Gadolinium Side Effects

Gadolinium Dyes Used in These Cat Scans Linked to NSFWhen asking about gadolinium side effects patients are more often than not referring to Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis symptoms, as the symptoms of NSF are essentially the side effects of gadolinium (used as a contrast agent during an MRI) combined with renal failure / poorly functioning kidneys that are unable to properly expel the gadolinium from the patient’s system.

Patients with renal dysfunction (bad kidneys) who get an MRI using gadolinium dye are at risk to develop all of the symptoms of NSF, including hard, shiny, darkened skin that tightens and becomes extremely painful, joint inflexibility, loss of movement, yellow-colored eyes, painful joints, and lung, heart and organ damage.

In general, whether or not you have kidney problems (as many people remain unaware of kidney damage), if you have received an MRI at some point and are experiencing any of the following side-effects, have your medical records checked to see if gadolinium dyes were used in your MRI: Burning, Itchy or Swollen skin, hardening / tightening of the skin, swelling of the joints, yellowish eyes or yellow spots on the whites of the eyes, red or darkish spots on the skin, stiff joints, loss of movement in the joints, deep pain in the hips or ribs and muscle weakness.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned doctors about the use of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents and the potential side effects / health problems associated with gadolinium dye in patients with kidney problems. Doctors should be screening all patients for kidney health, regardless of medical history, if the patient is scheduled for an MRI.

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  1. My mother developed double vision which was subsequently attributed to a traumatic arteriovenous fistula in the brain. This was caused when she hit her head getting into her car. In order to confirm the diagnosis, an MRA was done in the hospital while she was an in-patient. About two hours after the MRA, the nurse came in to take vital signs, asked my Mother her date of birth and my Mother spoke in gibberish. The nurse lifted my Mother\\’s right arm and let it go, the arm dropped like a rock. I thought that she had had a stroke. A CT scan was done immediately, and it was determined that she had suffered some type of seizure, likely due to the dye used in the MRA. My Mother\\’s speech returned to normal in about two days, however, the right hand required physiotherapy and occupational therapy. My Mother does the exercises she was given twice a day, the hand is getting better, but more time is required. Now, the hair on the back of her head has fallen out. The vascular surgeon did not mention the possible side effects of a MRA, neither did anyone else we spoke with. We were not told what type of dye was used, but have now received the insurance papers which show it was gadolinium.We knew that after 3 months the hospital would call to schedule a follow-up MRA. In the meantime, it occurred to us that a second round of gadolinium could mean a recurrence of what she\\’s already endured. The doctor\\’s receptionist called to schedule the follow-up, my Mother told her what happened and that she wasn\\’t going to have the MRA. She now has a voice mail message from the doctor\\’s physician\\’s assistant, who will also be told that she will not submit to another MRA. Has anyone else experienced what my Mother did—speech issues, loss of limb use, hair loss?

  2. I live in Michigan where tv lawyers cherry pick cases. I am sixty nine years old, had an MRI w gadolinium after colon-rectal surgeon told me my chronic kidney disease is not bad enough to warrant against the gadolinium, he said it was safe and I believed him!. Three weeks before I had a thoracic CAT with Iodine for possible endocarditis, Since the MRI with gadolinium where spinal degeneration was noted I feel I have been hit by a truck. Mild sciatica is now severe, groin pain (detected inguinal hernia) is now excrutiating and spreads to outer right hip. Pre existing knee injury now radiates pain up and down entire leg which it never did before. Have chronic fatigue but now I cannot walk more than a quarter mile (with pain) without shear exhaustion.My ribs hurt when sit down too hard. Lower back is killing me with pain and may be related to now UNRELENTING sciatica. My gfr is 51, my creatnine 1.28 just slightly lower. I suffer from multiple hernias after emergency operation for incarcerated parastomal hernia in ileostomy and surgeons are loathe to operate for chronic painful obstructions which is why I had the MRI. My entire left side is weak, sciatic, groin and hip pains to an extent I never had before (never had hip pain, or intense unrelenting groin pain (like an impinged nerve), I can no longer ride a bicycle. My lungs occasionally itch. I have dry mouth and eyes hurt. I cannot bend over without pain or do any physical activity without becoming short of breath and sweating and so weak I have to sit down.. All this within one or two weeks after gadolinium dye MRI. Later my renal doctor whom I should have contacted first just shook his head and asked \”why?\”. What can I do now medically and legally? I am very pissed, in a lot of pain and wish I was dead!

  3. January 2013 I went for a cardiac MRI. 30 seconds after injecting gadolinium contrast I went into cardiac arrest and lost heart output due to anaphylactic attack. Emergency team recovered and I gained consciousness after 45 minutes of pure struggle and agony. I still suffer from various issues, mainly my eye sight as it has not come back to normal.

  4. I had a MRI today with gadolinium. I felt horrible pain in my arm immediately after the injection for about 5 minutes that brought tears to my eyes, it felt like my arm was being squeezed like never before and punched. This was my good arm. I told her after about the pain and she said nobody has ever said that before.

  5. Now thinking twice about MRI if needs gadolinium. I already had extremely high mercury levels that were brought down 80% by having my metal amalgam fillings replaced with special procedures by bio dentist. Literally cured my 30 yr battle (same time I had my fillings put in) with debilitating migraines, hypoglycemia, blue nails upon slight chill, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, intolerance of scents and non-precious metals and so much more including very stiff ankles upon any rest, even 2 hr movie. I literally had the (menses induced) fog and migraine I entered the office with be completely gone when I left the office hours later and was cured for over 8 months until I took Chemet tablets for further metal removal to get my levels lower than “elevated”. Still not back to those glorious 8 months but not nearly as bad as it had been for 30 yrs, especially the last 10.
    Because the discussion of MS and MRIs on Charlie Rose seemed to mimic so many of my symptoms, I was hoping to get a picture of what the metals/migraines had done and what precautions I needed to take as I move forward. I was researching what types of MRI is best for the purposes of migraine and MS.
    I do not think gadolinium would be beneficial for me with my body still handling the long-term effects of heavy metal poisoning.

  6. Hi Jane. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. There is a group you may want to check out. It’s on Yahoo Groups and it’s called GASF-NSF. I hope to see you there.

  7. I’m not sure if anyone gets on this anymore, but I am looking for some help. My mom was injected with dye for an MRI. The doctors busted a vein that they were putting the dye in. The even added more to do it correctly. Not long after, my mom started having a lot of problems. Her arm turned black and the skin started peeling off. She was urinating blood awful. She had blisters in her mouth. Pain in all of her body. She told the nurses for days in the hospital that she thought she was having a bad reaction to it. They ignored her many times, and eventually told her to shut up. My mom ended up passing away about a week and a half after this all happened. It was guessed to be a heart attack, but no autopsy was done. I’m just trying to figure out if she was having a reaction to the dye. If it was like what any of you experienced, and if that is what caused her death.

  8. I was scheduled to have a MRI tomorrow with galodinium. I have been experiencing muscle weakness and uncontrolled movements in various parts of my body as well as tingling sensations in arms and legs. After quite some extensive research, I believe my symptoms are due to mercury poisoning from amalgams in my mouth as well as other metals. The kidney is particular sensitive to mercury – Now, I read galodinium is also extremely toxic for the kidney. I am not having a MRI scan tomorrrow and will stick to my plan of having all my amalgams and metal crowns removed. Thank you all for your comment above.

    • I have mercury fillings as well.And I feel, Mercury hypersensitivity.In dec. I had ear infection, hearing loss in left ear,took antibiotics, after taken all,I lost hearing in both ears. They prescribed me 4 other antibiotics, the first one caused ear poisoning, and all other antibiotics I took were resistant to Azithromycin.Then feb.20,I went to er,because I had symptoms of stroke-they found white lesions on my brain,possible ms.I have been on short term leave,and had gadolium contrast mri,and now,I have yellow spots in eyes-glaucoma-I had before taking two meds.And my hips hurt, left lower back,and side,and Ihave a fever,and joints ache-pain in hip-all blood tests-ones for infection-csr and esr-are high- infections can cause diabetes-go see neurologist next Monday,I wish they wouldn’t have used contrast-because, I had a session of mris and Mras, and my right arm was in so much pain,I clicked 4 times,and my chest hurt,and feet went numb.I feel the azithromycin, caused infection go to my brain, memory loss,and upset when I get heated up,or stressed out-now,I may have sepsis in my body- just what I needed more problems-they cannot figure out before I had this done,what waswrong with me-Sheree Evans

  9. I had a MRI done four days ago I had a reaction to the contrast right after they gave it to me. I started having terrible chest pain and both my legs were hurting so bad I couldn’t move . I was scared I thought I was having a heart attack. It scared the technicians there they were running around trying to find stethoscope needless to say they couldn’t find one it was late there wasn’t a doctor on call after about 15 or 20 minutes I felt better. It was to late for them to do the test so I have to reschedule and have my doctor call in an order to be pre-medicated before the test. It has been four days my feet and legs are still swollen really bad and hurt. Plus I’ve sick at my stomach have a headache and my back has been hurting. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it or not. All I know I’m worried and don’t know what to do.

    • find some food grade diatomatious earth.1 or 2 spoonfuls in juice/day.i took 2 spoonfulls in 2 days and my knee pains went mri was in 2005 and at first i couldnt walk.please tell every1 what helped me.

  10. I forgot to add that I do have allergies to dyes, most chemicals, sulfites and more. Reading some of these experiences make me want to cancel my appointment.

  11. I have a tumor along my spine discovered with a CATSCAN – the doctor now wants an MRI with gadolinium to see if we are in the presence of a cancerous sarcoma. I have auto-immune diseases: celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis and I have painfully detoxed myself during the last 10 years from heavy metals. Now I might have cancer, i would like to know if anybody has been in the same situation – i am really scared that this gadolinium could send me to hell and aggravate the tumor.

    • read the BEIR VII report on what radiation and xrays, CT and contrasts do to the body, systemic fibrosis in addition to the METAL GADOLINIUM used for MRI and MRA (uses 3x the dose of mri and is NOT fda approved, neither are power injectors) Stay away from metal Gadolinium in your veins/joints and ingestion of it. It’s a NANO PARTICLE and used for the emedicine Iphone to measure your heart rate, ekg, pulse and blood glucose. Damaged kidneys from xrays and CT contrasts Iodine do not allow the METAL to filter through the damaged renal tubules. so it stays in the body, dechelates or breaks apart the outer coating and promptly deposits in your skin and bones and throughout your body and skin sore occur. As well as mimicing carpal tunnel syndrome and you do not need your arm bone shortened to accomodate the “shortened tendons”. What a nightmare story that is. Gadolinium METAL does not belong in the body. NEVER, no matter what “they say”. these “clinical trials are paid for by Bayer and other mfgrs”. See clinical trials gov and search Gadolinium and pediatrics and Gadolinium and blood flow studies. It’s not for anyone. Say NO and stop this unbearable pain you will suffer. Believe ME!

  12. The judge in the MDL 1909 litigation is shutting down this MDL on 6/1/2012, read the order on scribd. Now those of us without a diagnosis will lose the ability to file a lawsuit. No lawyer will take our cases because doctors are not diagnosing not because we are not sick and sufferring because we are. Become informed by looking on Scribd under gasfgd. There you find the discovery they are using in the MDL. These products were know to be toxic on or around the time they put them on the market. Many more are injured and sick and don’t know why.

  13. Colorado and Denver/Golden is the Plutonium capitol of the world and a few weeks ago, the soil contamination with Plutonium is the same as it was 40 years ago.
    I’m getting the hell out of Colorado and all their secretiveness and sickness. The entire state is a hell hole of pollution from nuclear waste and now fracking /oil and gas industry. The people of Colorado should sue the State of Colorado for environmental and health effects and poor medical care (deliberate). is allowing TC 99 nuclear waste/injected for tracers in CT scans(radiation x2) scan and the tracer, also linked to diabetes, and see for health effects of technetium. Gadolinium metal for MRI is radioactive via gamma waves, they inject this into you, the clearance time is what the mfgrs say it is, but it’s not true. Otherwise, why do I have gadolnium in my blood and skin a year later? TC 99 is mixed with Iodine frequently for CT scans, it’s known that iodine is proteolytic, in other words, destroys protein tissue, and they use this on brain scans, have the nerve to run and eGFR and creatinine and still give it to you without discussing this with you that your levels are low/high(Cr-serum). we are not human to them. They can hide behind their MRI’s and CT’s , hope they decay to radioactive dust and blow away. If you labs show elev D dimer, creatinine, immune sx, IgG changes, dec protein/albumin, dec e GFR and you have numerous infections, or are told you have fibromyalgia, CFS or depression, you have a scam doctor, who will Rx scam meds to suppress the symptoms of MRI gadolinium. Get your Vit D level checked, otherwise, all that calcium they want you to take won’t work if levels are low, mine were for over 2 yrs and they knew it, I took NAC 600mg 2x daily with relief, not the 5mg I earlier suggested but that was in the nurse’s drug handbook for a 1-2 day dose pre CT scan. It’s a potent liver antioxident and used for tylenol overdoses in nebulized or IV forms. Atleast the liver can regenerate, not kidneys. Avoid NSAIDs, this included aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxsyn, etc. read hx of radiation experiments and Medical Apartheid, Deadly Monopolies , you’ll see these medical experiments are not for your health. Dr. Dorie needs a psych exam to do anthrax vaccine experiments on children. She looks like a child abuser.

  14. I had an MRI done 2 weeks ago I made it clear to them that I had bad allergy to all dye’s I was told I shouldn’t have reaction. These people do not know my body like I do.. No sooner the IV was in I felt an burning sensation in my arm I was told not to worry about it, I told them I still felt it, they did an flushing it burned more,, Again I made it clear not to use the dye , I was ignored, The dye was used. No sooner it was used my right hand started to swell ,knots were forming in it along my arm up to my face an neck. It didn’t stop there, The swelling contuined on through my entire body.My face is swollen, My hand hurts to use to it, I can’t sleep at night time due from the pain.

    In 2 weeks time instead of getting better I feel worse….Having( gadolinium side effects) is very painfull.. Being highly allergic to dye doesn’t help matters either. I have been on benadryl since this happened.

    I take care of my mother I’m her care giver . Taking care of her is an big responseability not being able to really use my right hand is hard …Is there anything else I can do for this?

    Thank You

  15. I reread the posts. I’ve since had skin biopsy sent to Mayo clinic, Gadolinium was detected. A serum level was drawn a month before the biopsy, it came back .3ng/ml. Last MRI Dec 8,2010. Only then did I get the alert about Gadolinium. They do not tell you it’s metal. Obviously, metal is needed to “enhance” your insides. Just because your head/brain is being examined, gadolinium circulates throughout entire body.

    I still have skin lesions that began July 2011. My med records indicated balance, gait and wide stance long before I told them. UCH Immunologist wrote last summer about pain/favoring R side. I have excruciating pain R ribs, bone pain. He did a biopsy 31 Aug 2010, UCH failed to give me the entire report. Inf Dis MD, who was Dir of Transplants of all things, her husband is a renal pathologist. Sounds like motive to me? They knew my kidney function was low, 37 eGFR in 2008. I had a bladder/kidney infection then, they deliberately withheld Rx until I went to Rose Hosp for 2 cystos, bloody urine from the bacteria, 3 courses of abx.

    The same ID doc said my skin lesions were flea bite or HSV. No fleas/no varicella titres. She lied in the medical record and told one derm not to biopsy me.
    She also ordered an MRI, which was on paper only. A nurse wrote I called to say I was coming in for a radiology appt and labs at the ID clinic. There was no MRI scheduled, I would have had to call.

    The nurse, Ms. LeMay wrote I called ID clinic to check on labs/tetanus shot. She also canceled the fabricated MRI appt at 0637 a few days later.

    ID doc wrote, pain on extension of R antecubital fossa.

    Nauseating pain. They’ve known all along what they did along with the Denver VA MRI Sep/Dec 2010.

    It was just a matter of time. I was Rx’d Klonopin for tremors in May 2010. He knew my kidney function was 44 and 55. UCH immunology doc wrote “VA is following her for decreased kidney function”. They never told me anything. I confronted the Denver VA radiologist last year. He turned pale and was shaking. Served him right. All doctors at Unv of Col and VA are fired.

    I still have nausea, wt loss, skin changes, R rib cage pain, trouble walking,and visual changes. I’m going to get tested for genetic Fuchs’ corneal dsytrophy, we’ll see if I have this. I know it’s from the gadolinium. The chelates are just as bad, DPTA, EDTA. should be “Deceptive Trade Practice Act” instead of TC -99. This is what coats the gadolinium, breaks off with extended time in the body due to dec renal function. They smack you with 2 radioactive junk injections. Bound together. Lie about it, too.
    Search Technetium 99 and the Moly Cow generator.. Molybdenum is mined, uranium extracted, nuclear fission produces nuclear waste, TC99, they inject it into you, Cardiolyte, Sestambi, if Molybdenum breakthrough occurs you’re good as dead. Gadolinium is a fine grey powder and is mixed pre MRI. Search the MSDS sheets on this.

    Never have this injected anywhere. Avoid all contrasts, inhaled, xenon, krypton, carbon monoxide for lung scans. No local injections into joints. No oral ingestion. Search Radiopharmaceuticals, Radionuclides. FDA allowing TC 99 , a tracer into all common medications. Not on label. Pfizer did this for shipping cargos due to counterfeit drugs, now, the tracer is IN the medications. All forms, lotions, oral, injection, inhalations. ? Ovide, “new” Rx for lice, with NME-new molecular entity, TC-99. READ The Plutonium Files. All those black box warnings and flawed journal articles that they have less cases of MRI effects and NSF are lies. They are going full speed ahead with this junk and are not stopping. Read how people are chosen to recieve this junk. Poor, chronically ill, pregnant, single, female, black, white, hispanic, terminally ill? I had just been DNA dx’d with Adult Cystic Fibrosis, when that witch ID doc at UCH ordered a thoracic spine MRI with contrast. I let her know about it, too. I hope they die and suffer, but their narcisstic personality disorders will carry them through. They DO laugh at patients. I am a nurse. total disability. I have elev D-Dimers, consistently, alk phosphate, IgA serum/mucosal deficiency. was just mucus membranes, IgA 1 and 2 are low. The 73 eGFR in April last year was just a fluke, the renal doc showed me the eGFR’s 44-55. He’s fired, too. DaVita and Denver Nephrology is being investigated for upcharges on Epo-anemia for dialysis patients. this also increases fibrinogen/fibroblasts/connective tissue damages/changes. Kodak and ge shares sinking. Kodak bought gadolinium from Nycomed Rx. Gadolinium is used in film development. It’s ferro magnetic. It’s in CD’s, DVD’s, cell phones, etc.

    READ The Plutonium Files. Might as well be the Gadolinium Files.
    Search imaging sites, radiology sites, kidney/nephrology sites. dermatology journals. Radiation burns. If it’s in your skin, don’t get anymore xrays or scans. MRI’s do emit radiation via radiofrequency, but they are lower dose, but the dose they inject into you is higher. These are Rx meds, pts’ need to be consented . Ask to see hospital policy on CT and MRI imaging. Add Gadolinium Metal MRI to your allergy/adverse reaction list immediately.

    • read NYAS org Fourth Annual NSF Conference 13 Sept 2010 ebriefing and Jack Gauldies studies/comments, FDA knew about this and pathmax is wrong, there are WAY more than 345 cases. Right?

  16. Friend had this problem, Are there any doctors in South Florida that treats
    this or anywhere in the country? This is time sentive as she is very ill and
    doctors do not seem to know how to treat this, until a skin bioptsy comes
    back positive.


    Thank you,


  17. Jane and others there is a new group on yahoo groups called GASF-NSF. They are looking for new members to join so that we can organize and become a force. I hope that the host of this blog will allow this post to go through. Search the Yahoo Groups and email the owner and ask to join.

      • see mayomedicallaboratories com Search G for Gadolinium and see disease diagnosis and treatments, only those who’s kidney function improves or a kidney transplant or 3 dialysis sessions maybe, otherwise, it’s symptomatic and extremely painful. the skin sores are NOT herpes simplex, so DO NOT take Acyclovir because this drug causes crystal induced nephropathy or crystals in your kidneys and renal failure and if an emergency kidney transplant is done if avail without rejection or you don’t die from the total body irradiation done to suppress the immune system or the don’t inject a healthy kidney with gadolinium metal before they transplant if that’s your thing, will you survive maybe, unless the new 3rd kidney is damaged from the metal. they don’t take out your damaged kidneys, rarely. oh, mri side effects com site, under Gadolinium side effects updated to this condition occurs with NORMAL kidney function as well as dysfunctional kidneys. and the rats still order it for dialysis and renal failure , end stage renal disease patients, too, they’ll never know unless they QUESTION their scam doctors who work for pharmacide companies.

  18. I just happened to see this information about gadolinium. I’ve always wondered why I’ve just had one serious illness after another. Perhaps it was the dye. In 1989 I had a benign brain tumor removed. They did numerous scans, MRIs, lots of tests with injected dye. I remember feeling very hot when they injected the dye like another writer told. They said they needed to exactly locate the tumor before going in to remove it. After the operation I had MRIs every 6 months for years. Then in 1997 I had hysterectomy. Year 2000, kidney cancer and a kidney removed. Two weeks after I had a blood clot in leg that disabled me for months. 2008 I had lung cancer. Small tumor was removed. Now I have COPD; and am on oxygen. Knees and hips are worn out from arthiritis. Seems like its been just one thing after another. I’m just waiting for my demise now. I have swollen feet and legs, can’t exercise because of the knees and hip pain. Interesting thing was that everytime I asked doctors the cause of my illnesses they all said it was because I smoked. Smoking killed my kidney, my lung, etc. My smoking was only moderate. I wonder if my body did not get poisoned from that first episode with the dyes being injected into me. Of course at the time I would have subjected myself to anything to get rid of the brain tumor. The hospital where I had my brain operation closed and I wasn’t able to obtain any records, so I can’t find any information about it. Just thought I would add my story to all the others. Good luck to all of you.

    • your benign brain tumor was most likely a radiation induced meningioma. and not symptom causing. see radiation induced diseases. Radiation causes 95% of cancers/somatic. So sorry for you pain. Your fibrosis or copd is most likely from the xray and CT exposure and the MRI metal which mimics severe lung changes.
      Smoking is just as bad as cystic fibrosis, which is caused by radiation . See Radiobiology for the Radiologist 6th Ed Stanford, Hall and Giaccia page 159 chart, see all diseases caused by radiation? MRI metal is a nano particle, never get scanned again. eat clean foods. You can get your med records, they warehouse them and theylied to you. contact aclu or your state’s licensing board about medical records. Medicare has PAPER hand written copies of records, they dont’ want electronic records. The surgeon who did your surgeries has copies. too. in his office. Don’t believe this. Its NOT a dye. it’s METAL.

    • Brian, with the mainstream media jumping from one election cycle, war and celebrity story to another, is it any wonder that nobody is covering this stuff besides a niche site specifically about product recalls? The fact that so many people have commented here, and on some of our other articles, goes to show that these products need to be looked at more closely. That’s hard to do when the government agencies responsible for looking into them are run by former employees of the companies they are supposed to be investigating. Our government is run by corporations. That’s the problem. I’m not sure what you meant by your original question, but I can assure you these comments are real.

    • It may be that all the other radiological sites, I tried to find an answer about radiograms , don’t have a blog for us to comment !

  19. Ross,

    Like you I was so sick that they rushed me to the Emergency Room. Forturnately I still had the IV in my arm and the administered predizone, benedril, and another med to help the acid in my stomach, and also meds to calm me thru the IV.

    They also sent me home with a script for more predizone and I also took benedril to reverse the side effect from the cad contrast dye.

    It took month until I felt better. My lips would swell and be so dry and sore too.
    When they gave me the cad contrast dye thru the IV they told me I would feel a cold sension, but it was hot, my head and face felt like it was swelling and I had “SEVERE” pains in my stomach. I kept pushing the botton ask beg them to bring me out of the MRI machine telling them I had to throw up. On my 4th request to pull me out they did and I was volmating and dripping wet all over from sweating. They called the paramedics and they wrapped me in a cold foam blanket to bring my temp down and then took me to the ER. The paramedic advised never allow anyone to give the the cad dye again, or I would not live through it.

    I don’t understand why they would use this dye on anyone. What a risk and scary experience to put someone through.

    If I were you I would seek more medical help to reverse your side effects.
    Wishing you well.

  20. this was used on me yesterday i became dizzy had burning in my eyes and passed out right after,

    they just let me lay there i was in cold sweats could not move my arms or my legs server pain in my sides. blurred vision and vomiting, today i still have pain in my joints and ribs

    should i talk to some one about this?

    • yes, if you have pain in joints/ribs it will get worse, feels like a knife in your bones, it’s unbearable and not much relief from otc meds, sleep, massage, spas help, but temporary. drink as much fluids as possible and get your kidney function checked asap, no xrays or CT’s either, they cause damage to kidneys and fibrosis, too.
      I’m so sorry. you may get skin sores, double vision, just feel ill, have trouble walking and you need a skin biopsy as this metal deposits in skin and bones immediately up to 8 years, too. worse sx occur. see mri side effects com even if you have normal kidneys, too.

  21. It may be coincidental, but I thought it should be mentioned in case someone else has something similar occur.

    I had a brain MRI with gadolinium contrast. About a month later, I got Sjogren’s Syndrome (dry eyes, dry mouth). The onset of symptoms was quite sudden for both dry eyes and dry mouth. I am a 40-year-old male and this condition is not very common in males. There have been some links made between heavy metal toxicity and autoimmune diseases (Sjogrens is an autoimmune condition).

    Again, this may be totally coincidental, but is worth mentioning. I am now undergoing testing for heavy metals although I’ve heard that these tests aren’t always effective. I’m having the urine test.

    • xrays and CT scans/ contrasts cause fibrosis and scleroderma and the metal becomes embedded in the skin/collagen. this metal is gadolinium for mri /mra and is a NANOPARTICLE. see Radiobiology for the Radiologist, Stanford 6th Ed pg 159 chart, it’s on amazon, about $10. auto immune conditions are caused by radiation, too. dental xrays dry out the mouth and salivary glands, eyes/ affect the esophagus , chest xrays, CT scans, those are all total body radiation. small doses do cause harm, doe and epa ionizing radiation and health effects. they know this. see BEIR VII report 2012, full systemic studies of radiation effects on the body, this is NOT radiation therapy, but XRAYS and CT scans and isotopes injected, inhaled, ingested.

  22. This is my second message to people at this site concerning Gadolinium poisoning. I am appalled and saddened that so many who once had good health now suffer from Gad poisoning; also, to those already suffering health problems and having to go through GAD poisoning as well. There is a need to put a petition out of all these horrible symptoms and send it through appropriate channels. Does anyone know how this can be done? Any ideas? I would like to add that chelation therapy is good for clearing out hard metals in the blood. God Bless you all that suffer I pray there is an answer to this medical blunder, GAD.

    • hardly a blunder when they knew this from the Danish study in 1993, this metal is used for film development, see history of it. chelation does not work unless done under strict medical care and it’s dangerous. Dialysis is one “treatment ” but you need 3 sessions for 97% removal according to mayomedicallaboratories com search G for gadolinium , don’t fall for scams. they are out there.

  23. I was diagnosed with MS in 1993 after taking an MRI. No dye was given . In 2007 another MRI was ordered by my doctor ( with dye). For some reason the thought of having a DYE injected into my veins to light up my brain TERRIFIED ME!! I hadn’t heard anything bad about Gladolinium before. However this fear worsened as my appointment neared. I couldn’t bear it any longer, I was literally shaking from fear of having to injest this stuff-so I cancelled my appointment. Then again, October 2011, my doctor asked me if I still had extreme anxiety about Gadolinium? When I said yes, he said, I shouldn’t it’s completely safe! I said (nervously defying his wishes) MRI without Gadolinium only. He looked at me as if he thought I was just crazy!
    After reading these claims by people….I just want to say be aware of your intuition. We tend to trust doctors more than our own gut feelings. There are many ways to clear heavy metal toxicity from the body. 1. Be patient, it takes time for the body to clear it. 2. Use a daily diueretic–probiotics are good, psyllium, prunes, detoxifying tea….try to keep your bowels moving at least twice daily but without causing diahrea 3. Visit a health store or go online and check out heavy metal detox herbs, teas and foods too. 4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day (essential). Im not a doctor but I’ve had MS for 21 years and still walking. I am a naturalist using only natural and effective remedies. They always help alot. Good luck to you, keep the faith and be patient.

  24. I read Janet’s message and I sympathize and personally identify with her problem with the gadolinium. My problems are almost identical. However, doctors will stick together and will offer little consolation. They will almost always refuse to acknowledge that any other doctor has done something wrong. A doctor gave the order for you to be injected with this metal, as he did for me. The problem has been identified but it will be hard to get anything done about this. Unfortunately, law suits are the only avenue, that can be presently used, to make physicians acknowledge the damage that’s being done by their repeated requests for MRI’s when another type of testing would suffice. When an MRI is necessary, they could at least take better precautions against this toxic injection. I know that repeated MRI’s could be avoided more often by implementing other ways to examine patients. I was basically forced to drink one gallon of contrast and then I was injected with contrast. Lab test results, showing my kidney damage, were available by simply making a mere phone call, but no one could take the time. It’s all about money and we, the patients, are the losers. I would say, “File a civil suit.” This will bring results when nothing else will. I wish you luck, as I also do for myself. It’s a shame that we have to live with this horrible disease for the remainder of the time we have left on this earth. The bigger shame is that it did not have to happen. We could be advised of ways to help us eliminate this metal from our bodies, if our medical providers cared enough. The only way to make them care enough is listed herein.

    • gadolinium affects the lungs, skin, muscle, immune system and brain/dura, see ssa gov nephrogenic systemic fibrosis compassionate disability allowance, they have been doing experiments on unwitting people for decades ,they know what this toxic metal does to people. they should be in jail for the criminally insane.

  25. AS above, though last time I had GADOLINIUM was last Dec 2010, but I’d been given it sometime in 2007, that’s when the knife like pain began in R side, persists to this day. I also have livedo reticularis, Magnevist is one that causes that, in addition to carrimune, I couldn’t tolerate that, 150ml slowly of 500ml 1x month for 12 months. I knew somethign was up. Sorry for the typos above, can’t edit this once posted. Get your medical records.. Never allow this to happen again, NO to any nuclear isotopes. You will have a nuclear meltdown within your own body, no need to visit Japan or Ukraine or Turkey Point or North Carolina.

  26. I’ve had numerous MRI’s with gadolinium. Most recent was at the Denver VA, Sep and Dec 2010 for a 6mm”tumor” which increased in size to 6.3mm after the last MRI with contrast. I developed star like vision, painful vision, TV, bright lights, daytime car lights, the dog’s pupils, went to eye doc, optometrist, the opthamologist said Fuchs dystrophy, now I know it’s not an auto recessive dna, its from the Gadolinium. Damn them. This was deliberate and willful. This summer, late June, the skin lesions, pimple type sores first on R forearm, then left forearm, legs, chest, the doctors all knew what this was and about the calf and thigh muscle weakness and the changes in my kidney and lungs are from the metallic poison gadolinium meant for photography when Eastman Kodak had it. It’s also used in nuclear power plants for the cooling rods, ferro magnetic, hence the eye doc’s suggestion to use Rose #1 tinted glasses for the ferro magnetic silvery green metal. it produces 3d images, but it’s toxic. My skin biopsy this Sept showed lichnenoid dermtitis with increased dermal mucin.non fungal. I have elevated D Dimer levels for several years and dec renal function from 99 to current 73. That knife pain in my R flank is fatiguing, nauseating, mobility limiting, all the univerisity of colorado md’s have known this all along. They offered nothing , not even a kind word. I found on http//ehow-gadolinium-how-to-remove-it…search entire site, said NAC 5mg tabs Rx and Vit C, lots of water, NO Zinc as my MD said, this retains it. I knew they were poisoning me. It finally made sense, last week, MD asked me if I was taking any Chinese herbs? I said, no, they have metal in them. All the doc’s residents, med students know about this. Any wonder they have people preloaded with “allergy” medicine? Zyrtec, which is atarax converted to the active form in the body. All these created manmade diseases that are killing people with radio active nuclear isotopes. Here’s one for you. Gadoliniumm is very magnetic. It does not cross the blood brain barrier, but others do. The 6.3mm “tumor”, which is labeled a meningioma, meaning benign, it’s not benign if the poisonous metal is the “tumor”.
    Gadolinium is also used in radio frequency ID deivices, from long distances, no encryptying needed, just a locator…the fighter jocks who want all the latest technology have been injected with this nuclear radioactive isotope most likely unknowingly as MD’s laugh at you for all your symptoms, but do nothing for you. Mine did, they are fired and I’m making it a crimimal offense of the highest order. This NSF triggers a disability. The last time I had gadolinium as Dec 8 , 2010. I had R arm stiffness, contractions, rapid, painful, to tears, anorexia, imbalance, that was May 12, 2010, this year, imbalance, speech, talkativeness, OMG, poor sleep. sweating, irritability, mostly toward MD’s I was so suspicious of their lack of care,
    I had the skin pimples, as above. I took Prednisone to get relief, last year I was Rx’d Klonopin, I stopped it June 2011. 1 year. Today, I bought N-Acytel Cysteine, not N-Acetyl L cysteine. there is a difference. I bought gluthianone and methionone, to help detox liver or displace this junk if I can. Avoid pepto bismal, it has lead, silver nitrates, think about it, some are colloidal silvers for antibacterial agents if topically used. NEVER let anyone inject you with anything for any xrays, CT’s 2D images, and MRI’s 3D images. It will kill you , you won’t make the connection from the MRI injection, to a year later with the skin diagnosis, which is the skin biopsy for Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis. STtp taking all those anti oxidants and anti inflammatoriess. It’s my belief this is how they will attempt to give everyone “routine” MRI’s with contrast after they eliminate the renal failure and heart failure patients with the MRA’s, that use 3x the MRI dose and will be used on future soldier or those currently with Traumatic Brain Injury, for fMRI or Spect scans or PET scans, No one will know the difference that’s is the poison metal GADOLINIUM and think it’s just the symptoms of brain injury, other neurological sx or other. Death is certain. Trust is not. Say NO TO INJECTABLE CT and MRI contrasts. Save your own and family’s life.

  27. I have seen an epetition on the UKgovernment website and signed it. plse do the same if you are uk resident to ban these dangerous drugs from all hospitals.
    apparently there are over 800 case reported to Yale university for adverse effects of gadolinium.

  28. I had a MRI with Dotarem ocntrast in april this year. Nurse extravasated liquid and recorded wrong volume on records. Radiographer said they used the standard vial of 10 ml and that due to the extravasation only 6 went into my vein because the nurse as soon as realized this interrupted the process. this is not true. the mri was done at one of london (uk) major hospital) I lodged a complaint and they are denying responsibilty. Also they are pushing all the consequence on my GP and manufactuer, who have confirmed that the reaction I had was due to extravasation. i do nto know if in UK there are any gadolinum lawyer and would appreciate if any UK citizen reading this would advise. when the nurse did the injection I felt burnign straight awayu, but she did not interrupted it despite the fact I told her. When I was asked about consent of the injection, I did not sign the form, but the radiographer persuaded me sayign everythign would be fine as I had no allergies and no kidney disease, although I had it when I was a child and told him.
    Since the injection, I have had all strange and weird sensations. 2 days later dizziness, and bruising and pain at site of injection, a sort of tightness comign and going. Then 5 day later a horrible pain burnign pain in my shoulder blade coming on during the night. Never had it before. took diclofenac which calmed it done for few days. 10 days later a strange headache lasting 3 days. took aspiring which calmed it down. 25 days later I started t have spasm in my calves. I was also sweating a lot during the night. Then I started to have soem red flushing spots around my veins in the elbow on both arms. then some little purple spots which would turn blue and becoming bigger and bigger like bruises. Some mild itching and irritation as if I had insects crawling inside me or I was wearign nylon or wool irritating my skins. My veins seemed to be more visible, but they were not hot as for phlebitis. Contacted the radiologist many times but they denied these symptoms would be related to the injections. They took notice of my claim till I mentioned negligence and incopetence and since then they advised all the authorityies and agencies.
    At the moment I am suffering from sudden electric shcok pains, itiching on my head scalp and face and a a dry conjunctivitis. All my blood test done so far are more than normal and nobdoy knows what is happenign to me. I run one day to A&E of the nearest hospital and a doctor said I have a trapped nerve, but never suffered form this before.
    At the mometn I am still waiting for the hospital to reinvestigate my case as I think they have reported falsely the evnet on my records.
    I am taking vitamin b complex for this pain, but I am still not well since the day I authorised to give me that horrible drug. I am goig to issue an epetitition to the K government for the ban of these medicaiton which are not therapuetoical, but very dangerous to human being.
    I would like to know if anybody has suffered extravasation, how long the reaction lasted, what they have done to minimise the problems, who helped them.

  29. I’m scheduled for a scan this afternoon – after reading these blogs, I will be refusing the gadolinium – if they refuse to do the mri without the contrast then, I will walk away. I’ve been harmed by another medication in the past and do not plan to go that route again; the doctor already gave me a hard time about my viewpoints and caution . . . when i told the doc i didn’t want a ‘metal’ being shot into my veins; he repeated said gadolinium is not a metal and is perfectly safe for those without kidney problems. He told me not to read these type of things on the internet.
    As far as I’m concerned, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  30. I saw a specialist doctor last thurs, then got a call early on fri for an MRI on next weds, & I am terrified of what it might do to me. My friend has had several, & says they are safe. Even the thought of mega strong magnetic currents & radiowaves worry me, as I am hypersensitive. I have lots of fillings in my teeth too. I shall phone up tomorrow morning [monday], & ask about the dye. I may be seen as uncompliant (even by my friends), but I definately dont want to make my health worse. If there is a side effect for a medicine, I usually get it. I seem to be the only person I know who gets bad effects from a TENS machine. Has anyone had bad effects from an MRI without the dye, just on its own? I really appreciate reading these comments, to make an informed choice. I really believe natural is best, & herbal remedies. Reading the leaflet they sent me [UK], it said it was completely safe & I can drive home after.I feel patients are just guinnea pigs to experiment on, by the NHS. I really dont want an MRI now, due to the risks. Its for my spine , but probably wont affect my treatment anyway. Thanks for everyone who has written, & I’m sorry for your suffering.

  31. Many years ago, at the age of 5, my sister was hit by a car and left with a brain injury. Over the years, many MRI’s and all kind of testing was done on her. Maybe at least 25 to 30 hits of Gadolinium each time this was done, over her life. In her late 20’s, she was diagnosed with Lupus. She is now 41 years old and has had a lot of pain and suffering.

    Before my sister, Alisa was in the hospital in April of 2010, I ran a couple of tests on her. These tests were a hair analysis, nutritional analysis and something
    called a 24 hour Iodine load test. The iodine load test is interesting. It involves taking a very high (about 50mg.) of Iodine and in 24 hours seeing
    at the lab what is spilling out of the urine. What is found in the urine is usually not suppose to be in the body. The iodine itselfs works to detox it out
    hence, spilling out in the urine. What was found was that her Gadolinium levels was thru the roof.

    I have believed with all my heart for some time now, that this was the cause of her Lupus. I appreciate this site. I believe what alot of folks have said. It needs to be detoxed slowly and under a naturalpathics care. There may need to be administered vitamins or minerals that support the organs affected as well.

    It validates everything that I have believed was true. I hope this was helpful.

  32. Yes,they can get usable results without the dye!They get the same results actually.The dye just works as a radioactive highlighter pen to make the job of whoever reads the ex-rays more simple.If you want to reasearch anything besides how bad this dye can be for you,search for examples of how the dye revealed things in MRI results that the non dye pictures didn’t and see how it relates to your situation.Just as they say the odds of having a reaction to the dye are small,the odds of them finding what they’re looking for without the dye is great.

    Anything I say is simply my unqualified opinion.Not professional medical advice or advice of any kind..

  33. I canceled my MRI for now until I understand the risks more. Can they do an MRI without the dye, and still get usable results, or is it always required?

  34. Cynthia,you just have to weigh the situation.I believe that everyone is affected by the contrast dye.Some peoples body chemistry can handle it better and some people can’t.You just have to ask yourself if having dye that is made radioactive and laced with a toxic heavy metal and administered within a system that will deny that anything is wrong with you if something goes wrong,is worth it.If you have metal in tour mouth from dental work,I would only have the MRI without contrast.I’m only speaking what I would do for myself and not giving advice.I was never allergic to anything and was in very good shape.That was over a year ago.I do not live a carefree life anymore.I have tremors and dozens of other symptoms of toxicity and heavy metal poisoning.Not to mention the near death experience when the dye was injected.In my case the dye wasn’t even needed.They got the results from the images taken before the dye was injected.Ask the staff if they’ve ever had an MRI or if they ever would.I walked into my exam blindly and left with a whole new perspective on our corporate,medical,and political system.They don’t care what happens to you because they have no incentive to care.Remember that.It’s not about you avoiding treatment at all,it’s about being pro-active in your care and doing what is the best possible choice for you.Unfortunately those in the medical profession don’t like it too much when patients ask too many questions or want to know why something needs to be done.It is run like a conveyer belt,which would be fine if everyone were the same,but no two people are alike and some people are dramatically different.My mind can barely comprehend how I can go throught life for nearly 40 years and be ok and then have something injected into me for a minute and see my health and quality of life suffer and be changed forever.On top of that,getting no help from the doctors afterward.It’s mind blowing.If I had to have one I would research every protocol to counter act the effects.I will never have another one with dye though,or feel pressued to, because it is now listed in my chart as an allergy,so I am lucky to atleast have the pressure of using the dye or the threat of cancelling the whole MRI taken off me.
    Good luck with whatever you chose.

  35. I am scheduled to have an MRI scan tomorrow afternoon, but reading these blogs, I wonder if I should sign the document saying I have been informed of the good and bad side effects and that the dye gadolinium may be used. Should I refuse to have the injection? They may then refuse to do the scan. My gut feeling is that I should walk away if they refuse. Advice please at this late hour.]


  36. I had an brain MRI a few days ago. Within a few seconds after the IV dye, I felt a needle prick in my right foot, before the technician left the room. I just asked him to check my right foot to see if something was stuck on the top, a needle or splinter. He said there was nothing there, but then supposedly noticed a little speck of something and told me he brushed it off (I was already positioned in the MRI machine so I couldn’t look myself.) I assumed it was what the technician said, and that whatever it was, he brushed it off and that would be the end of it. The technician never indicated it could be a reaction to the dye/or caused by the dye.

    The technician then left the room and the second part (with contrast) of the MRI began. . Within a few seconds, the needle prick sensation ( very similar to an acupuncture needle on a bad angle (which has happened to me) not only recurred at the top of my foot, (this time stronger and longer.) but the sensation jumped to inside my elbow area, almost exactly where I had broken it many years ago, and then amazingly “jumped to the other arm,in almost the exact same place. The needle like sensation stopped after a few minutes.

    When I finished the entire test, I tried to tell the technician what happened and that the initial prick I felt had to have been the dye, (rather than some speck he supposedly found on the top of my foot) and that it spread to my elbow area and then the other arm. He cut me off saying said that it was nothing, just something on my foot, that this couldn’t have happened etc. and that there were people waiting, they needed the dressing room etc. I said I thought he would want to know about any reactions, and for future reference make a record of them in case someone else experienced this, I was surprised. that he was completely disinterested, and I am sure he mae no notation on my file or anywhere else.

  37. Nina,
    My health deteriorated after reacting to contrst dye.I was in good shape until the MRI.I can relate to trying to get better on a limited income and being told that there is nothing wrong with you by the doctors.In my own case,I bought a personal infra-red sauna which has helped reduce many of my symptoms.It’s the best thing I’ve found so far that helps.I am having my amalgam fillings removed because efforts to chelate only seemed to pull mercury from my fillings into my system.I am also looking into The Gerson Therapy to see if I could get some health benefits from it in dealing with this.Also bentonite clay baths are something I believe may be helpful for me.I hope you find something that helps you recover.Report back if you do!

  38. I’ve had (2) MRI’s over the last few years and now see and feel the side effects that “no one” informed me of. I was told during the time of drinking this stuff that its ok and it will leave my body with a few hours. . . . WHAT A BIG LIE! After trying to figure out what’s going on in my body and not getting sound answers from my Drs. I researched myself and spent a lot of money on a limited income trying to help myself get well. Well, I use to believe, before ever getting sick, that Drs. know what they are talking about . . . not true! I had my own labs done and gone to some holistic physicians who discovered after years, I have an abundance of this contrast still showing up in my blood tests. Physically, my hair begin to shead, my energy level is very low (I just don’t have the stimina to walk very long with out resting in between), my ankles, legs, skin is very tight/dark, and now I’m starting to have “flank” pain and pelvic pain one my left side. My labs are showing a small amount of protein and through conventional physicians, I’ve been told all looks normal in the labs. I want to try as much as possible to detox this stuff from my tissue and body. I tried some “chelation” but it seems to be too strong for me. I’m concerned about “renal failure” because I don’t seem to be able to regain my strength. I also am experience major back pain. I am very angry that I wasn’t informed of the dangers of GAD! and some how we need a way to get this stuff out of our bodies now that we have to deal with it. I want to be healthier and need any suggestions I can get to help me naturally. Does anyone have any suggestions? What about any other confirmatory testing for this toxic condition?

  39. Gadolinium dye……I have had many MRI and I have had MRI using other contrast dyes. I recently had to have an MRI w/ Gadlinium dye. After 15 minutes in the MRI equipement, they advised they were injecting the dye throught the IV and I would feel a cool sensation.

    I felt a “hot” burning sensation going up my arm. My head became very heavy, I felt my lips and face swelling, I felt tightness in my chest, I broke out in a sweat and I was totally drenched, and felt very hot, I was very sick to my stomach and as they were pulling me out of the machine I was volmating and sever stabbing pains in my stomach. I felt delerious. My blood pressure was high.

    I was taken to the ER where they gave me predizone, benedril, and other meds through the IV to reverse the side effects. I also was administered inhale for the tightness in my lungs. And sent me home wiith a script for (3) predizone pills and I was advised to take Benedril as well and meds to calm the acid in my stomach.

    I have had a headache everyday since the episode. I am still having swelling issues with my lips and they are very sore. I do have some break outs on my arms, simalar to sun poison. I am also still very sore where the IV was in located in the top side of my right hand. My risk is very sore too. It has be almost (2) weeks since I have had the contrast dye.

    I am concerned about my kidneys. I am not having any problems presently. But what I have read about the continued future side effects have me very concerned.

    Needless to say it will be a long time before I consent to an MRI again, and I feel I will decline the use of contrast dyes. I felt I was going to die during the procedure.

  40. I had a mri done June 11 2011 no contrast. i woke up the following day with blisters on my nose and my lymp nodes swollen the size of golf balls. wasn’t anything really wrong prior to the proceedure.It was a lower lumbar mri’ I cant figure it out. Can any one help?

  41. Since this site is sponsored by attorneys, I’m pretty sure my comment will be removed, but here goes anyway:

    I have had 18 brain MRIs in the past 10 years, over half of those in the past 3 years. Two years ago I had a whopping 6 contrasted MRIs in one year’s time. I have experienced some of the side affects mentioned by others, such as a post-scan rash (mildly itchy, goes away in a couple of days) and have some other problems that may be due to gadolinium (deep pain in right hip that no one can find a cause for). I also have many other things like headaches, fatigue, brain fog, sleep abnormalities, etc like many have mentioned in their posts, but I have a brain tumor that causes these same symptoms.

    In most reputable medical facilities, you are not sent for an MRI unless it is medically necessary and the pros outweigh the cons. I’m not saying that there are not risks to being injected with gadolinium, but I know for me those risks are much more acceptable than finding out I have another brain tumor because it has grown so big that it’s causing compression problems & is less treatable than if it had been identified when it was small by a contrasted MRI scan. Chemotherapy causes A LOT of problems but people take it because it’s that or die from cancer. Should you be having a contrasted MRI for anything & everything? No. If there is a good chance you have a serious health issue that may only be identified on a contrasted MRI (for example, a brain tumor), should you accept the risk of gadolinium & have the MRI? Yes.

    The medical center that does my MRIs requires kidney function tests within 3 days of having the MRI & explains the possible risks and what may occur with an allergic reaction. If contrasted MRIs are needed more than once every six months, my doctor has to submit an exception request explaining why the scan is needed and how the benefits outweigh the risks. Those explanation made sense to me & that’s why I agreed to the 6 MRIs in one year.

    Do I suffer everyday from the affects of gadolinium? Probably. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Without the frequent MRIs to allow my doctors to identify tumors while they are still small enough to treat, I wouldn’t be here right now. Do your research like every good patient should but PLEASE discuss your concerns with your doctor or get a second opinion before deciding not to have a contrasted MRI.

    • Jan you should give people the benefit of a doubt before you insult them like that. The only posts we don’t publish are ones that we think are spam (like people linking to their sites), or those that are hostile to other members or use hate speech.

  42. may 23, 2011

    i had my second experience with gadolinium today. AWEFUL. the first time (while getting a brain mri for ms) i was told my swelling etc was because i had been crying etc… today. this afternoon, the moment the contrast was injectedthe palms of my hands and soles of my feet began itching like crazy (lasted a minute or so) ii started sneezing inside the “tube”, my throat started closing up and the roof of my mouth seemed tight. i made it through the last 7 minutes of the mri but knew something was happening. in both cases, underneath my eyes were swollen. worse the first time though.
    i feel sooo stupid. i dont even know what gad is. i had refused it the last few mri’s but my doctor thought i should do it this time. i feel okay now but am worried. i do my best to eat healthy, take care of my ms, excercise…. it sounds like i poisoned myself by allowing it to be injected. i thought it was “dye”… its metal??????????????

  43. Bev,it sounds like phlebitis.I had the same thing happen.A warm compress for a few minutes,a few times a day should help.It may take a few weeks to a month.That’s about all you can do for it,but it heals.It worked for me.I had lots of other problems and an immediate severe reaction to the dye,but in your case,if it is just phlebitis you should be ok.Take it as sign though,that maybe your body needs a break from the chemical overload and avoid things like aspertame,msg,and personal and cleaning products that have parabens,alluminum,vos’s, and fragrance.Think all natural,free and clear,and organic.There are supplements like french green clay,selenium,and infrared saunas,and clay foot soaks that can also help detox as well.It’s something for you to look into and consider and decide for yourself.I’m telling you in hind sight what I wish I knew when I walked into the doctors office with phlebitis.I would be way better off today had I known these things.Good luck.I hope you feel better.These little changes can make a big difference.

  44. I had an MRI on Saturday, and now have a really sore hand/wrist (the side they injected the gadolinium), my vein looks redish-brown are both my hand and wrist are swollen and slightly hotter than normal to touch on the painful areas. (I noticed nothing upon going to bed on Saturday, but Sunday when I went to get out of bed it felt like I’d badly sprained my wrist).

  45. I had an MRI on 1/25/11. I now have significant Gadolinium in my urine – 3 months later. Most of the symptoms as described above. Kidneys retested as very good. Optiscan at a “standard dose”. No answers on why the Gadolinium stayed in my system. No ideas on how to accelerate the process of getting it out. Very disappointed and frustrated with the health care system.

    Malinda on March 1st, 2010 6:40 pm – if you receive this, please post the name of the best skin doctor in Minnesota (which is where I live). Also any progress on your law suit?

  46. I am going to have testing soon for possible minor stroke, and that would involve the contrast use. Thanks to all of you for posting….now there is NO WAY they are putting that crap in my body! They’ll have to get whatever they can from non-contrast. I am easily allergic to things and cannot take the risk of the gan. giving me more issues than I already have! Thanks again…I’ll pass the word that it’s a risky thing to do, at best…smile.
    My best to each and every one of you; i hope your symptoms improve very soon. I’d be finding another doctor if they dared tell me it wasn’t the gan…and I’d be sueing the scan place if I said I was worried and they did it and I had a reaction at all….I’m sure some medical malpractice lawyers would be only too glad to take on a case or ten!

  47. I had an MRI March 23, 2011 for investigating numbness & tingling in extremeties & face. The MRI without dye reflected I had a few bulging discs in my c-spine. I have multiple chemical sensitivity, & I conveyed my fears of Gadolinium reaction to the MRI tech, who “promised” no one was allergic to gd. Immediately upon receiving the injection, I sneezed & my whole head started to itch, burn, & swell. Within seconds, I found it VERY difficult to breath or speak. They dosed me up on saline, Benadryl, & steroids via IV. The vision in my right eye has been very blurred since the MRI/GD, I hurt much worse than before especially in my back (kidney & old childbirth epidural area), hips, & knees, ringing in my ears, marathon headache, & have a terrible metalic taste from the post nasal gd drip trapped in my sinuses no doubt. I had to take Benedryl for four days due to rash/flushing & continued gd reaction.
    Should I be worried? I called both my doctor & the dignostic place, & they tell me to call the other & that my symptoms are unrelated to the MRI.

  48. I had an MRI with contrast almost 3 years ago. My palms and soles are dry. My soles are thick, they look like athlete’s foot! No cream medicated or not has worked. I started working out and I develop a rash over my thighs, and very itchy. I wonder this is because of what Dennis said. Why this product is still on the market. I know a lot of physicians and they do not know about this. MRI is allways seen as a safer study because of less radiation. What happened with the law suit?

  49. To Wendy,I used to work out before my MRI nine months ago,and now I can’t.I hope to in the not too distant future though.I thought I could just work out to overcome my symptoms and get this out of my body,but Gadolinium(like mercury) is not an organic toxin that your body can get rid of through sweat and elimination.It is an inorganic toxin.When you work out and deplete your body of minerals,your body will try to utilze the gadolinium and it may go to your kidneys,muscle tissues,etc.I broke out in hives as well when I worked out.I also developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.Before the MRI,I was doing ten miles on the elliptical machine and lifting weights.Look into infrared saunas,bentonite clay baths,chlorella supplements to bind to the gadolinium/mercury in your system and remove it.If you have silver fillings in your mouth it will be harder to get rid of the gadolinium because you will just be pulling mercury from your fillings.If they need to be removed the dentist needs to follow the Huggins protocol.Look into seeing a naturopathic doctor,because it is very likely you will only get the runaround from your conventional doctors.Don’t lose anytime.Taking care of yourself is crucial,and right now way more important than working out.Think of this as a different health regimen.Chelating and detoxifying heavy metals needs to be gradual.Too much too soon will be bad for you as well. Start using all hypoallergenic ,Free and Clear personal products,detergents,etc. and stay away from chemicals,perfumes,solvents,air fresheners,dryer sheets,etc.Do not drink diet sodas with aspertame and stay away from MSG.A body can only take so much toxicity,and gadolinium will take your body to the brink of your bodys toxic limit.Things that never bothered you before may begin to so it may be hard to recognize unless you’re looking for it.I wasted months getting the runaround from doctors while my once good health deteriorated.Go all natural,and organic if you can. A few people can’t take chlorella,so you may need to see if it affects you.You can visit a site called the Canary Report.They are very informative.It is a site for people who have had reactions and sensitivity to chemicals.Call the FDA and report your reaction immediately.The only way to get doctors to stop using this is to report reactions from this terrible product,because thousands of people are getting their lives affected by this.I advise you to look into everything I’ve suggested and don’t do anything just because I suggested it.You need to educate yourself quickly.I learned from other people who had the same thing happen to them and if it wasn’t for them I don’t know if I would even be alive.There is alot of misinformation put out there by pharmaceutical companies saying that it is more likely your symptoms are in your head than a side effect from gadolinium.Trolls who will say nothing is wrong with you and that naturopthic treatments are some hippy dippy nonsense.If I didn’t experience this illness first hand,I would probably be persuaded to think the same.Don’t be discouraged.There are treament options out there,but don’t expect to be able to go to a doctor and get a perscription that will fix you.You need to heal yourself.A doctor may even offer you anti-depressants,and pain killers.That is not a cure.Good luck.I’m only trying to expand your options,based on my personal experience.It’s up to you to use your best judgement.I am recovering.Some people who came before me are way worse off because they didn’t have any information to go on.Good luck,you can get better,especially if you know how not to get worse.Please pass on what you learn and warn people about gadolinium,because every bit of information helps.This treatment is a protocol developed out of necessity,because medically you are on your own with gadolinium poisoning.It seems with all the bad reactions there would be an antidote provided,but their antidote is mostly denial.Look into the Pall Protocol as well.I hope this is helpful.

  50. I had an MRI/MRA don Jan 7th, 2011 and I believe they used gadolinium. I came home and a couple days later I went to work out and broke out into hives. I work out every day and never ever had hives before. So now every time I work out I get hives, whenever I get a little sweated up in my coat I break out in hives. I didn’t have this before. Now I have muscle stiffness and fluid in my right knee for the last 2 1/2 wks. Went to the dr. about the hives and they said I’m allergic to something and need allergy testing. Then they said my knee might be from over use and they don’t think it’s from the MRI fluid. I was fine before all this. Now I can’t work out at all, because the last time I had to go to the er my throat was closing. All of this from MRI/MRA and my veins are more blue and I have head aches. How can I get rid of the hives? Is this still in my ststem?

  51. I have had gadolinium about 5 times now and yes, each time I get increasingly more nervous about it. It’s like playing Russian Roulette. I too have suffered from hair loss, many skin problems etc., and so many other serious medical conditions that it’s hard to tell what was responsible for what. I also have a huge brown patch on my face. But how do you get referred to a skin specialist? (Canada). I doubt any doctor would ever refer anyone to a skin specialist unless he was sure the patient had melanoma.

  52. Mercury must be detoxed slowly through various methods of chelation.Chlorella is safe to use unless one has an allergy to seaweed.Trying to detox too fast is very dangerous.I tried cilantro and chlorella,but it was too much for me.I have a mouthful of mercury silver fillings that I need removed by a dentist using the Huggins Protocal.My fillings have been galvanized since the Gadolinium injection.It’s like my mouth is charged with electricity.Weakness,poor coordination and brain fog are all part of it as well.There is a new supplement called Pqq with helps mitochondria function,which is what is damaged by Gadolinium.There are many protocols and helpful supplements.Seek out Naturopathic doctors because traditional Western doctors aren’t being taught to heal anymore.They want to give pain meds and antidepressants.They kill the body to heal it and if that doesn’t work they cut it away.Naturopathic doctors are healers.Western medicine is important,but in cases like this it is basically a conflict of interest for them to help you out.They are protecting the pharmaceudical companies and trying to protect themselves from lawsuits.

  53. Everybody on here needs to get in contact with the FDA(Food and Drug Administration)and let them know your stories immediately.Gadolinium use needs to be stopped and a safer alternative must be utilized.Most times dye is completely unnecessary as it was in my case.People are blindly having this mercury injected into their bodies with catastophic outcomes.Mercury is not an organic compound that the body can naturally eliminate,once injected,it stays in the body and destroys neurons and cells and wreaks havoc on the nervous system.This country has a mercury epidemic.It is in water,silver dental fillings,vaccinations,high fructose corn syrup,and MRI contrast dye.Other things people must avoid are excitotoxins such as MSG and Aspertame.Other things to avoid are fluoride in tooth paste and drinking water,and non organic and processed foods which contain hormones,antibiotics,herbicides,and pesticides,and preservatives.Also avoid nonorganic personal products,cleaning products,fragrances,and building supplies because exposure to VOC’s(Volatile Organic Compounds)impacts health and well being substantially.Beware of antibacterial products because they not only kill germs,they harm the body when inhaled or are put on the skin.Some people may say Americans are living longer,but we are not living healthier longer.We are dependant on prescription drugs because the pharmaceudical and chemical companies are one and the same.Wake up!!! Let your voices be heard and learn about natural ways to detox from all of these environmental bombardments.June 6,2010 I was forever changed by Gadolinium contrast dye.Spead the news about it’s dangers and don’t be surprised if your trusted doctors and healthcare providers turn their backs on you.It’s a long road ahead to recovery,but if we make it we will be better off with what we know now.Get well and let the word out.We are the canaries in the mine!

  54. My grand daughter who just turned 3 had a MRI yesterday with dye. today she was saying it hurt behind her knee so I looked at it and it looks like a burn its dark red and bumps and it hurts her. when my daughter got home from work, Iasked her what it was? She told me she didnt have it yesterday,so I told her I wonder if its a reaction from the MRI? she said thats what i was thinking,SO i got an the internet and now …… I ve never heard about anything …..She was given dye and my daughter wasn’t warned about any of this. I so wish I had known about this before now! She was crying as i was looking this up and I am so angry that they could of checked her without the dye.

  55. My grand daughter who just turned 3 had a MRI yesterday with dye. today she was saying it hurt behind her knee so I looked at it and it looks like a burn its dark red and bumps and it hurts her. when my daughter got home from work, Iasked her what it was? She told me she didnt have it yesterday,so I told her I wonder if its a reaction from the MRI? she said thats what i was thinking,SO i got an the internet and now …… I ve never heard about anything …..She was given dye and my daughter wasn’t warned about any of this. I so wish I had known about this before now!

  56. I just wanted to add that the reason behind going through all the things I mentioned in my epic post is because the body is under toxic stress and in order to detox and bring it back into balance to promote healing one should not subject the body to any more toxins.You will become more aware of the effect all these products have been having on you for years once you stop using them. This is just what I’ve learned and I believe.I’m not trying to coax or dictate or promise that what I’ve written will help anyone in any way.And any treatment you seek is at your own risk.This is my personal disclaimer!Think for yourself.Good luck finding the answers.When I speak of you I am speaking of myself!

  57. I hope I have some answers that may help some people.I almost died when they injected the MRI contrast dye on June 6th 2010.I went into anaphylactic shock.I’ve been suffering for six months and the hospital and doctors refuse to admit anything is wrong with me because of the MRI.They are saying I should be on anti depressants and talk to a psychiatrist because I was traumatized by my experience.I told them I’m not mentally scarred by the experience and I would take another MRI immediately if I thought it was safe.They were able to get the results they needed from the pictures they took before they injected the dye,so I was given the dye for no reason and now I am suffering.So remember you can have an MRI and just make it your choice not to have the contrast dye.Results will still show up most of,if not all of, the time.It felt like the fillings in my mouth were cooking.I developed MCS(multiple chemical sensitivity),which took me a while to realize what was happening.Neuropathy on my left side.Brain fog.My teeth have been chattering since the MRI.Inner tremors and twiches.Weakness on my left side. I was working out everyday before the MRI and doing ten miles on the elliptical machine.Now I can’t last through what was my seven minute warm up without stabbing pains in my chest and torso.My left kidney aches.My face is getting deep wrinkles and my hair is thinning.I’ve spent most of my money and time trying to get better.

    I had to learn about everything that was happening to me and when I would look to better myself I would always find that everything that was happening to me was a symptom of toxicity.I am taking chlorella right now because it binds to heavy metals and removes them from the system.It is a slow process.If the half like of mercury in the body is 15 to 20 years, then chelation might shorten it down to 3 to 5 years.I used cilantro with the chlorella,but I got very sick.I need to not rush the detox or there can be set backs. I am taking vitamins and minerals to replace what the chelating takes out of my body. Chelation of some kind is very important.Chlorella being about the safest,if one tolerates it,and it’s really good for the body.Also in dealing with toxic overload I have switched to all hypoallergenic soaps,shampoos,deoderant,detergent,fabric softener,dish soap,hair products,lotions,cleaning products,paints,everything,etc. Everything unscented.Get rid of the perfumes.Europeans don’t wear perfume and in America we’re brainwashed to think they are dirty.A lot of re-thinking needs to take place in order to get healthy.All the chemicals in all these products are toxic and very bad for people.Advertising companies make you associate freshness and cleanliness with them and things like anti bacterial products,but they are all pure poison.The chemical and pharmaceutical companies are unregulated and they are making you sick and making you pay for treatment that won’t heal you.Next time you go to the doctor ask him how he is going to HEAL you,and if he looks at you funny then find a different doctor.Mitochondrial damage is something to be concerned about and there’s supplements to look into to boost glutathione in the body,but it is best to make sure they don’t cause the mercury to mobilize because then you may get sick.If mercury is moving around in the body,then chlorella is needed to bind to the mercury to carry it out.I also purchased an Austin Air Healthmate air purifier so I wasn’t breathing in toxins in my own home.Also avoid fish and seafood because there is mercury in them.The reason you have to be careful with heavy metal detoxing is because if you have silver fillings,the mercury in them will leech out into the your system and could make you sicker.Many people choose to have their fillings removed because the mercury from amalgam silver fillings is leeching into the body 24/7. Some people have miraculous recoveries by doing this and others get sick from it.If you choose to have them removed you should seek a dentist versed in the Huggins protocol to be sure it is done safely or else real harm could come from this procedure.I would recommend not getting any silver fillings if you are having any dental work done.Do not get a vaccine shot that contains thimerosal because,like gadolinium,it is a mercury and thimerosol is the main reason for the rise in autism.Not good for the brain or nervous system.Also make sure your cooking ware is safe and non toxic.There are websites out there that are mouthpieces for pharmaceudiacal companies like Quack Watch and Depleted Cranium that put out the message that all these harmful products are safe and that people who complain about them are crazy and doctors that try to help them are quacks,so be aware it is an up hill battle to get treated and if you don’t educate yourself to get yourself better,you may not get better if you’re waiting for a doctor to help you.I’d like to say that I’ve been down a few blind alleys in trying to treat myself,but I’m starting to get a picture of what this type of recovery requires and I can only hope my body responds to it.I can attest that I’ve had some set backs,but the last three months have been better than the first three months when I was expecting doctors to help me.Western medicine is good if you are in a car accident,but it doesn’t heal sickness and disease.It only treats the symptoms and not the causes.What articles get in doctors journals are the ones the pharmaceutical companies want them to see because they are the ones who advertise in them.It’s a messy,cut throat system and good treatment can be hard to find.For many doctors it is a conflict of interest for them to admit that you are sick.The best support online I have found is the Canary Report,which is for people with MCS,but there are alot of people there who have been exposed to every kind of chemical and toxin you can think of and everyone is very supportive.It is better to buy organic foods because they have more nurients and are free of pesticides.They may cost a little more,but there is a saying,”You can pay the farmer or you can pay the doctor”. I think we’d all agree on who we’d rather pay!The lowest cost and best quality supplements I’ve found are from Swanson vitamins.I have no affiliation with them outside of being a satisfied customer.It may take a good supplement regimen to get better.If you can afford higher priced supplements then go for it! Well I hope this might help someone.I’m online just like all of you.Looking for answers.I find sites like this not to be very helpful usually because it’s filled with people in the panic stage and just begging for help because they haven’t found a way to combat the suffering yet and they are very desperate.I’ve been there.Good luck.Don’t be overwhelmed.Just do all you can for yourself today.That’s the key to getting through this.

  58. I have had many MRI’s. the first one after a Gulf War injury back in 1991. I had a lower spine injury, 3 surgeries. So I have ongoing issues.
    A couple of months ago my right outer knee started to go numb with a lot of weakness in that leg. My Neurologist did a nerve conductivity study. (Like a mad scientist trying to do mega acupuncture.. ouch!) He said he was very concerned and wanted an MRI. Since I have had prior surgeries, the needed the contrast.
    The CT scans and others I have had with contrast, generally are the ones where they put about a soda-can sized iodine contrast in. This time they gave me a shot of Gadolinium. I went back into the tube for a little over 10 minutes. I stared to feel really strange. Hot, twitchy, but mostly disoriented. Like medicine head.. too much Nyquil.. brain fog? I made 3 wrong turns heading home.. apparently made a couple of strange phone calls. Later that night my neck and shoulders knotted up. I keep having these strange seizing episodes like my abdominal muscles keep locking up.. very strange! Drinking a lot of fluids, as per the radiology tech. But I am still not able to concentrate or focus well, and I’m easily fatigued. Anyone else having problems like this? Anyone gotten over them? Is there anything that will help? I’ll do nearly anything to stay away from the VA hospital!!
    I hope everyone else on here has been doing better!

  59. Back in July of 10 I posted my condition, so far no response except for comments from others of their syemptoms. Very disturbing that no one has come forth with some kind of test to determine if Gadolinium is present in a person possibly causing these problems.
    IS THERE ANY KIND OF TESTING, I’m still in pain and now muscle weakness, especially in walking.

  60. I had an mri with gadolinium contrast of my brain on thursday. That night my feet and lower legs felt tingly and numb. Now it’s Sunday night, and my legs from the knee down hurt, my ankles hurt, the tops of my feet hurt, and my wrists hurt. The lowest part of my back, right above my butt crack in the middle in a small area it hurts to the touch. I don’t know if its a back problem or from the dye. I would like to know if anyone has had lower leg pain from this? Say on my right leg it mostly hurts just to the right of my shin down to my feet. It’s really odd.

  61. [reposting this to check the box to be notified of comments in the future, sorry if its a duplicate]

    COLLEEN —- if you read this, Id like to know an update from your situation, please…

    I just had an MRI done today and they ‘missed’ the vein, but injected the gadolinium without realizing it (?)! My inner elbow is now super sore, stiff, and my fingers dont feel ‘right’ either, plus my skin in that area is discolored – think pure white, and is swollen.

    Im wondering if I should be pushing the matter more than I did bc they didnt seem to think it was a big deal, just told me to use an ice pack. I have done that with little improvement, if any. How is that supposed to work its way out of my system? And, how long “should” it take?

    I felt your pain, my arm burned and throbbed, couldnt bend my arm. Drove home with my other arm (and I rarely drive with that hand!) and cried (even cried in the machine).

  62. After reading all of the problems that all of you have had, I canceled my appointment for an MRI with GAD. It isn’t worth the risk. I supposedly have a lesion on my spleen, which was found after a scan. My cardiologist said that having read hundreds of scans, there typically is a lesion on the spleen. He said, “I don’t think they will find anything”. I am not going to risk my life to find NOTHING. My doctor, who prescribed the test, insists it is safe and that she has had 3. Good for her–I am not taking the chance. Will check to see if it can be done without the GAD.

  63. I had an MRI scan with contrast in September. The tech later said it was Omniscan. Since the third day of the test I have had joint pain and swelling. Tightening of the muscles in my calf and thighs. Eczema and rashes on my neck and scalp. Chest tightness, difficulty swallowing at times. Skin is easily bruised.
    I had a GFR tested three days after the test in the ER when I arrived with symptoms and it was 122 which shows a very well functioning kidneys. My creatine was O.75 – 0.8. I have no kidney impairment, no high blood pressure, and no diabetes. But now I have noticed my whole nervous system is out of whack. I was admitted to the ER with low sodium, at another ER visit diarrrea so bad everything went through me. Now I am taking Digestaqure, which helps and Stone Free supplements and it keeps me regular. I am also detoxing with bentonite clay, and other detox remedies. Sometimes I can’t walk because my muscles become so weak. my legs get shooting nerve pains, and numbness in the arms and hands in the morming. Whoever said this affects only renal patients is not telling the accurate truth. It could affect anyone. if you have auto-immune markers on positive anti-bodies against your DNA this is what makes people susceptable. But enough is enough. PULL THIS POISON OFF THE MARKET! People are getiing very sick and dying. I pray for everyone that they will survive and that I will survive by the grace of God and this thing will reverse it’s course and the Gd will get out of my system so I can fully recover.

    • Lynn- Your story is like mine. No kidney disease! And I also am trying to detox. I am on year 4 after an MRI with Omniscan. I was OK for a while but the joint pain is getting worse. Hip and back and knees and even jaw. :-(

      How much clay do you take? Has it helped? I am considering that next.

    • very typical in the lumbar region, this metal distributes every where. it’s not odd, see mri side effects com and other medical devices and personal injury sites, see gadolinium side effects, this is very serious, it’s a nanoparticle and can be used for the transmission of your heart rate, bp, glucose and other biomedical information in your body via your smart phone, even if you wear a skin patch, the body /electrical information has to be transmitted , so it’s not just holding your phone to your skin, you have ferro magnetic nanoparticles in your body to achieve this, see dvice com and see his iphone reads your ekg scan, etc… what a mess

  64. My doc, a fine,dedicated one (StanMed grad),gave me scrip for a brain scan. I did not notice that it called for gadolineum. Under CA law, an M.D. must be on the premises when gad is injected. Being very interested in biochemistry, I declined the gad and departed. I have since learned that patients have the right to decline the contrast and undergo a gad free MRI or CT scan. I am appalled and terribly saddened at the side effects of gad, on so many young women – men also, but women seem to be the more tragic victims.

    I am a reitred lawyer. If I were a victim as so many of you are, I’d sue the injecting doctor, the prescribing doctor, the MRI or Cat Scan center, and the manufacturer of the toxic poison for failing to inform fully the patient of the potentially devastating side effects.

    • I wish we could. The lawyers require that we had kidney disease and have NSF. I did not have either, but immediately had two weeks of burning in hands and feet and now, 4 years later, still joint pain, skin troubles,etc. They lied to me and it may kill me and I feel there is nothing I can do other than try my best with healthy detox, prayer, and loving every minute of my life.

  65. I had 2 MRI’s two days ago. On the evening of the MRI I had sharp pains on my rt. side. Didn’t give it much thought, went to bed and awoke with severe low back pain at about 2:30 am. The next day I had low back pain and headache. I called the MRI center and asked if these symptoms were a side effect of the dye gadolinium and they assured me that they weren’t. They said that they rarely hear from patients having any problems. They said about 1% of the population will have a bad reaction to gadolinium. After reading these posts I have my doubts that is correct.

    Yesterday the pain has moved to my lower abdomen and my stomach feels bloated. I saw my dr. yesterday and she thinks that the dye filtered thru my kidneys and now is in my bladder, thus explaining the traveling pain. She does not think it’s anything to worry about, but I am not sure after seeing all these other patient complaints. I guess it’s just wait and see if symptoms subside, but I will definitely not want to take that drug again.

  66. I had a MRI in Feb. ’02. Hospital did a CT first then a MRI. This was all for a blood clot in my stomach. I felt fine or thought so until 2004. Started having pains in both hip bones at the same time while cutting grass or walking farther than a block or so. About the same time, my arms started to get red sores, usually 2 or 3 at a time and could be on either arm. They would be about 1/4 inch across and not itch but just fester up. Used a band aid with neosporin and it took a couple of weeks but the place would eventually heal up. This has all been going on since first of 2004.

    About 6 months ago – around Thanksgiving, ’09, I started getting more of the sores and am now up to 13. Contacted a dermatologist and he gave me a cream that he said was like a chemo in the tube. I used it for 23weeks to no avail. He froze all lthe spots this week and gave me another prescription for a different tube of medication which appears to be helping some.

    I was also diagnosed with gorderline type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago so I am not sure if this could possibly also be tied to the Gadolinium issue.

    My walks with the wife and dog are non existant as I can’t seem to go more than a block or two, wait or sit for about 3-4 min. then start out again with the hip pains. I started checking the internet with the symptoms and found the info. about Gadolinium.

    I have contacted a lawyer about this and she recommended getting a biopsy done on a couple of the spots as this may show up the cause. Either way, I must get someting going on this as I just can’t stand the spots and scaring on my arms. I have added this site to my favorites and will keep it updated with any results I find out.

    This problem can be a debilitating issue to a lot of people. Loss of mobility with the hip issue can be a real problem down the line. Their appears to be a lot of people quite a bit worse off than me but I would suggest getting a lawyer involved as the more people diagnosed with MRI problems the better. Hopefully it will be easier to get it nipped in the bud if a lot of people are on this. It is a great tool but at what costs??

    • How are you now? I also have the terrible hip pain. :-( It is so hard because like you said, you have to go through MORE AND MORE medical tests which are not harmless just because of what they did in the first place.

      I hope you have found something out! The not knowing is maddening……..

  67. While I noticed that most everyone mentioned symptoms; I did not notice that anyone mentioned anything about heavy metal testing. Maybe it is just assumed? It seemed to me that Genova Diagnostics had the most comprehensive heavy metal testing for a 24 hour urine. I hope this is helpful.
    I am scheduled to have a labral tear repair on my left hip. However, I am wondering if this pain might be cause from the high levels of Gadolinium (.577) in my system. Any thoughts?

  68. Hi, joining in… A few years ago I had MRIs run with Gadolinium contrast. Somehow found myself being contacted by a Texas law firm who stated “your conditions are not what we are looking for.” Meaning, that my skin was not bright red-orange and bumpy like an orange. Or that, to my knowledge I was not experiencing extreme kidney failure. They were not, however, able to tell me if, and/or, when these conditions might develop somewhere down the road.

    As it is, I have had cancer twice, breathing problems, tightened skin with consistently more spotting develop, and a heart problem – identified as SVT – supraventricular tachycardia. Heart ablation supposedly resolved that issue, but the tiredness, maybe kidney-related, continues. The docs say my lungs sound fine, but no one has addressed the role of the kidneys with the lungs’ capacity to assist in breathing. So, I still limp along instead of gaining ground with any exercise program.

    The skin of my hands is tight with joints also tight and lacking in flexibility.

    Here’s the kicker – a while back I went through several treatments of chelation – EDTA and DMPS. The result was a case of what appeared to be a rash like poison ivy. Only thing I did not have poison ivy. The skin on my arms was red-orange and bumpy, inflamed and irritated for several weeks. I had to discontinue the chelation because the staff thought it was an infectious disease and they could not risk affecting other patients.

    I think the lawsuits need to be specific to the following: “Did you or anyone you know receive injections of Gadolinium contrast for MRIs?” Forget the various details of what is appearing, its severity, and/of time of appearance. If they continue to cherry-pick the cases they intend to work on, what recourse is there for those of us who develop side effects on a more gradual basis? No two bodies are the same, no matter how many textbooks are printed with the same time-worn illustrations… heck, they can’t even get past the male medical model!

  69. Had an MRI on 6/25/10 with gadolinium contrast. I asked for no contrast, as I went in to anaphylactic shock from iodine in a CT scan in 1991. Technician insisted that there would be no problem with the contrast. I made the biggest mistake of my life and let them use it. I now have muscle weakness that is even worse than that experienced years ago with Lipitor. Swelling of legs, ankles, and feet, and itching all over my body. Helped very slightly by Voltaren (NSAID) and extra strength Tylenol. This product should be removed from the market. You can help by letting the FDA know what has happened to you. E-mail address for the FDA MedWatch Adverse Event web site is or phone 1-800 332-1088.

  70. Reply for Janet on November 18th, 2009 8:25 pm
    Re: “My son is almost 5 years old and has never had an MRI but he has high levels of gadolinium showing up in heavy metal hair analysis.”
    Gadolinium uses:
    * Appliances. Gadolinium is used in making certain parts of microwaves and phosphors for color televisions.
    * Computer hardware. Gadolinium compounds are used in making computer memory chips. Other related gadolinium applications include its use in manufacturing compact discs.
    * Metalworking. Gadolinium can be alloyed with chromium, iron and several other metals to improve their workability and resistance to high temperatures and oxidation.
    * Medical Imaging. While the best known medicinal application of gadolinium is its use as a contrast agent during MRI/MRA scans, it is also used in other imaging studies. For example, gadolinium is used in X-ray imaging and positron emission tomography (PET) studies.

  71. I’ve had an onset of a skin rash that seems to be unique with thickening skin on my hands and feet. In general, my skin seems to have lost elasticity even though I eat fairly well. Prior to the onset of these conditions I have a strange and unexplained rash that broke out all over my body. Now I’m experiencing dry easily cracking skin on my hands and feet. I saw a commercial for a class action suit and thought hm, that sounds kind of similar. Now it has been about a year since then and I am still experiencing this skin disorder. Literally, it looks like a very old persons hands have been attached to my body with coloration changes from bright pink/red on my hands to my normal skin color.

    I’m very into nutrition and many “incurable” diseases are merely the limits of conventional medical myopic understanding. They are looking for symptom suppression whereas we want it to be eliminated at the source.

    As Gadnolinium is a metal, I’m now looking for ways to detox heavy metals from my body, as well as eat foods that restore normal and healthy kidney function.

    I’m not a doctor and cannot practice medicine, but food will be my medicine. The part that is a little daunting is that with kidney disease, water, sodium, potassium and calcium intake need to be monitored, so working with an experienced alternative health practitioner would be my choice.

  72. I had an MRI 2 days ago and almost died. I have had MRI’s without contrast in the past with no side effects. This time the MRI was with contrast-Gadolinium. I was not told why this time was with contrast. The very minute the Gadolinium was injected, I told the radiologists that I had a very strong metal taste in my mouth and I was seeing little metal looking balls floating up toward the ceiling, then immediately I started burning all over, my chest felt heavy and I couldn’t breathe. I had gone into Anaphylactic Shock. The imaging center called 911 and could not get a blood pressure reading on me. I did not remember anything until I cam around 3 hours later in the emergency room (luckily the hospital was only about 2 miles away). The EMT’s started IV’s for something to conteract the reaction and bagged me to try to get me breathing, they said I went completely blue and my husband said I was foaming around the mouth. I remember hearing people talking off and on during this time but do not remember anything else. They had trouble getting my oxygen level up and my breathing better and where getting ready to intubate me when I started coming out of it. The ER doctor said I cam as close to death without dying than anyone she had ever seen. I was kept in the hospital overnight just in case a relapse happened. Today when the Imaging Center called me to check on me and gave me the name of Gadolinium to research, I found this website. I am very upset and very scared about what the future holds for me.

  73. from Wikipiedia
    Some gadolinium are toxic, but MRI contrast agents, being chelated compound, are considered safe. The toxicity depends on the strength of the chelating agent. [19]. US Food and Drug Administration approved Gd chelated contrast agents include: Omniscan, Multihance, Magnevist, ProHance, Vasovist, Eovist and OptiMARK.[20]

    Gadolinium MRI contrast agents have proved safer than the iodinated contrast agents used in X-ray radiography or computed tomography. Anaphylactoid reactions are rare, occurring in approx. 0.03-0.1%.[21]

    Although gadolinium agents have proved useful for patients with renal impairment, in patients with severe renal failure requiring dialysis there is a risk of a rare but serious illnesses, such as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis[22] and nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy[23], that may be linked to the use of certain gadolinium-containing agents. Although a causal link has not been definitively established, current guidelines in the United States are that dialysis patients should only receive gadolinium agents where essential, and that dialysis should be performed as soon as possible after the scan is complete, in order to remove the agent from the body promptly.[24

  74. just had an MRI with gadolinium.
    blood test prior to check kidney funtion.
    no side effects no problems..
    I’m thinking if there where known issues with gadolinium
    they’d stop using it.
    I’ll wait a couple days and post again to let you know how I’m doing.

  75. july 9 2010 have consulted with gastroenteroligist (prescribed MRI)
    My cadioligist, and my primary care physician.
    So far none of the above have heard of any problems relative to gadolinium. Not surprising. In the meantime no relief Soaking feet to numb them and Vicodin 7.5/750 only temporarily redduces pain enough to walk without shoes.
    And i see no further help on this site either.

  76. Update to the above, 6/25/10 attempted to put socks and shoe on,Was a ble to have them on for 45minutes. Then excrutiating pain on tops of both feet. Soaked them in COLD water till numb, vicodin 7.5/200, feet now are swollen to above the ankle. I guess next stop is the ER if I can’t walk tomorrow.

  77. MRI done 6/17/10 7:15p.m. teriffic burning like hot coals on my right foot. next day waas fine until 7:05p.m. right foot,same burning sensation, could not touch top of foot, tried to soak foot in warm water worst thing, pain increased. Took Vicodin 200/7.5 some relief.6/19 extreme pain in right foot now starting in left foot. Cold compress deadens to a degree, excrutiating pain, more vicodin.
    saw Doctor primary. don’t know why the pain.exray negative, same situation for 6/20, 6/21, 6/22 and today started @3.00p.m.worse day both feet on the tops again like hot coals on them, vicodin only deadens somewhat. will take 7.5/750 vicodin now. Of course doctors have never heard of such a thing.
    I hope someone on this list can offer some help be fore I start shooting doctors.

  78. I had an mri set for 2 days later, after finding about this problem I cancelled it. Then I was scheduled for a bone scan, maybe that should have been done in the first place. Do the doctors know about the problems with contrast mri s.

  79. I had MRI done about 2 years ago because of my lymp node being swollen. I wasn’t aware about the side effects nor they told me anything about the drugs they gave me (dye) side effect wise. About a week after the MRI both my legs started getting dark patches and it’s so itchy. I’ve told the doctor about my skin condition and what caused it but they don’t seemed to care much. Now I cannot wear any shorts or short skirts since of my patches =( it looks so embarrasing. Is there anything that can get rid of these ugly dark patch. HELLPPP!

    • NSF is possible. Please go to a skin specialist. It can cause fibrosis of internal organs, as well as dark patches and skin changes after contrast.

  80. I had MRI w/ contrast 3 months back. I have no symptoms or anomalies. Had regular eye Dr exam where they dilated pupils, all ok. If there is something wrong caused by the Gadolinium, I’m not aware of it.

  81. After reading what you all have wrote,I felt I should share my symptoms as well. As after reading all of yours, it made me wonder. Thank you all for sharing.

    I’ve had so so many MRI’s and other tests over the years I’ve lost count. My heart goes out to everyone suffering as I know how it feels.
    I had kidney problems as a child but seemed to have not had a flare up in many years. But then it.. started for me in the early 1990’s…..they were trying to stop & find the blood in my urine( which they haven’t done it yet). Plus I had endometriosis really bad. I think it was my second surgery for endometriosis ….all I know was my headaches/migranes for sure startes in the hospital.

    Over the years I’ve had other health problems popping up…thyroid problems with a goiter……gallbladder surgery… now low blood suger…TMJ..Diverticulitis…IBS. The muscle pain and weakness has gotten worse. I had a MRI & cystoscopy with dye done this year …2010…. since then my kidneys have hurt worse then ever and the pain in my hips and sides at night is terrible. I cannot sleep flat on my back as it hurts too much. I have a good day from time to time and try to enjoy it. But end up in the recliner alot. My knees really hurt and my hands hurt and sometimes swell. I also have itching on my right hand, a couple fingers break out in a rash sometimes. I’m sooo tired…I could sleep all the time. I wake up tired. Also Nausea sometimes.Constipation,diarrhea. And yes… it can get you down. You get sick of being sick and tired of being tired. My eyes feel like they have pressure…they hurt. I have a headache almost all the time anymore.
    As like all of you…. I just want my life back. I can’t say for sure what is making me feel bad…. I just want to feel better.

    I have a friend that recently has started feeling bad…she has the tired and achey symptoms and the headaches. She’s also had MRI’s done.

  82. I had an brain MRI with contrast 2 days ago for migraines. During the first 20 minutes of the test (pre-dye) I was fine…even nodded off a couple of times during the test. Then they pulled me out and injected (or so he thought) gadolinium in my left arm. Before the test started when he told me what the procedure would be, I expressed concern because I had an allergic reaction to iodine on a previous MRI (or maybe CAT). He assured me the side effects for gad were almost non-existent and even though I reacted to iodine it wouldn’t be a problem. During the injection it burned and hurt going in. Then the sensation turned to an incredible heaviness in my arm followed by muscle pain. Then it got numb. I didn’t say anything because I thought this was normal….never having had it before. He slid me back into the machine and said only 6-7 minutes more. During the second phase of the test it was like my left arm had a heartbeat of its own and was incredibly sore and painful. It was throbbing with beat and pulse of that machine. When the test was over and he pulled me I explained the pain I was in and at that point could barely lift my left arm. He said that even though he had been doing this for 20 years he thinks he penetrated the back wall of the vein (had some medical term for this) and knew this because not enough dye showed up on the scan. So, essentially the majority of what was supposed to go into the vein ended up being dumped into my arm near my bicep and at this point was easy to see the swollen pool/bump that had formed on the inside of my arm. He apologized and said that for him to feel as though he completed the scan satisfactorily, he wanted to start pumping my right arm. Not knowing any better and not knowing any of the problems or reactions I’ve read on this site I allowed him to. I have very small and deep veins. After 45 minutes and 2-3 more attempts (and yes I have the bruises to prove it), and switching back to the “good vein” he used on the left arm…re-turnicated and pumped up my already injured and throbbing left arm…he finally got one in on the right arm to work. He injected what I assume is another full dose of the gad. This time I did not feel any discomfort going back in the MRI and as of now do not have any pain or muscle fatigue on the right arm….only a massive bruise from where it went in. Two days later I still have stiffness and swelling (although less) on the left arm and can’t straighten my arm all the way. I figured I would give it a couple more days to subside and then call the MRI center and ask what to do. The crappy part about all of this is that the MRI was my idea…not my doctor’s. She just went along with my request and I had no idea that gadolinium could be hazardous.

    I am so sorry for all of the problems many of you are having and I know my symptoms are less severe. I hope you all find relief and wanted to post this just in case anyone has had a similiar experience.

  83. i have mri withe gdolinum a mounth ago -and now i can say that i made the mistake of my life =leggs pain and other symptoms
    but the kidney functions are ok
    i dont know what to do
    help me

  84. I had a CT scan with contrast in April, 2010. I’m not sure what type of contrast, but since then I’ve suffered from many side efffects.

    A few days after the scan, I could not lift my right leg. The whole ordeal has been extremely painful. I’m going to physical therapy and it is now affecting my right hip. I get severe muscle cramps in my right thigh and groin. They wake me from sleep. It seems that every week, I get new symptoms.

    The past two days, I have burning pain in my arms and legs. Also, blothches and bruise marks on my legs. I went to ER, but the doctor didn’t believe it was a reaction to the contrast dye. He said he’s never heard of such a thing and asked me to bring him data from the Internet. He diagnosed my pain as sciatica and prescribed anxiety medication.

    My right hip, thigh and leg continue to hurt and prevent me from my regular activities. I’ve had to cut down on hours at work. At times, it feels like I cannot continue to work. The pain is just too severe.

    I had the CT scan done of my lungs. I have a small nodule and will need another scan in a couple of months. I won’t allow them to use the contrast dye during the scan next time. My biggest wish right now is to feel normal the way I did before the contrast dye was injected.

  85. I have had gadolinium contrast a few times since I had two back surgeries over a decade ago. Every time I receive the contrast, I get the distinct smell sensation of greasy hamburger meat cooking. The first time I noticed it, I figured it was someone’s lunch, as it was in the middle of the day. But the next couple times I realized it was probably a weird side effect. Don’t know anybody who has noticed this.

  86. I have gadolinium in my system since 1989 when controst was injected to blood ves,to look for kidnee stones/i was 18yr old then/now gd is in my thyroid,prostare,spine,gall bladder 100%
    my metabolism is 30%,have blockaged in brain ,sleep 3-5hr a day for last 10 yrs
    this will stay in your system for quiet a bit

  87. Is it necessary to have to drink 16 ounces of contrast dye plus get injected with contrast dye for a pelvic MRI? It is suppose to help differentiate the images between the ovaries and the intestines. I’m worried about the drug gadloinium it contains.

  88. Hi Katie.
    Don’t know about your medical condition, but do know that NO ONE can make you take any contrast media. If you don’t want the stuff put in you, just tell them not to use it. It only helps them see things BETTER, but they can see lots of stuff without it.

  89. Has anyone had hallucinations after or while having an MRI with gadolinium?

    I had one MRI totally without gadolinium and two MRI’s without and with gadolinium. The first, without gadolinium was as uneventful as an X-ray.

    During the second MRI, when they injected the gadolinium into my arm, slid me back inside the donut and started the machine, I began having hallucinations! I saw a small girl and boy walk up to me as I lay on the table even though I knew I was INSIDE the donut! She touched my face and they disappeared. Next, I saw a pink “flower” lying on my chest. I realized it was the mouth of a small dinosaur who looked startled, slid down on the floor and crossed to a bookshelf, which did not exist. After that, there was a large brown rock on my chest which opened and revealed a flower, closed and reopened with a different flower and did it a third time.

    I was not asleep and fully aware that no one could walk into that machine running or not. The person running it said she had never heard of nayone having hallucinations while in the machine. I suggested they just had not told her.

    The second MRI, without and with gadolinium, was at another facility and a different machine. This time I had only one “vision” or hallucination. That was of a farmerish-looking man wearing a plaid shirt and straw hat. He was looking down through a branch of pink blossoms at me.

    Since having the MRI’s with gadolinium dye, I have had other hallucinations when I am very tired, reading or watching TV at night. I will blink my eyes and they don’t come up immediately, but an entire action scene will take place, like an exerpt from a story, without sound, before I drag them open. Once it was a herd of horses running past my left shoulder. Nothing to do with what I was reading or watching on TV.

    Is there anyone else out there who has had this experience during the MRI’s with the gadolinium? Please email me at:

  90. I had an MRI July 7 2009,due to fibroids.I started having bad side affects right after. my legs went out ,I started breaking out with a bad itchy rash all over my body. I have dark patches and spots all over my body.I am permanently damage. I have seen three skin specialist and they all say they haven”t seen anything like what has happen to my skin from an MRI. It took 6 months for the drug to get out my body but during that time it ate my skin alive. I am working with lawyers now and Im seeing the best derm doctor in MN. I WILL NEVER HAVE AN MRI DONE AGAIN>

  91. I have researched Gadolinium ad nauseum as I am facing MRI & MRA in the near future for symptoms of acoustic neuroma & Pulsatile Tinnitis Does anyone know if the new 64 slice HDCT can be used for the vascular questions related to pulsatile tinnitis and also be used for IAC slices to see acoustic neuromas or small to medium size? After reading these comments from seemingly physically normal patients prior o injection of Gadolimium I am more terrified than ever!

  92. Reading this because mom is having renal failure after too many doses of Gadolinium dye in too short a time. Aggregate effect.

    I see that the Mayo Clinic does ‘mass spec’ testing of tissue samples for gadolinium.
    You get tested by having a doctor take the tissue sample.

    Apparently, the test called a ‘skin punch biopsy’ is only for people who have the lesions of NSF? The question mark notes the fact that the instructions for the skin punch biopsy say that the skin should be punched at the site of the lesion. Therefore, this test must be only for people manifesting the lesion symptom of NSF.
    And, apparently, only a doctor can send take a biopsy and send it there.

    The pharma-chemistry researchers in the results that come up from ‘gadolinium pharmacokinetics’ googles are writing that the liver is the place where most built-up gadolinium is residing in animal testing.

    I’m looking for a test to detect it in a person that has been diagnosed with renal failure right after mega-doses of gadolinium, but has no apparent symptoms of NSF. Too much coincidence.

  93. I got an MRI done yesterday to see if i have a tumor on my pituitary gland. Before doing the MRi the radiologist explained to me that i will be getting a dosage of gadolinium. I stopped him right there and explained to him that I had a CT done a few weeks ago and I had an allergic reaction to the Iodine, he told me everything will be fine it doesnt have Iodine in it. I went in to do the MRI than they took me out and injected me with the gadolinium. as i was laying there after being injected my whole body went numb i couldn’t feel like legs. I felt has if i had 400lbs of weights on me and i couldn’t pick them up. I began to cry in the MRI and he began to talk to me for me to say whether i was OK or not and i keept saying yes but he kept asking me, i guess my words weren’t coming out, than i remembered the button so i pressed it and they took me out. They basically told me i had a panic attack and i should walk it off and there was only 5 mins left of the MRI. I believed them and said ok. When i went back to change out of the scrubs I realized i had rashes all over my body. I finished getting dressed and asked one of the nurses if that was normal she said she would get my radiologist for me. he came back and had me go into the MRI clinic place or whatever you want to call it. a resident came and checked on me and asked if my breathing was ok and if i had any sweeling i explained no. They gave me benadyrl and told me i needed to stay for an hour. The resident never came back to check on me and another nurse told me i could leave. When i got home i showered and realized i had a few bruises on my legs, and the next day when i began to play tennis my right hand began to hurt where the carpal bones are or whatever you call them, it was swallon and i iced it for 15 mins. I am unsure on what to do at this point. I think im going to wait and see if anything else occurs. does anyone have any suggestions?

  94. Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your stories here, sorry to hear so many of you have experienced problems. I can’t believe they still use this agent!
    I was due to have an MRI here in the UK. The hospital information sent to me I must say was good in admitting Gadolinium is used. However they went on to state that they are “obliged to inform you of the lack of license for Gadolinium in MRI Athrography”. What!?
    Although they stated that it has proved effective with rare allergic reactions to the medium, obviously a lack of license and the fact that I was told to make arrangements to be collected after the scan as I would not be able to drive, made me suspicious. So, after finding many sites like this one, I’ve cancelled the appointment!
    Good luck everyone and thanks again. Steve

  95. A few days ago, I had and MRI with contrast. I was told that the machine that pumps in the dye had malfunctioned and I did not received enough of the dye to show any contrast. I was told to reschedule the MRI. However, even with the small amount of dye in my system, I immediately experienced lightheadedness and the migraine aura that precedes the headache. I was told by several doctors that they have no knowledge of migraine resulting from an MRI and that it was probably caused by nervousness about the MRI. I was not nervous and have not had a severe migraine like that in over 20 years.

    I spoke with a neurologist who assured me that the dye could be a trigger for migraine and could cause serious problems. I have recovered completely from the headache and will not reschedule the MRI. My concern is that the reason so many doctors say they’ve never heard of a patient having a migraine headache after an MRI is because no one has told them. If I had accepted the “diagnosis” as nerves, I would have gone home, recovered, and not said anything. How many people have done this? That is why I am happy to add my experience to this website.

  96. My mother was given the contrast dye to see if she had a blockage in an kidney. This was in December 7, 2009. She is still suffering from the terriable itching and red spots. I think the doctors know exactly what is going on. Get a lawyer and take many pictures. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Keep up the fight to get this GADOLINIUM off the market .

  97. I too had several MRI’s done in a 2 week period in Sept 2009, due to an anyurisim & stroke at the age of 38 & a week after giving birth. All the MRI’s had dye/contrast… so did my angiogram
    All I know is I have joint pain, they lock up, my hips are killing me & the pain in my thighs are like intense charlie horses, and my hair falls out every brush stroke.
    What can I do??? Help….

  98. had an mri done on thanksgiving eve, since then i have had facial swelling and hives all over my body, prior to the injection i did ask what side effects i could have, i was told this injection was natural no side effects. i have suffered from chronic hives in the past and this injection has brought these hives back times ten. i have been awakened every morning with hives and swelling for the past three days and it doesnt stop there, this is happeneing at night also, i am currently taking 100mg of benadryl at a shot, zantac 150 twice a day, 2 zyrtecs not to mention the prednisone which i am on my 4th day of it and it doesnt make a difference. i cant leave the house when i am swelled not to mention cant drive cause all i want to do is sleep!!! how much longer will this last??????

  99. My son is almost 5 years old and has never had an MRI but he has high levels of gadolinium showing up in heavy metal hair analysis. He doesn’t have any skin problems but he does have a lot of stiffness he also has autism. I can’t figure out where he is coming in contact with the element. Does anybody know? Could he have gotten it from vaccines?

    • see clinical trials gov and search gadolinium and blood flow studies, i’ll bet your kid got it without your knowledge. not sure if heavy metal hair analysis is a correct reading, skin biopsy makes the diagnosis though blood levels can be done via mayomedical laboratories com search G for gadolinium and testing diagnosis/treatments,

  100. I had a mri with gadolinium dye on 10-20-09 and my hair has been falling out and breaking. It has also gotten thinner in texture. My eyes have become bloodshot and I have developed a cyst on my upper lid. My skin on my face and hand has also become drier. I asked the when it was set up if there was a dye involved and she said it was only a saline solution. When I was preparing for the test she told me about the dye. I can’t go back but I reget it every day as I am losing self esteem because of the hair loss. There is not much left!

  101. Hi, I had a MRI with contrast last month on the 22th. It was OK, no big pain when the dye was injected on my right arm, but after a week start having pain in that arm. So it started last Friday, got better the weekend , yesterday got worst – but today is getting really bad!
    Don’t know if that can be caused by the dye ( have no idea what they inject), and after a week (?)
    Even if I don’t move my arm, still feel painful, and when I move it, I can scream…!

  102. I had an MRI conducted with a gadolinium injection in the Spring 2008. Shortly thereafter, I experienced an incredible pain in my left hip. Subsequent x-rays did not indicate anything, but the deep hip pain continues to this day. It is only the left hip so it is a mystery to me and the doctors as to what the problem is. I have seen orthopedists, neurologist, neuro surgeon and more. No luck,

  103. I had three MRI’s back to back yesterday mid-morning, which in itself was grueling. I found out recently that I have Pseudotumor Cerebri, amoungst a couple other neurological things and needed to have the MRI’s, one of the MRI’s called for contrast dye. I had been through an MRI with contrast before so I wasn’t worried this time. After speaking with the tech about how the dye made me feel funny (like I was peeing), he said this was a different dye (Gadolinium) and assured me that this dye would not do that. After all the MRI’s were finished my husband took me home and I’ve been sick with diarrhea and feeling feverish. I called the radiology department where I had the MRI’s done and the tech assured me that this was not a side effect of the Gadolinium, but after reading all these stories I’m not so sure now. Nothing in my diet, nor my medications have changed either. I’m certainly open to any other ideas or suggestions too!


  104. i had an mr arthrogram done on my left shoulder, with the gadolinium dye. my dr told me there would be some muscle weakness but i never expected it to be this bad. i compete in bench press meets. i weigh roughly 220lbs and am more than capable of bench pressing 515lbs, after having the MR done i could not bench press more than 405lbs in my last meet. i’m just wondering how long the weakness is supposed to last. the MR was done on the 11th of september and my meet was on the 26th of september

  105. I just found this site. My husband died in May 2009 and one of the reasons for death listed Nephrogenic Fibrosis. I am so angry that the last months of his life he was in terrible pain due to gadolinium poisoning. I am trying to educate everyone I come in contact with about the risks of getting NSF. I wish there is more I can do, but don’t know what that might be.
    My best to all and if anyone wants to e-mail me please do.

  106. Yes I have had many tests CT scans and the dyes with it. I have blured vision ,my kidneys hurt badly on my left side, depresion, feel crankey. Burning in my museles and they hurt badly. I feel also verry tired.

  107. I had an MRI of my head done two months ago. I had been having recent balance problems and have been extremely fatigued for 5 years. I don’t know what brand of dye they used or the dosage. When the technician tried to find a vein she had a hard time which was very unusual. She asked if I had been drinking enough water and I said no and that I might be a little dehydrated. I didn’t think at the time about having had a severe case of the runs and the flu the day before. When I left the clinic I was surprised to see that it was starting to get dark at 4pm and that everything was very blurry. I got in the car and soon my vision cleared enough to drive home. The next day I saw my doctor about a sore throat and complained about the skin on my face burning. She said it was “just the mri dye.” When I got home I took off my shirt and I was covered with red blotches everywhere. All over my body except on my face. I was very tired.Next day it had subsided but was still there. The blotches stayed for weeks but the burning didn’t. Since then my vision has stayed very blurry and my eyes are always irritated. I have lost all the hair on the lower half of my lower legs. The area is all discolored with light and dark blotches. If I bend over and use my arms (like when untangling a hose) I sometimes get a sharp pain in my ribs which feels like a muscle spasm and is extremely painful. Every physical problem I had before the test has gotten worse. Looks like lawyers don’t want to talk to you if you don’t have NSF. But they obviously have a case judging by the money spent on finding gad victims.

  108. I have also retained an attorney for a lawsuit against the makers of Gadolinium and also the doctor that ordered the tests

  109. I had an MRI with contrast on Dec. 22,2007 and they said I had lesions on my pancreas then they repeated the MRI with gadolinium on January 7th,2008 only two weeks later. The second test showed no lesions. But since having these tests I have been very ill. My muscles , tendons, bones hurt so bad and my thinking is terrible and my skin hurts and feels to tight ,my eyesight is failing. My left foot feels like it was shot full of novacaineespecially the big toe. They thought I might have fibromyalgia but now believe I have MS. I am awaiting results from two weeks ago where they did another MRI with iodine. Is there anyone with these sort of effects? Oh and severe depression!!! If so please contact me at

  110. To RORI: Were these actually MRIs you had? When you say one in your spine, they do not usually inject there with Gadolinium when you’re having an MRI, however, there are other scans wherein they inject dye into the spine. I had a spinal where they injected DYE, but not Gadolinium. The dye is different and does not cause NSF. Just curious. I think that a lot of people are scared but also misinformed. Anyone who is experiencing these side effects, should immediately contact their physician (Internist) just to rule out or at least call the radiologist at the center where you had the scans to get some peace of mind. Just last month I spoke to someone about it and was told it’s specific to patients with renal/kidney failure and that’s when NSF is an issue and not always. So make sure you’re not letting your mind get carried away. I’d be curious to know how some of you are doing. Please e-mail me if you’d care to share:

  111. I have had several MRIs over the past four years due to an accident and spinal surgeries and now more recently a breast MRI AND an MRI of my liver/abdomen. I asked each time about the side effects of Gadolinium and each time was reassured that it’s the patients who have kidney/renal failure who are in danger, as it is hard for the kidneys to release the toxins after administration of Gadolinium. Something like 95%-97% of the Gadolinium is released with in hours and that by drinking lots of water after your scan will help speed up the process. This is for people with normal functioning kidneys. I had recent blood tests showing normal creatine levels and normal kidney function, so the radiologist and tech said I had nothing to worry about. However, I am frightened as well and have had some weird side effects, but none of the above-mentioned. Anyone with kidney problems should definitely speak with a radiologist before having an MRI with Gadolinium. MRI without the contrast is safe. If you have kidney problems, you still may be a candidate for an MRI, but if you need or are on dialysis or your kidneys are not functioning normally, it is not a good idea to have an MRI with contrast (Gadolinium)!

  112. I was given Magnevist by injection before a MRI scan in June, 09. The doctors told me it would be out of my body in 6 hours. In August 09 I had a detox foot bath. The water turned orange/yellow which indicates liver, kidney, toxins. The technician had never seen Orange/Yellow water before although it is on their list of colors. My throat had been very sore since the MRI. Now the throat is much better. I have had numerous detox footbaths but have never had Orange/Yellow dirty water before. I suspect that Magnevist is still in my system. I could find no Magnevist data to indicate how long it stays in the body. No one at the hospital can quote any research on how long Magnevist stays in the body. They just state this “six hour” rule.

  113. I also stay tired …I have tried so more for energy sake. I have had the swelling that is talked about with the rash. The swelling still comes and goes. Never had a problem with any of this stuff. I just read about the bp being low. Wow I had an incident where my bp was so low…my doctors and everyone in the office freaked, He said I could just walk and drop dead. He had no explanantion for it. Today it still stays below normal, I don’t take meds for it though. We just monitor it.

  114. Wow…after reading all these horrid symptoms of the MRI with dye….I’m really concerned. I had at least 2 or more Mri’s done with dye one in my arm and another in my spine(at different times). Both hurt greatly. The nurse told me the pain would go away. I was diagnoised with Spinal Stenosis. I just attributed the systoms I have experienced to it. I have horrible eye sight now and it seems to be getting worse, I went to an eye doctor and he said there was something on my eye but didn’t say what. I have pain in my eye..redness(as if I got hit in it) and swolleness that lasts for days. It just happens, no triggers needed. I also have this thing going on with my feet, never paid much attention to it…but my feet gets knots on the bottom of them and it hurts to walk, my feet seem to be peeling also. My skin on my face seem to be drier, it use to be really oily. I dont know how my kidneys are but i have smelled the amnonia scent. My hip still hurts when I move. It hurts if I sit too long. Sad part is seems to be more pressure in my head now than ever. What should I do? Money is an issue with the economy like this.

  115. I have had two mri in the last couple of years plus a very recent one and because I refused the gadoliciaum injection they feel I have to have another mri whidh would inlude the injection. All aI wanted to know is if the tumor had grown. I had a lot of bad effects from the shot before and asked if I had to take it at which point they said ‘no’ . So I dhose not to and plan to continue to say no according to a lot of your reports. One of the doctors told me it’s easy to read the mri without the shot but not as clear. as it would be with the shot.

  116. I have had 2 or 3 contrast dye procedures, one when I had a mylogram on my Spine, Than again after I had a lamanectomy on my lower spine. I also had contrast dye when I had an Mri done on my knees. I have Arthritis. But after my back surgery I had severe Pain in my groins, and thighs. and hips. I could not walk a block without sitting down and am experiencing these symtoms today My Surgery was in 2005 on my lower spine, In 2005 My right Knee had ultra scopic surgery to trim a maniscus and I also had bracitis scraped and Arthritis scraped on my right shoulder, that was cut open and I had stiches on that shourlder. My left shoulder had shoulder replacement in March of 2008. I get very flushed on my neck and face at various time. I am in such pain that I can hardly walk . I would like to know if this has been caused by the contrast dye. I am miserable.

  117. Did he have the contrast injected in the vein of the arm? I recently had an mri with contrast 5 weeks. Since then I had pain all over my body and my veins on my arms and legs bulge out more than usually. I think the contrast had something to do with it since I had not had any major health problems. I also have muscle weakness on my legs.

  118. My husband’s orthopedic surgeon ordered a hip MRI with Gadolinium contrast dye (Magnevist brand). This was back in April — that afternoon, he came home and went to sleep for 4 straight hours. Then, I forced him to wake up and eat something (and he did) but he was totally out of it and was slurring his speech. He was no better the next day, lumbering around like Frankenstein or something, and I called the doctor’s office. They said to go to the ER because it might be an allergic reaction.

    We went to the ER and that’s what they concluded: an “acute allergic reaction to contrast dye.” They gave him a Presidone and Benadryl drip, took a million blood tests, prescribed medicine, and then sent him home once his blood work came back normal.

    But, he literally hasn’t been the same every since. He has severe muscle weakness, trouble walking (disequilibrium), slurs his speech a bit when he’s tired, is easily fatigued, feels un-alert and unlike himself. He has NEVER had any of these symptoms before the hip MRI — in fact, he only had the hip exam because he felt some discomfort (no pain or numbness) when he exercised. He is seeing a neurologist, just in case, but I am really concerned that these symptoms were brought on by the dye.

    However, he does not have a lot of the “usual” symptoms listed — i.e., skin rash, pain, nausea, eye problems, etc.

    Ugh, what to do???

  119. My Father had a MRi on March 25th 2009 when he went into the emergency room. I am checking into this more. He could not walk for several days and ha the Red dark Blotches. He has a severe problem with constipation, he never did before. He has Tremendous muscle weaknes. I am trying to detox him with Fresh Juices and Flor-essence tea.

  120. I keep seeing people have written comments about hair loss, but no one has answered as to what can be done about the hair loss? Has anyone found out what to do? Who reads any of this stuff? Who can help us?

  121. In 2005 I had gadolinium injected during an MRI on my back. I had previous lower lumbar surgery and the doctor ordered the contrast dye. Within 24 hrs. I had severe pain and heat in the arm that was injected with the dye. The pain eventually travelled to my neck and down the other arm. 2 trips to the emergency room within the next 3 days produced no reason for the severe pain. I was written off as high anxiety. I continued to have pain in my arms and unreasonable pain and swelling in my hand joints for a few months. I feel like it precipitated an arthritic-like reaction in my hands which continues today. Even my ring sizes had to be changed due to the swelling. I sensed this was a dye reaction but no doctors, no radiologists, and no internet research would confirm my thoughts. Seeing the class action suit vindicated that there are contrast dye side effects out there. My heart goes out to those with more severe and permanent reactions. Now I will be visiting my doctor with more definite information and checking on possible kidney complications.

  122. I’ve had three MRI’s in the last few years. The first was in October 2005, the second was in 2007, and the last one was done the first of this year. The first two MRI’s were ordered by my doctor to get a clear picture of tumors on my neck, and the third was ordered to get a look at my pituitary gland. The tumors were not cancerous; although, the largest was removed on my doctor’s advice. Several hours after the first MRI was done in October 2005 I noticed a large, bright red rash on my right inner thigh that burned and itched. I went immediately to the emergency room for help. The doctor that examined me said that he had no idea what caused the rash and prescribed benadryl, and prednizone. I asked if it could be some reaction to the contrast dye used earlier that day for my MRI, and he told me that he was not sure and that he had never seen a reaction to contrast dye like that before. The rash cleared up after about two weeks, and I didn’t seem to have any other problems. I took a picture of the rash and kept it just in case I ever had to have another MRI. A year or two later I had another MRI performed, and, even worse than before, several hours later a large bright red rash appeared on my right and left inner thighs and rear lower abdoman. This time it took almost a month for the rash to clear up. When my last MRI was ordered, I requested that no contrast dye be used due to my reactions with it in the past, and I did not have any rash afterwards. For the last year I’ve noticed that my vision has gradually gotten a little blurred, just enough to be annoying. I’ve been noticing quite a few TV advertisements for attorneys lately concerning Gadolinium contrast dye, and I’m starting to get concerned. I’m not sure what I should do first, or even if I am at risk of developing a serious illness. I’ve got an appointment with my doctor in a couple of months, and I think I’ll bring it up to her then, and maybe even show her the picture I took of the rash when it happened. Are there any specific blood tests that screen for problems related to Gadolinium? I had all the routine blood tests (colesterol, diabetes, prostrate, etc…) in January of this year, and so far, everything is normal, except my testosterone levels. I saw a specialist for that and I’m now doing the testosterone replacement therapy every day. The specialist told me that my pituitary gland has quit functioning properly and as a result, my body does not produce enough testosterone anymore. I’m 52 years old and in fairly good health otherwise. Any advise on what to do next?

  123. My wife is a cancer patient. Small cell lung cancer. The cancer metasticised to her brain last year and was discovered early. She has been subjected to many MRI’s and CT scans over the past 2 years. Also PET scans and bone scans. The side effect she has is svere muscle weakness. She has had physical therapy off and on for a year with no progress noted. When we return to the cancer center I plan to raise the question about these contrast medications. Nothing we have tried has improved her strength issues. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
    By the way her cancer is currently inactive, “Praise God”.

  124. I have had severe joint problems since my first MRI with the die. Can anyone recommend a heavy metal detox that has worked for them? I would like to see if it helps.

  125. i had 3 mri’s in the past year 2 recently 1 with dye now i feel weird alot eyes get blurried and have a patch of hair missing on my head my joints are bad and my right hand swells so much it cracks my skin. i went to the doc. he thought i was crazy and said hair loss patches was normal i believed it untill i see the commercials

  126. I posted above, in August. It is now Feb 2009 and I am worse.

    Pain in joints has reduced activity level by 75%.

    Burning not so bad now, but the pain in muscles and joints is terrible.

    I did lots of detox, but I developed heart arrythmias.

    I am working on other detoxing methods, but I can see this is long term.

    I am not flat on my back at present, so I am hopeful that I can get on top of this. But I am distressed that I can no longer run,e tc.

    I will update. I hope otehrs choose to update so we can keep track of who gets better and how many do not.

    Has anyone contacted a lawyer?

  127. I’m scheduled to have an MRI with this Gadolinium dye on Wed., Feb. 11 because my right ear feels full and prior to this I had sudden hearing loss, but my hearing has now returned, but my right ear just feels plugged up and has been like that since 12/1/08. I thank all of you for sharing your comments. After reading about the dangers of this dye, I will cancel this MRI. I’d rather live with my right ear being plugged up, than experience any of these harmful side effects. I’ll cancel my appointment on Monday. Thank you and good luck to all of you. I think all of you should research and try and detox to get this metal toxin out of your body. I think I’ll go alternative and see an acupuncturist for my ear. Maybe that will help. It’s better than all the horrible side effects you’ve described. Thank you for helping me to cancel just in time. Liz

  128. I have had what could be described as excruciating pain in my hips with a severe itcing sensation, that does not seem to be related to my back. My hands also havea burning sensation. My blood pressure is labile (but that might be due to any number of things), and I am much more tired than I have ever been.

    I had a bad back with anterolithesis (sp) of L4-L5. I had some steroid injections in my back last spring. I had MRI’s after that with gadolineum contrast.

    But the severe burning and debilitating itching and pain that came with it came after those MRI’s.

    I have only one kidney and my glomerular filtration rate is low, but my creatinine clearance was borderline alright. (These tests are indicators of kidney functionI guess the problem occurs when the gadolineum does not get out of the system quick enough and stays there from what I was told. The gadolineum is supposed to clear out of the system fast enough if your kidneys are functioning properly.

    I have contacted an attorney, but they cannot tell me where a tissue sample is supposed to be sent to diagnose this problem. It has been six months and I have had to be on narcotics because the pain and itching is so severe. I am contacting a toxicologist in Seattle to find out more about this. I don’t know what else to do. I have talked to my dermatologist and an internal medicine environmental specialist (MD) who has not heard of this yet.

    I am afraid that there will be more people with this problem unless the doctors are told about it. The doctors I have been going to have not been real helpful. I think that when doctors do not know what is wrong with you, they think your crazy… But this is something different, and I have been suffering more than anyone knows.

    Please let me know if you guys have any other information.

  129. left hip pain….. terry’s nails ,..nails turned white super dizzy not “myself” gallbladder pain.
    no previous kidney problems that im aware of.. I smell like ammonia and the white nails indicate kidney faiures…dry skin..
    using cilantro and chlorella as heavy metal detox dont feel better

  130. I have a subarachnoid interhemispheric brain cyst. I was born with this condition. I was treated for this 4 yrs ago by 4 brain surgeries in one year and subsequently have had over 15 mri’s-8 of them with contrast, one with iodine. I’ve had several kidney infections prior to testing and currently have a cyst in my kidney. No one ever asked me about my kidneys. About 2 yrs ago, I suddenly found myself unable to walk due to severe pain in my left thigh. (I also have left sided hemiparesis due to my brain cyst). However, I had already had 4 operations up to the day in question with no real pain to speak of. I now have constant pain on my entire left side of body so much so that no one can touch me even lightly without causing pain. The past couple of months I’ve noticed it harder to breathe and have a constant pain in the center of my chest. I also have had detiortated (sp?) vision. The bluriness comes and goes. When it comes on, it stays for hours and is so bad I can only make up images no details at all. It’s very scary for me to admit because I’m a single parent and I don’t want the doctors bringing up questions concerning my ability as a parent. They look over my shoulders anyway because of the brain issue.

    Anyone is free to contact me at for further discussion regarding this.
    Thank you,

  131. If you have a high bilirubin, but no other liver problems and your kidneys are working fine are you at risk of NSF?
    I am terrified I have contracted NSF after MRI with contrast, my legs have been bothering me and I have a raised spot on the white of my eye. I also have high blood pressure, about 120/80. Thank you for any information you can give me.

  132. I have had way too many MRIs to count. Today during injection, the tech slipped, or something. He missed where to inject and loaded into the arm. It felt like a long administered bee-sting or scorpion bite or a pressing cigarette burn. Later the bruise, the size of a “normal” injection bruise. Yet swelling is big. No stinkey smell, but I felt so tired right after it happened. I had the nausea real bad, did not throw up. I haden’t eaten breakfast anyway. I felt like I was going to pass out. My whole self gave up, like a drop without a passout because otherwise, I thought that fighting the sensation of tingley passout sensation would be more detrimental than giving into it. After about 5 minutes passed from initial stomach and passing out feeling. I felt much revived, but the swelling continues and the bruise. I went home and slept for a good 4 hours. Usually am 8 hrs every night, no sleep during the day. Perfect that way. Today, after the incident, it was so necessary for extra sleep or it felt like more problems would come.

  133. stevie scott, on Your comment is awaiting moderation. January 12th, 2009 9:42 pm stevie scott,march of 2006,i had an MRA done with a die contrast,one and half weeks latter i got dizzy,weak,sweating and my back ,arms and neck started burning. it felt like i was on fire . I went to the ermergency room and tried different meds. nothing helped the pain it lasted about &on.i still have these symptomsand have seen four diffrent doctors. they didn’t know want was going on.I’m now taking medication that puts a bandaid on it, but the symptoms are still there. it didn’t occur to me that it may be the contrast given to me until I seen the commercial on tv. Then I started researching the side effects of it.
    Is it possible that it may be side effects of the dye?

  134. I had an MRI using this dye on Nov 14, 2008. Within afew days, I started experiencing pain in my right eye. Upon closer inspection of the eye, I noticed what looks like for lack of a better term, blister on the white of my eye. I called the opthamologist and he said it was probably an allergic reaction to something. After more than a month, the stabbing eye pain continues and the “blister” is still present. There is also a new darkened spot on the side of my neck the size of a dime? Just appeared out of the blue. I have been trying to figure out what is causing this problem, and from what I can deduce, it has to be the dye. It is the only thing that is different. Can anyone tell me how to be sure this is a side effect? Is there atest that can determine this? Has anyone else had similar problems?

  135. Had contrast in 2002. Hair fell out. tooth decay at gumline.Headachs , deep bone pain , skin diorder on feet and groin, heart . lung ,blood pressure , diabetis problems. gall bladder failure. I have been ill for 6 years , why didn’t they notify us. Any body else having these problems? Please share

  136. My daughter had an MRI w/gadloinium a week and a half ago. Tonight I noticed that she is missing a HUGE chunk of hair on the top of her head. Completely bald on top in one day. She said it was burning and itching badly yesterday. Could it be from this dye? Has anyone else had hair loss? Will it stop or continue? What should we do? She is 9.

  137. I’ve had mri’s with contrast . They made me sick with a burning sensation upon injection muscle weakness in right side, yellow spots on eyes which used to be crystal clear, lung problems too. Detoxification is the
    way to go I thought I was dieing at the beginning of this year but I used detox through the feet with foot pads. They really work and help to cleanse. I still have muscle problems in my right arm and I use magnesium malate and alfalfa for muscle function.

  138. i had an mri not to long ago and now i have a very bad red,itchy,rash that will not go away and has spread all over my legs from my waist down and still spreading into my upper body.i have tried every thing and now iam seeing a dermatolgest at texas tech of Lubbock tx. we have tried many thing and not a thing is working someone please help me

  139. I have an MRI with contrast every 6 months to monitor for NF-2 related changes in my brain and spinal cord. Two weeks ago, the MRI tech did an in-house kidney function check before the scan, which was the first time in over 4 years that this test was done, and pronounced me to be fine for use of the contrast. I’ve had blood pressure spikes, headaches, hair loss on lower legs, occasional facial flushing (mostly in the evening), intermittent pain under and around my left side ribs (often feeling like a diaphragm ache and/or back ache) and down toward my upper left hip, and sometimes sharper (lung?) pains when I inhale (mostly left side, but occasionally on the right). Very recently, I noticed high blood pressure trends on my home monitor, and it has remained high for over a week (about 20-40 points higher than normal), without abating, and my head feels as if it’s under internal pressure during these times of elevated BP. Many of these symptoms have been present for several years, to various degrees, and have appeared sporadically. Having essentially eliminated dietary issues as the potential cause, it occurred to me to research this on the web, and I was quite surprised to find that gadolinium can produce symptoms quite similar to these, except low BP is generally listed, and I don’t have that. Assuming that my kidney function is fine, might I be suspicious that these symptoms become more pronounced after each scan due to gadolinium toxicity? Should I ask my doctor to discontinue the use of contrast? Can gadolinium cause high BP? What other non-NSF symptoms might I look for? Any other advice?

  140. I, too, began with symtpoms right after- eyes and skin.

    There are some pretty good heavy metal cleanses on the market. I am doing one.

    Because gadolinium is a heavy metal, I am hoping it will help. It is a month long program. I have been doing it one week so far. I will keep you posted.

  141. I have a MRI on june 6th, 2008 after that I was losing my hair and my skin is so dry and itchy. I am afraid of loose all my hair because I can’t comb it because it fall really bad. I am so scared and I do not know what to do. Does anyone else have this side effect?

  142. I have muscle weakness, and total constipation, never had this before. I have joined a fitness center to see if I can get some muscle back and go daily to build up muscle. Have lost muscle and weight, now am in size 4-6, from 9-11 before the tests. 2 MRAs for pituitary adenoma apoplexy. Even with all this knowledge, the docs want me to have another MRA.

  143. I had an MRI with gad just over 2 years ago. When I left the building to walk to my car, it was dark outside. I noticed that street lights, tail lights, oncoming traffic headlights, and even porch lights were severly blurred, beyond “halos.” I thought the MRI had damaged my contacts, so I replaced them when I got home.

    Not only did that not help, but I noticed I was missing my lower left eye’s lashes! A strong burning odor oozed from my pores. The next day, my co-workers a few cubicles away complained of the burning smell – that’s how strong it was! I got cooked!

    The girl at the front desk told me a few weeks later that patients complain about those same symptoms “all the time.” When the MRI manager confronted her about this, she denied saying this to me, afraid of losing her job. One of the radiologists that owned the company, who retired a few months later, insisted that it was impossible that I could be experiencing side effects.

    I searched the internet for answers. A few months later, I saw a commercial for a class action lawsuit. As an employee of the radiology company, I waited until I found new employment before trying to join the lawsuit, but was told that my side effects were not part of the lawsuit. To this day, those same lights at night blind my ability to see curbs and anything in the area of those lights.

    Does anyone else have these same side effects? Any idea how much longer I will have to live with this? As a night student, I have no choice but to drive.

  144. Danny, i also have the side effects after having back surgery 18 months ago. Dr.s don’t know why i have a numb left leg and very sharp pains in my knee along with my left hip. They have done more test, more mri’s and nothing is wrong? i have the symptons of the h/p also and never had a problem in the past? I have calls out to Dr’s on this now it’s the waiting game again … I called the hospitals to see if they use this dye. and YES they do, but now they do blood testing before the MRI, never did with me?…. keep me posted of your symptons, and your test and i’ll do the same.

  145. I have all the gadolinium side effects / NSF symptoms described above, but as far as I know my kidneys are fine. Thanks for the info. Now I can go have my kidneys checked out to see if perhaps that is the issue. The MRI was only six months ago so hopefully no permanent damage has been done by the side effects of the gadolinum injection.

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