Polaris Industries Expands Recall of ATVs








2004A04BG50AASCRAMBLER 500 4X4





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66 thoughts on “Polaris Industries Expands Recall of ATVs

  1. 2007 500 EFi-Browning Edition Deluxe-44 hours, 360 miles-PDM bad from month 6. RPM go to 0, battery blinking some times. Now will start and idle but throttle up shuts off. Sometimes it will run for few miles then shuts off. Starts and idles but throttle up shuts off. Yesterday it ran for couple hours ok then boom, blew MAP sensor right out of engine. Have changed plug, fuel, cleaned wires on most connectors but symptoms same. First time 2 weeks ago then again yesterday. Cant rely on it. Turned into piece of 00 junk now. Don\\’t know what to try next. Dealer don\\’t want to hear anything. \\”Buy new PDM and/or ECM. PDM over 0 for a maybe.

  2. I have a 07 500 EFI That from what i hear i need a computer madual. This thing looks showroom and i wish it would have stayed there. I saved to long to buy a piece of crap

    • have 97 sportsmen 500 and was riding it after just starting it was running fine and it sounded like I blew a tire engine quit and nothing wont start fells like it has compression too

  3. I’ve got a 2006 Sportsman 500 X2 efi
    The big problem it had was the intermittent starting/running problems. When it startes&stalls, it loses ALL POWER TO EVERYTHING! Then sometimes if you just leave it with the key on after it stalls the power then comes back, the speedo lights back up, fuel pump runs then it will restart when the key is turned. Sometimes it just powers on and off without there being enough time to start up. I did some research on the forums and I believed the problem was the PDM or Power Distribution Module, which is an aluminum finned piece roughly 4″x6″x1.5″ with two large electrical plugs going into the front of it, one on each end. It is essentially, all of the machines power relays built into one circuit board, including the SSCB’s(solid state circuit breakers) On my ’06 X2 it’s mounted in front of the radiator, mounted on a metal plate which is mounted to the front frame underneath the front storage box. You can get to it without removing the storage box, by going through the front by removing the front grill piece but I wanted to checkout all of the wiring and such to be sure there’s no other problems lurking. When I started looking into it on the forums their problems all sounded like mine. Those who went to the dealer ended up paying out like $500 for the repair but I wasn’t going to. When I looked up the part number that was on the backside of my PDM, I found it was superceded by a new part number, which usually means there were problems with the original numbered part. I ended up finding the PDM brand new online at roughly $170 shipped. I’d much rather gamble with the problem costing me $170 than go to the dealer and KNOW that I’m going to be out at least double that!! So I ordered it online, had it in just over a week and that fixed my problem!! But before I installed it I ran a bead of silicone around the cover on the backside of the pdm to be sure that no moisture gets inside. It was not the ECM nor did it have anything to do with the ECM. The ECM controls the efi and the awd, but the PDM supplies everything with power, even the ECM.

  4. I have a 2008 Sportsman X2 500EFI. I turn the key to on and all the indicators work but turn to start, nothing happens. I can pull start it and works fine, turns off with the key, will pull start again fine. I have a good battery, good fuses. A dealer said it could be a relay or a module thats buried somewhere that gets wet and corrodes. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I own a 2006 500 EFI Sportsman and have had the ECM reflashed twice and it is currently in the shop for the same problem. I asked the dealer to find out from Polaris with is causing the problem. It sits through the winter and for what ever reason I have a 50 – 50 chance that the ECM will start the machine in the Spring. If it does it will run fine all summer. This spring I was not so lucky. The winters are long and cold up here. I wonder if the severe cold plus the inactivity has anything to do with the problem? The battery is fine.

  6. 2006 sportsman 700 a friend had it new put 97 miles on it . i got 2 years ago put 800 miles on it . would not start no waring front bearing sized in starter motor .put new one in put 500 miles on it starter gone again put new one in ck. front bearing sized again!!! does anybody have a fits??? tku.

  7. 2005 Polaris Sportsman 700-What a piece of crap. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to fix exactly the same problems as each have mentioned. I’m so disappointed with not only this atv but with Polaris Industries. Terrible customer service with no attempt at resolving an issue they new they had. Until my dying day, I will endeavor to tell all to stay away from a Polaris and work towards a class action lawsuit. What a sad comment on what use to be a good product.

  8. I guess I’ll join the list with all the other owners with POS 2007 sportsman 500 efi 4×4’s Mine started with the clock couldn’t be set then the speedo and trip meter quit
    now when you turn it off the dash cluster flashes and blinks HOT CHECK ENG.
    Take the key out it keeps flashing sometimes it will quit after 1 to20 minutes
    some times not for days or at all. Called polaris and herd same store
    “we have had trouble with the ECM ” but no recall all I want is to get fixed so I can
    get rid of this POS. If there is a class action count me in I’m looking to be out
    $$500 bucks to fix.

  9. I have a 2009 polaris500XP browning addition i have stablizer rod broke off bottom a arm i cannot beleve how they can cheap out on material like that.I can see they have changed it on the 2011 850 but i will take abetter look at my next buy n to think i changed from yamaha to polaris .

  10. 2005 sportsman 500 ho. 942 miles on the machine go to start it and backfires very loud. I have no compression, after pulling the upper timing chain cover, the chain is broke and bent digging further and pulling lower cover found the sproket off the crank was shattered into 4 pieces. ordered new parts and installed. It still wont start and seems its firing at the wrong time, the timing chain and sprocket were installed correctly, could a bad ECM cause this? called the dealer today and they checked the vin # and this is a recalled machine, 2 weks before i can get the part and in for replacement. any advice would help

  11. 08 sportsman 500 EFI. since day one the fuel guage works when ever it want to. Dealer cannot help, Polaris would NOT replace the tank whick is the only way to replace the fuel level sender. It is for sale and going to buy anything but Polaris.

  12. I also have problems – have posted in the past – problems are not going away by just replacing parts (ECM) Has anyone thought about a law suite to reclame $$’s ??

  13. I have a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 800 efi. I beat the hell out of this quad (no shame here) and has been very reliable. Recently I flipped the atv in a very bad accident. Handle bars bent, and ended up with metal plates now screwed securely into my face.
    I developed a problem that a 20 amp fuse that controls EVERYTHING would blow from time to time. It seemed to only pop the fuse when the bike got warmed up. We believe we have found the problem…a brake pressure relay went bad.
    When i flipped the bike, air got into the brake system. Even though I had adequate brakes, the ECM didn’t think so and would kill the atv.
    Hopefully problem solved.

  14. I have a Polaris Sportsman 500 HO EFI, I have a lot of the similar issues of the posts above, I had brought mine to the dealer and they told me it was the battery or the charging system. $175 dollars later I thought they fixed the issue with a new battery, however I left my machine parked for a few weeks and all the issues are back. I thought something must have been draining the battery so I trickled charged it and I started it with the pull start (because it still wouldn’t turn over with the key), As it was running I ran it at a high rpm and unplugged the charger which imminently killed the wheeler. I tried over and over again, and still can’t keep it running unless the charger it hooked up at the same time. The battery has a good charge (12.5) but my funds are not well enough to send it back to the dealer just so they can steer me wrong again. Any advice? Cause I’ll keep trying things on my own.

  15. I took my machine in for blinking dash and got no ware also it would not run right.. now that warentee is up i have the pdm to replace and its getting 17 amps back to the battery witch of cource could fry the machine.. Nice fire!! 380$ plus instalation. Thanks polaris 4th machine ….never again no recall at all for the 8500$ pile of junk. sports 500 efi 07

  16. my 2006 500×2 front end is so hard to steer. Did some investigating, figured some basic camber adjustments would solve they issue…non adjustable! Dealer then tells me to buy new shocks and coil springs to correct issue. 800 miles on a trail ridin bike…just not right. I miss my Grizzly. I know what I will buy next time. I just wanted to do the right thing and buy American. Why cant they get it right…why dont they stand behind the problems? I wish I had not paid cash…i would of let them repo the sucker, thats how aggravated I am!!!!

  17. RE;Doug on sept 5th
    yes there are many recalls for the polaris,s for the years 2004,2005,2006,2008,2009 and 2010. if you google polaris atv recalls about a thousand different sites come up about the recalls and I don’t know exactly your model or serial but several of the 2008/2009 models are being recalled due to fire hazzard…they are recomending that if your serial/model numbers match any on the recall list you stop using your machine IMMEDIATLY and contact your local polaris dealer for free repair of defect…hope this helps and good luck

  18. RE: Don I had the same problem with my 2007 sportsman 500 HO it was the module, the part that regulates the amount of power your system needs to start and run ect, the part was 380.00 hope this helps or it could be the speedometer aka the brain… good luck I just talked to my polaris machanic and he said that mine was the ECM ( engine control module) hope this helps good luck…

  19. I have a 2007 x2 500 Ho 6 hours on a (new) ECM now this ones going bad .you can drive it for about two miles then you loose power and it starts to backfire . Polaris won’t do anything about it. should have bought a honda!!!

  20. I have a 2007 sportsman 500 EFI and same problem of , turning key on and nothing for awhile, then pod blinks on and off, efi primes and something clicks, but wont start.Then will start for a few seconds and shut off just like I turned the key off. Pod goes blank, then lights up again, then goes dead again. I thought battery was bad, but its fine. Several dealers seemed all too familiar with problem and thought it was the ECM. Bought a new one for $380.00 plugged in and no change.POS.It has 296 miles on it and about 36 hrs. Same here, if I can get it fixed its down the road and Ill never be dumb enough to buy another polaris.

  21. I have a 50 year addition 500 ho don’t use it much Like 249 miles in the time I have
    used it to drag my deer scraps and my boy drives around the house a bit. Used it this weekend and the plastic melted on the right side by my leg . Whats the problem is this a recall item any word before I take it to dealer?

  22. I have drained the gas twice cause the dealer told me to and the carb bowl as well, I pulled the fuel line off and the fuel pump is working so I am beginning to believe it is not fuel related does anyone know what else I could try cause I dont want to take it in and let the dealer toy with it for $65 hr. cause they have not been able to figure it out either with me explaining the symptoms so I am up for anything… Should not have this issue on a unit that is just a year old but I shoulda known better when it was always giving me fits after I wrote the check for 7500……..

  23. I have a 2010 sportsman 500 H.O. and have had problems since the beginning last winter the battery always seemed to be dead when I needed to plow so charge is all winter now this spring I spray yards charging system has no problem but it seems to get hot and dies then will not start and if it does I give it gas and it dies once it cools down it will start and run but not long. The next day I can go start it and take off and it wont do it again for a while what seems to be the issue? I dont understand how you only get 6 mo warranty and polaris dont back anything hell CAT gives 2 yr. guess I know what I will own next and prob wont be polaris!!!!!!!!

  24. 2007 Polaris Ranger 500 4×4 EFI – flickering dashboard lights – won’t run – seems like a short – more than likely the PDM 4011375 – $250 to replace the PDM – $100+ to troubleshoot at dealer – I was looking for a recall but no luck – was hoping Shure Power who makes the PDM can test the unit but their website doesn’t indicate any sort of service department – come on Polaris, recall these PDM’s.

  25. long story short 3 rd polaris,last 2 have bad part problems,polaris will not help out at all,polaris is becoming just a pile of bad parts being sold as a atv.last one is efi worst one yet it is a 07 500×2 e f i 9 hours 36 miles never had time to ride but now i do and this junk will be needing work,if they cant do better then they should be sued if a class action starts let me know i will never buy another polaris no matter what the outcome,the yugo of the atv industry,they back thier product none at all,i guess the 6 month warranty is all they can stand,what a joke only it being played on the buyer,by the way my dealers service dept is just as incompetent as the factory

  26. 2008 500 efi, overall the machine is okay. The feul tank gauge work when ever it feels like it. I had it at the dealer 2 time and could find nothing wrong. No its out of warranty and was told 500 bucks for afuel tank float and punp combination. I will look at other machines this year for a replacement. Polaris??? just think if you had a this story and a 500 dollar solution. NO THANKS. If polaris would fix this,,,all would be good again. I have been told SORRY 3 times.

  27. ok.polaris needs a class action suite filed against them.i to own a junk 2005 polaris sportsman 400 with about 50 hrs and 311 miles,1st ecm went up in 3 wks after purchase.[dealer replaced warrenty]2nd gasket between rewind and motor[ no gasket material to speak of] little smudges of red rtv here and their let water seep in and ruin my rewind ,sterter, and bendixs.[machine never has ben in a swamp or mud hole and till looks like new,3 now i think the ecm went bad again 2 new battries machine wont charge according to flahing batt lite,,,,lets get polaris guy s.their just going to keep ripping pepole off,its time to stand up and get fair justice ,p.s as far as the water in rewind i rode it in the yard with a garden trailor attach to it picking up my wifes garden tools.the dealer said rain runs inside the rewind.i bought a desert atv junk. goooo honda ya

  28. 2007 Polaris 500 HO, Sportsman, EFI, Purchesed new in 2009 – Stopped running on the 1st of Feb. 2011. No display nothiong. Pushed it to the garage and sometimes the display would flash on and the fule pump would run. Checked batter 12.8vdc. When wiggeling wires on handle bars and sreering post, sometimes it would function. Found the when wiggeling the key switch just right display and pump would function for 3 to 5 seconds then go dead. I have contacted JustAnswer and they seemed to think that there was a broken wire, ECM or key switch. Tested key switch and found that the yellow wire on pin D needs to have 10 to 11 vdc then everything works fine, but getting that voltage is hit and miss. Any suggestions?

    • take light pod apart and check brown ground wire to light. ground that to handle bars, everything should work. polaris has a stupid way of running wires so they break and hard to find. this is the case 90 percent when pods go dead and machine does not start. everyone thinks it is the comp in the pod gauge.

  29. i have a 2006 sportsman 500 ho X2. i got it stock with 1,100 miles on it. then put a plow on it right away. the fist time using it i was plowing. the battery would occasionally start blinking. 15 hours of easy plowing and it had probally batt flashed about 25 or 30 times. right about then it shut off @ 4000 rpm. the battery was seemingly dead and i was on 8 mile rd. a new battery fired it right up. worked the rest of night. next time i brought another brand new battery with me! sure enough it killed another new battery. 2 new ones now. i have since realized that when the rpms are over 3000 the battery light comes ON. anything under 3000 rpms the machine is fine and the light is OFF. and if you turn on the headlights the battery light never comes on! i measured the battery current and it is over 19volts @ 3500 rpm and if headlights are off the battery light comes on in 3 seconds… once headlights are on never a battery light and voltage drops below 19. i beleive the system is over charging and want to fix. i have read alot but the dealer cant find a part called the voltage regulator. where do i start?

  30. ECM must be just plain bad idea. my 2006 ranger is dead and there are only 3 ecms to be found in the usa. my dealer said they would be bcakordered until feb 2011. my brother has had to replace his ecm twice. hopefully this one i found will solve the problem ubtil the next time. polaris should be eating these parts :(

  31. I have a 2007 Polaris 500 Sportsman X2 EFI Quad.. It won,t start. When I turn the
    Ignition to start, the headlights blink and the EFI pump makes a noise.Has
    anyone else had this problem? Is it a wiring problem or is it a control module?

  32. i have a 2006 polaris sportsman 450 never had any problems until i tried starting it one day and….nothing…no lights no nothing..replaced the ecm and selenoid still nothing..what else could be wrong?

  33. 2007 sportsman 500 efi dead in woods-turn key on no power. no lights,starter will not turn over. clicking noise from starter solenoid, humming noise from carb. pod diagnostics flashes on and off. short off solenoid starter turns over but will not start. new battery did not help. only 300 miles on it. had 2004 500 ho with almost 5000 miles and had never been in the shop. should have kept it! dealer and polaris no help at all!

  34. 2008 T-Boss 330 Contrl Modual problem – No fire (thank God) Replaced theromister did not solve problem not the control modul is to be replaced – I think there is a problem hear that is on going with Polaris and as far as I am concirned not resolved. By the way we bought 2 of them the wife and I are ready to retire so we don’t race or rdo crazy things wnen we ride My atv has less than 5 hrs on it dew to mechanical / electronic problems.

  35. I have a 2007 500 efi and the ECM has been screwed up since I have had it. You have to wait awhile with key on before it will power up. It is now at dealer and they nare telling me it is the ECM. Apperantly this is a reoccuring problem . Is their any recall on this part. The part cost near 400.00 bucks to replace and I just don’t have the extra dough to invest on this. I am truely disopointed with this machine only haveing less than 200 hrs on it.

  36. I have a polaris 2006 500 HO I have got a bad humming sound when speeding up but when i let off the gas the noise seams to go away. have anyone hade this problem???

  37. I have a 2008 800 polaris sportsman that I cant hardly ride because of the HEAT that come from the right side.It is bad sure hope it dont catch on fire but weigh i have insurance.Dont be a fool and spent all your money and not insurance it really dont cost that much per year.Has anyone heard of a recall or a fix it is that HOT.

  38. I also have a 2007 500x-2 one week it started fine the next week knothing, dispaly shows knothing but after a few seconds display flashes on one or two seconds then knothing, and there is a humming noise that changes pitch when you select 2×2 to 4×4. looks like another ecm problem, p.s. only has 220 miles on it.

  39. I have a 2006 Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI X2 and replaced the battery. I gave it a full charge and the Polaris started right up. The next time nothing – no indication of any battery. I took the battery out again, gave it a full charge, installed, and the Polaris started right up again. I let it run for a few minutes, then it made a strange noise and went dead. I turned the key and it didn’t look like I had a battery again – nothing. Is this the ECM malfunctioning?

  40. first polaris i bought was a 2006 700 4×4 after about a year of normal use it would start overheating and would not run, went back and forth to my dealer half a dozen times, they kept saying ok come pick it up its fixed. Eventully just traded it in for another polaris 800 EFI 2008 after 100 miles belt broke in the next year i replaced the belt 4 times no kidding every 2 to 3 months. Around December of 2009 my polaris just started losing power when i would get to 40 mph it would start to stall, if i would leave it off for half hour it would run good again then after 10 minutes loss power again, So back to dealer after sitting in the shop for 1 month with motor open waiting for polaris repersentitive to look at it because of extended warranty , my result was ” exsesive caulking in motor clogged oil filter in turn burning up crank shaft, well polaris was not going to pay for it because mechanic at dealer cleaned oil filter before polaris rep. could take a picture of the clog. So dealer had to eat that repair. All parts replaced with new polaris parts, after another month waiting on parts finally got it back. 20 days after pickup bike does same thing, back to the dealer. Dealer says it was injector #2 not properly connected. Back home riding 15 days later here i am making appoitment to take to dealer because same problem, these to polaris atvs have truthfully had as many hours in the shop as riding. Me and my brother have owned many diffrent 4 wheelers in the past honda, yamaha, suzuki, and never had so many problems that could never get fixed. I can trully say i will NEVER BY ANOTHER POLARIS AGAIN OR RECOMMEND BUYING A POLARIS. ( TO BAD FOR THE MADE IN THE USA LOGO.)

  41. In December of 2008, I purchased a 2007 Polaris 500 X2 Deluxe as a leftover model. After using it for only 6 months…. while in 4×4 mode I noticed occasionally the steering pulling slightly to either side while slowing down. I contacted the dealer and they said to check tire pressure, I checked pressure and it was perfect all the way around. I contacted the dealer once again and they said that it was normal for the Polaris to pull a little while riding due to the way that the 4 wheel drive on demand system was set up, especially while riding in wet conditions. After believing that this was a normalI function of the 4WD system, I continued to use the Polaris. A few months after this, I noticed that the steering was now pulling in both dry + wet conditions. I contacted the dealer once again, and they recommended chaging the Front Differential Fluid. So I changed the fluid and their was no change in the way it was acting. Being totally frustrated with the irradic steering problem, I decided to take it to the dealer and have them check it out to locate the problem…. They informed me that the Front Differential was shot. It is now 13 Months from the date of purchase, and the Polaris has only 600 miles on it, and it’s in the shop having a new differential installed (very Expensive). Apparently this Differential was bad from the start, considering that the steering problem was always there, and only progressed. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER POLARIS PRODUCT, AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT NO-ONE ELSE EVER DOES. The Polaris slogan “Hardest working, and smoothest ride” Is a load of crap. And their customer service is a joke.

  42. In December of 2008, I purchased a 2007 Polaris 500 X2 Deluxe as a leftover model. After using it for only 6 months…. while in 4×4 mode I noticed occasionally the steering pulling slightly to either side while slowing down. I contacted the dealer and they said to check tire pressure, I checked pressure and it was perfect all the way around. I contacted the dealer once again and they said that it was normal for the Polaris to pull a little while riding due to the way that the 4 wheel drive on demand system was set up, especially while riding in wet conditions. After believing that this was a normalI function of the 4WD system, I continued to use the Polaris. A few months after this, I noticed that the steering was now pulling in both dry + wet conditions. I contacted the dealer once again, and they recommended chaging the Front Differential Fluid. So I changed the fluid and their was no change in the way it was acting. Being totally frustrated with the irradic steering problem, I decided to take it to the dealer and have them check it out to locate the problem…. They informed me that the Front Differential was shot. It is now 13 Months from the date of purchase, and the Polaris has only 600 miles on it, and it’s in the shop having a new differential installed (Very Expensive). Apparently this Differential was bad from the start, considering that the steering problem was always there, and only progressed. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER POLARIS PRODUCT, AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT NO-ONE ELSE EVER DOES. The Polaris slogan “Hardest working, and smoothest ride” Is a load of $hit. And their customer service is a joke.

  43. I purchased 2007 polaris 500×2 sportsman(new). Same problems as everyone else on here. PDM and ECM bad with less than 1000miles. I talked to dealer and Polaris with no satisfaction. Tell everyone you know to never purchase Polaris, maybe we can at least save someone else from $7000 mistake.

  44. i have a 2008 polaris sportman 500H.O. doesn’t have 100 miles on it and the damb thing wont run. the peice of shit leaks gas out of the carborator, when you start it up and put it in gear and go it bogs down and wont go over 5 MPH, damb drive belt has broke once. any ideas on why it bogs down i’v put new gas in it, a new spark plug, new air cleaner, new fuel filter what could be wrong


  45. This is not looking good. My 2007 500 EFI worked fine until a couple of days ago. Now when I turn the key, nothing happens, and I do mean nothing. No lights on speedo, no clicks, no nothing. Battery is fine (tested by swapping with known good one, using voltmeter, observing charger taper back, etc). Checked and retightened all connections, and yes, it does have about 1,200 miles on it. It’s just like you cut the battery cable. From listening to the previous posts, it sure sounds like the ECM. I found another post that points to the PCM Power Control Module in front of the radiator. Neither one is going to be cheap, and I sure don’t want to get into swapping parts out. Oh well, I’m going to the dealer tomorrow and start getting myself prepared. What a piece of crap!

  46. I have a 2007 Polaris Sportman 500, within 20 hours the TPS switched stopped working it gave me hard time starting,backfiring ruined my whole trip. secondly, back in December 09, my ECM took a sh-t. I brought back top dealer having it replaced now really considering trading in this piece of crap. Shame on me for not doing any research. Last time i ever do an impulse buy.

  47. I’ve got the doozie of all stories. I purchased a 2008 sportsman 500 h.o. back in march 2008. This last July 4th 2009 I took my atv to northern mn to finally break it in, yes a year and change later. It had less than 80 miles on it and about twenty hours. I had never used the darn thing for anything more than plowing my driveway and was looking forward to finally using the thing. I no more than got a few miles on it, technically my son got no more than a few miles on it, and it started on fire and within a few minutes was reduced to nothing but literally charred frame. When the very large issue was brought to the attention of polaris, they did nothing but claim that it was by no way their fault and that I was stuck with th POS. It’s safe to say that polaris does not stand behind their crap engineering unless you purchase their extended warranty. With as little use as I got out of the thing, you’de think they might stand by their work, guess I was wrong. Polaris has come a long way from what they used to be, and it surely isn’t in the right direction…happy trails!

  48. I have a 2006 Polarisx2 500 sportsman the ecm left me walk 20 miles through a misquito infested swamp with less than 200kms on the hunk of junk Polaris sends me a recall notice but the dealers say no not for that ser# bike is this just a clever scheme for Polaris to get around another costly ecm recall?

  49. We had a 2008 Polairs Ranger 500 4×4. It had 45 hours on it, Had to replace the entire back end(bearings, hub, rim, boot ) over $800. Sold it. Bought a 2008 Polaris 500 X2. It has 29 hours on it. The battery went dead in the wood 7 miles from my truck. — Luckly, my brother pulled me out with his 1995 Honda 300.

    Selling this ATV. and will NEVER buy any thing from Polairs AGAIN !

  50. I have a 2009 sportsman 500 ho my first problem i had the wiring in headlight was rubbing on metal bracket wich caused it to short out of course i had to pay for that.Now the back axle make a clicking noise only has 300mile on it .and its been babyed should of kept my honda

  51. I have 2 Polaris 2006 sportsman 500 X2s, both have had the ECM replaced at less than 520 miles, in fact one of them is going on the third ECM and the dealer is stating that Polaris told them it was due to a weak battery. Not possible, after losing the first ECM, I replaced the batteries and have 1.5 amp maintainers on them when not in use. In my life, I have had 37 motorcycles/quads and these are my first Polaris and will be my last………………..

  52. I have a 2007 500 X-2 and had a problem with the ecm. This is the fifth one, including mine, that I know of that has quit at around 1500 miles. In my opinion Polaris should take resposibility for the problem. I have talked to dealers who say this has been a problem. I think a recall is in order. Polaris not stepping up to bat on this one would make purchase a Honda next time. I have a 1995 Honda that has only had a new spark plug put in it and it still runs great.

  53. I also have a sportsman 500 x2 2008 model and is the 4th out of 4 that I know of that has ecm problems around 1,200 to 1,5oo miles. Polaris should replace all of them if their customer service was worthwhile and should not let their customers get stranded in the woods. I got mine running again after unplugging and re plugging the ecm pin connector after getting it home. I do not know how long this will last.

  54. guys im having problems with my polaris hunk of crap also(500 sportsman h.o.efi). stator is goin bad and ecm shorts out. only went on 3 trips with this thing and it started acting up on the second one.it overheats and shuts down do 2 the ecm not working right causing the fan not 2 work. guys we all need 2 contact Polaris and let them know whats going on

  55. i JUST HAD MY 2007 sPORTMAN 800 removed from the woods where it started to smoke and then it caught on fire near the gas tank this then made it impossible for the machine to be put out so it burnt to the ground now I feel like polaris is jerking me around. I also just had it in for its 20hr service 1 week before. We had two fire stations and 2 people had to get oxygen after they tried to contain the fire. any ideas on what actions I should take I know that they would hate to have to make another recall.

  56. ever since i bought mine in 2006 polaris 500 ho efi,sounds like the motor has ball bearings floating in it, it’s harsh sounding,,sounds like can-am is leading the way with atv’s. i’m trading mine in for one,course i won’t be able to get a good trade-in with polaris’s junks. what was a good machine,now is just another name for junk,

  57. I have a 2006 Sportsman 500X2. It has 1700 miles. The ECM starts malfunctioning by not starting right away. It has to sit for some time with the key on before the display will appear and the machine will start. The ECM was replaced with a Polaris part now this is the 2nd one that has done this to me. This last one started to malfunction within 60 days. Has anybody else had this problem?

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