Huge ATV Recall by Polaris – Sportsman and Scrambler

Polaris is recalling 95,000 ATVs due to defective electronic control modules (ECMs) that may overheat, causing a fire and burn hazard to riders. If you own one of the four wheeler / ATV models below, contact your closest Polaris dealer for information on how to schedule a free repair. In the meantime, consumers are advised to disconnect the negative (black) battery cable from the battery.

Recalled Polaris Four Wheeler ATV Models:

Model Year Market Name Model Number
2004 SPRTSMN 500 A04CH50AO
2004 SPRTSMN 500 A04CH50AR
2004 SPRTSMN 500 A04CH50AS
2005 INT 500 HO A05MH50FB
2005 SCRMBLR 500 4X4 A05BG50AA
2005 SPRTSMN 400 A05MH42AB
2005 SPRTSMN 400 A05MH42AG
2005 SPRTSMN 400 A05MH42AH
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AB
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AC
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AG
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AH
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AL
2005 SPRTSMN 500 A05MH50AT
2005 SPRTSMN 600 A05MH59AK
2005 SPRTSMN 600 A05MH59AN
2005 SPRTSMN 6X6 A05CL50AA
2005 SPRTSMN 700 A05MH68AD
2005 SPRTSMN 700 A05MH68AK

Model Year Market Name Model Number
2005 SPRTSMN 700 A05MH68AN
2005 SPRTSMN 700 MIL A05MH68MB
2006 INT SPTSMAN 500 A06MH50FB
2006 SCRMBLR 500 4X4 A06BG50AA
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AA
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AC
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AD
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AF
2006 SPRTSMN 450 A06MH46AT
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AA
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AB
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AD
2006 SPRTSMN 500 A06MH50AF
2006 SPRTSMN 6X6 A06CL50AA
2006 SPRTSMN 700 A06MH68AA
2006 SPRTSMN 700 A06MH68AD
2006 SPRTSMN 700 A06MH68AF

Polaris Four Wheeler Recall
Recalled Polaris 4-wheeler ATV

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Everett Sizemore is the owner and Editor of US Recall News: He is dedicated to educating people about consumer safety, social activism and corporate responsibility by bringing information to Americans about the products they use every day.

149 thoughts on “Huge ATV Recall by Polaris – Sportsman and Scrambler

  1. My 2006 450sportsman has had 3batteries one starter one starter relay one stator one PCM Now runs. Only1800 km on machine. Heap of junk. Come on honda

  2. I got hurt recently when the PDM failed on my 2007 Sportsman 500 EFI. The engine cut half way up a hill; the engine started to sputter, the speedometer needle starting flashing, the battery light started flashing, and then the engine cut out causing the ATV to roll backward down a hill flipping it and landing on me. If it had landed on my head or neck it could have been fatal. Has anyone made any head way with a class action law suit or reporting the issues we are all seeing to Polaris or any consumer safety boards ? Mine has already had an electrical fire in the rear light socket, ECM replaced due to voltage spikes causing the unit to backfire and cut out and now this. Its just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

    I’m reporting to the following:

    If anyone has any more information please let me know.

  3. I own 4 Polaris MV7’s (2005)

    They are a nightmare. Absolute piles of junk. Every-one is for sale, running or not. They all have had entire wire harness’s replaced, with PDM/ECM modules. Still have no-start issues. Polaris’s wire harness are garbage. Not one connector is a weather pack which helps keep moisture out of pigtails etc. Every year we put a wire harness on each one. Anyways there’s my rant. Interested in an MV7, get ahold of me. Going cheap

  4. ANOTHER 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI…300 miles…80 hours…used for nothing but to plow my driveway…always stored in garage…ECM/PDM issue…0 to fix?? ADD ME TO CLASS ACTION LAW suit if one is in place…i will be calling Polaris everyday until this is addressed. Sad an American company has such shitty customer service….Hello Honda.

  5. Have an 07 500 Sportsman. These things definately have a lot of electrical issues. Replaced battery (no big deal) but had to replace display when 4 wheel drive quit. That was a big tab. Now I have an issue with it starting. Have to leave key on for 5 minutes until display lights up and then it may start. (hit and miss) I am suspecting PDM which is another big hit. Probably 0 range. A little upset with this Polaris products

  6. my sportman 2004 700 4×4, battery warming symbol would come on when I was driving 25 about. test new battery ok 12.6 to 14.6 running. Put meter on battery driving, to see when symbol it was over charging 15 + , replaced regulartor 1st. with aftermarket ,but red chip would not lock in, plus other clip not right, install ebay oem. new for ..00 & it\\’s running great.

  7. Yup LET\’S DO IT!!!!! 2007 Sportsman 500. Part #4011517.Contacted Polaris by letter, email and phone. They could care less.

  8. we are having problems with over heating under the seat area when riding in low gear.(sportsman500 ho) we tried everything. it only happens in low gear or when you are going slow. the seat area gets really hot and you have to shut off and let it cool.

  9. I have an 05 800 sportsman the instrament cluster quit working bought a new onee changed it and still nuthing checked the fuses in the front hatch all good is thear any ive missed becuze with the new one still nothing any ideas?

  10. i have a 2004 atp 500 only 70 hr same problem ecm gave me problem off and on always cleared code and hot sig i never new about recall never got notice now ecm is out complety wont turn fan on i wonder if recall is still in affect can you just wire past ecm and run togel for fan

  11. Hi, last weekend We go on trails and after 3 hr of ridding my 700 cc 2005 V-Twin almost stall….
    He have a lot of trouble to take is gas… and the temp goes at the top, the thermostatic fan starts, but the heat signal dind’t show…after each 15 min of ridding we wait for 20 min to give i’m a break.Do you think it is the ECM that cause all this..the millage is 2400 km and 300 hr…is there is a recall on this in Québec Canada ? Regards,

  12. 2007 450 sportsman, replaced battery now machine is dead turn key nothing dash doesn\\’t even light up. Thought it was a solinoid replaced it still nothing. After reading here I think it\\’s my EMC if anyone has any ideas if that\\’s what it is or has had it happen to them or if anyone forms a class action law suit email me

  13. Add me to the list of bad ECM’s and a class action lawsuit. I have two 2007 Sportsman 500 EFI’s. The first ATV’s ECM went out 2 years ago. Now the second ATV’s ECM went out. It has 350 miles on it, stored inside, never in water.

  14. I have the POS 2007 500 efi as well. Not even 700 miles on it and have been fighting the electrical. Replaced about everything on it… on my 3rd control module (located under the pull off access panel under the steering), and am told that the ECM needs to replaced for the 3rd time. Polaris has never responded to emails….and calling them on the phone is a painful process. Will be listing it for sale for parts this weekend. I am done.

  15. I have a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 that give us a engine code error number 47. Which I guess is iac stepping motor error or harness. I guessing this is a real common problem. Does it hurt it to drive it this way?

  16. kevin, I have a 2006 Sportsman 500 HO EFI and it is doing the same thing. It will run great for about an hour and then just dies as if it is not getting gas, or air. My thought is it is getting too much gas for the altitude (around8,000-10,000feet). I have replaced the map sensor and cable harness but it is still happening. Anythoughts

  17. I have a 2007 Sportsman 500. I have already replaced one PDM and unfortunately I think I’m going to need to do it again. I spent over $500 dollars on the last repair only a couple years ago. I rarely use my 4-wheeler so I’m wondering if that is part of the issue. Very frustrated to have to keep putting money into the same repair again. I will never buy another Polaris after such a bad experience with my first one.

  18. I have a 2005 sportsman 700 efi, it runs good for a while then it acts like it runs out of gas, i remove the gas cap and it acts as if it is pressured up, i can blow into the tank very hard for a few seconds and it will run good again for a short time, can anyone tell me what is wrong.

  19. Purchased a used 2007 500 4×4 EFI several months ago. It had 327 miles at the time. Just turned 1000 miles with no issues, and then the entire electrical system went dead. Battery was fully charged. Thanks to a lot of information on this site and others, I determined the problem to be with the P/N 4011517 PDM that is located under the front cargo box. Found a new one on line for $287 delivered. Had to wait about two weeks to get it. Just put in the new module and everything works good again. I have owned about eight Polaris ATV’s over the past 25 years, and this is the first major problem I have had. But, this is the first one with all the electronics and EFI. Hope I don’t have any more problems with this quad or I will start looking at other brands for my next purchase.

  20. Interesting I was looking around for info on a problem I am having with my 06 500HO X2 Quad. Driving home one day and it acted like it had run out of fuel. but after stripping it down to the frame found the same gurgling noises from the fuel pump and from some silinoid on top mof the carb or (plenum) as it cycles threw the programing, but just hanges there going threw the motions, instrument cluster blank , flashing on and off ocasionally, no starter function. I wingled harness on back of cluster and instrument lights came one and starter function regained momentarily. Now nothing.

    Copy From:?Ian Munro on May 15th, 2012 9:27 pm
    I have the same problem with my 2007 Polaris 500 H.O. EFI Quad. Turn the key on and all I hear is the fuelpump and some clicking noise. The power isn’t getting to the ignition or the instrument cluster. It won’t even turn over. The battery tests out at 12.8 volts. It sounds like many other people on here are having the same problems. I can’t understand why Polaris hasn’t recalled these machines and fixed our problems. Please let me know if someone is going to start a class action lawsuit. Polaris should not be able to get away with this.
    Strange two very similar problems. Myn is lightly run and not beat, well taken care of. Im leanin towards the cluster as it is the driver interface/ECU, and or possibly a broke wire in the harness to it. have to takle that tomarrow,,,LOL

  21. I own a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 H. O. EFI. I left a comment about a failed PDM (Power Distribution Module) back on September 4, 2011. I spent several hours trying to design some circuits needed to bypass the PDM. Some of the circuitry needed, like the charging circuit, could not be easily bypassed. The charging system module on a 2008 500 EFI will work on the 2007 if you bypass the 07’s PDM, but the charging system module is $90. I finally gave up and purchased a new PDM. Hopefully, the new PDM is an improved model over the original factory unit.

    Everyone is hoping that there will be some kind of recall and Polaris will make good on their faulty electrical parts. Unfortunately, Polaris will never admit that there is a problem unless a related government agency forces a formal investigation. Government investigations never happen unless there are numerous injuries or deaths associated with product failures.

    My wife and I ride our ATV’s together. I’m thankful that my second ATV is a Yamaha. When I purchased the replacement Polaris PDM I also purchased a tow strap that I carry just in case my wifes Polaris stops running again…

  22. I have the same problem with my 2007 Polaris 500 H.O. EFI Quad. Turn the key on and all I hear is the fuelpump and some clicking noise. The power isn’t getting to the ignition or the instrument cluster. It won’t even turn over. The battery tests out at 12.8 volts. It sounds like many other people on here are having the same problems. I can’t understand why Polaris hasn’t recalled these machines and fixed our problems. Please let me know if someone is going to start a class action lawsuit. Polaris should not be able to get away with this.

  23. If a suit develops, count me in. I had to replace my fuel pump (+entire tank) at only 42 old folks hours. Polaris would not help. $592. Now the ignition just clicks – no start. ’06 Sportsman 700 EFI.

  24. Mike Richards,

    It is your PDM, Power Distribution Module. Same thing happened to my 2007 Polaris Sportsman. Replaced the PDM and so far have not had any issue. It is
    located in front of the radiator. It is not your ECM. Some have had what seems to me as ECM issues, not PDM issue (or maybe both), but from what you describe it sounds exactly like my problem.

    We purchased our PDM from our local Polaris Dealer as we thought this was best in case there is some recall or issue with new PDM.

    Also please see this comment posted above; Mike C on September 4th, 2011 6:03 pm, as you may find it helpful.


  25. I also have a 2007 Polaris sportsman 500 ho. It will not turn over, the lights don’t work and the instrument panel does not work. The battery is good. The engine will turn over if I jumper the solenoid, but will not run. If I leave the ignition on the lights and fuel pump will come on for a couple of seconds and then go off. This cycle will continue about every thirty seconds. It appears that many people have had this same issue. is this the module in front of the handle bars or the module that is located in front of the radiator? Any help would be appreciated..

    • I have a 2007 Polaris also, that if we just ride, it is fine, but if we use anything on it, like lights
      or the blower, then it turns off, and then won’t turn back on until you charge the battery, when you test the battery charging, it is only charging at 11.80 at most, high idle… however we cannot find the regulator.. I think it is part of the control module, because I am stumped.

  26. I forgot another thing wrong with my polaris 450 sportsman is the battry light keep flashing…….does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my wheeler,thanks Paul

  27. I have a 2006 polaris 450 sportsman ive had a problem with it ever since ive owned it and i bought it brand new for my daughter back in 2006,i have had to put in 4 new batterys,new starter,now they are telling me its the magneto and or the stator wtf it keeps killing my battery i cant keep the lights on cause the battery gets worn down,they are very expensive sound to me there has been allot of problems with this style atv who do i contact to get this matter resolved,thank you Paul from Seabrook New Hampshire….

  28. I have a 06 450.. bought it brand new for the boys to ride.. What a POS… seems to run alright but the dash flashes HOT,and the new fan won`t run.. so I`m worried about riding it for any length of time.. Dealer told me to replace the ASM-Thermo senser (65.00).. Didn`t help one bit…I`ve always had Hondas.. Boy did I screw up when I bought this Polaris…

  29. Well I own 2 polaris atvs both 500s one a 2005 500ho and a 2007 500ho efi deluxe. I ride these plow with these and mud with these and have never left me stranded. I pressure wash them everytime i ride. The only problem I have had was the starter bendix one broke the garter spring the other the gear seized. I am now experiencing the no charging battery flashing light and intermittent tach output. I have owned many polaris snowmobiles as well all been good too me. All these people here that brag hondas . Honda engines run forever for the most part. WHEN HONDA USES DISK BRAKES I WILL CONSIDER THEM talk about stoneage technology. Disk brakes should not be allowed on any vehicle moreso a atv that sees most of its time in the mud and water. Honda has had it fair share of problems as well . Like there automotice style transmissions going bad and a repair bill of 2500 to rand r one of these. And there esp shift problems.POLARIS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE TO SAY THE LEAST when i had to wait 6 months to get the surepower module replaced . also have has the rear fenders melt to the exhaust even with the exhaust update shield installed. All makers have there issues . But funny think is this is Polaris was the POS everyone is saying why do they outsell all other manufactuers. I am a Yamaha fan after owner there generators and motorcycles and will consider them on my next atv.

  30. 2006 sportsman 500 efi x2 with same electrical problems posted by many others. Less than 70 hours use and now will not run long enough to load on truck to take to dealer. New battery installed last week didn’t help. I can jiggle wires below solenoid and sometimes get about 5 seconds of electricity to dash.
    Have already replaced ECM once and don’t think I should have to pay for this again. My model is not listed on recall list but obviously should be. Model # is A06MN50AW. Anyone else in same boat please contact me at and lets join together to make this American company stand behind their product. Can’t sell this pos and can’t afford to ride it. A good atty should be able to easily win a settlement from polaris.

  31. Sign me up for the class action suit. 2007 500 efi. Dead in the water but at least now I know whats wrong and I have not had to see the dealer yet. Mine ran strong for 3 + years in the wolly woods through all manner of yuck with no issues. Washed it one time with a pressure washer and now it’s dead dead dead.
    Thanks for all of the info on this blog, anyone know the part # for the PDM? Once I get it running it’s getting sold to some poor sap, Buyer Beware. Did have to replace the battery already and I think when I get home I’m going to get it out of the garage so it does not burn the house down when or if it catches fire!
    Hope my house is till standing now… better go check.

  32. I used to own a 2008 Sportsman 500 EFI. I purchased it new in May of 2008 and had it loaded with accessories including a plow for the winter time. It has always been garaged and well maintained. I just helped load it into an enclosed trailer where it is going to be stored in a secure location until a forensics fire specialist can examine it. The fire originated in the ATV. It was destroyed, literally melted, which in turn damaged our 2010 Subaru Outback and caused considerable damage to our garage and smoke damage to our home. We were home at the time with our 7 year old son. 6 fire engines responded to our 911 call. It is suspected that the ECM may be the cause of the fire. After researching the unit I have discovered the ECM was the focus of a large recall in 2005. I am curious if there are others who have had similar experiences beyond the recall. We have been out of our home already for two weeks while the cleanup crews and contractors work out the details and will continue to be housed in an apartment until we may return to our home.

  33. I have 2007 Sportsman EFI HO 4×4. Sounds like I”m no the only one with the ECM or PDM problem. My ATV has been (((BABIED)). NO MUD< NO WATER. This was my first ATV purchased and my lasted POLARIS!!! They will not stand behind there product. AND I was thinking about buying a POLARIS RANGER SIDE BY SIDE BUT NO NOW!!! NO WAY!!!

  34. were do u find the model number at please i have been haveing overheatting and now i can get power to the dash and the ignetion switch

  35. 2004 Sportsman 700 EFI, almost 6000 miles on it without a problem, Oct. 2011, on hunting trip overheated as the electric fan quit working. All wiring checked and determined that the load shed relays was faulty as was the command from the ECU. Np problem I will replace both and be back on the road. No the parts are unavailable and on back order. I read about the recalls and faulty ECU’s and most of the complaints… WOW, The parts I need are #4011560 and #4011146. I have searched the web and called numerous dealers with negative results. Can anyone help?

  36. Why do we even bother? Two Sportsman 500’s and I’m thinking I should make arrangements with Polaris to burn them both just so they can see the pretty colours that come off them. That’s about all their product is worth. This is what I get for contributing to the economy.

  37. Have a Polaris 450 sportsman 4×4 and has ran fine until this past summer. Gas and tach guages do not work. Overheats as some of the plastic side panels have melted. Battery charges at 17 volts unless both lights are left on. When battery overcharges, machine will shut down. A new ECM unit was put in under recall and just put in another and problem still persists. Can run the machine in cold weather as long as both lights are on. When warm weather comes, pretty sure unit will not function as will overcharge all the time.

    Will change out PDM next to see if that helps.

  38. we have also replace the ECM 3 times on our 2006 Sportsman 500 X2 sportsman (not included in the recall) I am in favor the the class action law suit….

  39. I also own a 2007 sportsman EFI. I thought it was the battery then starter. Well I am glad I looked this up. Now I know the real problem. Let me know if any class action is going too happen.

  40. I just bought a 2004 polaris sportsman 400 from a friend of mine. the first day I got the thing I was riding around and I lost the lights and the display but the engine kept running. I turned off the key and It wouldn’t start so I had to use the pull start. after a few minutes all power turned back on. then off then on….. after about an hour of riding I had to jump off because antifreeze started shooting out of the radatior. Sounds like the same problem everyone else is having. I call Polaris and they told me no recall or bullets according to the vin I gave them. According to the list on the top of this page I should be covered. Im frustrated, Any advice?

  41. In August while rideing in the mountains my 2007 Sportman would not start. The dash started blinking got back to camp and trouble shooted found that PDM behind the radiator only putting out 4.5 volts to dash and 12volts coming in. Contacted polars dealer to see if their was a recall not recall for this unit. Only have 40 hrs on my unit. I use my unit for searchand rescue. after I replace the PDM when I get the extra cash I do not know if I can trust it when I am called out.
    I think they need to add to their recall list.

  42. Bought 2007 scrambler 500 from ex wife so paid 2x for it . Read the blogs and the fan stays on because ECM is nfg.I will thread a temperature indicator into the housing and run fan manually. The wiring harness needs a thorough inspection for wear points( change loom) and retape. I will figure out how to control voltage from magneto to distributed loads using a voltage regulator and make a power bus for the lights,acc power,starter lockout,temp control and fan,and most important battery protection.These will all be fused like any normal application and to heck with the crooks and thieves in the ATV business. I got this quad for pleasure in bear country and I play to win by thinking there’s a fix! The Polaris company product speaks for itself,my fix is cheaper than the 340$ the dealer wants for the ECM and Polaris will suffer their own. Do the math Polaris,china has!

  43. Bought 2007 scrambler 500 from ex wife so paid 2x for it . Read the blogs and the fan stays on because ECM is nfg.I will thread a temperature indicator into the housing and run fan manually. The wiring harness needs a thorough inspection for wear points( change loom) and retape. I will figure out how to control voltage from magneto to distributed loads using a voltage regulator and make a power bus for the lights,acc power,starter lockout,temp control and fan,and most important battery protection.These will all be fused like any normal application and to heck with the crooks and thieves in the ATV business. I got this quad for pleasure in bear country and I play to win by thinking there’s a fix! The Polaris company product speaks for itself,my fix is cheaper than the 340$ the dealer wants for the ECM and Polaris will suffer their fate by their mismangement. Do the math Polaris,china has!

  44. Same problems here. 2006 500efi with one problem after another. Starter, ECM, crankshaft position sensor, MAF sensor and wiring harness and now not charging more than 12 volts. Even broke pullstart when it wouldn’t start. Now I can’t ride with lights on or when fan runs alot. Sounds like stator or ecm again. That’s why i’m reading this. Also somehow the first ECM was not covered in recal after contacting 2 dealers. I think it’s somewhere around $10 per mile to ride this pampered never mudded or wet but good looking bike. After this next $500+ fix it’s going to be traded in for a Can Am. Not a good thing when dealer is on speedial and you know everyone in the service dept 35 miles away. Thankfully I have a 2002 400 that starts and runs great so I can actually ride.

  45. Anyone on here have detailed computer skills. Any way to get an electronic pettition going to see how many 2007 owners in the country have this issue so we can bear heard at a national level. Just on here there is at least 20 people. My guess is we can get 400-600 people with the same problem.
    I am another 2007 sportman 500 owner having the same problems. I was dumb enough to buy the extra service pack when I bought it knew. I got its the battery, replaced it, 8 months later battery, replaced it. Now out of warrenty and same issue. Of course not their problem.

  46. I don’t know about a class action suit but I am going to be starting a small claims court action as soon as my business season slows down.

  47. I’ve got a 2005 Polaris 700 4×4 with oversized rims and tires. In low 4×4 its a animal with lots of power. I ride it it fairly hard and have had rear brake issues and half shaft issues. Nothing major. Now when I turn on the lights the engine dies and it does not have 4×4 in reverse. Can anyone help on where to start looking for the problem?

  48. I have a 2007 Sportsman 500 EFI. When I turn the key nothing happens……then if I wait a little while it will light up and I can start it. It started happening periodically but now it just wont work all together. Can someone please tell me the difference between the PCM….ECM…& PDM? All I know about is the computer box just below the headlight near the radiator. Thanks for any suggestions.

  49. Bought my 07 sportsman 500 new having many of the same problems with ECM as most who have posted here. Dealers won’t take back any parts they recommend you check or change that won’t help your bike start. Polaris won’t buge to help at all and get this, based on VIN# bike was built 12/01/06 but sold as brand new in ’07 still no help, model # not on recall. I’ll purchase ECM myself and fix it for 1/2 of dealer service cost and it will be the last of Polaris anything I purchase. What I don’t get is these problems have started a while back, why hasn’t there been a huge group action standing up against these companies that continue to screw over the customer. These companies will just continue act great on the front end sale but continue not to give a %@*# on the service end until the hundreds if not thousands start banning together. I’m pissed your pissed but WHEN!

  50. Gotta an ‘04.5 Sportsman 500 overheating and when I turn the wheels one way, my display goes blank til I come back the other way. Overheat problem has been a problem shortly after I bought it. I also have a ’96 Magnum that is good up til a month ago. The 4×4 will work in reverse but not high or low!?!?! I can’t complain about the bike. It’s been good so far, after I replaced the belt inside and outside cover! Been a good one. Love to ride the independent suspension of the 500, but the overheat has been intermittent. Gonna check on this recall. With all these problems everyone is having, I’m not sure about a class action lawsuit. I’ll let you know if I have to contact Polaris about this and they cut me off!?!?

  51. I have an 07 450 sportsman and its been nothing only trouble since i got it. first the starter went luckily that was under warranty. then i was on the way to my cabin and the bike spit and sputtered a few times and then shut off the problem turned out to be a broken wire in the handle bar wiring harness. Now the bike has died again and i cant figure out what it is im starting to lean towards the PDM or the ECM being the problem. but i dont really want to pay 400-500 dollars to replace it when people are saying they end up replacing it more than once.

  52. I wrote in back in Aug. with an unknown problem of intermitten electrical issues. After spending 380 on new ecm, that wasnt it, mine turned out to be the pdm also, another 509 dollars. Lookin for another Honda.

  53. I too have the 07 ecm/pdm problem Just one more to add to the list Same story babied garage kept I think the class action is an excellent idea. Most folks love their machines when they are running so just an effective recal program would satisfy most users.

  54. First of all there are a lot of people leaving information on this website who need to understand the difference between an ECM (Engine Control Module) and a PDM (Power Distribution Module). The ECM controls the engine and the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system. The PDM controls the ATV’s electrical distribution system and charging system. There are no user serviceable fuses other than the fusable link on a Polaris ATV that has a PDM. The PDM acts as an electronic circuit breaker and eliminates the need for fuses.
    I own a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 H. O. EFI. It has 79 hours on it. I have a Polaris factory service manual and I do all my own maintenance work. In July of this year it would not start. With the ignition key in the on position there was no power to headlights, taillights or any other electrical component. The battery was new and fully charged. If I left the ignition key in on position and the headlights turned on, after about 30 seconds the headlights would come on and I could start and the engine. It would run for about 10 to 20 seconds and then the headlights would go out and the engine would stall. Leaving the ignition key on and waiting for another 30 seconds or so, the headlights would come back on and I could start and run the engine again. I disconnected the battery and removed the PDM. I put the PDM in a freezer and took it down to -9 degrees F. I immediately remove the PDM from the freezer and put it back in the ATV. The engine immediately started and ran normally for about 15 minutes until the PDM reached the ambient temperature of 86 degrees F. When the PDM reached the ambient temperature, the engine stalled and the headlights went off again. The PDM is designed in the USA by Sure Power Industries. The PDM unit is mass manufactured in China. The PDM unit contains electronic components from all over the world. I will soon pay $517 for a new PDM. How long will the new one last?

    How many owners of Polaris ATV’s will be seriously injured or even killed from loss of control due to PDM failures? These PDM related problems need to be reported to various Federal agencies who can take actions against Polaris and their defective components.

  55. I have A 05 SPORTSMAN MV7, Everytime i take it out it seems to over heat? No matter how clean or how much antifreeze is in it,i thought these machine were built for the milatary and desert why is it overheatin. I seen there was a sportsman recall for this issue,does mine fall in to this catorgory? Im getting to the point of tradin or selling this thing.

  56. Well it looks as if I get to add my 07 sportsman 500 to the list. Stopped in a riverbed for a break and went to leave, turned the key, nothing. My husband looked for fuses but remembered that I did not have any. Couldn’t find any problem. Kill switch fine and checked all the usual stuff. Battery fine. I hooked up to my husbands RZR and was ready to be towed back to camp (how humiliating). Decided to try the key again as I waiting for my husband to get seated and it started. We thought it a one time odd thing. My husband builds race engines so he knows his way around. Looked everything over and could not find anything wrong. Rode about 100 miles the other day and went to start it up after our break. Nothing again. It’s like it’s dead, but there is power at certain points. My husband jumped the solenoid, it started and I was able to get back to camp again. So we get home and unload, go to start it, nothing again. I jumped online did some searches, how disappointing. All the posts for the 2007 having problems. We do think mine is the PDM and not the ECM as my ATV always ran just fine. I do think Polaris does need to stand behind these issues. My husband has maintained everything we have extremely well and I should not be having this issue. I love the ride and brag to everyone about my Polaris. I guess I better stop that! for contact information. I am going to contact Polaris even though that will not get me anywhere. I paid $8600 for this unit and it should be running just fine yet. I was supposed to get a rebate, but that is another story.

  57. Same here, 07 sportsman 500 efi 290 easy miles 30 hrs stored in shop. Thought battery was bad, replaced. Turn key on and nothing for a few minutes, then speedo will flash on and off, clicking sound, starts for a minute, dies no power again, called a few places and everyone seemed very familiar with problem, confident it was ECM issue. Spent $380.00 on new one(no return policy of course) plugged new one in, turned key and not a damn thing changed.I look good draggin it around with my 99 honda 450. My own fault, always been loyal to honda, had great luck and the stupidest thing I did was buy a polaris. Thanks polaris your machines really LOOK GOOD. To bad we cant ride em, might be fun. Maybe you could buy all these pieces of junk back and they could sit in your garage and rot.:)

  58. I have the same problem that tj has

    “tj on June 25th, 2011 3:08 pm

    I sound like many of you sportsman owners out there!!!

    I have a 2007 sportsman 500 efi with 650 babied miles.battery light and speedo needle flashed at me. Had checked out. Battery replaced,still did it.rode for a month,now battery dead. Had diag done again, Now the stator is burned on the windings and the ecm is bad.(was told the ecm on the “2007? YEAR ONLY has the voltage regulator inside it) not a brite idea .They changed back in 08 to a seperate regulator behind the radiator. Had to buy new stator and ecm and had to have the new ecm reprogrammed. Not pleased to say the least. 07 was a funky year for polaris,the technition even told me there schematics are all messed up. ”

    This is my fourth sportsman since 1998. I have had small issues in the past but this is a show stopper.

    I replaced the battery and checked the voltage to the battery and found that it is over charging the battery. Book says 14.5 volts to the battery and it is putting out 17 volts to the battery. Battery light and speedo needle are flashing, then go off for a while when i turn on the lights, then back on again.
    This sounds like a law suite in the making after the quad, garage, house and barn burn down from the overcharge going to the battery.
    Is their a real fix or just a bandaid fix?

  59. We have an ’04 carburated and an ’07 efi sportsman. Have not had ANY trouble with either of them, except for a battery issue w/the ’04. But… this weekend, air filter box broke right where it screws to the frame, allowed the seat to drop down and push the plastic outward (the plastic tab that secures the plastic to the frame is also broken). This resulted in the seat literally being MELTED to the exhaust pipe, this causing me to be on here today to buy a new seat, a new air filter box, and new grommets for the plastic. I noticed that the seat was cracked all the way down the middle, to find that the air filter box is a SUPPORT for the seat. Now, is that a stupid idea, or what? I am guessing this is a MAJOR design flaw, since the ’04 is built sturdier in the seat area. Has anyone else had this problem? And does Polaris handle recalls like the car dealerships do and fix the recalls for free or reimburse? Any info is appreciated!!

  60. my 2006 sportsman 450’s starter continues to run a few more cranks after the engine has fired since new. now with 250 miles it will fire rite up and run great for aprox 15-20 min then sputter out and die, and refuse to start. if i wait 1/2 hour for it to cool down it will start rite up, run great for 10 min then die and refuse to start. POS. any one know any fixes?

  61. OH and other dealer MHMS looked up replaced both ECM’s for my 04 400 and 05 500 I installed them in 5 minutes each.

  62. In 2004 I bought two sportsman’s 700 EFI and 400 form Honda Suzuki of Salt Lake.
    They ran fine for the first 50 hours, then the 400 started to run like crap, I as the fool I was paid for the “FIRST SERVICE” They supposedly adjusted valves, oil , and plugs. When I took them in I mentioned to the SERVICE MAN that the 400 was running like crap and needed to be fixed, (within the first month and 50 hours). I went to pick them up and the IDIOT service guy pulled out the 400 and said to me “Boy this one runs like a PIG” Imagine how I felt at that moment… I asked them why did they not fix it? He said it was in for “first service only” I was pissed as all be. I took the machines and did my own research and figured out it was a jetting problem. I talked to another dealer and they said oh yeah there was a jetting problem in the book and GAVE me the proper jets to use. That helped but something was still wrong. no power. Same dealer checked the clutch weights and they were also wrong for 3-6 thousand feet above sea level once they were changed the bike was like brand new and running great. I would NEVER STEP FOOT in Honda Suzuki of salt lake ever again. They refused to help me with this issue. Then the 700 would run for a while then putter out. Found out it was the wiring harness issue. Had other dealer replace harness and re program my ECU.
    That worked great until it got hot Another Flaw in design is the gas tank gets so hot the gas boils and ruined the fuel pump. Dealers can only get the whole take assembly $500 Yeah right. Took mine apart took pump to NAPA and bought the exact same pump, replaced and put more heat shield tape underneath the tank. Worked like a charm. WEW $70 later. I did notice this weekend we went on a hot hill clime and stopped to eat. Heard gas boiling again :) I added more gas to bring temp down. I will build a heat shield of some kind if I can . I think these are designed to break and make people pay more money for repair. All Marketing BULL SHIP if you ask me. Funny thing is the Other Dealer that was most helpful got CASH the next year for an 05 500 I had NO TROUBLE with that one. Its 2011. Sad thing is the economy must have hit the other dealer MHMS They are no longer in business. :(

  63. My wife has a polaris 450 and had no problems untill now. When cold I can only start it by pull start, and when warm I can use the key to start. does anyone have an Idea what is wrong HELP !!!!

  64. yaaa, I’ll never by a polaris again, My 2008 has been nothing but troubke since day one of owning it…..THERE A JOKE.

  65. I sound like many of you sportsman owners out there!!!

    I have a 2007 sportsman 500 efi with 650 babied miles.battery light and speedo needle flashed at me. Had checked out. Battery replaced,still did it.rode for a month,now battery dead. Had diag done again, Now the stator is burned on the windings and the ecm is bad.(was told the ecm on the “2007” YEAR ONLY has the voltage regulator inside it) not a brite idea .They changed back in 08 to a seperate regulator behind the radiator. Had to buy new stator and ecm and had to have the new ecm reprogrammed. Not pleased to say the least. 07 was a funky year for polaris,the technition even told me there schematics are all messed up.

  66. I have a 2007 500 x2. Have no had a problem with it, however my sons 07 sportsman is DOA. No power when the key is turned on etc. How do you check if it’s the ECM or the PDM?

  67. I think that if Polaris does not add the 2007 on their recall list, then we should all join in a class action lawsuit againsst them maybe then they would listen.


  69. 2007 sportsman 500 pod cluster barly working,speed omotor not working rpms dropping out and batter light comes on,engine dies out of the blue.
    dealer says ECM going out 379.00 for this part which should be under recall from everything im finding out about this issue….
    less then 200 hours on this bike.
    Goverment needs to be advised about this!!
    customers are getting ripped off this is ridiculas!

  70. I won a 2004 in a 1/2 sportsman 400 im not sure how many miles are on it (but I know its not over 500) cuz its been wraped in a tarp in our wood shed, cuz of course it dont run thanks to the wiring harrnes, about 4 years ago my 9 year old son was going to ride, and it started on fire thank god he got off in time and we got the fire out in time so the hole thing didnt burn to the ground (now I wish It would of) I have three kids and havent been able to afford a new harrnes for it, now that they are leaving WI is it going to be harder to get there parts? we also have a dale Jr. little 90 that we have had no problems with. Im with ya all on a class action suit on these jerks I would love to know if anyone starts one! Please let us know!!

  71. My Sportsman 500 has 284 hours, now not covered by warranty. My dealer says the problem with mine not starting is when the steering goes one direction or the other it pinches the wiring. I’m tired of buying batteries. I thought it was that I wasn’t riding it enough. My dealer now says they knew about the problem and seeing all the problems and recalls shouldn’t the dealer have some responsibility to let his customers know about the ongoing issues? RThe service manager is great though. He was so pissed about how Polaris was acting he had to wait a day to cool down before calling them back. I’m waiting to hear if Polaris will cover anything. It sounds like I might be out of luck.
    Any news on a class action lawsuit?

  72. I bought a new 2008 polaris 800 sportsman touring. It has been stored inside. I replaced the wire harness twice and an axle. I am good to my machines and service them regularly. I will never buy another polaris.

  73. i own a 2008 500 sportsman with 537miles, i always store it in a shed. i just replaced the wire harness on it because of many broken wires and would not start. for 746 dollars. from my research polaris is having problems with this part.
    1) the dealership had a part on hand
    2)there is a new part number from the original
    3) polaris and the dealerships are using this poorly made part to make money, so in return i will tell everybody i know not to buy a polaris product.

  74. I have an 07 Sportsman 500 with about 2000 miles on it. It’s had a couple of different problems in the wiring harness.
    The first time it started running bad I found that one of the MAP sensor wires had broken INSIDE of the wires insulation. Meaning you could not see a broken wire from the outside because just the copper wire INSIDE was broken. Very hard to find as sometimes the wire made contact and sometimes it didn’t.

    2 weeks ago it started running bad again. It seemed to be coming from the IAC (idle air control) wiring because every time I gave them a wiggle it would run fine for a short while. Upon inspection I found that 4 of the 6 wires going to the IAC had been rubbed through by the black plastic loom that is supposed to protect it from chaffing. Instead, it’s the loom causing the chaffing. Plus the fact that the wire seems very cheap. (I’m an aircraft mechanic and we don’t use such cheap stuff) After further inspection of my wiring harness I found 3 more wires chaffed through by the loom. At that point I stopped looking and ordered a new wiring harness, and will install it using different chaff protection. Polaris – shame on you. I wouldn’t cost you that much more to use better wire.

    I live in Arizona where I sometimes ride in 115° heat, far from my home. While I am prepared for a long walk home (I carry lots of water) I’m really not looking forward to it.

  75. i have a 2007 sportsman 800 other than my cooling fan goin bad i havent had a single problem with it. anyone kno where to get a cheep fan?

  76. 2000 poliars sportsman it jumps from reverce to high gear it has caused serious injury to a dear friend its a 500 if anybody has had any problems with this .please inform me.

  77. I have 2007 Polaris sportsman 500 EFI with less than 50 hours and cost me $500 to fixed the ECM also quit running about 4 times a day shut down complete the electric system now won’t start I changed spark plug and still not working. I am thinking about sell it and buy a Honda, Yamaha or the new Bennche UTV.

  78. I have 2004 polaris 700 sportsman twin with carb.Its seems to be getting very hot plastic part of the cylinders and headsn seem to be almost melting,but I turn it off the water on the motor boils when I turn it off before it does damage.The fan goes on not long and no hot light goes on at all The ATV has only 159 miles.I put a hift kit,high performance clutch kit,heavy duty springs and over sise tires. Looks wild runs like an animal spins the tires over15mph plus faster.Ride 10minuets the front exaust pipe gets red hot turn motor off ,not to blowit up?

  79. I just bought a 2004 1/2 Sportsman 500 HO that had the ECM blow and burn the wiring harness . It was not coverd in the re-call , yet the Chinese made part was the same part used on the ones that Polaris did fix !! I bought a 2004 Magnum 330 new . It would not idle as they tried to load it on my truck . The dealer told me that they were cold natured . I have never been able to start it up and walk away from it !! One month out of warranty , it started to leak oil from the valve cover . I contacted Polaris and some arrogant woman told me tough luck !! I spent $500.00 to get the oil leak fixed and improve the cold idle . Still leaks oil and still will not idle !! We are stupid for owning Polaris products !! I wish that someone would start a class action law suit !! Greg Moore

  80. I have a 2004 400 Sportsman with 437 miles that just died. Other day would not run unless low beams were on. Drove it onto the truck yesterday, got to my site, turned key on everything is dead. Spent rest of day yesterday and this morning testing. Think it’s the ECM. Come on the computer to look for help. Didn’t realize there was this many people with electrical problems. Glad I’m not the only one.

  81. ihave 2005 polaris700efi. i am having the same problem that alot of folks on here are. ride my 700 for about an hour or so and it starts running real rough and acting like its out of gas. it then quits. not happy with polaris at all. my 700 has low miles on it and has not been abused. i am thinking class action also.

  82. we need to start a class action law suit..where do we start,my o5 sportman with 311 pamper miles is junk, no quality control at polaris serious pepole lets break the crooked bastards,5000,00 dollars worth of junk ,just think they are getting rich for selling us junk.

  83. I have a 2007 x2 500 and am now experiencing the gremlin power issue…this is ridiculous. So my dealer is looking at replacing a $300+ power module…that better be right…and even then, this is not how to support your American customers…who lives in Minnesota that can stop in and see management???, and let them hear this tidal wave of crap. Deal with this problem…I am seriously looking to trade it in when it is fixed and never look back to Polaris again…did anyone try to get ahold of them via their website?

  84. would love to get in on a class action suite…we have replaced the ECM in my 2006 Polaris Sportsman 500 2X for the 3rd time… I’m hoping this one will do a better job, the machine’s fan seems to be working other words it comes on frequently telling me that the machine is getting hot, The ECM is right by the radiator (another great Polaris idea) do you thing it’s a knee jerk reaction to the fire starting. and now it just quits working instead of starting a fire

  85. Re; my post above of my 2005 Polaris 500 burning to the ground I just heard back from Polaris they basically told me to screw off and that they will be doing nothing for me.

    I will be starting a court action in the next few weeks if they do not change their minds.


  86. have a 2005 polaris 700 runs great for about 1 hour then stalls , will not start for about 30 min. then same thing happens all over again. Any help will be appreciated . Thanks Larry

  87. I have a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 (one owner – me) with less than 100 hours on it. I have had the ECM replaced – $500 – and the damn thing is going dead when I put it in reverse. I hauled it to the dealer who said they cranked it up and ran it for an hour and put some”heat” in the gas so no problem
    It DIES when I put it in reverse then after about 30 minutes will crank up for a few minutes then DIES again when I stop or put it in reverse.

    Is anyone planning a class action lawsuit against POLARIS for their poor workmanship and misleading customers? If so, I want to sign on and have those jerks pay for their terrible design. That’s the only thing that gets some companies to pay attention.

  88. I HAVE OWNED 4 WHEELERS FOR SOME TIME NOW, MOSLY HONDA. HOWEVER I BOUGHT A 2005 MV7, LATER BOUGHT 2008 500. BOTH POLARIS S HAVE BEEN EVERYTHING FROM OVER HEAT, TO WOULD NOT START. THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SERRVICED BY POLARIS DEALERS WHO CHARGE AN ARM AND LEG, all i can say is that a polaris is a piece of junk, and the maufacurer, and their dealerships are very insensitive to customers. I was an automotive service manager for 25 years or better, i know i hqad my faults, but i never treated a customer the way polaris has treated me. all i can say is go honda. kb

  89. 4 months ago while 5 miles from our elk camp my 2007 sportsman 500 efi wouldnt start. turn key on, pod flashes off and on (mostly off) wont turn over, no head lights, makes clicking sound and noise from fuel pump. took it to polaris dealer, at $70.00 an hour they had no idea what was wrong. looked up the problem on internet, found many others with same problem. some had their ecm or pdm replaced and that fixed theirs. so, i took my dealer an ecm off of my sons 2007,500 and no go. then i took his pdm ( power distribution module) which is just behind the radiator and it ran like a top. so after $500 i had given them the cure. the only thing is that was over 4 months ago and they are still on back order. when fixed, im selling as fast as i can and buying a honda.

  90. Todd G push in and continue to hold down the little yellow button on the left handle bar when you are in reverse to engage 4 wheel drive…

  91. I HAD a 2006 sportsman 500 that gave me problems from the day I bought it. The engine would miss and lose power, shut it off and restart, and it would run fine. Took it back to the dealer three times and got the same answer. “CAN’T FIND ANYTHING WRONG. The forth time I took it back to the dealer it was off the warrenty and they found a problem with the EFI harness. This harness problem was so common they had a repair kit with a part number to make the repairs [ Kit harness eng. part # 2876315 ] $26.69 I paid for the repairs then tried to call Polaris, that was a big joke. I could’nt get pass the woman answering the phone, I tried being nice, after about four tries I got mad and that didn’t work either, she was in control. I like buying american, but polaris had made me change my mind, I won’t buy anything with the name polaris on it.

  92. First of all, I just want to say that I will never own a Polaris again. It rides great but is unreliable. I have a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. EFI. It only has 140 hours on it. Just spent $550 on a new control module for it becuase the electronic display received intermittant electric signals to it. Therefore I couldn’t start it with the key or pull start. The four wheel drive does not engage in reverse – I don’t know if this is a design error or what, but it is useless. Now, after the new module, it sometimes dies on me when I turn the lights on or operate the winch.
    I owned two Suzukis before this Polaris and they worked hard and great – they just had low ground clearance.
    Polaris has a serious problem!!

  93. I have a 2007 polaris 500 efi and having problems starting,seems the culprit is the ecm ,where is the cheapest place to buy one ,part # 4011517 . email is racer3022001@yahoo .com Thanks ( don’t think I will buy another polaris, you try to buy AMERICAN but this is what happens)

  94. I have/had a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO from new on Nov 21 2010 while riding it in the mountain the engined stalled a couple of times but would start up right away after this happened a few times I lost all electrical so we pushed the quad off the road and hiked back to my truck.

    After beating my truck/trailer trying to get where the quad was we finally got back to it to pick it up but all I found was a smoldering wreck it had burnt to the ground even the aluminum housings had melted…

    I have now reported to the recall hot line and just took it into the dealership today for them to confirm the serial #…

    They tell me that they will forward the pic to Polaris to see what they will do for me.

  95. i have a 2009 polaris sportsman 500 ho i just bough it so i dont know if there is any problems.if anybody has one and been having problems please let me know. it only has 45hrs and 118 miles.

  96. I have a 2007 polaris sportsman 500 in which the ECM has gone out twice. The 1st time was at 50 hours. I also got the same run around from ploaris. I think that a class action law suite may be beneficial in changing their attitude.

  97. Same problem with ECM on 2007 500 sportsman. First ECM went out at 50 hours. Cost $500 to fix. It is out a second time. Can’t afford to operate this 500 sportsman at an extra $500 per 50 hours operation time. It sadens me that you try to buy American and this is your reward. No wonder our economy is doing so poorly.

  98. I too have an 07 500 efi sportsman with same problem. Turn key on nothing, wait starts flashing and if your lucky and the stars are aligned just right it will crank the third try. Service is 400 plus labor. I find this out after one month plust the already spent 368.dollars for battery spark plug, regular service. It sseams Polaris still has problems past 06 with ECM. My kids are all at age now were they want four wheelers too, Don’t think I can go with two morew polaris’s. I am so disappointed with Polaris. If anyone has info on them correcting this problem please let me know.

  99. I have an 07 Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI. I am having similiar problems to the ones I have been reading about here. When I turn the key, the instrument cluster flashes off and on repeatedly. There is a clicking sound that appears to be coming from the fuel pump but Im not sure. My mechanic told me he has traced down every electrical wire and inspected all of the wiring harnesses. Im told I need a new ECM. After six hours of labor to this point and a purchase price of nearly four hundred for the ECM, im really disgusted. If anyone from Polaris is listening, you need to do another recall before you lose more customers!!!!!!!!!

  100. I have a polaris sportsman 450 – 2006. I’ve replaced the ignition module twice, this problem kills my battery. Only have 54 hours on bike, dealer tells me to call polaris

  101. I have a 2006 sportsman 450. I was contacted by polaris about the overheating ECM and possible fire hazard. I received my new replacement module and was glad to get that due to the recall. On my machine i noticed when starting, the bendix on the starter does not release as soon as the engine starts causing it to nash-clash and run on. This after 20 hrs. currently only 47 hrs. This is a mechanical design flaw. I don’t expect the starter to last. Also ETC (electronic throttle control) cable adjustment is touchy and unrelieable, making it hard to adjust for low rpm idle. I set it, use throttle, and it is either rev ving to high or to low. I feel lucky with just these small problems compared to the problems these other people are having.* You people with engine will crank but will not start or stalls after starting may have to adjust your ETC throttle tensioner-looks like a brake cable tensioner located on the throttle cable under rubber over sleeve.

  102. i to bought a sportsman 400 in 2005.we had taken it back 1 month later the ecm was running the battery dead. well the next item i encounter is the rewind full of water,(not good) its aug 15 2010,machines has 310 miles(mainly used in yard work,never has ben in a mud whole , never beat on,looks like new.guess what. 1).new battery runs dead when sitting.2)low bat lite comes on when driveing. and 3) the water in the rewind is caused by no gasket material between the block and rewind, and polaris said tuff shit.its ben out in the rain.i must of bought a iraqi model. anybody have same problems

  103. i have a 2008 polaris 500 h0 sportsman it got 160 hours i taught i had a good bike first it caught a fire in the handle bar switch only 3 weeks old got that fixed lost all the head lights the wires broke off had to find it my self that workes good now. the 4×4 will not stay locked in i should have kept the yamaha lost a few bearings but that was all.

  104. ELectrical problems on my 2004 Polaris 700 Sportsman. The battery accepts an external charge and tests good, but no apparent charging. How would I test for regulator or generating problems? Thanks

  105. My 2006 700efi sportsman, would intermittenly shut down, with theself reseting fuse on acc.clicking, turned out to be short in wiring harness seems polaris used cheap wires in harness!

  106. I have a 2007 sportsman efi and I can’t get my cluster to come on when I turn the switch on there’s no power. I spent over 900 bucks as of now on parts and labor and my bike still doing nothing I’m sick and tired so hopefully polaris will have to pay out to all of us soon r later because like everyone else they will not put an effort into trying to help solve your problem. If someone comes up with something please fill free to email me thanks. (

  107. I was about to buy a 07 polaris 500 efi but after reading all these stories i think i am havin second thoughts on all of that. i may have to go with a honda or artic cat.

  108. I have two 2007 Polaris 500″s EFI deluxe both with low mile and low hours, It looks like I’ll be replacing the second ECM (one each) . The sad thing is Polaris does not have a recall for this model. Seems the last recall was for the 2006 model. Unles someone knows different. My problems started with a low battery – after charging one and putting a new battery in the other. Dealer said it a elecrical spike the got ECM. You would think that Polaris would want to stand behind their product , I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to.

  109. i have a2006 450 polaris, had it in the shop had to replace starter old one full of water(apparently polaris is known for this) the only way to keep my bike working is to start it then turn the lights on low this keeps the battery from getting to much charge. Obviously we are all having huge electrical issue, seems this is well know now i’ve be told by some dealers here in Canada that they won’t even take polaris as a trade. Polaris should come up with some plan to please there customers or they won’t have them to please. I’m fed up with mine not working, artic cat is my next buy!

  110. have a 500 Sportsman H.O. & a Honda Rubicon 500 Hondamatic , have sank the Honda in the bever pond , bever pond is about 8ft. deep . Pulled it out with the Z71 not the polaris. emptied the water outta the air box , pulled a sock over the hard air filter and slung mud the rest of the day. The Polaris has electrical gremlins from hell . fan want run , then want stop running , not to mention the winch issues. shouldn’t have bought the Z71…and bought another Honda and a Ford. I wouldn’t take 2 new Polaris’s over a good used Honda…….

  111. Have a 2006 450 sportsman will run good to i put it in a strain then louse power i have change timing stater new filter plug fule pump new emc . But i can take hose off of carb and it run grate. i have to change carb. i have more in bike now then what i gave for it new .please help me firge it out .because polaris in bowling green cant.and polaris just dont care.

  112. Have a 2007 polaris 450 sportsman. Cut power on…speedometer goes to the far right side of tach, but will crank…put in reverse and it will die. Crank it back and can drive in forward fine but put it in reverse it dies. remove the gear selector switch connector. It will then go into reverse w/o dying. Swapped gear selector and no change. Anybody heard of this…I am pointing to the ECM but its a hefty guess..

  113. my brother has a o6 polaris sportsman450 and it real rud good for like a hour or so and then it will run hot it says hot check engine but then we will take the cover of the front of it and it cools right off let me know if yall are haveing the same problem or a soulution to it thanks.

  114. I have a 2006 polaris 450 sportsman and when I turns on the key to start it,,all I gets is a clicking sound.What can it be.Thanks

  115. I have a 2007 sportsman efi deluxe, its a piece of $@#$*%$$#, i have 200 hours on it and the whole electric system shut down. My stator, starter, and ecm are all fried, is there anyone else that has an 07 with the same problems?

  116. Bought on 05 Sportsman 500 HO last year and have had electrical gremlins since. Intermittantly kills engine when turing on lights. Turn lights on before starting and it’s okay. Have an ’02 500HO and an 03 400 Sportsman which have been ridden hard with no problems. I think their problem lies with outsourcing components! Cheap Chinese or Mexican parts.

  117. I have a 2007 Sportsman 500 that I purchased new. It has 80 hours but has been babied since new. Not a single scratch,never been in water,has hardly been dirty.I took it to my dealer twice,told them there was a problem and they said they could not find anything wrong. Now that the problem has gotten to where it will not start at all they said it is the ECM. Even though I told them about this earlier the dealer and Polaris refuse to fix it or to even sell me the parts at their cost. All they will say is they will be glad to fix it at $418 for the part plus labor. Polaris of Gainesville in Gainesville Florida is a RIPOFF. Polaris is no better. I spoke to Polaris and they were very rude and arrogant.

  118. We just bought a used 2007 Polaris sportsman 500 4×4 efi with 50 hours .Was good for one hour .Then starter ,alternator,lights and fan stopped working but could pull start it .Talked to 2 different dealerships service departments with one saying it needs a new wiring harness and the other said for a $100 a hour they would look at it .We bought the factory manual started testing components and all arrows point at the ECM since stator current goes in but regulator sends nothing back out.But by majic it all started working but the next day it stopped .Anyone have this issue ?

  119. I have a 04 600 Sportsmen and the hot light came on as we were riding and the coolant was overflowing from the bottle. Any ideas and what runs the coolant sensor?

  120. I have a 2007 450 Sportsman, bought new in August . Since then i have replaced the ECM, 2 fans and a starter. Its been in the shop several times for a stalling problem that no one can tell me why. Not very happy with this quad. My husband has a 2006 500 Sportsman, he has had a recall on his ECM and thats the only time he has ever been in the shop.

  121. I have a 2007 sportsman 500 with 45 hours and my ECM went out cost me $540.00 to fix. Called polaris they said did you buy the extended warrenty no oh well they wont pay for it. I was mad as hell told the dealer where I bought it is this how Polaris stands behind there product.

  122. polaris just flat out dont care!!! they recalled like 60,000 sportsman from the 04-06 model because of the ecm. I have a 07 model with 31 hrs on it and the ecm is going bad. called my dealer which r bunch of dummies(american powersports. in findlay) and polaris and nobody has anything to say bout. it

  123. I bought a 2006 sportsman 450 that had a big bore kit installed in it. My starter went out 3 weeks ago and at first I thought it was because of the kit but the guys at the shop I go to said that it wouldn’t cause the starter to lock up. Since then it has locked up 3 starters and they think its because of the ecm sending pulses through the wiring and are real tired of replacing starters on warranty. Anyone else with this problem? My 450 don’t show to be under the recall list… Maybe they should exend it since my ecm stays hot constantly?


  125. We purchased a 2006 Polaris sportsman 450 and owned it for 8 days. It caught on fire and burned down our garage, melted our siding and caused extensive damage to our property. This happened on September 10 2008.It was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that The fire was due to the recall on the ATV. Faulty ECM. To this day nobody has taken any responsibility for it. I would like to hear from anybody with similar problems.

  126. MY 2006 polaris sportsman 700 efi is overheating and i have taken it to the shop and they cant figure it out it has been doin this for a year and iam tired of putting different parts in it and just hoping that it well fix it it is getting really expensive i was just woundering if my atv falls into this recall please email me back.

  127. I’ve been contacted by letter and that’s it. Telling me of the recall.I checked with the dealer and he said to contact you by phone and I did and I’ve tried leaving my name and email address but no one has provided me with any answers. I’m looking for the reimbersement form. I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks for this form. Can you give me any answers on this reimbersement form, and how long it will take for me to get one. Thank you.

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