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Byetta Recall?There seems to be a lot of interest from visitors about a possible Byetta Recall so we wanted to provide some information about what is happening with this drug.

BYETTA (spelled with all-caps) injection is part of a class of medicines for type 2 diabetes called “incretin mimetics”. BYETTA is an injectable medicine used to improve glucose (blood sugar) control in adults with type 2 diabetes.

BYETTA has NOT been recalled, but has been associated with pancreatitis and pacreatitis-related deaths. According to the FDA, “cases of acute pancreatitis have been reported in patients treated with BYETTA” which would explain all the interest in a potential BYETTA recall. The FDA reported in Augest that there were were 6 reported cases of severe pancreatitis, two of which resulted in death. This report was followed later that week with a statement by the makers of BYETTA regarding four more people who died of pancreatitis-related health problems when taking the medication. However, patients with diabetes may be at an increased risk for pancreatitis simply because they have diabetes – not because they are taking BYETTA.

What to Look For – Pancreatitis Symptoms
The hallmark symptom of pancreatitis is persistent, severe abdominal (stomach) pain, which is sometimes accompanied by vomiting. If you take Byetta and suspect that you may have pancreatitis, waste no time in calling your doctor, as pancreatitis can be deadly. If it is confirmed that you have pancreatitis, FDA advises you not to re-initiate treatment with BYETTA.

As of the date of this article there has not been a recall on BYETTA. However, if enough patients report side effects and/or confirmed cases of pancreatitis while taking BYETTA there may very well be a BYETTA recall in the near future. To learn more about a possible future recall on BYETTA Click Here.

In the meantime, the FDA has told healthcare professionals to advise Byetta patients to seek emergency services if they are experiencing persistent unexplained abdominal pain.

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

15 thoughts on “Byetta Recall

  1. I have been using Byetta since 2006 with great results. The only problems I have is about three hours after my injection I have hypoglycemic episodes. It keeps my weight down and I don’t get sick to my stomach. I am very careful to be sure to eat within 30 minutes of taking my injection. I understand that not everyone can tolerate it. I had a gastric bypass 10 years ago and Byetta helps keep my weight in check. My doctor called me tonight and said that Byetta has been recalled from consumption and is changing my meds. I have a friend who is using Victoza, but it is similar to Byetta and in the same family of drugs. His blood sugars are now normal and he is losing weight, too.

  2. My Endo put me on BYETTA April 2009 –I started with 5mg and elevated to 10mg in about six months. I did very well with the drug. My Dr said it would help me better control my blood sugar and it very well did. I had no side effects. I was taking Glucovance at the time. I was on it for a little over a year; like May 2010. I lost weight to the count of 30 pounds, and my blood sugar came down so low until I got off Byetta. I sure did help me. I just have thing about taking meds for so long. I really like to stop if it has served its purpose.

  3. I am constantly in the hospital for pancreaitis, in constant pain this medicine made me very sick even after the fact that I was not taking any. is there any type of compensation for this? what if something happens to me as a result of taking this drug? this same drug that was supposed to help me get better I know and understand I am not the only one but what I do know is you should know if you are giving someone something to hurt them or help them please get back with me as soon as you can.

  4. I have been on Byetta “10′ for almost two years while also taking Metformin.I weighed 288 when I started with Byetta and now weigh 233. I still eat like I always did,but I get filled up easier.I have a few times when I would “Pig Out” feel a little sick but I just can’t eat like I used to.I still eat my sweets and potatoes,I know I shoudn’t,but my bloodwork every 3 months shows a safe level of under 7.I would not have lost 50 lbs. if not for Byetta.My Dr.put me on it to help control my Sugar.I didn’t know about the benefits of losing weight.I would like to see the price come down so I can stay on it a little longer.

  5. I started taking Byetta about 1 1/2 years ago, I did ok then my endo added Lantis.
    It’s been about 8 months, now I have irregula BM some are very hard some like water. I have pain in my stomach often and I am always bloated and have even gained weight. I hate taking this medication and have read some where you should not take it with Lantis, is this true? Could use some help.

  6. i started taking byetta 11 months ago( first with 5mg) then moved to 10mg and its only been 5 months ago i seem to have very bad stomuch aches. And somethimes i vommit with the pain. when i found out on the net about this , i assumed that i now have to go to my gp about this. -No wonder there was very bad pain.

  7. I started taking 5mg Byetta in November with no side effects and good results. However, when the dose was increased to 10mg, I suffered from severe stomach pain, headache and occasional vomiting. It basically whipped me out for the day. My endo doctor refuses to reduce to the helpful 5mg. My internal med doctor insists that I should go back to the 5mg. There is absolute concerns for some individuals. You CAN NOT assume that what works for you will work for all.

  8. I have been on Byetta for about 3 months now and just went for my first check to find that I lost 9 pounds!!! This for me is great because I have not been able to control my sugars or loose the weight. I will continue to use Byetta and watch what I eat, and exercise now that I am off to a good start! My goal is to be off the meds within a year and lose 50 to 60 pounds! I too became sick the first few times that I took it, not bad for the most part, but a few times I really hated that I took the meds. That phase has passed and I am feeling so much better. I also have to give it up for my doctor she also tested my vitamines to find that my B12 and D were very low so the combination has really helped.

  9. I used Byetta for 10 months and lost a total of 50 #’s,,, I feel great and look great also… I had to get through the first month of nausea, but it was worth it…. When I stopped the injections,,, I slowly gained a couple of pounds back.. I therefore, went back on the Byetta to get me back on track… I think this is a wonderful drug. It should be used for weight loss also.. I am a success story. I am monitored by a endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and internal med doctor. I am greatful not to be on any oral meds anymore.. Thanks to Byetta, my A1c went from 9.7 to 5.6 and my sugars are in the 80’s…

  10. I started BYETTA 1 month ago Yes I take metformin with it and I have been sick as anything since I started. I’ve lost a ton of weight ( froma size 14 to a size 8 in one month) because all I do is throw up. I do not over eat. I do not eat fried or greasy foods. I take it 45 mins to an hour before eating and I have thrown up plain lettuce! It’s gotten to where there are many foods I can’t even stand the smell of anymore. The sight of food often makes me ill. At times I can’t keep down water. I have no energy all i ever do is sleep and be sick. My Dr. says this will go away in time but really will it??

  11. Before I started BYETTA a couple weeks ago, I was never able to stomach Metformin, since I’ve been taking BYETTA, I dont have any reaction to my Metformin and have had no side effects from BYETTA. I do realize that I’m speaking a bit early as I haven’t been taking it for as long as some of you but so far, its great!

  12. I too have been on BYETTA for a while and could not be happier. Yes it will make you throw up, if you insist on eating a lot. This is especially true if you eat oily or greasy foods. I found it better to wait 45 minutes to eat after taking. That really cut down on symptoms described above. I found the date interesting. Day after xmas. If one eats a whole lot (i.e. xmas dinner) then one is asking for it.

    I joke that the medicine turns a small meal (airline portions) into “Xmas dinner fullness.”

    My blood sugars are kept right where they need to be. My weight is down, My energy is up. But, my MD does have me come in and check blood work periodically. Like any meds there can be side affects, some bad. But one must know the warning signs.

    Also, I would be interested to know if the OP took Metformin (or generic) with it. If you mix those two you are asking for problems, in my experience.

    Aren’t those also flu symptoms, as well?

  13. I have now been on BYETTA for 2 years. I have had no severe symtoms. Surgars are down and I have lost over 24 pounds. My doctor does blood work every 6 months and keeps a very good eye on me for any changes. It works for me.

  14. I have been taking Byetta for almost a year now. It is the has been a life saver. It keeps my blood sugar at much closer to normal levels. I have never gotton sick from it ever. My A1c was as high as 13. It is now between 5.5 and 7. I think that the press and the FDA are irresponsable in reporting that Byetta caused pancreatitis. Byetta is used by over 1 million people and only 6 people have been reported to be ill with pancreatitis. I would take those odds any day. Anyone who has diabeties can get pancreatitis. I get emails all the time from shady attorneys trying to get me to sue the drug companies if I have had problems wiht Byetta. I guess this is just a symptom of our society and it is very sad. Byetta may not help everyone and some people will get the nausea and other symtoms associated with Byetta which are usally only temporary but for the majority of people on it they will be rewarded with much greater blood sugar control. I hope that the FDA does overreact and cause a drug that helps many people with type 2 diabeties be taken off the market.

  15. I was taking Byetta from April to Dec 2008. The 26th of December I got SEVERE
    pains and chills during the day. I got so sick that I got confused mentally and went to bed. I threw up at 3 am and had diarrhea for 4 days. I was very weak and unable to work. January 6 the pains returned and I went to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with gastritis. Even though I have stopped the Byetta, my body is still ll messed up. I have reactions to different foods and get still get stomach cramps and blood levels are high. I have started insulin. Tests showed my pancreas levels were a little high on Jan 6 but not enough to say I had pancreatitis. Could I have had it but it healed when I stopped the Byetta?

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