About Talwin and Generic Naloxone Pentazocine

We have received several emails this week from patients suffering from severe pain, such as that caused by arthritis, regarding a drug called Talwin and generic forms of its active ingredients Naloxone and Pentazocine.

Please know that US Recall News is not a government agency; nor are we medical professionals. You are urged to always speak to your doctor about any drug before taking it or discontinuing its use.

Upon calling in their prescription refill, some people taking Talwin NX or generic Naloxone / Pentazocine tablets have been told by pharmacists that the drug has been recalled.

After calling the FDA, searching their database and speaking to several pharmacy contacts we have found no reports of this drug being recalled as of 6/30/2008, although we are still investigating this story. One major manufacturer of a generic version has had several major recalls recently, which may have something to do with these reports.

Actavis Totowa, formerly known as Amide Pharmaceuticals, Inc. out of New Jersey was the recent focus of a huge recall involving all lots of Digitek (digoxin tablets) marketed under brands from Bertek and UDL Laboratories. Actavis Totowa also recalled Fentanyl pain relief patches due to a fold-over defect, another potentially deadly oversight.

This company also made Pentazocine And Naloxone Hydrochloride Tablets at one time, but the drug no longer appears in the list of products on their website, which may be the cause of this confusion.

Drugs get taken off the market without being recalled all the time. Usually this happens because the drug is no longer profitable for the pharmaceutical company.

Another potential cause of confusion is what the FDA is referring to as a “nationwide shortage” of Naloxone Hydrochloride for Injection. The Talwin NX tablets and generic forms of the drug contain a mixture of Pentazocine and Naloxone. Pentazocine is an opioid narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain and is sold by itself under the brand names Talwin PX and Talacen. However, due to the potential for addiction, the drug is also mixed with Naloxone (used to counter the effects of opioid overdose) and sold as Fortal and Talwin NX. Thus, if there is a shortage of Naloxone, perhaps that has something to do with a shortage of Talwin NX and rumors or news of a recall.

So far we have been unable to verify these reports either with the manufacturer or with the FDA drug recall hotline. Sudden withdrawal from this drug may be dangerous so we will try to stay up-to-date on stories relating to any possible Talwin NX or Naloxone/Pentazocine recall. In the meantime, talk to your doctor about this drug and call your pharmacist well before you are due to renew your prescription in order to limit any possible sudden changes in your pharmaceutical drug use without approval from your doctor.

Please comment below if you have any news tips regarding these recall reports so we can continue to investigate and provide Americans with information relating to this product.

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: http://www.usrecallnews.com. He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

38 thoughts on “About Talwin and Generic Naloxone Pentazocine

  1. I recently fell backwards (74yrs old) 6 feet into a gravelly cement culvert . Back of my head was busted open but hurt my back worse. Happened three days ago , when. I was checked at ER. Dr prescribed Talwin , I got in generic called PENTAZOCINE/ NALOXONETAB WATSON. I was prescribed to take 3-4 times a day if needed of which I have done. Dr said I had arthritis in my back. After these three days only results I have gotten from it is severe itching, pain is terrible. Being Memorial Day for which I am thankful it is gonna be an uncomfortable several more days before I can see or talk to Dr. I am glad that it has worked well with so many of you and sorry that some are having problems getting it.

  2. I am quite familiar with this particular drug. Since 1974, I have been taking the original Talwin, then Talwin NX, then Pentazocine /Naloxone, (when the patent expired and went to a generic). Over the years the product was made by different companies, and changed it’s look several times. It has always worked however, to relieve my chronic back and neck pain. It actually allows me to be a normal, functioning person. One who went to college, has a career, and raised 3 beautiful grown children, restored 4 homes, 22 churches, 4 state capitols, 7 vintage theaters and 8 historic hotels. (There is more, but you get the picture). I now travel the globe during the winter months and run a fine art & antiques gallery during the rest of the year.
    I have NEVER abused any drug or alcohol, (or even tried an illegal drug).I’ve never been arrested, or in any “trouble” of any kind. I understand this is a controlled drug, one that others have abused, but not once in the 45+ years I have been on this med. have I given anyone any reason to suspect a chance of misuse. Never, not once. I have always followed dosing directions to a tee.I am allergic to Codeine, Demerol, Darvocet, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, which is why Talwin is the ONLY drug that works for me, until 2 months ago, when everything changed.
    I went to pick up my 3 month supply and noticed this was not the same green tablets marked WATSON, that I had been taking for many years. This new pill was yellow, and the bottle said it was from Gavis Pharmacutic,al, a relatively new company located in New Jersey. I noticed that after I took one, that these pills were no where near as effective as the prior prescription. They might as well could have been aspirin, or a sugar pill. Absolutely no relief from pain. So, I took 1 and 1/2 pills, something I ONLY had done in emergencies before. Still nothing. I called my Doctor of six years to complain, I sat down and talked with my pharmacist of 10 years and told him of my concerns. Also, did I mention, I was charged $500.00 for one bottle? I have to pay in cash, (insurance does not cover it).
    After all of this, I was informed that the pharmacy could no longer order the Watson brand through his distributor, (pills are not returnable either), and my Doctor told me she wrote a script for a 3 month supply, I filled it, and she WILL NOT be writing another for 3 months. So, I am screwed. I have been bedridden now for weeks, unable to do the simplest things for myself, or anyone around me. I sleep 20 hours a day, being comatose is the only way to endure the glass shards stabbing me in the back and neck. I cannot hold my head up for longer than a minute or two without feeling like it will fall off. I cannot work, dress myself or go to the bathroom without help. I am an invalid at age 53.
    If anyone who reads this could be of help, I am sure to listen. I am lost, and I do not know where to go, or who to turn to. I just want my life back, please. Kay

  3. I’ve taken Talwin NX occasionally for over 10 years to help with fibromayalsia. I have consistantly had problems with this prescription being “in stock” at pharmacies. At one point I could get the brand (Talwin NX – the yellow ones) which were very expensive but more effective than the green Watson generics. As of a few months ago I was told that the brand name producers of Talwin are no longer making it and Watson is the ONLY sourcing company – making only a generic available. It takes longer to get it now as well.

    A doctor told me (and I later also found online) that the history of this drug is in the 70’s it was considered the “housewife drug” — do to widespread misuse of it, it fell out of fashion to be prescribed. Over the years of all the Dr’s I’ve mentioned this drug to, maybe 10% has even heard of it. When I see my prescribing doctor quarterly, he typically says, “they are still making this?” I have no idea what to request for a substitute and have never heard of Talacen.

    I am trying to determine if there are any long term effects of using Talwin NX approx 1 pill a day every other day. The only thing I’ve noticed is I can no longer take it before I go to sleep and if my level have dropped from not taking it a few days, my face gets itchy. I am curious if Talacen would be a fall back option if Watson stopped producing Talwin. If not, has anyone tried another medicine that was similiarly effective? I’m worried this may be pulled due to the low distribution it’s had and continues to have.

  4. 2-25-2011
    I have been waiting and asking for over 6 weeks for the generic of talacen. The pharmacy keep saying it was on back order and did not know when it would be in. Frustration set in, so I decided to seach the web. Thank you Mollie (comment above) for your info. I contacted Watson and found that it was still available. I contacted the pharmacy. I will be able to pick it up later today. I did also contact Sanofi-Aventis today to see if Talacen is still being produced. They stopped production last year. I hope this helps anyone else looking for the generic of Talacen.

  5. i have had back pain to some degree most of my life. i was hit by a car when i was 5 yrs old. allthey saw back then was a broken right leg. as years went by my pain and posture took over but no dr would do anything. finally in 91′ after just recovering from a complete hysterectomy, i went back to work and thought things were ok. but after a few months, my back started in again in again. no one in this town would beleive me. so i went to a dr where i grew up and found i had ruptured disc. he wanted me in the hospital the next day, but felt guilty for missing work after the hys. i came back home. a few days later i was back in my hometown having back surgery. after that i strted taking tylenol 3 which worked fine for awhile but it was eating my stomach up. so another dr suggested talacen and it worked great. the real thing though, not the generic. i could most time take 1/2 a pill and did great for 15 to 20 years. it got to where i could only get it in the town i grew up in, so my parents would pay for and send to me through the mail with a prescription and i would send them the money. it really upset me when icalled for another refill and they said it was recalled without a word. i have been trying others, but nothing really works. it is very frustrating when things like this happen without explenation ahead of time and after what 2 or 3 years still nothing. i read somewhere that china and japan and one other place still produced it. big help here if that is so. no help from manufacturers or drs.

  6. I found this site looking up some other info and I am glad I am not the only one that noticed I difference in the pills!!!
    When I contacted my pharmacy about the difference in look, and actions, I was told no, there is nothing wrong, it must all be in my head… isn’t that a lovely way to be treated!?.. I don’t shop there anymore..
    I have not asked my DR for a refill on the Talwin since, I didn’t think there was a point. They did nothing for my pain anymore.

  7. I was just placed on Talwin NX tablets yesterday and I had them filled at the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Springfield Missouri. They gave me the generic ones but at least I got it filled. I don’t know if I’m just not used to it yet or what but the first one I took made me extremely nauseaus (spelling?) and very bad cold sweats about an hour and a half after I took the pill. I’m supposed to take 1 every 6 hours but I sooooo do NOT want to have that feeling again like it was when I took that first pill (I’ve only taken the one tablet so far since 6pm April 1st and it’s almost 9am now on the second). I have 3 herniated discs in my neck and the pain is NOT fun.

  8. I also have been taking Talwin NX for over 15 years and have just recently found that it can’t find any pharmacy in my area who has the medication in stock and doesn’t know when it will be available. It is the only medication I have found that helps my arthritis pain, migraine pain, and other “back” problems. What can we do to get the manufacturers to produce more of this medication?

  9. wow, i went from taking lortab to talacen last april b/c my doc and i thought i might be having a reaction to my pain meds i have been taking for 5 years. the talacin did not work near aswell as the lortab did.it almost made me feel like i was hallucinating all day. turns out it wsa an infection causing my problems so i went back to lortab. but since then i noticed the daily tylenol was having effects on my liver so now i take oxycodone 15mg with no tylenol at all in it and have noticed a big difference in my gi, liver, urine, etc. i still have the remaining talacen and will never take it or any tylenol meds again. look up an article by dr watkins for purdue pharma and see the lab results of tylenol on your liver and you will ask to be changed.

  10. Until recently, my local pharmacy was able to obtain the generic from Watson.
    The generic does not seem as effective as the brand.

  11. i just need to know where i can get the genetric for talwin nx, but i need the yellow tablet because the green makes me itch and my heart races. i live in california.

  12. I have been taking Talwin Nx also for many years & now all I can get is the generic & you are right it does not work like the the brand name . The pharmist I have in Calif. says he doesnt know why but he can get it stll Is ther e anythig ele besisd Talwin NX that works the same way. I am going to my DR tommorrow & he does not know of any thing except strong nar. drugs & I have tried Vicodin & Norxco & they make me sick. I take 5 pills a day & they are costing an arm & a leg I have no insurance Help if you can?

  13. Gregory Irace is CEO of Sanofi-Aventis. Sanofi-Aventis makes Talacen and Talwin NX. I e-mail Mr. Irace to ask him what the manufacturing issues are with the third party , who is the third part manufacturer and isn’t the only difference between Talacen and Talwin NX is that Talwin NX has naloxone and cost three times as much as Talacen. I rec’d a reply back dated 11/11/08 stating that they are unable to advise me when, of if, Talace wil lonce again be available in the U.S. and unfortunately Talwin NX is in a similar situation.
    So I urge you to e-mail the CEO at Gregory.Irace@sanofi-aventis.com. as I feel that this corp. should let it’s consumer know the answer to my above questions.

  14. I have been e-mailing the FDA, NYS Attorney General Office and Sanofi-Aventis as my disabled spouse has been taking Talacen for many years. I feel that it is very unfair for any consumer to put up with the nightmare of talacen being available, then unavailable, then available. Going to the doctors to find another pain pill, etc. is more than a nightmare! I can’t imagine what is happening to inside his body and mind from switching from one pain pill to another . He has tried Talwin NX and all the generic’s, plus other pain pills…and all I hear from him is why can’t you get me Talacen ? So…for you folks out there that want Talacen….e-mail the FDA, the Sanofi-Aventis Corp, etc. This is not right and something has to be done!!

  15. Sanofi Aventis wrote me a letter dated 10/3/07 which states:

    Thank you for your interest in Talacen (pentazocine hydrochloride, acetaminophen) tablets.
    I am writing in response to communications with our offices regarding the current unavailability of Talacen tablets. I understand that your husband has pain in the aftermath of a severe leg injury from being hit by a car and uses Talacen for that pain. I further understand that the reason for your call is that “generic Talacen” does not work for your husband and you have been unable to obtain Talacen.
    First, I want to assure you that what you reported being told to you by a pharmacy, that Talacen “is not a money-maker for the manufacturer so they stopped making it,” is not correct. The fact is that sanofi-aventis U.S. has a contract with another company to manufacture pentazocine hydrochloride, acetaminophen tablets for sanofi-aventis U.S.,which is sold under the brand name Talacen. Unfortunately, due to ongoing manufacturing issues being experienced at that manufacturer is actively seeking resolution of the manufacturing issues and we continue to keep abreast of their efforts. As is sometimes the case, however, it is not yet clear when these issues my be fixed.

    In the meantime, in the interest of helping you to help your husband, we note that pentazocine hydrochloride, acetaminophen is a generic product, also available from other companies. For example, according to information of the U.S. Food and Drug (FDA) website, there are two other products that offer a combination of acetaminophen and pentazocine hydrochloride identified has having: identical active ingredients, dosage form and route of administration and strength) and as such are considered by the FDA OGD as “identical” to Talacen. Those drugs are pentazocine hydrochloride,acetaminophen tablets marketed by Actavis and Watson Labs. We recommend that your husband consult his doctor about the potential to try one of these alternate products, or some other appropriate medications, while Talacen is out of stock.
    We regret that Talacen is currently not available for patients in need of relief, including your husband. We will keep your name and contact information available and notify you when Talacen is again available.

  16. The latest on Talwin RX. I have spent all afternoon on researching Talwin, and this is what I gathered. For most wholesalers, the drug ended up being back-ordered. Pharmacies are now slowly being able to place orders, so check with your pharmacy to see if they have access to Talwin yet. If not, call every two weeks or so. One of the distributors (to wholesalers) is Watson at 1-973-355-8300. They handle generic Talwin and if your pharmacy’s wholesaler has Watson as their distributor, you can still get it now (with a prescription, of course).
    The good news was that Talwin would be available again–but who knows when.
    Good luck–plus I need it too–it really worked on my RA.

  17. Talwin NX is still being produce, just not available in the US for prescription, because it is an OPIATE. Believe me, I have check into it!

  18. I AM MAD AS HELL over the sudden unavailability of my pain meds Talwin NX tablets. After 5 yrs of Pain Management & trying various pain meds I was happy that this pill worked best for me. When Walgreens Pharm receives a new script it can only be transferred twice without requiring a new script. Each transfer requires an additional co-pay if the script is filled at a diff Walgreens location. So I pay 3 co-pays for one script, My Physicians” Prescriptions computer program isn’t set up for so many different quanity / partial refills; which in turn requires a call to the Dr. & someone has to try to explain to him why the script he wrote for 180 tablets requires additional authorization for 20 tablets because it is a different pharm location. This whole situation has been HELL for me. No relief for my physical pain, not to mention my fustration, plus depression & STRESS, etc. because I have had to go without my meds. My whole world went upside down. It will take time for me to get back to that comfort level I once had. I have been reassured by Walgreens that the Mfg has started to release product again & hopefully we can believe them. What can we do as patients when situations such as this occur? I wasn’t happy about the way Walgreens handled this rumor & backorder situation plus the extra cost for backorder refills. I will give Walgreens props for listening to my complaint & actually contacting an alternate mfg co (Watson). What does Medicare have to say about this? My HMO sent me a stmt stating Walgreens had charged me for a backorder filled at a different store, but will Walgreens issue me a check for all the extra copays? Is this the beginning of a way for Walgreens to make extra money by not stocking adequate quanities of meds & sending us to another store to fill the balance & we have to pay another copay. Could add up???? Hopefully, Walgreens will take a look at their procedures & have a game plan to meet our needs? Good Luck to all of those who are still having trouble obtaining this med. & my personal apology to my Dr. for the extra time it has cost him in trying to dispense my meds. So who is really at fault here?

  19. I have just gotten my talwin meds for my arthritis refilled and i had no problem at all i cannot take any of the cet meds at all so thank god im able to still get this i live in nc

  20. I also have been on Talwin NX for 6 years after extensive , 5 disc, surgery. I have gone thru the trials of “try this med., no here try this med, and absolutly nothing else works., Morphine, Lortab, etc.So what is the problem with getting this drug to our pharmacys? If it is helping even just ONE person with this God awful pain, then why can t we get it. I also have been told that it will no longer be available…Where can it be gotten???? Pat Fiore

  21. i just found this page and i have been on tawin nx for 6 years and then could not get it any longer. they have tried to give me tylenol with codeine or darvocet. (spelling might be wrong but you know what it is) and they do not come close to the pian relief of tawin nx. i will also say that i have had no problem with the want of this drug unless it is needed. i do not like taking a pain killer, because, if i do something that i should not, I am the one that will pay the price on hurting my back worse. i was able to only have to take 1/2 of the pill when i needed it. i tried not to take it to relieve ALL the pain. so that i wouldn’t pay for it with more pain or screwing up the operation my doctor did to help the relief some of pain . it was a compression release between the disks and has helped alot! thank you Mollie for your info, i will try to do more research on what you say to replace it with. to all of you that can not get this presciption, i feel and pray for you all, because you can’t explain the difference on the pain relief. it is different on us all. and is hard to explain if you don’t feel it.

  22. i have taken Talwin-nx for over 10 years now i cant get it any more. it was the best pain med i have ever taken. i dont know want to do now! i dont like lortabs or darvacets!

  23. Am on talwin nx ,a generic made by Watson Co. No problems will refills . They just don’t seem to be as strong as name brand, but do take the edge off. Ask your pharm. to order the generic from WATSON(oblong & Green) Hope this helps!

  24. How do we get availability of Talwin NX tablets for the Northern California Kaiser Hosp./Pharmacies? The staff at Kaiser keeps stating Talwin is no longer available for refills? Isn’t it dangerous “to just go off” this drug? I need help in obtaining refills-I have been on it for 15 years and no side effects-Thank You

  25. I have taken Talwin for 35 years and had great results. I am 59 years old and have never had any side affects so that should speak for the quality of it. I was given Pentazocine/APAP 25/650MG which upsets my stomach. I hope they bring Talwin back soon! I don’t understand why they can’t make without the APAP.
    Terry Copenhaver

  26. I have taken Talwin for 14 years . I have talk to my doctor about ,what is going on with the Talwin recall and they don’t even know what is going on!!!!!!! OR DO they! In the last 4 months I have tried at least 5 different kinds of pain pills and none of them work like Talwin. I don’t know what iam going to do. I don;t feel like getting out of the bed. I have always been a avtived person only because the Talwin help me in more ways than one. I have called around to other places about the Talwin and always NO answers. Some one has to know what is going on! And by the way the generic Talwin is NOT the same as the name brand, it does not work for the kind of pain we all have . The FDA needs to get to the bottom of this because it may be something really bad wrong with the Talwin we all been taking and we need to KNOW NOW!!!!! WE have the right to know. I do know M.S. patients take Talwin, Montal Williams takes it. I bet hes not doing with out. Please find out whats going on,,,,I need my Talwin back. Thank You .

    Rita Williams

  27. I’ve taken Talwin NX (generic) for over 10 years for cronic pain. Things are no better here in GA. It just can’t be found anywhere.

    I contacted Watson’s customer service department (973-355-8300). They make the generic brand of Talwin and have it in stock. Watson advices to talk with your pharmacists and have them order your RX from Watcon.

    I sent an email to the FDA/CDER. Below is the reply from them….
    Thank you for writing to the Division of Drug Information in the Center
    for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER).

    The Drug Shortage Offic has informed us that they’ve contacted Sanofi
    Aventis regarding the availability of Talwin NX (pentazocine, naloxone)
    and confirmed that they are not distributing product at this time
    because of a recall initiated on 4/17/08 by Actavis who is their
    contract manufacture. They also contacted Watson’s customer service
    department (973-355-8300) and they have confirmed availability of their
    pentazocine, naloxone tablets available under NDC #00591-0395-01
    (generic Pentazocine NX).

    Hope This helps,

  28. I have been having trouble getting pentazocine/NX [generic Talwin] and was told by the pharmacy that it had been recalled because tests showed that it did not retain effectiveness for the stated period for expiration. One generic manufacturer had stopped making it and another had, apparently, started, but it was not available through the usual channels.

  29. I have had three back operations in the last two years. This last operation they put in titanium bars, I have been taking Talwins for the last two years. I take 6 a day. The first surgery gave me lortabs 10mg., which they did not help at all. So they tried me with Talwin NX TAB. They have really made a big difference. Now the pharmacist says they no longer will be getting them. Does anybody take something different now to replace the Talwin and does it help? My Doctor or pharmacist never told me about Talwins being stopped or not being made, until the other day I picked up my script and instead of being 90 pills which lasts me 15 days, I got 53 and was told they would not be getting any more in., and this is “WALMART”s Drug Store. I called the other pharmacys in my city, everyone were out and backed ordered 4 monthes ago or the company that makes, the Reps. no longer carry them. My surgeys have been on my lower lumbar area L1- S5 . Every morning I am crippled feeling, and when it rains or changes weather even the Talwins and Flexaril cannot mask the pain. So if anybody out there was prescribed a different drug and it helps just as good as the Talwins ,PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Let me know, I do not see my Doctor for another month, and at least I will have a name of another drug that might help when I do see him.PS I been in rehab 3 different times and each time my back is worse. I think if I had to do it again I would not do the surgey!! Crippled 45 year old Male haha

  30. i am itching like crazy also. the benedryl usually helps but i am finding that i need to take more tablets to get the itching under control. i am curious about any other pain meds that are as effective as the narcotic meds but won’t cause this intense itching. i worry about my liver and kidneys processing all these pills.
    i am probably going to have another knee replacement surgery later this month and quite frankly i am scared to death to take more pain meds for fear i am going to scratch myself raw. it has happened before.

  31. Thank you to all the people who have written in. My doctor also told me that she could no longer perscribe the Talwin NS. I have taken it for Migraines and Depression for the past 12 years. I take 1/3 of a tablet at a time and it works well. The MD wanted to put me on medications that I did not need such as propanolol and BC pills to attempt to prevent headaches. I declined the other medications. I wish they would find an appropriate substitute if Talwin NS is no longer available. Other pain meds have not worked as well.

  32. I have been on Talwin NX for many years and it has been THE ONLY medication that does not make me itch and still works great to reduce pain, it is also wonderful for depression and manic symptoms as no anti-depressant has ever worked for me. I have had this medication stopped abruptly 3 times and it was a terrible experience each time. I don’t know what will happen if there is no other medication of its type to replace it.

  33. I have been told by my VA doctor, at the Missoula Montana VA Clinic that Talwin NX is no longer being produced so i have to change to another medicatoin next week, I wonder were he is getting his information?

  34. I have been on pentacocine (talwin rx) for 23 years at 10 per day. I have been using it for arthritis pain, and ankylosing spondylitis pain. It has effectively relieved pain and I have had no adverse reaction to it–even though I have been on it so long, and am now in my 60’s. I was not warned that talwin rx was being taken off the market and I strongly feel patients, or at least the pharmacists of talwin patients, should have been warned way in advance that this drug was going to be unobtainable after a certain date. My Doctor now has me on Norco at 1/2 tablet every three hours. I might as well be taking sugar pills.

    Going off of the Talwin abruptly was very hard and the Norco is making little difference in my pain.

  35. I also have taken talwin for about 15 years and can no longer find it. My pharmacist states that there has been no indication that it will no longer be available, but they do not know when it will be back. I have found talacen and it is available. I live in Louisiana and I use Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, which is in most states. The talacen is twice the price of the talwin because it is not considered generic and it does not have NX (Naloxone) in it, which may be the reason it is still available. Your pharmacist may have to order it for you because it is an older medication and it is not written by very many doctors anymore. Let’s hope the drug makers realize there are a lot of us out here that need this drug and do not want to have to take the more powerful drugs like demerol, etc.

  36. I can no longer get this medication. I have taken talacen for about 10 years for arithitis pain relief but can no longer get it. I have been switched to propoxaphene and hydrocodone.

    I really did a lot better on the talacen. There was a big plus for me— The talacen gave me great allergy relief. I have not been able to find any allergy medicine that can help me as much as talacen did.

    I have been trying to find out more information about what happened to talacen but can not get any where. I am back to just what the pharmacist told me in the beginning IT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

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