Harley-Davidson Recalled Almost 50-Thousand 2008 Motorcycles

Recalled Harley Davidson BikesHarley-Davidson Motor Company is recalling 47,500 2008 FLHP, FLHPE, FLHR, FLHRC, FLHRSE4, FLHT, FLHTC, FLHTCU, FLHTCUSE3, FLHTP, FLHX, and FLTR model motorcycles. These recalled Harleys may experience a loss of fuel pressure due to a cracking of the fuel filter shell. A loss in fuel pressure could lead to stalls and failure starting. Stalling in traffic can result in crash and injury for the rider.

Harley-Davidson dealers will replace the fuel filter shell for free beginning on or before August 4th. To locate a Harley dealership near you for a replacement fuel filter shell, Harley owners should call 414-353-4056.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides news feeds for use by US Recall News and other media outlets in regard to vehicle safety recalls.

21 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson Recalled Almost 50-Thousand 2008 Motorcycles

  1. i have a 2008 road king with just a little over 16000 miles on it and i got a noies coming from transmission and it sounds like bearings bad in trans . i tryed to get a hold of harley company about it and. no body will get back with me . there is all kinds of people having trouble with the bearings in the trans and harley company will not step up and fix the problem with the bears and they no the bearing have failure problems and wont step up and fix the problem and its bs . they really take care of there custumers .bs

  2. Was thinking about a HD purchase vs Gold Wing. I have owned 3 Gold Wings and a Valkyrie and know they have excellent reliability. After reading these HD issue posts I think my decision has been made….. these bikes are not cheap and BS like this tells me to shop elsewhere.

  3. My 08 Ultra Classic has had the following failures: FIRST FAILURE, ABS failed under factory warranty. Took it in not once but twice for the same failure. The sensors were good at 10 to11 Meg ohms. It was a signal line at the fork tripple tree. The cable bundle was bound to the frame in a manner that caused sharp bending each time you would make a left turn. SECOND FAILURE, Rear head gasket leak discovered when I had 0.37 cams installed. My local independent, Brian Todd, said that the head gasket could be covered by the emissions warranty. Harley and two local dealers declined to honor that option. Removed all the hardware myself and Brian completed a head rebuild while I was in it. He found one of the valve seals to be passing oil into the combustion chamber even though the bike never smoked I am glad the head job was completed. THIRD FAILURE, the in tank fuel regulator and fuel filter combo. A small shot of ether will let you know if it is the throttle twist grip sensor or the fuel regulator/filter issue. If the bike runs long enough to burn the ether it is the regulator. Brian said to look in the fuel tank when you turn the ignition on. If you see fuel spray inside you are loosing all the pressure to the injectors and consequently it will not fire or run. The throttle twist grip sensor finally failed. Replaced this myself. It was not binary condition. The bike took a minute to coordinate all the signals before it ran correctly. FOURTH FAILURE, the rear brake sensor. Found this failure when I tapped the rear brake to disable the cuise control and it did disable. New part purchased and installed. FIFTH FAILURE, the rear ABS sensor now measures infinite resistance which indicates the coil has an open line some place. SIXTH FAILURE, the compensator slipping after the bike is hot and has been shut off. It will lead you to believe that it is bendix issue but Brian has already replaced the compensator with a Screamin’ Eagle compensator and the hot start failure has been corrected. I searched for a recall to no avail.
    HD could really use a high dose of product improvement and customer good will. I am not hanging my hat on the expectation that they will take the honorable path.

  4. 2008 flhtc here goes
    stopping at a stop light no rear brakes /changed master but not the problem /brake switch melted from exhaust due to heat / replaced switch but a heat sheild should have been part stock bike , to be safe and road worthy/looks like 2008 desighn problem /toronto canada

  5. I have a 2008 ultra 105 Ann edition and @ 9600 moles I lost my rear breaks, they are ABS breaks. I took it to the dealer and and the service writer went and looked under the right running board and said there it is a pin hole rubbed by the clutch cable. This was the third one he had seen. Harley say they don’t have a problem. Well this is one dealer and I can’t imagine this is not a problem else where. I had the extended warranty nut still had to pay my deductible. This is a real safety issue and I reported this the highway safety people. These bikes need to be inspected at once.

  6. If You buy American You better buy as much extended warranty as You can and learn the name of a good Attorney unless You are a mechanic and enjoy working on Your own stuff. All American Manufacturers learned about “planned Obsolescence” after building things too well, in the old days, and not getting enough repeat business because of it. Now they build things sloppily so they will break and create more service and/or parts sales. It’s not just Harley, it’s every Manufacturer in America… why even a Colt isn’t what it used to be. It’s very sad and it’s why Asia is becoming the richest area on the Planet.

  7. Have a softail heritage 2007 at 1200 miles that is correct 1200 miles had problem starting it up. I did not have it serviced for the 1000 mile check up and it was over 2 years. No warrenty. Refuse to let them even look at it paid cash for the bike and they could not do nothing. Had it serviced by a motorcycle shop they found broken teeth on the primary 6 and on the stater motor. Almost a new bike and problems. Makes me say Honda you are looking better.

  8. I have ridden Harleys since 1979 but will never buy another. My 2000 88 Road king Classic had cam tensor problems. I had bought it used and out of warranty. I had to replace the tensors, cams and oil pump. We get that fixed and it starts knocking at about 40 thousand miles. I took it to Harley and they said that the twin cams were just noisy. At 50 thousand the motor locked up. Fixed all that and totaled it out with less then 500 miles on the rebuild. Still loyal to Harley I bought a new 2008 Ultra Classic. Under warranty the brake brain goes out, the stereo quits and a speaker goes bad. Out of warranty the stereo quits again and a 4 inch chunk of the alternator assembly breaks off knocking a chunk out of the primary cover wall. After reading on the net about this problem being covered under a goodwill warranty I took it to the dealer. They told me to call Harley customer service and get the ball rolling. Things were looking better until Ola from Harley calls and said they would not cover it. It was out of warranty. She sounded like she was reading a statement. She did not say sorry or anything. I told her I would like to talk to her supervisor and she said that I could not do that. I go on for about 15 minutes trying to talk to someone else without luck. She said that she would pass my number on up and they might or might not call me back. I still have not heard back from them. They all talk about AMF being so bad but, I’ve got a 76 shovel that still runs. It may not run as good as the new Harleys but it will last a lot longer. I have bought the screaming eagle compensator kit to fix the Ultra but will never buy anything from Harley-Davidson again.

  9. 08 Roadking purchased new. Compensator spring disitegrated at 10K. Fuel pump left me on the road. Compensator being replaced again at 25K due to excessive vibration. Upgrading to SE compensator. We’ll see.

  10. I have a 2007 street glide thats stalls when it gets hot and down shifting in to first gear.Dealer says they can’t find the problem.Can’t take the bike in pack ride because it will stall around curves when down shifting into first gear.Idol dropps and it stalls. Someone better fiqure it out. We have 4 Harleys and this is the only one I have problems with.It is a shame that you have to fight to get something fixed that should of never been wrong in the first place. Michigan

    • I have an ’08 Ultra Classic and the throttle sensor has gone out, has 2600 mile on it… I bet that is what is wrong with yours… It has taken them over 2 months but I am finally getting it back this weekend!

      • I have a 2008 fxdf I had throttle position sensor problems also @ around 2500 miles…however mine the sensor wire was under my clutch cable and was shorting out….took 2 dealers 6 weeks to figure it out!!!

    • yes, i have the same problem with my 07. i have a fortune invested in this bike with all possible HD upgrades. it runs excessively hot, stalls, and starts hard. the dealers here, have not been any help at all. definitely my last Harley.

  11. I have a 08 RoadKing and have had compensator sprocket problems. The gears raddle at idle feels like the clutch is slipping and gears raddle when throttling down. One dealer told me I have a problem and it will keep returning unless I buy the Screaming Eagle compensator. The would not replace the original one. It has been “fixed” twice and the problem is back again. So I took it to another dealer and they said nothing is wrong. Typical Harley and next bike is a BMW.

  12. I have a 2008 Custom Sporty.
    Not even 7 months old, I have thrown at least 35 fuses, all concerning my lights.
    Then, October 28, 2008 – I noticed my speedometer light is on!
    Brake lights working, horn working!
    -Bike has been in 5 times on the fuses, “Cant locate any problem” is what I get.
    I called HD Customer Service this last time around, informed them of the 35+ fuses I have thrown, PLUS this new issue.
    My bike (once again!) is in the shop -with a “case number”
    This is my second HD, and prolly my last -IF they cant fix it.

  13. My 2008 Sportster has been in the shop twice for fuel issues. First they replaced the fuel sensor then than entire fuel shell cell system due to a leak. However Sportster ‘ s are not listied for recall.


  15. call comsumer protection here in canada and harley will probably will have to pay the month we can`t touch our bike it will be very costly for them

  16. Can’t get dealership to fix my bike, on the recall for fuel filter, 29 days 4 phone calls to the dealership 2 phone call to harley information getting run around. Kal;ispel MT dealership..

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