Major Honda Civic Recall of 2006 and 2007 Models

Honda has recalled almost two-hundred thousand Civics due to a defect that could cause the wheels to fall off.

The wheel-bearing seal on the 2006 and 2007 model Honda Civic sedans and coupes may leak. This could result in the wheel coming off of the car.

This recall coincides with the recall of about twenty thousand 2006 model Civic sedans and hybrids due to a potentially faulty brake-light switch.

If you would like more information about this recall, try calling Honda at (800) 999-1009.

Stay tuned to our Auto Recall Section for more information on this and other recalls as it becomes available and distributed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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431 thoughts on “Major Honda Civic Recall of 2006 and 2007 Models

  1. My sun visor just fell apart for the 3rd time. I had it replaced only a year ago and with the temps in the 100’s for the past several days, it’s gotten more and more weak. Today I went to put it down and it just fell right off! I got a letter in the mail last year that Honda was reimbursing for the cost of the visors but the dealership was unable to locate my record… I’m going to try the clamp that “Boy” recommended but I want Honda to pay for my new one.

  2. I just barely and randomly reading some post and it seems to me that a visor malfunction is an epidemic to us Civic owners. I never flip my visor at all when I drive but it always pisses me off after my mom or my wife used the car, I’m always the one trying to put it back and keep from hanging on my forehead. I think, I finally solved our dilema with this visor thing. All u need is a black clamp that has that stainless sorta wing to open it up. We all used this sometime when we went to school. It comes with different sizes which, my best bet, you can get at any office supplies like OfficeMax or Staples. All u need to do is, as you are turnin the visor, try to hold the side of it that is kinda opening up until its kinda latched and seem to be fine. No opening at all on the side. Place the black clamp to where you think the bulge comes up everytime you flip the visor. I’m not really sure what size the clamp u need coz i just found mine lying in my school supplies cabinet. Medium or large maybe. Anyways, after u clamped that side take the two stainless sorta wing it has out by pressing both ends, thus leaving just the black clap and “Viola”! problem solve……..

    • I had the same issue with the driver side visor. Went to the dealership and was told it was a recall item, so replaced free of charge.

  3. I have a 2006 Blue Honda Civic SI. I am the third owner and it has 89,000 miles. Ive read all of these comments above and it is amazing that we all are having similar problems.
    To answer the questions about the wear on the back tires. My tires were wearing on the inside and it sounded like i was driving a truck down the road. I went and got 4 new tires and the tire place said that I needed to replace a part on the rear that makes the tires stand straight and wear evenly. Each piece is $350.

    Luckily my sun visor has NOT broken.

    I also have rattle under my dash on the left side. Has anyone had this problem?

    My lights behind the air buttons go on and off too.

    My biggest concern is my paint or clear coat. My paint has faded in two big circle spots on my roof. Im thinking its the clear coat. There is an identical civic to mine around where I live. My boyfriend saw it in a parking lot and took a picture of the roof and it has the same exact spots as mine. There must be a problem.

    Please if you have the same problems let me know what you did to fix it.

    • I had the same issue a couple of years ago I replaced my tires and I got an alignment and they were still wearing wrong. I took it to three different shops all thought I had been involved in a car accident and my frame is off. I finally took it to honda turned out if was a recall on the leg arms which cause the tires to go in. It was a mess, now my car clicks when I turn and need to replace my cv joints and my rack and pinion is leaking what ever that means. All I know I was 500 passed my miles so warranty would not cover now I’m looking at 2000 plus to these parts replaced. I love hondas but this 2007 I bought brand new has been a nightmare.

    • I had the same issues with my rear tires. I had bought three sets of tires in the past 12 months due to the wearing in the inside of the rear tires. I took it to honda and they said that I needed the rear kit replaced but they are still getting flat spots and making that horrible, loud noise. I replaced my driver side visor then later got the letter for recall, couldn’t find my receipt. now my passenger side has the same issues.

    • There is a recall on the paint but it ends this month so call Honda corporation asap they just basically repainted my car last week.

  4. I had my visor fixed by my brother-in-law before I received the recall notice…Clamps did not work; tape is unsightly…All that u need is a tiny metal bolt and nut then remove the excess bolt with a tool like a dremel…One side fixed 100%; the other side fixed almost perfectly, and i can live with that.. Caution: you must be careful to place the fastener where it does not interfere with inner workings, obviously. Other than the water pump going out around 60,000 (critical so replace only with oem) my car has worked fantastically…i have two matching Toyota shirts (haha) covering the seat-backs to protect them from the sun, and treat the dash area and all vinyl inside plus weatherstripping with a very good vinyl protectant called Black Magic Protectand and my interior looks like a 2-year-old auto. Just spray the cloth then rub in or u spray your innner windshield also….there, piece of cake…For your next car get the gray floor matting that you can cut-to-size at Lowe’s Hardware…cover your original mats and they look like new after 6 years…seriously..If i sell I am sure to get a good price, but for
    now she is a keeper.

  5. Hi I have a 2007 Honda civic coupe,after about 30,000 miles my tires really started to wear so I thought well maybe I need an alinement but before I went and had the alinement done, I baught a set of new tires. about two weeks after I baught the tires I had a four wheel alinement doneafter about 14,000 miles on the tires they begain to make a loud humming noise it sounded worse than a four wheel drive with big mosnster I took it back to where I purchased the tires they ask first about the alinement and I told them that I had it done two weeks after I baught the tires,then they said that my rear shocks is more than likely the problem. so I replaced the rear shocks the tires seem to be cupping so now im being told that its a tire pressure problem.has anyone had the same problems.

  6. Visors split.. replaced twice. 3rd pair broke.. E brake broke apart also. It in 3 seperate pieces i have to puzzle together just to unlock my brake… or put my brake on… i drive a stick so this is something i experience every car ride. So upset. Its just so cheap. my 92 hatch was way better than this. I half way regret the buy. Pissed off everyday i get in and out of my car. Car sounds crazy too.

  7. The sun visor cracked on my 2007 Honda Civic. I fixed it with Gorilla Glue and clamps. It held for about 6 months before breaking open again. We taped it closed with masking tape and no longer use the visor because the tape just splits open. I found out this is a common problem. A Honda Civic flaw so I went to the dealer. The car now has 130,000 miles so the flaw is no longer a flaw. After 100,000 it becomes the owners fault. They told me to call Honda, so I did. The person at Honda was reading what to say from a card and only pretended to listen to me, then read me another canned response off the card.

    My first and last non-USA car. When I have talked to Ford about my F-150 they are helpful. Honda was not helpful, nor were they the least bit interested. Don’t say I’m sorry” unless you make at least some small attempt the act interested or sound sincere.

  8. I too had the Sunvisors fall in my 06 Civic….It is now a recall….you can get them replaced as long as you have under 100,xxx miles on ur vehicle…also there is a “Cracked engine block” recall…that recall is good for 8 years and unlimited miles. they also have a recall on the tensioner pulley bolt, but there isn’t a recall on the rear upper control arms, which there should be…..ever wonder why your rear tires are wearing on the insides too much? OR does it sound like a Helicopter is chasing you down on the interstate????? yeah, well HONDA did not make the rear upper control arms correct on the 06/07civic….you cannot adjust the camber on the rear wheels and if u notice, your rear wheels camber in…..this causes ur tires to wear QUICK! Now the only way you can fix this is to buy 2 rear upper control arms from honda ($265), Have them installed (by honda $100-$200) and then have ur wheels aligned (By Honda $50-$100). NOT TO MENTION YOU HAVE TO BUY NEW TIRES!



  9. 2007 Civic SI. What a piece of crap! 63,000 miles and I am on my 4th set of rear tires. Dealership is unable and/or unwilling to diagnose the problem, making it impossible to get it covered under the extended warranty. I have contacted an attorney. The shift box had to be replaced withing the first year (TSB), 5 sunvisors, and now the tires. I HATE Honda! I would rather drive a Pinto! Grrrrrr!

  10. My mother purchased a Galaxy Gray 2007 Honda Civic new and only has 53,000 miles. The paint is faded really bad and the dealer wants to charge her $600 to paint the car for her. I think if this paint is fading this bad with only 53,000 miles and is very well taken care of, there is a problem with the original paint job. I’ve looked at many cars of the same color and model and none of them have faded paint. Many are outside in the Florida sun and has not faded.

  11. 2007 civic coupe

    i also had a sunvisor issue but i doctored that myself. i would like to know
    if anyone has had motor mounts issues? i have 145,000 & have also gone thru
    a few set of mis wearing tires I really like my car but im having to replace more
    motor mounts

  12. OK here’s a new ones;

    The springs to the driver seat are popping through the seat.(never had that happen) Honda use to mean Quality-now it means nothing at all.

    My fan for heat and AC does not come on all the time– You have to slap under the glove compartment to make it start/

    WHAT HAPPEN HONDA this is my 17th and last one.

    I use to be PROUD to own a Honda — YOUR standards have hit the skids


  13. rhammer: I was having the same problem with my 2006 civic. The visors broke 3 times and I had them replaced free of charge each time. BUT the tires were the WORST!!! I would go through rear tires every 6 months!!! I would have it alligned all the time and they would still come out of alignment and wear on the inside.

    I took my car to Big-O for an alignment and they told me legally they could not let me leave because of how bad my tires were and the rear camber adjusters needed to be replaced. The repair and 2 new rear tires cost $1070 at the time.

    I talked to a friend who owns an auto repair show and there was a TSB (technical service bulletin) out for sever tire wear on the 06-08 civic.

    I got my receipts for the repair work, copied of the service bulletin and mailed it to honda. My car was still in warranty and I got over $700 back. The will not pay to replace the tires but they will pay for the parts and the labor for the cambers.

    My car still wears a little on the inside not in now way as bad as it was before. Also, Firestone has a lifetime allignment service for only $70. I would highly recomment it.

  14. I have a 2007 Honda Civic. Several recalls on this model. I had to have my visor replaced. My electrical unit fixed due to high heat in the radio dash board area and the windows getting stuck and wouldn’t go up and down. I am on my 3rd set of brand new tires…..they need replaced again!!!! had to get tie rods, they say my power steering gear box assemly needs replaced. Now the air bag has a recall. I am thinking they need to recall the whole car!

  15. I have a 2006 civic at 65,000 miles. The sun visor broke as well. As mentioned several times above, there is a 100,000 mile/7 year service warranty on the visors now to replace them. I’m also having another problem – wondering if anyone else is too – with the trim around the door frame coming apart from the rest of the interior of the car and hanging down. I’ve driven some older cars – including a Honda – in the past and have never seen this happen. Anyone else’s 2006/07 Civic doing this??

    • yes sallyann my 2007 honda civic 2 door coup has the lining hanging down. as for everything else. i have the broken visor on the drivers side, airbag warning light comes on and goes off when it wants too. passenger window has no problem rolling down but only rolls up when it wants too and my back break light in the rear window works when it wants too. i always thought honda was a good brand now that iv owned one im starting to think other wise. i also had to have my starter replaced at 40,000 miles! ! !

  16. My 07 Civic is going through tires. I have had it alligned twice and it does not seem to fix the problem. I just took it to a dealer and he said that Honda issued a warning about this and it can be fixed with a new and improved rocker arm. Does anyone know about similar problems like this?

  17. This is the htird honda I have had and have to say it is a piece of shit…. Had an 89, 95, and now an 06. The body looks great but they fucked thios car up. Here is what Ive had to replace since getting an 06 civic at the end of the year. It was salvaged so all warranty was out the door. I replace 3 wheel beraings, installed camber kit all the way around, rebuilt tranny at 60k, visors replaced 4 times, this is bullshit and I would highly suggest to not buy honda anymore. My next car will be a focus since Ford actually stepped their game up…

  18. Both my drivers side visor and passengers side visor split and i did not know what to do. I took it in to the dealer to see if there was anything they could do to fix it and they fixed both for free. I have a 2007 honda Civic and the biggest problem Ive had is, one of the pullies holding the belt on broke off twice due to the bolt holding it on coming off. Obviously I could not move. I called honda and they came and towed me for free and fixed it for free. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

  19. The sun visor in my 2007 civic also brorke!!!!!!! so I end up driving in the rain with the visor flopped down in my range of vision……so I cant see half of the rode!!!!!

  20. 2007 civic lx coupe – both sun visors split at the clamp within 2 years. Very dissapointed. engine mount also broke at 32,000 miles. honda dealership would not replace the visors for free. Hell hell with honda, the interior quality of these newer cars are complete garbage.

  21. Honda 2006 broken driver side visor as well, looking at all the comments above looks like a very common problem, guess who won’t be buying a new honda again?

  22. I have an ’06 Civic Coupe LX. Both visors split one year after I bought the car NEW. When I complained to the service department about it at the time, they told me the warranty ended so I would have to PAY over $200 to replace them.

    Now that I’m trying to sell it, its a pain because the prospective buyers bitch about the busted visors. I called Honda again and they told me the warranty on the visors were extended as long as you have less than 100k miles on the car. I only have 39k so I will have new ones installed tomorrow.

    My question is, are they going to replace them with the same crappy visors? Or were they redone to actually last more than a week?

    It wont be my problem anymore once I sell it, but I was just wondering…

  23. 2007 Honda Civic. A few months ago I had to go and have the read window tint replaced. I purchased two cars, one a sedan and one a coupe for my son. My sons car seems fine, but my rear window tint bubbled like nobody’s business. I took it to the dealer and they knew about it and replaced it free. Question: Why does the dealer always send my stuff about special offers but will not send me stuff on malfunctions and recalls? Anybody got a clue?
    Now my driver side sun visor split and is just hanging there. Guess what? I go to the internet and lo and behold, Honda knows about this. You know I did like my Honda when I purchased it, but their customer service is shot. I can assure you I will not purchase another Honda and I will not recommend any of my associations to purchase one either. I am sorry America for not trusting you. I am coming back to America in a Chevy. We should all go back to American!!!!

  24. Just found out that my 2007 Honda Civic has a cracked engine block. I see that a few people here got their fixed. Could you tell me if Honda paid for it or did you have to pay anything. Also how long did it take and were you given an loaner car to drive while you car was being fixed. Also the bearings are going too. Has anyone had any experience getting this fixed? The only thing that has not gone on my car are the visors. I expect they will go after the 100,000 mile mark where I can not longer get them fixed for free or participate in the lawsuit.


  25. I recieved the notice via mail, I have to take mine honda to replece it since it has been broken for a quite of few months. Thanks..

  26. I just called my local dealership and they will replace my driver’s side visor on 2006 Civic no problem-no charge. Thanks for the heads-up.

  27. Do a little research. Honda will now replace the visors on 2006-some 2009
    Civics after a class action suit forced them to do it.
    Also, if you paid to replace the visors, you can get reimbursed.
    Get on the web, check it out

  28. I was frustrated with my visor as well. I brought it in and I was past the “good faith” mileage so I decided to pay for it to be fixed but I promised myself only once. Well it is now 5 months later it is still working and last week I received my class action suit paperwork to file for my up to $45 reimbursement since so many people complained. Keep your eyes open to receive yours!!!

  29. My sun visor split and it too is just hanging in front of my face while I’m trying to drive. I don’t live in a warm-weather state, unless you consider Massachusetts a warm-weather state. I have tried the super-glue-and-clamp-for-24-hrs approach but it never lasts more than a week or so. From what I’ve read out on the internet, Honda pretty much has washed its hands on this. My best hope is to remove the visor completely. Help!!

  30. Just brought my 2007 Civic to dealership. They replaced the driver’s side visor. No problems from them. It has been broken for two years. Wish I had brought it in sooner!

  31. Don’t hold your breath Honda used to be a GREAT car now it’s just like the rest of the Motor city crowd …

    I bought around 19 or 20 Honda from 1981 to now and I’m finished

    They are not built well anymore and there customer service stinGood BY OLD HONDA your standing have and are dropping fast………………..

  32. I was taking my airport last week and noticed that the driver’s side visor was broken. It drove me crazy. I bought 2 new 2007 Honda Civics that are paid off. I don’t want to take on another car payment right now, so I’m going to have to get it fixed before she returns from Asia in August. I have read conflicting accounts of dealers paying for it or refusing to pay for it. Ironically, I got a notice in the mail yesterday that told me about a class action lawsuit against Honda America that will reimburse you for broken visor repairs up to 100k miles. I will post the information after I call the shop tomorrow.

  33. I have a 2006 Honda Civic too. My driver side visor split around April. I’m live in RI so it looks like it took longer for the heat to split mine open and cause it to hang down. I had never heard of this before and was just looking on line to see how to fix it. Now that i look at back at all of the complaints others have been having with this for the last several years, especially in hot areas, I’m really upset that Honda hasn’t done anything about it yet. I’ve been a Honda person for the last 15+ years, but it looks like both Honda and Toyota quality has been dropping off in the last few years.

  34. I have a 2007 Civic Coupe and I too have been having problems with my sun visors. Ever since I bought my car in April 2007, I have already replaced my visors 4 times (both driver and passenger side)! This happens every summer! Honda didn’t charge me before. Last summer, passenger visor broke again (as I expected) and a couple of weeks later, driver side visor broke too. I went to my dealership and they told me that I have to pay for it because the warranty doesn’t cover it anymore (even with my extended warranty). I had no choice so I paid for it, came with one year warranty but I told them I’ll be back this summer to have it replaced again. They smiled in agreement. They know it’s an inferior quality, and I do not understand why Honda America won’t fix it! They shouldn’t just replace it free of charge, they should compensate all owners for the hassle!

  35. My sun visors on my 2007 Hond civic also split open. You can go to a Honda dealership and get them replaced without paying anything now- I was informed by the Honda service department that they do have a recall on this problem. So if you have a 2007 Honda civic, make sure you get your visors replaced!

  36. I have a 2007 EX 4 door Civic – and yes the driver side visor broke and was impeeding my vision. I removed the visor by ripping it off due to consistent frustration. I found this forum and call Honda 1-800-999-1009 – they ran my VIN and stated that the visor is covered under extended warranty due to continued problems from Civic owners. I need to visit a Honda dealership and it will be covered 100%.

  37. I got rid of my 2006 Civic SI. I had enough and traded it in for a Nissan Murano. This is my second Murano. Much, much, much happier with quality, service, and willingness to fix any problems (haven’t had any problems, however, with either Murano!!!) The sunvisors work without a hitch, I have no problems with the transmission (no problems with a 3rd gear!!), the wheels stay in alignment. The Civic was the worst investment to date that I have ever made. Glad it’s gone.

  38. Purchased 2006 Civic in October 2005. In August 2010 informed by dealer of cracked engine block that was replaced by dealer with a short block. Honda paid for the replacement, except for the “wear parts” totalling $360 (109,000 miles). After nine months the civic is back at the dealer with an engine oil leak at the timing belt housing (123,000 miles). Dealer has to dis-assemble short block engine, then either rebuild engine or replace engine block. Dealer advised that under the eight year engine warrenty the vehicle expense is covered unless external road or accident dammage is detected. It seems that the replacement short block engines are beginning to have problems.

  39. My passenger side sun visor broken, Honda doesnt care. My water pump that was a recall has now been fixed twice, second time I had to pay for, Honda doesnt care. My belt has broken twice, honda doesnt care. My tires wear out, Honda doesnt care. Bolt broke off in my engine, tensioner etc had to be replaced, again HONDA DOESNT GIVE A CRAP. All these things were either recalls or bulletins, but my VIN number wasnt included. By the way, as a ton of others on here, I have a 2006 4 door Honda Civic with only 55,500 miles. Out of warranty of course and Hondas Corporate office wants to buy me off with a $270.00 check. Disgusting, Ill never buy another Honda as long as I live.

  40. @ Stefany M., I just brought my 2006 HCH to the same Tony Honda Auto Plex in Hawaii and complained about the sunvisor. The salesperson told me that they would not cover the charge for replacing and fixing my visor. They continue to tell me that it’s a common problem with 2006-2011 models and some even had to replace it 3-4 x’s… I said to myself, “Oh Really?” then he said to contact the Honda Corporation and make a complaint. What a crock of BS! Tony Honda sold me the POS so it should be their responsibility to contact Honda about this problem!

  41. My 2006 Honda Civic has both a cracked block and broken sun visors. I guess Honda does not care that a produce a poor product. I will never buy another. I suggest you don’t buy one either

  42. WTF?! i’m so heated right now! last year i called my local Honda dealership regarding my 2008 Honda Civic LX when it had 24k miles and i told them about both of my broken sun visors and the service rep told me they wouldn’t repair becasue it was not covered by any warranty (not even factory). Then here I am reading about some of these people who got there’s replaced at no charge. i’m seriously selling my civic. this is BS.

  43. Back in February 2011 I brought my 2009 Honda Civic back to Tony Honda Auto Plex In Hawaii to have my air conditioning fixed for the fourth time in less than a year. I complained to the service advisor that my sun visor was cracked. Having a defected sun visor gave me poor visibility and difffcult for me to drive. So the service advisor changed it at no cost. Several days later my passenger side sun visor crack. So I called Tony Honda to complain about the faulty device and question the quality of Honda vehicles. My car has an extended warranty but I was told that I would have to pay $40.00 for them change it. My complaint is why should I waste my time and money for a device that was improperly made. Why doesnt Honda do something about the quality not the quantity of their vehicles.

  44. 2008 Civic coupe drivers visor broke AGAIN. Has been replaced once with the “upgraded” version and it lasted only a year as well. The retension plate, inside the visor, becomes unwilling to allow the rod to twist and splits the visor, making it vitually useless as it flips and flops around. Now, according to Honda America I will have to schedule an appointment with the dealer for replacement. RATS ! ! !

  45. I just purchased an 07 Civic coupe about a month ago and it has new tires but one of the tires is already bad. How come is just one of them? What’s wrong with this cars? anybody with the same problem.

  46. Just called the #. The guy on the phone was not helpful at all. I spoke of this report and he said it is not a documented Honda site so basically what ever we have to say doesn’t count. It is not covered at all.

    1- 800-999-1009 — Press 7


    This is the 3rd time I have had to fix my sun-visor(s) in my 2007 Honda Civic, I have poor visablity because it hangs, I don’t think it has anything to do with the climate. The product is not made properly – Honda should have no choice but to fix a faulty ineffective product, this time around the man at my dealership told me they extended the warranty for the sun-visor it up to 70,000 miles and that I will have to pay for the service fee of $20.00 I do not think I should have to pay for anything nor waste my time because Honda can not make a product that works, I have never had any problems with Sun-Visors prior to this. I called the 1-800-999-1009 number and complained she said if I pay the $20.00 call back and I MAY be able to get reimbursed for the $20.00 service fee – this is a waste of my time and therefore my money. YOURS TOO!

    1- 800-999-1009 — Press 7

  48. I have 2006 Civic with just over 31000 miles –I’m–original owner &power train warranty just expired. Saturday the car just stopped completely…just had it inspected and oil change at dealership about 1 month ago….quick diagnosis was “no compression at all!!” what could ‘ve happened? dealer said he didn’t see any damage underneath!!
    ANY Ideas?? with such low mileage…can I get it repaired under some kind of warranty…how do I go about that?? HELP!!!

  49. I bought my 2006 Civic in October of 2005. I have the same problem with my driver’s side visor splitting!!!! It split before warranty but I just never got around to it unfortunately. Also passenger side electric window in back stopped working. Now engine leaking coolent but I hope it falls under the recent extended engine block warranty!

  50. Same thing here…broken driver’s side visor. Keep pinching my fingers because of the crack it has caused. Of course, out of warranty. Also, driver’s side window doesn’t like to go up. It takes 5-6 tries before it will close all the way. Anyone else with this problem???

    2007 Civic LX

  51. 2007 Honda Civic coupe EX Sunvisor problems.

    Drivers side Sunvisor will not stay up due to splitting of the plactic molding. Went to dealer, and they replaced it. Now the car is out of Warranty, and both Visors are now split, and Visors are just hang down. Since this is a hazard for driving, removed the Driver side Visor. Honda will have to fix this problem, and they probaly will be reluctant to do so until someone sues them for this hazard. Parts should meet the requirement of intended use, as Fit,Form and function, and design. Design flaw fails!

  52. SUN VISOR!! 2006 Civic. Called Honda today (2-3-2011) and there is still no recall on the stupid visor. They did however tell me that if i call back with my VIN# and replacement cost estimate, they will review my claim. They guy on the phone told me they “may assist” me.
    I live in New Hampshire and i don’t think this is a heat related issue. more of a dumb design problem

  53. My wifes’ 2007 civic also has the same sun visor problem and the dealership on guam also told me the same line. For $50 we can replace it for you, Sir. Other problems include misalinged rear wheels, bad front suspenssion, and faded paint on my roof…For the rear wheels: We got the civic new with performance rims on it already from the dealership…a few moths later and after doing all my services with the dealership my tire was down to the wires on the tires already showing they said due to the road condition on guam we can not help you….DAM not even to straighten out the rear they wont help me. For the paint the dearler said I pretty much passed my warranty time frame…the same goes for the suspenssion…there are several other small problem but no solution from the dealer jus more problems from them

  54. I live in San Diego and my driver side visor split after 17,000 miles. I thought this was the direct result of sun exposure… but also thought that a new cars parts should out live 3 years. I’m @ the dealership right now and they will only replace it for me as long as I pay $60 for a new one… Wow. I am stunned and incredibly dissatisfied.

  55. I can’t believe THIS MANY people have the visor problem! I thought it was just me! It split before my 3 yr/36K warranty was over, so they replaced it. Then last summer, it split again, but this time was so bad that it hung straight down in my driving view or I had to put it to the side. Terrible! I finally had a friend totally remove it as this is a safety issue. I am reporting to NHTSA right now. I stopped by Honda a month ago, and they won’t cover the visor.

  56. I have a 2006 honda civic and have decided to drive around without a sun visor, as I have replaced them twice under warranty and feel that I shouldn’t have to pay for a Honda defect. I was also advised that Acura TSX models (later models) were having the same issues as well.

  57. I have a 2007 Civic EX which have idle issues and alignment issues. I’m taking it ot Honda tomorrow. I will also mention the wheel-bearing seal and see what they are going to do…stay tune.

  58. Have a 06 Civic with the same visor problem. Was told not covered by warranty as it is “cosmetic”. Dealer wants $75 to replace, with the same piece of crap. Bye-bye Hondas!

  59. My driver’s side visor has also split open. My warranty ran out 3 months ago and the dealership wants to charge $125.00 to replace it. I am glad I came across this site before paying for it because it sounds like it will only happen again. Honda needs to do something about this. I purchashed my car brand new and it only has 25K miles on it!

  60. Another 2006 civic with a broken passenger side sun visor to add to the list…it split and now hangs down. It happened at 40,000 miles. We had problems with worn tires as well and Honda blamed us! They were worn at 30,000 miles and needed replaced. The drive belt tension broke twice in 6 weeks. The bolt broke off causing a difficult retrieval and a $450.00 bill. The recall for the problem is well documented, but our vin number was just outside the recall. Honda refused to pay. We also own a 2003 pilot. The transmission needed replaced at 110,000 miles. I will never buy another Honda. Take the crap back to Japan or Marysville, Ohio and never buy a car from Immke Honda in Dublin, Ohio or use their service. They are dishonest and greedy!

  61. I bought a 2006 Honda Civic and my front tires were defective and I had to replace, at that time the car was a year and a half old with low milage Just recent my drivers side visor broke and.fell off.

  62. I won a 2007 Honda Civic and my side visor broke and I have to continually replace my brakes. I also just replaced the tires at 40,000. I also replaced the battery.

    Other than that, I love it!

  63. LOL…this is hillarious. My driver side visor came off 15K miles ago. I tried to fix it myself but it just fell off again. Overall I’m happy with the car…compared to my wife’s Jetta TDI the 2007 Civic SI Sedan is A LOT better. I won’t go into details…I’ll just the Civic’s interior held up 10 times better than the Jetta’s. I’m already up to 77K miles and the only thing I can complain of is the visor. Not too bad, but the visor falling off due to cabin heat is definitely ridiculous. Sounds like they’re using the wrong adhesive to keep the plastic together. BTW…I live in Georgia…not as bad as the desert heat out west, but still gets pretty hot during the summer (that’s when the visor fell off).

  64. I have a 2006 Honda civic (4 dr) . The front brakes have to be replaced every twelve to fifteen thousand miles. This is happening during normal driving conditions on LA freeways and in town driving. I have eighty thousand miles on my original Toyota brakes using the same driving techniques and driving conditions. Honda dealers are telling me it must be the way I’m driving the car! I don’t think so. This will be the last Honda I’ll be buying.

  65. I have a 2007 Honda Civic Lx which I purchased new and the Drivers side visor is broke. I have to either force it up or down and leave it there. I got it back up and there it sits. Any recalls?

  66. I have an 06 Civic SI with almost 100k and my driver’s side visor is broken as well ~ha!. I have also repeatedly asked them about my 3rd gear sticking and they can never seem to “duplicate the problem”, yet when other people drive my car, they have no problem duplicating the problem. I’m also have the same issues with the wear on my tires. Goodyear told me I needed a new camber kit (which isn’t very expensive). I also seem to have problems with oil. By the time my light comes on to tell me I need an oil change, there’s no oil in the car, yet there are no signs of leakage, no smell and no white smoke from the exhaust. WTF? Anyone else????

  67. Amanda: There is a problem I can assure you and I have gone through a few set of tires before they took care of the problem, I can pull my service records and tell you what they did…let me know, and yes I am going on my third fricken sun visor, they know there is a problem…

  68. please i have a honda 2006 hybrid product but now i can no more listen to car tape and secondly there is a sckool driver sign at the face of the dash board what can i do t get all this stuffs repaired

  69. I purchased a brand new Honda Civic in May of 2007. It too has issues, the driver side sun visor broke just this summer and I have had two sets of tires put on this car and I have them rotated every other oil change and they keep saying it has uneven wear…….Honda needs to come forward and do a Recall on these vehicles. I have owned several Hondas and always loved them but, if these issues are not resolved I will not be purchasing another one.

  70. WOW!! My 07 Civic has 83000 miles on it now and the driver side visor has been broken for the past 20000 miles at least! I can not believe that Honda is not taking care of this problem. Funny thing is when I had my car in to do some other maintenance type work they said they would fix the visor for “free”! I would only have to pay the $75 for the part. Some deal! Glad I did not do it. I will buy one off e-bay and replace it myself. Yes , I too had the rear tire alignment problem as others have mentioned. They told me they would not pay for all new tires since I did not bring my car in to be aligned at less that 20000 miles. CRAZY! Anyway I worked a deal to get 4 tires, alignment and the recalled parts fixed for the cost of 2 tires that lasted me another 60000 miles. I just bought more of those tires and have not have anymore problems with alignment since they fixed the recalled part. The rest of the car has been great and I have run it hard in a short 3 years.

  71. I have a 07 honda civic and both visors have broke twice and i have the 150000 mile warranty but the first two broke at 20k miles and we had to pay for all of them. Now for the third time the passenger side has broke. We are in upstate SC.

    Also the tire thing was due to a part defect and they fixed it for free.

    I have had the Radio go off 2 times and ive had to enter the code to get it back on.

    I have the dash reading gas cap off or something now and cant get it to go off????

    Also now i have a really loud noise coming from the rear end and when you get up to speed it sounds like a chain dragging under the front. I was at walmart last night and there was a civic pulling out and it was making the same sound mine is.

    If you Know anything about this stuff email me

  72. I own a 2006 Civic as well….. all I can say is, I’m glad I found this website. I live in Southern California and I have had to replace 3 sun visors in my Civic since I bought the car in 2006. I had to pay about $50 for the last one… the other two they replaced at no charge.

    Honda is not the car maker it once was, that’s for sure. My next car won’t be a Honda.

  73. I have the same problem with the Driver’s sun visor. I have lived in TX for over 30 years and I have never had this problem with any of my cars. A visor that won’t stay in place coupled with the blinding sun is safety issue. Honda and NTSB should be assamed for not addressing this as a safety issue. Honda sells their cars on their known reliablity. Plastic is cheap. Looks like Honda is going to start selling cheap crap like the other automakers.

  74. I too have an 07 Civic. Took it to the dealership today for a general check-up, to get my driver’s side window fixed (sometimes when I pull up on the “automatic up” button the window will go up about 90% of the way and then slide back down…they fixed this a couple of months ago by replacing a part at no cost), and to have my sun visor checked out. The darn thing split this summer for no good reason. (Previous to this I owned a 98 Mazda Protege for almost 10 years and NEVER did it’s visor break!)

    They “lubed” the window because the area was dry and that might have been what was causing the “safety” response of the window not completely shutting all the way.

    Now, as far as the VISOR goes…I was told there is no recall and they conveniently had one in stock I could buy for $93.95…what kind of conspiracy is this?! I told the nice gentlemen I was going to do some research on the matter as I had not planned to pay $100 for a new visor.

    I plan on calling Honda and the NHTSA tomorrow. There needs to be a recall for the VISOR!! We all need to call and make our voice heard.

    Thanks for all your posts! It’s good to know I’m not going through this alone! :)

  75. 2007 civic have had all these problems, visor, power windows, interior lights not coming on when door opens & not shutting off when doors close until the battery went dead, installed new tires and they didn’t last even with an alignment.

    Has anyone had problem with the hi-beams not working? I push the control lever forward and the blue hi-beam indicator comes on on the dash, but no hi-beam lights???????????

    I think Honda should give all of us a new car to replace this head ache they call a reliable vehicle!!!!

  76. I’ve had my driver’s side visor replaced twice: first time was covered under warranty, 2nd time I was outside of my ‘36,000 mile’ warranty; they claimed it was not Honda’s fault but agreed to split price 50/50 with me. I found a forum somewhere where someone said they took an oversized binder clip (can be found at any office supply store) and placed it where the visor was splitting…after I got my visor replace the 2nd time, I put a binder clip at the seam to prevent the problem from even starting and have had no problems since. Still, this is a fault of Honda and it’s ridiculous that my boyfriend’s 1988 Honda is still in great condition and my 2007 seems to be falling apart, held together with a paper clip.

  77. I have a 2007 Honda Civic and a few weeks ago my drivers side visor split, it’s useless… It won’t stay up or down… I smack myself in the temple/eye entering and exiting the vehicle…. I’m about you yank it out in frustration… It’s a driving hazzard now… URGH!!!

    Taking it to the Honda Dealer, Costs $50 + Tax for a new visor and however much labor costs me….. grrrrrr

    All these people with the same model/year having the same exact problem… Why no RECALL?????

  78. I am an attorney in Washington State. I have been retained by a client who had to pay to replace a Honda Civic sun visor after it split into two pieces. I am interested in hearing from other consumers who experienced the same problem, especially in California. Please call me at 206.816.6603.

  79. Michelle McMillan: I have that window problem too. The driver side auto-up goes part way closed then all of the sudden will go back down. As for the clear coat, the paint on my hood and front fenders has been cracking the past few years. I’ve heard other owners complain about the paint quality too.

    As an added problem, my steering wheel is making creaking noises again. This was fixed under warranty before, but it has started up again.

  80. I own a 2007 Honda Civic Sedan. Need to know if anyone is experiencing clear coat coming off anywhere on their vehicle. The clear coat is coming off of my driver door on the trim only. 2nd complaint…anyone experiencing any of their windows with power windows going most of the way up and then going back down on their own??? 3rd complaint…also having visor problems like most others, had this problem shortly after I bought car in June 07, they replaced free, now dealer will not help me on any of these issues. What a piece of crap! Please respond especially about any clear coat coming off anywhere on veh. and window problems. Thanks!

  81. Honda just does not CARE about there customers anymore

    The funny thing if not for us they would be just another car maker

    I’m finished with them- I have had 18 Honda’s since 1979 and this is the year that I’m finished with this car company,

    You gave up on your customers so I give you all up………………………

  82. My sun visor on my 2007 honda civic has also split. I had no idea how it happened, and I thought that I was the only one. Nice to see I’m not. But it is very frustrating and it’s hard to see traffic lights and to drive also. Frustrating!!

  83. I see that hundreds if not thousands of people have experienced the identical issue that plagued my 2007 Honda Civic Sedan EX, namely, the fractured sun visors. Many have been bewildered by the fault, and have tried to make sense of it by saying, “Well, gee, i live in a Southern/Southwestern/Western state, so perhaps the extreme heat is to blame.” That’s a generous impulse, but it is absolutely false. My 1998 Honda Civic was in Southern California for five years, and in Phoenix for three years, stored in the direct, blazing sun for ten years and 120,000 miles, and there was never a hint of this problem. My 2007, on the other hand, is a garage-kept second car in MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN that was driven lightly– 17,000 miles in more than three years– and the sun visor snapped and busted inside of twelve months. This is a major design flaw. While it seems relatively unimportant– I waited to have mine fixed and suffered it as an annoyance until I couldn’t stand it anymore– it is a genuine safety hazard, and it took a near accident with my view compromised on the road for me to finally get it fixed. A local dealer fixed it for free, after some chat about it. American Honda encouraged me to take it in, while not promising to fix it until the examination was conducted. They did give the impression that they would take care of it, but when pressed would not commit until I had taken it in to the dealer. I love Hondas. I’ve bought three brand new ones in ten years, and they have performed well for the vast majority of the time. But they really need to issue a recall on this sun visor thing, as it is transparently something that they are hoping will go away if they continue to minimize it. As much as I like the brand, the way they are handling this diminishes them in my eyes. It feels cagey. They should just admit what the numbers and testimonial accounts overwhelmingly confirm, that these visors are both faulty and a legitimate health hazard, and offer to replace them with superior replacements– for free– no debates.

    It’s not you. It’s not “the heat”. It’s the crap visor. Kindly request that they remedy the problem.

    Still a honda fan,


  84. I have a 2007 civic and my sun visor split as well. I’m very particular about my car and this is just an eye sore. I’m assuming according to all of the posts, that this had to do with the extreme heat we experienced in KY this year. So sad…Luckily I purchased an extended warranty and a new one will be covered. I guess I’ll leave my windows cracked to allow some air flow during hot days to try and avoid this again. I’m very surprised Honda has let this go for so long.

  85. 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX
    Just purchased this car from private party who said that visors had broke in the heat and she just hadn’t replaced them. Honda dealership did a pre-buyers inspection and said they could replace them, $57.00 each. But I decided to wait and have them done at a local dealership. Today I tried to research to buy them to take to my Honda repair shop and I cannot seem to find them on the internet…has anyone purchased them on the internet? Let me know where. Thanks. In the meantime I will voice a complaint. I am shocked at the size of the problem.
    My 98 Honda Accord EX Coupe never had a problem and it has 217,000 miles on it.

  86. 2007 civic ex with the same visor problem reported in early 2007, I have already replaced them and they are flopping in the breze again. This is a safety issue and I will write and call whomever I have too to try to put pressure on a recall for this problem. I called the Honda headquarters her in California and registered my complaint to the (NHTSA) NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION’S VEHICLE SAFETY HOTLINE AT 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153).

  87. I had mine replaced too which is sad because honda is a good car to have for the long hall. My 93′ civic had no issues like this….im not an engineer but lets see plastic on metal with lub WILL NOT LAST LONG!!!! lol hot = heat which makes metal = dry up lub which later makes you guys having to replace visors cant wait til my warranty ends….. :(

  88. My 2006 honda civic si visor snapped as well. I called honda, and was told that since my car was no longer under warranty, I would have to pay $46 for a new one. I ended up drilling a couple screws through it to hold it together. Not too pretty, but it works like a charm…and it was free :)

  89. I was thinking about buying a New Honda and this would be my 18th over the years.
    But now the once unbeatable has gone down to nothing in my book…

    Remember who put you on top — The buyers

  90. PLEASE READ MARSHA’S POST ON AUGUST 11. Honda doesn’t care (so you are wasting your time trying to talk to them)
    You must file a complaint with the NHTSA. If a lot of complaints are made, they will issue a recall and Honda must fix them.
    Cmon people! Call them and make a complaint. make sure you say it is a SAFETY HAZARD.
    They need to know how bad this really is!

  91. I thought I miss handled the visor of my 06 Civic some how but just noticed that it is not me. Right from the start it made noise when I closed it and I thought it was a normal thing. Eventually, there was no more noise and it would not fold back up. I then notice that the seam was split but I could “force” it to close it back up. Now, it just stay down and is in my way. I called the 800 number and they took the information. Some one is supposed to call me back……..will see

  92. My 2007 Civic LX also has a split driver’s side sun visor. After finding this is a common problem, I called my local dealer to see if they would fix it for me. They were very unhelpful and said I could pay to replace it or could buy the part and replace it myself if I was “mechanically inclined.” I’ve filed a complaint with the official Honda Customer Service department and I’m waiting to hear back from a representative.

    This is the first car I’ve ever bought and got it right after college graduation. I was very happy with it and Hondas in general until the response I’ve gotten on this issue. Depending on how this representative responds, I might change my tune about Hondas and stop encouraging coworkers, friends, and family to buy Honda.

  93. WOW, i am glad that i found this site. I thought it was just my car, but now i see that there are a TON of owners with this problem. I have an 07 Civic EX and on a sunny day, i pulled my drivers side visor down and heard a crack. The visor literally split/cracked in half. Then i tried to put it back up and it kept falling and blocking my line of vision. This is a safety issue. I was able to pop it back together and get it back to its original position, BUT can’t ever use it. It happened again and the entire visor fell off. This is ridiculous! This is my first honda and i was told by many people that hondas are great cars, reliable, etc etc…but i am really starting to miss my chevy! I’m having other problems with my car too that at 63,000 miles i don’t think should be happening..ugh..

  94. The sun visors on my nighthawk black pearl 2006 Honda Civic Si have come apart and do not function as intended. They have been replaced over 10 times within the 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty period and now that 3 years have passed the Honda dealership I purchased my car from, and whom I use to exclusively service my vehicle, has refused to replace the visors. These defective visors are a hazard to the daily operation of the vehicle, especially when flipped down and away from the front windshield, towards the door windows. During turns the driver side visor will often swing towards my face and hit me.


  95. My driver’s side sun visor broke over a year ago, but I mostly only use my Honda Civic 2007 to and from work– it has less than 18K on it after 3.5 years. I see some reports of this issue from warm weather states, but I live in Wisconsin and my car is garage-kept. When it snapped, it was just plain strange. I rarely used it. This was my second Civic, and my first Civic, a 1998, spent three long years in Phoenix with no problems. The 2007 Civici in Milwaukee snapped off with almost no use. I called the 1-800 number and rather thought that, after seeing the thousands of identical issues, I would be told that Honda would replace it, but there was no acknowledgment of the issue whatsoever, and he told me that I would have to pay for replacement. I am expecting a call from a service advisor, but if I am asked to pay for this obvious failing on Honda’s part, this will be my third and last Honda. It’s not a huge issue, but it is such a plain one that if they choose to not own up to the problem with a recall, it would be a red flag for further Honda purchases.

  96. I have a Honda Civic EX 2008. My Driver side visor split open a while back as well. I’ll give them a call as well. This is crap. They should be replacing these for free.

  97. I hav e aHonda Civic 2006-My visors did not split….they literally starting melting and falling off the car….my husband finally took some bolts…very large bolts and bolted them to the car……this should definitley be a recall problem…..

  98. My sun visor split on my 2007 Civic EX. Honda said they will not replace it even though I bought the platinum extended warranty. Found one at a used auto parts store for $22. I plan to send official complaint to Honda after reading how many people have had the same problem. This is not acceptable as they have to know there is an issue.

  99. Have a 2007 Civic three week after getting it the seat broke a piece of metal pocked through the right upper side behind my should blade

    They fixed it no problem

    1 week after the warranty ended it happened again

    Honda did not care they told me that they cared but they would not fix.

    I explained that was not the first time they didn’t care

    I explained this was my 17th Honda over the years and I never had a problem that that did not fix.

    They told me to pay for the fix $2500.00 after a 3 month of showing them the problem they said NO!

    Honda is not the Company it once was

    I’m going else where now for my NEXT CAR Honda’s there support is very BAD

    Not a Happy Hond owner

  100. Same here. Passenger side sun visor split the other day – 2007 Civic EX 4 door.

    Have reported this to NHITSA and will call Honda tomorrow.

  101. EVERYONE !!!!!! See Marsha’s post on August 11 to complain to NHTSA. That is the best you can do since Honda doesn’t care. Also the best remedy is to use BINDER CLIPS to hold the visor together so you can at least push it up. I got this idea from a smart person online. Make sure they are the BIG BINDER CLIPS.
    And, yes when your warranty runs out, they will charge you for another visor even though they have broken numerous times while IN WARRANTY.This is the last Honda I will ever buy. I hope you also don’t buy another Honda. Lets hit them in the pocketbook.

  102. I have a 2007 Civic EX. My drivers side visor popped apart on 8/27/2010. It’s as if the binding wore and snapped that holds it shut. Likely the same as all of your problems. I’m disappointed in reading Honda has nothing to fix an issue that is obviously a safety hazard and defect in their product.

  103. I have a 2006 Honda Civic and I am on My 4th visor! I complained so much they gave me 50% off and that is because the last manager undercharged me the last time. whoopie! still paid $35, Service guy says it is Honda’s number one replacement part and Honda is well aware of the part being crap! I plan to find someone higher up because if I plan to keep this car imagine how many more I will need? lol!

  104. I have had the same issues as everyone else on here. I am glad I am not alone. I have the wheel issue, I had the visor issue but it was replaced, and the bear noises like it’s gonna blow up! It has gotten so bad to the point I will began catching the Park and Ride from here on out! It’s sad that I pay 400 a month on a car that I now have to park and ride a bus! Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!

    Solution: How about we just start a class action lawsuit? Just woundering …… Who’s in with me?

  105. Unbelievable! Just read all these posts about visors….a year and a half later and Honda isn’t doing anything to change the product or replace for free forever till rectified??

    My mom lives in Nashville, jus bought it used in May and by July it popped and is hanging. Guess I will call and complain Monday…thanks for posts! Sure helps.

  106. My 07 civi has the same visor problem recently and have to get it replaced. Hopefully Honda would do something since this seems to be a common problem.

  107. My visor broke over a year and a half ago(39,000 miles). I’ve been dealing with it by grabbing the base to move it up or down. A major PITA. Finally it broke completely off the swivel/spindle for the visor.
    I’m thinking I’m going to use a bolt and nut to secure the plastic visor to the metal hinge. Sounds like the replacement is going to be a waste of money,

  108. wow, so many people have the same problem… I didn’t think there were so many. But, yes I am having the same problem. I actually had it for a while but since i didn’t think it was serious i put off going to the dealer and getting it replace and i didn’t have time. But when i did, my warranty was out so they said i would have to pay for replacement. That didn’t sit well with me people i can tell it was a defective product due to heating. I am planning to write a letter and call american honda about this. I do not want to have to pay for something that i don’t have to, due to their negligence… I HOPE everyone complain about this so there will be a recall! I’ve always trusted honda but i see they aren’t doing a good job of costumer retention… Next car i get will be something else!

  109. My 2007 sun visor split open on the driver’s side and will not stay up. I could squeeze it back tobether for a while, but now the large metal components are coming out of the casing. It is definitiely a safety issue as it blocks your view while driving.

  110. I am having problems with both of my sun visors also. I live in Washington State and both of my visors split this summer. I will put my experience in with the NHTSA also. If enough people do it maybe Honda will get the clue. It is definitely a warranty problem.

  111. Same issue with sun visor here in No Fla.… called Honda, got right through, got a case number and was asked to bring the car to a dealership one night this week so they can “diagnose” and report the issue…Which is exactly the words others have reported the Cust serv rep said.. So they are READING FROM A SCRIPT.

    This IS happening to a far greater number of people than those reporting here…. call and complain, call, call, call, call, write , write, write.

    If this was a one time thing, but to have these visors fail after one year is unacceptable

    Now, we need a brainiac to make a home solution and youtube it. Any takers? Id do it, but I be dum.

  112. My 07 Si has this same visor problem. It only had 12k miles on it when I had to replace the first visor. Now both visors are broken again and the dealership wants to charge me $90 apiece to replace them with the same crappy design that will probably just fail again next summer.

    I can squeeze the hinge and keep them out of the way for the most part, but having them fall down randomly into my field of vision while driving 70 on the highway is a big problem.

    I can’t believe that Honda doesn’t think this is a safety issue.
    I just put in my report to the NHTSA, because in my experience, it IS a safety issue. Having to hold a sunvisor out of the way with 1 hand and steer/shift with the other to make the next exit just to fiddle around with it to try to get it to stay up isn’t what I would call safe driving…

  113. I’m glad to see that I am not the only one with problems. I have a Honda Civic LX ’06 and both of my visors are cracked. I have heard that this is a problem in hot areas. I live in Fresno CA and it does get hot here. I just bought this car 2 months ago. I am also having a problem with my gas pedal. It feels like it is loose. Anyone else with this problem?

  114. Bought 2006 Honda Civic Coupe for 16 year old daughter. Thus far satisfied with car that has 17k miles. We are also experiencing the flip visor issue on driver side. Hers completely fell off. Although from a mileage perspective we are under warrantly we are past three years from date of model. I too will call and complain and will attempt to get covered under warranty.

  115. I have a 2007 Honda Civic. The driver’s side visor popped open and doesn’t stay up. Unfortunately even though I have very low mileage it is out of warranty. I will call Honda’s 800 number as many have suggested. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Today it was around 100 degrees here in TX. I’m guessing the heat caused the visor to bust open.

  116. My sunvisor broke as well. For a while, I could pop it back up, but then it broke off in my hand after a couple of weeks on manhandling it.

  117. My 2006 Civic sedan had the visor issue when I first purchased the car, but was fixed and I never really had that problem again (I live in AZ), but I have noticed that now all of a sudden it sucks w/MPG, and I mean REALLY bad….usually I could pull off 380-390 miles on a whole tank, and now I’m lucky if I can pull 280! Oh and not to mention, my car “growls” like a bear, almost sounding like it has no lubrication, or a bearing grinding in the power steering unit….has this happened to anyone? My mechanic looks at my car regularly, and does the routine maintainence like oil, tire rotations, filters, spark plugs, etc….but my car will not shut up! It sounds like it’s going to start hovering or just straight BLOW UP! No block cracks, or uneven tire wearing, and no tension belt problems…everything is fine except the fact my car sounds like it’s been smoking cigarettes for years! PLEASE HELP!

  118. If you have an issue with your car that warrants a recall, then you can file a complaint. I did this for Honda and the melting sunvisor:


    I called Honda and they said that this is the only way that they would issue a recall – if the government made them.

  119. I am having issues with my sun visor also, it wont stay up when i try to put it up, and it is splitting on the seems, i just got my car last year, its a 2006 civic. plus my hood, the paint has cracked and there are crows feet on it, honda wont pay for it even though its a manufacturer defect and its past the 36k miles… so i have to spend almost $400 to have that fixed

  120. 2007 Cracked engine block. Honda finally agreed to pay 100% for a new engine because of the defect tsb 08-044. Now that they have started the work, they say that I must have driven through “high water” to flood the systems and crack the block. I did not! The car has no other damage to corroborate this insane argument! This is an attempt to make me liable! The systems (exhaust, intake, radiator) were flooded with fluids AFTER the engine failed when the car overheated–without warning–and the block cracked! Every other mechanic that I spoke to tells me that the other systems flood with fuid when the engine fails. Honda is the ONLY ONE who says that I flooded that car with water, and the block cracked as a result of that. I am stuck now with a $6200 repair bill on a car that I purchased right off of the truck. Honda keeps pushing me to file a claim with my insurance, which I refuse to do since this was not my fault!

    Any lawyers out there working on this already?

    Make sure to file a complaint with NHTSA, have your VIN ready.


  121. Issues with Sunvisor as well. Left it down during the day, and it completely split when I went to move it. Interesting that Honda won’t recall a SUNvisor that can’t withstand heat from the SUN. Was told I was on my own . . Lovely !

  122. I’ve owned my car for 3yrs and my visors have broken 3 times. It is such a big safety hazard. It blocks my view when I’m driving. I am writing a letter to Honda Corp in the hopes that they will respond. And yes it is a paper letter that I’m gonna send in the mail. I couldn’t find an email to send my letter to. Maybe and this is a big maybe if we all send paper letters they will think about actually doing something about it.

  123. Well after reading all of the comments i realize that i am not the only one, i purchase my 2007 honda SI 4 door brand new and here is my lil story after 6 months of driving i faced my first problem i got a flat tire i took the car to American Tires and it had a big split right in the middle of the tire so i purchase a new tire 260 dollars later and a week of wating for the tire because they have to sell a large amount of cars with the same tire so they can mass produce i had to wait, after they put my tire on, thats when the car never felt the same again then it did the same thing so i had to purchase another thire but i notice that the wear out pretty fast and i dont burn rubber or non of that stuff, then i got a recall from the bearing thing they replace that for free but the car has not been the same for a long time until now my visor cracked 1 month ago, then my back alignment is not good i took the car for rotation and the guy said that the strut on the left side is going bad, then this morning another problem happend, i got to work at 6 am then i had to go to a different building so when i turn on my car a second later it turned off no jump no nothing just turned off so i turn it on again and it turned off again so finally the 3rd time it stayed on so am worried now, but here is a list of my honda issues.

    Tire alignement
    tire worn out after a few months
    3rd gear pop out
    when i press the clutch i hear a spring sound
    my driver visor is cracked
    my car turns off after a second of turning it on

    I dont know what to do i had hondas my whole life but am really considering of getting rid of my car that i love dearly, and just get something else besides honda.

  124. I have a 2007 CIVIC Coupe. I’ve replaced the driver’s side sun visor twice ( summer 2007 and summer 2008) . Now the one at the passenger side has splited already and I am seeing signs of cracking on the driver’s side again!

  125. I also have had both drivers side as well as the passenger side visors replaced once. I noticed the other day the drivers side visor is splitting open again and now will not stay up. After reading all of these comments/complaints about the same issue I have no idea where to turn to. My honda is an 2006 and I am the original owner. I can say that my car has less than 30,000 miles and has had an easy life. This is my 1st honda and I am somewhat disappointed.

  126. My 2008 Si has been mostly trouble free, but my driver’s side visor just split open. I couldn’t believe it, and coincidentally just started the warranty process on my rear bumper which has started to pull away from the rear fender for no apparent reason. I’m glad I saw this site, because now I can tell them about the visor with some confidence that it will be fixed.

  127. I have had the same problem with my 2006 Honda and the visors. I already replaced both once and they both need to be replaced again!

  128. I’m glad to say that Honda replaced my sun visor only after I called Honda American Motors. If you want something done, skip the dealership and go to the top. Call 1-800-999-1009. The Case Manager called the next day..

  129. I live in Georgia and my sunvisor has also cracked and will not stay up. I bought this car used with 45000 miles and did not notice the problem until I pulled the sunvisor down and it would not hold its position. Nearly ran off the road trying to mess with the stupid thing. I called Honda and they said the replacement was probably not going to be covered and they said someone would call me back. I have two Honda cars and two Toyotas. At least Toyota has been good at taking care of any design defects!

  130. Just had this happen on our Civic last week… called Honda, got right through, got a case number and was asked to bring the car to a dealership one night this week so they can “diagnose” and report the issue.

    I imagine it’s happening to a far greater number of people than those reporting here.


  132. I have literally ran through two signal lights! These are my third set of visors and these also split and actually feel off in my hand as I was moving it out of my face. This annoying problem is going to cause someone(s) death. I live in sunny Southern CA and our average summer temp is 115 degrees.

  133. I spoke with someone from Honda American Motors today about the problem with our 2007 Honda LX sun visor breaking just 3 months after our warranty has expired. They said a case manager will look into this and contact me in 2 days. I also told them about how many other owner’s are having the same problems. I’ve owned Honda’s since 1982 and never had a problem. Like other’s said, maybe its time to look for another brand…

  134. Follow up ……I logged in a complaint with the web site as a safety issue due to having visibility issues during driving until removed and after as sun visors are unusable

  135. Have a 2006 Civic EX had the visors changed under warranty both side within 6mo of purchase. Brorken again both sides. Have had to drive home from work 36 miles with the visors down…..unsafe. The dealers are aware the factory is aware if a fatality happens due to this well known problem I hope all involved get the crap sued out of them.
    will call the 800 number and will also look into how I can get the same people who went after TOYOTA For thier poor engineering that they covered up.

  136. The first real hot day of the summer arrived here in Socal this past Friday. So I was going to go for a drive on Saturday when I got into the car I noticed the visor was hanging down. So I tried putting it up but couldn’t, so I took it to Honda to get it replaced they told me that I was out of warranty and would not need to buy a new one that would now run me $100 installed. How could I be charged, this a clearly a design flaw and should be free of charge. First I got the run around when my navigation stopped working ( took over 2 months and over 7 visits to fix) now I’m being charged $100 to fix something that’s going to break the next time it reaches 98 degrees of I can have this visor constantly hanging in my face!
    Honda: You are begining to lose me and I’m sure other loyal customers do to your lack of response and reaponsiblity.

  137. My 06 Honda Civic driver side visor has been broken for 12mos. now just recently the passengers side has as well. Since both times it has happened in the summer mos. i think the heat could have something to do with it. I live in VA and it gets really hot here in the summer. I cant believe so many other people have had the same problem…yet still no recall!!!

  138. I have an 07 Civic and both my sunvisors split in the extreme heat last week too. SO far as I know there is no recall because the dealer said they would replace them at $60 a piece… thanks honda! Glad to hear it wasn’t just me doing something wrong. Good luck to al!

  139. Last Honda I will every buy!!!! I have had the same issue with the driver’s side sun visor and was told the same as everyone else. $50.00 for the part and an additional $25 – $30 to install. Also at 36,000 miles (which was the warranty limit) my cd player just quit working. When I took it to the Honda dealership I was told they could fix it for $600.00. I purchased this Honda with the intent of driving it until the tires fall completely off because I had been told for so many years how Honda was the best car manufacturer. I will NEVER buy another Honda. I have a 2004 Ford Taurus that has never given me a minute’s trouble. Everything still works like it was brand new and Ford stands behind their automobiles. Just hoping Honda does what’s right and repair their mistakes.

  140. After fighting with my fallen drivers side visor my guy showed me a temporary fix of how to get it out of my face. As it’s dangling in front of you, and you’re getting really annoyed, gently tilt it from the right side (my split is on the inner left side) and squeeze the split part together while jamming it back up into the little clickky holder thingy. For some reason this seems to tighten it up enough to make it stay up, you just can’t use the visor so you’re S.O.L. if the sun’s in your eyes..get some good Oakleys!!! Life’s tough, save your $$$ and next time buy the upgrade.

  141. My 07 Civic sedan drivers side visor split last week. I haven’t been to the dealer yet. Reading all these comments that span a few years, I don’t believe I’ll find a suitable answer from Honda. I’ll be looking to just buy the replacement part and fix it myself.

  142. I own a 2006 Civic and have to ditto what’s been said about the visor issue. Very poor design…..This is crazy and Honda should have a recall by now. I’ll see what the local dealership says in Waldorf, MD. The visor now sits directly in my line of sight and I’m not a very tall person so I can imagine how many people are impacted by this annoyance. I’m going to call and complalin to Honda as well… I can’t believe they would let an issue like this go on without issuing a recall.

  143. I own a 2006 Honda Civic EX. The driver side sun visor is split and the visor is hanging down. I have owned most of my vehicles for 10-15 years and never had a problem with a sun visor in any of the other vehicles. I remember when I first got in the car that I thought that the visor was cheap. I bought the car used 8 months ago and have already had it in the shop for 3 repairs (not maintenance). This makes the fourth issue with this car in 8 months. The visors are cheap.

    Will be contacting dealership this week to see if Honda will stand behind their product.

  144. I own a 2007 Honda Civic. The driver side sun visor seam opended and expanded. This is a safety issue. The visor drops down when you are driving. I returned home today (7/5/2010) from a trip to David Hobbs Honda. I purchased the extended warranty and I was told that the visor was not covered due to it being categorized as a ‘trim part’. I am very disapointed that David Hobbs Honda did not stand behine their product. There was a bulletin issued and numerous web-site postings about this faulty part.

  145. Just had my drivers side visor cracked…at the same time checked my voicemail and had a message from Honda telling me my water pully had a re-call..and to bring my car in (2007 civic). I asked about the visor and was advised that there was no recall and because my car was out of warranty I was on my own.

    I asked to speak to the manager who was unavailable. I will be calling the head office to lodge a formal complaint. I think everyone who has had issues should do the same!!

  146. 2007 LX sedan. Purchased used at 19000 miles. Now have 33000 miles.
    Recall done on power steering or water pump bolts problem.
    Drivers window channel replaced due to window operation failing to properly close.
    Replaced battery. Didn’t know it was under warranty and purchased one.
    Had rear upper control arms replaced due to the tire wear and replaced one tire.
    Have rattle underneath the dash. Took it to dealer about a week before the warranty expired but did not have an appointment and was not repaired. Went back a week later and was out of warranty and tough luck.
    Air conditioner has excess anoying cycling.
    Visors have not broken yet.
    My neigbors son is looking for a 2007 for his daughter. I advised against a Honda.

  147. And the sun visor problems keep mounting. We have a 2007 Civic coupe that just turned 40,000 miles. We live in the Bay Area of California (not that hot) and the car is garaged every night. The driver’s side sun visor split open last week. I should have known something was brewing. It was making sort of a clicking sound the last month or so as I was pulling it down on late afternoon commutes home. Honda needs to do something soon. I will be contacting our Honda dealer and will probably write about it if not satisfied as I write for a daily newspaper. Bad press often gets auto dealers motivated.

  148. I have a 2007 Civic Si, and my driver side visor split just a few days ago. I am glad to have found your coments so tomorrow I will be calling the 800# to make my complaint. I have a hard time driving with it hanging down. I have noticed that it blocks the view of the traffic lights so becareful when driving so you don’t run a red light.

  149. Pretty sure the sun visor has nothing to do with the warm climate area’s… I am in Massachusetts, where winter is about 8 months out of the year. My visor is cracked and wont move up, my cars been that way for at least a year now and its an 07. Now my wheel bearing is extremely loud after I just had the recall done to my car about a month ago. We’ll see if Honda takes care of this one………

  150. Just bought a 2006 Honda Civic with a broken driver-side visor. Figured no big deal, I’ll get that fixed. But then I found these forums! eek! How can HONDA be so stupid to irritate a driver in this way? I’ve bought Honda Civics for all 3 of my kids, and unfortunately this last purchase will burn the bridge for HONDA! Contacted Honda Customer Service 1-800- 999 -1009 (be sure to have your VIN handy), and they promised a free replacement at my local honda dealership. I told her is there not an after-market visor for sale? I’d rather spend money on something that works! Than waste my time replacing a defective part with another defective part. Sorry Maam, there is no other visor available. Really? This can’t be! Surely some auto parts store will figure there is a market for 2006-2008 Honda Civic Sun Visors!?!

  151. Today I will be talking to my dealership for the third time about cracked visors on my 2007 Civic EX. The first time one cracked, it took a week or two to get an appointment at my closest dealership 35 miles away (Cleo Bay Honda in Killeen, TX). That visor was replaced by one that they had in inventory (which bothered me a bit, but I totally believed the service manager’s reassuring words.) When the visor on the other side cracked a couple of months later, I called in and they did not have one in inventory and had to order a replacement. That took a couple of weeks, but when I drove over to Killeen, it took the service staff only an hour to repair. Now it’s been a couple of years later and the very same thing has happened, this time to both visors at once. I agree that visibility is severely impaired by these visors hanging down with no way to move them out of the way due to their ‘infirmity.’ There is absolutely no excuse for this problem to still be occuring to me or any other Honda owner/driver after reading so many other comments/reports. I’m on the line currently holding with Honda Customer Service so that I might report yet another instance of the same problem with their product. My dealership’s service staff tell me that they will have to get approval from the District level before they can install new visors at no cost to me, so I will ask Honda CS to encourage this.

  152. Same problem with the Sun Visor. Same problem in multiple model years and no resolution. Suggests that Honda does not really consider this a safety issue, even though you cannot see to drive because of the visor hanging down.

  153. My driver side visor split and from reading all the comments I called the 800 honda number. They said that a customer rep. would call me, but I should also call the dealership and let them know that the customer rep. will also call them. I spoke with the Customer service manager at Duval Honda here in Jacksonville, FL and he said no problem bring it in. I took it in that same day, it took less than 10 minutes and they fixed it for free. I was not longer under warranty (47000 miles).

  154. to Antonio/Slater,

    That fix that you suggest will only work for so long. I know because that’s exactly what I (and I’m sure many others) used to do. However, eventually the split along the seem will widen enough where you will no longer be able to pinch the visor shut and move it back to the “locked” position.

    Sorry to be the one to tell you, but the problem will only get worse over time.

  155. My 2006 Honda Civic sun visors split open somewhere around 40,000 miles. Yes, soon after warranty expired. Initially, I thought I had done something wrong. After seeing all these other posts here, I know realize HONDA USA NEEDS TO TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION if they want to prevent a good car from being dragged down simply because they refuse to fix a simple issue!!

    By the way, I live in Maryland. So their argument that this only happens in “hot states” (AZ, NV, anywhere that has sand – lol?) is ridiculous. Yes, it gets hot in MD! Guess what, it gets hot in most places of the world during certain months! Whoever at Honda USA said that this is only a “hot state” problem needs to be fired. That’s idiotic. I’ve lived in MD much of my life, and have had several cars here and none of them had sun visors that split open.

    Honda – you have an option: either acknowledge that you used inferior sun visors and simply replace them FOR FREE, or risk alienating previously-loyal customers. I’ll put it more directly: There are just as many Toyota dealerships around here as there are Honda dealerships! The choice is yours.

  156. I have a 2006 Civic EX sedan and today I heard a rattling noise coming from my engine all of a sudden after it had been sitting in the parking lot while I was working. I popped open my engine and I could see the belt was off track and one of the pulleys seemed loose. Brought it to my mechanic…he’s telling me a I need my belt tensioner replaced! Mind you I just purchased this car less than 2 months ago. 58K miles and no warranty! Anyone else have or have heard of this issue???

  157. Temp Fix for the Civic Visor Flu!!!

    I live in TX and that’s when my visor broke – most likely a heat issue. Great car, but the visor is a real piece of work. Here’s how I “fixed” it – or rather how I deal with it.

    Move the visor to the full down position. Then, while firmly squeezing the two halves of the assemby (when the split is the largest most likely), rotate the sun visor to the up and lock position.

    Hope this helps,

  158. Do not call Barry at Honda. Just call the 800-999-1009 #. Barry says he can’t help unless you are at his dealer in NJ. Have your VIN ready when you call. See the TSB 08-023.

  159. My passenger side visor broke yesterday. My 2006 Honda Civic is out of warranty and I haven’t called the dealer yet. I will report if the dealer replaces it for free.

  160. Just another case of the sun visor flu. 06 Civic LX with 55k in Florida , my broke on the passanger side. After reading all of the posts its obvious to me that if honda havent made it right 4 years later, they probably not going to at all. Buying a new one is just a waist of money, Removing it is realy easy, takes a flathead screw driver and about 1 min of your time. My question is -Does anyone of you do it yourselfers know an easy way to fix it? Thanks.

  161. My sun visor broke at 33000 miles and then it broke at 44000 miles. the service manager said he hasnt had any problems with sun visors. it was under warranty the first time but not the second.after complaning they finally covered it.i have a feeling im going to be back there with this problem.

  162. My Honda Civic 07 sunvisor keeps falls down while driving. It’s very dangerous, does anyone know Honda Wichita, KS will replace for free after my the warranty was expire?

  163. I’m on my 4th visor in just as many years. My passenger side broke also but I just haven’t taken them in. The dealer replaced the 3 so far I am hoping they do the same with these. 2006 Honda Civic, I live in AZ also.

  164. I have the same problem with my 2006 civic sun visors. It is dangerious because it falls down at the worst possible times; like intersections. I reported the defect to the US Department of Transportation Office of defects and file a complaint. The phone number is 1 888 327 4236. So far they have only received 5 complaints. Make the call.

  165. Add me for the visor problem. My daughter in law bought this car brand new. It wasn’t long before the visor split and wouldn’t stay up very well. The local deal said it wasn’t covered under warranty and gave a quote of $95 to replace it!!! They didn’t have it done and I have since bought the rig from them. Now the visor is completely broke and doesn’t stay up at all. I’ve swapped the passenger side visor for it but now I’m not real optimistic that it will hold up either. Oh yeah, Except for the first couple of months, the car has been in the Seattle area. DEFINITELY not considered a hot area.

  166. my 06 civic si the paint if cracking on hood and front fenders. did research and others have had same problem . its a defect and its sad when a guy pays alot of money for a car keeps it nice stores it in winter and the paint cracks on it. only 32000 miles i hope honda will help.

  167. i have a 06 civic si. i love the car i have had the drivers side sun visor replaced once but thats not the problem the problem is my hood and both front fenders the paint is cracking (crows feet i here). i called honda they are going to get back to me . of course just out of warranty. anyone else had this problem? the car has been stored winters and only has 32000 miles i hope honda will step up and help.

  168. I bought my 2006 Honda Civic pretty much off the truck. It had been in the parking lot of my dealership less then 24 hours when I bought it. Every year I have to replace the sun visors. For the past 3 months the passanger side has been flopping around because I am tired of replacing them. If you think about it I have spent over 200 dallors replacing this one part. But the topper of it all last summer I saw small blue spots in my garage and then my car was overheating. Next day I took it to dealer. Guess what…. Need a new engine block because it was cracked. I was at 48,000 miles. Still under a type of warrenty. But done research and seems this is a problem all the way up to 2009 models. I will be honest… I am now wishing I never bought this car. Now I am stuck with this car. It has no resale value. Now I am scared to drive it because what if the new block does them same thing again. I mean the visors still do the same thing. I live in south Texas so its hot. Nothing I can do about it but not drive it. I got a Honda because they were suppose to be one of the top cars. But I think those days are gone for Honda. I will not buy another Honda again. First and Last.

  169. My 2006 Honda Civic has had the sun visor replaced 3 additional times and today a 4th time. Honda has been aware of the problem for years but has refused to fix the problem or recall the part. Today I had to pay $40 for a new driver’s side visor, and then I called the 1-800-999-1009 customer service number. They would not acknowledge there was or had ever been a problem, only told me that I was out of my original warranty, and they would not even allow me to talk with anyone else within the organization. I was told that there was nothing they could do and no one that I could speak with. I think they should have replaced the 4th broken one free of charge since they obviously have a defective part that they continue to sell as a replacement part. I have NO HOPE that the new $40 part that was installed today will be any better. How sad! Shame on you Honda!

  170. I live in AZ and have had my visors replaced twice, so far, due to cracking apart. (’07 Civic Coupe EX)
    I thought it was because I leave them down instead of flipping them back up (to reduce exposure to the direct sun)?…
    The local dealer replaced them for free … due to poor design issue. I asked whether they would be replaced if this happens outside manufacturer’s warranty period and they said that there would be no problem since they offer a warranty on the visor itself, so, that if it fails again it would be covered for free replacement.
    The service dept acknowledged that there is an issue with the design especially in HOT climates.
    I will see what happens the NEXT time they fail and whether they stand behind their commitment to replace future failures at no charge..

  171. We have an 06 Honda civic. Both sun visors are broken and now I just afraid to get a replacement part from Honda. Does anyone know of a better solution than getting one from Honda?

  172. I own a 2006 Honda Civic Coup and my driver side sun visor split opened and fell off last week.
    Called the dealer and told them to replace it for fee because this is a factory defect.
    They will not replace it for free because it is no longer under the factory warranty.
    It will cost over $60.00 just for the part and the labor would be extra.
    The woman at the dealer called me about the part arrival today and said it would take an half day to replace it.
    I literally screamed at the woman why would take an half day to replace visor which holds only a few screws.
    she later called back and that time she said it would take a little over an hour.
    Later this evening, I went on- line and found a bunch complaints about the exact same issue.
    Called the 800 number placed my complain and waiting for them to call me back if they are going to do the right thing to replace this piece of crap for free.
    I will let you all know.

  173. We live in Toronto, Canada and same thing up hear. 2nd driver’s side visor just popped at the back and now hangs in my face.

    We seriously need a recall on this!

  174. Just an FYI – Had a sun visor break – called the dealership and there is no re-call on this and won’t ever be. Regardless of what the Honda USA people say. They only do Re-calls on Safety issues!!!

  175. Honda service manager laughed when I told him the cracked visor was a safety issue, I believe we should all write a complaint and have honda investigated for acknowleging the problem and doing nothing about it but putting a bad part back on again. They told me I got two free ones My visor broke the third time and now they want me to pay, waiting for a call back but it doesn’t seem like they want to help I will never buy a honda again

  176. I have a 2007 Honda Civic LX. Add me to the list. My driver’s side sun visor just popped and will not stay up.

  177. For all of those thinking that the 2006 driver’s side visor cracking could be related to heat, I live in Canada, which is obviously freezing half of the year, and my visor has had to be replaced 3 times in 2 years. I hate my Civic.

  178. I have a 2007 Honda Civic – Sedan — My 2nd drivers side visor has just popped! Of course I am past warranty and the last one was more than 12 months 12000 miles ago – so I am screwed! It hangs in my face!!!! Why do I want to pay $60 for another one to only read above that the SAME things is going to happen again! Grrrrrrrrr!!!! We need a RECALL!!!!!! I live in Florida but the first one was in February not the SUMMER!!!

  179. 2007 Honda Overheating with 57,000 miles. Also my weather strip inside the doors is coming off. Anyone know anything about the overheating issue.

  180. SUN VISOR – if your civic visor splits, call American Honda 800-999-1009 prompt #1 Ask for extension 117731 (Barry) 11am-5pm EST. They are replacing mine (3rd visor now!) for free…

  181. I also have a 2006 Honda Civic and I have called and complained several times about my visors. The first year I owned the car I had to have both replaced due to them cracking under heat of the sun in the summer time. The following year the drivers side one cracked again and I had to pay for that one which was over $50.00 then wouldn’t you know exactly one week after the 1 yr mfg warranty on the part the thing cracked again. Cannot get anywhere with Honda Customer Service center with the visors. I started cracking my windows and using a sun shade to see if it would help the problem and it didn’t work. They do need to recall this because the thing just flops in front of your head

  182. Yes I to also have 07 EX Coupe with Driver side visor broke. We been buying Honda’s for over 30 years , time to give the american comp. our support .. F*#& Japan!!! Ford Fusion Looks Nice !!!

  183. Have 2007 Civic. Driver’s side visor also split apart. Sounds like replacing with a new one will just break again. Need a recall.

  184. Have a 2006 Civic and live in FL. Driver’s sunvisor split in late February which was one of our coldest months to date. Needless to say, the visor dangles in my face and is a saftey issue.

    After reading the posts (very helpful) I decieded that replacing it was a waste of $ and time. As suggested in one post, I went into the desk drawer, found two large biders and put those on the visor. Works like a charm.

    Gotta wonder why a company is not doing anything and owner’s need to resort to office supplies to hold the car together.

  185. I have a problem.. i was driving my car last week and i never noticed that my motor had a rattle when it came to a steady speed, because u usually have my music on. Until one day i was on the highway and my music was off. at 3500rpm i was hearing a rattle from the front of the car? Does anyone have that problem? i don’t know where its coming from but i’m going to take it to honda to check..

  186. My drivers side visor cracked has well..we super glued it at first. Well tonight, it cracked again and I just took matters into my own hands and ripped it off. I thought I was the only one..A very common problem it looks like
    Honda, don’t lower your standards.

  187. I’m glad I came across this webpage. My 2007 Honda Civic driver’s side sun visor also split and won’t stay up. It came apart within a few months of purchasing the car new. I use a plastic clip to hold it up.

  188. RE: Marsha Chang: They know about the problems and are choosing to ignore it. All the dealerships know about the problem but their hands are tied. In some cases they will offer you a 20/80 split. which means you pay the 80%. Like Fran said why would you pay even $65.00 for another piece of garbage. I have seen it before, large companies ignore this kind of stuff unless a class action is started.

  189. The sun is compromising the glue that holds the visor together. Even if they give you one for free it will do the same thing. They are replacing them with the same defective material. They know it is a problem and have not come up with an alternative. Why would I pay $82.00 for another piece of garbage. They should recall these visors, but I guess they are having enough issues with the rear control arms being defective!

  190. Well where do I begin. I have a 2007 Honda Civic with 188,000 miles on it. I have had to put 3 sets of tires on it due to chopping of the tires. I took it in at 17,000 miles telling them that there was a serious vibration at 40-50 mph, they told me it was the alignment and the tires needed balancing. Well I have had it in 4 different times and they now tell me it is my transmission or the torque converter. Visor broke around 40,000 miles. This car is a piece of crap. I have contacted Honda Corp, they never contacted me. I commute to work everyday 55 miles one way and with the way the car sounds at 40-50 mph I am really afraid that it is going to fall apart. Honda should deal with these issues, but of course they won’t. I will never buy a Honda again.

  191. 2006 Honda Civic – stupid driver side visor popped open this week – of course the dealer wants ME to pay HIM $82.00 for the part – “I don’t think so” – i have extended warranty for another 3,000KM but visors not covered!!! Of course I am a great believe in duck tape and crazy glue. Will get the boys & hubby busy fixing it tomorrow. BTW we live in Canada so it’s not the heat! it was barely 0F when the visor broke…so WTF is going on with these damn visors???

  192. I have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. I have had over $4000 worth of repairs in less than 4 years and just over 30,000 miles–first a hybrid sensor, then the driver’s side window wouldn’t stay up, then the rack and pinion steering went, now it is part of the brake system. My tires seem to be wearing out very quickly and it looks like others have had this problem as well. My dealership has been very good to me but American Honda has not. I have asked them to provide me with an extended warranty, but they insist that if I have trouble, to just call them and they will deal with things on a case by case basis. Do we need to let our complaints be known to a wider audience the way Toyota’s problems have become well known? This car is so far from Honda’s usual good quality that I doubt I will ever buy a Honda again.

  193. I’ve had two major problems withe my 07 civic coupe LX, the first one is the front bumper started to fall off last week and the alignment is very bad with the wheels. I’ve taken the car twice for wheel aligment within the last year! There is also a weird clicking sound when I start the car, like a solenoid! I live in NYC, and the car has only 19,000 miles.

  194. I just called Honda today and they said they only have a “few” reports of this. In order for them to do anything about this, they have to have enough formal complaints by phone, so call them at (800) 999-1009 and make a formal complaint. If they do not do anything about this I wonder if we can get lawyers involved for a class action suit. This concerns safety.

  195. I have a 2007 Civiv EX. I’ve taken it into the dealership multiple times and told them that it sounds like my tire is going to fly off any moment, no matter my speed or the road I am on. My doors have started trying to automatically lock when i stop (they’re already locked) and sometimes does not want to start after sitting in the parking lot all day. My engine recently started occasionally making a ticking noise, anyone had any problems? I have not had the visor problem though, and I live in GA, I think I’d rather have the visor problem.

  196. ok i bought a 2007 honda civic and i have had major issuess!!!! is seems like the parts on the car are just wayyy too easily damaged…the bottom of my car is completely horrible and i havent had it that long for it to even start with the damage!!!! im am extremely upset and the dealership seems not to be too concerned as long as they get their money its a done deal…i now have to take my car to the shop and try to get a fixed..this is going to be very expensice for me and im a College student paying for this on my own…

  197. My 2006 Civic visor cracked a while ago. But I knew my car was out of warranty, so no point going to the dealer. But today when it fell off in my hand, it prompted me to search the web for others. Look how many I found!! I called the dealer, who just said they would give me a break…but would not say what that was. So I call the 800-999-1009 number. They acted like they had never heard of this. And the only way they would determine if they would do anything is that I had to take the car to the dealership for examination first. It’s really very simple. The visor cracked and fell off in my hand. So much for quality. Did anyone replace their visor with something different than a Honda part? I don’t want this cycle to keep repeating itself.

  198. i have not had any issues or problems with my visors on my 2006 civic ex, although my main issue is the paint cracking on the hood. when i bought the car, i checked carfax, its never been in an accident, i called honda corporate office to explain the problem and they said because it was past the 36k mile warranty, they could not cover the cost to have it repainted, i got an estimate and for them to strip, repaint, and coat is going to cost $350. it is a manufacturer defect and should be covered no matter what, especially if you buy the car used and it has 53k miles when you buy it

  199. I have 2006 Civic EX and my sister has 2006 Civic EX Coupe, both of our cars have cracking sunvisor, mine is on the driver side, and my sister’s in on the passenger side. I am so surprise a lot of people experience the same thing and there’s still no recall. To make it even worse, Honda doesn’t even care about this issue. My sister tried to get her sunvisor replaced but they want to charge her $75+labor for it. Now I put the visor to the side instead of leaving it hanging and blocking my driving view. But it’s still a safety hazard because the hinge is kinda loose and can move freely whenever I make turn.
    Not really sure what can make the Civic’s sunvisor recalled, what we can do for now is keep calling 1800-999-1009…

  200. I have an 07 civic ex with manual transmision, I hear a clicking sound whenever I press on my clutch pedal near the very end. Is anyone experiencing this too? I brought my car to the dealer and was told it was an on/off button for the clutch so they didn’t replaced it. But seriously, you don’t even need to press the clutch all the way to change the gear, so what on/off button are they talking about?

  201. I have same problem with passenger visor but they didn’t want to fix for free aven I have warranty on the whole car .
    anyway My biggest problem now is the vibration on the steering wheel I took to honda the said I need to balance but I did many times and still problem and it is scarrryyyyyyyy.can somebody help me over here ?I think something to do mechanical .

  202. I have a split open driver’s side visor and when I took it in to get it fixed they wanted to charge me for it. My car is still covered under an extended warranty but the the visor replacement is not cover. That was crap!! I am glad I am not the only one with this problem. They have to order a recall on this !!!

  203. i’m taking my 2008 in for the visor on my driver’s side. its under warranty for now but from what i’m hearing on this forum, it will surely break again. i’m going to try the binder clips to prolong the inevitable but i have to agree with everyone that for Honda to allow this to go on is making me think twice when i’m ready for my next car.

  204. ummm… i thought my car was the only one! i have a ex civic coupe. the visor broke during the summer. im definately calling honda. im still under warranty & i got the extended. from what ive read it is retarded that it is not a recall yet!

  205. Had an awful experience – was driving and heard a screeching metal to metal sound coming from the right wheel base area of my 2008 Honda Civic. Had to turn around and go back home-called a mechanic-checked the breaks-no problem-then my son sent this article to me on recalls-called Honda said nothing yet wrong with the 2008’s but I have as of today 100,000 miles on my car; I might just be ahead of the pack due to the mileage. This Honda passed inspection 2 weeks prior to this episode. Called the dealership – they said the screeching wouldn’t stop and the car would pull from side to side if the bearings are the problem, when the wheel is ready to fall off. They all assured me that the car is fine. We’ll see. And I actually told my son to buy a Honda-not anymore. Have no problem with the sun-visors.

  206. 2006 Honda Civic 58,000 miles. CD player just broke, replaced 2 belt tentioners, drivers side beam molding keeps coming undone, seat covers kept peeling up from bottom of front seats, A/C isn’t very cold and never was. Will not be buying another civic and possibly not another Honda. I thought the first year of the redesign would be the only year with issues…. NOPE

  207. Ok so I will be calling Honda USA on Monday, I took my 07 Civic to the dealership over the summer after my visor split and they wanted to charge me $80. They acted like it was an isolated incident and no one else in America reported the issue. This is ridiculous, they need to put out a recall or replace them for free with no labor charges, and this is neither our fault nor our issue. I have been clucked in the head one to many times and it truly should be considered a driving hazard. I am so glad that I researched this issue before paying $80 to get it fixed. … I don’t mean any harm but the person that suggested a class action lawsuit might have a good point. Is Honda not going to be satisfied until someone is seriously injured or something?

  208. Hey I have a 2006 civic and had the visor issue I used an extra large binder clip which worked like a charge.. Now my question is I went and turned on my car and now my heater won’t work its freezing out and even colder out.. Anyone had this issue before ??

  209. Own a 2006 Civic Coupe. Sunvisor fell apart. Dealer denied warranty coverage. Am hesitant to replave at cost of over 100 bucks only to have problem repeated. Sunvisor poorly designed.

  210. Our 2006 Honda Civic just “croaked.” We bought it new 3 years ago from the Dealer. Its engine block cracked and it overheated, leaked and burned antifreeze. My husband was driving to work on a major highway when it happened. Luckily, he was OK. We have reported this to American Honda 1-800- 999 -1009 who pretended not to know that THERE HAS BEEN A SERVICE BULLETIN ISSUED ABOUT THIS PROBLEM. If anyone else has a problem with this, PLEASE CALL and COMPLAIN! The dealer said they will replace parts because it’s still under warranty, but we don’t know if they’re after market and how many parts will be replaced. They have not even told us how long it will take. Honda is STUPID because we own 2 Hondas they may lose us as future customers.

  211. I think we should file a class action. obviously, we are all over the country having the same problem — not that we have to be. My driver’s side visor cracked and won’t stay up. It poses a hazard. It will cost at least $40 to replace. If Honda won’t listen, maybe a judge will.

  212. I’m on the third go around with the visor issue on my 07 Civic EX. I’m now concerned that there are so many cracked engine block problems as well. I have filed a complain with NTSB over the visor issue. I understand that the large clips help to solve the visor splitting problem but why do we need a jury-rig solution to a HONDA PROBLEM???? I have had several Honda models over the past 15 years but the lack of a good response to the visor issue by Honda is forcing me to consider Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, GM, etc. (did I miss anybody?). Honda, you have done yourself a huge disservice by not solving the visor problem.

  213. Honda Civic 2007, both visors failed between 25 000 and 35 000 miles.
    I repaired myself with small machine screws, nuts and washers.
    At 50 000 miles took the car for recall service regarding water pump pulley.
    Complained about the visors. They replaced them and charged for labor only, ($20). And told me when these fail, they will replace them, and there will be no more charge because they have a record that they replaced them once already and they failed.
    I think I will use this dealership for my repairs in the future.
    Cathedral City, CA Honda Dealer.

  214. I too have a 2007 Civic. Had the visor replaced about 6 months ago and it’s broke again. The tech at Carmichael Honda told me that although the Civic is a great car the visor was made poorly and just to slap the visor in an upward fashion when it falls down. He said that would make stay up. Of course the extended warranty is not for “plastic or trim” He said I should handle the visors “gingerly” Great advice. I’m going to start looking into how a recall can be made.

  215. I have a 2007 Honda Civic Ex both of my sun Visors have spilt from the top, the Dealer fix my passenger one already once, however it has broken again and now my Driver side is broken and Now they want to charge me to fix, this is a saftey hazard and is a defect, i hope honda will take care of this matter,i have never had a problem with them i am hoping this matter will be addressed.

  216. 07 black civic si had the sunvisor replaced twice, carpet replaced because if rip, 3rd gear problem transmission overhauled, and now crows feet which began on hood then spread to finders and now on roof spoiler and drivers side door. Dealer covered everything under warrenty except roof spoiler and door paint defect. If you have a black vehicle check for crows feet, it’s another common defect. Warrenty about to expire now the real fight will begin.

  217. I have a 2006 Honda Civic. Within 5 months of owning it my sunvisors went. They hang down and you can not get them back up. I called the 800 number and complained. I am printing out all these comments and I am going to mail it to the Honda CEO at the address given in one of the above entries. I will also include my own letter as well. I was a loyal Honda customer, but I will think twice the next time I purchase. I searched online before buyi9ng but must have missed this defect.

  218. I just replaced my 4th sun visor on my 2007 Honda Civic. The 1st replacement the car had 3000 miles on it. I now have 16,000 miles on it. I called the 800 # at the back of the owners manual and was told that they only make recalls for safety issues. ( I’ve had 2 of those already for other reasons) I told them that a sun visor hanging in your face at night was a definate safety issue. They did not agree. They also said that after the warrenty was gone I would have to pay for the replacements. At least they replaced both the front axles for free. What next? Before I bought this Honda I had a 1998 Civic for 10 years and loved it. I will not buy another one.

  219. I have a 2006 Honda Civic 4 dr EX. Both sun visors split just after the warranty expired. Slidell Honda, (Louisiana) said that they will replace them for $80 a piece! I never had a visor to split open and flop in my face before in any vehicle that I have ever owned. I find it amazing that after so many complaints on visor failure that Honda has not issues a recall. Honda’s reputation for quality is going down the tubes on this one, and I haven’t even mentioned the issue of pre-mature rear tire wear. Perhaps Honda is not the same top-notch company as it used to be.

  220. 2006 Civic sedan; driver’s side visor is finito, I thought it was only my car. It is clearly a safety issue. Wake up Honda before there is a serious accident from this design flaw!

  221. 2007 Honda Civic, Visor fell off last year, Honda replaced it, it just fell off again a few weeks ago. Hoping they will replace it again at no chrge. Very annoying!
    North Carolina

  222. My driver’s side sun visor also split – I live in WISCONSIN, so we know it isn’t the Arizona heat making this happen – out of warrenty – I’m waiting for a call back from Honda customer service. Otherwise it will be at least $200.00 – CRAZY

  223. I have a 2006 Honda Civic coupe. My drivers side sun visor is broken also. I called Honda service department. I was told it was going to cost me since my car is out of warrenty.I will be call the 800# on Monday. This is my 2nd. Honda and it will be my last.

  224. It is really shocking to now the number of complaints about sun visors. Honda should take ownership of poor parts they put in new cars that is not cheap. I own a 2007 Honda Civic Ex and the same thing happened with me, i was shocked to see it split open when putting it back in normal positon. Blocking my view and distracting me while driving! The replacements are not cheap!!!for middle class working people! Honda should recall all 2006 & 2007 Civic for visors!

  225. its amazing to see all the complaints about the sun visors i just went online to see about any recalls and when i read the first couple of complaints about the visor i couldnt believe it… i too took my visor totally off because mine is broken unreal !!!

  226. I wish just my sun visor split!! I drive a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe and today I had the pleasure of having my pulley FALL OFF because the bolts came loose and fell out. This then caused my serpentine belt to come off, making my car not able to drive (obviously). This isn’t the first problem I’ve had with my Honda and I’m very disappointed in how rude my local Honda dealer is, like I did something to cause the pulley to fall off? I have about 30,000 miles on it and have had both my brakes and tires replaced, not to mention my whole CD player broke completely a year after I got my car but they replaced it for free. I’m coming to the conclusion that Honda is being less and less reliable……….

  227. Sun visors: Whoever suggested the binder clips, THANK YOU!!! It fixed my one broken sun visor. I put another binder clip on my other one to prevent it from breaking. It was a little unsightly at first, put then I took the silver “handles” off (I was mad I didn’t think of it sooner), and you can barely tell they are there if you’re not looking right at them!

  228. I have a 2007 Honda Civic the driver sun visor broke, they replaced it. Then the passenger sun visor broke, they replaced it. Then the driver sun visor broke, they replaced it… week later it broke again! Hanging in our face can’t see it drive!

  229. Both visors on my 2006 Honda Civic have broken as well… seams split and the visors won’t go back up. My husbands 2007 driver side has broken and the passenger is well on it’s way! I called the 800 # and was told since it isn’t under, they would “see” if there is anything they can do and they will have someone calle me back. After reading these posts, I don’t think I should hold my breath. I’m absolutely horrified that Honda doesn’t feel a sense of responsibility to design a new visor and replace ALL visors on cars experiencing this hazardous problem. What will it take… one death… 5 deaths… 30 deaths… 1,000 deaths caused from drivers’ vision being obstructed?!? This is absolutely insane!

  230. I have my 2006 Civic at the dealers right now with broken sun visors for the 4th time. The 1st two times were under warrenty. The last time was in May, just 4 months ago and they fixed it for “goodwill”. Now I am waiting for the Service Manager to call because they say I will have to pay the labor and they will warrenty the parts. I don’t think I should have to pay anything for a defective part. We will see what happens!

  231. I got a 06 Civic Sedan EX in Dec. 2005. I’ve had 3 problems in Knoxville, TN:

    1)About a week ago (90,000 miles), my driver’s side sun visor broke in a similar fashion described by everyone else.

    2)I’ve been going through tires b/c of the rear control arm that I had to have replaced as described by others. My extended warranty has a $100 deductible, so that beat buying new tires every 20 – 30k miles. I think someone said the Honda bulletin stated the Honda owes me 2 new tires. I’ll be looking into that.

    3) The lights that illuminate my “AC” and “Max AC” buttons at night are out. The dealer said corporate said it was bad bulbs, and the dealer replaced them for free. Then a few weeks later, they went dim every time I hit a small bump, and then went out completely with at large bump. I took it back to the dealer and said it was a loose connection, and they kept insisting it was the bulbs (again?!?!). I know it’s minor, but annoying none-the-less.

    I wish Honda would take responsibility for themselves. I am afraid in 6000 miles or so (right after my extended warranty runs out) the engine block will crack! If anyone has any insight on any of this, let me know!

  232. My sisters 2007 Civic LX visor just broke too. Mind you this is in CANADA hence prollly why it didnt break until now. But alas it finally gave and we past our warranty by 5000kms so they wont fix the damn thing. We have to pay 92 bucks to get a new one, like what kinda of bullshit is that? Honda better do a recall or else I’m going to toyota which I already have for my 2009 Camry Hybrid gyea gyea! BTW we have 5 cars, and 4 of them are hondas.

  233. I have a 2007 Honda Civic….just found out today i have a cracked engine block. It has 77000 miles (thank God) i got the extended warranty. BUT….the service manager hasn’t yet confirmed that it will be covered????

    Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed. Has anyone had an issue with the extended warranty? I purchased the ext warr at the time of purchase from the dealership…i can’t imagine any difficutly especially because there are so many cases of this problem happening.

    Should I demand a brand new 2009 engine? Since this will happen again? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


  234. I bought an 07 civic sedan LX a little more than a week ago and the passenger side visor has fallen and wont go back up. Its driving me insane and blocking my vison when i drive.

    I live in Phoenix, AZ and i figured the heat had something to do with it.

    I need to call and complain either way because this car has been a hassle since i bought it.

    First, the car and keys were hidden, so it took us an hour to find it. Turns out it was wedged between the work trucks on the opposite end of the lot.

    Then 2 days later, the car alarm goes off.. and i wasnt told the car had an alarm so there was so no way for me to turn it off.

    I call the dealership and he then tells me “oh yeah.. it has an alarm.. i thought i told you” I drive down and they cant find the keyless entry so they take the fuse out of my horn and tell me to “drive carefully” til i come back the next morning.

    Im mad and get in the car to leave, but since the alarm had gone off so many times, the car wouldnt turn on, i guess it locked itself in park.

    I was forced to leave it there, and they give me a rental. They put the Honda temp tag on the back of this Pontiac G6. I questioned why they were doing that and asked why i couldnt get dealer plates. The assist. Mgr assured me it was fine after i continued to question it.

    I was told, id get the keyless entry by noon the next day. I got a call saying the car was ready, but when i asked about the keyless entry, i was told i wasnt getting it. I complained and yelled and they got it for me.. but at 6pm

    I went to the mvd to turn in my plate and asked them about the temp tag mix up and they said that if i would’ve gotten stopped, it woulda been a $1000 ticket on my record and a ton of hassle.

    Now the visor is broken and the back shocks(?) squeek when i go over bumps or out of my garage.. i’ll be calling honda Monday morning.

    Stay away from Midway Nissan on Bell road for anyone who lives in the Phoenix Area!! Avoid the stress and hassle… nothing but trouble

  235. My 2006 Civic EX just had a visor failure. $60 out of pocket for a design flaw on Honda’s part. Even worse, 2 years ago I had to get the rear A-Arms replaced because they were “the wrong length” (Honda design error) and severely wore
    the rear tires on the inside tread. That was several hundred dollars. Both should be recalled.
    We are ready to buy a new car. Honda better fess up or we’ll buy elsewhere.

  236. My sun visor just went out as well this is TERRIBLE! Honda created a defective product that is apparently not able to handle the heat as that is there excuse. well i am as well going to call the 1-800 and complaint because now im fearful that after buying one i might just have to be buying constantly new sun visors since they are not meant to last.. Well i was just researching for my new sun visor and happen to find this link which scared me to know that this is happening to a lot of people. I wonder if honda will make a stand to help us that would be great, but they might just wait til there sent to court or something. It just seems like it has been happening for over a year now. well guys i as well encouraege everyone to bother HONDA so there may be a RECALL for this product.

  237. My sun visor on the driver side cracked 1 year ago. I have a 2006 honda civic ex. I thought it was due to something I did. Now I realize it’s a defect. Hope this gets recall so I can bring it in to get fixed.

  238. same issues here. with the visor, with the arm controls and with the freaking cracked engine block. bought car in 06 as well brand new! honda will fix it because i say so! wont be leaving the dealership without a new engine. there is a 5 yr warranty with 100,000 miles for any power train problems. and i also had a recall on my water pump which could lead to such problems with overheating and such.(so i heard) so not impressed with this CARRRRR!!!! wont buy another honda i swear

  239. I just purchased a new to me Honda Civic Coup 2006 and I too am having a visor issue. I’m bringing it to the dealer tomorrow even if its not under warrrenty.

  240. i own a 2006 honda civic and yes i had the same problem with the visors and honda fixed them now i just found out that there was a recall on the bearings… i fixed them like 4 months ago but i didnt take it to honda …. so i payed fot it is there any way to get my money back sisnce theres a recall???? well now im having another issue. with the car the ca was overheating bad … took it to honda and it has a hair line crack on the engine box!!! can u belive that!!!!!! now there putting a brand new engine on it … i mean hondas are supposed to last…. and i mean im relly dissapointed in them. my next car its deff not gonna be a honda….

  241. How many people have the cracked engine block? my 07 civic lx sedan has a cracked block. According to my online research there are 1000’s, so many so that Honda has redesigned the mold for the 09 model, yet if you are past warranty they are not standing behind their product. Has anyone had theirs replaced by honda outside of the warranty period? I still have over 2 years but I am 27k past the 60k warranty as I bought this car for a job requiring me to drive everyday. I have serviced the car properly and have all the re-calls completed. According to american Honda service bulletin 08-044, this issue is a factory defect, and still they are refusing to replace it. I am in the process of speaking with the state of TN lemon law attorneys office, but am skeptical that is qualifies. Any advice from any other owners would be a great help.

  242. I have a 9 month old Honda Civic Si and the drivers side visor wouldn’t stay up. My car is in Georgia so I’m sure it has something to do with the heat. I took it to honda and they replaced for free. I noticed today that the passenger side visor is about to have the same problem. I’ve been hearing a rattle in the back of the car whenever I go over small bumps. Not sure if it’s a suspension problem or what. I guess I’ll take the spare tire out and try driving around to see if that solves the problem. Otherwise it looks like someone from Honda will need to ride in my trunk to figure out what’s causing the noise :)

  243. 9 month old Honda Civic Si and the drivers side visor wouldn’t stay up. I took it to honda and they replaced for free. I noticed today that the passenger side visor is about to have the same problem. I’ve been hearing a rattle in the back of the car whenever I go over small bumps. Not sure if it’s a suspension problem or what. I guess I’ll take the spare tire out and try driving around to see if that solves the problem. Otherwise it looks like someone from Honda will need to ride in my trunk to figure out what’s causing the noise :)

  244. I bought my 2006 Civic LX sedan new, 60k miles ago. The drivers side visor failed when the car was about 1.5 years old, and the passenger visor a few months after that. Both were replaced by dealer at no charge.
    I now have a problem with the rear suspension. Going over bumps at freeway speed, there is a side-to-side jerk in the rear end. (hard to describe, but I’ve never experienced anything like this in any other car I’ve driven or ridden in) I haven’t read of anyone else having this problem. Have you?

  245. I own a 2007 Civis sedan Si and I am having paint issues just on the hood. Does any one else have this problem? Color is black. I have not taken to dealer to look at yet, but it is only on the hood of my Honda. It looks like it is just cracking.

  246. I also had problems with my driver’s side sun visor. I have a 2006 Honda Civic and apparently this is a common effect, especially in hot weather. I took it to the dealership just in time before my warranty ran out and they were able to replace it at no cost to me (right away they knew what I was talking about, they must have many customers changing their visors!). I’m expecting the passenger’s side visor to do the same but I’ll probably won’t be covered by the warranty anymore. This is definetely an issue that should be consider for a recall! Especially when it’s an issue that reoccurs, it’s not just a one time thing.

  247. I also have had my 2007 Honda Civic drivers side sun visor crack. They want 63.00 to replace this item. I have LOVED Honda and currently own a Accord, Civic, and a CRV. I have NEVER seen something like this happen in any other vehicle. Honda obviously has a serious problem. Yes, they need to do a US recall of these sun visors. I for one will question my loyality if they do not do the correct thing and replace this free of charge.

  248. I bought a 2007 Civic EX and so far have taken my car in on five (5) different occasions over the last 2 yrs. to have the dealer take care of broken sun visors. I sent a letter to the President of Honda (Mr. Ito) in Japan letting him know of my disappointment and the lack of quality that I’ve come to expect from Honda as we have been a Honda family for many years. My dealer has taken care of it each time — no issues, other than having to leave work early each time to take it in to be repaired or replace. I was okay with the first couple of times but am now totally aggravated. When I sent a letter to Mr. Ito I reminded him of the phrase “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” and let him know it’s broken now and whatever happened to Honda quality. I spoke with a customer service rep. who wasted my valuable time and his; he was quite professional and tried to be understanding but there was no resolution. I contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and logged a complaint and then I sent Mr. Ito another letter to inform him that I did. Maybe this will help, maybe not….but I am now relentless and will not quit until this issue is resolved.

  249. My visor broke too. I have a 2006 Honda Civic Ex. I think the heat has something to do with it. The temp was 107 the day mine broke. I called the customer service number and they would not help. They told me to take it to the dealership and MAYBE they won’t charge me. I will call the dealership back and see if they will fix it for free. If not, I will buy online and fix it myself. I do plan to use a binder clip though as I’ve heard these work really well. I’m betting these will be recalled soon.

  250. My ’07 Civic sedan has had both visors replaced three times so far… husband took it to the dealer today and was given a” one time goodwill fix”. Give a me freakin’ break! We have the extended warranty and it’s a manufacturing problem. I am just the victim along with thousands of other Honda owners! The dealer even had the nerve to say that fixing the visors is considered a “cosmetic procedure” to your car. They fixed the visors, but next time it happens, I will personally take the vehicle not my husband. Very frustrated and will be calling the Honda 1-800- 999-1009. This problem will continue until Honda is slapped with a Class Action Suit for sure!

  251. I live in NC and have had 2 sun visors to fail on my 2006 Civic. First one, driver’s side, was replaced free by dealer, car slightly out of warrenty. Second one to crack was the new replacement from slightly over a year ago. Dealer did not want to replace it since car is out of warrently and said they had already replaced it once at no charge. I complained because it seems to me it is a defect in the product – the visor does not hold up under normal wear and tear. Also, it is a safety hazard. You would think Honda would be more concerned about the safety of people than the money it would cost them to issue a recall and install a proper visor. I’ve owned numerous cars over the years and never experienced a visor breakage. I don’t buy the comments about the heat either, they do sell cars in warm climate areas, sounds like an excuse to me. Service Manager called to request manufacture to replace it, at my insistance, got a call today that they agreed to replace second one sharing the cost, but still I have to pay 1/2. I’m not satisfied with that – I want a recall, it appears to me that Honda owners will continue to have this problem.

  252. Loved my 07 SI, damm for that visor. This is the second time. My husband has a 97 civic til the present day has no problems. I thought I would have the same luck. Like I said LOVED now I don’t want to drive it. I only do a 10 mile commute which is not a lot, but still the visor is very annoying, then I have the 3rd gear problem. WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO HONDA?? If I would of known I would not bother buying HONDA.

  253. I am taking my 2007 Civic in today for the 5th time, yes thats right……5 visors have been replaced. They break every 3 to 6 months consistenly. I live in Florida and I don’t buy the comments about the heat. There are millions of other cars that do not have this problem. I was told by the service manager at Honda that the visors were redisigned and that I would have no further problems. This wiil be my second replacement of the “new redeisigned” visors. My car has 38,000 miles on it however Honda has been replacing them at no cost (which I think they should). This is a serious problem because when they break they will not stay in the “up” position. This blocks your vision while driving and is extremely annoying (and dangerous). It also prevents you from using sun shades in the front windshield because most are held in place by the visors. Because I live in Florida I like using the sun shades. I would recommend that no one pay for replacements!!! If you are told that you have to pay PUSH BACK. This is a very well documented problem and Honda will back down and provide help.

  254. I live in the incredibly hot state of Connecticut (we haven’t gotten over 90 degrees all summer) and I’m on my second visor which cracked open last week. I was quoted $85 for the visor itself. It sounds like Honda’s found a great way to sell replacement visors.

  255. I’m telling you people! Binder clips work…Even if it’s already popped. Go pick up some large binder clips and clip the visor. It works!

  256. This is my first Honda and most likely my last Honda. I too have had 3 driver side sunvisors and one passenger side sunvisor replaced under warranty and now the warranty has expired on my 2006 Honda Civic Si and I must pay for replacement. I have had many cars over the years that have been in the heat and never had this problem with any of them. Pretty sad that the only solution is to go broke replacing them every 6 months. One suggestion above is to put binder clips on it to hold it together. I’ll try that but am already sure that will look pretty lame for such a nice car. Hope someone comes up with a replacement worth the repacement cost.

  257. My husbands 07 civic hybrid has been in the shop 6-8 times over two years for alignment problems, tires, squeeks and twice for wheel breaings. From the moment we drove the car off the lot, we had squeeks and driving problems. the Honda service people have not been helpful and try to blame our car problems on other factors. I would definitely think twice before buying a Honda again or taking it to their mechanics.

  258. The visor on the driver’s side of my ’07 Civic Si just popped apart yesterday. The car is 3,000 miles out of warranty, and the dealer has quoted me a price of $53 for the part and $46 for the labor to swap it out (i.e., to remove and then replace 2 screws). I asked the service advisor to check with his manager to see if Honda would cover this, given that I’m just outside my warranty, and I’m waiting to hear back from him. If they balk, I’m going to show them a printout of this forum!

  259. I’m so glad I started peeking around. I’m going on my third sun visor…they’re only lasting a month or two before I have to replace it…it’s ridiculous and expensive!!!! It’s always the driver side on mine…anyone have any idea what can be done so they stop breaking? I’m getting tired of replacing it and it’s dangerous driving without it …. sun directly in my eyes. Very frustrating and it sucks because otherwise, I love my Honda….

  260. My Passenger Visor just split like the others, took it to honda and they said that it was out of warranty and I would have to pay 95.00 Dollars to get it fixed. the car has under 36k miles on it and is 10 days passed warranty… This is very sad thing for Honda to do. RECALL THIS STUPID VISOR!!!!

  261. My Honda Civic 2006 has a split sun visor on the drivers side. I have had 3 Hondas and never had this problem. It is extremely annoying and unsafe. I was hoping to find a replacement visor at a used car place but as of yet, have had no luck. Now I find that there are many others out there who have had the same problem. I will be calling Honda to complain!! Thanks for all the shout outs on this site.

  262. My sunvisor split on my 06 Civic EX a few weeks ago. I was able to pop it back in a few times but it’s split for good now. I called my local Honda dealership in Henderson, NV and they said they would replace it for $4. He said they were only charging customers 5% for the repair.

  263. Honda dealership just replaced driver side sun visor two weeks ago. This is the second visor (replaced passenger side in May of this year). Replacement looks just like the ones that split. Looks like Honda has still NOT fixed this problem. When is Honda going to fix this problem?

  264. Daughter has 2007 LX Civic. Drivers side visor came apart in June. Replaced under warranty. Now passenger side did the same thing ONE MONTH LATER! Sout Texas heat is on here also. There should be a recall. It could cause serious accident when they flop down and block drivers view and attention.

  265. Sunvisors! Ugh…third time I’ve had a problem with my 2006 Civic EX.

    I’m a loyal Honda customer and I’m on my 7th Honda since my first in 1977. I also have three other Honda’s (04 Acura RSX, 01 Prelude, 93 Civic) and I drive a 2006 Honda Civic EX. I’ve never had such a recurring problem nor heard of so many others with the same problem.

    My drivers side sunvisor cracked and popped open at the seam after a rather hot sunny day here in Colorado. (We have intense sun here even if people think of Colorado as a cooler place.) This is the third time the visor has broken in the same spot. The dealer aknowledged a problem the second time I took in under warranty. Now I’m out of warranty and I need a new one. I’ve heard they have redesigned it….I sure hope so. I talked to the Service manager at Front Range Honda and he said to come in and he’d “take care of me”. I sure hope so as I’m a super loyalist to Honda and obviously this is not a limited problem based on several boards I’ve read complaints specific to this.

    Everyone keep calling the 800 number and lodging your complaint. There will be more this time of year as the hot sun is a factor it sounds like. 800-999-1009

  266. I have a 2007 Honda Civic SI. I am still under warrenty and I have replaced my visor 5 times already. I was advised this past weekend that once I am out of warrenty I have to pay for this $50 part. Well its bad enough I have to deal with this let alone pay for ti 2-3 times a year. The gentleman at the dealership advise me to file a complaint to honda. We can’t get anywhere unless the have many complaints on file. I filed my today, and I got the ‘thanks for the info miss, we will keep it on file and if anything happens you will be notified my mail’
    I am looking into class action!!! This visor is obstructing my view which is what caused my accident last year.


  267. My driver-side sunvisor seems to have cracked today. I googled to find if other Civic owners have had this same problem and wow, it looks like there are many others.
    I have a 07 Civic LX Sedan, 45k miles so out of warranty. This is the first summer where I’ve parked my car outside in the hot sun since my new office doesn’t have covered parking. So I’m sure the visors breaking is definitely heat related.

    This is the first problem I’ve had with my Civic. I’ll give my local dealer a call tomorrow, I hope they take care of it free of charge. If that fails, I’ll try complaining to Honda of America.

  268. My drivers side sun visor broke as was replaced too. Although Honda didn’t want to give me one under my 7 year bumper to bumper warranty. They finally did! Also just bought new tires recently and left rear tire is cupping!

  269. My visor broke this morning. I have an ’06 Honda, (with 34, 000 km which is equivalent of about 21100 miles) with a warranty that just expired 3 weeks ago. I called in to the dealership and they told me that it would cost me $75 CAD in order to repair it (and depending on which colour interior you have, apparently the price varies). My mother has an ’07 honda civic and her visor broke a little over a month ago as well. Very annoying trying to drive, as the visor is always flopping in your face.
    Unlike others, I don’t believe it to be the heat as I live in Eastern Canada and we have had a very cold, wet summer so far this year with temperatures never exceeding 22-24 degrees celsius (about 73 degrees fahrenheit).

  270. Visor broke, had it replaced under warranty. New one doesn not have lights around the mirror. Having a brain fart – did the original one have lights around the mirror- anyone remember? I want to say it did, but cant remember. I am gonna be upset if they gave me an inferior visor.

  271. “I have a 2007 Honda (piece of $h!t) Civic, I have had problems with my sun visor for over 2 months and of course the warrenty is out (go figure). Today I was going to work and my engine stalled while stopped at a stop light, still dont know what that problem is but couldnt make it to work. I have had to replace my tires 3 times on the vehicle and finally had the problem fixed that cost was $500.00 (after reading above I doubt they fixed it, just took my money). I am a first time buyer of Honda and will NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. IN FACT I THINK I WILL SELL THIS PIECE OF CRAP AND BUY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Honda is a rip off!!”

    Ok finally got my car back after the piece stopped running, my wife picked it up for me and within 10 minutes (on ramp to the interstate after paying for the repair) the junky honday stalles. I again had to haul the thing in to the dealer (another $140.00 tow charge) to have them fix it again. They have had this thing for over 4 working days and will now have it again. Maybe they will finally fix it and who knows what that cost will me. I do not think I will ever buy HONDA again, here I come TOYOTA!! What a great week!! Oh yea, dont forget the visors are crap!! LOL hope you all have better luck with your honda cars……:-)

  272. I called my local honda dealer ship (Penske Honda, Ontario CA) and the service manager said Honda should honor visor replacements on 06, 07, and 08 models up to 5 years or 70K miles. I think they really should fix this issue.

  273. Bravo! for whoever suggested binder clips. People, these work! I replaced my drivers visor three times last summer on my 2006 Honda Civic when it was under warranty (I live in Texas and the heat is what I believe is causing this). Well my passenger side cracked a couple of weeks ago and it is no longer under warranty. Instead of paying $90 at the dealership I purchased large binder clips. This is holding the visor together and restoring it’s usefullness so far (it is no longer just dangling there in the passenger’s face). Go pick some up!

  274. I hear you on the visors – my 07 civic’s window visors broke to – sounds like a big issue.

    PS I have also gone through 3 sets of tire – just purchased the last ones Saturday!

  275. YEP! I have had my sun visors break every year I’ve had my 2006 Civic.

    Now that I am out of warranty, the best my service center said they can do is pay for HALF the cost. I just got off the phone with Honda America after arguing for almost 30 minutes. They refuse to pay for them. I asked them how they could consider them out of warranty if they only last a single year. They told me that the standard parts warranty is 12 months.

    I guess they’d rather lose a potential repeat customer than cough up the cost of the visors. Considering the amount of problems I’ve had with my 2006 Civic (and I have had many – including the paint cracking and needing to be repainted, and the battery failing) as pretty as the car is, I have purchased my last Honda.

  276. I have a 2007 Honda (piece of $h!t) Civic, I have had problems with my sun visor for over 2 months and of course the warrenty is out (go figure). Today I was going to work and my engine stalled while stopped at a stop light, still dont know what that problem is but couldnt make it to work. I have had to replace my tires 3 times on the vehicle and finally had the problem fixed that cost was $500.00 (after reading above I doubt they fixed it, just took my money). I am a first time buyer of Honda and will NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. IN FACT I THINK I WILL SELL THIS PIECE OF CRAP AND BUY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Honda is a rip off!!

    Does anybody know how to find the service recalls and service bulletin’s? If you do can you please email it to me at I am about to give Honda a piece of my mind. Sell sell sell your car now and buy american again, at least you know the money is going to someone in the USA when your ripped off!!

  277. Another one bites the dust. My drivers side sun visor split / cracked! Headed to the dealer tomorrow to get it fixed!

  278. Been through 6 visors already and the car is only 18 mo old . I live in Az and the heat kills them but thats not my problem. So they say ok we will extend warrenty on them fo r 75k miles but then what? Why should i have to pay for an existing problem honda cant seem to or wont fix ? . If they didnt make the p.o.s .so cheap it wouldnt be a problem . Im going to better buisness bureau and who ever it takes to get it taken care of . Dont let them off the hook people . Its an existing problem , Make them pay for it.

  279. 2006 Civic with Nav

    BOTH sun visors fell off!!!
    out of warrantee, will call Honda to complain….

    shame on you Honda!!!

  280. driver sunvisor replaced last year

    passenger sunvisor just broke-up

    this is shady design, no excuses!

    going to the dealer, and going to complain to Honda

    it is dangerous and should be fix for good,
    or Honda will loose customer!

  281. Have totally removed my drivers side visor. Will replace it on my own but not happy to find out that this is a problem. Like others, I haved owned other Honda’s and not had many problems at all. I live in Texas now and heat is the word. I bought and spent that last 2 summer in Colorado and it’s hot there too!
    I will call customer service and let them know.

  282. I own a 2007 Honda Civic. I am going on my third visor on the driver side (second replacement). It’s a poor design. The 2008 Civic Hybrid has a better design because we had one as a loaner and that was the first thing I looked at. They have a different design so why don’t they recall and put this design in all of our cars! I too live in Phoenix and after a hot day had the thing fall apart and had to pull it off so I could drive. CRAZY!!

  283. Visor cracked and fell into view. Could not drive, so had to rip it off.
    Honda should replace it due to all the problems with the visors.

    Yes, class action lawsuit.

  284. Class action lawsuit.
    Class action lawsuit.
    Class action lawsuit.
    Class action lawsuit.
    Class action lawsuit.

    Get it?

    Honda won’t listen to anyone unless its a legal firm concerning suit.

    Someone here must know a good attorney that would read over this page and see the need for a class action suit. The result is that the legal firm would get great exposure and the customers would certainly win and get reimbursement for our time and expense.

    Legal action speaks louder than words.

  285. The sun visor is doing fine so far. I have had trouble with dr. side seat back, battery, 2or3 recalls, and now the third brake light @ ac control module. My honda is 06, out of warranty. They wont help. HONDA is starting to go down the tubes. [MAYBE THERE TRYING TO BE MORE LIKE CHYRSLER]. I have owned 6 Hondas and this one is JUNK…..DO NOT BUY…….

  286. I have 2007 Civic, I had the driver side visor replaced at 20,000 miles under warrant. At 50,000 miles the passenger visor literally fall off. At 60,000 the driver side cracked again. I just replace both of them today. What a joke, the dealer told me they were doing me a favor by splitting the cost. The $$$ one thing but the problem needs to be resolved, it’s a safety hazard plus a major pain in the (*&*&*. Poor quality, I will never buy a Honda again. Tell your friends!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. Well the sun visor is the one thing that has not broken on my sons 06 civic ex yet. Have had the drivers side seat back replaced.[Barely under warranty], battery replaced[barely under waranty], although the service manager a a smart remark for my wife. I”m just glad I was at work 20 miles away. Also recalled for something wrong with the wheel , it could fall off, also recall for somethig in engine compartment. About 2 months ago the third brake light went out, also air conditioning went out. So I took it to the dealer hoping for good faith since this is our sixth Honda. Well the dealer said no way so if they ordered and installed parts it would cost $125.00 for the third brake light. The ac control would cost $250.00 and they didnt know if that would fix the problem… To say the least I said NO and left Called 800 number for case file. Still pending . BUT WHAT I WANTED TO TELL YOU IS I FIXED BOTH PROBLEMS. The third brake light had a short in it. If you can wiggle the wire where it goes in the back of the light and it comes on you can fix your self. Also the ac control had a loose conection. Also iixed.. THIS CAR HAS HAD MORE PROBLEMS THAN THE AMERICAN VEHICLES WE HAVE OWNED. REALLY MAKES YOU WONDER ABOUT THE PATH HONDA IS GOING…[MAYBE THERE TRYING TO BE MORE LIKE [CHYRSLER]……………………………………………..

  288. I have a 2007 Honda Civic Sedan. Today my car died. At first we thought it was the battery but it is not. We tried boosting it and changing battery but didn’t work. It didn’t even try to start. Has anyone else had a similar problem? The car has about 80 000km

  289. My visor split twice. I replaced it twice. Now I am looking for a work around because Honda doesn’t take ownership.
    My stereo broke too. First CDs wouldn’t play. Now none of the buttons work. I am ready to trade in.

  290. I bought a 2007 Honda Civic and both sun visors broke due to the heat. The driver side was already replaced once. I can’t believe Honda has made such a poor quality item in one of their cars. I have a call into the 800# to hopefully let Honda know that this needs to be dealt with.

  291. Second broken visor for me too, but warranty is just up, so have a call in to the toll-free number, case # etc. If they dont replace it for free, I’m going to drill and bolt it back together and see what happens, WTF? If I get fed up, I’ll just go back to Toyota, never really had any problems with their vehicles. Foolish Honda, dont they recognize people are going to bolt for Toyota over this recurring and unresolved problem. They should stop advertising how great their products are, until their products can live up to it. Thought this Civic was a nicely made car, but now I have doubts.

  292. I have an 06 Civic LX, and just had the driver’s side visor crack. I presume it is due to the heat, since it has just started getting hot here in North Carolina. The workmanship on these sun visors is cheap, for they are all plastic with poorly molded construction. Unfortunately, my warranty has expired. Does anyone know how to replace the visor without taking it to the dealer? I would like to order one on line and do it myself. Thanks!

    Honda your reputation for quality is sinking fast!

  293. i have had to replace my drivers side sun visor twice now. First time was under warranty now its not. So i have to pay. Doesnt make sense to have gone through 2 sun visors when iv only had the car for 3 years. Shows what type of quality its made of….

  294. 07 Honda Civic Ex Coupe
    I purchased this car new in November of 07. I never heard of any problems with Honda visors until my passenger side one split last month (temperature in the mid 80s). I live in West Texas and the temperature gets in the triple digits in the summer. How many visors am I going to have replaced when it gets REALLY HOT?

  295. 06 Honda Civic EX Coupe
    My driver’s side broke today. Unlike some comments, I really like the car but I do think if THIS MANY of these things are breaking, it should be something Honda takes care at their cost. I called the 800 number and registered a complaint and got a polite brush off referring me to the dealer. I’ll call them but I’m out of warranty so don’t expect anything from them either. Found the part online for less than $33 so I will probably order one and put it on myself.

  296. 06 Honda Civic Ex Sedan
    I’ve experienced problems since day one…
    Axle broke on Drivers side front wheel and left me stranded out of town while at a family funeral; I’ve had (3) drivers side visors replaced; (2) sets of brakes and just recently car over heated and the engine had to be replaced! What a piece of crap! No more Hondas for this girl, I thought they were supposed to be reliable and well built cars!

  297. I thought I was the only one who was having this problem! I also have a 2006 Honda Civic coupe and my visor broke off about three months ago! I have yet to go back to the dealership, but I have a bad feeling that I will end up having to pay for it because I have had my car since April of 2006. . . I guess I should just go figure it out. It must be the heat, I live in Florida!

  298. My 06 Civic has also had 3 visors replaced. The dealer now claims they have a re-enginiered visor but my coverage is out and that I have to pay $52.00, the first ones were free. I could see if I just now brought the problem to thier attention but if the problem is presented before the warrenty expiresthen it should be covered until resolved; refuse to pay in principle. Oh and get this, my $1800.00 extended warrenty won’t cover it. The smart-ass service manager informed me that “recalls” are only for safety issues. So, I guess we are all ignorant. Visors are not a problem so thier importance has never been upgraded to a “safety item” but if you removed them from all cars you would have all kinds of accidents. If you travel east every morning for work and west returning home in the evening, you know just how important the visor is.

  299. I also have a 2006 Honda Civic coupe with defective driver side visor. I am on my third visor now. It’s broken and I refuse to pay for another one knowing it won’t last through the summer. The first two replacements were covered under the warranty. Now I see I’m on my own. Well I can assure you that I will be writing to the CEO for resolution. Will keep you advised of my results. Mine is a lease car, so I can turn it in in a year. However, I steadfastly refuse to pay for the visor if it’s broken at the time I turn the car in. This is ridiculous.

  300. Like many others, I have a problem with the sun visor on my 2006 Honda Civic!! I stopped by the dealership to point out the problem and ask for a solution. The only suggestion I got was to purchase a new one for about $65.00. This doesn’t seem right, since the person I talked to admitted that they were defective and explained that the metal rod inside is stronger than the plastic, and therefore causes the plastic to split open when rotated to lower the visor! In addition, I agree with Tricia that it can be a real hazzard. When lowered, the visor doesn’t go all the way down before the plastic splits, and it then gets stuck in that haft way position, only a few inches from the driver’s head! It’s hard plastic and in case of a collision where the head would be thrown forward it could easily hit that hard visor and cause great injury! Is Honda waiting for a major law suit to change these visors to a higher quality? This is ridiculous! Maybe a class action lawsuit is what they need?

  301. I just purchased and 06 civic coupe. For those of you with rear tires wearing Honda has now issued a service bulletin to repair some tension arms on the rear end. This is the cause of your tires wearing. Because this is a service bulletin and not a recall I doubt you get any notification. Take it to a dealership and inquire. The notice also states they have to replace your tires which they won’t want have to do so look up the bulletin and have it printed in your hand when you go. I had a visor broken when I bought it and now the other one is broke. They haven’t told me yet if they are going to cover it or not. Honda needs to address the issue and recall the visors and replace them with a different visor. The new ones are just going to break the same way. Unfortunately they won’t address this until someone gets killed because the visor fell and blocked their view and they are sued over it. WAKE UP HONDA!!

  302. I have a 2008 civic and have owned three Hondas in the past. I have a Pilot ,and have owned a civic and an accord in the past. My current civic has less than 10k miles on it and I’m taking it in for a new visor for the second time in four months. I also have a suspension problem.My old Hondas have never had an issue but I think Honda may have screwed up on this one!

  303. I’ve got a 2006 civic ex coupe and some part in the drivers seat has broken and it leans to the right when taking a turn. I’m not a big guy..only weight 165lb..I’m just wondering if anyone else had this problem. The car only has 38,000 miles on it and honda is saying its out of warranty so they wanted over $1000 to repair it. Anyone out there have this type of problem with their seat?

  304. I own a 2006 Honda Civic EX, and I have had it for a little over 2 and 1/2 years now. Since then, I have had to get the pump replaced for the windshield wiper sprayers due to it going out. I have had 2 of my sun visors split down the seam. Worst of all, I also had a crack in the engine block about 28,000 miles in. All this though was replaced and/or fixed by the dealership at no cost, but it makes me wonder what else may go wrong. I really like this car, but it’s just one thing after another…

  305. My visor on the drivers side also split one day while I was at work. When I got in the car it was just hanging. It finally fell all the way off today.. I am so sick of this car seriously. I have a 2006 Civic LX. My belt tensioner also broke back in 2006 and I had to have all kinds of stuff replaced. Now I find out that there is a recall on the belt tensioner. They said i MIGHT bealbe to get my money back…WTF??????? Is there not a recall on the visors?

  306. This is the 4th time my sun visor has cracked on my brand new ’06 civic. I’m bringing it to the dealer (I live in NC) tomorrow and will NOT pay to have this fixed again.

  307. I just got off the phone with Honda and my Honda dealership in NY and neither were willing to help me regarding my broken visor. I had to rip my driver side visor off because I couldn’t see with it just hanging there! They told me it would cost $70 for the visor and $45 to install it. I think Honda is ruining their reputation with something that can be so easily fixed!

  308. I have a 2007 Honda Civic. Found out today that the block is cracked. I am a single mother, and I use this car daily at work to transport foster care children. Honda is having someone to look at the car to determine if it will be replaced under the extended warranty. Well…I have news….I want a new engine or my money back. I HATE THIS CAR!!!! I have owned Honda’s in the past, and never had a problem with any of the other cars. I have had to put 4 sets of tires on this car, it will not stay aligned, and it makes awful road noise. Of course no one else is having problems with their vehicle according to the Honda dealership. They need to recall the cars before someone gets killed. In addition, make sure if you use road side assistance that you demand that a local company picks the car up. I had to pay an additional $160.00 because they called a company one hour away from where my car was located.

  309. Purchased Civic EX 2006. I am on my fourth set of tires. Uneven wear, for the past three years dealership has insisted that is was my driving, road condition, holes on the road, etc. Finally I go online and see hundreds of the same complains and find service bulletin issues last February, car needed rear upper control arms. Went to dealership with all of my service receipts, copy of bulletin and demanded that they be replaced. They also gave me two new tires, but because of rotation all four tires were no good. Called Honda Corporate and they refuse to acknowledge that this was a manufacturing defect and refused to give me two tires in good faith. I explained that I have been a loyal Honda customer (this is my fourth Honda car.) was told that this has nothing to do with loyalty. I quickly said if that is the case, this will be the last Honda I purchase. I hope enough people get together to start a class action suit. This is not the company it used to be, and I will never purchase any of their products.

  310. I was a terrible accident with my Honda Civic (model 2006) with only 3000 km. in Buenos Aires, Argentina (30/9/2006). My new car broke the three wheels in the route and I lost the control of the car. The company was not even responsible for the warranty (3 years or 100,000 miles).
    I need to know what´s happened… Someone can help me to find the answer???

  311. 2006 Honda Civic EX sun visor(s) problem. I cannot state any differing circumstances regarding the failure of this cheap, defective part that hasn’t been stated already. The worst part about this is Honda’s refusal (and the dealership’s refusal, also) to submit a recall. It is blatantly obvious that this is a defective part and poses a danger while driving…not to mention that it is annoying and distracting. What’s it gonna take Honda???? Oh yeah…anyone died yet due to this problem?
    Honda is quickly losing possible repeat customers due to something so inexpensive. Bad customer relations over this absurd problem. SHAME ON YOU, HONDA!!!!!

  312. I’ve had to replace 3 cracked driver side sunvisors on my 2007 Honda. DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU IT IS JUST A HEAT PROBLEM. I live in Central California, hardly ever get real hot weather. Honda at 1-800-999-1009 acted like I was only one that has this problem. Refused to replace sunvisor when warranty is over. Look on internet. Massive complaints about sunvisor. We should not be penalized because they use cheap parts. This is a safety issue. This problem started with their 2006 models and they still haven’t fixed it.

    Don’t let them get away with this: Write complaint letter directly to Tetsuo Iwamura, CEO of Honda Motor Co. Inc., Mail Stop 500-2N-7A, 1919 Torrance Boulevard, Torranc, California 90501-2746. Tell him to take responsibility for their faulty sunvisors. Let him know if you don’t get satisfactrion, you will file complaint with National Highway Traffice Safety Administration (NHTSA) at and Consumer Product Safety Commission at You can file complaint on line.

    We have power in #’s. Let’s use our power.

  313. anyone out there besides me have to had their engine replaced. I just got blown away, this week when i took my fairly new Honda Civic coupe with only 39.000 miles into the dealership, because coolant was leaking, and they told me that the engine had to be replaced….talk about blow my mind…l.sure hope this doesn’t present any more problems….i have had 4 honda’s and never had anything like this.

  314. My 2006 civic EX is at the dealer getting engine block replaced with only 47K on it. There is cracks on engine block and Honda knows about this problem it is even on their Honda Service Bulletin 08-044 (This is for all DX, LX, EX Models from 2006 to 2008) and they refuse to admit it.

  315. 2007 CIVIC LX 1.8

    Keep an eye on your coolant level .
    My 2007 civic is at the dealer getting engine replaced .
    There is cracks on engine block and honda knows about this problem.
    Honda is keeping this quiet .
    Also I have replaced my visor driver and pass 3 to 4 times.

  316. My 2008 Honda Civic LX has the same problem for the sun visor as others mentioned. It is on the driver’s side. It splits on the arm as well. So far it still holds back at its place. And, today some noise occurs on the tire of driver’s side. It sounds like dragging a can or a metal. Made an appointment. I’ll see what the dealer told me. My Civic is still under warranty. Hope they’ll replace the sun visor and fix the noise on the tire too.

  317. I drive a 2006 EX in GA. The driver side visor completely cracked at the “Arm,” and is unable to close unless I hold the two pieces together until they snap. It is a pain when you are driving and I have beeen ‘pinched’ more than once by trying to get it out of my view. It started in the summer of 08 and I have just learned to deal with it. I didn’t realize that this was a problem for others too. I will get on the Honda site to add my complaint about these defective visors.

  318. I traded in my 97 Civic for a 06 Civic back in June. Three days after I bought the car, the visor broke. Of course it was replaced free of charge. I had no idea that there was a widespread problem with them until I started researching about another problem:

    Today I found out my engine block is cracked. I had to have it towed yesterday after it leaked coolant all over a grocery store parking lot and then overheated. I didn’t see that one coming. Thank goodness it was still under warranty…barely…

    I guess this is what I get for talking so proudly about my other Honda.

  319. I have had the brake pads replaced too soon as well
    the brakes feel as if they never disengage fully
    i also have had sun visors split replaced the drivers and the
    passengers is still broken…
    I have owned Hondas since my first one in 1972.(the 2 cylinder tiny car)
    and have never had such horrible problems…
    Suzanne in california

  320. Just found out the engine block is cracked on the 2006 Honda Civic. There is no one there to approve the goodwill warranty today. Will find out Friday, a least they are doing a rental for now. Any one out there have this happen and did they take care of the costs.

  321. “Eric – my short block cracked, too. There was a batch that was defective. Honda knows about it and should replace yours with little to no issues.”

    I was wondering what is the mileage on your car and year…also what state do you drive in (exaple california, taxes, new york)?

  322. When my wife and I moved to Florida we noticed a problem with both of our sun visors. Both are completely cracked at the “Arm,” and are unable to close unless I hold the two pieces together until they snap. The passenger side completely fell off after Thanksgiving. I would love to have them fixed but just cannot afford to have something minor done. Honda must recall the visors so that those of us who are enjoying the cars will continue to be loyal customers – I know that I will think twice before purchasing a new Honda.

  323. Eric – my short block cracked, too. There was a batch that was defective. Honda knows about it and should replace yours with little to no issues.

    My problem is that, since then, I’ve had my car in the dealership four times for engine misfires. They’ve replaced all of the fuel injectors, valves, some sensors, pretty much everything that’s relatively inexpensive to replace. They’ve now had my car for a week, have called Honda Engineering, and still can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

  324. I have a 2006 honda civic. The drivers side sun visor came a part while under warranty. 6 months later right out of warranty it happened again. I took it to the dealer ship and they would not replace because of out of warranty. They wanted 75.00 for a new one and I would not pay for it. The mechanic told my husband that it is a defect and that they have had a lot of people complaing. Looks like Honda would stop making defective parts and looks like the dealership would replace for good business. My next car will not be a honda. I had always heard that they would stand behind them. I guess i can not hear to good.



  327. Has anyone had a back window crack? I went out last night to my car and the entire back window is cracked. Not just a line crack, it looks like it has been in an accident, but the car was parked all day……

  328. I just bought 2006 Civic Sedan. It is my first Honda,, I am a long tie Subaru owner and was wondering if the drive trains are just a bit noisy. Reverse and the first forward gears are especially so. This is more noticeable from outside.

    I am also getting some surging and at times mysterious increase in RPM when moving from D in to neutral. It’s happened several times and seems to stop when I release my foot from the brake pedal but not always. This reminds of the old Audi sudden acceleration that plagued their reputation for years.

    Has anyone experienced or heard of these issues

  329. I have replaced both sunvisors on my 2006 Civic. They split after about 6 months. Today I found out I have a cracked engine block!! I live in Florida, so freezing is not the problem. Anyone else have this problem???

  330. Here is an excert from my recent letter to David McDavid of Irving, TX

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the awesome service I received on Monday, November 3, 2008 in your Service/Parts Dept. I was seeking help regarding my driver-side sun visor splitting/broken/falling off and causing a hazard to see. You immediately received the authorization from your supervisor, to fix the situation and even inspected the passenger side sun visor and replaced it also. When I received my car back (in about an hour), it also received a free car wash. What an awesome surprise! Even though, my original warranty was no longer in effect and the extended warranty did not cover this situation, you still completed the work. Thank You So Much!

  331. I had my 2006 Honda Civic for about a month and both sun visors broke. I took a look at the shoddy construction, and what I noticed is that they are snapped together and heat glued. Well the heat glue melts in the summer sun, and the snaps break. I tried to glue them back together with super glue, but there was not enough support to keep the visor from randomly falling in my view while driving. So I purchased $ 0.17 worth of metal paper binder clips from Wal-Mart and clipped them on my visors near the rotating arm. They kept sliding off, so I tied some string to them, and wrapped it around the visor. That has worked ever since. It looks like crap, but that’s what I get for buying a car that is no longer made in Japan (I will never do that again).

  332. I also need to get my visor replaced a 2nd time in my 2006 Honda Civic. I live in South, California. I called American Honda and there is Bulletin out to dealerships about his problem. The Bulletin # 08-023 – tell your service dealership if they dont know about it already.
    I just called today and its not a recall yet.

  333. I’m preparing to replace the sun visor on the driver’s side of my 2007 Civic for the 2nd time. It will be the 3rd visor I’ve had to replace on either side of the vehicle.
    On my last trip to the dealership I was told this has been mainly a problem in the warmer climates. I live in Tucson, Arizona but the service tech said they’ve seen it in Las Vegas, Yuma, San Antonio, and especially Phoenix. He also said Honda has given the dealership approval to replace these visors regardless of the car being under warranty or not. Honda should come up with a better solution instead of providing customers with the same crappy plastic visors as replacements. I seem to remember having several Anerican cars with cloth visors and these never gave me problems.

  334. Up until this morning, I loved my little Honda. The driver side visor in my 2006 Civic LX dangled in my field of vision on my way to work today and finally fell off in my lap while driving. After reading the pletora of similar stories on this and other sites, I am truely amazed that a quality company like Honda would continue to replace and inferrior part with a similarly inferrior part. The perplexing part is that sun visors are not new or complex technology. I’ve got an appointement to have my visor replaced tomorrow with I’m sure and equally inferior product. I didn’t pay a premium for a Honda only to have to repeatedly take time out of my busy day to repeatedly return to have simple parts repeatedly replaced.

    More important than the inconvenience is the SAFETY HAZARD of being distracted while driving, having your field of vision impaired by a dangling object, and then having to deal with the glaring sun after the visor fell off. How many more times are Civic drivers going to have to deal with this.


  335. UPDATE to my August 20th, 2008 8:50 pm (which was an update to my August 12th, 2008 3:03 pm post) —

    So I have the 2nd and 3rd visor replaced by the dealer (Honda of Superstition Springs in Mesa, AZ), who told me that these replacement visors have been redesigne. Note also that that Honda service rep ALSO told me about the service bulletin issued in May ’08 and that the replacement visors have been redesigned…

    And here I am, 17 days later, and the “REDESIGNED” REPLACEMENT VISOR HAS BROKEN, in the same manner as the previous three defective visors!!

    This is utterly ridiculous! Honda is flat-out lying to us about this continuing problem. So now I will be making yet another call to my local dealer AND the Honda 800 # to complain about this again.

    What is really annoying about this is that I have to waste approximately 3 HOURS at the dealer every time a visor is replaced!

  336. I also have a Honda 2006 Civic. Yes I have had to pay to have my visor replaced. No only that, but the clips that held the back of the passenger seat broke and the back fell off. Yes I had to pay to get that fixed also. I was told not to drive of railroad tracks when I left the dealership. Good solution…there are track in front of the service department.

    My car was made in Canada. When I asked if all of this was related to heat I was told no.

    Today I was driving 60 miles an hour in Florida. All of a sudden a loud strange noise. Pulled over to check, and the right half of my front bumper was dragging the ground. Put up with “duck tape” until could get back to West Palm Beach. When I got back to the dealer was told the clips were broken. No it is not under warranty and it would cost me $800 to get it fixed. Talk about safety issues. If all of the clips broke and it went under the car, it could have flipped the car. I am now wondering what part will fall off next because the clips broke.

    I am reporting to the Honda 800 number tomorrow and also the National Transportation Safety Board.

  337. I bought my 2007 Honda Civic in June and have already had the passenger sun visor replaced. Currently, both driver and passenger visors are split and will not stay up. The Honda dealer did replace the first visor for free, since it split practically a week after I bought the car. Makes me wonder whether it was something they fixed before putting the car on the lot, since I am sure the previous owner had to have had problems with them, as well. I´m calling the 800 line tomorrow, because it´ sounds like this is definately a common problem. This car is my fourth Honda, going back to the early 80´s, and I have never had a problem with sun visors. I had my 1987 Honda Civic almost 20 years, and never, ever had a problem with it. Other than wear and tear. Then they stole it, otherwise, I would still have it. Sure don´t make them like they used to. Should have kept my 2002 Honda, at least the visors were solid.

  338. I just moved to TX 6 mo. ago and the same thing happened to me. First the drivers side and now the passenger side. I almost hit a child this morning because the visor will not stay up, it continuously falls down when I am driving and turns into a huge blind spot! It cost me $75 to replace the first visor. I really don’t want to pay another $75 for Honda’s mistake, but I will to save the life of a child! I hope Honda really does get this fixed, I’ve been a Honda owner for 10 years and this really makes me feel that Honda doesn’t build their cars like they used to!

  339. I purchased my 2007 Honda Civic new in April of 2007 and three months after I purchased it my wife was left stranded. It would not shift out of park. I had that problem fixed and then I received a recall for that problem and a wheel sensor recall. Next my drivers side visor “explodes” in the SC sun. Took it in to get that fixed ( could not stand driving around with my head tilted to the side just to see or laying my head on the armrest to see when the traffic light changed) and the passengers side “explodes” the following week. Now I get a recall about WATER PUMP PULLEY BOLTS may lose tension. I called Honda to complain that I live 50 minutes from my nearest Honda dealer and this last recall would make 5 times( Rep stated that the visors did not count so technically this would be only third recall) I have had to take it back because of recalls so how about next time they send a recall notice, how about sending a GAS CARD along with it. Gas at $4.00 a gallon and having to make a special trip just to take care of these recalls are rediculous. Honda seems to be losing that bulletproof reputation. As of 9-12-08 they do not have a recall for the visors.

  340. I have a 2006 Civic and the visors have broken three times now. I have an appt. today to have them replaced *again*. At first Goodson Honda West told me I needed to pay for them since my car is no longer covered by the factory warranty & the extended warranty doesn’t cover visors. I spoke to a manager and told him I wasn’t going to pay for disposible sun visors and I referred to this website with all the complaints already logged. He said he would set it up to where I wouldn’t be charged. I guess I’ll find out when I go this afternoon. I tried to call and lodge a complaint at their cust. svc 800# but the rep said he cannot officially file one unless the dealer refuses to pay to replace them. He gave me a case number to refer back to if it should ever happen again and the dealer will not fix it for free. So that’s how they are getting around recording complaints about this well known defect in their product. The manager at the dealership told me the new visors should work better so I’m hoping that is the case. I’m sick and tired of dragging my car to the dealership every 8-10 months to get new visors installed. It’s just rediculous!

  341. I also have an 08 Civic and just got off the phone with Honda as I’m on my 3rd broken sunvisor. I was told, like most of you have been told, that this is not a recalled item and that when my warranty expires I will have to pay out of pocket to have these replaced. Hopefully my dealership will side with me and fix them at no cost, but somehow I doubt it. I live in AZ so yes, you bet your ass these will continue to break during the hot months. I am livid and cannot believe that such a small thing as a sunvisor isn’t being taken seriously by Honda. I love everything else about my Civic, and have always had nothing but good things to say about Honda’s but now, I just don’t know. EVERYONE, PLEASE CONTINUE TO CALL HONDA AND COMPLAIN. 800-999-1009


  342. I too own a Honda 2006 Sedan. My sun visor is also broken. This is the second time that it happens. But this time it is the passenger side. I went to Honda and they told me I no longer have warranty but fortunately the guy who attended me was nice enough to do it for free. But I’m scared now because I no longer trust the sun visors. I live in california and it gets really hot during the summer so I’m guessing that was the problem. I’m for sure calling the honda #. This is an outrage and isn’t fair. We trust Honda for its good quality, and this is not up to par. If we all call we can defnitely make something happen.

  343. This is our third new civic in the last 5 years. They were all good until now. Our 07 Civic with 30000 KLM on it fuel pump went to hell and Honda says they won’t fix it for free. They want $700.00. So has anybody else had this problem. Now if i have to pay for this it will be the last Honda in our yard.

  344. I just bought my 2007 Civic LX last week and already my driver’s side visor is broken. Thankfully it’s under warranty so they’re going to fix it. Hopefully Honda will do something about it.

  345. I have a Honda Civic Coupe LX. Both visors are broken. My tires also wore out after 30,000. Very disappointed in Honda. I have never owned any car other than a Honda. Soon to be ex-Honda customer.

  346. hi everybody, I’m living in Queretaro, Mexico. and I bought a Civic Sedan EX 2007 and I’m going for my second sunvisor’s set, but one of this is not broken so the dealer told me that can’t change it because is not totally broken… this stinks.

    and I know at least 10 cases more with the same problem to replace the sunvisors, in my opinion if this is a desing defect and not a problem with the supplier WHAT ARE THEY WAITING TO REDESIGN IT?
    save some cents or lost their completely confidence.

  347. OMG!!!! I thought I would be the only one or have a tough time finding something about this but my driver side visor cracked too!!!!! I’m calling Honda. Thanks everyone!

  348. My driver’s side sunvisor is also cracked and won’t go back up. I just called the 800 number to complain…thankfully, it is still under warranty and will be covered. However, as a result of it being warranty-covered, the service agent wouldn’t open a case number to document that this had happened to me…I’m concerned that there are many more complaints that aren’t being properly documented due to factory warranties, preventing this from being red-flagged as a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

    From the sounds of it, I’m going to continue to experience this well after my warranty has expired – we need this issue addressed now so we don’t continue to pay for this several more times. Anyone know of a place where we can get this issue more attention? Consumer reports??

  349. I have a 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX and ever since I bought it I’ve had problems with the sunvisors. I’ve had to replace both each year since I’ve gotten the car and am going in this Friday to replace the drivers side once again. Its very annoying but when I asked the service manager about it, he stated all they can do is replace them as it is a design flaw – um HELLO then REDESIGN THEM! My factory warranty is done but I got an extended warranty and that should cover it, if not they’re going to get a piece of my mind and a sunvisor up their &*^%$#@!

    And on the heat thing – yes its mainly heat that destroys the cheapness of the sunvisor, but I’ve also heard a couple people on other sites stating heat was not the cause of theirs splitting.

  350. Once again, another sunvisor split open on my 07′ Honda Civic (see my earlier post). So this is the 4th sunvisor that has split open in 2 months. Again, I called Honda at 800-999-1009. Keep calling them up folks!!!! This must turn into a recall to redesign this piece of junk!!!

  351. i had my drivers side changed about 2 months later my passenger side is now broken, they were not hanging down but they are cracked. oh yeah the window washer well leaked from the neck had it replaced… why dont they just do a one piece bottle like the accord ??? come on honda you gotta do a recall on this one do you think we love travelling 15 miles + to get stuff changed every couple of months, this is why i bought a NEW CAR !!!

  352. Stopping by the Honda dealership this evening to address the wheel bearing
    recall I also informed them of a third broken defective sunvisor on a 2006 Honda Civic which yeilded no satisfactory results. The staff is friendly and great in so many other ways, just not regarding the visor.

    Last time I was there the service rep mentioned defective sunvisors were a real problem, and to bring the car back if I should continue to experience any further problems. The currect rep and his manager denied being aware of any problems with the visor. I find that incongruency odd.

    Since the visor is no longer under warranty the cost of a replacement visor, with no guarantee it will survive a year, was quoted as $75.00 (plus labor?). Since this continues to be a defect that is not improved upon of rectified why would I be interested in purchasing another defective disposible sunvisor. I asked if a sunvisor from another model or year could be installed. It cannot. It was suggested I contact an 800#. I’m not comfortable with the limited vision due
    to the broken sunvisor. I hope to have timely results. Thank you all for your
    support while we address this situation with Honda. I’m so suprised since
    Honda’s have been so incredible. My last Honda ran for 13 years and didn’t
    experience a broken visor. I ‘d like to see Honda take responsibility and rectify the situation.

  353. I have a 2006 civic, and it looks like I am not the only one having sun visor problems, it started long ago, avoiding to use it often, but it cracked when trying to use it on a sunny floridian day. I thought it was bad luck but it seems to be a major issue. Now I wonder what’s next? brakes? tires falling off? ………. oooohhhhh yeah that already happened, that was the last recall!!!!!!!

  354. UPDATE to my post of August 12th, 2008 3:03 pm —

    A Honda case manager did call me back on 8/13/08 and acknowledged my problem with the defective sun visors. She acknowledged this is a problem “only in hot areas of the country, like AZ, NV and TX.” She said this problem cannot be listed as a safety issue so a recall is not possible, but “perhaps a service bulletin may be issued. Honda is looking into the problem.” She then suggested I schedule with a local dealer to have them replaced. I told her I intended to do that.

    Two days later, my passenger side visor broke (again!), so now I currently have 2 broken visors (driver and passenger), which makes 3 total since May 2008.

    Then on 8/18/08 she called me back again to ask if I had them replaced. I told her about the latest broken visor (3 total now). She then said a SERVICE BULLETIN has been issued by Honda about this problem. I asked her the issue date of that SB — she said it was May 16, 2008. (If it was issued in MAY 2008, then why didn’t she tell me about this when I talked to her on 8/13/08??) Anyway, she says that all Honda dealers should now be aware of this service bulletin.

    I then scheduled an appointment with Honda of Superstition Springs (Mesa, AZ) to get both replaced. He said they ARE aware of the service bulletin, and that they “have redesigned them so this is no longer a problem.”

    Will post a follow-up comment here when I have the “redesigned” visors installed.

    Hope this info helps someone else, especially in Phoenix!!

  355. My wife’s 2006 civic has had an issue with the sun visors every summer since we bought it. Passenger side went out just last week. The first week in August
    hit the triple digits. These sun visors obviously can’t take the heat.

    I called the 800 number and I’m waiting to hear from a case worker. I’m supposed to take the car to the dealer to show them the problem. We’ll see what they say.

    This will be the third visor on the passenger side and driver side is probably not far behind. I believe in Arkansas, it’s three strikes and they are out. “Lemon Law Issue.”

    By the way, my 2006 Toyota Corolla has the original sun visors.

  356. My driver side visor broke last week and I have been going nuts! It actually hit me in the head when it popped. I have a 2006 Honda Civic. So glad I found this site and will call the 1-800-999-1009 to report it. My car is still under warrenty…thank goodness…I hope!

  357. 2006 Civic coupe.. drivers side mirror on my hubby’s car basically popped opend and now won’t even stay up, I’m super short so it’ blocking my view when I’m driving… I was freaked out…. like… I don’t remember doing this, just got in the car one day and the driver’s side visor wouldn’t stay up, after looking at it I realized the whole seam had opened up!! Calling Honda tomorrow!! Want this fixed before my hubby get’s back from overseas!!!!!!!!!!

  358. The passenger side sunvisor on my 2006 Honda Civic just broke. I will be calling Honda first thing on Monday morning and taking it to my local dealer. This is my 3rd Honda from the same dealer so surely they will replace it at no charge. If not, Toyota will have a new customer.

  359. 2006 Civic driver side sun visor broke with 14,000 miles. Replaced and again it has broken. I believe Honda should recall the sunvisor, but will they. Another 50 dollars and it will last for another year or so and then will have to replace it again. Come on Honda lets get it together!!! These cars are great…now lets get this visor issued layed to rest….

  360. My 2007 Honda Civic coupe has now had 3 new visors replaced due to splitting apart (2x drivers side, 1x passenger side). I’ve only owned it for 2 months, I’m the 2nd owner. I called Honda at 1-800-999-1009 to document this. I’ve had 2 Phoenix Honda dealers replace. Tempe Honda is replacing about 100 of these per month. It’s so frequent, that at any given chance in the service waiting room, there is usually one other person waiting to have their visor replaced on the 06-08 Civic. It’s a terrible design. Please call Honda with this. Also, research Lemon Laws and see if this is applicable in your state. Honda here says this is just an Arizona issues, BS, other folks here are posting outside of Arizona. It’s a terrible design (2 piece that splits when adhesive breaks) that needs to be recalled, it is a safety issue.

  361. 2007 Honda civic driver side visor split after a hot day in TX. I opened the visor up to see if i could fix it. It seems like the plastic they are using cannot withstand the heat. There were a few internal pieces melted and the mechanism that allows the visor to move was fused to the cylinder it rotates around. Definitely a defect. I will call the number and complain but i havent had any luck with the dealer replacing the visor.

  362. 2006 Civic driver side sun visor just broke apart a couple of weeks ago. I’m in New Jersey. It doesn’t get that hot. Took the cheap route and took it off, duct taped it together and put it back. At least the duct tape is almost the same color as the gray visor. Very stylish. Will have to do until I get a chance to get it fixed.

  363. 2006 civic sun visor got real hard too use now stuck and split and no recoil to hold it up.extended warranty not worth money they wont replace either .
    $69.00 to replace it.i was dealer.yes me and the rest of country let get this to honda ceo //////////////////////…..yes it sucks. fora nice car to have a company not come forward to help

  364. We also have a 2006 Honda Civic, and have now had a second visor crack just as everyone else here has claimed. We are in Phoenix Arizona where it gets exceedingly hot, especially inside the car. It’s obvious that this is a heat-related issue.

    Our first visor that broke was the passenger side visor. It cracked and as a result hung down and would not stay up. We took the car to the local Honda dealer to have that visor replaced. They replaced it under warranty. That was in May 2008.

    Now we’re here three months later in August 2008, and the driver’s side visor has cracked in the very same manner. It too now hangs down blocking the vision of the driver, which causes a safety issue. I too have called Honda at 1-800-999-1009 to document this issue and complain about the fact that this ongoing problem is a safety issue and that no recall has been issued as a result. The Honda rep I spoke to verified that no recall has been issued, but logged a case for me and said a Case Manager would call me to talk further about this issue.

    The rep I talked to acknowledged to me (after I explained the obvious safety issue of the driver’s side visor blocking the driver’s vision) that “Yes that’s definitely a safety issue.”

    Clearly they (Honda) realize this but as of today, have done NOTHING with regard to a safety recall.

  365. My wife’s 2007 Civic DX driver’s side visor broke last week. Car only has 7,000 miles on it. I think Honda would want to resolve this issue to protect their customers. I plan to contact them tommorow. I have been driving for over 36 years and have owned over 25 vehicles. This is the first time I have had a visor fail. This is definately a design/material problem for Honda. I have also had to have the timing cover gasket replaced already as it was leaking all over my driveway. I purchased this vehicle based on Honda’s reputation. I am sure they will eventually take care of the faulty visors for their customers. If not they will create a lot of ill will. Hopefully they are desigining a more durable replacement.

  366. Went to go to work today and my visor is split. had to unscrew it so I could drive to work. Called Honda I was told there would be about $100 to fix. I will be calling back now that I see that this is a common issue.

  367. My driver’s side sun visor did the same thing. 06 Civic EX, out of warranty.

    I was able to push it back in but it looks like all the clips are broken and it won’t hold anymore. I don’t think it is a heat issue. There is a metal flange inside the visor the pushes against the plastic so that there is resistance when turning the visor. Basically what’s happening is over time it is flexing the plastic and breaking the clips. Eventually all the clips in that area will break and it will come apart at the seam.

    If yours hasn’t broken yet, look at the cloth area with the visor up against the roof and then swing it down and up. You’ll notice it is flexing on the front side (the side that faces you when it is closed) They basically placed the metal flange in the weakest part of the visor which is complete bullshit.

  368. Yes the same thing happened with the driver’s side sun visor! I have an ’07 civic LX coupe and i got in my car at the end of the day and the visor was hanging down and when i tried to put it back up it wouldn’t stay. it is cracked right down the seam. i thought something must have happened to it for it to break but apparently not since it’s happened to others. it was a fairly hot day so i guess the heat may have something to do with it but that’s no excuse. i’m going to report it to the dealer and they better replace it at n/c since it is a known design defect.

  369. Same deal here. My driver’s side visor on my 2006 Civic EX just broke for the second time. I called Honda (1-800-999-1009) and got assigned a case number. It sounds like the more people who report the problem the more likely it is something will be done to reimburse the replacement costs, and better, to fix the problem for good.

  370. I commented above back on 8/1 about my cracked sunvisors–here is an update. Yesterday, I took my Honda in for routine service here in Lexington, KY. Luckily, I had purchased an extended warranty when I bought my 2006 Civic, and the replacement visors were covered by that waranty.

  371. The dirvers side sun visor on my wife’s 2006 Honda Civic also broke. Will fight it out with the dealer in the next couple of days if it’s not covered by the expensive warranty that we bought at the time we purchased the car.

  372. I have an ’07 Honda Coupe and I’m now replacing my second driver’s sun visor in six months! If Honda doesn’t either fix this defect or continue to pick up the tab for replacements, I have one word for them–Toyota. This will be the last Honda I ever buy if I’m treated like a clown.

  373. Wow, I had my sun visor replaced last summer and again, this summer, it has cracked once more. Stupid thing just hangs. It is definitely a heat issue since I have no problem with it during the winter time.

  374. Both my driver and passenger side visors have cracked and will not stay up. They fall down while I drive–this is a safety hazard!! Has anyone heard directly from Honda? I plan to call and file a complaint as well.

  375. Yep, my 2006 hona civic driver side visor just blew up. Wow, never herd of this. Hopefully Honda will replace it for free.

  376. I live in Maryland. I have a 2006 Civic EX. The driver side visor has been replaced 3 times. The passenger side visor has been replaced once and looks like it could fail again. Whenever it gets hot inside the car, the glue that holds the visor together seems to lose it’s strength and the spring mechanism that keeps the visor in place seems to bind, causing the visor to split open and fail. The dealer that I bring my car to is seeing a lot of those failures so they keep plenty of replacement parts in stock. Honda needs to redesign the part quickly because a broken visor hanging in front of the driver’s face is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

  377. 2006 civic SI. TEXAS. Replaced passinger side 2 weeks ago now the drivers side is going. It’s out of warranty so I paid $52.00 for it from the dealer and replaced it myself. Went to the service dept and was told they are replacing them all the time. Make an appointment and they would work with me. I think it is a design defect. Materials not suited for the high temps inside a closed car during summer. Also, the two springs maybe too strong for the application. I’m calling
    the honda 800# to lodge a formal complaint. Maybe they will do a recall and redesign this defective visor.

  378. My wife owns a 2007 Honda Civic Sedan and her driver-side sun visor is broken…split open, more like. It will no longer raise back into place and obstructs her view while driving. We purchased the car December of 2006 and it clicked when you folded it back into to place and then just a week ago, it broke and now it just hangs down; she has to put it to the side so she can see the road and the traffic lights. REDICULOUS!!! The car is brand new! She also had a wire connection on her window controls fail out of the clear blue sky. The dealership took responsibility for it, but that’s not the point. IS THIS THE SORT OF QUALITY WE SHOULD NOW EXPECT OF HONDA CARS? I bought an Si Sedan just a month and a half ago and now I’m having doubts. Thankfully, nothing has gone wrong with it…yet.

  379. My 2006 Civic Hybrid now is being repaired for the second time, apparently because mice are gnawing holes in the plastic gas line above the gas tank. The result both times has been gas vapors inside the car and a trailing stream of gas behind the vehicle. (The car is normally parked in the driveway outside my farmhouse in a wooded area in central Kentucky.) Thus far, neither Honda America nor the repairing dealers has suggested a solution, other than killing all the mice living in the woods! The situation is dangerous, I think, and Honda needs to use a better quality fuel line. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Civic or other cars?

  380. I am also having trouble with my sun visors. I bought the car last year and within a month had to have them replaced due to them cracking. This past Friday they have started doing it again. They seem to be affected by high temperatures. I agree that Honda needs to do something about it. I cannot even pull my visor down when I need to because I am afraid they will break when I try to put them back up.

  381. I purchased my 2006 civic in April 2006 and the driver side visor just blew up. I never heard of a visor failure before! Honda says I’m on my own! This is a definite safety issue as it flops in your face.

  382. My sun visors on my 2006 honda civic have cracked as well. I just replaced them last July and now this July the one on my drivers side just broke again today. I have called Customer Service and filed a complaint and I have also faxed a letter to the Manager and told them this needs to be a recall or they need to replace them with fabric visors so we won’t have this issue. I don’t have a warranty anymore either so naturally I have to pay for this one. Please everybody all the customer service line and file complaints

  383. My visor split as well I’m glad I found this web site. I hope that my warranty will still covers it.I’m going to call on it tomorrow.Has any one had any problems with your brakes pads?Mine only last 10000 to 12000 miles.I have a 2006 civic with 43000 miles on it and I’ve replaced the pads 3 times already.Maybe its just my driving:).

  384. My driver’s side visor finally cracked today and am having it replaced under warranty. It’s a known issue for 2006-08 Civics of various trim levels and I obtained a service bulletin for it. Although my VIN didn’t fall in the range, a local honda dealership will replace it for free.

  385. My purchased my Honda last July. First the windshield leaked…bad seal. Had that fixed. Today the driver’s side visor split. I will be contacting Honda. If there is more than a dozen complaints they should do a recall.

  386. The sun visor on my 07 civic was broken when I came out to my car on tuesday here in phoenix. I guess I am glad to hear I am not the only one, my warranty is already expired I hope they still replace the POS for free.

  387. I went to the dealership to had the sunvisor replaced last year. I live in Ohio and granted, it was summer time but I could not put the visor back up. It drove me nuts. When I brought it to the dealership, they were hesitant about replacing it, but they orderd a new sunvisor and replaced it. I can’t remembered if I paid or not.

  388. i have a honda civic lx 2006… my mirror drivers side also split and broke.. it won’t go back up… my back tires seem to not align right cause when my husband rotated the tires for summer the left rear tire was lopsided and worn down to the threads… unbelievable! i live in wisconsin and we had a really harsh winter

  389. Mine too! Split after a day of sitting in the sun. I’m in TX. Will they replace for free? Does anyone know?

  390. I have a problem with my visor splitting. I called Honda at: 1-800-999-1009. They will document how many calls they receive with the same problem. That is the only way a re-call will be generated.

  391. The sunvisor on mine just popped yesterday too. The car we test drove had both sunvisors ‘popped’… split at the seams pretty much. I thought it had been in an accident and hadn’t been repaired… I’ll check with the dealership on this tomorrow. That sucks, sounds like I’ll need to stock up on sunvisors. :(

  392. My sun visor broke too! What a POS!!!! I got the Car in October of 2007 – will they still fix them for free? I don’t have warranty anymore…

  393. My sun visor has just cracked as well…I read on other forums that at least 40 people had the same problem…They need to do a recall on the visors as well! It blocks my vison when I’m driving!

  394. I have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. Is there anyone having trouble with the tires staying in alignment. I have contacted Honda Corp. and am waiting to hear back from them. I don’t know if the dealer isn’t aligning it properly or if there is a defect. I have had my tires replaced twice and they are worn again with only 8000 miles on them. If anyone else is having alignment problems, please let me know.

  395. I have a 2006 honda civic is there anyone besides me having problems with the sunvisors. Last summer I had to have over three sets replaced. And summer just begun today and I need another set. I know Arizona is hot but the problem is driving me crazy. Sun visor hanging in your face. Anyone else have this problem let me know. How long will they continue to replace them for free??

  396. I just had my Honda civic 06, inspected, but it failed due to two ball joints were leaking oil. They did fix it with no charge, and I was on my way.

  397. I own a 2007 civic lx – have not heard from Honda (re) the ball joint problem, only through word of mouth. Can I take my car to the nearest Honda dealer without formal notification and have this problem fixed? Please reply

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