some women say they are fine with theirs , and it does make me angry because not only the companies that put the mesh out, but doctors that do not want to help you at all, when you go from one doctor to another for help and get sarcastic treatment and words of not caring.

    I agree the mesh surgery has been most life destroying in so many ways for some women, and still no answers FROM DOCTORS OR COMPANIES INVOLVED.

    I don’t know, I don’t trust any of them anymore, but would like to have some hope without more surgeries , as some women have said they have had many and more damage, I would just like to find one that gives me hope of just going in and trimming the mesh, to stop bleeding and infections. 4 years of someone’s life, I haven’t had any sex life at all, and turned down dates not wanting to go into detail with man that even if he loved me, I could not be a wife to him.

    I know the younger women with husbands how it has to be harder on them. I cannot do the work i use to do it has effected me as i know other women, some most similar ways, and some in other ways .

    If any woman finds a doctor with a heart, that can give hope and DO SOMETHING TO CORRECT THIS HELL AS I CALL IT AND YOU CALL IT. I hope they post the name and state because most women as me would try to even go out of state to get somethng done. I have many to many doctors and NOT ONE HAS SAID , I CAN DO THIS TO TRIM THE MESH UP , OR REMOVE IT WITH HOPE OF NO MORE SURGERIES , BUT I CAN’T EVEN GET ANYTHING FOR INFECTIONS, .

    Barbara I am so sorry , for your sister , and the women who have suffered and I don’t know about other women but I was lied to by doctors also. I UNDERSTAND YOUR ANGER , You should have heard me a few months back, as I told some in medical profession off.

  30. My sister had the the mesh implant and has literally been thru hell. How dare one or two of you, with all that are suffering from this surgical procedure try to trivialize this.Those that have not had a problem , does not mean anyone else has not. This surgical mesh is very dangerous..

  31. Stephanie, I am having a hard time with the bladder mesh. My problems are bad enough, and it does cause problems that you cannot continue your life as it was.

    I guess i have got somewhat use to the pain, but mine is not continuously, I am getting weak because of infections caused by the bladder.

    my problems with the mesh is somewhat different from yours. What have doctors told you?You did not mention that. I know some doctors after seeing so many , one would not even say anything, after exam, to the mesh, and others gave me no words of what or when they could either trim the mesh or another surgery. One said the mesh was scraping me inside and causing bleeding that was showing in tests that i had an infection, but said i did not have infection, I really got angry because with that doctor that day, infection or what i call infection, was apparent that would not have took a doctor to see , no one seems to want to even give medication during those times of infection , which continuously, that is making me weak, I noticed right after my surgery something was wrong, it didn’t work for 1 thing, at first leakage was not as bad as it was then , it became worse.
    a self exam , was when i felt the mesh protruding out in 3 places, and I have pain , but can bare the pain, it is the infections, and i cannot feel urine coming out at all, I can feel when my bladder seems to get full, but sometimes it just lets go. no control. I feel numb in side no pressure at all do i feel as before the surgery, and my worse pain comes in spurts , the pain lasts so severe, the only relief i get is laying down, it lasts sometimes for over an hour , and then gradually stops .

    It is not right for women not to have any explanation to what the mesh is doing to their body., and no one has any solutions to either trimming it or removing it.. Will women ever get to ask questions and get some straight answers , it is most cruel to have these infections and given nothing to fight this. I do not understand this at all.

    I would like to have a woman that is not a doctor or nurse , during exam , to hear a doctor say i do not have an infection , when it is apparent. i know the mesh is causing bleeding, scraping inside , but infection is there and can be seen.and not to give me anything is cruel. home remedy is what i have been using , and aspirin for pain, but now my blood is thinning so much from aspirin , .i try to find non aspirin for pain now.


    Most days I can go about my housework, but i am weak. I don’t have a husband , I have to do chores , but i have better days and worse days.

  32. I have to bind over just to pee… I cant do alot of standing or walking because the pain gets even worse than what it already is… If i move the wrong way it shots pain.. I cant mop sweep or do laudry because than I am down for a week or two in real bad pain..I cant enjoy my life anymore.. I dont go out or anything because I am so depressed because this is all I have to wake up and deal with day in and day out because of the pain..I had a great marrage until I had the mesh put in but now its all went to hell…My husband , my kids and I surffer with this everyday…I know right from wrong you thank that the company that made the mesh would know right from wrong also… But I know that its all about the money…Not about lives…

  33. I have had a transvaginal mesh put in me in 08. Before I came home from the hospital I couldnt pee or anything for a couple of days. They still sent me home like that.They said that that happens sometime….Do you know how you feel when something isnt right? They told me that they would have to tape it to hold my insides where they where suppost to be.. They didnt say anthing about a mesh. So what does that tell you? They didnt tell me that it was like a net.. So I thought that it was just going to be like tape..

  34. Thank you Margaret. Did the doctor say anything, that he could do , as to, trimming the mesh or anything that can be done to where the infections that women are going through will stop? To where they can get some life back that they lost, I have had to try home remedies to relieve pain , where there are not many days that we have that is perventing us from having a day without pain or having to deal with tthis mesh?

    I have feeling around the mesh, as the doctor , put me in very bad pain, that I came off the table, I know he did this on purpose , because he did not want to get involved .
    he charged a high price and wanted his money from ins. but showed no mercy to me
    as did more than him, but none were as cruel as he was. HE WAS APPARENT ANGRY OF THE COMPLAINTS OF WHAT HIS COLLEAGUES HAVE DONE TO WOMEN AND LIED.

    my bladder is so much more out of control since the surgery, i have to change many times during the day and bathe more frequent, and more . but , I don’t know why and what they did that i have no feeling of my bladder emptying. I know when my bladder feels full, I can make it to the bathroom and have no warnings sometimes when i stand to my feet, my bladder either lets go completely, , I have no control sometimes .
    but it also effects the bowels ,

    It is cruel for doctors and these companies that have not gave any explanations at all, or they get sarcastic with answers, You mentioned the FDA , , i have called them to, to have a woman hang up on me.

    WILL WE EVER HAVE ANSWERS ? OR SOLUTIONS? i feel they are waiting so cruelly for us to die, because these infections they know take a toll on people’s lives and health and takes them down.

    As one doctor said during examination where infection was apparent , said i didn’t have an infection, she said that the mesh was scraping inside and blood in urine from scraping was showing I had infection, , I said then what is that now that is apparent on the outside that is infection . I am tired of their lies . although I know the mesh protruding out in 3 places is scraping and causing blood in urine, i have enough common sense to know that, but for her to say i had no infection, and gave me nothing or relief for the apparent infection i was having to fight with home remedies was so evil and cruel,

    SHE also was still doing the mesh surgery, but gave no hope or solutions to stopping what the doctors did to me. NOTHING!

  35. I had my cycoscopy(sp) I was in longer than normal. The Dr. removed a stone.
    It was not a kidney stone, but a dissovable stitch that had calcified and was floating loose in my bladder. He confirmed that it was from when the other Dr. had
    nicked my bladder with the original surgery. He sent it off to be analized just to be sure. He also could feel that my urethra was raised up by the mesh and causing the urine to travel upwards over a small hump to come out, painfully, I might add.
    The force of fluid going into my bladder must have force the stone to come loose.
    He was very gentle, as it was a very painfull procedure for me. My husband has had the same procedure done and said it was pain free for him. There is that ugly word again, PAIN. I live with it everyday and am fed up with the lack of concern
    by the FDA!!!! When will enough be enough??
    To add insult to injury, my right kidney is not working at all. I now have to have a
    renal ultrasound done. Has anyone else had any kidney problems with this??
    Please let me know, as I am sur they are related.
    Thank you so much for all your postings. It is nice to know that I am not alone in all of this, as no one understands like all of you. At first I thought that I was being overly sensitive or complaining without confirmation that I was imagining things to be wrong. Pain is pain and now I know that there is support!!!

  36. Margaret please let me know if you do get any answers about this.

    i am refusing to go to another doctor, until someone can give a name of a doctor that cares and will answer questions and not some , sarcatic remarks .

    It is way over due for the companies that put this mesh out to also answer some questions, especailly how long was it tested before putting it out , because if they tested it in any way , they had to know it moves in women and causes pain and suffering and permanent damages .

    also the doctors that need to answer to why didn'[t they tell women and warn them of permanent damages before they did the surgery, I know the ones that did mine lied , and 1 spoke of it as a miracle mesh, not as he said in his records and lied , HIS WORDS OF GUARANTEE , THAT IT WOULD STOP BLADDER LEAKAGE , from the bladder dropping . and more lies .that other doctors are lying covering for their colleagues ,

    even one permanent damage should have stopped this surgery , immediately, instead of using women for medical research guienea pigs, I would have never volunteered to be used for medical research, BUT ALSO STATES KNOW EVEN MORE THAN THIS.
    what about the anti depressants that were used on poor years ago , and even kids, that they now say are causeing birth deformities in babies born, These drugs unknowingly by the kids , were given these drugs , in the 60’s , . SOME ONE EVEN IN GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS,

  37. Margaret, this is most cruel by people in medical profession , to lie for their colleagues. This year I have gone to many doctors,and have been treated most imhumane because of what the doctors that did the surgery one me.

    Going through tests that brought me off the table in pain, to getting money from ins. , to tell me that they could not do anything because they did not do the surgery, Which they knew when the appointment was made what I wqas coming in for, which was to find a solution to stopping the , what i call unusual infection caused and started after this surgery. To one doctor saying i didn’t haved infection , which was very much apparent when being examined , she said it was the mesh that was scraping me inside that was causing blood to be in urine test that was coming back showing infection.
    I said what is the apparent out breaki right now tthat you can see? She started in with words that had no sense to them . and my anger with even going to doctors over 300 miles away, still gave nothing for infection , or explanations.

    I am getting older and my health has gone down in so many ways since this surgery, I hear of women on this web site , saying they have gone through other surgeries , I don’t feel that I could go through another surgery, but would consider that a doctor could even trim the mesh up , without further damage. but from what I am going through, and knowing my body and how it has affected bowels and more, I feel strongly that the mesh is protruding more than the 3 places , bit even where it cannot be felt or seen. I have questions that have never been answered.

    What did these doctors do in surgery that there is no feeling when i have to pee, (being blunt)
    I have no feeling, I know my bladder is full, but when i go to the bathroom , I cannot feel urine coming out , no pressure at all, just emptying, and it does not empty all at once, The surgery did not work at all, and bladder leakage is worse than ever.

    It is way over due for the companies to answer questions, even to what test were given before they put this mesh out to women. and how much they kneqw that some women would be permanently damaged for life, and when were doctors and nurses alerted to the damages of this mesh. and why were women not told before the surgery. lies i amn getting tired of, and SARCASTIC ANSWERS, FROM MEDICAL FIELD , AN EMERGENCY ROOM WOULD GIVE ME NOTHING FOR INFECTION, AND DIDN’T WANT TO TOUCH ME, BECAUSE OF THIS MEDICAL BLADDER MESH DAMAGE. I AGAIN GOT ANGRY FOR THOSE IN MEDICAl PROFESSION TREATING LIKE THIS IS MY FAULT WHAT THESE DOCTORS DID TO ME .

    so many women like me, were not told, the doctor that did mine , LIED, he said in his report it was about 90% to success, THOSE WERE NOT HIS WORDS TO ME BEFORE SURGERY, HIS WORDS WERE I GUARANTEE THIS WILL STOP BLADDER LEAKAGE AND NOTHING SAID OF DAMAGE.

    The medical boards in every state need to hold these doctors and nurses accountable for lying to women and ridiculeing women when questions asked after damages they did tio them . THEY KNEW , the damages the mesh was causeing in moving after surgery. they should be held also responsible with the mesh companies . and answer all questions to the women damaged, and solutions to stopping some of the pain and suffering . even to out breaks of infections caused by the mesh.

    It’s hard to trust any doctor or nurse now, people we depend on being most truthful and honest with us and our health.

  38. Finally! Someone said what I have been thinking!!
    What about the doctors? They never warned me
    of the severe adverse effects at all.
    I have. a lawyer.but it is only for the mesh itself
    Who makes the drs accountable??
    Please keep our voices going!!!

  39. Alice , what about other women that have suffered so much and their lives destroyed as to having any life as the one that said she can now run and more since her bladder mesh surgery.

    Some women the surgery their bladder is worse than ever and even more problems they are suffering. I know of another woman that personally said the same things to me, and I question , why some women suffered damages and some did not!

    when doctors are lying that problems are from an on going problem before surgery. I know that I was not having the problems with bowels and bladder as i am now having, and pain and infections and more.

    maybe investigations need to show that some were chosen for as i said the most evil and cruel reasons of those in medical profession , some chosen for medical research and damges done, because what i am going through , is not anything like what was going on with me before the mesh surgery at all.

    As the woman that told me she had no complications was also someone in a power position in my area. Another reason not believe all she said!

  40. I am angry , for what was done to me , by doctors and the companies , that give no solutions to the damages , and suffering of what some women are going through.

    3 years, is too long to need questions answered and not 1 will give truthful answers . avoiding , what seems to be women chosen for medical research guienea pigs and they did not volunteer or was told about damages they would suffer.

    so cruel, for people in professions we are at the mercy of trusting some of the most uncaring people in America.

  41. The truly shame of all that the companies and doctors that have made probably billions off of this product. IS>>> no one will answer questions as to what caused this to happen in , SOME, women and not all.

    I have heard the lies of what some doctors have covered for their colleagues in what they had to know, before they did this surgery on women , without warnings to the women at all of damages , PERMANENT DAMAGES, where some women cannot even have a relationship, and the most cruel words , from doctors and nurses , when infection is apparent from mesh and other signs mentioned in a lot of women on this web site.
    They are saying the women , do not have an infection, as was told to me, by one doctor, even though it was apparent at examination.
    A doctor said it was blood in the urine that was coming back saying there was infection, one of the most cruel lies that would come from a doctor and those in her office , covering for her doctors and colleagues in medical profession.
    What I suffer is apparent that irt does not take a doctor orf nurse to see, or feel. of the mesh protruding out .

    but for these companies and doctors and nurses that are lying , people we are suppose to trust, but cannot get any thing for infection , MEDICAL RESEARCH! THAT HAVE USED SOME WOMEN FOR GUIENEA PIGS IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS ABOUT..

    not just the companies should stand responsible for damages done to some women that have suffered and will suffer for the rest of their life, fighting infection without medication at all, THEY KNOW VERY WELL , TAKES EVEN A SOME WHAT HEALTHY PERSON DOWN AND EVEN SOMETIMES TAKES THEM OUT.

    Is that what the companies and doctors and nurses want, for their evil they have done to women to kill them, I think so. i KNOW THE LIES THEY TELL TO SOME WOMEN. NONE WILL ANSWER QUESTIONS DIRECTLY TO EXPLAIN .

    As the main doctor that did my surgery , left this area , and from what i found out , he moves quite often from one town to another, doing this surgery. when I tried to find where he was, I was told by another doctor that assisted so sarcasticly that he had to move with his horses. AFTER HE DOES HHIS BUTCHERING ON WOMEN HIM AND HIS WIFE , WHO IS ALSO HIS NURSE , HAVE TO MOVE WHEN ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED.

    No mercy, NO remorse, for permanent damages done to women. and these doctors knew what the mesh was doing to women. and so did the companies that put the mesh out. . The women damaged should have all their questions answered. by not only the companies but also the doctors and nurses, , and be given best solutions of how to deal with the damage that never goes away. and has stopped any kind of life and happiness that they may could have found but not even marriage can they have because of what this mesh has done to them inside.

    not one doctor has given any solutions of how to deal with infections caused by this mesh, NOT ONE! WITH INFECTIONS COME OTHER PROBLEMS .


  42. I had a bladder tact what we call it in 2008 I didn’t have any problems at all. At times I would experience some bleeding after Intercorse associated with some pain & discomfort. Then My right pelvic area would hurt. This has been going on for about the whole time now. So I just would brush it under the rug & tuff it out. But you see I have had 16 surgeries. So last week while I was with my Husband, Something scratched him from inside me.. I have had many hospitial visits & The Uroligest does not want to touch me. NOT 1 FINGER. I have saw 2 so far going Friday for the 3rd one. The OBGYN said no reason for the blood. Oh 1 of them surgeries were a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago. I am so confused what to do. I have been turned down by 2 DR’S One Doctor seemed to make me feel like it was all in my mind.. But How can Blood & My Husband getting cut have anything to do with my mind is beyond me.. I wish I didn’t have any problems like 3 years ago I was better off than Now.. Sherry Evans

  43. It always amazes me when people take things out of context, don’t read previous posts. The urethral sling WAS a godsend for me at the time. I’m not an idiot I KNOW what this site is for. I found it because I ALSO had an A&P repair done in 2008 and this brand of mesh was used. I had 3 revisions done AFTER I had the sling put in. Last december i had to undergo an very painfull surgery to have the anterior portion of the mesh removed because I kept have vaginal extrusion of the mesh and chronic vaginal infections…. I’ve had both a urethral sling and an A&P repair done 3 years apart. Someone asked specifically about the urethral sling, so I answered. I have been watching this site for 18 month, since I started having problems after the repair in 2008, I came to this site to not feel like a freak and to “be” around women who have been through something similiar so I didn’t feel so alone. SO, I was responding to a question. I wasn’t on here looking to “promo” anything. I’m really NOT a moron like that. So please don’t assume I am. I hope you all get the help you need. Although my problems weren’t life threatening in the phsyical sense, my problems did have a server impact on my quailty of life. Take care women and I hope you all get the help you need.

  44. I’m not saying women aren’t having complications, I only wanted to stress that there are times when good has come out of the surgery. The doctor that performed the surgery on me had done a lot of the mesh surgeries, and it turned out fine for me. My mother, when she was my age, had her bladder tied up the old way, twice, and after the second surgery, she ALWAYS had to use a catheter until her dying day. That was 20 years. My neice had that surgery twice, and it came out both times, so she had the mesh put in and after that, she encouraged me to look into it. I’m glad I had it done, and all I wanted to state on this site, is, I had NO complications. I didn’t even know till a couple of years ago that women were HAVING complications, because I did not.

  45. Dear Alice and Christi,

    I agree with Christine!

    Please understand the recommendation you are making. Incontinence is not life threatening. Bladder susupensio surgery or pelvic organ prolapse repair with synthetic surgical mesh (any of them) is life threatening.

    I have a copy of Medical Device Reports filed with the FDA by J&J/Ethicon of at least 10 women who have died. And that is only one manufacturer. Then there are the ones who commit suicide. I prefer to err on the side of life wearing a pad as opposed to recommending a procedure that potentially might kill them…or permanently prevent them from having sex, being able to sit, walk or stand without pain, inability to urinate without a catheter or to urinate at all, loss of a kidney, developing autoimmune disease or dying when the mesh breaks up and strangles their intestines. And sometimes the complications start years later.

    Not to insult you in any way but this is serious stuff. If the FDA reviewed almost one thousand scientifc studies and research over the last 15 years, has over 3,000 adverse events over the last couple of years and says mesh has no benefit over suture only surgeries and issues a warning saying the complications are NOT rare, this needs serious consideration.

    Wishing you only the best, Lana Keeton

  46. Just to make sure you understand this site is called “US Recall News” and the title of this article is “Calls for Recall of Bard Avaulta and Other Surgical Mesh Products Continue”. I feel slightly confused as to your purpose and/or comment?

  47. Christi has every right to make a comment on this site, to let everyone know that there are good experiences with the bladder sling. I had mine put in about 6 or 7 years ago, and it was done in tandem with a hysterectomy. Maybe that is why it went easier for me, I don’t know, but it was the best thing for ME, and now I can walk 2 1/2 miles, and I don’t wet myself. I’m perfectly dry. There ARE good experiences out there, and you shouldn’t criticize someone who makes ANY comment on here. I get comments because I made a comment when this first came up, because I wanted people to know I had a good experience. Maybe you don’t share our “exuberance” Christine, but don’t cut Christi down because this was a good thing for her. (And ME, and NO I’m not a sales rep.)

  48. Regarding Christi,

    I tend to agree with Lana. Christi, you wouldn’t happen to be a medical device salesperson or an attorney would you? If you have no issues and possess no adverse effects you probably have no legitimate purpose to offer your opinion in this forum. I am ecstatic you have not experienced the trauma most of us have, but please don’t tell us how wonderful these devices are, none of us are in a mental state by which to share you exuberance.

  49. Dear Christi, It always amazes me when I see people like you on sites like these. If you are so happy with your sling, why are you on the internet with all the people with complications? I certainly would not be here if I had no problems. All the best, blessings, Lana Keeton

  50. Dear Angie, Some of the worst doctors have the best bed side manner. It’s impossible your doctor has not seen problems in 20 years. He lied to you. And he must not be keeping up with his medical education or he would know about the warnings by the FDA in Oct 2008 and July 2011. More money for him if he does more surgeries on you. Find another doctor!!! All the best, blessings, Lana Keeton

  51. Michelle,

    I had the urethral sling done in 2006, I never had a problem with it. It was a godsend. I had problem with the mesh that was used for my A&P repair, different procedure. The the urethral sling was easy peasy for me

  52. August 18, 2011 I had a mesh sling inserted. I thought great finally something that would add to my quality of life. I spent two years after my hysterectomy wearing a pad, avoiding activities that I enjoyed, and having to plan my love making with my husband. I thought finally the light at the end of the tunnel so I waited the long six weeks of recovery to be a new me, but the whole time I was healing something just didn’t feel right, little pains on my left side no pain on the right. I continued to have bladder leakage and when my husband and I were able to have sex he told me something was rubbing him. I went back to the doctor and he said my mesh was hanging in one area. Eight weeks after my first surgery I was back in surgery again. When my doctor went for a closer look he discovered that the mess had rubbed through my vaginal canal. He cleaned and treated the area and then removed the part of the mesh that was hanging. I’m two weeks into my recovery and things are not looking good. I’m still have pain on the left side of my vagina, especially when I wear any constricting clothing, and I feel as though some of my symptoms are worse. I’m hardly getting any sleep I’m up three to four times a night to pee and I change my pad two to three times. I’m ok during the day as long as I don’t cough, sneeze, laugh, get in and out of the car, and spread my legs in any form. I go back at the end of the month for my follow up and to discuss what the next move is. I know that it is a possiblity that the mesh will have to be removed and replaced and that fines with me I just want this fixed, that is why I had the surgery for in the first place. I really like my doctor and have heard nothing but praises. He said I was the first patient he’s had that this exact thing has ever happened too and he’s been in the business over 20 + years. Could someone shed some light on this for me? What would be some good things for me to do to correct my situation?

  53. Dear Denise, Not sure what state you are in. Please seek out medical attention immediately from a different doctor and different doctor’s office. Examination by the nurse, allowed by your doctor, is not okay, by any measure, especially so soon after surgery. And for sure, if you have mesh, it will cause you additional autoimmune problems. I have patients contact me all the time at Truth in Medicine with autoimmune complications of mesh. Try Dr. Raz at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA or Dr. Philippe Zimmern at UTSW in Dallas, TX. Both of them have a lot of experience removing mesh. Do not let someone operate on you who does not have a lot of experience with mesh removal. And be sure they get it ALL out if at all possible. The sooner, the better. blessings, Lana Keeton

  54. Denise, I am so sorry for what you’re going through. You are still early-on post op. I would very quickly contact a lawyer. I would also recommend that you get every possible record you can as soon as possible. (no detail is too obscure; including comments & attitudes). DOCUMENT every single day that you’ve endured since the surgery. Keep close records of your own, along with your own personal observations including the names, dates and details of each person you consult. You likely
    have a very long road ahead of you. Document it now while it’s fresh in your memory! I sympathize with you and all the rest of the victims of this surgical nightmare. Please keep us posted on your progress!

  55. Message body
    I went to see a doctor yesterday- Mind you, not my doctor.
    Yesterday made one month since my surgery 10/11/11 and to date no call or contact of any kind, not even any notes in my folder of him asking of my progress. No concern from my surgeon. I put my life in his hands.

    For my first post op appt I seen a nurse, my doc was not available. I informed her that I had a pricking feeling, very sharp and a lot of pain. They than tried to use the 3D sonogram device inside of me where my new stiches were, I kept saying no, it hurts and why should this be done so early. She said she would be extra gentle, I could not do it. I was given a new script for pain pills and released.

    I was rescheduled and “you guessed it” the nurse again. Again, I informed the nurse of the continued pain and she seen that right away and said, “I can see that you are in a lot of pain, I won’t examine you today. We will reschedule in a couple of days.

    I feared they would try to put that 3D sonogram back inside of me, and the pain has been unbearable.. so I cancelled and wanted to wait atleast another week since I have been doing a lot of research online and with you “Hystersisters” for the time frame of stiches to desolve is between 3-4 weeks. Atleast if the 3D sonogram hurt, than I am in no danger of them breaking the stiches.

    Due to the extreme pain, I had to call in and I demanded to see the doctor on call and not a nurse again. I was scheduled for 11/9 (yesterday)

    Well as I said, yesterday I seen the on call doctor. I had a list of questions and apologized for how long the list was. The doctor was very sweet and ready to answer all my questions but told me he was not sure on a few of my questions since there were very little op notes entered and it was not clear as to what was done.

    I told him of the constant pain and discomfort, he said he would examine me to see what was going on. He than told me that the stiches were desolving, there was one that was lose but he would not pull it. He than said, there is something sticking out very sharp, I was relieved for a moment, finally someone understands!

    I was told that I would have to have another procedure! I asked the doctor why the nurse was not able to figure that out, and I could have had it done already from my first pre op appointment. He replied, she is not a surgeon and she would not know. He told me not to worry but it could be one of the following: permanent stiches are poking through, sissors have been left in, or there is vaginal mesh. I told him- oh no, it can not be vaginal mesh – I explained that my doctor and I went over the mesh and I can not under no circumstances get the mesh, I have a auto immune deficiency that is (alopecia areita) and my hair falls out. I do not want anything foreign inside of me that would cause my blood to attack my hair follicles again. I showed him my bald patches and he understood and said – ok, no mesh.

    So now the question remains – what was used for suspension to hold up the other organs? And what is sticking out of me that we wont know untill I am cut open.

    I am on my 4th bottle of pain pills- including the new script from yesterday!
    Somebody, Anybody HELP ME PLEASE!!

  56. Aloha all,
    I’m scheduled for surgery on Nov 15 for a urethral support sling. Doctor says it wil stop my leaking when I cough or sneeze. I’m having major seconds thoughts after reading many of your stories. Can anyone share the good and bad of the Monarc sling systems before I make a decision to cancel. I’m probably 95% sure I’m gonna cancel and live with what a panty liner a day can fix. Talk to me.?

  57. Dear Teresa, You can be sure it is the sling. Find yourself another doctor as soon as possible. The sooner it is removed the easier it is to get it out. Every day your tissue scars more into the interstices of the mesh making it more difficult to surgically remove. The bathtub is not the issue. Many, many women have the same severe leg pain as you. Lana Keeton, President & Founder, Truth in Medicine

  58. I just had this Adjustment Brand Vaginal Sling surgery on Octover 6th 2011. Everything was going well, until last Sunday morning when I took a bath. Upon getting out of the tub, I knew something had gone wrong. I felt muscles pull, I was in pain and still down was a nightmare. I have a constant “charlie horse” or leg cramp now in my right leg. It is VERY painful. The urologist said that if I were going to have problems it would have been in the first couple of days after the surgery. Well, since last Sunday, I have nothing BUT problems with my right leg and this continual leg cramp. There are advertisements on TV about lawsuits for bad slings. I could have pulled muscles getting out of the tub, but that does NOT explain the pain I experienced sitting down. Now, the doctor (urologist) is no longer going to be practicing anywhere around here, apparently moving to another state. I think it was injured or slipped just getting out of the tub. I have had nothing but right leg pain (severe) and muscle crams ever since. After reading every single post on here, I am beginning to regret the decision to have this surgery. Anyone on here have anything close to the same problem more than 3 weeks AFTER this surgery. It was an Adjustment Brand Vaginal Sling. Help ANYBODY???

  59. Dear Gramma Porter,

    Removing the mesh is always better if at all possible. You have to go to the VERY BEST surgeon you can find. Do not allow a surgeon to remove your mesh unless they have lots and lots of mesh removal experience.

    Think about a splinter in your finger. As long as it is there, it continues to cause pain. Remove it, allow your finger to heal and most likely the pain will be gone when your finger heals over the place where the splinter was. Mesh is like a splinter in your body. The pain won’t stop until it is gone.

    And if the mesh has done nerve or organ damage, the pain may continue. Removing the mesh gives you a chance to be pain free or have less pain. Leaving the mesh means the pain will not go away.

    If it is near your rectum, it will be a difficult surgery. However, if you do not have it removed, it may eventually cut into your intestines and the consequences of that are very serious.

    The longer you wait, the worse the damage.


    Get another opinion. Do not depend on the current doctor you are seeing. She is giving you a life sentence of pain and agony. There are doctors who will help you. If at all possible, please keep seeking medical treatment to get yourself well. Be a victor, not a victim!

    blessings, Lana Keeton

  60. I have the mesh, the vaginal break through, odor, infections, pain, one repair, with another one after the holidays. My new doctor says not to remove the mess as it will cause only more problems than I already have. After reading all the comments about having the mess removed I really don’t know that I want to go down that road either. On the other hand, what’s going to happen if I leave the mess. With each UTI the pain is worse. Sometimes it shows up as an infection and sometimes not … other times I have a yeast infection and I can’t even tell the difference anymore. Plus the rectal pain can be so debilitating at times that I wonder how I can stand anymore pain. I too thought the pain was do to hemorrhoids, but after reading all the comments I now can see that my pain isn’t uncommon with the mess. So now I need to research what will happen if I don’t remove the mess. My new doctor says that it would be impossible for the mess to be removed without doing further damage. Thankfully she is being honest about that. Can anyone give me any further insight about not removing the mess

  61. Donna, you have stated you may be having another repair with the same mesh that has been causing you problems. Please stop to think if this makes any sense, especially in light of all other relating comments on this thread. Please find an alternative to mesh for pete’s sake this time. Tissue or stitching, etc something other than this heinous product and a diligent surgeon.

  62. I had a rectocele repair and bladder sling in summer of 2008. The following spring of 2009 I started experiencing severe rectal pain. At first I thought it was a very bad case of hemorrhoids…it was not. The doctors I asked about this, including a colorectal doctor, all dismissed the idea it had anything to do with these surgeries. I was told my pelvic muscles are too tight and was sent to physical therapy to learn stretches to relax those muscles. I got little relief and started seeing a pain management doctor who has helped me some with steroid injections and a denervation procedure. Because of the pain I have to limit my activities to keep it under control. I am always aware of the pain. At times it becomes very debilitating. I have read about the pain from other women but am not clear if theirs is rectal pain. I sometimes experience all over pelvic pain. Do any others have severe rectal pain??

  63. hi all,
    I had my GYNcare mesh surgery in June 2008 due to constant bladder infections where my bladder had laid back over the years since my full hysterectomy that I had in 1995. My GYN completed a Urodynamic test on me and made the determination that I was holding too much urine and due to how the bladder was positioned it could not empty and this was the cause of infections. My GYN suggested the mesh device to correct this. He did say that doing this surgery could go either way afterwards, I could become incontinent or not be able to empty my bladder. Due to the monthly antibiotics and bladder infections and many, many urologist visits, I made the choice. I was never told by my GYN about possible complications other than he gave me a brochure and I read it. Of course it listed all these issues described in our comments, but vaguely and in small print. During my surgery, I have adhesions very bad and it took twice as long to complete my surgery and my GYN said he accidently cut my bladder so I went home with a catheter for over a week. I remained in pain on and off for over 8 months. I would return to my GYN and he would say it maybe too tight on the left side, however if he cut it loose it could cause leakage, I declined. Intimate relationship is not been as it was before. I had to ask my GYN for an antibiotic after the surgery because I know my body better than he does and I knew I had an infection somewhere up in the vagina or else where, he reluctantly gave me some and on the second visit I presented with pain (which was always and still is) he finally gave me 10 days of pain medication. He also told me to purchase some instruments to stretch the vagina, I chose not to do this as he felt he may have gotten that too tight which was why intimate relations were not comfortable. He places me on Premarin cream one to two times a week, and that began in 2008 right after the surgery and I am now 15 pounds heavier which I think is related to the estrogen cream. In August 2011, I had to have a colonoscopy, it disrupted the mesh sling and I was in severe pain for over two weeks. I could not walk, sit, stand, or hardly drive. I was concerned and wondered if the colonoscopy had perforated the mesh somehow, so I made a visit to my GYN that put this in place. He did not examine me, his nurse practioner did. She stated she could feel the mesh (what does that mean?) and it was in the proper place with no perforation and felt the colonscopy was the cause of the pain. She called later that afternoon and stated she had talked with the GYN and he agreed (again he had not examined me). So, he only stated that it would take 2-3 months for healing, (healing what?) I then went to my PCP, he is wonderful, and he sent me for a CT Scan but nothing was stated on the remarks that the mesh could be seen or that it was even there and all else was normal. I had the oral barium and the contrast as well. When I went back for a follow up with my PCP, he said my blood work was fine, everything else was fine, and when I asked him what was the cause, he felt it was related to the colonoscopy also. So, I was out on the riding lawn mower yesterday, and sitting on the mower I experienced the same pain I had experienced several weeks ago. OK, it has been well over a month since the colonoscopy which now makes me believe (especially after reading ALL of these comments) that it is the mesh that causes the intermittent pain and I am just stuck with this. I have contacted a lawyer and am now on the class action suit against the Johnson and Johnson company that made the mesh. The only reason I joined this suit is the fear that later on this mesh may cause further damage and that hopefully others will read these comments and not do this type surgery but do the old-fashioned way, which was to tack up the bladder to the abdominal wall. I wish I would have been old-fashioned.

  64. I am not a medical professional, nor to I claim to be an expert in this field by any means, but as a personal injury lawyer who specializes in defective drugs and products, this has been one of the more disturbing cases that has come through my office in quite a while. Due to the nature of my work, I speak personally to the victims and get a first hand account of the problems they are experiencing as a result of using TVM. Having done this type of work for over 10 years, I have dealt with countless claims for drugs or medical devices that were given the FDA’s stamp of approval, only to later be issued a warning by the FDA or taken off of the market altogether. This has made me (as well as many of my colleagues and clients) completely lose faith in the FDA. A lot of people want to blame the big pharmaceutical manufacturers, and they are not completely blameless obviously, but ultimately it is up to the FDA to do their job thoroughly and make sure through rigorous testing and studies that the drugs/products that they are allowing to be sold are safe for consumers in the short and long term. In my opinion, it is time for the FDA to start answering for these poor decisions. I see what seems like a new defective drug claim pass through my office every two weeks. The inherent flaw here is that the FDA gets to pass the buck back to the drug manufacturer and receive little to no blame for having these harmful drugs on the market. The FDA seems to allow the drug companies deep pockets to effectively bypass the due diligence and proper amount of testing that is expected by us, the consumers, to keep dangerous drugs and products like these off of pharmacy shelves.

  65. im 20 years old i had my bby when i was 16 my bladder was prolapsed for 2 years before anyone did anything i had to go to a cancer center… then when i went they told me i had pop which i knew.. i went and had the surgery when i came out of surgery my leg hurt sooo bad. my doc. told me that there was nothing wrong it was just healing. and now im not sure if this is the type that it is in me but i cant have sex. i have pain ALLLLL the time 24/7 sometimes i cant even get out of bed. and on top of all of that mess i found out that they just put a band under my urethra not even under my bladder when ever the doc had my mom come in look at my cervix being pushed down by it. i have a lawyer. i just read on here that its permant when i was told that i was going to have to come back in 5 years to get it changed anyways cause it could get stretched out. im so young and i cant even enjoy my life, im on pain meds cause its so bad and i dont have good insurance and my medicaid ran out so im in the process of getting it back. i would have rather them have left me the way i was then deal with this. everything is getting worse.. oh yea and as of this week i offically have everyone of them symptoms the blood vessel thing and all… maybe there is a god to get this thing out of me

  66. I am now 66yo ,I had the tvt device in Sept 2003 for incontinence . .Being a nurse I should have known that what I was being told was too good to be true! I still have urinary incont, pain in pubic area and relations with my husband is totally out of question and has been since the TVT. I actually do not remember being told of all the things that could go wrong, only how well I would do and what a good candidate I was for tvt! Please rethink your decision if you are planning on having this. I really regret it!

  67. Dear Donna, I would suggest you see Dr. Shlomo Raz at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. I know several severely injured women on my yahoo group, Medical Mesh, who have had surgery with him. He is probably one of the top pelvic repair surgeons in the U.S. and probably in the world. Amazing man and a great doctor. all the best, Lana Keeton

  68. Dear Michelle, The doctor who told you most women “go out to dinner and dancing after the surgery” is obviously a liar. You need to have all the mesh removed by a competent highly skilled surgeon to stop the symptoms of the Graves disease. Mesh definitely causes auto-immue disease. I have a yahoo health group called Medical Mesh. On it, many, many men (hernia mesh) and women have autoimmune disease. it is caused by chemicals leaching from the polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate into your body. You can contact me at my yahoo group or at my website. Lana Keeton

  69. Had surgical mesh surgery for incontinence in 3/08 and have had constant pain right from the start. Original doctor told me that he had done the surgery over 500 times and I was the first one had any issues. He told me most woman “go out to dinner and dancing after the surgery” I could hardly get out of bed and it took 2 vicodin and crying most of the way to the doctor’s.I couldn’t even sit in the waiting room but had to lie down on a bench. Spent the next 6 weeks in agony until the original Dr. referred me to a specialist. Within 6 months of having the mesh implanted I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Graves disease. Just coincidence? I don’t think so. Three years after the original surgery I have had numerous procedures such as botox and an additional revision surgery to disconnect the mesh from the right side. I have had to travel anywhere fro 3-6 hours from my home to visit specialist at my own expense of course. I have been to physical therapy and most recently a pudendal nerve block. Still waiting to see if the nerve block helps. The uro/Obgyn does not recommend taking out the mesh and says I will have more pain, incontinence and is dangerous. Luckily it is not poking through the vaginal wall however after reading the stories here I wonder if this is my fate down the road. Really wonder if I should have it removed before it causes more problems? Just found a lawyer and a complaint was filed against Boston Scientific. I don’t think there is any amount of $$ that could adequately compensate me for everything I have suffered through. But pay they will, I will have a jury in tears when they hear my story if they force it to trial. My husband says that I am not the same person anymore. I used to be so active, full of life and very motivated. Now I am very tired much of the time and do not have the same zest for life I once did. I feel like I have aged 20 years. I I hope that the FDA bans the use of this product so that no more woman have to suffer.

  70. On Aug 17, 2010 I had a cystocele and complete hysterectomy. The doctor was said to be the best in our area. I felt great after the surgery. I have always been strong and have been very tolerant of pain. I had six children without medication, and have been very healthy all my life. The doctor had remarked that i could easily have another 20 years. I am 68 now. Two weeks after the surgery I thought I had a bladder infection, so I called and went to see the doctor. He said he was sure it wasn’t and didn’t need to test me. One week later at about 7:30 AM, I was having my morning coffee and got a sharp pain in my lower right side. I ran to the bathroom thinking that might relieve the pain. It didn’t. By 8:15 my husband was calling an ambulance. We are rural, and the ambulance had to come from a neighboring town 15 miles away, and I was transported to the larger town another 30 miles away. I was diagnosed with a bowel blockage and rushed to surgery. The emergency surgeon had to remove a foot long piece of my small bowel, as the original doctor had left a loop of suture, and it had caught the bowel and strangulated it. The surgeon told my family that another hour and ….. ( he left out the rest of his thought, but everyone believed he meant I would have been dead). After the second surgery, I developed severe diaherria and lost 15 lbs in the first week. I was down to 115 lbs. and my blood pressure had dropped to 90/64, and my heart rate was 120. Many tests – no answers, took probiotics and other meds to try to stop the problem. No success.

    I returned to the original doctor for my final release from him 9 weeks after the surgery as I was recooperating from the second surgery at the 6 week mark. He realized he had left another permanent stitch with a piece of suture sticking out, but left it at that time. Of course it poked my husband, and I had to return and have it removed.

    The surgeon who removed the bowel portion, referred me to a gastro intestinal doctor to try to locate the diaherria cause. He did CT scan, and Colonoscopy. Found internal hemorrhoids caused from pressure on the rectum. He concluded the constant diaherria was a result of the bowel surgery, but couldn’t do anything for it. He told me to take imodium, apparently for the duration of my life. It has been a year already. I have missed my granddaughter’s graduation, my mother’s funeral (I couldn’t get trapped on the air plane), numerous great grandkids birthday parties, and any gathering where I couldn’t make a sudden run for the facilities.

    Then that old familiar symptom of something collapsing inside me was back. Went to a new gynocologist, and he said the bladder was secure, but I now have a rectocele. Not wanting another surgery, I opted for a pessary. At the same period of time, during intercourse my husband and I both experienced poking and bleeding. The pessary hurt, so I went back for another size. The new doctor said none would work because of the mesh poking through the vaginal walls. I needed another surgery. He wanted to refer me back to the first doctor who did the original surgery. I wasn’t willing to do that. Instead I found a third gynocologist. She checked me out, and called her partner to also checked me out. They concluded it was not a rectocele, but was instead the vaginal walls collapsing in and the mesh was eroding through. She said it was because of the stitches that had been removed by the first doctor. Yep, again I need another surgery, but not the same one the second doctor said. And the clincher is they want to put more mesh in to correct the resultant issues.

    My husband is very supportive, but we have no sex life and haven’t had for the last 6-7 months. I feel like I have been robbed of my normal life and possibly the additional years I had worked to make possible.

    In conclusion, over the past year everything that was supposed to be fixed, wasn’t. And every step of the way presented another consequence of having the first surgery. And now the medical opinion is only another surgery will help. Of course I am not going to make a quick decision.

  71. for Nan 8-18-11
    I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN in May & the doc removed part of the mesh on one side where my pain was & I’m feeling much better. Wish you the best

  72. Bard Align Sling Anyone?

    I’d like to hear anyone’s positive or negative experiences with this. My surgery was done in November, 2010. That was nine months ago, with a cystocele and rectocele repair. Since the surgery, I’ve had two main problems.

    I am unable to urinate normally. It’s difficult for me to start and maintain a urine stream. With concentration, I urinate a little, then it stops. Starts again. Begins to trickle, dribble, drip. It typically takes me 10-15 minutes to urinate. Because my bladder feels mostly numb, it’s hard to tell if my bladder is empty, but I often feel that there is a reservoir of urine left in my bladder – a perfect medium for bacterial growth. I’d never had a urinary tract infection before the surgery, but I left the hospital with a UTI, which my doctor (via his “nurse” – God forbid he should waste his time talking to me) declined to treat for the first week, telling me that the pain and UTI symptoms were just some pain from the surgery. A week later, I finally got his office to pay attention to the continued identical symptoms, which resolved within 24 hours after I started an antibiotic. I’ve had frequent UTIs since then.

    After years of a fulfilling, frequent sexual life with my husband, I am unable to feel any sexual arousal. My vaginal health was good, I had good natural lubrication and always had multiple orgasms. I’m too young to have had my sexual life stolen from me!

    My husband is compassionate and supportive, but the mutual arousal that made us both feel so good is missing, and the experience is less fulfilling for him. Even with care and lubrication, intercourse is painful, and although I make myself available and do my best to see that lovemaking is wonderful for him, I’ve come to dread it. I enjoy making him happy and being close, but the pain is bad. I haven’t told him how much it hurts, because I want him to have some remnants of our once-wonderful sexual life.

    I have constant, sharp and aching pain from my clitoris to my urethra and the tissue along this painful area is starting to slough off.

    I handle pain well. I had both my children at home without medication and have recovered quickly from other surgical procedures. The pain from this surgery was overwhelming for almost six weeks afterward.

    One of the particular reasons I wanted help for my incontinence problem was so I could run around with my grandkids without peeing myself. Now I have trouble keeping them safely occupied for frequent 10-15 intervals while Nana is trying to pee.

    I have an appointment at a good regional health center in my area that specializes in vulvar health and problems like this. If I get helpful information, I’ll share it here.

    Again, I would like to know how other women have done with Bard’s Align sling.

    Please remember that the FDA does not work for us, the American people who support this agency with our taxes. It works for big pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers. It only begins to act on behalf of American citizens after enough tragedies have taken place that it is forced to. The FDA is particularly blind to women’s health issues. We need to change this.

    Best to all.

  73. I am so glad that I found this site! I started out with an article in hand when I had a consultation about the surgery. It was the recall and problems with the mesh in the past. I was assured that it was NOT that mesh. I started out with the first surgery, then the second and then the third!!! I continue to have pain like cramps, but am 60 and I had hysterectomy at age 32!! I am in constant pain and always feel like I have a UTI. I have to pee all the time with no warning and I never had this problem before all the surgeries! All my UTI tests come back negative, even having seen blood. Please help!!

  74. My surgery was done in Niles Michigan, where I live, and the specialist was Doctor Kent Kirby. He is now practicing out of Buchanan Michigan, which is 5 miles from Niles. I guess he would use the same hospital, which is Lakeland Medical, Niles campus. As I said, my uterus was removed at the same time. The two doctors worked in tandum. I have never had any problem with my bladder sling. I used to walk a few blocks and I would be wet, now I walk 2 1/2 miles everyday, and I am dry as a bone. Jumping up and down used to do it, too, but I remain dry. The only time I notice, is when I sneeze, and I wasn’t expecting it, and don’t have time to prepare my kagel muscles.

  75. Alice, can you share what city the successful surgery was done in, the hospital and doctor would also be good to know. Thank you so much for your comment. I believe what you said but I cancelled my surgery after reading the other comments. Now to overcome my fear and have the surgery. Thank you again.

  76. This is for Jacqueline from August 5th. I had my bladder sling done, I think it was the Spring of 2004, and at the same time I had a complete hysterectomy. It has always been the best thing I’ve ever had done. I can run, jump, and walk 2 1/2 miles a day. My niece was the one that told me about the procedure, because SHE had it done after having her bladder tied up twice and comming out both times. She is a nurse, and she has had no problems. I think it depends on the doctor. It MUST. If it was just the mesh, it would bother ME, and it doesn’t. I feel bad for all of you that have had problems with it, but I never have. Sorry.

  77. I was just considering this surgery today. I have no uterous but my bladder is distended out of my body. After reading these comments I will gladly stick with my “minor problems” . I am so sorry for all of you that have and are continuing to go through so much. My prayers are with you. Thankyou for the courage to speak out and save others like me from what has to be your Hell.

  78. Hi
    Has anyone been told the mesh let loose and rolled up causing a ridge? That’s I was told and now the mesh needs to be removed . I’m so nervous about removing it

  79. After becoming aware of all the above mentioned problems, I canceled my surgery.. I am now researching and looking for positive outcomes from the “Genityte” procedure. It is non-invasive and seems like a logical first step. Funny thing — my physician never mentioned this option ! It is a newer procedure and not yet covered by any insurance however. It is very cost effective- could that be why insurance is hestant to cover it !?!

  80. I woke from my surgery, monarc bladder sling, unable to move my left leg. I asked the dr. If this had ever happened before and he respnded . No. I was terrified!! My leg was lifeless. My daughter had to move it off the bed and help go to bathroom. I was unable to move it until the day after surgery and only baby steps. My left thigh iz still numb to the touch three years later. My legs tire easily and it is uncomfortable to drive or sit for extended periods of time. My stomach swells so I no longer am comfortable in pants. I was a size 8. No I cannot wear even a 12 because of my stomach. I have had a kidney stone and still have stress continence worse than before. I also have lack of bowel control. It comes on suddenly very little time to get to restroom.

    I have fallen due to my left leg weakness and injured my leg knee torn meniscus and bakers cyst on back of left knee. Have been to numerous specialists to determine why stomach swells as if I am 8 mos pregnant at times I was buying maternity pants and tops and I am now 53.!! My student askex me if I was pregnant. How embarrassing!

    Life changing experience. I Loved to hike and ride my bike and not do not enjoy being on my feet for more than an hour at a time because my legs ach and become fatigued!

  81. I am the son of a mother that has this mesh in her and it i causing major pain and she is having trouble walking. She went back to the doctor that done the surgery and he told her to get a pain specialist doctor and start using him . I am mad, frustrated and ready to hurt a doctor over this matter. She had her surgery in ’08 and they were having problems then but they didn’t tell her anything negative. At this point, I am looking to see if anyone has successfully sued one of these companies. She needs justice and I don’t really know where to start as far as a legal issue. I want someone to pay, and pay dearly for what they have done to my mom.

  82. I had A and P surgery in 2007. I know my Dr. used some kind of mesh but I don’t remember the exact type of mesh. I’ve just started seeing information on this recall and I’m exremely nervous about what I have been reading i’m not sure what to do next? Contact a Dr. to have the mesh checked? The issues I’ve had I just thought were things I would have to deal with the rest of my life and now it seems like the worse maybe yet to come.

  83. I had the Bard Avaulta mesh put in 2007 by 2009 I had to have a revision done (was bleeding) my doc retired soon after. 2011 I was having pain there are no docs to help in my area so I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn.
    I had surgery there where they were able to remove the mesh on the side where the pain was and so far so good. I go back this week for 6 week post op check so we’ll see but as I said it feels better. Your best bet is to go to a learning/teaching hospital they were great at Mayo. (honest too).
    good luck everyone! You can find a Mayo clinic on-line there are three.


  84. In 2009 I had repair or prolapse of rectum and bladder surgery. months later all fell down again referred to another Dr to do surgical procedure with mesh. months after this surgery started feeling bulge again and pain deep inside me, Husband complained of sticking of stiches . dr said she left things loose all was good, they treated me over and over for infections and for 1 1/2 yrs it all got worse the pain got heavier and I was told no sex I was bleeding inside and they cortorized me twice and it did no good finally dr said she needed to do surgery and put in a few stiches to stop that problem, they put me on therepy for the pain which only made pain more . Saw another dr in office and this dr said I needed surgery badly because I had an erosion into my vagina and needed a few stiches to close a gap or tear inside . however dr wanted to use more mesh to put bladder back up. I decided I needed another drs opinion. I went to another dr. this dr wants to do surgery to remove the mesh completly and then correct the prolapse of bladder and rectum. I am experiencing even more pain on one side and in my back, and I am totally afraid to do anything but drs will not treat me with antibiotics because they are not helping and I need to get the infection out of my body and get stiches for the tear. If anyone can help me or tell me what I need to do please do. and I Thank you. I need to keep my job but The last surgery I had I lost my Management position and I may lose my job this time, Im afraid of Insurce canceling or not being able to get any after my Husband retires next year .as of that time I will not have any Insurance, and to top it all off my husband does not understand and my marriage is in trouble. Please Help me. God Bless you and please give me some advice on what to do. Thank you again Beverly Nunz.

  85. am wondering if anyone knows of a surgeon who specialized is mesh removal in the beaumont/houston, tx area? also any law firms representing in this area?

  86. My bladder prolapsed completely on 10-08-10 (a Friday night). I thought it was a uterine prolapse & since there was no bleeding, kept trying to reduce it back up into my vagina, knowing that if I went to the ER, they’d just refer me to see my OB/GYN. I saw her 3 days later, after pleading with the receptionist for an appointent (who had informed me that this “wasn’t an emergency” & they were booked out several weeks). I’ve been a nurse for 38 years & knew that it needed immediate attention. I was surprised that it was not a uterine prolapse, but rather my bladder. Had always had problems with frequent urination & it took forever to start urinating, but never had leaking, as did many women. Had my bladder TOT repair with sling on 10-25-10 as an out-patient & was told by my MD @ my 1st post-op visit on the 29th that I wasn’t completely emptying my bladder & went home with an in-dwelling Foley catheter. Saw my MD on 11-02, 11-03 & 11-09. Had to self-cath myself each time after I thought I’d emptied my bladder completely (which was a real pain @ work & really nasty to have to do in a public restroom) until I had less that 200 ml of retained urine x 3. Can’t remember the number of bladder infections I was treated for. Intercouse wasn’t an issue for me @ the monent since my boyfriend lives in Canada. Once the bladder retention issue cleared up, I thought I was home free. Then the PAIN began. I started having severe intravaginal pain on the left, radiating back up into my left buttocks. Sitting & driving were almost unbearable. When I couldn’t bear it any longer, I saw my MD on 02-23-11, was diagnosed with “pundendal neuralgia” & she injected that nerve with a short & long-acting lidocaine-type medication. That helped for about 3 days. She had me call in with “progress reports” over several weeks & said I could come back for a 2nd injection. I declined & thought I’d just learn to live with chronic pain. Most days now, I’m almost in tears with the pain when I drive home from work. I can’t sit through a movie without having to get up just to relieve the pain a little. The pain is now radiating down into the back of my left leg. I’ve been having urinary hesitancy for about 2 months, so made an appointment to see my MD on 06-29 (it took me over a month to get an apointment). Today, my dear friend, Kathy, called & asked if I’d heard about the bladder mesh recall. So, here I am on this website. I plan to obtan all of my operative records, then go from there. I just want to get rid of this PAIN. If there’s a class-action lawsuit, either in Colorado or nation-wide, I’d like to know how to become part of it.

  87. I don’t know if i have any of the recalled mesh or not, but I sure do feel like I do. In May 2010, I had prolapse surgery on my rectum and mesh was used. I started having problems with my bladder, so in November 2010, they had to do a TVT, which I’m thinking also involved mesh. During the time of my recovery form the 2nd surgery, I started having this pain when I would drive or sit and having sex is very painful. My doctor told me that it was the mesh touching my nerves that was causing the pain. He gave me shots of toradol in the area where the pain was coming from and the first shot worked for about a month. He gave me two more shots on two more different occasions, but they did not work at all. So he decided to do surgery and go in and take out part of the mesh, but when he did the surgery, he said that he couldn’t tell what was mesh and what wasn’t so he did nothing, but pull on the mesh, because he was trying to move it away from my nerves. I went back tomy doctor and he said that he didn’t know anything else to do, but send me to another doctor. I went to this doctor and he said “Oh yeah, I know exactly what is wrong with you, the mesh has made a hole in your vaginal wall and I can fix this.” He also said that he does about two of these surgeries a month, where the mesh makes a hole in the vaginal wall and that it happens in about 20 to 30 percent of women that have had this surgery. He tells me that he is booked up for July, but he does have two slots open where he can do little surgeries like mine would be and if his office doesn’t call me by the middle of the following week for me to give them a call. Of course I don’t hear from his office, so today I gave them a call and explained what he had told me at my visit and she says that those two slots were booked last week and the earliest they can do my surgery is August 9th. I’m to the point to where I dont want to do anything, because of the pain I’m in from this and now I’ve got to wait 6 MORE weeks till I can get some relief. I worked at a Drug Store that sold out to a chain, so I have been out of work for about a month now, which has been good because I don’t think I could work all day with all this pain I’m in. I got a call weeks ago from a Pharmacist that I know, saying that he is opening up a Drug Store that is right down from the one I had worked at and wanted me to work for him. I accepted the job, but I’m afraid that he’s going to open before I have the surgery and I can’t start a job and have surgery right after I start. I’m a Pharmacy Tech and there really isn’t that many Pharmacies in my area, so I really need to take this job, because another one might not come around. This all has been nothing but a nightmare. After reading everyones posts I’m wondering if I need to just have it taken out also, because I don’t want to have surgery after surgery, like everyone is saying they had. I’m already behind on my finances from having the other surgeries and now even more behind from not working. Any suggestions?

  88. I have an appointment this month to see a doc. in the big city after seeing many. I have heard this doc, can remove the mesh successfully, but have also heard could be more damage involved.

    2 years has been as some one said hell, with infections and those covering up for colleagues.

    I am afraid to be put to sleep again to go through another surgery. I am so stressed out from having to deal with this. I have several places that this mesh is sticking out. was told it was causing bleeding inside . It feels like little fine wires to me. I am also getting very weak. my health is going down.

    I don’t know what to do, try to trust another doctor again to fix it, or keep going through hell with what it is doing. Hearing of other women that has gone through so many surgeries, i don’t feel strong enough to go through another one.

    I am not a young woman, I am very angry because the doctors said nothing about what women had been found to have gone through. also the bladder leakage is still as bad if not worse. I was guaranteed that it would stop leakage. NO WARNINGS. NEITHER DID THE DOCTOR AT 6 WEEKS EXAM SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE MESH STICKING OUT, WHICH IT WAS ALREADY AT THAT TIME.

    I cannot see but the way it feels it is sticking out even more than it was when I discovered it, not knowing what was going on with the mesh at all at that time.
    It’s been hell, with docs too. since the surgery. many do not want to see you because they know what it has done to women.

  89. I too cancelled my surgery. I started reading the postings about six weeks prior to scheduled surgery and just could not continue. I thought I might be better off dealing with the prolapse. I continue to realize that mostly those who are upset post, but I was hoping just a few with successful surgery would post. Good luck with your decision.

  90. Wow, I am schedule for this surgery 6/20/11 and am now totally planning on canceling or postponing for a better option . Currently I have no pain and mainly stress incontinence issues.. Avaulta Biosynthetic support system for anterior repair was scheduled. Avaulta looks to be to risky with future porblems abound !?!

  91. I have just had this surgery done in March 2011, and already at 10 weeks had to have surgery to cover the mesh,again. Also have been very constipated since 1st surgery and never had that problem before. Doctor said he could not see any problem with the last surgery, but I can feel something is not right.
    Is there anyone else out there that has had this done recently and having the same problems as everyone else?

  92. I had a mesh sling put in august 2006, I have been trying to find out what was causing my very severe pain….I am doing research now to find what brand of mesh sling I have….wish me luck to finally find the reason behind my daily pain! I have compassion for all those who have suffered and wish you all Health and Relief!!

  93. Is there anyone on this board from PA? I’m looking for a good attorney in PA that’s handling suits against Bard

  94. I had a bard uretex mesh sling put in in 2004. I belive i started having problems around 2 years ago, but didn’t know about the mesh problems then. I am getiing uti and vaginois (sp?) one right after the other. As soon as i get off the antibiotics the infections come right back. Doesn’t seem that anyone wants to listen to me, kinda feel like I’m going crazy. But I KNOW that my problems are form the mesh. I go see a uroligist may 25th. So i guess we will see. I’m ging to KU in Kansas has anyone gone there?
    Also has anyone got any compensation for this?
    Good luck to everyone, this is truley a nightmere .

  95. In Nov of 2008 I underwent a partial hysterectomy and I too had a pelvic floor mesh procedure done. I just recently heard of the problems with this mesh. I do not know what type mesh was used in my procedure. I called hospital and asked for copies of my hospital records. Right away lady on phone says I have report right here. Ill send you a medical release, you sign it, return it, and we have your info right here. Asked for name of manufacturer who made mesh for my procedure. I asked how much do I submit for these records. She tells me nothing. Now this seems a little strange to me. Records from 3 years ago are right there on her computer screen and they are free. No charge. Something isnt right here. I too am in severe pain all the time. Need to establish what mesh was used first. Any help getting my truthful records will be appreciated.

  96. Connie,

    If your husbands penis got scratched during sex, it was the mesh poking through your vagina. That happened to hub and I a few times. I had 2 revisions under a general anesthesia and one done in the office, that hurt! Finally after a year with no problems I had mesh poking through my vagina again and I was getting constant yeast infections, so I had the anterior portion of the mesh removed back in december, it was a very difficult and painfull surgery. Long recovery time. But now I feel great. Best of luck. Also you can feel the mesh poking through yourself.

  97. I had to get a parcial hysterectomy in March 09 due to a prolapsed uterus. and had the Bald Avaulta sling put in due to my bladder falling. The Hysterectomy went off with no problems but I had to catherize myself the first 3 months do to my Bladder not working. I went back to my OBGYN the first 3 months after my surgery almost twice a week he finally at a office visit tried to stretch the sling saying it maybe in to tight, eventually my bladder started working again fine. What I did noticed is that every time I do stomach crunches or any kind of exercise that with my stomach I have pains that last for weeks and eventually subside (like a tearing feeling) I stopped exercising all together and the pain has gone away. A few weeks ago after having sex my husband said he had a scratch on his penis we didn’t think of anything and let it go. This week I went to the doctors to complain of always feeling like I have to urinate and never feel like I emptied . He checked to see if I had a UTI but it came back negative I also have a white discharge but no itching or odor he said I dont have a yeast infection. I am suppose to go in and have surgery too repair my weak retum wall which is another 4 to 5 hour surgery. I ask the doc if the mesh could be giving me problems he said for what he can tell its holding but it looks like Im buldging in front of the mesh and behind the mesh. After reading the other womens story I will not go back into surgery for any repairs till I find out what this mesh is doing to my body. I am so afraid what my future holds with this mesh in. I am waiting for my attorney to get back with me.

  98. I can’t add anything, but have experienced much of the same that’s been written here. Terrible pain, bleeding, backaches, and horrors. All I want to say at this point is that after reading Melanie Murray’s post above (January 6th, 2011) where she said she’d found a great legal firm and offered to share the name, I contacted her and then called the legal firm. I am equally impressed with them. They are genuinely concerned for us and I am now a client of theirs. Just wanted to share and encourage others to take action for the pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life we’re all experiencing.

  99. I had a sling put in in 2007. I had a lot of post-operative pain and didn’t feel right. My sling was working and I didn’t have leaking. However, I had vaginal pain that came and went on the right side and was unbearable during intercourse. GYN said I had inflammation and gave me 5 cortisone injections.(5 appts) After 10 months finally sent me to a urologist who clipped a piece of the mesh out in that area. After that my incontinence came back and I developed a rectocele. I lived with the pain because it only seemed especially bad, if I had intercourse. Finally, I went to a urologist in 2009, who removed my sling and put in a new one.Biopsy reports showed erosion of the mesh, although all the doctors said I didn’t have that before the surgery. I had every post operative complication you can imagine including needing two blood transfusions, pelvic hematoma, abscess of the hematoma, a month of heavy vaginal bleeding, and low grade fever for nearly a month. I do not have stress incontinence, now, but I do have urgency when going from sitting to standing. I have a narrowed urinary stream, difficulty emptying bowel and bladder and a granuloma on the left side at the insertion site. After reading other reports, I consider myself with a fairly good outcome, although it is difficult to work due to “bathroom issues” and granuloma discomfort. Currently, I am not working and resting at home is helping . I have rectocele surgery scheduled. I think my current urologist did the very best he could considering he had to remove the old, eroded sling and put in a new one. He was very compassionate and continues to monitor my situation. My original doctor also felt bad about the complications and apologized by phone. I would like to say that I only weighed about 102 at the time of the original sling and erosions are more common in thin women. I was warned of this risk before surgery.

  100. I have been reading comments for over an hour now —- it has been enough to make me cancel my surgery! I realize people with negative outcomes are the ones who write so if there are any postiive outcomes PLEASE write! Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

  101. I feel all of your pain. I am glad I came across this site.. As, I was reading i feel as if I am reading my own story over and over again.. I just want my life back .. No pain .. I was shocked when I heard about hips hurting, I have fell a few time. My belly has enlarged every since the surgery.
    I can’t believe I was never warned, and I can’t see how the doctor acted like I was crazy. I had to get a different doctor who told that the mesh rotting inside me. She did all of my surgeries , and has removed as much of the mesh that she was able to.. She did inform that there will more surgeries in my future.
    I am still in pain, and sex is out of the question. I am only 39 years old.. I want my life back. What 39 does not have sex!!!

  102. For all you women who are having UTI type symptoms with negative lab results you all might have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis. It’s a chronic inflamation of the linning of the bladder. They symptoms are the same, even blood in the urine. Everytime I have a UA done they want to culture me for a UTI, then I tell them that I have IC. It’s something you ladies might want to look into and it doesn’t have anything to do with a sling. I was diagnosised with it years before I had my A&P repair and all my problems with said repair.

  103. OMG! i’ve been having the same problems since my A & P repair in Feb. ’06. I have fibromyalgia so the surgeon (who i ditched shortly after) kept blaming it on that. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been made to feel like i was whining, neurotic, drug seeking, over-reacting, hypochondriac. i’m having major pelvic & back pain that’s got me seeing the dr. tomarrow. i never made the connection with my hip pain tho; i thought it was probably just arthritis & my other back problems. I’m 63, so was just accepting it. i have my surgical record but realy appreciate the suggestion of asking for perioperative nursing notes. ( i’d love to read those notes. the hospital treated me horrendously. seriously, i was in fear of my life.)
    I can’t believe i stumbled onto this sight. i’ll be seeing a different dr. than usual & i’ve made my list of complaints & questions. i try not to waste their time, but i’ll sure be interested in what she has to say.
    I too have had my sex life completely destroyed by this, along with the stress on the marraige. No body believes that i hurt as much as i claim. I’d accepted that i must just have a really low pain threshold. i’ve wondered for a long, long time if there was any kind of recall on this mesh. my surgeon also promised it was a fantastic new procedure. “they’ll dig you up in 200 years and the mesh will still be there!” oh yeah? then i’m going to write his name on a slip of paper: ” this mesh implant was done compliments of Dr. Mario……. ! then i’m going to roll it up & tuck it in my vagina, so when the DO dig me up i can get the last word in.

    • Hi Loreen… I have a question for you (and everyone else, too!)

      I had a TVT sling and Gynecare Prolift Complete Pelvic Floor Kit installed in 2007. Problems after just like everyone, but it got REALLY bad in 2010. Started suffering severe pain not just in the pelvic area, but lower back, etc. I was diagnosed with fibro. But I think my problems are all mesh-related. I’ve had two revision surgeries to remove the meshes and have a little relief from that (ESPECIALLY the incontinence… that isn’t gone, but at least I’m not wearing diapers 24/7 and peeing in my slippers anymore). Anyway… I am curious to know if your fibro was diagnosed AFTER your mesh was implanted…. That is what happened to me and I’m also wondering how many other women were diagnosed with fibro AFTER mesh implantation. We may be misdiagnosed. And the lower back pain… it is so bad I missed so much work that I lost my job, my source of income, my house of 18 years, my credit rating and am no longer able to work. Can’t sit for more than 20 minute without pain. Can’t stand for more than 5. Can’t walk without pain. It’s horrible. But it is constant and in the same place. Can this be just fibro? Because fibro pain moves around and is unpredictable. yes, I do have that too… so I probably do have fibro, but I wonder… was it brought ON by the nasty mesh. Good Lord in heaven I wish this mesh had never been unleashed on us. It has stolen so much from me.

      And I have yet ANOTHER surgery coming up soon. UGH!

  104. I feel what all you women are going through!!! After my bladder sling and mesh netting was done. About 2 weeks I told my doctor that i felt like my hole insides of my female organs where being pushed up after I would sit down, when I would get up it felt like it was being pulled down. She told me it was the heeling part of what I went through. So after a month I went back and told her I felt I had a bladder infection that came back negative. I understand on how painful intercourse is. When I found a doctor down in Det.MI. He sent me to Cleveland Clinic and they told me that I had what is called Pelvic Floor weakness hmmmm wondering now if this is cuzed by the mesh and sling being done. I do not know where to turn because you try to tell a doctor they think you are a hypocondriack well I just wish they had to go through what we had to now!!!! I hope somebody will listen to us!!!!!

  105. i had a rectocele in dec 08. have had nothing but trouble since. part of the mesh is still exposed. dr was no help he offered me depression pills. sex is painful. if anyone is thinking of having this procedure, please make sure your physcian knows what he is doing. I am extremely afraid if i have another surgery, it will be worse than this one.

  106. what is the statute of limitation laws that Heather is talking about? I have been having alot of pain for quite some time. I kept going to the Doctor telling her I feel like I have a bladder infection but every time I went the test came back negative. I went in to see the doctor who did the original surgery last year and he said nothing is wrong it all looks just fine. now im having bleeding and the last time I went to the doctor she said the mesh is coming through the vaginal wall. I am always uncomfortable and feel like i have a bladder infection my pelvic area hurts. I have begun to bleed again and intamacy is painful. I was feeling a pulling in my croch and thought maybe I have a hernia but that too was ruled out. I had my surgery to fix my bladder and a herniaided intestine on January 16th 2007 that is why I wanted to know if anyone can give me any information to where I start the process in getting this stuff out. I am so scared I really feel so bad for the people Ive read about in these pages and sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldnt take it out but then I start bleeding again and the pain it sometimes feels like I cant get comfortable no matter what I do. .I am so frustrated because Feeling good now seems so far and inbeween please if anyone can tell me what are the statute of limitations in getting help or seeking counsel I would really appreciate any information

  107. I had the Avulta Bard procedure back in 2007. I have had 6 surgeries to date. My last surgery being an entire pelvic reconstruction/plus mesh removal. Most of the mesh had introduded through my vaginal wall. I had constant pain from the mesh. I can no longer make it to the restroom without peeing my pants. I will forever be using a female incontinence product because my urethra was injured along with my bladder during my initial surgery back in 2007. I found a WONDERFUL doctor down in LAS ANGELES at the UCLA medical center. He removed all the mesh and I am now 6 weeks post op. I already feel like I have hope. My husband and I have 4 children, I used to teach school, I used to enjoy my life, I used to love being intimate with my husband (we have not been intimate in over 3 years). I can’t believe I have had to endure this nightmare. Someday, when I have the money, I am going to start an advocacy/support system for women who have been injured by this MESH!!! I look forward to having my life back (if possible) I look forward to spend time at the movies, at the mall, at the mountains camping, swimming and just normal day to day enjoyments of life. I am in the middle of a lawsuit right now and my trial is set for next August. I hope that if you women out there have fallen in the relm of statute limitation laws, pursue legal counsel at once. You never know what might come out of it. Good Luck to you and god bless.


  109. I need a miracle. For almost one year I have suffered because of this surgery. I have no insurance and getting help is impossible. I was born in England and have lived in this country over forty years, so as a last resort I decided to sell things to try to raise enough money to stay there a few months and get some tests done through the NHS because I am still registered with them. I have tried to find an apartment I can afford but it is impossible. Even a studio apartment is almost $1.000 a month, comes without furntiture or appliances and the cost of buying the basics have pushed my chance of getting help out of the water. I can’t possibly raise enough money. I am also disabled because of this surgery and I cannot get in and out of a bath tub, climb stairs or many other things I took for granted before this terrible mesh was implanted in me. So now I live in pain, cannot work and have no hope. I am forced to give up and live like this until I am sixty-five which is over sixteen months away. I keep wishing for a miracle, but it hasn’t happened. I am lost in a crack with no way out. Don’t do this surgery, you could be me.

  110. Hun, I had to have the mesh completely removed from the anterior portion in my pelvis. I, too, kept having mesh come through. Although the surgery was hell and recovery worse, I feel better now than I ever have. Bless your heart, I hope you can find a lawyer!

  111. I had a rectocele and cystocele on July 23 2010. They used the Avulpa Bard Mesh. I waited until late October to have sex “I waited even longer then necessary because I didn’t feel right”. It was very painful and I had spotted blood. It scratched his penis up terribly. I went to the Doctor to find that I had Mesh coming out the wall of my vagina along with an infection. Today 02-23-2011 I went in and had the mesh removed in that area. I was in pain for 6 months to the day. It was like I had barbed wire inside cutting me constantly every step I took of every day. Its only been 6 hours since my surgery and boy can I tell the difference. I keeped the mesh they cut out of me. The doctor told me it had degraded in that area the tissue wouldn’t grow into it. I haven’t been able to work since I was constantly in pain and feeling fatigued from the recurring infection. It will take another six to eight weeks to heal from the repair. Not only do I no longer have a sex life but I need to work to live. I don’t have someone to pay the bills for me. This just isn’t right. I’ve got testimony with a witness to what my doctor had said and the mesh he removed to prove it. Who’s going to pay for my future complications. I was laid off right after I was released to work after my original surgery. They want a healthy employee not a sick one. I no longer have medical insurance and had to pay out of pocket for today’s repair. I haven’t been able to work for the past 6 months due to my complications. I Feel they are negligible for damages. I AM PISSED OFF BIG TIME!!!!. This has ruined my quality of life. NO MAN WANTS A WOMEN WHO CANT HAVE SEX; “HECK” HE’S ALREADY TRAIDED ME IN FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN. From what I’ve read above, it looks like this is just the beginning: A life long of repair surgeries I have to endure flat broke, soon to be homeless and alone.


  113. Has anyone used Dr John Miklos in the north Atlanta Ga area ?? He is supposed to be the “best” We are considering his services to rectify what is written below. He wants to remove the mesh as best as he can.
    My wife had 2 surgeries in 2008 on urinary intontinence and both cystocele and rectocele problems. Bard Avaulta was used on the vagional floor,, and now is inside the vagina.

    What might any of you that has been through this suggest ?? Also, what has been your expierence legally ?? Is there a definative outlook legally,, or is there only light glimmers of hope, or false promises ??
    If anyone has had legal sucess,, please indicate who the firm is .
    Many thanks…Dan

  114. Thank you Lana for saying that all mesh is bad regardless of the type. I want to add some information that I think is important in stopping the use of this mesh. Doctors do not believe it is the mesh until they are forced to so we have to report the problems ourselves to stop this from continuing.

    Report to the FDA
    Where to find the manufacturer name and lot number.
    When I received my hospital medical records I immediately looked in the physicians Post Operative Report to find the product name and number. I found the surgeon’s hand written note that it was Boston Scientific Advantage Fit Sling, so I went to the FDA site to report the product. The FDA site is confusing because if you are not a medical technician, some things don’t make sense. If you don’t give the right answer, the screen makes a noise and a box pops up. I persevered and almost finished but was stuck because scanning through all the pages, I couldn’t spot what was needed. I fortunately had the email address of the woman who had her tape removed, who also happens to be an RN, so I sent Marianne an email last night asking for her help in this matter.
    This morning she told me to look in the PERIOPERATIVE NURSING NOTES under implants. Thank God for Marianne! There it was, name, mfg and lot number. I made my report to the FDA.
    Why report it yourself? My surgeon did not do it and if we, the victims don’t either, then more women will be injured.
    The moral of this story is GET THOSE NURSING NOTES WHEN YOU ORDER YOUR RECORDS. Fortunately I did thinking there may be something important in them. My lesson from all this is, order the hospital records first! Report the product yourself, that way you know the government knows what is happening. Doctors don’t care. Then get this information to a lawyer!

  115. Even when synthetic surgical mesh is not recalled, it causes serious harm, and even death.


    Surgical mesh is like a window screen that has raw edges. Your tissue scars into the interstices of the mesh. Removing it from your body is like removing gum from your hair. You have to remove some healthy human tissue in order to surgically remove mesh.

    But it is worth it to get it removed. Think about having a splinter in your finger. You would never consider doing physical therapy or trigger point injections. You would remove the splinter and then allow it to heal. But so many doctors further torture injured mesh patients by recommending physical therapy and/or trigger point injections before mesh removal.

    Search for a highly skilled surgeon with a lot of experience with mesh removals before you have a second surgery. A bad second surgery frequently is worse than the original mesh surgery.

    I had surgery with Dr. Philippe Zimmern in Dallas, Texas last June. I am so happy with the results. After going to Cleveland Clinic Weston for 7 years and having multiple partial mesh removals, by Dr. G. Willy Davila, I finally went to Dr. Zimmern. Dr. Zimmern did an MRI to find the mesh, did a 3 hour surgery and took out 4″ of mesh. Finally I was set free from 8 1/2 years of chronic pain.
    (I DO NOT recommend Cleveland Clinic Weston, Florida. They continue to promote surgical mesh knowing all the harm it causes.)

    I had consulted with Dr. Raz when I lived in Los Angeles in 2008 but did not have health insurance coverage for UCLA at the time. I would have treated with he and Dr. Larissa Rodriguez if I had had the coverage.

    Both of these doctors are amazing. I know many women who have had surgery with each one of them and all of them are better, some with better results than others, depending on who did the original surgery and what mesh product was used.

    Philippe E. Zimmern, M.D.
    Department of Urology, J8.122
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
    Aston Ambulatory Care Center
    5323 Harry Hines Blvd. #8882
    Dallas, Texas 75390-9164

    214-645-8765, Press #1 and then #2 (for new patients)
    214-645-8769 fax

    Patrice Lynn Manley is Dr. Zimmern’s Nurse.
    She goes by Lynn but her e-mail is Patrice.
    Call and leave a message for her. She will always get back to you the same day.

    – – AND – –

    Shlomo Raz M.D. Professor of Urology
    Chief Division of Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
    Director Fellowship Program
    Department of Urology UCLA School of Medicine
    200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 140
    Los Angeles, California 90095

    Phone 310-794-0208 Fax 310-794-0211

    Elizabeth Vasquez, patient coordinator, in Dr Raz’s office.
    She handles the financial and insurance stuff.
    The phone is (310) 794-0206 and her email is

    Be careful of any surgeon who holds himself out to be an “expert” at mesh removal. Especially those with the websites targeting mesh patients. The really good ones are not advertising. They are too busy taking care of all the injured mesh patients they already have.

    I sincerely hope everyone posting on this site finds help to remove this human torture device. No human should ever do this to another human, especially a doctor to a patient.

    Blessings to all, Lana Keeton
    Founder & President
    Truth in Medicine Incorporated

  116. Had both anterior & posterior slings (Avaulta Plus) put in May 2008. Have experienced pain ever since. The first time after surgury that husband & I tried sex I thought I’d die from the pain. Went back to dr, told to give it a few more weeks. Then I started to bleed again which was from an infection & dr removed a large hematoma by cutting inside my vagina without any type of anesthesia. More weeks of recovery. In April 2009, again starting bleeding after painful intercouse. This trip to the dr found the mesh had eroded thru. Had to wait for surgery while my dr went on vacation!! June 2009 endured another painful surgery to repair the erosion. 8 more wks of recover. Since this surgery I’ve made numerous trips to the dr for various problems. I live in constant pain. Recently had a transvaginal sonogram that was so painful the tech had to stop before finishing. Was told nothing was found. Had an MRI 2 wks ago, same result. I am led to believe that my problems are unique. To date, my dr has not once mention that there has been problems with this product. I saw a commercial on TV 3 days ago & this was the first time I had heard anything about it. My husband & I just looked at each other in shock. I had no idea what brand of sling I had inserted so I dug out old insurance info & found “Avaulta Plus”. Can’t tell you how angry, violated but also relieved to know that I’m not crazy. My biggest concern is what complications may arise on down the road.

  117. Please let me know if any one of you had the surgery for the mesh sling performed at Cleveland Clinic, Weston, Florida. I am scheduled for a full hysterectomy and the mesh sling surgery but I am going to cancel it tomorrow after reading all the comments. I am trying to determine if the same mesh is still being used by the surgeons today – if so, then we need to get very active to have it recalled. Thanks to each of you for sharing this invaluable information with the rest of us – I appreciate it so much.


  119. I’m 49 years old and have gone through a hysterectomy. my Dr was hoping that this would help with the prolapse of my bladder and bowel i haven’t gone back for my check up for the hysterectomy. At this time he will wont to discuss the pelvic mesh.i am quite upset that with all of this . i don’t wont to be worse off then i all ready am i all ready have discomfort and at this time i think i will wait for the surgery for the prolapse bladder and bowel,I feel for all the women who have suffered more pain then what you should have and thank you for being brave enough to help other women my prays to all of you and once again thank you

  120. Renee
    Ask your doctor they have to tell you. Also, I suggest you get a copy of your medical records from the doctor and the hospital. They will charge for copies but you will be able to see exactly what was used and done. The post op report is very important to have.
    I researchedvand finally decided that I would retain an Atty. I cannot suggest what others should do but it would be worth your time to at least talk to someone to understand your options. Also, you do not have to participate as part of a class action. You have the rights to pursue individual compensation for personal injury caused by a defective medical device.

    I still find it amazing the number of women who are are suffering and whose lives have been so dramatically effected.

    I find out next week when I have my 5th surgery. Here we go again.

    I send up prayers for everyone going through this

  121. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2008 and have had many issues with bowel, bladder, side pains, back and hip pain. How do you find out what type of mesh was used during the surgery?

  122. Hello; I had a combo-surgery (if you will) on Sep 28 2010, It was a partial hysterectomy & a mesh placement to correct my stress urinary incontinenece issues… I have since healed fine with relation to the hysterectomy, however I have had nothing but pain from this mesh CRAP !!! I returned for a post-op check 10 days out, and complained then of pelvic pain. My surgeon put my worries to rest at that point simply by telling me that it was normal post-op pain. I returned again for a 6 week check, and by then my pain had increased a great deal… Once again I was assured that “women always seem to have the most issues with healing” in regards to the mesh proceedure… I was told at that appt. that we were cleared to have sex, that situation has been a nightmare for both myself & my husband… He is so very understanding, but I can’t help feel terrible because our sex life has all but ended… We have tried as many different positions as we can think to try, and I still experience so much pain that we have to stop… I was a reasonably healthy 43 year old woman when I had this done, and now I feel like I may as well be 90 years old on a rocker for as good as I feel… I was not warned about these possibilities prior to surgery, it was supposed to be a commonly done, simple thing, which would correct my leaking issues I had upon sneezing, laughing etc. Now all I wanna do is cry… I have contacted an atty. however, since this is a class action situation, I doubt I will ever get any real compensation for what we have to live with now… As if all this is not bad enough, the very problem this surgery was supposed to correct has returned, and seems even worse now, so I have to ask myself, why did I have this to begin with ? The only warning I was given was the normal surgical warnings regarding anesthesia, and that there would be a slight possibility I may come home still catheterized if they were unable to remove it prior to my discharge. They were able to remove my catheter though, but as I explained above, this situation has just gotten worse and worse… I don’t want to have to go back tio have further surgeries, especially if things such as some of the rest of you have written about may happen to me… Who wants to think about possibly having multiple surgeries, which may or may not even fix the issues ? The companies which produce these mesh products NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the lives they have altered forever… If you have not yet had a mesh proceedure, and you are reading this DON’T LET ANY DOCTOR DO THIS TO YOU !!! I would, if I could return to my leaking issues, as opposed to my entire private life being all screwed up…


  124. I too had the Avaulta in Dec/06 and experienced minor complications compared to many on here. A friend notified me of a television commercial regarding Avaulta. I am off work recooperating from what I THOUGHT was an unrelated surgery so had time to start to investigate. All the sites with information were mostly from attorneys. I did fill out a LOT of forms and started getting responses within a few hours. I do feel I retained a very impressive law firm to represent me in this venture. I am told the sooner you act the BETTER. If anybody needs information please dont hesitate to contact me if you need a referal. There is NOTHING out of your pocket for this. My email is Please put Avaulta in the subject line so I know it isnt spam. Thanks and good luck ladies with your recoveries.

  125. Lee, I’m so sorry that you and all the other women on here have gone through this. My only problems with the mesh was the constant extrusion of fibers into my vagina. I did have some vaginal discomfort but not horrible. My heart aches for you women who have been neigh crippled from the pain. I am fortuneate that I do have a great doctor. I knew the risks going in, but as they are rare, I felt the benefit outweighed the risk. Well that was silly of me lol. Luckily the posterior portion of my mesh has NOT given me any problems because I tell you what, I will NOT go through removal again. This has been agonizing (sp). I briefly talked to my doc on the phone last week. The results of my pelvic CT was that I do have hematomas and some are bigger than what he would like, I was also put on anti-biotics. My doc told me that he had a very difficult time taking the mesh out, probably one of the most difficult procedures he’s done. I am the ONLY patient of his with this problem, I am “special”. He said that there was an area of tissue where the mesh had broken down, I had a lot of the little frayed ends in my tissue. So he had to remove a good chunk of vaginal tissue. I finally drove yesterday for the first time. I am getting out and about but am so slow. I still can’t sleep, not due to pain, but just post surg. insomnia. I have a 2 week post op tomorrow with my doc so hopefully I will find out more. I normally recover very quick from surgeries, and this one has just kicked my butt. It’s only been 2 weeks, but I’m not where I want to be. I’ve gone from constant pain to a constant ache with stabs of pain from time to time, so it is getting better. But urinating is painfull still so I will have to talk to my doc about that.

  126. Christy and others,

    My heart goes out to each of you. I had the original surgery Nov 25, 2008. This was one month after the Consumer Warning was issued. My doctor did not tell me anything about the potential issues and even told me that she had inplanted this device many times and all with great success. Out patient surgery to insert the Bard Avaulta devices and began having problems immediately. I have been in the most pain I have ever been in. I visited her office every week in extreme pain and on one visit she could see and feel the meshing and tried to cut it out in her office. She then scheduled surgery to try to cut out what was protruding.
    I continue to hurt, could not walk, sit or sleep. Anohter doctor in the practice referred me to the Chair of Urogynology at a different hospital. He has been very helpful in understanding and trying to pinpoint the percise points of mesh errosion. He has removed large portions of the mesh during two surgeries and I am going back again for another that is beginning to tear through.

    My salary was cut in half because I cannot travel as I once did, I do worry about the long term effect on my professional and personal life and marriage. My husband and I enjoyed a close and satisfactory intimate relationship. I know that part of my life is over. As understanding as my husband has been, I feel guilty and like a burden when he has to take care of me. I was an active outgoing person and am being forced to become old before my time.

    It has been over 2 years and I have an attorney and as much as I try not to , when I am hurting, I still get angry at my doctor for doing this without any regard to the notice she certainly recieved.

    What must we do to actually have this recalled so there is not a chance it will be used again?

  127. I had surgery on Dec 21 to remove the anterior portion of the mesh. I was in the hospital over night. I agree with Joanna that this has been by far the most painfull recovery. My hips hurt so bad that I have to sleep in a recliner now, I am still taking pain meds around the clock, every 6 hours. Having the mesh put in wasn’t as bad as having it removed. I’ve been running a fever for a couple of days, I had a CBC and UA done, I also had a pelvic CT done yesterday to make sure that I don’t have hematomas on the incision. I am waiting for results. All I know is that I have been miserable. Christmas day I started to feel better, and it’s been down hill from there.

  128. Dear Joanna, you are very lucky to have a sugeon that does not believe he walks on water. Let him know from all of the injured women out in the universe, that we aplaud him. He took it out quickly which means you have a greater shot at recovery. Most surgeons like to pretend these problems do not exist and the problem grows into a mountain over time. I wish you the best for your future.

  129. I had the surgery in May 2010, it helped with the leaking, but my body rejected the mesh 2 months afterwards and my OBGYN had his first surgery to take it out. I was scared to death and in a lot of pain……. It was success. I was under almost 2 hours and he removed the sling and endometrious. I was so sore and it took me almost a month to overcome it. This surgery was by far the most painful ( wose than my hystrectomy worse than child birth.) If I would have researched this Mini Arc Sling procedure I would not had the surgery. I would just have lived with it. SO study up on this subject before you give the okay.

  130. Dear Angela, none of us can tell you not to do this surgery but I wish I had found out this all before I had mine. We are all supposed to be informed of complications before surgery, but my surgeon never mentioned a word. A few weeks after I had it done, my daughter was in the waiting room at this doctor’s office during one of my post op visits and met a woman who had had it done prior to me by this same surgeon. This lady has major complications from the mesh. She underwent surgery early October this year to remove the mesh and almost died. She lost most of the blood in her body and it went into several hours to fix the problem. She called here today and talked to my daughter. The surgery/hospital alone cost $162,000. without surgeon or anesthesia’s bill which she has not recieved as yet. She cannot walk around without walker and has to lay most of the time to allow her insides to heal without internal hemorage.
    I am scared for my own future because my symptoms keep increasing and it has only been nine months. I would rather have wet all over myself than this. If anyone wants to read my story along with all my research to try to help myself, I wrote a blog documenting my struggle, in the hopes I can help someone else.

  131. I am so grateful to hear of all these horror stories as I am suppose to have this mesh procedure done after the first of the year! You have all changed my mind and I will try to use exercises as a method to help my problem.

  132. Hi Terri
    I have heard of your symptoms recently, when in the emergency room for my arm. the male nurse told me his wife had the same thing you are speaking of and had surgery to fix it. If she had written her symptoms down here, you would not be feeling so alone. That is why this site and others like it is so important. I think we should all remember that each of us has our own D and A, therefore our symptoms will also be diverse. The more we write here, the more we can help others.
    Ladies, I know for many women, sitting at a computer can be painful, but helping others is a far better drug than any antidepressant. Write as many of your symptoms here, along with time lines of how long it was since your surgery. This gives someone else credence to say to their doctors and long suffering families, “See I’m not the only one. I am not crazy”. I had a hard time finding anyone with symptoms that matched mine and that was frustrating. When at last I found someone with some of my symptoms, it was wonderful because I know something isn’t right. It made me stronger to fight a long battle. I hope Terri you can get help and feel well again. Linda

  133. Hi Laura, I read your comment which came through to my email a couple of days ago. My heart goes out to you. I forwarded it on to my own surgeon, whom I still believe to be a caring woman, doctor and surgeon. However, without first hand knowledge of the heart break of women like you, she cannot change anything. I wish more women would take the time to write their stories, so that these surgeries will not be viewed as ‘simple, non invasives’ surgeries ever again. I sit here typing with one hand with my arm still in a brace, cast now removed, after a fall five weeks ago, due to my own symptoms. It will be awhile until I get the use of my arm back. I too have been facing the problem of not being believed and it adds insult to injury. I would give you my phone number if I could, just so that you had someone to pour it out to when all seems without hope. Remember, you are still alive and your comment here is very important. Sometimes when we feel we cannot help ourselves, writing it down will help someone else.
    From someone who really does care. Linda

  134. I had a mesh sling to hold my bladder up around 5 years a go. The procedure did do what it was supposed to do. I have been experiancing something that I did not read about in any of the other ladies comments. My sling ends on the outside of my body on the left and right side of my pubic area. Over the last year I have been getting sores at these spots on and off. It will be like a big hard zit. They are very painfull. Once they break open and drain the spot heals over leaving me with yet another scare. I suspect that it is pieces of the mesh being rejected by my body. I wonder what’s going on on the inside? I have bleeding every time my husband and I have intercourse. Now after reading all of these horror stories the next time it happens I will be at the doctors office!

  135. The mesh bladder sling surgery has made my life a nightmare! I have had 36 doctors visits, 3 surgeries, 3 CT Scans, Upper GI, Lower GI, Cystoscopy, Sonograms and still 2 years later I am still having the same symptoms as my first ambulance ride to the hospital for appedicitis. One wrong diagnosis after another …. RX’s for pain medications, Intersticycistis, GERD, antidepressants and more just to shut me up because no one knew what the physcial problem was. It was always the mesh erosion which doesn’t show up on any type of X-ray or test.
    I am going for a 4th surgery and it scares me to death. I have reported this to the FDA, but it seems that no one is taking this horrible botched up surgery seriously.
    Please report this to the FDA and don’t stop fighting this until someone listens to you! I have lost my job, can’t sit in a chair like a normal human being, sex is out of the question which puts a terrible strain on my marriage. I feel so desperately hurt because my doctors don’t seem to believe my pain. I can only pray and hope that someone will be able to help me someday. Please tell everyone you know that this surgery is very serious and dangerous. We owe it to our daughters, and friends to prevent their suffering too….thank you for this website. Laura

  136. 4 months ago I to had the sling surg, still cannot control bladder, tryed sex, but neither i or my husband feel anyhing,except my husband said it felt like pins hiting him. yes i will be seening dr soon. and if i find this is not normal, I plan to file law suit, we aways had a active sex life, but now its gone to the dogs. thax mare

  137. Hello Alice Nelson
    Congratulations on your successful sling sugery. Whoopee for you. I will think of you on the many nights when I can’t sleep because of pain. We injured ladies have enough to deal with, including doctors who don’t believe us until things get so bad even they can’t ignore it. You do understand that sling surgery does not last forever? When you go back again for the same surgery a few years from now, you may not be so lucky. Are you saying that the women who are injured by this surgery, did not put their faith in God? Please think before you write your glowing report. I know a very God fearing person who went through tape removal one month ago. It almost cost her life. She made it through but will have many months of recovery and there is no promise of a rosey future.
    Regards from Skeepless on many nights.

  138. I had a bladder sling done at the same time I had a hysterectomy. It was Spring of 2006, and it was the best thing I ever did. I couldn’t go out for a leisurely walk without getting wet. I was in my early 50’s at the time, and I had a doctor that had done many of these operations. He was ranked as one of the best. I have never had any complications, and I still don’t have any leakage. I can just wear panties, no pads. Again, it was one of the best things I did to give me my life back. I feel for all the women who have had complications, but I put my trust in God, and HE has given me a wonderful life since the surgery. No leakage during intercourse, and THAT is a big improvement.

  139. I really feel your pain ladies, I had my mesh bladder sling put in place in 2008, since that time I went to Vanderbilt in 2009, and the Dr. there took out some of the mesh,I am in SEVER pain 24/7vaginal burning ,pain left leg is killing me and I feel like I’m being eaten alive,I went this year to see a Pain managment Dr.the only thing he did for me was tell me I had 2 nervers cut during that first surgery, he wanted me to ride a bike and walk 4 miles a day..I tried in vain to tell him I could not sit, walk do anything, but I got the feeling he saw me as a fat lazy I stopped seeing him, well that must have made my family Dr. mad because now she won;t refer me to another Dr. and totally refuses to give me pain meds now.. I am not a drug addict..I am in sever pain,how compassinate. as far as Personal injury Attorneys, In Indiana, it’s 2 years..I didn’t find out about the nerve damage untill 2 months ago..but it’s been too long to do anything..DON’T PUT IT OFF.. go as soon as you can..

  140. I had a mesh sling put in back in Nov-2008 but I don’t know the name am going to find that out today as I am on my way back to the uroligist to find out what the problem is. Like I said my surgery was in Nov-2008 and I had to have two more surgeries to fix an erosion. One in Feb-2009 and one in Apr-2009. I was fine until Jun-2010 when I developed an infection and was put on meds. Since then I have experienced very painful cramping. I wasn’t sure if it was the sling or not but I did have a complete hystrorectomy so I knew it was not menstrual cramps. I had the worse attack ever last week. I had to leave work because I could not sit, stand, walk, or breath without very horrific pain right below my belly button. My pelvic area was puffed out that I looked as if I could be pregnant. It felt like an alien was going to burst out of me. I could stand it and went home and slept it off. Would have went to the emergency room but didn’t think I could sit in that waiting room waiting to get checked out. I have pain every day, some days worse than others. It feels like someone is sticking a knife it me, it is a piercing sharp pain right below the belly button. I am going to the drs today to see what he says. I think he is going to want to remove the sling but I don’t think I should have to pay for a surgery if the sling is recalled. Shouldn’t a recalled product be paid for by the manufacturer? or even the Dr. if he knew there were recalls on a product? I don’t know, did any of you contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

  141. i am typing with one hand, so forgive grammer. i wrote my case oct 16th and i had told my doc that i was afraid i may fall due to my right leg giving way underneath me. i have problems walking with groin pain on the right side all the time going down the thigh as if someone is pinching me hard. i also have sudden pains when my right leg goes out underneath me so have been afraid i would fall. last saturday it happened when i got up off chair and when falling i reached to save myself. now i have a fractured wrist and i am more disabled. i am waiting to go to a nuerologist once he has my records because i am sure this is nerve damage. has anyone else had groin and leg pain.

    I have a BARD ALIGN SLING implanted in May 2009. I immediately experienced problems and returned to the Dr’s office several times complaining of pain, discomfort sitting , pressure and problems urinating. She gave antibiotics told me I needed to take it easy and not try to rush my recovery. I waited 2 months to take a 1.5 mile walk with my daughter. During the walk the feeling of pressure was increasing rapidly. Upon returning home I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and instead of urine I passed a stream of blood. I went to the dr and she said I had an infection but didn’t have an explaination for the blood. Each time I walked any further then to the end of my driveway I bled. I returned to my doctor again and again without answers.
    I went to a Specialist, he used a scope to view the inside of my bladder. He found that the sling had cut thru my bladder wall and now is inside my bladder.
    I went for a second opinion and this was comfirmed. I now have to stay on antibotics until I have surgery to remove as much of the Sling as possible, and will have to have additional surgeries to remove any that still works its way thru the bladder wall. I haven’t have any testing to find out if the sling has damaged any other organs or tissues yet. I pray I do not.

  143. My letter on this site.
    I had Tvt surgery and rectocele repair March 9th 2010 and had a catheter 9 weeks before second surgery to snip the sling was done. I was a self pay patient and knew early something was wrong but surgeon assured me I was fine. She finally did the second surgery May 3rd at no charge when I told her I did not have any money or other way to borrow more. I know it wasn’t compassion, but the hospital and doctors knew I’d have to sue if they left me that way. I was on post op four months and although felt groin pain after the first surgery, I was going through so many problems and pain that I didn’t think it was relevant. I didn’t have any money left and have to file medical bankruptcy, so tried to ignore the groin pain until it got bad enough I couldn’t sleep and barely walked.
    I contacted surgeon again Sept 7th and told her I knew something was wrong and my research showed that it was the TVT surgery. She called me on the phone but did not believe me and told me I had it wrong because I thought I had TVT-O surgery. At first I wondered if I did get it wrong but I kept all my notes and it was TVT, so I sent her an email telling her I was right. I couldn’t sleep the night of September 11th, so wrote her another email and told her my symptoms and begged her for help. After a couple of days she agreed to see me at no charge but I couldn’t go until I had someone to drive me the hour and a half each way. I thought I was there to get help but while examining me she questioned me and asked twice if I was sure that I did not have the problem before surgery. Then she told me her hands were tied because unless I had insurance or money she could not send me on to a Neurologist. I left there feeling very down and it took me a couple of days to send her yet another email and told her how I knew she had only called me in to discredit me and put it in my files there was nothing wrong. I told her I would swear on a stack of bibles I did not have this groin pain before surgery. I also told her that had I known there was even a chance of being disabled, I would never have had the surgery. I’ve heard nothing back.
    I probably need a second opinion but I have to pay my house taxes at the end of the year before I can save up for it. I’m also bothered by seeing a doctor who may not give me a fair shake and will be biased. I don’t know how anyone else has dealt with this and I really need help.
    It is hard to believe that a surgery that is touted as minimally invasive can do so much hard and cripple many women. We need help.

  144. Well here I am 2 years later and I’m going to my OBGYN on wed because I believe I have more extrusion of the mesh from my A&P repair I had done in 2008. I have to use vaginal estrogen tablets and cream now. I also have scar tissue inside my vagina, and intercourse can be painfull. I also have vaginal pain. What really sucks is that I have interstital cystitis, which is a bladder condition, so I dont’ know how much of the pelvic pain is from the mesh or my bladder. My hub can’t feel the mesh when we have sex, so that is a good thing, but I have already had 3 procedure since my original surgery. One was done in office, the other 2 in an OR. I, too, feel like less of a woman these days, my vagina feels gross in that it’s full of scar tissue, I know it shouldn’t matter because NOBODY can see it and my hub doesn’t care and loves me, but it’s not fun.

  145. Well, will be having surgery once more in a few weeks. Now to remove it. I hope they can remove it, but I am very concerned what will happen with my ability to defacate. I spent a year and a half not being able to.nearly having a stroke to pass stool. So, I am now faced with three fears; the fear of having surgery, the fear of my vagina not healing right, and the fear of rectal problems and possibly more surgery for that.
    When I spoke to this doctor about all this, he told me that this was state of art , and that former procedures to fix this generally were not successful.
    I guess it has worked well for most out there. I wish it had for me, too!

  146. I had a posterior mesh revision done for internal prolapse and rectocele. I bled much longer than doc said I would. First sexual experience was not bad but I bled, so back to the doc. They did a repair two months later in an out patient facility. By June, I had more fibers that eroded through. He felt it was nothing and told me to insert the estrace again every day. Bleeding stopped, so I thought that was it. NOw? Severe pain on intercourse with bleeding, severe to the point of screaming. I am even having problems inserting the tube to insert the estrace. It feels like it is hitting a brick wall and will not go any farther in. Husband also has been scratched and has had pain by this. Going to call his office Monday am, but I am having major problems with responsibilities here.
    I am not sure what mesh was used, by what company. Will ask them when I call for sure.
    Both my husband and I want our lives back!!!!
    Why are they not repairing these problems the old way they used to???”???

  147. HI,
    Had a hystertomy June 11, 2004 and found out the mesch product was used. There were complications after surgery my bowel protruded in my right lower intestine had that repair went back three days later with severe infection. Was put on antibotics for 4 days with balloon hanging out of stomach. Was always fatigue and experience pain. Ihad surgery for lower back and thought that was it. But I put myself through medical school, cance and taught excersise until surgery.
    The last two years I have not been able to wear a pair of pants have seen twenty five doctors and they think it was something else. Every doctor ignored my platelet count till I ended up in emergency with bowel problems and bleeding and fistugula leaking into bladder. I have stop having sex for a year and this has destroy my relationship. I feel like part of my body is gone and I am asking for help.All last year I told them look into cervix which was left and no one would.
    Last visit doctor could not do exam my pain levels are so high. I would give anthing to wear pants not sweats. Can someone please tell me where to go to get this thing out. My quality of life is just surviving. Last year I thought I passed kidney stone and emergency said it was candia. I took enough diflican tokill anything. I kept complaining ofwhite pus coming out which is not candia. This is the wose thing .My phone is 408-329-3679, can someone tell me where to you go toget this out.

  148. I have had comlete hystrorectomy back in 2004
    I had a Mini-Arc Sling put in on May 17th 2010. The past month I have been nausated and having sharp pains in my right side. I go back to my OBGYN on Tuesday, August 10 2010 and we do C-T Scan of abdomin, that was good no signs of anything and we do blood work, which my white blood count was a little elevated, so he gives RX antibotics and he did a pelvic exam which I was in great pain and have great pain with intercourse. I return to the doctor yesterday Wednesday the 18th of August and we do another pelvic, which I was in great pain when this was done. Now the option I have been given is to have the Mini-Arc Sling removed this coming September 1st 2010 and my doctor has said he has never had this problem and were going to do a Laser Laparoscopy and he is going to try to REMOVE the Sling…..and said if he can’t remove it he will send me to a specialist. my QUESTION is can the Sling be removed safely. My hystrectomy was due to severe endometrious and 6 miscarriages……….lost and confused and scared and would love some advice.
    Thanks Alma Joanna May August 28th 2010

  149. People don’t understand. I am always in pain, but I have to deal with it because I cannot get it “fixed” right now. I was going to the Doctor every week, then two weeks, for shots-inside of my vagina. One on each side. I cannot begin to tell you how degrading this is. Through several office procedures, some has been cut out, little by little, but it keeps coming back. Now it has migrated into my leg, possibly both of them. A doctor told me that he could remove it, but I cannot afford a surgery at this time. Now I see that it is not completely removable. How can that be? I am so embarrassed that I cannot even talk to my fiance about the details. I haven’t been to the doctor in over a moth because I HATE HAVING TO GET SHOTS ‘THERE’. They hurt. So I just take my pain medicine, which isn’t even that effective anymore…so I just made an appointment to get more shots…in two weeks. I have to pee all the time, never able to empty my bladder. I have problems sexually, which I mostly deal with and keep to myself. This affects my entire family, if only because of the constant state of anxiety that I am in. Reading all of this, I thought that within the year I could have the problem resolved, now I am scared that it will never be.

  150. I had polypropylene mesh with anterior and posterior in July 2007. NEEDED A REPAIR 6 MONTHS LATER then came the problems in pain when i sit,on my left side also my left leg very painful if my husband an d i tried to have sex, the worsed thing was going to the doctor,having him open you so he could examine you, i came off the table it hurt so bad. Now the mesh has eroded again the doc i am seeing said she needs to find me a doc because she doesnt know how to remove this mesh that was a month ago she called me a few days ago and said the two doctors she had in mind didnt want to help. so i had made an appointment with this other doc went to see him and you wont believe what he did,i was undressed on the table waiting for him when the nurse came in and said he doesnt take your ins. when she already ran it.Does anyone else have that happen to them? I also had gone to see a urologist because there was blood in my urine had a ct scan and they found a mesenteric cyst growing on scar tissue from this mesh erosion, i am having trouble finding a general surgeon. I think doctors dont want to treat you because of this mesh recall, they dont want to be responible.I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO DO I have three docs telling me i need surgry right away but cant find the docs to do it HELP ME! The only thing we women need to do is stay positive and share are lives with others so other women dont have any mesh put in them.

  151. Well get this ….Attorney said my body destroyed theBARD mesh or the dr installed it wrong…. It’s my fault! My case is just like all the above. After a yr of infections and pain was going to have a 30 min. erosion surgery when Dr(gyn) rounded to left side and found cuts into bladder and pieces of mesh everywhere w/ cut into all my organs…..It’s my fault remember….They opened me up and worked 4 hrs and did not get it all……And its my fault…Attorney said I do not have law suit…..against the BARD product. Oh yes, they did not get it all out.

  152. ok i had vagianl mesh put in on july of 2009 i started having problems in october went to the doc in november he had to cut away at the mesh eroding thru the vaginal wall then in december once again that is painful then in januarry of 2010 once again my hubby and i were fed up in feb of 2010 i had to go to atlanta ga to have it all removed to find out that the arms of it was also poking me ive since been much betteer it took a heck of a time to recover but im finally back to normal bc all of the mesh was removed its a shame that we as womwn are taken advantage of the fda should pull this stuff off the line for good its no good for women shame on the people who are supposed to keep us healthy

  153. I am only 37 yrs and I had an anterior and posterior repair done in 11/2006. I had drainage and bleeding for some time after the repair. I would get checked and was told I was taking longer to heal than most and “just give it time”. It hurt to have sex. I can count on both hands the times I had intercourse with my husband since 11/2006. It HAS strained our relationship. The pain and drainage (not to mention the foul odor from the infection I had) completely stopped all intimacy. We have not had intercourse for 1 year now. He was beginning to think I was frigid and so was I. Was this all in my head. I decided to get a second opinion. This doc was flabberghasted by what he saw. He said there was no way for intimacy because of the swelling and inflammation. He sent me to a Uro/GYN at a University hospital that told me the mesh on the top and bottom was both eroded. It would have to come out. I just came home from the hospital on June 7th. All the mesh has been removed. Now I will have to heal up and see if everything becomes prolapsed again and if so, have something else done I guess. I sympathize with all the rest of you. My advice would be to keep telling your docs that something is wrong. Especially if it hurts to be intimate. Because of the drainage and bleeding I been told constantly it was a bladder infection or vaginal infection, yet no one wanted to see why until I happened to get the right opinion at the right time. Good luck ladies! I know I still need some good luck as well. There’s still a long road ahead of us.

  154. I have had two surgeries for prolapse. What was a grade 4 bladder prolapse into the vaginal area, cystocele & rectocele. Mesh was used. I had fibroids in my uterus and that was what initially sent me to the MD’s office. Why I was 56 at the time and thought I was done with that!

    OK the pamphlets looked great like gee I will be out hiking and swimming and having a grand old time. Think again? Another surgery resulted for another problem….the uterus was now prolapsing. So a vaginal hysty was done only it was awful. My cervix was removed…I ended up with a nasty episiotomy, then ran into impaction issues, spasms to be exact had to go back to the ER for furthur humiliation. …..Now over a year and a half later I still have issues. I have chronic lower back pain…sometimes there is shooting pain in the region and even after all the estrogen given it is no better. I am so upset over this I no longer talk to my doctor..don’t know one I trust. I turned 59 recently, look good but feel like 100. I am doing what I have to do for now. Sometimes the cramping in the ovary region is weird ,I had cysts at one time. I still have the hot flashes and to have sex involves jiffy lube and a bottle of wine. I for one do not wish to have any further surgery done. I have a high tolerance for pain, and try to get on with my activities of living. But in the balance I feel the medical professionals let me down and didn’t care .

    I only hope my marriage makes it through this mess ….there ought to be a law about what is done wrong….is this mal practice is there any class action suits against these companies or is it travel at your own risk?

  155. I went in on June 1, 2010 for a partial hysterectomy and came out with a TVT sling and posterior repair with mesh. Prior to surgery I was having no problems with my bladder or bowels, but I made the dreadful mistake of signing a release to allow for repair of discovered problems. Never in a million years would I have allowed such life altering procedures to be done on me if I had a clue what was involved. I have been in constant pain with bladder, rectal, vaginal and hip pain. My life has been destroyed by two surgeries that I had no idea I was getting. I am in my early 40’s and feel my life is over. Please bring an end to this or at least require patients to be educated prior to surgery.

  156. I am praying that if you have had this done as I have with Bard , and you live in Florida, we need one another. I have not been fortunate enough to find an attorney in the state of Florida to take my case, where I pay nothing, unless a settlement is reach and the attorney takes the funds from that. With just one person suing Bard from Florida, it is too costly for the attorney to take my case.
    I have had a prolapse Bladder and the Bard Avaultra mesh was used July 2, 2008 and my bowel wall fell and the Bard avaultra mesh was used on January 2009. I am having the mesh cut ( prickly mesh removed) every 2 months to every 3 1/2 months since 2008. I am now dealing with incontinence, pain with what little intercourse we have since Jan. 2008. I have Parkinson’s and stress makes my symptoms worse. Please help me. My e-mail is
    Margaret from Melbourne, Florida

  157. In 2006 I had an anterior/posterior Repair along with a rectocyele, and cystocyoele with sling. I am still having incontinence problems. I suffer with horriffic pain in the rectum area. I have had 6 surgeries. Due to errosions, and mesh removel… I was told by my previous doctor that the mesh could not be removed…. I have had terrible errosions in the vaigna which lead the mesh to protrude through the vagina. Several Bladder infections, scaring in the vagina which has made the vagina opening small… I am going through another surgery on the 10th of June. This surgery has ruined my sex life, Thank God I have a husband that loves me and understands…. I go through each and every day with vaginal and back pain.

  158. I had monarc bladder surgery done in 2005. I have pain,vaginal odor,bladder infections, itching.Husband and I cannot have sex because of horriffic pain. I still have loss of urine,now it is worse then before surgery, I have a large lump inside vagina, urologist says all is fine after examing me several times, now i have constipation issues I never had before,difficulty walking,tired all the time, and I could go on and on. The monarc sling is terrible, it does not help incontinence, now I am living without a sex life. I wish I never had surgery.

  159. I too had this mesh put in three different times, once to lift my fallen bladder then to repair the floor of my vagina that Dr. said had fallen onto my colon. Two weeks after surgery I felt that something was poking out of me, so in for one more surgery to lift up whatever was poking out!!! I was never told about the FDA warnings even tho they existed before my surgeries, nor was I told that the mesh could not be completely removed, or I would have NEVER allowed it to be put in. I have had terrible erosion in the vagina allowing the mesh to protrude into the vagina, I have not been able to have relations with my husband for over a year now,it is too painful for both of us. My doctor told me that I was the only case like this that he had, and he would have to just keep going in and cutting away the mesh that was exposed for an undetermined amount of time. My life as I once knew it is over because of this awful stuff, I go to the Mayo soon for reconstructive surgery, I hope that they can help me to get back to being pain free mentally as well as physically. How can this company and the Doctors that continue to use this mesh be allowed to do such damage and get away with it????

  160. Had surgery in May, 2009. I had alot of pain in the fall of 2009, thought it was just me. I was not told of the FDA warning. I was told these problems were rare.
    I went to the Doctor in Feb. 2009, he said everything was ok. I insisted that he
    reexamine me and he found an ersion of the vaginal wall. Repair done in March 2010, still in pain???? I need the name of a doctor in the houston area that will believe it is the mesh cases the problem. My 2 doctors were highly recommend,
    one is at Texas Women’s hospital and the urologist is out of St Lukes.

  161. My wife had the avaulta mesh surgery in Feb of 2010 and she has had nothing but pain and complications since. The recovery time and bleeding lasted ALOT longer than the doctors had stated, and now the bleeding during her cycles is way more than it normally would be. Intercourse is uncomfortable and most of the time very painful. I havefelt the poking and “rough spots” described by many of the women on this site. I could not imagine the actual pain everyone is going through but I know that seeing my wife in this state and not being able to do anything about it is the most helpless feeling in the world. My wife and I will not rest until this product is pulled off the market so that no one elses lives have to be destroyed. My wife and I will do this together because her doing this alone is not an option. I urge you husbands that are thinking that you cant deal with this to STICK IT OUT! and be there for your wives that you made that vow to when you got married…..In Sickness AND In Health. I hope that everyone can get some kind of help and closure out of this situation. I pray for all of you.

    –Zene and Brandi Hopper.

  162. Well the doctor at the Mayo, FL, said for me to live with the mesh, that it was not causing my pain. She said I was having pelvic muscles spasm, ordered Valium for a muscle relaxer and pelvic PT. She said she only takes the mesh out if it is infected and my pain was not related to the mesh. She was angry about me questioning her on it!
    I then went to Vanderbilt to see Dr. Carl Zimmerman. He removed 95 % of the gynecare anterior prolift, and he found that it had adhered to my lining of my bowels as well as my bladder, that it had formed bands of strictures around the vagina of scar tissue. It was a mess, part of it was wadded up. He was not able to get out all of the arms. It has been a hard recover, I had the mesh removal Mar 31, I am having all kinds of nerve pains in my groins rectal area, back and vagina. I am hoping things settle down with healing.I have heard that some people have severe pain forever.
    I am praying that is not the case, I have been to the point of wanting to die. I am 49 and feel my life is ruined. My husband and I now are just friends not lovers because of this!!!

  163. I had the prolift placed anteriorly for my bladder prolapse Oct 13, 2009. I had a 2nd surgery Dec 15 for mesh erosion to the bladder and vaginal wall, bladder was punctured with this surgery and had a catheter for 2wks and a ureter stint. It has been a nightmare. I am 49 and still in terrible physical and mental pain. I am to go to the Mayo Clinic Mar 15th to see about having all of the mesh removed. My dr. said it was great stuff, would last forever and did not tell me of the FDA warnings or complications. I wonder how he would like something like this placed in his scrotum. Something needs to be done to get this off the market. Women are being abused by the insertion of this mesh. I had to quit my job due to the pain, I am hanging on by a prayer hoping that I can get “fixed” at the Mayo Clinic.

  164. I am 43yrs old, just had Hysterectomy and mini arc sling done on jun 2 2009 everything went OK til 5 weeks later i went back to work 12hrs shift standing and constant walking, that when the pain started.. went back to clinic, i had a mesh exposed and was sent home with some creams. first time have sex with my fiance was embarrassing because he was scratched!!! i thought may be we did it too soon but it was almost 12 weeks and no sex after that for a while. so the cream didn’t help and i went back to clinic again, my doctor told me that my body rejected the mesh ..i need a surgery to fix it. going back to work 3days after surgery 11/11/09 with some discomfort…. that discomfort worst i feel like something is poking inside of me, it hurts more when i stand or walk, pelvic pain when having bowl movements, l have the urge to go bathroom all the time. sex is very painful for me and my fiance got scratch even worst than last time!!! i just cancel my third surgery because doctor told me that might not be my last surgery. some how i gain a lot of weights after surgery like..10 to 15 lb, my family could understand me , my friends thinks that i am just a drama queen, my boss thinks I should be worry about my job…i have no sick time or vacation time left because i am sick all the time ..i put all my trust in doctor’s hand…. i didn’t know so many people have same problem til 3days ago….WHAT TO DO? HELP HELP HELP….
    thank you

  165. I had Hystorectomy and sling done on 9/11/07. No problom with hystercetomy but slind part was and is nightmare. Have had four trips to surgery room, my first problem stareted within first week of surgery, kept getting infections with very bad odor contacting doctor was given seven too eight different antiboitcs oral and vaginal cream, sever pain and discharge, unable to sit or stand stright felt like hot welding rod would hit in vagina, i could feel the mesh at that time i did not know what it was i was told during surgery i was getting tape. never realized excatly what it was, I could feel something pulling so bad it would make me cry of pain. I was only suppose to be out of work for 4-6 wks. i would see other pt. come and go back to work after hysterectomy surgery 10wks. later im still under Dr. care and loosing my job because i was unable to set down due to pain finally Dr. was able to see exposed mesh and puts me back on two wks. of anitbiotics an schedule repair surgery she DIDNOT remove mesh but just coverd up.. another 6-8 wks. to recover and ok for maybe couple of wks to two months start with pain and night fevers very painful to have sex with my husbund. i have had my last surgery on Dec. 2009 although this has been my fifth surgery and i hope this will be my last thinking all of mesh has been removed on this last surgery i had severy adhesions wher my sigmoid(colon) and overy with tube were attatechd to my pelvic wall i had sever pelvic pain when having bowlmovments i feel almost 100percent better but the mental anguish and depression are still my problem i could not stop crying and feeling so emotional every time i thought about my problem nurses in the O R room new me by first name i was so embarres to keep returning with same problem felt friends and family thought i just want surgery or attention or somthing. I lost my self asstem, affraid of loosing my husband. But I hope i wil get better and but this bad experiace behind me and move forward hope to find a job again.. but as some of you i againd have USI and frequent bladder spasams and spasams to my vagaina and pelvic area. I don’t wsh this experiance to any one. I hope somthing gets changed to the way some of this mesh are done. I was able to clearly see on pictures how the mesh was disolving and feding in my inside.. Good luck to all the women how have gone throug this, and remember your not alone someone els has expirence the same thing as you and only we know what your feeling……..

    Pauline Moren

  166. I had Ethicon’s Gynecare Tension Free Transvaginal Taping (TVT) Device, FDA Approval #K974098 implanted in 2004. It eroded through my vaginal epithelium in June of 2008. Partial extraction in July 2008, pain ever since.

    I have researched many mesh devices, and I have tied every one of them back to the ProteGen Sling manufactured and voluntarily recalled by Boston Scientific. Please, help me to get these mesh devices off the market.

    If you have been injured, it is imperative that you find out the exact type of mesh you were implanted with, and file an adverse event with the FDA on form 3500.

  167. If we are to truly set our sights on the goal of reforming health care, we need to begin with the FDA. The FDA allows pharmaceutical companies to apply for and gain approval of permanently implanted medical devices, (specifically surgical mesh products) under the 510K approval process. Under this process, clinical trials are not required. A manufacturer simply has to show their device is substantially equivalent to a device already on the market, and approval is granted – usually within 90 days. The FDA is treating some permanently implanted devices as if they were band aids – a quick fix. These devices can adhere to organs and/or nerve beds, erode through the vaginal epithelium, and are sometimes rejected by the body. These conditions may cause the individual near-constant pain. In some instances, they have even caused death.

    When faulty devices are approved by the FDA, it costs hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars for revision surgeries. Insurance companies are paying for multiple revisions and consumers are picking up the out-of-pocket expenses for injuries sustained from these products.

    After being injured by a mesh product, I spent a year and a half researching not only the specific surgical mesh device that was implanted in me, but several additional brands of surgical mesh. The common denominator I discovered is that is each of the devices was either directly or indirectly related to the ProteGen Sling. The ProteGen Sling was manufactured by Boston Scientific who voluntarily recalled their device from the market on January 22, 1999. The FDA formally recalled this product in their March 17, 1999-enforcement report, and the reason stated was:

    “Use of ProteGen in the treatment of female urinary incontinence is associated with higher than expected rate of vaginal erosion and dehiscence, and does not appear to function as intended.”

    Despite the fact that Boston Scientific voluntarily pulled their device from the market, the FDA knowingly chose to leave other devices that had used this faulty device as their substantial equivalent to remain on the market. These devices have subsequently been used for newer mesh products to gain FDA approval. The FDA is allowing citizens of the United States and many other nations to become injured by devices they know cause serious injuries. It is shameful.

    Every time we turn on the television, we are inundated with one of two things:
    a.) Advertisements for new medications that list side effects that range from swelling of the tongue to suicidal tendencies
    b.) Medications that have been recalled ranging from injury to a fetus to death.

    The United States is only one of two countries that allow pharmaceutical companies to run ads on T.V. In doing so, they are promoting self diagnosis by the consumer, as opposed to being diagnosed by a legitimate doctor.

    In an article written by Mike Ferrara on March 19, 2009 for the Injury Board, it was disclosed that “Massachusetts officials approved strict regulations prohibiting pharmaceutical and medical device companies from offering gifts to doctors, limiting the circumstances under which they can pay for doctors’ meals, and requiring them to publicly disclose doctor payments over $50 for certain consulting and speaking gigs.” It was also disclosed that Massachusetts is the only state that has passed such stringent laws in regards to these types of kick backs, and for that I applaud them. This should be the standard in every state, not the exception to the rule. In implimenting such policy, it would cut back on doctors unnecessarily prescribing new, harmful drugs or pushing untested medical devices on their patients. This would reduce medical costs.

    There was a time when one could trust their doctor and know that the recommendations he or she made were almost implicitly in the best interest of the patient, but in this new era of mega-profit, it seems the hippocratic oath has flown out the window.

    We must do away with the pharmaceutical lobbyist and get the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, the doctors and our elected officials out of bed with each other. Until regulatory agencies in the United States can recognize and rectify these problems, we as a society are doomed to poor, exorbitantly priced health care.

    Please sign the petition “Demand Justice for Surgical Mesh Victims at:

    Help me get this ball rolling, and let’s get these mesh devices off the market!

  168. I also have had avaulta mesh placement in Feb. 2009. I began having strange bladder, muscular symtoms after a few months. in Dec. 2009 I finally had a cystoscopy which revealed mesh erosion thur my bladder. The mesh has contracted making it difficult to stand, bend, urinate, etc. I am seeing Dr’s now to try and decide what to do. Everyone has a different opinion – I just want to do what is best for me. I have gone from being very active to inactive due to pain. I have erosion and tinting of my bladder due to the mesh arms. I have found one group of drs that only treat mesh complications and they do not take insurance!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  169. I just found this website today. I just found out that the problems I have been experiencing for the past 18 months are due to the mesh from my “bladder prolapse repair” of several years ago. I am devestated as are the rest of you. I have been struggling with vaginal pain, perineum pain and vaginal infections for almost two years and no one could tell me why. Sex has become impossible, for me and my husband. Intercourse became as painful for him as it was for me because he could feel something like a “razor blade”…not exactly romantic or exciting. I also have almost constant bladder infection symptoms, although only seldom do I culture positive for an actual infection. I am always uncomfortable – puffy, crampy, sore, or in actual pain depending on the day. Anything below the belly button is likely to be effected. Most recently I have had episodes of bloody stool without any real identified cause. Just this week I went back to the GYN who did an extensive “poking” exam and found two pieces of mesh that have come through the vaginal wall. I now have a diagnosis and am seeing the urogynocologist this on Thursday. It seems like a have a fairly extensive tape erosion issue. I have been researching the problem on the web and I am appalled by the scope of this problem, and upset that this is the first I have heard of it! Is it true that there is no legal recourse here? It seems like the manufacturers should somehow be held accountable for these medical bills and what we are suffering. I know that my whole life has changed because of these symptoms. I have been depressed in chronic pain/discomfort. I spend way too much time at the doctors and I have lost time at work. It seems I will now need to have surgery and lose more time from my job. How is this fair…how can they get away with ruining peoples lives?

  170. I, too had the mesh surgery for rectocel and had pieces of the fiber break through my vaginal wall. I was a “train wreck” physically and emotionally. Once again have cystocele and I have been told the mesh is still in place, right against my vagina and the my vagina is now constricted to 4″. I have hardening at my vaginal opening and can’t sit flat, just to name a few. I have intense rectal itching from hip to hip. I have seen several Drs. OBs, Urologist, had internal ultra sounds, and NO ONE, can tell me why I have abdominal pain requiring heating pads, sharp pains up my vagina, groin pain to again name a few.
    I was never told the mesh was permanent according to FDA, nor was I advised by the DR who did the surgery of the possible complications. He is listed as a “RECONSTRUCTION” specialist for reproductive/prolapse.
    I have tried meds for bladder spasms which don’t work for me. I am told ( IN A JOKING TONE)I am giving birth to my bladder. I was sent the another DR, ( best in the west,I’m told) who said ( 4″) and that he would just sew me up !!!!!!!!!!
    I cried all the way home ( 3 hrs. ) alone. There has been times I wish I was dead. I am half a woman and I don’t see any resolve. I tried to talk to my husband about how I feel. He says we don’t have to have sex, he has high blood pressure. He doesn’t understand, I am mid 50’s, am told I am very easy on the eyes ! I have dreams about being intimate ! I miss the passion I have known. I am in a platonic relationship ! I can’t do this anymore. I admire Greg Imhoff for his comment. It made me cry. I feel sorry for his wife having medical problems but I am happy for her to have such a loving husband who would take the time to ask, WHAT NOW ! I have to fight depression since I have children to live for and my “best friend” husband but I know there is more to life then being attractive,turning heads, wearing the perfume that brings compliments from men and women as well.I think, if only they knew, I am a non functioning woman.
    I work incredibly hard on my job. I earn a good income and able to retire early. Kids are all grown. We have all the “alone” time an couple could wish for.
    I should be happy at this stage of my life. I have considered going out of the USA
    for another opinion and possible removal of the sling. I was told it was a life threatening surgery and it was not advisable. Can anyone give me direction ? Is there really any hope?
    Thanks and my God bless all of you!

  171. My name is Missy I had the surgery done 7/06. Since then i have had sex one time with my husband two months after the surgery it hurt bad !We havent had sex since then cause I was to the point I didnt wantto cause it hurt me so bad :(.
    We are talking over two years and a half now. I am only 49 years old.i have bad bladder spasms that runs into the urethia area. I was sent to the hospital er when my bladder backup 1000 ccs of urine.It was the worst pain i have ever had and i had 4 children!Im scared that this will occur agian.if it does i hope someone shoots me and gets it over with !I have had some leakage enough to wear a lil pad to keep my pants clean.I wish i would have never had this surgery either.

  172. My wife is experiencing bladder prolapse and is reluctant to talk to me about this. After reading these heart breaking horror stories about mesh surgery I’m wondering if there are other alternatives. If not mesh then what can be done? My wife has her gyn appointment in a few days. What questions should she be asking?? Alot of you ladies seem to be in constant pain and close to giving up. But don’t give up. Women are the glue that hold families together. Look to your husband, mother and father for support. They love you. I’ll pray for all of you.

  173. Bless all of you brave women for enduring so much pain and suffering. I came upon this site and read, horrified, these stories. I have a cousin who just died after a long illness from complications with surgical net and I think this must be what happened to her. I’m still waiting to find out why she died – the family has been very slow with being forthcoming about details. She was only in her early ’50s. I myself have a prolapsed bladder that has gotten so bad I am going to have to have surgery. What I do want to say is that after reading the comments here and becoming aware of the heartbreaking stories of patients who had mesh inserted, I’m going to make sure that I know exactly what the procedure entails and that there is no mesh being used in the repair of the vaginal wall. God bless.

  174. My Mother had this surgery last year and a few months later she said that the surgery didn’t work, went back to Dr. and she told my Mom that it was just really tight to give it at least 6 months. Wel it has been over a year and she has been to 2 more doctors to see if they could help her. She had cystocele repair with mesh and no doctor wants to touch her now. The last one at UCIrvine said she needed therapy to break down the scar tissue, that her mesh has rolled up and there was a kink in her urethra. She is unable to have normal bowel movements and to urinate because of this and now has a bulge in her vagina. She has been mostly in bed for the past week and has pain all the time. Would love to know of a specialist to take her to because she is desperate.

  175. Thankfully the problems I have are far less than so many of you all.
    I’m now having another problem possibly/probably due to the mesh.

    Surgery was 6/06 for an anterior posterior repair. Immediately after surgery I had extreme pain-worse than the total knee replacement done months before. There was a huge hematoma near the one posterior incision for the one mesh arm, and a lot of bleeding that kept up to one degree or another for over a week.
    I was unable to get out of bed without help, for several days, and needed a walker for over a month to be able to get around.
    After 6 weeks of pain, I finally got the gyne surgeon to admit in part what was wrong….he said the mesh was likely too close to the pudenal nerve.

    I switched Gyne doctors at 3 weeks post op, and was told the same. He said to come back if it was no better shortly. I tried to wait longer in hopes it would get better, but instead developed symptoms of nerve compression. From the time of surgery until even now, I sit on the left side of my bottom, because the pain starts in when sitting flat.
    In Jan. 07, I had a section of mesh removed from near the pudenal nerve, but not all could be reached…..even so the severe pain was better, and the compression on the nerve was released. (this was a nearly painless experience compared to the insertion)

    Now three years after surgery, I’m once again having problems. I was referred to a urologist for having a urinary tract infection that only clears up while on antibiotics. This has been going on for 4 months.
    I feel a sharp stab off and on, and on exam, he can feel a stiff band along the one side. His thinking is that the mesh has eroded through.
    I’m having further testing done next week, and hope that it’s something more easily treated. I don’t want to have to go into surgery again.

    If I’d known back then I’d not have had it done, but would have opted for more traditional surgery.

    All may best to those who are suffering so from this procedure. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

  176. It sounds like many have suffered because of the erosion of the tape. The mesh didn’t erode or come through for me, but caused such pain that I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes without pain. That started from the beginning – directly after surgery. Of course I also had significant problems with the bladder tape and had that trimmed, then removed before I was able to urinate fully. I still have problems with that now. But 6 months after the Avaulta surgery I had most of the mesh removed. It was an extensive, 7 hr operation. Some of the tape was left near the rectum because it was too close and might be damaged and some on the side where it didn’t hurt as bad. Problem was, I didn’t get any pain relief. 7 plus months later I had another section removed and the pain subsided a bit. Now the pain is debilitating and takes most of the joy out of my life. I don’t know if it’s myofacial pain(muscle spasms) or nerve pain or both. My back has gotten so bad I can’t do the simplest tasks without a lot of pain. I’m scheduling another nerve block to ‘bathe’ the vertebre. Life seems so unfair and I pray for all of you. I wish we could get a diagnosis so the pain could be treated. What has your doctors told those of you who’ve had the mesh removed? Has it helped with the pain? Let’s work together and try to figure this out. Don’t quit – there’s got to be some way to fix it or at least make it more manageable. I’m doing acupuncture needles into trigger points which is extremely painful, but am willing to try anything to break the cycle of pain. I’ve also scheduled an appt with a colon surgeon to look at the possibility of removing the mesh near the rectum.
    Lets look at all we’ve tried and find a way out. Please – give me answers.

  177. I had the Avaulta installed in 3/07 and have had chronic pain since. I won’t describe all the problems I’ve had but they are similar to all your stories. I was labelled ‘unique’ also. I’ve had 4 surgeries, 4 nerve blocks, travelled to Texas as a pudendal nerve surgical candidate and California for a week long clinic for myofacial pain in the pelvic, back and surrounding areas. I’ve tried extensive everything and I’m still in chronic pain that is debilitating, even with strong pain pills. I have 4 wonderful girls and a good husband. Thinking of them and my faith in God’s plan for me keeps me going, but I wouldn’t say I don’t often wish my life was over. I’m still hoping and trying anything that will get me better. Unfortunately it’s too late for me to file a lawsuit for Avaulta, though I talked to lawyers about it earlier. I pray the Lord will give us all strength to keep fighting.

  178. could anyone tell me if it is normal after this surgery to have a horrific odor and below the belly button, hip to hip a huge lap of skin hanging as if I was a heavy woman who lost a lot of weight, which I am not or never have been. When I was recovering my vagina area and down my legs were amost purple. I am worse off now as I leak and before the surgery I only leaked when I coughed. I urinate twice the amount I did before and in the intestinal area where this lap of skin is hurts. By the end of the night I look as if I am pregant.

  179. I had a partial abdominal hysterectomy on Jan. 26, 2009 where my gyn said he would do a “bladder taping” that he only described as “simple and routine” – a “very small bit of mesh to support the bladder neck.” I asked all the questions I knew to ask about this and believed it was being done through the abdominal incision since he said NOTHING about any other incisions, specifically a vaginal incision or any groin incisions. The night before my 6 week post-op, my husband and I resumed intimate relations and were horrified to discover he was being scratched by something and I had awful pulling, digging pain across my vagina and groin, and at the top of my vagina. I also had a significantly slower stream of urine and more frequent urination, which leads me to believe that my bladder was not fully emptying. My gyn told me not to put anything into my vagina for 6 weeks after surgery but never felt I needed to know there was an incision in there. My sex life with my husband was destroyed because of this procedure – painful pulling and digging sensations when I lifted my legs up or pulled them to the side, even sitting sometimes I could feel it. There was pain at the erosion site and at the top of my vagina, and orgasm was impossible. I feel like I was butchered without my consent because my gyn NEVER told me what this procedure involved, or about the risks and potential complications, or especially that he was cutting into my vagina. Needless to say, I was devastated to find out what the “bladder taping” really involved at my post-op the next day – in my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined two long hooked needles being driven up my groin and my vagina being cut. What physician has this right to do this without my consent just because he knows what he will do and HE thinks it is “simple and routine” and claims to teach it??? I had a 2nd post-op 3 weeks later where my gyn finally admitted I had an erosion and offered to pay for “whatever I want” to fix it. I went to the chair of urology at another hospital, where I learned for the first time that the tape was actually a “permenent sling.” I just had surgery on June 3, 2009 to remove as much of the mesh tape as possible – the “tangs” on the tape had eroded into my vagina, which is what was scratching my husband, and I think the tape had twisted. I am scheduled for a 3 week post-op on June 23, 2009 and pray to God that I will get my life with my husband back. And to top it all off, I question whether I even needed this procedure because with my enlarged uterus gone, which was probably pressing on my bladder, and now with the mesh revmoved, I have not had the minor leaking issue I had before the hysterectomy. This experience has been totally devastating, especially to find out after the fact that the FDA issued a warning in October 2008 AGAINST this procedure to all health professionals – 3 months before my surgery! And yet, my doctor said nothing. I would like to know if there a comparable surgery for men that involves cutting into their penis to install a permanent sling that has the potential to destroy their sexual function – I’d sign my gyn up for it, believe me – without his knowledge.

  180. had my repair surgery March 19,post op week 4 tomorrow,i’m having some pain that didnt start till this week,maybe its scar tissue,I was in hospital 5 days,went home for a week with a cath bag,don’t want to be in hospital for a ver long time,I see my Dr.on April 22,we’ll see what he says about the pains,he says he got it all out

  181. I have had 5 surgeries since March of 08 and am about to go for #6. One Dr wants to remove the mesh, even though it is a very difficult surgery, while another one wants to try to trim the eroding mesh and then put new mesh (not avaulta) over the top to repair the prolapse that has reoccurred. Does anyone have any comments on this for me? I’m not sure what to do.
    Also, has anything else been done about this product. I don’t see anything but the FDA warning. Why isn’t this product being recalled, and why can’t any of us be compensated for all our losses. I have lost my business, now my home, and of course with all that my credit as well as the pain and depression that comes with all this. I think we all need to get together and fight to get this product recalled and to get compensation for all our problems.

  182. i had mesh surgery! have had nothing but trouble sinces .i had it done in oict.2009 wish that i would of never had it done.have to go though more.i would like to know the name of the mesh but do not know it.which ones are being recalled.

  183. Do not ever do this surgery! I had uterine prolapse in Feb. 2007 and am still having pain and problems. Have had 7 surgeries with this mesh to repair bladder prolapse, retoceles, etc. and it has been nothing but pure Hell!!! I still have bladder pain, pain with intercourse, leakage from bladder, and yet another rectocele that has torn for the 4th time! I owe thousands & thousands for medical bills and am not done! I wish I had never had this done, but I did not have a choice since my prolapse actually came outside of my body. Have had this mesh come thru the wall of my vagina, break and have to be replaced, and tear loose and float inside me! Thanks to all the surgeries, I have scar tissue like crazy inside and wish I could get this mesh out!!! Had a partial hysterectomy but still having issues. I am so tired of being in pain & laid up! I think the FDA should recall this and take it out at no charge to us victims. I am so frustrated and feel like a freak. People are shoked that I keep needing surgery!!! Me too! Please take this off the market and hopefully out of me!

  184. Gail on march 23 2009 . I had the Bard Avaulta sling put in on Oct. 30 2008. Our health ins. was going to end on Oct 31,2008 and we could know longer afford the Cobra payments. I have had nothing but pain and complications ever since. I hemorrhaged for over a week and had to have 2 blood transfussions and special blood products to help me coagulate and slow the bleeding down. I then had another surgery to try and help repair the mesh that was exposed thur my vagina. That surgery did nothing to promote any healing in the vaginal area where a large part of the mesh is still exposed. I have pain all the time especially during intercourse and not just for me, my husband also has pain during sex. I’m scheduled for another surgery 4-2-09 to have this mesh removed or at least as much as the Dr’s will be able to dig out. the mesh is not ment to be removed and am told that it will be a long surgery. this has been a living nitemare. and to add insult to injury we hav’nt any health insurance due to both my husband and myself loosing our jobs and then having to stop making Cobra payment because of not having enough money to live on at this time in our lives. DON,T LET ANYONE CONVINCE YOU TO HAVE THIS PROCEDURE DONE . THIS PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE RECALLED! I have reported this to the FDA and I will not stop untill I hear it’s off the market like many of the other “Mesh traps” that have already been recalled.

  185. my mesh was put in July 07,pain began a year later,worse as months went on,bleeding, nausea,backpain,thenin feb 09,mesh in vagina exposed,I have surgey this week,very nervous,very upset,feel I should be compensated,the company clearly didn’t do enough clinical trials at OUR expense!!!!!!

  186. I was talked into having the Bard Avaulta system on 11/26/07 because I did not have cancer but prolapsed organs. The doctor said he had never had a failure with this system and that I was a perfect candidate due to my excellent health. After the system was put in I could see and feel that an organ was still prolapsed. I was having pain after my post surgery exam by the doctor. I was right. The doctor told me the Avaulta system failed and that he was sorry but I would need another surgery. I since have had a complete hysterectomy done by c-section (by another doctor) due to the failure of the Avaulta system. This has affected my life in many ways. I have endured a lot of pain, both physical and emotional over this. For the first time I’ve experienced depression due to not being able to be productive. It has hurt my career and my personal life. Intimacy is difficult due to the ongoing pain. This Avaulta system is now part of my life, for the worse. There is no better about it. The mesh is now part of my anatomy. I’m literally stuck with it. There is no telling what problems this will cause for me in the future.

  187. I am about to have a mini arc sling surgery in a few weeks. I had not heard about a recall on some mesh until today. Anyone with any info please response.This is a polypropylene mesh under the urethra. Thanks Sharon

  188. Well I had more mesh extruding into my vagina. I was hoping it was a stitch that hadn’t dissolved, but NO, it was mesh. The good thing was the doc was able to take care of it in the office, bad thing was that it HURT. I just wish I knew what more to expect.

  189. I had this surgery done 2 yrs ago, Ive had over a dozen surgeries in the past year alone. I feel for anyone who has had this put in them. I am only 26 and feel like im older than my grandma, it seems like ppl dont believe how bad I feel on a regular basis because Im so young. I hate to read other stories about other women who have had this done to them, it makes me very sad but on the other hand I feel mad too because for so long I was told that this never happens and that my case was so unique. It has made me almost completely lose any kinda faith with doctors in general. I know theyre not all bad but I just wish the ones that did do things like this to people would have their liscense taken away.

  190. I had the mesh put in, in July 2008. In november it was found that the ends of the mesh were frayed and one was poking through my vagina. I had surgery to repair that on Nov 19. Two weeks later I was cleared for sex, my husband said he felt a “rough” spot. I went back to the gyn, I had contracted an infection and that infection dissolved the stitches long before they were supposed to, and I had exposed mesh. I had that repaired on Dec. 19. I go for my 6 week on monday, i’m having vaginal discomfort and am really nervous what my doc is going to find

  191. i went in for 1 year check up and the doctor relized the bottom of my pelvic floor was still stitched up, he removed all the stitches that should have dissolved and the problems started right there. so much infection was already in my rht hip and spreadin. fever,pain and then the bladder sling abcessed and emergy surgery was done to remove the sling, this followed more hospital stays from infections. my bladder,bowels,hips,lower back,no sexual desires at all, i went from healthy 40 year old to a 80 year old overnight, i still hurt everyday and beg my husband not to leave me, its very difficult for him and me too. not understanding and not knowing how to fix it, so many times my will to live left and i wanted to die, to escape the pain, no pain pill was strong enough, depression became my bestfriend. no one knew the level of pain, my family didnt understand it either, im always sick and have very little days that i feel good. well now i have a new hope that someone can fill in the puzzle, its time to pull the product, before more people are stuck in our nightmare. still looking for help and im not giving up. thanks for reading this and welcome emails from people who are going through this fight with me….

  192. I also had a surgical procedure done in the month of June, before my three month check-up, I had already started experiencing compliations. I have since had one surgery to repair the damage done by the mesh. Sugery lasted six hour and forty minutes. During the removal of the mesh my bladder burst. I’ll have to undergo another surgery in six months to remove the remainder of the mesh. I was told by my doctor that I will probably experience bladder spasms for the rest of my life.

  193. I had this surgical procedure done with this product Jan 08 , and since I have had 6 surgeries with every possible complication as possible and still not done. jan 09 this month I am going to UCLA in Los Angeles to a specialist to try and help me. This has been a year of hell. I am always in pain and see no end to the mesh coming into my vaginia , along with different complications that arise.

    • I am scheduled for my first of a doctor trying to remove mine. I am so scared. I do not trust any doctor or nurses these days at all. Four years of suffering and stiill they aviod my questions. You know how they change the questions. I have told off a few, not the doctor that is going to attempt to remove it. I asked if the bacteria infections would stop[, the only straight answer i got was it might lessen the infections but stopping it won’t. MORE DAMAGE? how has it grown inside my body into other parts?
      I had to tell so many doctors when examining me that what they had metal in me was not going to feel that mesh protruding they had to examine me, , with their hand to feel the mesh out. I am so sick of having to embarrass myself with doctors , that I feel are covering up for those doctors that did the mesh surgery. I am worn out from fighting doctors and nurses and infections and my life, and waiting 4 years to finally get someone that will attempt to remove it.

      I feel like a guinea pig , and mad as hell for what people responsible and lies told by those that are allowing this still to go on. Why did the mesh move on some women and some it did not. I want to know!

      and truth, no more lies .

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